The BSA Bob Award for the Best and Worst of 2011

BSA Bob posted this little comment yesterday:

As the year begins to wind down, & from an impressive field, my nomination for the most totally shagged commentary this year goes to Gai Waterhouse’s criticism of Julia Gillard’s clothing during her visit to Japan. Before putting this up I went back to a photo of the scene, & saw what goes beyond cliche & can only be called “utter devastation”. Listening to the self important whinings of this wrangler to the very seriously rich, the French & Russian revolutions suddenly begin to make complete sense.

Little did he realise that his comment would be the inspiration for the annual BSA Bob Award for the Best and Worst of (insert year here).

We invite you to submit your nominations.

Tell us what you think were the highlights and the lowlights of 2011.  Tell us what really urked you.  Have a good rant and get it off your chest.  Tell us also what gave you the most bang for your buck, or what gave you bragging rights.  Who or what inspired you in 2011, or what is best forgotten?

Was it a politician?  Was it someone in the media, or perhaps a TV station or a newspaper?  Was it a sporting team, a documentary, or a discovery?  Was it something you experienced in real life?  Is it someone you know?  Was it something you read?  Was it a world event or something of no global significance?

There are no boundaries and there are no limits to the number of nominations.

Even though the parliamentary year is over, the calender year still has a bit to offer so I’ll let this thread run for a couple more weeks in the unlikely event that something sensational and inspirational fires us up in the short time left.

A prize will be awarded to the blogger who comes up with the most outstanding nomination (as determined by an independent and unbiased panel of judges).  The winner can choose between the last remaining unused WorkChoices mouse pad in existence, or nothing.

Get started on your entries.  The ‘nothing’ will be keenly sought after.


95 comments on “The BSA Bob Award for the Best and Worst of 2011

  1. I nominate their ABC for using that well known climate scientist Anal Jones to refute Tim Flannery’s newly released Climate Impact Report.

    Another prime candidate would have to be the Noalition’s brilliant shadow Treasury and Finance Ministers and spokespeople for their forensic grasp of economics and budget framing, exemplified by their $70bn budget black hole.

  2. Come on guys this topic is all about Gillards ass and how it has grown 5 inches since she started eating more donuts knowing she’ll be giving herself and all the other leeches pay rises!

  3. It’s a bit late KA, but this is a start…

    MPs likely to get big pay rises: Brown

    “The Remuneration and Other Legislation Amendment Bill backed by the big parties gave the pay tribunal, alone, the power to determine parliamentarians’ base salaries and its future decisions on pay cannot be blocked or amended by parliament,” Senator Brown said in a statement.

    The Greens had opposed the bill.

    “The big parties stopped the parliament having to face the embarrassment of debating salaries,” he said.

  4. Yea whateva!
    Perks! Why do they deserve perks at all?
    Pay rises of over 50k at once? Thats insane!
    Anyone who dont agree with me is either one of them or needs a bullet in the head!
    There u bunch of greedy pricks and all they do is waste peoples money on screwing up the once lovely australia and feeding there fat asses!

  5. Can I suggest a headline that implied “heroics” but the truth of the matter showed how low the press will go for an illusion of courage

    Tony Abbott dodges a rocket in Afghanistan
    TONY Abbott has narrowly avoided a rocket attack on the Australian army base he was visiting – a graphic demonstration of the danger of the war in Afghanistan.

    Senior military figures confirmed a rocket attack had been launched on Tarin Kot shortly after Mr Abbott had left

    Read more:

    oh and by the way just in case Australia does not know it WAR IS DANGEROUS, thank goodness Tony visited with the troops, so the journalist who traveled with him, can report this fact to you and this current war is in Afghanistan.

  6. My Encouragement Award goes to J. Bishop for speaking not just once but perhaps twice during the space of a year on her own portfolio. Go for it girl! You can do it!

  7. Ita Buttrose for demanding that Julia Gillard call a new election….and to for taking Ita’s harth cwitithism seriously.

  8. So much to choose from…

    The years low for me would be Alan Jones telling the 300 odd people that showed up for the “Convoy Of No Confidence” that the police had blocked trucks at the border, when actually they had been given an escort. Then abusing a Fairfax journo from the stage, because she asked a question he didn’t apporove of…

    Predictibly, my high comes from Julia Gillard, not for the Carbon Price, although that is worthy.
    Julia wins for not just having the guts to take on Australia’s biggest miners, but for having the sheer guts and audacity to also take on the worlds tobacco giants.
    Whether you agree with plain packaging or not, you have to admire the courage in taking on these giants…

  9. Most pathetic attempt to bring down an elected government political demonstration of the year would have to be the “Convoy of Incontinence”

  10. I called it the Convoy Of Confidence, because if for all the promotion it had the best they could do is muster 300 people together, it shows unprecedented levels of confidence in the government….

  11. Wixxy, I’m glad you raised the Anal Jones lie-fest as you’ve saved me the effort of much typing, and to lunalava, you have saved me the effort of searching You Tube.

  12. Wixxy, and an A Class Honor goes to those bloggers who turned the name Convoy of Confidence to the Convoy of No Confidence to eventually arriving at (just a personal favorite), the Convoy of Incontinence.

  13. The BEST of this year was the passing of the ETS legislation.

    The WORST was the corresponding media dialogue.

  14. Nicola Roxon Rocks 🙂 Well pointed out Min…
    Miglo, I’m glad I saved someone some work….
    I’m assuming from Toms comment there will be no card in the mail from him to News Ltd this Xmas…. good thing too

  15. Abbott standing transfixed, speechless and brain frozen all with gaping mouth and bobblehead in response to a simple question asked by a TV reporter.

    That this was not the first time Abbott had gone into a gormless brain freeze such as this is the most illustrative demonstration of why this man is not a leader’s a’hole and actually scary to contemplate as a PM, especially on the world stage.

    In equal place was a string of supposed policy outpourings that showed when Abbott didn’t brain freeze he brain farted. Brain farts that have cost the Liberal party $70 billion and growing in unfunded promises.

    The highlight for me was the many times with calm dignity Gillard slapped Abbott’s pedantic childish nonsense down, something she has been doing to Abbott for over a decade now.

  16. By the way Lunalava, I hadn’t seen that clip before… Can’t believe he also abused a Sky News journo as well…
    Alan Jones is a disgrace…
    Maybe he would have been in a better mood if there were public toilets nearby…

  17. I agree with Lunalava, wixxy, Min and Miglo. It has to be

    The Convoy of No Consequence!

    Whatever the reasons for their discontent
    And lack of confidence in our government,
    Those truckies’ energies seemed all misspent
    When they arrived in Canberra to a non-event.

    They’d made such great plans for their cavalcade,
    Driving big trucks; some with trailers custom made
    For their endangered business, the live cattle trade,
    All flying banners in the anti-carbon tax crusade.

    Unconcerned about the air’s pollution
    To which they’ve made a massive contribution,
    They wanted a double dissolution
    Or else they’d join the ‘Peoples Revolution!’

    That’s a slogan they’d heard used before,
    By Tony Abbott when he threatened war
    If Labor taxed rich miners to subsidise the poor.
    Nor were truckies going to take it any more!

    So where was support for their demonstration
    They’d been promised from across the nation?
    Why so few joined them in their protestation
    Of “No Taxation Without Representation!”

    But that’s the US Tea Party catchcry!
    That would put off your average Aussie guy.
    Okay to get mad about a politician’s lie,
    But join some foreign movement? He’d rather die.

    Perhaps that’s why the convoy of no confidence
    Was looked at askance, maybe with intelligence,
    Then shrugged off with indifference
    And became of little consequence.

  18. Brilliant as always Patricia 🙂

    I must admit that my ‘worst’ is Abbott standing in front of the signs saying Ditch the Witch and Bob Brown’s B*tch and then pretending that it never happened.

  19. The blowtorch being applied to the Murdoch empire over phone tapping is a highlight, while the phoe tapping itself is definitely a lowlight.

  20. My Under the Radar Award goes to the changes to the Migration Act in ensuring that those who arrived on 457 Visas could not be exploited as cheap labour.

  21. Migs, regarding the last unused WorkChoices mouse pad in last count you have promised this to the following people:

    Tom R

  22. “Nicola Roxon”

    Maybe we could award an medal for the most hidden Shadow Minister.

    It would have to go to the shadow minister for health. It could be Duffy but I could be wrong. Ms. Roxon must feel neglected with the dearth of questions she gets.

    There are many others nearly as invisible. Who is the shadow minister for education. The list could go on and on, as Mr. Abbott would say.

  23. Peter Dutton CU…

    Nicola Roxon at National Press Club 22 November 2011:

    Like so many others Health remains a policy free zone for the Liberal Opposition.

    And the story gets worse in other areas – in primary care the Liberals will not only close down GP Super Clinics – as Mr Abbott confirmed last night – but they also said at the last election they wouldn’t fund hundreds of GP practices across the country to expand. They won’t fund the GP after hours hotline and they will close down Medicare Locals.

    I’ve now gone 800 days in the Parliament without a question from the Shadow Health Minister. Surely that’s got to be some sort of a record?

    No policy speech has been given setting out an alternative. Some of you would have been here almost exactly 4 years ago when the health debate was scheduled and Tony Abbott didn’t turn up. I had to debate myself. And for the last four years, it’s been exactly the same – Labor with the ideas, Labor with the policies, Labor delivering, and the Liberals no where to be seen.

  24. Bacchus, this reminds me of a secondary quiz: Name the members of the Shadow Ministry and their portfolios.

    Who can name them all (without Googling) wins a bottle of Migs’ finest from the cellar and a plate of lamingtons from me.

  25. What would have been the supreme lowlight of 2011 was narrowly and deliciously avoided when Port Adelaide won their last game of the year by a mere four points, thus avoiding the wooden spoon.

  26. Migs, I believe that you have offered myself and a number of the other ladies on the blog a bit more than a WorkChoices mousepad. Keep up the good work 😀

  27. I nominate Andrew Robb for drop-kick of the year. Just heard him on News Radio stoutly defending the accounting firm recently fined and reprimanded for jiggery pokey on the Coalition’s costings ‘audit’ .

    Robb says he stands by costings

    Opposition finance spokesman Andrew Robb says he stands by coalition costings and says claims of a black hole relate to a difference of opinion over calculations.

    Mr Robb said he trusted Treasury but didn’t accept that there were some unanswerable questions in the coalition costings.

    He said he spent several hours with Treasury officials on Wednesday.

    ***Mr. Robb made no mention of the reprimand so due to my generous nature i have re-posted the story below 😀

    Lib policy costings exposed by ruling

    THE federal Coalition’s economic credibility has been dealt a blow after a tribunal found that two accountants who costed its 2010 election policies had breached professional standards.

    The ruling is an embarrassment to shadow treasurer Joe Hockey, who wrongly insisted during the campaign that the accountants’ policy costings had been audited.

    In fact, the document was the result of a carefully worded agreement between the accountants and the Coalition to produce work primarily ”not of an audit nature”.

    An audit would examine the assumptions used by the Coalition and whether they were reasonable.

    Mr Kidd and Mr Patell’s unpublished agreement with the Coalition explicitly required them not to inquire about “the reasonableness or otherwise of the assumptions used”.

  28. The Best:

    The PM for her ability to negotiate with many independents and parties, to pass legislation through the parliament, while maintaining her dignity and refusing to lower herslf to the disgraceful attack dog antics of the opposition.

    The Worst

    The Opposition leader for downgrading our parliament to a disgraceful example of the nastiness of humanity and lowering the standards of question time to a despicable yelling and hurling session where the opposition refuses to listen to the government after asking the question. If it was a debate in a school it would be all over the world as a terrible example of disgraceful behaviour of school students, yet who are leading by example.

    The Winner

    Hopefully parliament, with a new speaker, who (while I dislike as an MP) will hopefully not tolerate the antics of the past year and pull MPs into line for their disgraceful antics and outbursts. Time will tell.

  29. Hear hear! Shane, you’ve said it all. As our swinging voter in amongst a group of mostly Lefties, your opinion from an independent stance is very much respected.

  30. Migs, I am certain that you will be able to work your way back into our affections…if you’re lucky that is. 😉

    Wasn’t that so so funny, the accusation about this being a woman’s if there would have been anything innately wrong with this..however the ‘accusation’ was somewhat inaccurate because if you count the numbers we ladies are severely outnumbered by you blokes.

    A real man can handle debating a female, fortunately the men on this blog are counted in this number.

  31. Why thank you Min, we have known each other for quite some time now and while we disagree at times, it is with respect that we debate each others opinions.

    This is what healthy disagreement and debate is all about.

  32. Goodness, we go back to where I offered to crochet socks for Riley (the whippet). Shane, it’s been an absolute pleasure and a privilege to debate on many topics with you.

    After reading your summary, I could not think of how the whole shebang could have been stated better. You always always cut through the cr*d, you have the ability to see through the media blab and present your ideas in a thoughtful and precise manner.

    Now get ye gone, that’s the very last compliment ye will get outta me..well at least for this evening.

  33. Thank you to BSA Bob and Miglo for the topic.

    From my own point of view Murdoch putting the OO behind a paywall. Just wondering, can anyone here own up to paying to read it. Does anyone know of anyone, a rellie, a neighbor, the bloke who works at Bunnings, in fact anyone who knows anyone who now reads it.

    A+ rating Murdoch for restricting the crud that you churn out to only those who want to pay to read it.

  34. Surely the OO’s paywall “earns” demerit points because it’s so easy (and everyone knows how) to get around it 😆

    My best of 2011 was Abbott standing there in incandescent rage for over a minute when Mark Riley asked him a question (the funny thing is that the question really wasn’t that meaningful in the scheme of things). My worst of 2011 was the media for not calling Abbott out on the above – and report every media stunt Abbott pulled in the past year.

    Oh well – there is now probably two years to go before the next Federal Election. Plenty more media stunts to go.

  35. Abbott’s head nodding episode will live on into infamy. It will be played over and over again for as long as Abbott remains in politics.

    That was a highlight.

    A lowlight has been the media’s refusal to hold Abbott to his word. Excuses are made for every one of his backflips. They all have merit obviously.

    I’d also hoped John Howard would have finally kept his nose out of politics. Just another one of his broken promises.

  36. Min @ 3.55pm

    Even though yummy lamingtons are tempting, i like the fact that the opposition shadow ministry is unknown. Let the msm continue in the same level of interest and to write and interview all those shadow ministers who have a well founded policy position.

    and an award needs to be considered for :

    Scott Morrision, shadow immigration- for high lighting the issue that if you are an illegal boat arrival, do not expect compassion for any children who are burying their family.

  37. 2353

    On the theme of the paywall, when it was launched the oo journos were told they would no longer get free access

    So an award for any of the oo’s journos, who have the investigative talent to find out that you can get around the paywall and have stopped their subscriptions.

  38. “Oh well – there is now probably two years to go before the next Federal Election. Plenty more media stunts to go.”

    Abbott pulled another one yesterday, safety glasses and gear. The now very familiar (and becoming so boring they hardly make the news anymore) waylaying of some SME purely for photo and video ops without offering anything lucid at all.

    The timing for this one is notable for it being outside parliament sitting time during the pollies xmas break, but the reason becomes obvious when you consider what Gillard and Labor were doing yesterday. I’m almost certain Abbott will pull a stunt a day until the Labor conference is over.

    By the way it was only the ABC that dutifully filmed Abbott’s stunt and interviewed him.

    A huge lowlight for me this year has been the ABC blatant right wing reporting on just about everything, including loading their panels with hard core right wingers from organisations like the IPA, along with their open denigration of the government and Gillard at nearly every opportunity. Their early TV news did it again this morning.

  39. John Faulkner has just earned himself A Standing Ovation for his support of gay marriage rights. Faulkner for just this speech alone must have earned himself a certain place in ‘The Best of ’11’.

  40. Labor Party Policy is now in support of Gay Marriage. A truly historical moment for all of us here, as advocates for equal rights, disability, racial and gender equality.

  41. In the coming months we’ll be seeing just how nasty Tony Abbott and his party are. If people haven’t like Julia Gillard’s attitude to gay marriage well they’ll need to brace themselves for what they’re going to hear from Abbott.

    I hope they vent their spleen at Abbott as much as they have at Gillard.

  42. Paul Howes: if the Liberal Party is the ‘broad church’ that Tony Abbott says that it is, then he would allow a conscience vote for his party.

  43. ME, have you noticed how the workers mob Mr. Abbott each day when he visits a new job site.

    I like the one the other day, when the man in charge, moved into remove the nail gun he has pointed at the media, breast high, the other day.

    He still appeared to have his hand on the trigger.

  44. Pip, I agree John Faulkner was brilliant! It will be interesting to see which way the ball bounces on this one as the Labor Party has now clearly differentiated itself from Tony Abbott on this issue. Abbott of course will not allow the Liberals a conscience vote on this, no surprises there BUT Turnbull’s electorate has (I believe) one of the highest populations of gay and lesbian couples in Australia.

    Will Turnbull go against Abbott on this one? I wonder….

  45. If Turnbull doesn’t go against Abbott he’d be announcing he’s happy With Abbott’s leadership.

    So for me it’s all eyes on Turnbull. The heat will be on him now.

  46. Migs, it would seem to be the opportunity/excuse that Turnbull would be looking for..a progressive small L Liberal compared with the repressive dinosaurs.

  47. Min, I think Turnbull will stick to his message because he has nothing to lose.
    It’s unlikely he’ll regain the leadership and whether he gains pre-selection again remains to be seen.

  48. Min, who’s the alternative Deputy PM?

    Pip, Robb is the local member and is a waste of space at that job too. Still waiting for him to consult his constituents about same-sex marriage as the parliament asked him to.

    He has a list of ‘Federal Government funding highlights since 2004’ on his website but none appear to be part of the Building Education Revolution funding.

  49. Seems I underestimated Robb’s cunning. He lists BER projects by sub-program only e.g. National School Pride. So he is taking some credit for the “waste” he’s always harping about. Of the 35 NSP projects one mentions a school hall and it was an extension to create a gymnasium. Lies, damn lies…

    PS He had the cheek to attack the ALP conference over marriage equality,

  50. Kevin, Warren Truss..unless they can find a place for Barnaby Joyce in the House of Reps. when I’m certain that Joyce would be given leadership of the Nats.

  51. Min
    how about this as a laugh. barnaby gets a safe national party seat and turnbull overthrows Tones. Can you imagine a Malcolm and Barnaby show, it would deserve its own special category award.

  52. Sue, what a comedy duo those two would make.

    Just a thought, would Tony even want Barnaby as his sidekick, Barnaby could take too much of the limelight away from The Man in Lycra. Barnaby made a bleat about running against Oakeshott a few months ago, but nothing forthcoming at all since.

  53. He even thought he could knock over Windsor, well he actually thought Windsor was talking about retiring but as soon as Windsor said he may keep going Barnaby gave up the challenge.

  54. Sue, I think that the whole thing could be a furphy..part of the Lib/Nat’s Independents-bashing fest. The threat: you lot, you Independents vote the wrong way and we’ll send in Barnaby to get’ya.

  55. Voters south of the Border may have told him where he could go. Fancy having to decipher what Barnaby is ranting about when compared to the calm forthright approach of Windsor.

  56. I heard on the radio this morning as we headed to Mt Gambier, that the PM’s ratings have shot up and that the government’s stocks have also risen. This on the back of the announcement re gay marriage.

    Finally, marriage equality for gay people and it seems the electorate likes it!

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