What A Fool Believes

Religious tolerance is something that some parts of our society seems to frown upon, usually those same parts of society embrace ignorance. Here is a shining example of that ignorance.

Until now, I was blissfully unaware of the massive surge in Australians converting to Islam. According to some, there is an Islamification of the nation going on right under our noses. We are being brainwashed without our knowledge by these evildoers who are determined to convert the lot of us to Islam.

Some would say that this means the shock jocks were right after all.

Luckily for all of us, a Federal Liberal MP named Luke Simpkins has uncovered the cunning plan behind this Islamification.

In a speech to parliament last week Luke explained that even Coles and Woolworths had been infiltrated, and were unwittingly converting customers to Islam.

According to Mr Simpkins, what we don’t know is that the meat most of us buy at our supermarket is killed by Muslim tradition. This means it is Halal, but it is not labelled as such. Mr Simpkins wants to make the supermarkets put a Halal label on it meat so that customers have the choice whether to risk being converted to Islam or not.

You probably think I am joking, or exaggerating…. surely not even a Liberal MP could be this ignorant… Alas, check out these words from the man himself.

“By having Australians unwittingly eating Halal food we are all one step down the path towards the conversion, and that is a step we should only make with full knowledge and one that should not be imposed upon us without us knowing,”

‘The non-believers will become Muslims when, amongst other things, they eat the meat that we have slaughtered’. This is one of the key aspects to converting non-believers to Islam,”

He also complained that people could not buy meat for their “Aussie BBQ” without the influence of a “minority religion”.

If you still think I’m joking, here is a link to a news article on it.


As if there wasn’t enough fear being sprouted from the Coalition already. Frankly, we need a dose of religious intolerance like a hole in the head.

Mr Simpkins would be devastated to know that there has been Halal labelling on Mars Bars for quite a while now, and what would really scare Luke Simpkins to death is this article, which talks about the Halal labelling on Vegemite.


What I want to know is this…

Is Luke Simpkins really that stupid, or really that ignorant? Or, is this in fact Tony Abbotts campaign coming via a fall guy? Someone to take the heat, stir up some ignorant debate, and keep pushing the fear envelope…

This is either stupid beyond belief, or evil beyond words…

Or maybe Luke Simpkins has just had too many lunches with Cory Bernadi.

90 comments on “What A Fool Believes

  1. Does that mean everyone eating food with labels that don’t have any religious symbols on them and are not prepared in any religious way are turning into atheists?

  2. Clearly nobody here present takes Mr. Simpkins seriously, in fact I really do hope that Mr. Simpkins for his own sake doesn’t take himself seriously..

    Mr Simpkins said that Mohammed the prophet of Islam had talked of how the religion could be expanded around the world by getting people to eat Halal meat.

    And a drop of holy water and the purchase of penances can likewise cure the bubonic plague.

  3. I should make mention that being of Welsh origin.. and you can’t get more Welsh than Jenkins from Pontnewyndd, the Welsh are very keen on faggots.

  4. I should also mention that a faggot is a Welsh rissole…they used to be made from liver usually lamb. My late father used to eat all kinds of strange things..tripe, faggots, boiled cod..

  5. Mind you cousin Gay’s brother is actually gay small g but to say Haha, you were given the wrong names would earn oneself being chased around the backyard with the hose. My family are funny that way.

  6. Wixxy, at the moment we have that you are a satanist wearing either a grass skirt and/or a kilt now you want us to comtemplate the prospect of spotted dick 😯

    Mind you Migs is carrying a spear and boomerang and had a big fat Cuban last night..therefore anything could happen.

    Pip on the other hand is just into spuds and shortbread.

  7. Miglo says You are what you eat and

    Also that politicians on the right
    Are complaining now that Vegemite
    Is Kosher, Halal and Vegetarian!
    What about me? I’m Rastafarian?

  8. So the pasta and sauce I had tonight means I’ll turn Italian? Hang on I had some left over Vietnamese for lunch – am I confused or is it my South East European body?

  9. I didn’t have a handful of nuts – I’m allergic to them (which if you believe the premise of this thread indicates I’m not nuts in any way shape of form).

    How’s that for a response Migs?

  10. Well Miglo, someone said earlier that we are what we eat…and I can see Abbott topping his Fruit Loops with razor blades every morning.

    Yep, Joe is full of it.

  11. Miglo, I made the mistake of watching lateline tonight and Abbott was taliking about the slipper factor and what might happen “in the first half of next year”.

    No doubt he’s plotting some dastardly deeds already.

  12. Bedtime story for Miglo….

    Port Adelaide
    Boot camp for Port Adelaide’s new kids


    PORT Adelaide’s new recruits will be given a quick initiation test.
    Just four days after being drafted, top South Australian draft pick Chad Wingard and Sandgropers Brendon Ah Chee and Nathan Blee will join their new team-mates on Camp Christchurch.

    They will fly to New Zealand with the Power squad at 6am today for a week of tough slog and team building including white water rafting, hiking and cycling through mountainous terrain.

    Same routine…wear them out before the season starts !

  13. “I made the mistake of watching lateline tonight and Abbott was talking about the slipper factor and what might happen “in the first half of next year”.”

    I suggest that all Mr. Abbott’s threats and gunno’s are going to up the same way as the ones he made last and this years. Nowhere.

    Where is the rebellion we were going to see. Where were the protest armies that were going to descend on us all.

    Where is all the legislation he was going to send to the garbage tin of history.

    Mr. Abbott has not the power or ability for that matter to do anything.

    We have many in parliament with a drink problem, many in the Senate, if the last week or so behaviour of many was any indicator.

    Where has been his success in destroying the Independents is spite of his and the Nationals extreme attacks.

    No, Mr. Abbott will achieve nothing, except for increasingly boring all those he comes in contact with.

    As many have said, when Mr. Abbott began his reply to the mini budget, they turned off when the words pink bats and school halls were used.

  14. Pip, very intersting transscript.

    “…TONY JONES: While we’re on this issue, how will the carbon tax that you advocated before you became leader differ from the one that the Gillard Government has in place?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well, I don’t advocate a carbon tax ….

    TONY JONES: No, you did.

    TONY ABBOTT: I speculated that a carbon tax might make more sense than an emissions trading scheme in the context of an opposition that had not yet settled its position.

    TONY JONES: What were the thought processes that went into the kind of carbon tax that you were talking about?

    TONY ABBOTT: Well the advantage of a carbon tax as opposed to an emissions trading scheme is that it’s easier to remove a tax than it is to remove a trading scheme that involves quasi property rights.

    Now, the Government, rightly or wrongly, has gone for a tax, initially, followed by an ETS. But my point is that this is a bad tax based on a lie. And if we’re talking about the year that’s just gone, the fact that the Prime Minister notoriously said before the last election, “There will be no carbon tax under the government I lead,” and equally notoriously did the opposite after the election, will haunt her to her political grave.

    TONY JONES: Well, it may haunt you to a certain degrees that you advocated a carbon tax yourself, but we’ll put that aside for the moment. ..”


  15. The only good thing about that pollie Simpkins is that he doesn’t represent me or anyone near my electorate.
    The *******MP represents the people of Cowan in WA

  16. Did anyone realise the PM has been hiding for the last fortnight. It must be true, because Mr. Abbott informed Mr. Jones of this fact last night.

    When was Mr. Abbott last on the ABC in an in depth interview?

    That must be a blow up copy, we see fleeting around the country.

  17. By introducing western foods to Aborigines it was part of the attempt to assimilate them into white society. All that white flout might have even changed their skin colour.

  18. Migs, how true..swapping all that lean kanga ‘heathen food’ for good wholesome white fella food such as bread and dripping.

  19. Catching Up et al
    I put up at TPS that I didn’t think Abbott actually answered a single one of Jones’ questions. I thought the carbon tax portion you quote here was particularly disingenuous, not advocating a tax, just saying it’s a good idea.
    The whole “interview” was like that.
    A good illustration of his total reliance on a compliant reporting media was his assertion that Julia Gillard was “hiding”, an easily demonstrable falsehood. As someone pointed out, last week or so he was accusing her of hogging the limelight. Probably hoping for a “Tony Abbott says…” line somewhere, I hope he doesn’t get it.

  20. TONY JONES: Well, it may haunt you to a certain degrees that you advocated a carbon tax yourself, but we’ll put that aside for the moment…”

    Yes, of course they’ll put it aside, and never to be raised again. 😦

  21. BSA BOB, I noticed after reading the transcript, you find out what Mr. Abbott Is saying or not saying.

    I find him very disjointed and all over the place at this time. The result is that one stops listening after the first bad government and he get away with rubbish.

    He is even letting the slogans slide at this time.

    He never answers a question, just continues on with his ravings.

  22. It is funny, Mr. Abbott has made attempts at several serious speeches lately. None seem to get into the media. I wonder why.

    Has anyone found out why Mr. Howard left Oxford, for urgent reasons hours before he was to make a prestigious speech.

    Surely it could not have been to put Slipper in his place.

  23. I’m convinced that Tony Abbott eats Fruit Loops.

    Migs, he invented them.

    Pip, I eat shortbread, praties, pies and vegemite

    I leave Cubans strictly alone. I was once married to a Chinese man. Does that make me a Communist Buddhist?

    And I like Champagne and ouzo, not necessarily mixed.

    Bloody hell! does that mean I’m broke? And a Muslim? And is that why Kevin Rudd had his Vegemite confiscated at the US border?

    Does that mean Kevin is an ex RC, Anglican Muslim?

    Pip, Love the link and the idea of a numerologist checking the Noalition costings. S/he is likely to find all sorts of significant numbers, or perhaps an astronomer would be better, they have more experience with super massive black holes.

  24. Jane, this is old, but is as relevent today due to the embarassing ‘audit’ investigation result.

    Tony and friends blame ‘her’ for their predicament, but they should look much closer to home 😀

    Coalition’s ‘black hole’ weighs on independents

    The discrepancy in the Treasury analysis of Coalition costings has been cited by the independents as a key issue in making their decision.


    Taunts fly in costings brawl

    Updated August 13, 2010 10:36:00

    Treasurer Wayne Swan has been accused of “breathtaking hypocrisy” after renewing his attack on the Opposition in the row over election costings this morning.

    The Coalition is supposed to submit its policies for costing to Treasury by today’s deadline but has refused to do so until the source of a Treasury leak which revealed a shortfall in a Coalition policy is found.

    Mr Swan says Opposition treasury spokesman Joe Hockey is looking for excuses to avoid the process because its figures do not add up.

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