Gerry Flintstone

That fine custodian of moral virtue, Gerry Harvey, regrets there is much wrong with the world.  Gerry’s world, that is.  The world, as it is, doesn’t do all its shopping at his stores.

It’s everybody elses’ fault.  And doesn’t he tell us!

He bemoaned this at the company’s AGM in Sydney, yet one would be forgiven for thinking he was Fred Flintstone in disguise.  To prove my point, reports that:

Curiously, Mr Harvey took a swipe at technology-obsessed consumers who spend great chunks of their days looking at computer, tablet and mobile phone screens.

“They live on the bloody things. It’s so invasive into your lifestyle.”

He said people could live to regret the advent of the internet over the next 10 to 15 years.

Yes, this came from a man who was made very rich by the internet, but how he must yearn for a return to the Stone Age if he comes out with gobsmacking rubbish like that.

Over the past couple of months I’ve only been thinking how important the internet is to us.

Have you ever tried living without an internet connection?  You know, that regrettable little invention that allows us to communicate with people in some sort of way?  Gerry’s problem is that it allows us to communicate with a wide range sellers.  He doesn’t like them.  He said:

. . . there were a lot of “bull s****ers” spruiking the benefits of online retailing.

I guess I’m one of them.

I think Gerry and his ideas are past their use by dates.

38 comments on “Gerry Flintstone

  1. Yes I’ve tried living without an internet connection..on one occasion it was due to being flooded in for 4 days at Billinudgel. Worse that no internet was no ‘loo and an overflowing septic, ah the joys of country living 🙂

  2. While overseas I found it very difficult without a reliable Internet connection, with which I could have done my banking, receive updated flight information, booked tours, compared prices at various shops; all from the comfort of my hotel room. What a convenience the Internet hs made for us.

    I for one won’t be regretting its introduction.

  3. Gerry Harvey is the biggest whinger in the country and I never shop in his stores, ever.

    He’s sounding as if he’s lost a couple of marbles so maybe I should cut him some slack, or not….

    If he thinks the internet is a bad thing there’s no hope for him.

  4. Miglo, keeping in touch with friends is a big deal, and making new ones, plus banking from a comfortable armchair isn’t so bad either.

  5. Sounds to me like Gerry’s overcapitalised on fridges & furniture or somesuch, & wants us to take it off his hands.

  6. BSA, do you reckon he still believes in fridges? I bought one once, don’t know why, in 15 years I’ll be one of the many who regrets they were ever invented.

  7. Gerry is going to be mighty pissed off once the NBN is rolled out. It could mean that less and less people will be dependent on TVs for their entertainment.

    Oh BTW, did I mention that Gerry has a lot of TVs for sale?

  8. Gerry Harvey is mightily upset that his shout and bluster system that has served him well for years is failing. In short Kogan (and others) have out Harveyed Gerry. Funny really as Gerry Harvey seems to have gotten very rich out Myering Myers (and so on).

  9. I don’t have an iPhone or iPad or any other overpriced Apple merchandise though – and not an Android smartphone either. I can escape the Intertubes whenever I wish to…

  10. 2353, some people just get pissed off if they miss the boat. Harvey failed to act when Internet shopping took off so who does he blame? The Internet.

  11. Gerry is more interested in horses, he probably is only annoyed with the internet because less people will pay him money to set up in his shop fronts. Bet he likes the internet for horse sales,betting, breeding etc etc.

  12. This is the sort of thing that Gerry just doesn’t get. Such people have no imagination and hence no ability to adapt to what the future holds…

    In the news today: not practical, but shows the type of futuristic imagination that will lead to the future…

  13. Little things like this make life easier.

    I downloaded the Woolies app for my iPhone. If I run out of an item at home I simply scan the bar code on the packet, it adds the item to my shopping list, and it tells me which aisle I can find it in at my local store.

    Perky, I know, but the last time I needed Gravox it took me two days to find it. Those damn stores have a habit of swapping things around to suck the buyers in.

    That’s why products that would appeal to females generally sit on the shelf at eye level. Chocolates that kids could grab are strategically positioned at the check out.

  14. Migs

    that gravox has its own bar code, woolies will soon replace it with a home brand and new bar code. how will the app react?

  15. I must say thank heavens for facebook and the invention of the iPhone which were the only methods of communication with youngest daughter when she had to be evacuated during the Brisbane flood.

  16. how will the app react

    I would assume that the app downloads updated information on a regular basis Sue, as items are changing all the bloody time in stores these days.

    As soon as you find a muesli bar the whole family can eat, they change it 😦

    I did see an article a while ago about a train station (in Tokyo I think) that had the walls lined with ‘adverts’ for supermarkets. It was basically a poster of a supermarket aisle, and under each item, was a bar code. Users could scan their phone over the bar-code, and so build a shopping list. Place the order, and, by the time the train got them home, their shopping would be delivered.

    Of course, I would still have to run around the store to get the loaf of bread I had forgotten. I don’t think they have an app for that yet 😦

  17. I personally hope he goes the way of the dinosaurs. He is an unmitigated blow-hard who is given way to much airtime for someone who doesn’t know much about what he is rambling about. And I have been burned and treated like shit by the sloppy, self aggrandising little twerps he hires as ‘managers’. Compared with the service and help you get from JB-HiFi (whose people actually have some sort of clue) he doesn’t deserve any customers.

    You get the feeling that he thinks we all owe him something for ripping us off all these years.

    Gerry Harvey is today being hurt by people and organisations that are smarter than he and his management team.

    Most Harvey Norman executives today are clones of Gerry Harvey and he is a force who back in 1997 said the Internet was a “fad.” Since then he has fought the Internet day in day out as he has tried to hold onto consumers.

  18. Tom, I’m with you. I would not go within cooee of a Hardly Normal store, the people are JB-HiFi are a complete contrast. Remember when upon entering a store a person would enquire, Anything that I can help you with. And then when you advise them of requirements, they know exactly the right thing to suit needs.

    I still prefer personal shopping as I think that you are far more likely to receive honest advice rather than from this week’s Handbook of Things To Try To offload.

  19. Gerry Harvey as reported in the SMH…

    “I don’t quite get this business about ‘the budget has to be in surplus by 2013, or 2014’, ” he told shareholders at the company’s annual meeting yesterday.

    ”If it makes good sense not to do it, then don’t do it,” he said, adding that ”a big percentage of the businesses in Australia are under stress”.

    What Harvey says is quite correct of course. But what a pity he hasn’t got the guts to point the finger of blame straight at the opposition and its media alliance.

    Without their idiotic “gotcha” game over the budget deficit maybe we’d get more sensible policy from the government. With a better educated public they couldn’t get away with it.

    There’s a certain irony in that the opportunistic arbitrageur Gerry Harvey is getting screwed by Tory policies delivered by a Labor Treasurer with loud applause from the Business Council and the utterly corrupt ratings agencies.

  20. I have to agree with you there, MJ.

    I do recall hearing Norman being very critical of the government, yet as you point out, where is the criticism of the opposition? Both are obsessed with a surplus.

  21. MJ, and this is also in The Age..

    HARVEY Norman’s executive chairman Gerry Harvey has criticised the government’s latest attempt to cut its way to a budget surplus at a time when the majority of local businesses, like the retailer, are struggling.


    He described Harvey Norman’s local operations as ”treading water” as it gets hit by indifferent consumer spending and massive price deflation, which has led to the company repositioning its shelf space away from electronic goods where the price erosion is most severe.

    ”The price of everything has just gone crashing down, and that’s really affected our business so we’re concentrating now on other products, and TV and audio has to take a smaller percentage of our shop,” Mr Harvey said.

    Well there you go Gerry, we are free market economy..therefore feel free to compete..

  22. Another thing I don’t like about him is that no doubt confected huckster accent.
    Gillard is pilloried all the time for hers.

  23. [i]”With a better educated public they couldn’t get away with it.”[/i]

    The public are better educated MJ as polls have been showing for a long time. Whenever a question on deficits or surpluses are canvassed, and indeed on whether tax cuts or increased spending on health, education, infrastructure is desirable, the majority inevitably state they would prefer a deficit to a surplus and increased taxes to cuts if it meant government spending on social services and essentials.

    It was Howard who demonised deficits to the point they now send the MSM into a feeding frenzy of exaggerated hyperbole and brainwash the mindless minority like the Neils of the world.

    It was Howard who weaned the middle and upper classes onto government welfare with the MSM going into a feeding frenzy of exaggerated hyperbole every time cuts to that welfare is raised.

    PS. Can you even brainwash someone who is brainless?

  24. And to think only a couple of years ago he had a blast at Rudd for the stimulus payments. The world, it seems, has to revolve around Gerry’s bottom line.

  25. Isn’t it telling that we have big business saying the stimulus that led to the current deficit wasn’t anywhere near enough whilst the opposition, the “friend of big business”, saying the stimulus was way too big whilst they were promising to only spend $4 billion less, which in the size of the stimulus was peanuts.

    And we have someone who keeps harping on about how bad the deficit is, the one that big business is saying isn’t big enough and the one the opposition were only going to reduce by $4 billion, yet are now promising to increase by $100 billion.

    Go figure.

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