Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

The last couple of weeks have been depressing to say the least, actually, depressing is an understatement.

As you are all no doubt aware, NSW, in fact the whole country was rocked by the Quakers Hill Nursing Home fire, on Friday 18th November.

Google Images

I don’t use the term hero lightly, but all of the emergency service personnel who put themselves in harms way that day, are heroes. Every damn one of them.

As for the victims, I cannot imagine the horror of what those trapped in the burning home must have felt.

Imagine waking up with the searing heat against your face, trying to find your way out of the building through smoke so thick you could not see your hand in front of your face, the smoke choking you, every breath burning your lungs as you drew in air so thick with smoke it must have felt like inhaling boiling custard, your ears ringing with the roar of the fire, and the screams of your friends as they burned…. now imagine your grandmother coping with it. It must have been like they imagined hell to be.

Inside the nursing home (Google Images)

The death toll from the fire so far is 10. These were 10 of our most vulnerable citizens, many over 90 years of age, Even for those who survived and are still in hospital, bodies that old don’t heal so quickly, if at all, and suffering from 3rd degree burns is no way to spend the final days, months, or years of your life.

Words of comfort streamed in, from our Prime Minister, and from all over the country.

The NSW Premier, Barry O’Farrell was quick to offer his sympathy and support to the victims, and also to offer his praises for the emergency services who attended, the police, firefighters, paramedics, and the nurses caring for the victims.

How hollow Barry O’Farrell’s words must have seemed to those emergency service crews, and to the nurses.

For a Premier to praise these people, these heroes, whilst stabbing them in the back at the same time is totally unprecedented.

These heroes are just some of the many having their future entitlements stripped away by the NSW Liberal Government. For a government that won the election based on a fear campaign of households being unable to cope with cost of living increases under Labor, this Liberal government has put through industrial relations reforms that guarantee these paramedics, nurses, firefighters, as well as tens of thousands of other public service workers, won’t cope with cost of living increases, such as the 18% increase in electricity O’Farrell announced when delivering the budget deficit… I guess that is why Sydney saw the biggest protest in Australia this century, more than 30,000 people protesting against this unfair bill. These were not students protesting either, this was families, bitter at being betrayed by the most arrogant Premier NSW has ever seen.

Luckily the police were spared this travesty when the Shooters And Fishers Party used their balance of power to force the Liberals, kicking and screaming, to remove the police force from this disgrace of a bill.

However, Barry O’Farrell was determined in his efforts to screw over the police force. So the Liberal Party put forward another bill that would slash the compensation for police officers injured or disabled on the job.

In fact, just 4 days after the horrific fire, and even as more of its victims were dying in hospital, Barry O’Farrell continued to defy the police he had been praising just days earlier. The police in a desperate bid for a Liberal government to show some decency protested outside Parliament House. Police Commissioner Andrew Scipione had begged for the officers to not protest in uniform as it would embarrass the government. The police clearly thought this was a government that deserved to be shamed and embarrassed, and so 5000 police showed up at the protest, the majority in uniform.

Google Images

This bill is to save money, and the Premier and Minister are quite open about it saying that the scheme costs too much to keep in its current form. The changes have a massive impact on those officers who are the most critically injured, taking their rate of pay under the compensation scheme from 100% of salary, to 65% of salary, after a period of a few months.

This change to the compensation scheme, actually punishes those with the worst injuries. With friends like Barry O’Farrell, the police certainly don’t need enemies. These men and women are involved in high speed pursuits, shoot outs, drug raids, hostage scenarios, riots and brawls, all the things most people would avoid at all costs, they are asked to perform the dirtiest of deeds daily. Clearly there will be physical injuries.

As for psychological trauma, remember these people are the first on the scene when some loser cuts his kids throats in a custody battle, these are the people who are first to question and counsel  children after they have been molested by a paedophile, and they are also  the first to arrive on the scene to try and save your young children from the back of your burning car after you have had a head on smash with a drunk driver whilst going on holidays.

Dealing with these things repeatedly, I’d be a basket case…

This bill is cost cutting gone mad, any member of the Liberal Party should hang their heads in shame. Whether you support them or not, in the past the Liberal Party at least had some decency. Now after promoting several of his MP’s to Parliamentary Secretary positions, with a big pay rise to go with it, Barry will now recoup that money from injured police officers.

Barry O’Farrell tells us the changes are to help them back into work.

What a load of shit.

Is this our Premier trying to politely say that these injured cops are just bludging off the taxpayer? The only way to get them off their bludging butts is to take away 35% of their compensation payment? What an utterly disgraceful thing to suggest.

This is an insult to the police who are suffering brain injuries, and spinal injuries and need constant nursing and medical attention. Or is Barry hoping that those on 65% compensation may be forced back to work, only to sit in wheelchairs at busy intersections directing traffic with a nurse on standby. This is heartless at best, and is a bitter betrayal to those who have served their community faithfully.

Google Images

There are words for people like Barry that I won’t go into here, but needless to say, none of them are flattering.

However, it’s not just NSW that is suffering.

In Victoria, the Liberal Baillieu government has driven the nurses into the streets in protest.

Once again we have a Liberal government taking some of the hardest working amongst us, and totally destroying their entitlements and conditions. These are the very people we rely on for care and comfort when we are at our most needy. These nurses have one of the toughest jobs imaginable, dealing with blood, tears, shit, piss, puke, and death on a daily basis…

Google Images

Quite simply, they deserve our respect, and they deserve a hell of a lot better.

I sincerely hope those of you in Queensland are taking note of what is going on in the southern states. Do yourselves a favour, stop and think, is this what you want from your government?

And if you are a public servant and vote for the Coalition, then I’m sorry, but you are a bloody idiot.

In this life there are those who strive to help those in need, and whose life is dedicated to helping others when they are at their most vulnerable…

Google Images

Unfortunately there are others who will endeavour to cripple these saviors, just to save a buck or 2… I think NSW and Victoria may think twice before voting for these bastards again.

41 comments on “Dirty Deeds (Done Dirt Cheap)

  1. I see I’ve buggered up the page break to this thread. Note to self: Don’t attempt to do editing on the iPad.

    I’ll fix it up when I get back to the office.

  2. I sincerely hope those of you in Queensland are taking note of what is going on in the southern states. Do yourselves a favour, stop and think, is this what you want from your government?

    Great article wixxy – it should be required reading before anyone is allowed to vote in the Queensland election next year…

  3. Same think happens to me often, I wrote a blog on my iPad acouple of weeks ago and lost it when I updated the iPad….
    Do yourself a real favour and don’t even attempt it on an iPhone…

  4. Möbius asked if I could put page breaks in the large threads so it’d be easier to open them from his mobile phone. I’m sure it’s a problem most people would have with a mobile device.

    I’m rushing back to the office now.

  5. Yeah, it does make it easier with mobile devices, if there is a way that I can do it let me know and I will do it when I post, as most of mine are a bit lengthy…

  6. Done. 🙂

    Wixxy, there is a page break icon in the editing mode. Simply place your curser where you want the break then click on the page break icon to the left of the spellchecker. If you run the pointer over the icon it says “Insert more tag”.

  7. Very well said Wixxy. As I was reading this I was feeling a couple of taps on the shoulder to say Well done, these are from my late uncles both of whom were Inspectors of Police.

  8. The cut, I believe is something like 75%. Trimming and making a scheme efficient is one thing, gutting it is another.

    Look like Max the Axe is living up to his name.

  9. good piece Wixxy, in an attempt to punish one political party over another our public service gets screwed…I hope lots of people are taking note, BOFfin made all manner of promises to get elected and not to much has actually occurred… cuts to public services are at best appalling. Our police, teachers, nurses, ambo’s and firies are just the tip of the iceberg, TAFE being outsourced, way to much to list here. thanks for the share!

  10. Absolutely gutted their scheme, it is a disgrace.
    Did you see te new footage of all the MP’s leaving the chambers of parliament house in shame as they were heckled by police officers in the gallery? I’ve never seen anything like it.
    The actions of this govt are unforgivable…

  11. For someone who is supposed to look after the best inteests of the police force, he should be ashamed of himself, and should probably resign.

  12. Now wixxy as seen in Vic, where the wages offered are an increase of 2.5%, the police got a very handy and much higher payrise. There may or may not be a coincidence but just after the payrise was settled the OPI in Vic tabled a very disturbing report. So my advice to NSW police get an investigation that reflects badly on the government.

    As to the nurses, ambos and firies keep telling your story to the public, at the same time highlight the perks of pollies, especially with Xmas approaching. For some silly reason pollies expect you to keep working over this time while they take a “well deserved” break..

  13. Well done O’Barrel. Putting the cops, nurses and firies off side would have to be the most idiotic thing any government could do. Perhaps he’s doing it now in the hope all the public servants will have developed amnesia by the time the next election rolls around.

    Seems he hasn’t put the surplus Labor left him to very good use. Oh wait, he’s handed out some jobs for the boys and jacked up their salaries. So that’s alright then. Bloody whinging injured coppers!

  14. I saw that the cops got a far better deal in Victoria than the nurses, unfortunately the press seem to be ignoring all the wrong doings of the NSW govt, np muatter how much screaming there is…

    300 odd people at the Convoy Of No Confidence, got more coverage than over 30,000 people shutting down central Sydney…

    You are right though Sue, these workers just need to keep highlighting the double standards of a govenment that has few standards to start with…

  15. This is one area where the unions are brilliant, even if all those emergency service people, teachers, nurses etc forget what Fatty O’barrell has done to them, the unions will remind them before next election…

    Jobs for the boys has always been the Liberal way, just look where Nick Greiner is now….

  16. wixxy just another great post.

    Well worded, factual and honest. The media are claiming O’Farrell is a 3 term government. Talk about crystal balling. Lets see after the first term shall we.

  17. Shaneinqld at 4.17
    The media’s claiming that O’Farrell is a 3 term government sounds more like a statement of intent on their part than a detached opinion.

    Well posted. What do you reckon O’F’s overall game plan is, pissing off the entire NSW public service?

  18. Thanks Shane

    With all of the drama’s they are facing already, and the huge backlash against them, plus with Julia regaining the publics confidence again, I’m thinking 2 terms…. but it should be 1 judging on efforts to date…

  19. Thanks Bob,
    I think he is thinking people will forget by next election, he will blame power cost rises on Carbon pricing, the last budget has NSW recieving a 18% increase on power the day the carbon price starts…. He has some 2 rail projects that will be finished around the time of next election, so he will talk that up, despite them both being planned and commenced years back by Labor…
    I think he was planning federal Labor was going to be as tainted as NSW was, I think he will have to change his plans…

  20. I was sharing a drink with a NSW cop over the weekend. After 20 years in the service he’s had enough. Every cop’s feeling the knife in the back from the new Minister, who was allegedly ‘one of them’.

    What really pisses him off are the right wing death beasts who write into the papers or phone the shock jocks screaming that the cops don’t deserve a pay rise because they have a cushy job. Stunning stuff.

    He said these idiots should try hiding behind a wall while bullets go whizzing past their head, or turn over a body to see that it’s face or guts have been blown away.

    And after they’ve been shot at, put up with the humiliation of hearing that the offender has been charged only with discharging a firearm, not attempted murder. “Because I didn’t have bullets in me” he said, “there was no evidence that he was trying to kill me”.

    I would imagine that every cop has a story to tell. I would imagine that they also have a fair grievance.

  21. Cops have a cushy job!!!!! The bludgers who dare say that should be made to put their money where their mouth is. That is bloody disgraceful!

    What O’Barrell will have achieved is turn the cops into labor voters, which by tradition they are not.

    It will be interesting to see whether they are a 3 term government, or a one term wonder!

    BTW, isn’t it interesting that Derailer isn’t laying into O’Barrell for turning a surplus into a deficit? Surely he must denounce the NSW government for their complete incompetence!

  22. Ah Jane, there are rules for Liberal govt, and there are rules for others. Deficits are good for Liberal govts…
    I have been searching for the clip of the Coalition MP’s being heckled out of parliament house by the police, but I can’t find it anywhere… but it is gold

  23. This emphasises again the importance of Unions to Labor. How some would-be reformers want to sideline the unions’ role in the ALP beats me. If we are to have non-Labor state governments across the country and then have a Noalition win at federal level we will need a strengthening of organised labour. Howard tried to divide and conquer working Australians with Work Choices. That he was defeated in 2007 I think was more thanks to the Unions than to Kevin ’07, though he may have been the more acceptable face to some swinging voters. I think he is still kidding himself that 2007 victory was all about him.

    Our current Prime Minister cut her political teeth in the world of industrial relations and is on our side. It’s important that she and the ALP stay in power not just for working people but for social justice in general. The recent Qantus shenanigans, and these assaults on conditions for our police force, (and nurses too, who next?) are just a foretaste of what will happen to conditions and wages across the country if Labor loses the next election.

    It’s a Pommie song, I know, but we should remember the strength in numbers which we get from union membership.

    Oh you don’t get me I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me I’m part of the union
    You don’t get me I’m part of the union
    Till the day I die, till the day I die.

    As a union man I’m wise
    To the lies of the company spies
    And I don’t get fooled
    By the factory rules
    ‘Cause I always read between the lines.

  24. You are 100% right Patricia, I think we have come full circle in the ALP and it’s time to gain strength from the Left, and from the unions. Recent events show this clearly

  25. Wixxy @4.40

    Don’t worry too much about the power price hike timed to start at Carbon tax time. The ACCC has been given the resources for the task to name, shame and fine the Liars and Deceivers. They did a very good job of it when the GST was introduced. So go for it Barry the ACCC is very good at this type of case.

  26. I take it BOF hasn’t been in hospital lately, or had his home burgled, or been in an accident. Maybe he doesn’t know anybody who has. Or maybe he doesn’t give a stuff about them.

  27. There should be more of this. 😀

    LNP no-show allows Labor free-for-all

    An apparent mix up in the Liberal National Party left no MPs on the floor of Parliament for about 20 minutes allowing the Labor Government to pass three bills without debate. The Opposition Leader says he was tricked but the LNP Leader Campbell Newman has largely dismissed the oversight saying the party would have voted for the bills anyway.

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