Open forum: has Abbott lost his media shine?

There’s not a lot I can say here, but simply ask the question: has Abbott lost his media shine?

After a very long period where the media treated Abbott as though he was sacrosanct we are now seeing them ask some hard, critical questions.  He has cracks, so it seems.  Or has he cracked?

For 18 months his backflips, brain farts and childish Parliamentary behaviour have been hailed as brilliant political manoeuvres.  But such praises are slowly disappearing from the media landscape.  In their place – as reflected from the many links provided on this blog lately – those aforementioned hard, critical questions are being asked.

Maybe the media have lost patience or faith in an Opposition leader who the electorate does not favour as a future Prime Minister even though the Government sit so poorly in the opinion polls.  Maybe, two years out from an election the media think there’s plenty of time to elevate someone else to the pedestal.

Either way, they certainly appear to be turning sour over Abbott.

What do you think?

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  1. Migs, I have also noticed that the MSM are starting to ask Abbott ‘trick questions’ such as where is the money going to come from.

  2. …and doesn’t Abbott hate being held to account or having his statements scrutinised and questioned in anyway.

    A real indication of how bad he will as PM is his childish outbursts, turning tail and running, and cutting off interviews or questions that in anyway put the focus on him.

  3. Clearly a PM or an aspirant has to have his/her head around all portfolios, not necessarily be an ‘expert on everything’ but at least a good working knowledge. One also has to be on top of all current issues, and this is irrespective of which portfolio. Because as sure as hell some smarta*se journo is going to throw you a curve ball at your very next interview.

    But wait a moment, this has never actually happened to Abbott has it except on a few rare occasions. Sky News this morning produced a good 15mins of Abbott-the-talking-head and not once was he asked a curly question. It’s almost as if these things by Abbott have been pre-recorded..hmm, I wonder if…

  4. It will be interesting to see who comes out to support Mr. Abbott. Firat in line appears to be Ms Julie Bishop.

  5. critical questions are being asked

    Not my experience.

    and not once was he asked a curly question

    That’s more my experience.

    man is an intellectual and emotional infant

    It’s probably down to dementia pugilistica.

    But having said that, he is still at odds on to be the next Prime Minister. Labor hasn’t the communicators to cut through..

  6. N’5, next PM? What about the Turnbull factor.

    Also, to a certain extent Abbott has been ‘the news’, the numerous pics in lycra etc. As a prime ministerial aspirant Abbott can’t exactly turn up half naked any longer, therefore he resorted to hard hats and ‘small business’ photo opportunities.

    Open his mouth and Abbott is gone, that plus his habit of turning tail and walking away when asked a question. Abbott is on the cusp of becoming a joke and if the media do not get the hits out of his novelty events, then he runs the risk of being laughed at. One thing that Abbott cannot afford is to become a walking characterture of himself.

  7. I wonder if there is any correlation between the spotlight being turned on the media themselves and the media now turning the spotlight on yabot?

    Or is it just co-winkydinks?

  8. What about the Turnbull factor

    While Turnbull seems more likely to attract traditional labor voters than does Abbot,. the fact is that under Abbott the Libs/Nats are riding high. Why would the opposition members take a risk, particularly after the reckless gamble that saw Rudd deposed in favour of Gillard?

    I suspect that opposition members see it as better to be in government under a ‘flake’ than in opposition led by a rational Turnbull.

  9. N’5, another thought is that because the Libs are riding so high in the polls that they can afford to take a risk on a change of leader. There is also the fact that Robb believes that he deserves the Treasurer’s job, and that isn’t going to happen when you have an Abbott/Hockey team. Abbott cannot swap Hockey for Robb without losing the Hockey supporters, therefore Robb’s only option is Turnbull.

  10. If Turnbull is to again get the top job, it’s not enough for him to destroy Abbott. he must destroy Hockey as well because in all probability Turnbull is behind Hockey in the internal popularity stakes.

  11. Turnbull has not been hanging around in politics for no reason, especially after Abbott giving what I am certain, was an intended insult – that being the dead-end portfolio of the NBN. What exactly is Turnbull’s job these days…

    Hockey seems to have tied his colors to the Abbott mast and has been grossly ineffectual up against Swan in the shadow Treasurer’s job. A while back Hockey attempted to put forward a (shock) policy and was promptly told to p’off by Abbott. Hockey has done basically zilch since.

  12. Migs, Hockey has been the rise and fall of an entire personality. He sold his soul to the devil aka Howard and he’ll never get it back, his effort to reinvent himself have been quite sad to watch.

  13. Add to that Abbott’s continued display of incompetency.

    Yes, but he has been incompetent all along. It has generally been ignored till now

    (winky dinks to Min)

  14. Miglo @ 1.00pm

    The biggest thunkery is ACMA, get rid of them as useless because:

    “ACMA says the breaches relate to segments of The Alan Jones Breakfast Show broadcast on 2GB in February 2010.”

    Almost 2 years of pulling a salary, talk about keeping yourself in a job.

    And the penalty? Well ACMA is discussing it with the station

  15. And winky dinks back to you too Tom 😉

    I’m most definitely getting that Abbott is coming into some very rough waters regarding his leadership.

    Gillard has played it extremely smart re tactics. Abbott had to say ‘No to everything’, especially the mining tax and the carbon tax but not excluding the NBN, plain packaging, the poker machine legislation.

    Gillard has got the most difficult ones, those being where Abbott had the greatest success of a fear campaign mostly out of the way in the first full year of her prime ministership. What is Tony Abbott’s job now going to be? Saying No to what?

  16. The MSM has turned rancid rabid It’s their fault. Has not Abbott given them lots and lots of photo ops, great oneliners and nasty quips.
    Everyone knows that we are living in a post policy “Just say no” era. Explaining policy is such a turn off to audiences who want simple emotion charged half truths that include words like “toxic”.

  17. Min

    “What is Tony Abbott’s job now going to be? Saying No to what?”

    Why his party room and he started yesterday when he got “testy” and “slapped down” those young’ uns and on cue walked out of the (press conference) party room.

  18. He and Peta could go visit the wife and explain it was all a misunderstanding.
    Oh and drop off the laundry and ironing.

  19. I would have said, day 1 pic at local fish and chip shop gutting a flathead, day 2 pic on surfboard, day 3 pic coming 100th in the ironman comp, day 4 pic hard hat and fluro doesn’t matter which venue, day 5 rest day including a pic of Tony resting.

  20. Mr. Abbott has gone early for his censure motion. His voice is becoming very whiny.

    The PM is now acknowledging every time he abuses her. That is good.

    Talk about bad losers.

    I suppose this is his last hurrah this year. He is all over the place.

    Going at 2.30 is a new record on his part.

    Mr. Abbott holds the record for these stunts of all Opposition since Federation.

    If he screams any louder, he will do his voice in. That would be lovely.

    Talk about a whinge.

  21. Mr. Rudd appears to be enjoying himself. One forgets that Mr. Abbott was the main cause of his downfall.

    Mr. Abbott did not make a speech during the debate. That only emphasises how lazy the man is.

  22. Mr. Rudd is really having a good laugh, during Albanese apeech.

    Mr. Abbott has really got the government scared. They are treating him as a joke.

  23. “One forgets that Mr. Abbott was the main cause of his downfall.”

    Abbott, as much as he and Howard brag about it, had nothing to do with Rudd’s downfall. That downfall was almost entirely due to a spooked by the MSM ALP, a powerplay by the ALP Right and his own bureaucratic difficult to work with style of leadership.

  24. I gotta try and lsten to Albos speech, the twitter feed is alive with it

    Liked this one too

  25. Mobius, and I think too with Rudd that his tactics went haywire. Rudd deals reasonably with reasonable people, but Abbott threw him not because of Abbott’s shrewdness but because Rudd isn’t the sort of person who deals well with reptiles.

  26. We are now having our MPI. On small business. What I do not understand, why none of the Opposition have left the chamber. Are they all giving Mr. Abbott support.

    Mr. Abbott was not faring well before he move the suspension of standing orders. His speech was full of anger, meaning he did not do well there either.

    I was surprised to hear many opposition speakers talking against super because it gave to much power to the unions. No acknowledgement that the Union funds have the best returns. I thought this argument disappeared in the days of Mr. Hawke.

  27. Thought provoker, Migs.

    N5 @12.14pm, I think it’s less the ability of the communicators, than getting the msm to listen to what they have to say. However, I there seems to be the beginnings of a turnaround prompted by the fall in Liealot’s ratings as preferred PM and the scrutiny of the msm itself by the media inquiry.

    Min @12.23pm, precisely. The msm can’t keep ignoring the brain farts, blank stares and hasty exits, stage left.

    Tom R @12.33pm. Snap!

    Migs @1.00pm. Wow! Who knew?

  28. Ross Sharp, please don’t insult our children. I was going to suggest we change infant to dwarf, but that’s not fair to dwarfs.

    Abbott is devoid of all emotional and intellectual sense might do it, but it somehow lacks zing How about Abbott is an ar….le – but then I have one of those, so that won’t do either.

  29. Jane @3.32pm, I think particularly given that Tony Abbott has run out of things to say No to.

    Sue, yes I believe that Albanese was in his absolute element. Albanese has certainly been showing his value in recent weeks.

  30. Just caught a snippet…from Albanese on the mining tax, that Tony Abbott called for 32 separate divisions in a meeting lasting until 2.45am. And Abbott lost every one of them.

  31. This is what Albanese said about Sir Robert Menzies founder to the Liberal Party during the motion to suspend standing orders.

    Under Abbott’s leadership the Liberal Party has just deteriorated.

  32. Min, and Mr. Abbott could not be bothered talking on the subject. Another alleged that Mr. Abbott imbibed last night.

    Fancy throwing Menzies back at him.

    No wonder Mr. Hewson was such a failure with Mr. Abbott as his press secretary.

  33. It’s like all the Liberal members now clamouring and demanding they now get the NBN whilst those who have it say they will not give it up no matter what Abbott does.

    Abbott might as well tattoo a big reverse L on his forehead, it is a better reflection of what he is.

  34. Abbott’s media shine might be a bit dull but this speech should brighten up some media attention for him. Or Santa’s present for the government

    “JOHN Howard flinched as his former right-hand-man Arthur Sinodinos declared he wanted to hold a memorial service for the coalition’s failed Work Choices policy.”

    “Let me conduct a brief memorial service for the industrial relations policy formerly known as Work Choices,” Senator Sinodinos told a packed upper house during his first speech to parliament.

  35. Mobius, if Liberals win office what’s the bet they’ll also fall in love with the income the MRRT produces.

    They’ll certainly be silently thanking Labor for their great policies.

  36. lunalava @6.23pm, just watched Albo dishing it out to the Nopposition. He was on fire! An Oscar winning performance, I thought. And I noticed I wasn’t the only one p*ssing myself; the Ruddster was obviously enjoying the performance, too.

    ME @7.24pm, what a surprise! Just as we’ve all said at various times, the opposition’s position on the NBN has always been hollow. and unconvincing. Every time Turnbull denounced it, you could hear the insincerity.

    I’m certain he’s seething that Liealot’s punishment and test of his loyalty to the party line, was that he of all people, had the job of trashing it.

    Liealot’s going to have a lot of trouble maintaining his Nopposition to the NBN with the rebellion in the ranks. The naysayers have turned into yeasayers! 😀

    Migs @8.23pm, you can bet they’re already spending it! But I doubt they’ll thank Labor for anything, ingratitude is part of their genetic makeup.

  37. They’ll certainly be silently thanking Labor for their great policies

    What great policies?? Abolishing the Pacific Solution so that people smugglers are now back in business?

    And the mining tax is a disaster. Anyone who wants to give any more money to the greatest wasters of money in Australian history is insane. If they get any extra money from the tax the money will be wasted and never seen again.

    The current govt is easily the worst in the last 50 years.

  38. ‘the media think there’s plenty of time to elevate someone else to the pedestal”
    Perhaps they do, & most of the money seems to be on Turnbull. His arrival would entail some big policy reversals & it would be interesting to see how the media finessed these. Finesse them they will, & what an indictment of what’s laughingly called a “commentariat” that is.
    Getting rid of Abbott might be a bloody affair, he wouldn’t want to go quietly plus his bodyguard of orcs would know their moment was over. The best way to do it would be for the oppositions’ “faceless men”- Shanahan, Bolt etc to tell him he no longer had their support.

  39. “What great policies?? Abolishing the Pacific Solution so that people smugglers are now back in business”

    Neil there are a great many more important matters facing the country than a few boat people.

    We can be thankful that the PM was not tempted to take up Mr. Abbott’s idiotic offer to reopen Nauru giving her three out of three.

    The only thing wrong with the mining tax is that it is too small.

    Believe me there have been many worse governments that come to mind, and they are not from the Labor side of politics.

    it is a stupid, meaningless statement that you keep making.

    Like Mr. Abbott and his censure motions.

    Censures motions

    I suggest that the Liberal party will change nothing that the PM has passed.

    Mr. Abbott will not be their leader. The Liberal Party will say the promises where made by Mr. Abbott and no longer apply.

    The MRRT is popular with the people.

    The Clean Energy legislation will also be, when the people become aware of the goodies.

    As they say, most people vote with their hip pocket, as self interest rules supreme.

    Most Australians do not like elections and Mr. Abbott is promising two in quick succession.


  40. It’s only an online poll but from the SMH it’s 62% – 38% against Abbott, the question being Should Tony Abbott keep his pledge to rescind the mining tax if he becomes prime minister?

  41. Some things I don’t agree with, but generally yes. early signs of a policy vacuum opening up. Ever since the advent of Tony Abbott, No to everything has been the Liberal’s one and only policy. Any attempt to express any was immediately howled down by Abbott as policies did not fit into Abbott’s political strategy. The theme was that this was a Do Nothing government and the strategy in saying No to everything was the method.

    But today, no such vision exists. Fightback! has been forgotten, the economic dries have vacated the field and liberal politics is now dominated by the practice of relentless opposition. Where in the 80s and 90s liberal politics was a melting pot of ideas and serious debate, today it is a policy wasteland. Destroying ideas is almost as important as creating them, and nearly every reform the Government proposes is wrong.

    This development is a tragedy for Australian politics and bodes poorly for our nation’s long term future.

    When political parties stand for nothing other than their desire for power, policy integrity begins to erode. And in recent months, the consequences of this affliction have begun to show within the Federal Opposition. Protectionism, economic isolationism and timidity on IR reform are all the early signs of a policy vacuum opening up.

  42. What is Mr. Abbott’s narrative.


    My father told my mother when I was born, that I was destined to be PM or pope.

    My mother told my sisters of this great wonder.

    My mother and sisters groomed me during my childhood for the life that awaited me.

    I got waylaid when I joined the seminary, I really thought my greatness would be as pope.

    I became a journalist, joining Mr. Hewson’s staff, when I realise that I was destined to be PM.

    I have served my apprenticeship and now demanding that all move aside and allow me to ascend to my destiny.

    That is my narrative for Mr. Abbott. Any other ideas.

  43. Sounds spot-on CU. There is also the narrative (with due respect to any practicising RCs) that there is only 1 religion, 1 christianity and therefore only 1 morality.

    Abbott as ‘the chosen one’ sees it as his dentiny to turn this morality into rules for all of society. Those who run down Gillard on her stance against marriage equality (and as all here know I am against her on that one) should be extremely concerned that in their anti-Gillard stance that they are by default supporting Tony Abbott.

  44. And the LNP has folded,for the time being, over the Peter Slipper issues because the fed noalition are more worried Slipper may move to the crossbenches.
    Abbott definitely worried about his own position.

  45. Min, you have bought back memories of not been able to attend church services by other religions with the threat of losing our moral soul.

    The belief in one god and only one go was taken seriously indeed.

    It did not matter if it was death, marriage or baptism, all were banned.

  46. Sue, as I said to Neil earlier, Abbott is yesterday’s man.

    The problem is that the Libs have no today’s man.

    Did one noticed the proud father sitting in the senate gallery yesterday with his daughter and grandchildren. Where is the wife?

    While this ghost flutters around in the background, the Liberal Party is going nowhere.

    It is the ghost of Howard that I am referring to.

  47. CU
    Another part of the Abbott narrative was on display in QT yesterday. When Abbott pulled his stunt after 28minutes of QT and rose to his feet the PM as usual gathered her papers and started to leave. At this point Abbott started shouting at the PM, shouting and pointing.
    Standing, pointing, shouting at the PM to return and “take this one” was a typical style of narrative of Tony Abbott. And now the PM is calling him on it, the abuse and abusive style of Tony Abbott.

  48. And when they finally get rid of Abbott they can toss Julie Bishop as well.
    During QT there was this exchange between Bishop and Gillard:
    Bishop: “Embarrassing for you!”

    Gillard: “The deputy leader of the opposition has just used the word ’embarrassing’. Yes, it is embarrassing.”

    Bishop: “Embarrassing for you, sweetheart!”

    And this is the meaning behind that exchange. Julie bishop should hand her head in shame forget embarrassment.

    Julie Bishop’s efforts on Radio National Breakfast. Quizzed by host Fran Kelly about her leader’s suggestion Julia Gillard had been “stalking world leaders in search of a photo opportunity .
    Julie Bishop “She was certainly rubbing up against every world leader she could find for a photo opportunity. We all saw that.”

  49. The MRRT a disaster and it’s only just been implemented?

    And isn’t it telling that for a government that’s supposed to be such a disaster there are Liberal and National seats around the nation at local, State and Federal level all clamouring and demanding from the Federal government the things they say are disasters.

    Contrast this to the Howard years where he had to force things they didn’t want onto the States as he rode roughshod over them by using very old emergency legislation that wasn’t for that purpose.

  50. Of course there is no bias in the media !!!!!!!!

    Anything that happens in a government deparment under a Labor Government is the governments fault and they should take full responsibility for being in office when the department gets it wrong.

    Example: The media blame and hysteria on the Bligh Labor State Government over the experts decisions regarding the Wivenhoe Dam and the ensuing floods during weather extremes.

    This morning after it was revealed that a WA State Government Department caused the fires, a reporter who was at the scene was being questioned regarding the embarrassment for the Barnett Liberal State Government. The reporter immediately corrected the question stating that it was not the State Governments fault but rather a Government Department.

    The hypocrisy of the media is really becoming pathetic and I think people are seeing through the crap. I know I am. Now even the reporting of natural disasters is tainted by politcial partisanship. Absolutely disgraceful.

    Apply the same hysteria, blame and witch hunt, to both sides of politics or apply none. Report the news, not an opinion piece based on your own political presuasions.

  51. The PM now begins her answers with abusing me and screaming will not change the facts.

    After the moving for the suspension of standing orders to censure the PMMSO, Mr. Abbott jumped to his feet, demanding that the Speaker investigate how many past PM left the chamber during censure motions. He got short shift from the Speaker.

    The Speaker sounded angry, that he was spoken to in such a manner.

    The Speaker has on more than one occasion lately warned the Opposition Leader, he will toss him out.

    This Opposition leaders has pulled more censure motions and moving for the suspension of standing orders that any other Opposition leader since Federation. Not a bad record.

    Now to the censure motions, i believe that someone has to do something, illegal, criminal or dishonest to be censured

    Now the PM has done non of these things.

    Surely calling censure motions because one does not like what is done.

    Jenkins is resigning immediately.

  52. Listening to Harry Jenkins – resignation is due to the fact that he wants a say in policy, which he cannot do whilst Speaker.

  53. And the mining tax is a disaster. Anyone who wants to give any more money to the greatest wasters of money in Australian history is insane.

    It sounds to me, Neil, that you want us to stay in deficit. This goes against averything you’ve ever argued for.

  54. Do they have to call for the position to be filled immediately. Can they leave Slipper in the acting role.

    Can Labor play hard ball as the Opposition Leader has.

  55. I think in a way Jenkins could be right in resigning, he is an extremely valuable asset policy-wise and is somewhat wasted as Speaker – mostly due to Tony Abbott’s doing nothing better than continuous disruptive behaviour.

  56. Abusive Alpha Male wantabe Abbott screaming at the Prime Minister to “take it, stand there and take it this time”

    This from a cowardly bastard who walks away from “tough” questions from a lapdog media.
    Well Mr Abbott the PM has better things to do than listen to your drivel.

  57. Sue here is a clip which demonstrates the Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party and her grasp of the foreign affairs portfolio.

    This gets my vote for silliest question of 2011 although it is a tough critera.

  58. A quick comment on Sky – Slipper is to become Speaker, assumed permanent Speaker, thereby denying the Liberals a vote in the House.

  59. Reported again, that Slipper is expected to take up the position of Speaker. One cannot help but suspect that the threats against Slipper earlier in the week that Mal Brough will stand for pre-selection against him might be connected. Perhaps something in the air that this was going to happen.

  60. Was not this week supposed to be the end of the PM. It appears by the end of the day, she will be stronger.

    Labor caucus has endorsed Peter Slipper.

    Anna Burke Deputy Speaker.

    Abbott is furious. Giving Press comference in a few minutes. ABC24

  61. It seems to me that Harry Jenkins’resignation as Speaker is related to Tony Abbott’s increasingly provocative behaviour in the House, of which lunalava’s clip above is just one egregious example. While Julia Gillard has maintained dignity and grace under pressure, she has been subjected to sustained abuse from a number of Coalition members. She has refused to come out and fight in Abbott’s terms, which has enraged the man even further.
    However, the disrespect to the Prime Minister, fanned by shock jocks, some columnists and some groups, is not merely a personal attack. Her position, as elected Prime Minister, represents our nation, so the increasing disrespect for parliamentary conventions, such as the misuse of censure motions and the refusal of pairings, expresses contempt for Australia and its people.
    Tony Abbott is an outstanding example of one promoted beyond his capacities.
    Apart from the attack dog role by which he was useful to Howard, who fostered his ascent, he has no other skills, and lacks the humility to address this. It is time everyone stopped believing that Abbott’s Rhodes scholarship is an indicator of intelligence, since his performance as LOTO is totally lacking in evidence of this.
    Thius yesterday’s demonstration is a more extreme manifestation of his sole ability – destruction at any price, and pushing the envelope as far as he dares, like a rebellious teenager.
    Jenkins’resignation can be read, then, as a stance in favour of a more civilised style in the House, and, more broadly as a rejection of those extremes of behaviour which have flourished under Abbott’s leadership

  62. Abbott is currently on Sky arguing that it’s the job of the government to provide a Speaker. They have and it’s Peter Slipper 🙂

  63. Abbott when asked why Labor had to support one of their own,said it depends on practice. PRACTICE

    Could not asnswer when asked how was this different from them appointing Coulson in the Senate.

    The government weaker?

  64. From Sky: a senior member of the Coalition seen running though the corridors, that Tony Abbott is ‘remaining stoic’. Peter Slipper not in the Party Room.

  65. Mr. Abbott is a White Ribbon ambassador?


    Wonder how he fits with what he is saying about women, with the abuse, he lays on the PM, everytime he opens his mouth.

  66. Abbot has nominated National Bruce Scott.

    Don’t know why he is nominating someone on his own side meaning he effectively loses a vote in the lower house.

    Slipper is really on the nose with the Coalition with moves by the Nationals to sack him.

  67. So was Coulson, on the nose with his party.

    It made no difference.

    Slipper appears to be harder on the Coalition than Jenkins, which I beliee has been too fair. he has had his fairness thrown back in his face everyday by Abbott and Co.

    Abbott calling on practice is a joke.

  68. Sorry my mistake, Abbott is nominating Bruce Scott as Deputy Speaker.

    Haven’t we already got one, so why does the Deputy Speaker have to change?

  69. I believe that the PM has taken off the gloves.

    She does not intend to let Abbott have any say in what happens today.

    You have to earn respect. The man has not.

  70. Abbott seems to have forgotten that half of the Liberal party voted against him as leader. His party room bully boy tactics won’t work on the few remaining decent liberals.
    Abbott, keep on slapping down your colleagues and you will soon be in the dust bin of history where you belong.

  71. If Slipper is promoted from Deputy Speaker and accepts the role of Speaker I am honestly not certain of the protocol. If Abbott nominates Bruce Scott and Labor nominates Anna Burke, it could be in Labor’s benefit to accept Bruce Scott because this is potentially yet another vote taken away from the Libs.

  72. And who does he have to blame?

    This explains why I think

    Abbott’s cried ‘Censure!’ so many times, and for such trivial reasons. People have come to expect that anything he says on the subject will be the same kind of noise, designed to do little more than get a few sound-bites into the evening news. Crudely put, it just looks like he wants the attention.

    Now, at a time when a censure was not only appropriate but almost necessary, no one can be bothered to listen.

    And just heard Slipper is in

  73. Actually, only Labor has endorsed him. yabot is saying anyone who accepts it (Slipper) will be forced to resign from the party room

  74. I am reliably informed (LOL) that Peter Slipper will contest the next election as an endorsed candidate for Bob Katter’s Party and in so doing wreck Mal Brough’s chances of a return to the national Parliament.

  75. Migs, how predictable..Abbott wants an election and as Abbott looks unto the horizon, the likelihood of this recedes further and further.

  76. Hi TB

    I agree I think the rabid attacl style has become boring and so yesterday. The problem is Tony has known nothing else.

    He has always been venemous and aggressive in his style, which is fine when you are in a government with a majority and protected by a leader with political skill.

    There is still 2 years to go until an election so the Coalition need to move on, adopt a different tactic and style or risk losing the next election in my opinion as most swinging voters are calm and rational, unlike rusted on supporters of either side who are usually aggressive and defensive which does not appeal to swinging voters.

  77. Is the manager of opposition business going to nominate every government backbencher until he gets one to accept the nomination, or until he runs out of candidates? 😆

  78. Shine or not, Abbott us doing his darndest to grab the media’s attention. The ABC will no doubt being their nightly news with: “The leader of the oppositio says . . .”. I doubt that Jenkins will actually get a say.

  79. And of course Pyne is still going on, and on, and on.

    What’s the saying about never underestimating one’s enemy. Gillard is brilliant!

    Slipper – Deputy Speaker under threat from Mal Brough so nothing to lose
    Jenkins – wants to spend more time on policy specfically the poker machine legislation.
    Wilkie – threats to bring down the government over the poker machine legislation.

    Slipper as Speaker, Wilkie no longer has the clout via his threats to bring down the government over the poker machine legislation.

    No wonder the government benches look happy.

  80. I love Pynes concern for trashing the Westminster tradition.

    It is a shame they have not had the same concern when their own actions have done so over the last year or so.

    The only reason this has not happen before is not tradition, but this is the first time circumstances has allowed it to occur.

  81. G’day Shane … 😀

    According to local radio station (right wing 4BC) Mr Sipper was seen in the company of Mr Rudd last week at a “reception”(?) and the LNP members were a bit miffed he didn’t attend with them …

    As my mentor always taught me … nothing in business happens by coincidence! 😉

    One more vote for Labor — one less for the Opposition … is it still a minority government? I don’t think s-o-o-o … 😆

    Let’s hope the Gillard government does not now take on too much and lose the people again … arrogance and/or compacency a government’s worse virus both grown in groupthink soup!

  82. Some time ago I made a glib comment about Tony Abbott doing a I’m a teapot moment in Parliament, hmmm! seems to me the time is close upon us, popcorn anyone?

  83. Abbott has only himself to blame. He went along with the screws being put on Slipper as payback for Slipper taking on the Deputy Speaker role.

  84. Jenkins – wants to spend more time on policy specfically the poker machine legislation.
    Wilkie – threats to bring down the government over the poker machine legislation.

    It will be interesting to see how the Government now pursue the poikie’s legislation. It will be of further interest to see the NoPosition’s response if there is any change.

    If there is a change, I’m sure they’ll celebrate it as a win for them.

  85. Migs, it was interesting indeed that Jenkins (what a fan-tastic name BTW) chose to nominate this particular issue as his reason for wanting to become more involved in policy.

    I see that the Dirt Machine about Slipper is now in action, sniggers from Sky News that the Labor Party will have to ‘wear’ the result of having Slipper in the chair.

  86. Just got emailed a piece by Michelle Grattan saying this “tarnishes pm”
    The word has no meaning in the curent context of this Parliament, so comprehensively trashed & tarnished by the Noalition & its cheer squad.
    It’ll be interesting to see how the MSM spin all this.

  87. I believe that this Cafe keeps a good cellar, I don’t suppose that there is a chance of a drink around these parts. At least a moment’s celebration before the MSM start sticking the knives in once again.

  88. Oh dear, poor J.Bishop, this government in it’s desperation to cling for power…. Excusez-moi Jules but another election isn’t due for another 2 years.

  89. It has often been expressed that we need an independent Speaker, well we have one. Peter Slipper. Ex National, ex Lib.

    Why is it that the Libs don’t like the call 😉

  90. I like the new speakers style. I like the way that the PM was able to continue her speech. Four thrown out.

    I like the PM’s revelation that the British House, the Labour government had a conservative speaker. If it is OK in the home of the Westminster System, it should be OK here.

    It does not surprise me that Mr. Jenkins gave up. He has at times given the impression that he has had enough.

  91. Min at 2.23
    Thanks. I tried to log onto Fairfax to post a comment but it wouldn’t have me. Sob!! Not sure what I did wrong, don’t particularly care.

  92. Pip, Mr. Abbott was mild today. Maybe the PM staying in the house put him offside.

    Fourth anniversary of the current government. Once again Mr. Abbott is wrong. This government is just over twelve months old.

  93. I haven’t been following the Slipper/Brough thing closely, but to me it looked like a fairly standard workforce ploy; “you keep turning up & smiling & toeing the party line while we whiteant you Pete, when we don’t want you you’ll be the last to know.” What did they expect? It’s interesting that Abbott obviously thinks that only he has the right to renege, that it’s reprehensible in anyone else. What a monolithic sense of entitlement.

  94. BSA, Mr. Howard also visited the area.

    I think Mr. Abbott would have been better to put a sox in it today.

    He sounds stupid.

  95. Oh no, BSA. Don’t worry, you’re amongst friends it seems that the majority of us here are likewise too radical/too left for the poor old MSM.

    From the bit that I’ve been able to garnish, they have been looking for a way to get Brough back into parliament for quite some time. Slipper’s seat..ideal. Right location, Slipper on the outer due to taking on the Deputy Speaker roll.

  96. You always know what Mr. Abbott is going to say. Just like McDonalds. You get the same thing wherever you go. Like McDonalds, it can make one sick.

    Just like McDonalds, cheap and nasty.

    Said in Parliament.

  97. Mr. Abbott makes speech in MPI then whole party leaves the House. He is really upset.

    No one at the table. All gone. Sorry, one lone person has turned up.

    Not sure who the Labor speaker is, but he is not bad.

    Plenty of depth in Labor.

  98. Min, speaking of Tony Windsor, he sent POO Pyne into a rage with his comment during the debate, and judging by the laughing and the grin, he thoroughly enjoyed himself.

    Tony Windsor’s muscle

    Now we can see one of the benefits of a minority government.

    Tony Windsor has used his political power with respect to the mining tax to negotiate on behalf of those farm groups and environmentalists who are worried about the potential impact of coal and coal-seam gas developments on precious but poorly understood underground water resources from the Darling Downs to the Liverpool Plains.

  99. from the Punch
    Sinking in the Slipper to restore some order to Parly
    Tony Abbott could have done more to look after Peter Slipper as ambitious enemies lusted after his cushy Queensland seat of Fisher. But he didn’t.

    comment 1
    Only in Abbott’s parallel universe would an increased buffer for the government equate to a failure of minority government. It is more like a failure of opposition

  100. Dear Peter Slipper

    I may be outraged at your expenses rorting and your snout in the public service trough, however as speaker I implore you to return parliament to a place of respect and common decency, where both sides of politics respect differing opinions and listen silently to alternative arguments before voting on legislation.

  101. Wilkie on news

    PM phoned him this morning at 8.30 to let him know what was happening with Jenkins. PM assured Wilkie nothing had changed in the relationship he had with govt.

  102. Dear shaneinqld,

    I understand your desire to see a ‘kinder, friendlier’ Parliament ……but it
    ain’t gonna happen :sad:.

  103. Shaneinqld,
    Abbott nor any of his predecessors expelled him for any of his past errors. Rorts, snouts in the public service trough, all forgiven but defect to the enemy dead gone and likely to be expelled.

  104. Tony Abbott aka People skills, so on show this week in the party room.

    What a great xmas pressie for the coalition party room, cheers to the LNP, cheers to Howard for the guest appearance in Qld last week and cheers to Mal Brough for branch stacking in Slippers electorate.

  105. Sue, I think that the government has every intention of following through with the poker machine legislation but you cannot have someone such as Wilkie threatening to bring down the government is he doesn’t get his own way, and entirely his own way.

  106. Conspiracy theory number squillion. Migs asked the question yesterday has Abbott lost his media shine, due to the sudden and somewhat unexplicable seeming change of the heart by the MSM. Why the sudden criticisms of Tony Abbott? Are we now looking at the reason?

  107. Min

    Interesting that there are reports that this deal with Slipper has been negotiated for weeks. if true, then there have been no leaks and in reality all those other “leaks” the press report on are manufactured stories by and for the benefit of the liberal party.

  108. Sue, you mean that the Gillard government is somewhat smarter than Tony Abbott’s gives it credit for.

    If it was a trap then whence Mal Brough and all the pressure put on Slipper in the past week.

    Either which way the government now needs only 3 votes but the Opposition needs 5 votes. Whah whah I want another election sobs Tony Abbott.

  109. Wilkie has never threatened to bring down the government. He has threatened to withdraw his support. Not quite the same.

    I take that to mean he will feel free to vote as Katter and the WA person does. That is vote as he sees fit.

  110. CU @ 3.01

    The PM was indeed incredible today. With the yells of abuse, 4 thrown out, pyne, bishop and abbott told to not talk, 3 interjections the PM calmly delivered her reply. The PM’s parliamentary superiority for all to see and write about.

  111. Wilkie stated:

    “If it (the poker machine legislation) doesn’t pass both houses of parliament by the budget early next May I will tear up my agreement and we will then be in uncharted waters,” Mr Wilkie told Sky News on Thursday.

    That sounds like a threat to me. Threatening is not negotiating.

  112. “Peter Slipper expelled 4 Lib MPs so maybe he will put a bit of respect back into parliament”

    Not so much that he threw oot four, but the PM’s speech was not interupted.

    Interuptions were given short shift. About time.

    He was not scared to warn both the Opposition leader and deputy that they would be warned.

    I feel this is a man that does not make empty threats.

  113. in reality all those other “leaks” the press report on are manufactured stories by and for the benefit of the liberal party.

    That has been my opinion all along.

    Take a granule of truth, then manufacture a nasty titbit related, but fully unsupported

    All great lies have an element of truth about them

    ‘No Carbon Tax’ is a case in point.

  114. Min at 5.11
    Thanks for your reassurance. Because my wife’s little brother’s flatmate’s girlfriend’s uncle’s next door neighbour was talking to some Senior Labor Sources in a pub, & they said…

  115. BSA, this is clearly a disfunctioning government who can only get a carbon tax, a NBN and a mining tax sorted…an election to be called any tick of the clock. This one is running hot at the Calypso Tavern up at Coolie..

  116. Min
    Those Senior Labor Sauces, they’re everywhere. I’m told Dennis Shanahan has to shove half a dozen or so out of the way each morning so he can get to his cornflakes.
    Have one for me.

  117. I don’t know what Abbott and the opposition are complaining about, this was an event of Abbott’s own making through him not keeping his promises, and in this case his written one.

    Abbott before the last election had signed up to the parliamentary reform to bring in the speaker pairing arrangement to stop partisan speakers being elected by the government, and then immediately after the election Abbott dishonoured that agreement and has done so many times since.

    His act of dishonour has directly caused the current event.

    If Abbott isn’t thrown out of the Liberal Party soon, and I mean completely turfed out, he will ultimately destroy that great Party like a cancer eating away at the body from within.

    As one conservative commentator stated. The Liberal Party was once a diverse organisation of many ideas out of which came great reforms. Now the Party is devoid of ideas and its members no longer have to think or aspire, they just say no. This must surely undermine the Party and the longer it goes on the danger is the Party will permanently become devoid of great ideas.

  118. Mobius, my feelings too.

    Abbott has brought it upon himself via threats for Brough to succeed in the pre-selection for Peter Slipper’s seat. Mind you, that’s an odd one in itself with only a few of Brough’s supporters being eligible to vote having been members of the Liberal Party for less than 12 months.

    What Abbott didn’t count on was the fact that Harry Jenkins was prepared to resign. And those who think that this might have come out of the blue should be reminded of the fact that Jenkins previously mooted his resignation back in May.

  119. With pre election assurances from Julia that he will gets labors preferences, Slipper should stand as an independant speaker in his own seat, that should ensure Brough is consigned to the dustbin of history.

  120. Min @11.17am, the government has to look like they’re playing the game, so I reckon they’ll accept Bruce Scott in the name of fairness.

    Slipper knows he’s dead in the water as far as pre-selection goes. He’s been on the nose for a while for various reasons and if you remember, he put his hand up for the Speaker’s job after the election. He knew then that his days were numbered and was hoping for the higher salary and super.

    Alex Somlyay was also canvassed as a likely candidate. However, both were given the ultimatum.

    Slipper will be an effective speaker, I think. He won’t take shit from anyone and I have to say I already like the man-he chucked Slagabella out when they voted on the carbon pricing bill.

    Migs @11.38am, this post has been prophetic. Do you do xlotto numbers? Looks more like Slipper’s sinking the slipper. Can you imagine the delicious meltdown in the Liars Party party room and HQ? Slipper’s revenge.

    TB @11.39am, right on, baby! I bet it’s a long time since you’ve heard that expression, TB! lol

    shane, as long as Liealot remains leader, they cannot and will not move on, it will have to be over Liealot’s dead body and I’ll wager that sentiment is being expressed by a number of the Parliamentary party atm.

    As we’ve said so many times, mindless negativity can only be a winner for a limited time. Eventually you have to start behaving like an adult.

    Bacchus @1.08pm, well we know who’s psycho. Do you do xlotto numbers?

    But Migs @1.14pm, who will be the Nopposition leader by then?

    Min, @1.1am, the PM has pulled off the jape of the millenium! What hutzpa and of course now we know why a certain ex-PM was giving a pretty comprehensive serve to the Liars party in Slipper’s electorate and why he was p*ssing himself during Albo’s reign of terror.

    TB @1.28pm, you’re right. They can have their moment of unbridled glee in the party room, but must not gloat too much in public. AND, as you say no hubris. The pokies legislation is important, imo.

  121. Bilko, now of course Slipper is an Independent. I don’t know given Slipper’s history that he would have the clout to win against Brough. But of course that’s another one, Slipper now being an Independent no longer has to concern himself with Liberal Party pre-selection.

    Slipper has a couple of years to prove himself in the Speakership, so he may indeed decide to run as an Independent.

  122. Min
    Have a drink. Have two.
    Somewhere up above is a post (from Tom R?) saying that for all their psephological deliberations, none of the press crew saw this coming, so why take the rest of their stuff seriously? Where did their “information” actually come from? Amen to that.

  123. I am guessing that there is only one person around here which resembles that, black hair cute little tufty bit on pants…

  124. Wilkie has never threatened to bring down the government. He has threatened to withdraw his support. Not quite the same.

    Which would have made (until today!) the minority government very wobbly and at risk of being brought down … technically it’s called crossing the floor! As I’m sure you know …

    I suspect that the Pokies issue will now die a quiet deathe … his influence and Xlyophones’s volume has been greatly reduced …


    What Abbott didn’t count on was the fact that Harry Jenkins was prepared to resign.

    May I refer you to my earlier post

    “” According to local radio station (right wing 4BC) Mr Slipper was seen in the company of Mr Rudd last week at a “reception”(?) and the LNP members were a bit miffed he didn’t attend with them …”””

  125. BSA, thank you kind sir. I will indeed do so. A bundy will do me very nicely.

    Amazing how all the tiny little pieces of the puzzle, suddenly fitted together..and Abbott didn’t see it coming. Glee and double glee…

  126. And the irony is Min, Abbott was the first piece in that puzzle by dishonouring his written promise on pairing. Or probably a better analogy would be that he was the locked box holding the puzzle pieces for a game that could not be played until he himself broke the lock.

  127. Mobius, that would be a good one – to try to ascertain all the various pieces of the puzzle.

    Under the topic of never underestimate your enemy, just as Abbott has been trying to work out a way of trying to force another election, Gillard would have been working out a way to strengthen the position of the government.

  128. Since I am always blamed for derailing a thread I will continue with the policy.

    I did find someone who was willing to state that it is against protocol for the PM and Opposition leader to travel together in a war zone

    ““The trip was organised by the Coalition a long time ago,” he said.

    “We can only assume Abbott rejected the invitation because it wasn’t conventional to normal planning and because the convention is that the opposition leader and the prime minister don’t visit troops at the same time unless extremely unusual circumstances prevail like the need to boost morale after a mass casualty event.

    “It’s a Westminster convention,” he said. “It’s the same in Britain, Canada and New Zealand.””

  129. TB, you’re drunk. Again.


    LOL! No, Miggsy, 11% white wine don’t do it, however,

    Christmas is coming, the goose is getting fat,
    Please put a penny in the old man’s hat,
    If you ain’t got a penny an h’penny’ll do,
    If you ain’t got a ha’penny well “…” you … 🙂

    (How we used to close our Christmas Carolling when I was kid … although then we used to sing, “God Bless You” ..)

    My first Christmas gig was on Saturday … the guest was Judit A Molnar … from Hungary …

    She sang the, The First Noel, with me … didn’t bother, The Minister, one bit … (that’s a worry… !!!)

  130. “I did find someone who was willing to state that it is against protocol for the PM and Opposition leader to travel together in a war zone”

    He doesn’t say that at all Neil. Read what he does say.

  131. Neil,
    I don’t understand the point that you’re trying to make. The point at the time is that Abbott fluffed his lines, he is not prime minister material and the Liberals know it.

  132. Migs, an odd statement to be sure coming in the middle of a completely different conversation. Luckily we’re tolerant isn’t it 😉

  133. AntonyG

    This lot said Abbott should have accepted Gillards offer and travelled with her to visit the troops. But the link I gave says it is against protocol to travel together in a war zone.

  134. Neil,
    I do follow this blog on and off, more so of recent times. However, from the portions that I have read the argument pursued was that Abbott could have travelled to Afghanistan with Gillard but chose to go to a right-wing think tank event instead. As stated he then fluffed his lines stating that he didn’t want to turn up jet lagged. Once in Afghanistan he again stuffed it by making that comment ‘shit happens’ about the death of a soldier. I personally didn’t care much about the shit happens comment, Abbott could have just trying to be blokey. But this is a person who is potentially Australia’s next Prime Minister. I don’t think that he is either up to the task nor deserves the positon.

  135. You should read the link I gave again. Abbotts trip to visit the troops was organised for a long time. It is against protocol for a PM and opposition leader to travel together in a war zone and the military most probably would not allow it. Gillard would have known this.

    Gillard knew Abbott was going to visit the troops on the way back from the UK. She was just playing politics and perhaps putting in danger the lives of people. If anyone is not fit to be PM its Gillard

  136. I just put up something similar to this on TPS. Saw Abbott on 7.30, he has a practical understanding of recycling because that was what we got, the same talking (carping?) points again & again, reminding me a bit of those interviews during Howard’s last months when he’d get into a groove & couldn’t be budged.
    Interestingly, he mentioned that this was the fourth anniversary of the Government, which it clearly isn’t, the Government having been elected last year. The election he lost & the person who defeated him in it have been expunged from his mind. He’s very weird.

  137. Miglo
    Not sure about that, he recited most everything else so it was probably in there somewhere. Funnily, he asked to be judged on what he’s done & hasn’t done. I propose to take him up on that one.

  138. Miglo
    I’ll be fair. That’s a Rock Solid Guarantee.
    Just received word I have to be involved in the rescue of the missus’ broken down car. Must away, goodnight.

  139. BSA Bob
    twas a night before xmas, (well gillards xmas)
    and all through the house (parliament house)
    not a creature was stirring (well probably a lot of stirring coming from albo)
    not even a mouse (that’s right the little rodent ran into his own trap)

  140. End of year speech by Swan

    “I have said the PM is tough as nails well that is wrong she is as tough as diamonds.”

    Now I wonder what Jules Bishop has to say about Abbott, how about

    Tones is so tough, he has lasted the whole year as leader,even though not one bill has been defeated, in fact, not even an amendment to a motion has been won. And yet he can still convince you lot he will lead us to an imminent election. Now that is tough!

  141. From The Australian:

    Under-pressure Abbott hits out at media.

    TONY Abbott has accused the media of “believing Labor spin” as he rejected questions about Coalition dissent over his leadership style and claims he is too negative.

    At a tense press conference in Canberra yesterday the Opposition Leader said “people” should examine what he and the Australian people were saying rather than simply listening to Julia Gillard. His advice to reporters comes at the end of a good year for Mr Abbott, in which he has soared in opinion polls by attacking Labor’s $23-a-tonne carbon tax at frequent press conferences at workplaces around the nation.

    However, in recent weeks, with the Newspoll showing a fall in public satisfaction with his performance, Mr Abbott has come under Labor pressure over his negativity and his failure to explain how he will fund his election promises having vowed to rescind Labor’s carbon and mining taxes.

    Yesterday, during a media conference on a Canberra building site, where he complained that the carbon tax would increase the cost of housing, the pressure seemed to tell with Mr Abbott following the Prime Minister and Greens leader Bob Brown in attacking the media.

    Asked about a dust-up in his partyroom on Tuesday over his failure to consult his colleagues about policy, Mr Abbott held his reserve, saying: “I think all of us are looking forward to a Christmas break.”

    Asked how he would fund his election promises, Mr Abbott instead accused Labor of having a black hole in its budget. Finally, asked about criticism that he had failed to flesh out any of his policy ideas and had failed to articulate a clear position in industrial relations, Mr Abbott lost patience. “I think that . . . it is time for a lot of people to stop believing the Labor spin and I would strongly suggest that people actually looked at what I was saying, rather than just listen to what the Prime Minister is saying.

    “But whatever you do, the Australian public certainly seem to be listening because it is pretty clear that the more the Australian public see of this government, the less they like them.”

    The pressure continued, with a reporter questioning Mr Abbott’s recent claim that Ms Gillard, who in the past month has attended several international summits, had been “stalking world leaders in search of a photo opportunity”.

    Asked which summits Ms Gillard should have not attended, Mr Abbott said Ms Gillard had failed to achieve results on issues such as border protection. He then terminated the press conference.

    I don’t think Abbott handed that too well.

    So, now that the media shine has dimmed on him, he claims that Labor are hogging the media. Give us a break.

    “The opposition leader says . . . Labor get too much media”. 🙄

  142. …….the Gillard government is somewhat smarter than Tony Abbott’s gives it credit for.

    Min, a demented lemming is smarter than he gives it credit for. 😀

    Migs, I’m deeply hurt that you’d think that I could possibly be drunk because I asked you for a teensy favour. Now gimmee those numbers, Duck! hic* clink*

    TB, I hope you know you’re not allowed to cook Neil for Christmas lunch, although you never know, the rest of him might be as soft as his brain.

    Nil, what has Liealot’s visit to Afghanistan got to do with the dramatic events of today. And find a link that isn’t as pack of lies from Dolt or Menzies House or some other Liars party source.

    BSA Bob @8.53pm, I thought his performance was stilted, negative, hypocritical and poor. So situation normal.

    I did think that he was asked a lot more pointed questions than usual, most of which he failed to answer satisfactorily, of course. The interviewer sounded quite impatient with him.

    I rather enjoyed the blinking and shifty looks when Uhlmann put it to him that he wouldn’t behave any differently in the same circumstances.

    And doesn’t everyone just love Liealot and the Liars party bleating about the government trashing Parliamentary practices when they’ve done nothing else since Liealot became LOTO?

    I hope Slipper will restore order in the HoR, and that we will see a return to decent behaviour. The tactics of the Nopposition have been nothing short of a scandal

  143. Sue, I don’t watch tele on the chance that Abbott might be on it. And let’s face it, those chances are fairly high.

    It’s the same reason why I don’t go to building sites. Or butcher shops. Or fish wholesalers.

  144. The shine well and truly disappeared from Tony Abbott today. He won’t look back on it as one of his more memorable days, or memorable performances. It was also a day where many in the Opposition disgraced themselves. I can’t believe I used to vote for them. Once upon a time they were worth voting for.

  145. Nooooo, puhlease don’t !

    I live in a sleepy little hollow…I’d like it to stay that way !!

    No nos would lower the Tone 😀

  146. Abbott racks up Parliament’s biggest phone bill

    Tony Abbott has put money where his mouth is, spending more than any other parliamentarian on phone bills in the first half of 2011.

    The Opposition Leader often tells Prime Minister Julia Gillard to “pick up the phone” and call the Nauru government and Qantas boss Alan Joyce, for example.

    But he’s clearly been making plenty of calls himself, racking up close to $28,000 in telecommunications costs between January 1 and June 30 – about $10,000 more than the second-ranked Barry Haase, a West Australian Liberal.

  147. A sleepy little hollow would be just the place Tony Abbott might be wishing for right now. As long as it’s nowhere near my sleepy hollow then I’m fine with that.

  148. Roswell,
    I’m thinking Tony Abbott might be sulking in his den tonight with a couple of bottles of scotch for solace.

  149. Miglo,
    that must be why they call him – wait for it – Phoney Tony.

    OMG that was terrible.

    Well, mine wasn’t any better 🙂

  150. Sue @10.52pm, yeah I bet she lost minutes of sleep worrying about her position on David Cameron’s Christmas card list. 🙂

    Pip @11.43pm, more like a couple of bottles of holy water and Archbishop Pell for company. Out manoeuvred by a woman!!!!! and a bloody atheist!!!!! I bet steam is still coming out of his ears.

  151. Roswell, I thought Tony Windsor suggesting POO Pyne for Deputy Speaker was the best wind-up of the day and Pyne went ballistic banging on about ‘plidical’ this and ‘plidical’ that…

    Meanwhile Windsor and company were cracking up laughing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

  152. Touchy fellow is Christopher Pyne. He himself nominated all and sundry yet has a hissy fit when someone brings up his name.

    He was about to burst a blood vessel in his neck today. The rage was uncontainable.

  153. Roswell, I don’t think I’ve seen a happy Abbott. He has the genuinely angry face and the lizard ‘smile’ but not a genuine smile that i’ve noticed.

  154. Pip, the look on Abbott’s face when Harry Jenkins announced his resignation was priceless. Well, for me it was. He just knew it would be a torrid and horrid day. I’m almost feeling sorry for him.

  155. Not me Roswell, he doesn’t deserve any sympathy after being such a chauvinistic, obstructionist boor.

    Just ask me, I’ll tell you what I really think 😀

  156. SA has it’s own brand of Liberal bad manners.

    Liberal apologises for Gillard tweet

    South Australian Liberal MP Michael Pengilly has apologised for calling the Prime Minister Julia Gillard a “real dog” in a comment posted on Twitter.

    Mr Pengilly’s slur was in response to a tweet which commented on Julia Gillard reportedly celebrating the Federal Government’s move to replace speaker Harry Jenkins.

    The MP has since deleted the tweet.

    Mr Pengilly told State Parliament his comment was a “poor use of terminology.”

    So much for White Ribbon Day.

  157. Meanwhile Windsor and company were cracking up laughing and I thoroughly enjoyed it.
    Windsor, most of the parliament, you, me and all of the non-RWDB viewers Pip :mrgreen:

    Just ask me, I’ll tell you what I really think

    So tell me Pip – what do you really think? 😆

    I quite enjoyed Mr Slipper’s control of QT today as well – Maybe karma has a role to play in the parliament 😉

  158. Twelve months ago, Mr. Abbott told the media at his Xmas get together, they would be having the drinks at the lodge this year.

    Sadly he was very wrong.

    I wonder what is the saddest, that he really believed this then or that he still does now.

    Mr. Abbott has not had one win against the PM. He has not stopped one

    The Gillard government has finished the year stronger.

  159. Bacchus, I think that Abbott has lost the plot and POO Pyne will give himself a stroke before he’s much older.
    One couldn’t really say with a straight face that Joe Hockey is a shadow of his former self, but he has lost face with his bungled handling of his portfolio.

    Various solemn journalists have been writing all year about the PM not having any authority….seems to me that Abbott’s authority will be a fleeting thing, while Julia Gillard will carry on as she has for the last 14 months, consulting, and finding the path to consensus with the cross-benchers.

  160. The biggest lie of the day. Mr. Abbott’s statement that he would not have done the same thing, if he had the chance.

  161. Gillard gives Abbott the slip

    Ms Gillard assured Mr Wilkie at a meeting last night that the government still intended to honour the agreement and Mr Wilkie was satisfied. ”Nothing has changed,” he said.

    If the NSW MP Craig Thomson, who is under police investigation, falls foul of the law and has to leave Parliament, Labor can now survive a subsequent byelection loss.

    It also needs only one vote to pass legislation to means-test the private health insurance rebate, worth $2.9 billion to the budget, and has the numbers to put through the lower house legislation for the Malaysian plan for asylum seekers who arrive by boat.

  162. I’d have to watch my recording of QT again Pip – I think it was 4 or 5…

    Mr Slippers’ handling of the DLOTO 😯 & LOTO were where he really shone though IMO. They were both very close to being kicked out as well – only their “positions” saved them I think…

  163. Cu, Abbott would have done exactly the same thing without a hint of his famous conscience causing him any discomfort.

  164. Regrets for Coalition as Labor buys an extra life

    HARRY JENKINS has given the Gillard government new life and liberty, but only by making a startlingly large personal sacrifice.

    By resigning as speaker and rejoining the bloc of Labor votes in the chamber, Jenkins has increased Gillard’s margin, from one vote to three.

    This is not, as it appears, an arithmetic plus-two but a geometric gain that multiplies Julia Gillard’s options. It gives the government a crucial extra life to survive the loss of a seat by death, misadventure or politics.

    But at what cost to Jenkins? He has just sacrificed $106,000 a year in salary and shrunk his pension by at least $13,000 a year for his entire life in retirement. Without an obvious compelling reason.

    In NSW this sort of decision might be referred to ICAC. But Labor couldn’t have pulled this off without the help of a Liberal turncoat, Peter Slipper.

    He made his decision after his party in Queensland threatened spitefully to put his seat at risk. That is a threat the federal Coalition is now ruing bitterly.

    I thought the Speaker earned an extra $50,000 per year but apparently it’s much more than that.

  165. “without the help of a Liberal turncoat, Peter Slipper. ”

    Is he a turncoat or was he deserted by his party.

    I think I heard somewhere he will run in the next election under the banner of Katter’s party.

  166. Cu,
    the local papers in Slipper’s area have apparently been less than flattering and perhaps ‘turncoat’ is one of their themes.

    Peter Slipper’s colourful career

    The 27th Speaker of the Australian Parliament, Peter Slipper, was first elected to the Queensland seat of Fisher in 1984.

    Mr Slipper initially stood as a member of the National Party from 1984 to 1987.

    In 1993 he returned to Federal Parliament, this time as a member of the Liberal Party and has held the seat since.

    After the election of the Gillard minority Government, Mr Slipper raised the ire of those within his party by accepting the Labor nomination for Deputy Speaker.

    The colourful MP is no stranger to controversy, hitting the headlines in 2003 for being removed from a flight due to complaints from staff.

    Mr Slipper blamed his behaviour on painkillers he had taken after dental surgery, but found himself in hot water again in 2008 for allegedly risking the lives of Defence Force personnel by giving away their position during a tour of the Persian Gulf.

    He also infamously linked asylum seekers to terrorism in 2001 at the height of the Tampa controversy.

    The Opposition is likely to use these indiscretions in attacks on their former colleague along with questions raised over his spending and entitlement claims.

    Mr Slipper has had to pay back more than $20,000 in wrongly claimed entitlements since 1999.

    It also emerged that he spent more than twice as much as Prime Minister Julia Gillard in travel expenses during the six months from July to December last year; racking up more than $31,000 in travel costs compared to Ms Gillard’s $13,000.

    Whatever truth lies behind these stories, they have been used against him frequently, and will be again in the next Parliament, but none of it will be of any help to Mal Brough, who has been enlisting new Liberal members in Slippers’ electorate with a view to winning pre-selection for the next election.
    He will just have to wait.

  167. Pip, they have been putting the boot into the man for a long time. They just did not appreciate the consequences of their actions. I include the former PM, Mr. Howard and his support for Mr. Brough, in this assessment.

  168. Cu, it serves them right.

    Michelle Grattan has written another hatchet piece without a mention of the part played by the Coalition over the last few years, along with the over-used meme about breaking a key election promise….how many ‘comments’ have to be made before the journalists write the truth about the carbon pricing announcement before the last Federal election??
    Why is it that Abbott has persisted with his farcical censure motions without any genuine critiques by the MSM for all those months?

    PM’s bait and switch for power

    Last night Labor was looking smug but grubby. Gillard has added a dubious deal to an unfortunate record of stabbing her former leader in the back, and breaking a key election promise. Some of her colleagues do not accept her account of events. While the prospect of the government lasting full term is much enhanced, Gillard’s own fate rests where it was before – on the opinion polls. Sometimes the hung Parliament forces the government to do the odd good thing. You might say we saw that this week when it had to agree to more scrutiny of coal seam gas development. And sometimes it brings out the worst in a leader and a party. We saw that yesterday.

  169. Speaker trick an oldie but a goodie for Labor

    Managing a hung parliament can be a tricky business. Convincing a renegade member of the opposition to take up the role of speaker can seem like a masterstroke. It simultaneously boosts the government’s vote, diminishes the opposition’s vote and causes internal conflict within the opposition. However, it can be a dangerous game to play.

    One hundred years ago, the same game was played by a Labor government in NSW.

  170. No matter what they say about Mr. Slipper now, it is as Mr. Albanese said last night, they endorsed him for the seat.

    He has been a member of the Opposition for a long time.

    Mr.Abbott claims he has a duty to do all in his power to get rid of the PM.

    Surely then, the PM has a duty to do all in her power to protect her government.

    The PM has done nothing illegal or unconstitutional that I can see.

    There is nothing new about Mr. Slipper in the public domain that has not been around for years.

    Why is it OK for him to be Deputy Speaker but not Speaker.

    The last Labour government in England had a Conservative Speaker, so it is obviously not against the Westminster system.

    Surely it is up to the PM to create a stable government.

    The simple fact that Mr. Abbott and his supporters cannot accept is that he does not have the numbers to form a government.

    The PM does.

    Maybe Mr. Jenkins desire for the government to survive and be able to govern is stronger than his desire to be speaker.

    He is an intelligent man and after 15 years, feel he would like a change of pace.

    Maybe he believes that the shit and the lack of respect he has endured for the last year is more than enough.

    Maybe he believes that Mr. Slipper will be able to do what he has been unable to do, pull the Opposition into line.

    We now have a speaker that has followed the Westminster system by resigning from his party.

  171. Peter Slipper’s electorate must be dopey, here we have a person who is such a bad candidate, yet they keep voting for him election after election for about 30 years. And then there is the National, Liberal and LNP parties that have endorsed him as the candidate, to think that with all the “things” wrong about PS, those parties backed him all the way.

    To the parties, to his voters he is YOUR representative and has been since 1984. ROFLMAO

  172. Migs @10.20pm, and the article from the Australian: Interesting exercise to do a summary of this..runs something like this.

    Under-pressure Abbott hits out at media.

    Coalition dissent over his leadership style and claims he is too negative.

    ~ that people should stop listening to Julia Gillard

    ~complained that the carbon tax would increase the cost of housing

    ~the dust-up in the party room was due to everyone looking forward to a Christmas break

    ~how would he fund his election promises. Answer: Labor has a black hole in it’s budget

    ~criticism re failure to flesh out any of his policy ideas and no clear policy on industrial relations. Answer: stop believing Labor spin

    ~that the public don’t like the government

    ~Abbott’s criticism of the PM attending international summits, his ‘stalking’ comment. Answer: Gillard failed to achieve results on issues such as border protection.

    Press conference terminated by Abbott.

    Therefore and basically, Abbott tells everyone to stop listening, complained, criticised and accused. The only positive note being that everyone was looking forward to the Christmas break. Plus especially, apart from the obvious negativity Tony Abbott failed to provide one single straightforward answer.

  173. Min, she did it. You know she is all to blame. She is bad, bad.

    The truth is that the man is a complete failure.

    He is not having his Xmas drinks at the Lodge.

    This was his obsessive aim for the last twelve months, no matter what he had to destroy to get there.

    His attacks this week have been all over the place. Disjointed comments that make little sense.

    He becomes confuse when asked questions and is unable to answer any.

  174. Next week is another big one for the PM.

    There is the National Conference and the mid year budget findings.

    There is the promise of a mini budget, which the Opposition appeared a little afraid of, not the government.

  175. CU

    “Mr.Abbott claims he has a duty to do all in his power to get rid of the PM.
    Surely then, the PM has a duty to do all in her power to protect her government”.

    Could not have put it myself.

    Tony Abbott is now hysterical because the government is on a much more secure footing.

    The Telegraph is so obviously the Conservative Mouthpiece based on its one sided report today. If there is any proof there is bias in the News Limited Media then look no further than the Telegraph front page.

  176. Abbott on Sky: It’s not me, it’s not me. Another of Tony Abbott’s less than admirable traits, a failure to accept personal responsibility.

  177. Mr. Abbott has four flaws.

    He is not as clever as he believes himself to be.

    He under estimates his opponent, mainly because the PM is a woman and is Labor.

    His inability to see the world as it really is. It is not the one he sees through his rose coloured glasses.

    He believes his own spin.

    On of the government members who knocked back Mr. Pyne’s offer to be speaker summed it up nicely in his refusal. I know the difference between ambition and ability.

    (I think it was the member for Reid.?

  178. I hear some libtards have themselves atwitter. My guess it’s just a way of rationalising a major loss in the Parliament. yabot is not long on that coil I reckon

    Rumours swept federal Parliament yesterday that the reason for the timing of Mr Jenkins’s announcement was related to the fact that the NSW police were close to completing an inquiry into alleged secret commissions involving officials of the Health Services Union, during the tenure of Federal Labor MP Craig Thomson. But a senior NSW police spokeswoman said that the investigation had a long way to run. Strike Force Carnarvon was established in September 2011 to investigate allegations of fraud committed against the HSU.

    “The investigation is still on­going,” the police spokeswoman said. “It is a complex investigation and is anticipated to be protracted. No charges have been laid and it is not envisaged charges will be laid against any person in the near future.”

    Whatever gets them through the day I guess

    Gillard has just reminded yabot, and the libs in general, that this is going to be a very long two years for them.

  179. CU, I must admit to seeing Abbott..maybe the same, but different. To me Abbott is the supreme egotist, that what he wants he somehow expects Destiny to deliver. Pride goeth before the fall…

  180. Thank you for that much for that piece of speculation, let’s hear it again No charges have been laid and it is not envisaged charges will be laid against any person in the near future.”

    I wonder now that Gillard has a 1 vote buffer that the Craig Thomson issue might now fall off the front pages of the Murdoch media.

  181. After having a read of the Grattan article I realised how upsetting yesterday had been for her. Just how many articles had poor Michelle written on the demise of Gillard and the rise of Rudd all now for nought. The stories would then run to the theme that Rudd after taking power would be honour bound to go to an election. Oh dear poor Michelle, whatever are you going to base your stories on next year with such poor political knowledge.

  182. Yes Sue, all of these ‘leadership’ stories look a bit weak now don’t they. Gillard has secured herself and her party, and as someone pointed out earlier in the thread (sorry for not recalling who) has also enabled pervious blocked policies the ‘obbortunity’ to pass (although, in the case of the Malaysian solution, I’m not sure I’m happy about that).

    When will we be seeing the stories about the imminent change in leadership of the NOalition?

  183. Sue,
    I must admit to being very disappointed in Grattan’s efforts of late. Once upon a time she could be counted on to voice an opinion different to that of the mainstream, or at least provide a different take on events. Of late Grattan is almost indistinguishable from the rest of the very predictable Gillard-bashing media.

  184. Tom, I was listening carefully to what Chris Bowen had to say the other day and he was stating that the Malaysia solution involved the High Commissioner on Refugees. Malaysia already has thousands of displaced persons, people who have already been through the process and found to be genuine refugees, many of whom have been waiting for years to find a home and who in my opinion should be given priority over unprocessed persons. The downside of course is Malaysia’s less than savoury reputation on treatment of these people..therefore, in conscience can we send additional people to Malaysia? But nor in conscience should we abandon the people waiting in Malaysia.

  185. Core Liberal members, all Slipper’s staff and those who have worked for him have come out to state what an arsehole and dysfunctional person Slipper is.

    The Liberal/National Party character assassination of Slipper has begun in earnest. They haven’t wasted anytime whatsoever. They are threatening the government that their revelations on Slipper will hurt the government and Gillard’s integrity deeply.

    As Albenese said on Lateline, only a short time ago they were endorsing Slipper and saying what a great member of the party he was, they now can’t turn around and say he has problems and is not a great politician.

    And this from the Party that was openly going to white ant Slipper whilst bagging him and expected him to just remain in place taking it and to keep blindly rubber stamping Coalition votes on things he didn’t believe in.

    I know whose integrity is in tatters and has been since they elected a certain abbot as their leader, and it ain’t the government.

  186. The story of the Xmas drinks at the Lodge hosted by PM Abbott for the journos. Does anybody know who was on the guest list? Or shall we make up our own?
    And apart from helping to deliver abbott to power were the journos expected to bare gifts to their messiah?

  187. Bary Cassidy in the drum has followed M Grattan with his analogy. Poor Barry on his show the Insiders last sunday the guests were discussing the news of Rudd assisting Slipper, oh dear not one of them could guess what was to happen 4 days later. Times up Barry, you have misjudged all year long.

  188. Mobius, it’s all fairly predictable isn’t it. This is going to be a re-run of ‘the job’ that the Liberals and their supporters in the MSM did on Oakeshott. The MSM tried it on Tony Windsor, but Windsor has far too much clout plus by nature is logical and factual..nor prepared to take rubbish.

    Doing a job on Slipper is a complete waste of breath, he is Speaker and there is not a scrap that Abbott can do about it. Undermine Slipper’s credibility? He was already being undermined from within..enter one John Howard and his support of Mal Brough. As Migs’ earlier topic suggested, the old Rodent still has his fingers in many pies.

    Slipper will fulfill his role admirably and the media can do all the re-runs that they like, drag out all the hot juicy gossip that they like but all for no purpose whatsoever. Slipper is Speaker and Labor has one extra vote on the floor of parliament.

  189. I wonder now that Gillard has a 1 vote buffer that the Craig Thomson issue might now fall off the front pages of the Murdoch media.

    I doubt it, Min. It’s one of those subjects in which someone, somewhere, will harp on and on and on about it. Boringly, of course.

  190. Sue one of the Magi (aka three wise men) to Abbott’s hypothetical Xmas drinks at the Lodge would have been Alan Jones and he would have brought the gift of a jar of precious vaseline to “lubricate the wheels of government”

  191. for the jenkins plot theorists have a read of what this liberal has to say

    “But, as Victorian Liberal Russell Broadbent noted in Parliament yesterday, Jenkins had two priorities that transcended his attachment to the job that delivered the big salary, the best office in the Parliament and the chance to hobnob with presidents and queens.

    The first was his family and the people of Melbourne’s outer north-east who elected him. The second was to what Broadbent called his ”other family”, the Australian Labor Party. It was always, opined Broadbent, bigger than his love of being Speaker.”

    Read more:

  192. Sue, And Broadbent being one of the true liberal Liberals prior to the ascension of the extremists, a mate of (my personal favorite Liberal) Petro Georgiou – with Petro and Broadbent having advocated for the better treatment of asylum seekers. Broadbent is also pro climate change action.

    The last paragraph from Michael Gordon’s The Age article reads..

    One man has walked from the job that delivered personal glorification because he felt a higher loyalty to his party; another, having felt betrayed by his party, walked out on it when opportunity beckoned for personal glorification.

    I am not certain about the personal glorification part at all – Gordon could have expressed it for the better stability of government, for the betterment of Australia.

    With such a slender majority Abbott turned it into a free for all, his sole purpose being to bring down the government. Perhaps now that there is a 1 person buffer Abbott might start to think about thinking seriously, about ‘trivials’ aka policies.

  193. The Speaker resigned. Simple as that. He had his reasons and he explained them well.

    But what are the media reporting? Nothing but conspiracus. Add in, of course, lashings of slander against Peter Slipper. Such an evil man.

  194. It appears that being speaker in an minority government is a very lonely place to be.

    For the sake of appearing to do the right thing, socialising with members of the Labor party is not allowed.

    If this is the case, it is no wonder that one might believe the job is no longer worth the effort.

    Mr. Jenkins appears to me to Ber a person who would value friends.

  195. Julia has delivered a pink slip to Abbort let us hope the date on it is Nov 2013 we need him to hang on because he is the gift that keeps on giving.

  196. Most people can tell the difference between a genuine smile and a fake smile.
    This was during a motion to censure the Prime Minister.
    After watching the replay, I noted that the opposition spoke without interruption however from the time the Prime Minister rose to speak there was constant noise and interruption from the opposition.
    Michelle Grattan up in the press gallery must have dozed off and did not notice.

  197. Bilko, as long as the MSM can refrain from yet further pics of Abbott in lycra and start to actually analyse what he is saying. Hell’s bells if you and I and Migs and the crew at the Café are capable of doing this, then surely this task can’t be beyond the capabilities of the MSM.

    On the side of wishing Tony Abbott gone, gone, gone is that the entire Liberal Party strategy since the advent of Tony Abbott has been Mr No, a more extremely negative leader of the Opposition does not exist in history. IF/when Abbott is replaced as Leader, then the entire Liberal Party strategy will be MUSH.

  198. Min, I have thought long and hard about why the MSM, in particular certain members of the press gallery, refuse to report what is actually going on. The closest has been Greg Jericho’s blog and they appear to have shut him up with a lucrative job offer.
    One outcome is that several of the press gallery have trashed their reputations. I suspect they rely too much on twitter and this means “group think”. I have watched as they even get basic facts wrong, I know this because I have seen the original video footage and then read or watched their fantasy misreporting on the subject.
    The entire lot could be outsourced to an Asian media group thus saving a lot of money and providing better coverage.
    Perhaps the new ABC chairperson will be able to lift standards.

  199. Just to veer for a second. As we all thought another denialist beatup.

    New Climategate emails reveal life is tough for scientists

    The telling point for me in that piece is the emails reveal that the denial science is the science that is wrong and false, and needs to be investigated, but the climate change denialists around the world somehow miss that bit but can find cherry picked out of context pieces that supposedly support their argument.

  200. Lunalava, certainly an example of this “group think” would have to be the JuLiar tag about the carbon tax when only a modest amount of research (thank you Pip :)) would have revealed the exact opposite.

    It becomes nothing more than a glorified game of Chinese whispers where one moment one journo gets his facts wrong: the sky is green. The very next moment we have a panel on a morning show discussing the greenness of the sky and what the government could have done to avoid the aforementioned greenness, long dissertations on this greenness, Tweets on the greenness and Tony Abbott saying that it’s all the government’s fault and that the sky will not be green when he is Prime Minister.

  201. “Just to veer for a second.”

    Mobius, that’s Neil’s job.

    Oh, hang on, you said a second. Neil tends to veer off for a couple of days.

  202. Min
    Abbort has not had one new idea let alone a policy which is not a recycled rodent instigation since Nov 2007 for that matter none of the lieberals have. On top of that he has even opposed any of JWH,s that labor have picked up on the way. With all that recycling of ideas does that make the Lieberals environmentally sound also??

  203. Bilko, eons ago I attended a government forum in Canberra as local government rep via the EPA. At the forum pelletisation of plastic was the new thing in dealing with plastic. I therefore put forward that instead of Abbott’s ideas being recycled that rather that they have been pelletised. Pellets (of the non plastic variety) also being what you feed to chooks.

  204. The media continues with the sleeze repeating the old story about how Peter Slipper once got stuck in a disabled toilet. Somehow this is supposed to be newsworthy.

  205. Bilko, I think they developed a few policies on the eve of the 2007 election. 😉

    They always have been a party of reactionaries. Take for example Howard’s denial of climate change. He changed his stand overnight when he realized it might secure him a few mire votes in 2007.

    It’s so typical of the Libs. On the rare occasion they produce a policy it is driven not by their beliefs, but what might win them votes.

    What a great blog topic that would make.

  206. Believe it or not, and I’m sure that you would but the toilet story featured on Sky’s The Contrarians. And what’s’name on the Contrarians has just said it himself, “We’ll continue slamming Peter Slipper in just a moment”..break to news feature.

  207. Pip @12.05am, Windsor and the rest of the Independents richly deserved that belly laugh after the disgusting treatment they have received at the hands of the Noalition and their stand over thugs.

    I thought the most cowardly and disgraceful of these tactics was threatening Oakeshott’s family. The Noalition does not deserve any respect for encouraging this sort of behaviour.

    I can just imagine Little Prissy Whynne frothing at the mouth, apoplectic with rage-a delightful image. I hope the Independents have some photos for their albums! I wonder if he was so enraged, his hair went straight? 😀 😀 😀

    Love the quip from the radio, too, Pip. I guess the wags are going to have a field day with Slipper sinking the slipper into Abbott etc! I still haven’t stopped chuckling.

    I noticed the taut lizard smile on 7.30, Pip. It was all he could do not to reach over and rip Uhlmann’s head off, particularly when he actually pressed him on some matters. And Liealot sure didn’t like it when Uhlmann suggested that had Liealot been in Gillard’s position, he would have done the same thing.

    Roswell @12.10am, I’d love to have seen that blood vessel twitching away. And he always goes beetroot when he spits it and his eyes bulge quit frighteningly. I live in hope that one will fall out, one day! rofl!

    And cut out that sympathy crap! Liealot and his minions deserve to be crushed and thrown in a toxic waste container.

    Bacchus @1.28am, I think Slipper will surprise everyone. He’s shown he won’t take any shit when he’s been in the chair and is definitely not afraid to eject and suspend misbehaving members. After all, he’s got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

    He knows his career will end at the next election, because they’re going to parachute Brough in, unless he decides to really muddy the waters and stand as an Independent.

    CU, I don’t feel at all sad that Liealot has egg all over his face! The only way he’ll get into the Lodge is if the PM employs him as a dishwasher.

    And I don’t know how he could maintain a straight face and say he wouldn’t have done the same as the PM. After all, he’s employed every dirty trick in the book and written another one since he became LOTO.

    Pip, Liealot’s conscience is only famous because he seems to have misplaced it.

    I believe the Speaker’s job is worth an extra $65K/annum.This was the amount bandied about on another blog or in a link, I forget which. But i do agree that Harry Jenkins (a truly magnificent name, Min) has made a huge sacrifice, however, I believe he will have been compensated in some way.

    Harry Jenkins, a Labor hero.

  208. Sue, it’s extraordinary how well Mr Slipper disguised all his character flaws for so long, isn’t it? I mean, who knew? All those naughty people who endorsed him for 30 years will be for the high jump, now. roflmao!!!!

    Min, the government may have the numbers to pass the Malaysian solution in the HoR, but it will fail in the Senate. The Greens are opposed and will join forces with the Noalition to defeat it.

    I’m in two minds; one one hand the idea of giving people who have been approved and waiting for years the opportunity to finally get here is very attractive, on the other the poor desperate sods arriving via people smugglers have my sympathy.

    I’d really like to see both the Malaysian solution and acceptance of people who take the risk of coming on boats operating.

    The truth is that the man is a complete failure.

    Spot on, CU. This is the first time he’s really had to face it. While he thought he had the PM over a barrel, thanks to the msm, he was sure he was on a winner. He’d have her scalp in NO time. But guess who’s at the wig shop?

    Mr. Abbott has four flaws.

    Only four, CU?

    ME @8.59am, yes. They don’t seem to have the wit to realise that running the smear campaign against Slipper will be an own goal, because the govenment won’t fail to rub their noses in the fact that they were happy to endorse him for 30 years, despite his egregious character flaws.

    Or perhaps they only realised what a dreadful person he is in the last 24 hours? Petards and hoists, shooting accidents involving the feet spring readily to mind.

    The public whiteanting also shows how deeply flawed their judgement is. Are they so full of hubris and arrogance that they think a man like Slipper would meekly accept it?

  209. If they’ve been supporting him for 40 years, why did they suddenly turn against him? Don’t try and tell me it wasn’t without motive.

  210. And yet some further scrutiny of Tony Abbott…

    First, the government managed to get its mining tax passed by the House of Representatives, in spite of Abbott’s huffing and puffing and angry bluster. This is the chamber where the Coalition’s power is at its greatest. The bill’s passage through the Senate early next year seems assured. It would then become law.

    The mining tax is a prime example of the way the Coalition’s eagerness to say “no” has led it to rush into silly positions.

    Summarised as:

    Abbott’s speech was, nonetheless, overwhelmingly a tirade against Labor. If he wanted to deliver a real speech about what the party stood for, rather than against..

    And the conclusion:

    It was Abbott’s 34th attempt to bring a censure motion against this government. And for the 34th time, it failed. Gillard is increasingly likely to be able to run the full term of Parliament, meaning almost two years more. Abbott has ridden his horse of populist anger to exhaustion. A smart leader would spend the Christmas break thinking hard about how to look more like a credible alternative.

  211. ” But guess who’s at the wig shop?

    Well that bald patch is growing dramatically, even if his popularity is going the other way.

  212. Jane, re the Malaysia deal failing in the Senate that is my belief too. The government will have to have a lot of safeguards before it would come close to being acceptable to The Greens. That is one question which The Greens don’t seem to have an answer for, how to deter people smuggling if the only option is onshore processing.

  213. What would have been the headlines re the PM if she did not take advantage of the option given to her on Thursday.

    I think incompetent PM with no political nous would have led the fray.

  214. It is not beyond the realms of possibility that the PM and Malaysia manage to come up with a deal that the Greens cannot refuse.

    This PM does not when defeated, say that is that and shelve the problem.

    I believe the PM is more likely to find another way to deal with, what is a complicated problem.

    The problem is not how we deal with the refugees, that has been put to bed.

    The problem is how do we stop the boat trade.

  215. Gillard defeated – Rudd denies leadership aspirations – minority government looks shakey. Abbott: A devastating blow for an incompetant government that simply can’t get anything right.

  216. Min, has anyone detailed why this minority government has failed.

    It is said that minority government because of the lack of numbers are unable to govern. They are unable, to introduce legislation or get it passed.

    Can someone please enlighten me as to what the PM has not been unable to achieve.

    Can someone tell me why Mr. Abbott is seen as being successful.

    Surely governments are not judge by the almost daily polls. Surely the measure of a great Opposition leader is not his ratings in the polls.

    As Mr. Abbott has a low rating, he must by this definition, be seen as a failure.

  217. CU, it’s clearly just one of Tony Abbott’s talking points…which has only gained traction of the ‘urban myth’ variety, due to an incompetant and/or compliant media who have up until recent days have asked Tony Abbott no meaningful questions whatsoever.

  218. Catching up,
    That’s an interesting thought. Tony Abbott is only successful because he has had the media propping him up. He’ll fold just the same as he does during interviews once put under any scrutiny. Abbott rides on a wave of high polling numbers for the LNP, but if he doesn’t come up with something a little more meaty policy-wise the LNP numbers will start to go south.

  219. Anthony G, he has been trying to do this in the last two or three weeks.

    No one is listening.

    Much of what he has said is either wrong or not what is needed.

    He has given speeches on the economy. He has launched a trade policy.

    Most full of holes, or policies from a long way back in the past. The ghost of Mr. Santa Maria shines brightly in Mr. Abbott’s presence.

    I believe with Mr. Abbott no one is really interested in what he has to say.

    Most do not believe he has anything of worth, that warrants one taking the time to listen.

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