It’s All Happening Down Under

We’re back from two months in the UK and Morocco to find that lots of the action is happening down under. A couple of my web roundups for Global Voices on Australian politics:

Australia: Historic New Carbon Price Law Divides Nation

The Australian Federal Parliament finally passed the contentious Clean Energy Bill on 8 November 2011. The legislation introduces a carbon price of $A 23 per tonne from July 2012, leading to an emissions trading scheme (cap and trade) after 3 years.

Peter Campbell’s blog on the state of the planet congratulated those involved in passing the legislation:

This is wonderful news. It is a shame it has taken so long for us to finally price pollution and provide leadership and and incentives for a clean energy future.

Well done Julia Gillard, The Labor Government, the MPCCC, Tony Windsor and Rob Oakshott, all the Greens in the senate – particularly Christine Milne and Bob Brown and their advisors – and Adam Bandt in the House of Representatives.

Some opponents were quick to make negative comparisons. @marksharma saw parallels with the far right:

Australia is NOT a democracy anymore.We are now under the ‘occupation’ of Nazis led by Julia Gillard & Hitler Bob Brown! #auspol #CarbonTAX 8 Nov


Australia: Obama Charm Offensive Not Everyone’s Cup Of Tea

Even before Airforce One had landed in Australia on Wednesday 16 November 2011, President Barack Obama and Prime Minister Julia Gillard were online targets.

In his post John Passant threw a left hook at both Obama and the local Greens Party.

The Greens support war criminal Barack Obama

Instead of welcoming mass murderer Obama, the Greens, as the biggest non-mainstream party, should be organising demonstrations against the war criminal.

On the right side of the political stage, the little known Australian TEA Party announced a rally of their own:

This is our big chance to impact the extreme left elites that are crippling our country and indeed the world.

…Julia Gillard and Barak Obama. These two deeply cynical Politicians are seeking to deflect disastrous domestic policies and unpopularity in their respective countries with a carefully choreographed – ‘photo op ‘ – propaganda event.


Anyway, it’s great to be back even if it is pouring in Melbourne. If nothing else the coffee is so much better!

21 comments on “It’s All Happening Down Under

  1. “carefully choreographed – ‘photo op ‘ – propaganda event.”

    I believe what we are seeong over the last couple of weeks is more than a photo op.

    I think we are looking at a pair of politicians that are capable of looking to the future.

  2. Kevin, obviously this clown mark sharma has absolutely no idea how a democracy works or what a democracy is. The evidence against him is his ridiculous tweet.

    I think we all know who the deeply cynical lot is and it’s not Obama and Gillard.

  3. Welcome back, Kevin! Re the Aust Tea Party – interesting to see no further entries on their blog site. I don’t recall one mention of their rally in the media. Obviously a big flop!

    Re the photo ops, I really enjoyed Insiders ‘Talking Pictures’ today:

    Andrew Meares was so up beat and positive and had chosen some brilliant pictures of Obama’s visit. Good to see a Fairfax man talking so positively about the visit and showing our Prime Minister and POTUS wowing everyone.

  4. Pip, I think “freedom fighter” is stretching the friendship considerably. It’s more likely Mal the wanker.

  5. Thanks all. Saw The Tall Man documentary yesterday. Powerful stuff. Review coming.

    PS The mainstream media, including ABC, see only negatives in real debate at the ALP national conference. Seems the MSM would rather have stage-managing and spin rather than a dose of democracy. It’s easier to cover if you can report it before it happens.

  6. We desperately need to get away from the idea that a mandate is promises made during an election campaign and is set in stone, until the next election.

    The primary mandate is the one given by the constituents to their local member. Public opinion can and does change quickly. Local members need to take this on board when legalisation is put before the parliament. One example is the MRRT, which was very unpopular before the last election. Many have changed their minds in this case. It is today that counts, not what was promised or put forward as policy 14 months ago.

    Policies made by all political parties should be under continuous debate, investigation, and revision by the government, party and the public.

    It is ridiculous to believe that policy put forwarded in the heat of an election campaign, often telling people what they want to hear, is what must be put into legalisation.

    There should be an ongoing and spirited on all proposed policies. It needs to occur in parliament, within the government and opposition and in the public domain.

    Policy needs to be changed were necessary. Sometimes it needs to be discarded.

    A mandate gives the government the right to govern and this they must do in the best interest of the people.

    Mr. Abbott will come up against this problem if he ever gained power. In a couple of years, it might be clear that the Clean Energy bill and the MRRT bill are in the best interest of the country. In his mindset, he would have to go ahead regardless of the harm it caused. That does not seem like democracy to me.

  7. ….. and the Carbon Tax is sooo popular with the electorate that Labor now polls 30%.
    Roll on election time and throw out these economic vandals.
    ….it was a bit cool this morning …………must be the Carbon Tax.
    Cafe Whispers is a blissfully innocent babble of fools.
    I read Doonesbury in the Australian and then I read “Whispers”. Doonesbury has a tad more depth but not as funny as “whispers”

  8. Geoff

    If you think the vote for the ALP is 30% based simply on the Carbon Tax then you are just as much a babbling fool as those you claim at Cafe Whispers.

    Once again good to see personal attack rather than the issue. Seems the spiteful right have a good teacher in vitriol, negativity and weathervane p[olitics.

    The other month contained many of the hottest nights on record even for Sydney. Must be the carbon tax. Just as childish and unscientific as your statement.

    The next election is 2 years away, not tomorrow and not next month much to the dismay of Tony Abbott and the ultra right.

    Are the polls simply calling land lines and not mobiles, because if they are it will conatin the older more conservative australians who still have a land line and are retired.

    There is a long time to go and it seems the negative hysteria is wearing thin on those that matter, the swinging voter, not the rusted on supporters of either side.

  9. good onya geoff you only have 2 more years to wait and hope that the masters behind the paywall continue to deliver the stories you need to keep your hopes up. no doubt as a subscriber they will have your telephone number thus enabling the self fulfilling prophecy or in oo speak a phone poll.

    doonesbury is not the only joke about the oo.

  10. isn’t it amazing even geoff doesn’t say that the 30% is due to Labor pushing the MRRT.

    now geof await tones back flip with twist on that one.

  11. Luna, I think not only but also the fact that the media are now reporting some of the positive achievements of the Gillard government. If you think about it over the huge number of bills passed by the government how many of these have actually been reported on by the MSM. I’m sure that a number may not be deemed ‘newsworthy’ but one heck of a lot are.

  12. Re Geoff and trolling..this reminds me of a line from a book that I read when I was a kid, “The Phantom Tollbooth”. In the book the hero Milo is advised: Your wasted time will be cheerfully refunded.

  13. Geoff hangs on every poll and picks out the most negative numbers for the government he can and then scurries off to the blogs to post the usual RWDB one or two paragraph detractions based on that.

    He ignores any figures in the polls that are a positive (like the positive number for the MRRT) for the government and a negative for the opposition but especially for Abbott.

    And if the polls turn the other way, which they could very well do now the media is being a little more honest in their reporting of the government and Abbott (except for the ABC that is), then Geoff like all of his ilk always do, will just disappear or become mute until a negative figure can be found somewhere.

    And if heaven forbid the Coalition loses the next election then Geoff and his ilk like they always do will scurry away again to come out at some future point to start the denigration all over again.

    It’s their reason for living, their very being and makeup. They know nothing else, cannot think any other way, negativity and derogation is all they’re capable of.

  14. It really says how bad Abbott is. Labor are getting trounced in the polls yet nobody wants Abbott as prime minister.

    I think there’s something in that.

  15. Miglo,
    I cannot help but think that somewhere there is some sort of protest vote which is nothing more than a response to what people read in the newspapers. Some are so weak-minded that they have to be told how to think and what so think and the media knows this.

    However, at the end of the day I believe that people will not want Tony Abbott as Australia’s Prime Minister.

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