Say It Ain’t So

Has Australia gone mandate mad? Everything it seems has to be a mandate from the masses. There is so much concern about mandates, I felt that I had a mandate to write about it.

The latest in this madness comes of course from Tony Abbott, as that is where most mad ideas seem to originate from currently. Tony tells us that if he wins the next federal election, a thankfully diminishing  possibility, he will consider his victory a mandate to remove the Carbon Pricing legislation, pokie reforms, and anything else that he thinks might earn him some hefty campaign contributions from well funded lobby groups.

Forget cash for comment, the Liberal Party under Abbott has become cash for policy…

So, does he have this supposed mandate?

Hardly…if we judge by the television ratings, most of the country seems to be more interested in Home And Away, or Neighbours rather than the news. More interested in watching D Grade celebrity wannabe’s try to cook, rather than watching current affairs programmes, just ask George Negus, or next year you could probably ask the hosts of Channel 10’s Movable Timeslot Project.

Given this trend, I think it’s more than likely that most of the country have what can best be described as a limited understanding of the carbon pricing legislation, the household compensation, the incentives to business, and the tax concessions etc.

If this is the case, as it seems to be, then why should we take any mandate from a primarily ill informed public seriously, even if it did exist. If the public in general don’t fully understand the issue, then surely they don’t have the knowledge to warrant a mandate.

Nobody knows this better than Tony Abbott, as it seems there has already been a mandate on pricing carbon that he has chosen to ignore.

Prime Minister Julia Gillard in the lead up to the last federal election explained that if she won the election it would be due to the country wanting to take action on environmental issues. In fact, Julia even went so far as to say that if she won that she would consider it a mandate to put a price on carbon, as this article from The Australian explains.

Whilst I don’t think Julia actually had a mandate, I do think that she had a strong indication. I believe that the public have always had an expectation that the Labor Party was the party to act on environmental issues, certainly since the Kevin 07 campaign. I also believe it is quite clear that the country wants to act on environmental issues, and putting a price on carbon is one method. It’s just a method that polled badly, right?


In fact, polling that mentioned householder compensation as part of the carbon price legislation, rather than just asking if people supported a straight carbon tax, showed a majority in favor of the carbon price legislation as it stands. Far from Tony’s imaginary mandate… It’s often all about how the question is asked with polling.

So with Tony Abbott talking about mandates, what can we expect from a Liberal Government should they get in?

A whole lotta pain….

I draw this conclusion from the dictatorship that NSW seems to have unwittingly elected in. A state government that Tony Abbott appears to be watching closely.

Barry O’Farrell, the Liberal Premier of NSW since March this year, is doing whatever the hell he wants. Whatever Barry wants, he gets, his reasoning for everything is that his victory was a mandate, and that he therefore has a mandate to do whatever he likes…

Selling off Sydney Ferries, mandated, privatising parts of Sydney Water, mandate. Delivering a budget deficit for his first budget, after years and years of surpluses, Barry had a mandate for a deficit. Making a basket case of DOCS and letting children suffer, another mandate. Scrapping Western Express Rail Line, and the Parramatta Epping Rail link, more mandates. NSW’s own version of Workchoices, destroying the hopes of our public service sector by removing their entitlements, affecting, police, transport workers, paramedics,nurses, teachers, and many more…mandate.

What the more than 30,000 protesters who marched on Macquarie Street forget is, that we the public, apparently gave O’Farrell a mandate for this utter slap in the face of decency.

This NSW Workchoices is Barry’s Big Bad Mandate, the mother of all mandates, but certainly not his only one… In fact every time Barry screws the public over, it is due to some sort of imaginary mandate.

I could go on and on…

Actually I will… Annihilating funding for Tamworth and Blacktown hospitals, mandates. Letting the good people of Stockton risk the affects of deadly Hexavalent Chromium for a few days after the Orica spill, and not bothering to warn them, NSW mandated it. Deliberately misleading the public in the press about the affects of a carbon price, another mandate. Allowing for an 18% rise in electricity rates, timed to coincide with the start of the carbon price, blame deflected and mandate acted on I guess…

As I write this, Julia Gillard, as promised, has taken a massive leap forward in the quest for equal pay for women.

140,000 Care workers, are about to get a pay rise. This however, needs the backing of the states also, thankfully most have, only 2 are yet to support this important initiative, NSW and Victoria. What a surprise… Ted Baillieu, the Liberal excuse for a Victorian Premier who put discrimination laws in his state back 50 years, we kinda expected it from him. Barry O’Farrell on the other hand probably thinks the women of NSW mandated for lower pay then men.

Like I said, Tony Abbott is watching the new Liberal regime in NSW closely.

So when the next federal election comes around, and Mad Monk Tony starts talking about mandates, say it ain’t so, vote Labor.

Forewarned is forearmed.

37 comments on “Say It Ain’t So

  1. I don’t think Barry won, I think Labor lost… He released no real policies to scrutinise and just sat and watched Labor self destruct…
    Since taking govt though he has made himself quite unpopular quite quick, he is now looking at selling off the rest of the electricty network, poles and all, thiswon’t win him any popularity contest.
    We have already seen the largest political protests since last century targeting Barry and his NSW Workchoices reforms

  2. el gordo, he has already shown he is not capable of playing his cards right.

    I believe he will be a one time Premier.

  3. I could go on and on…

    Actually I will…

    I’m so glad you did 😉

    Not sure if one term is enough to get the stench of Labor off. I knew some lifelong Labor voters in NSW who even voted for the libs (very reluctantly, but the other choice was just too bad). Might take something massive to swing them, but will they swing back to Labor??

  4. Maybe not even that long, many think someone else will be installed as leader after Barry upsets most of the state… His only big promise, the North West Rail Link is already looking like a failure….

  5. I reckon they will swing back Tom, but it may take a couple of terms…
    Labor federally were polling badly at the time of NSW election also, that is starting to turn around now.
    One thing is for sure, O’Farrell will have lost any support he had from the public service sector

  6. I’m sure it will turn wixxy. And, not being in NSW, it’s kinda hard to gauge. These days, political leanings seem to move quite sharply. A week is a lot longer in politics than it used to be a decade ago.

  7. Wixxy, I can honestly say that I don’t know about the Baillieu government having been away from Victoria for quite a long time now, also being so close to the Qld border I tend to follow the Bligh government rather what happens way down south in Sydney.

  8. Even if Labor stunk to high heaven, I would never vote for the Liars Party. I’d have to vote Green or some minor party that wouldn’t give the Liars any joy.

    From what you’ve said, wixxy, I think O’Farrell could be a one trick wonder, particularly as he’s putting the public service offside. And if the msm decides to do their job and scrutinise O’Farrell, he may find himself in deep doodoo.

    However, are the NSW Liars in the same boat as they are federally? ie bugger all talent anywhere in the Parliamentary party?

    It will be interesting to see how politicised the Vic nurses will be now that Baillieu has shat on them from a great height. It’s been my experience that nurses and teachers are more likely to vote Liars than Labor, so I wonder if this will be a turning point?

    I also wonder how many voters in Qld and SA are aware of what’s happening in NSW & Vic and may decide to stick with the devil they know?

    I’m a great believer that government should change hands when the incumbents have been in power for a long time. They become stale, bereft of ideas and just want to cling to power.

    Although I don’t like the idea of changing a tired, boring government for a rotten one, i don’t think it does the whingers any harm to cop what they’ve been bleating for, even though we sensible ones also suffer.

    As for mandates, I’m with CU on this matter. Governments have a mandate to govern, if elected. Usually they go to the polls with their popular big ticket items and introduce other legislation during the course of the parliament, often because of something which has arisen after they have taken office. The GFC is an example of this.

    It’s ludicrous to expect there should be an election every time legislation is proposed during a term of government, but governments would be well aware that they risk being slung out on there ears if they continually introduce bad policy not signalled at elections.

  9. There is a by-election in NSW this weekend, for the Nat who resigned. The Nats have a huge lead but their candidate is called by the locals “hapless Gulaptis”.
    The Coalition has tried,to say increased spending on health was from the Coalition, but the locals are more aware and pointed out it was Federal and previous Labor state who committed the funds.
    And to the annoyance of the locals, Gulaptis likes to appear in election ads, with the disgraced/ law breaker Cansdell.

    The local campaign “lock the gate alliance” is endorsing the Greens and commending Labor

  10. Sue

    Whereabouts is the by-election.? Living in QLD we don’t hear much about by-elections. This is unless it was going against a Labor Government of course.

  11. ‘He released no real policies to scrutinise and just sat and watched Labor self destruct…’

    Everyone predicted Labor would lose in NSW and the Coalition won comfortably.

    The deciding factor in creating Barry’s mandate was the Feds CO2 tax.

  12. el gordo lol CO2 tax

    !6 years of labor govt, when they should have lost after 12 except the Coalition was so bad, that a bad labor was better than what was offered.

    NSW is starting to realise why they were so distrustful at the 12 year stage.
    and it has only been 8 months.

  13. Now putting a bit of reality into the by-election, result March 2011

    Steve Cansdell National Party 81.4%, 2PP
    Colin Clague ALP 18.6%

    21,400 votes to 3,400

  14. The NSW government should have lost a lot sooner, but then fate handed John Howard control of both Houses of Parliament and in came WorkChoices. Nobody in their right mind would have handed the Liberals even more power.

  15. el gordo
    So all the scandals about Labor meant nothing,

    By your logic el gordo, when the NSW electorate realise the co2tax is not the armageddon, abbott has predicted, barrel o’lies and his huge majority will be tossed out after 1 term.

    if that is the troof, i will watch and laugh

  16. Wixxy, from your topic:


    In fact, polling that mentioned householder compensation as part of the carbon price legislation, rather than just asking if people supported a straight carbon tax, showed a majority in favor of the carbon price legislation as it stands. Far from Tony’s imaginary mandate… It’s often all about how the question is asked with polling.

    Abso-bl**dy-lutely. As we’ve mentioned here at the Café before.

    Question: Do you want to be taxed to the hilt and end up having to sell your daughters into prostitution and send your sons out to stack supermarket shelves in what time they have off from cleaning gutters in between trying to study for their HSC


    Do you agree with Tony Abbott.

  17. It’s nowhere near the troof and the troof is in the fact that State Labor were on the nose well before the Carbon Tax was ever mentioned and they didn’t go down in the polls any worse after it was mentioned, not that they could go down any further anyway.

    The troof was O’Farrell campaigned on just two things, with the major one being “he’s not Labor”, and that was their actual campaign slogan. The second was a whole string of promises and suggestions of fixing things starting the moment he won power.

    He won power and his immediate response was to send most stuff off to far distant committees and enquiries, the very thing Rudd was heavily caned for but O’Farrell is doing more of.

    As to fixing it. By every measure things are going backwards at the same or an increased rate since O’Farrell came into power and he has not tabled one strategic plan to fix anything, except his committees that won’t even be formed for years down the track.

    The things that are improving are all Labor initiated programs O’Farrell is taking the credit for, and the other programs that will eventually improve matters O’Farrell is dismantling, even ones that are already started and have had millions spent on them, and the worse thing is that many of these programs are ones that O’Farrell insisted on and some he ran local campaigns against the Labor government until they were instigated.

    That’s the troof.

  18. Meanwhile in Victoria,

    UPDATE 11.05am: NURSES are vowing to continue closing beds and cancelling elective surgery despite an order from Fair Work Australia suspending industrial action.

    I have known quite a number of nurses, and ambos, and police officers. Anyone in this type of publice service does not take such action just on a whim – this means serious problems.

  19. You are right Sue, 8 months in and we are already seeing red…

    There is no doubt that Labor made an absolute meal of things particularly in the last few years, but I don’t think anyone thought the Libs could be this bad…

  20. Where there is loght there is hope…
    Remember Steve Cansdell is awaiting arrest for falsifying a Stat Dec, a criminal act.

    He is also being investigated for dodgy goings on with his wage book for parliamentary staff…. Not a good look for Nationals

  21. Of course it was, you never disappoint…
    I was refering to your explanation of polling questions, particularly the prostitute daughters… LOL

  22. Has Australia gone mandate mad? No, just the Liberals have. I can’t recall Julia saying she had a mandate to do whatever she likes. I could be wrong.

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