Everybody’s Going It Alone

Guest Post by:  Tom R

There is much talk by certain parties about Australia ‘going it alone’ in regards to the Carbon Price. It is a constant refrain brought out by the opposition and their oracles, but how accurate is it.

Considering that the European model has been up and going since 2005, not very I guess.

But, since the European Union Emission Trading System began, many other countries have also implemented or a planning to implement ETS mechanisms, including NZ, Switzerland, China, Korea, Japan and states in the US, as highlighted on the Governments own site.

And now that the POTUS is visiting the country, it appears the opposition want to make this a political visit, and press him on when America is planning to implement a similar scheme.

Well, I have news for them, schemes are propping up all over the US (in direct contrast to what ulman tried to dissemble to our PM in his wet lettuce attempt at denialism). And, if the existing Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative is anything to go by, the future looks bright, in face of stiff opposition from vested interests.

Region-wide, since RGGI launched climate change air pollution is down 30 percent, and energy costs are 15 to 30 percent due in part to RGGI-funded energy efficiency programs. These energy efficiency programs will create nearly 18,000 job years (a year’s worth of work). Overall, because of RGGI, the region’s economy has grown by more than $2.6 billion.

 And already, New Jersey’s participation in RGGI has put the state on the road to voters’ clean-energy goals. RGGI has delivered more than $52 million for clean energy projects that support new and existing jobs in the state, and can save consumers and businesses money. If Governor Christie sticks with the program, that number will grow exponentially.

And then there is this one

Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative Adds 16,000 Jobs and $1.6 Billion in Value to Northeast Economies, Study Finds

So, it appears that the rest of the world IS moving to pricing carbon, in direct conflict to what the opposition AND their msm is trying to tell us. I wonder how the ‘rollback’ will look as even more go online, assuming that ever comes to fruition.

55 comments on “Everybody’s Going It Alone

  1. nils… thoughts… does not compute

    Thanks wixxy

    I can understand the opposition pushing this line. Not being pulled up for it for the crap it obviously is by the msm is pathetic

  2. I wonder what Neil’s thoughts on this issue are.

    Roswell, it’s not an issue about brain farts but perhaps I could still answer it for you. It’ll have something to do with children in detention and everybody knowing 15 years in advance that Abbott was going to Afghanistan.

  3. You forget the debt and deficit Migs. Did you know we’ve gone from a $20Billion surplus to a $50Billion deficit since those evil voters threw out the best PM the world has eva seen? 🙄

    (excuse me while I go and vomit up the rest of the bile that goes with Neil’s words…)

  4. The US has every reason to want to invest in alternative energies, climate change notwithstanding..

    Currently, the United States consumes 19.6 million barrels per day, of oil, which is more than 25% of the world’s total.. As a result, the U.S produces one fourth of the world’s carbon emissions.

    Despite predictions that the U.S. will exhaust it’s supply of oil in as little as forty years, the demand is on the increase, and is predicted to continue increasing, because of the ever increasing population. Increase in resource consumption is caused by three factors: population growth, new uses found for a resource, and increase in demand for a resource to increase living standards. The rate of consumption for oil is increasing at a rate of about 2% yearly.


  5. Here’s an interesting development:

    … As Sander Van Dedem recalled watching the charges tick up every 10 seconds on the dashboard meter on the way to the airport, he resolved to try public transportation next time. “Looking at the money makes you realize that a car isn’t always a good idea

    … car had been outfitted with the meter so that Mr. Van Dedem could take part in a trial of a controversial government tax proposal to charge drivers a fee for the miles they drive. The meter also factors in the cost to society in the form of pollution, traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and wear and tear on roads.


  6. N’5, meanwhile back here in Oz many people can claim mileage as a tax deduction and not necessarily involved with the ‘necessity’ of their business.

  7. ….in direct contrast to what ulman tried to dissemble to our PM in his wet lettuce attempt at denialism…

    Tom, just reading through a recent 7.30 Report transcript between Uhlman and Combet. He is just being a typical journalist, questioning the Climate Change Minister like a sceptic.

    If Uhlman was a member of the Denialati he would have put the boot in.

  8. Lying to the sitting PM is not ‘being a skeptic’. It is being a denier.

    And he should question the minister like a journalist, not a skeptic.

  9. N5 think of this. Most of the world drive 1500 to 2000kg vehicles to carry an average of 80kg, that is themselves.

    There is now a take off of single and dual cab ultra-light vehicles or enclosed motorcycles with stabiliser wheels, that weigh from 600 to 800kg to carry that 80kg.

  10. Tom R @3.20pm, Neil hasn’t had his program updates from Liars Party HQ, so he doesn’t know what he’s supposed to think, yet. Once they’re connected to the NBN, they’ll be downloaded in a flash.

    Migs, only 15 years notice and that slag Gillard just couldn’t keep her mouth shut! I mean, Tone could have been attacked by David Cameron after he recovered from a Tone-induced coma, or anything.

    Did you know we’ve gone from a $20Billion surplus to a $50Billion deficit since those evil voters threw out the best PM the world has eva seen?

    I was completely unaware of these rivetting facts, Bacchus. Why wasn’t I told? Do you think anyone else knows and should we tell them? i’m sure this will knock Min, Migs, Sue & Pip for a loop! Not to mention CU, lunalava, ME & shane.

  11. ME, what I found interesting about that article was the level of sophistication to be employed in the model. Here in Queensland car registraction costs are based on numbers of cylinders, without reference to CO2 emissions per kilometre. Simply a nonsense.

    In the UK it’s the level of emissions that determine the costs, s it should be. But with a State based registration system it’s hard to see any real (but desirable) changes here in Australia.

    As an aside, when the NZ PM was in Australia, Abbott’s (highly political) speech included comment about how their ‘carbon tax’ had been watered down. It will be interesting tomorrow to see if Obama cuts the ground from under Abbott’s feet with praise for what is happening here in Australia (generally speaking) and if it has any influence on Abbott’s reply. Or maybe not!

  12. Good point Nature 5. If Obama was to announce the slightest bit support for the carbon tax it would put egg all over Abbott’s face. The Hate Brigade – Bolt, Jones – would go into a frenzy in their subsequent attacks on Obama.

    If I recall, Bolt thought he was more important than Al Gore. Obama’s black – even lower in Bolt’s eyes.

  13. Miglo, since Roswell is fairly new here he may not know that mention of a certain person is sure to flush him out. Much better to not encourage his appearance. Once he appears and is engaged with it ruins the discussion for me.

  14. Roswell, apologies. That was a bit selfish of me. There have been rare occasions when the conversation was livened by his p.o.v. and maybe others don’t share my opinion. I love coming here to browse but I tend to leave when it becomes all about him. Lots of really good commentary gets lost among his idiocy.

  15. Tom R – I really liked POTUS’s frank response to the question about a US wide ETS or similar today. I think it was meant to be a ‘gotcha’ one for him, or PM Gillard. He acknowledged how big a polluter the US is and really backed our government’s ‘bold’ initiative, explaining much of what’s going on already in the US in carbon reduction and how much still needs to be done. I was surprised he didn’t immediately come up with the California scheme, which is hugely significant, and then go on to explain how much more autonomous the US states are.

  16. I went looking for what Obama did say in reply to the oppositions political points. I couldn’t find it, but I did find this piece of drivel


    All about a lovers meeting or some such rot. And they wonder why the msm sucks?

    I would have thought his answer would have been even less committal than that patriciawa.

    And my spell checker has been killed in the latest firefox update 😦

  17. Tom, that link should have come with an X rating..brought to you by the publishers of Mills & Boon.

    Gillard blushes, like a high school girl who has, finally, after much bedroom plotting, captured the gaze of the football captain. 😯

  18. His speech is unbelievable. His adoration of Howard isbeyond the pale. Does he want to stir up the whole of Asia.

    He was warned about this overnight.

  19. Tom et al. Those who had a look at the link on Tom’s comment of 6.47am..is it just me or had this piece of drivel now been expanded upon by news.com.

    Plus the title has now been changed to include the word ‘grope’. Quote: the audacity of grope

  20. CU @9.17pm 16/11, I have smelling salts or burnt chicken feathers, if you’re feeling faint after these dire revelations of something or other! 😀

    Liealot is incapable of subtlety or understanding that offending your biggest trading partner is not the hallmark of a smart political operator. He has demonstrated that Turnbull is not the only Liars party dunce in the nous and judgement department.

  21. It may interest people to know what cobblers some of the bullshit being spruiked about where the money collected from the emissions pricing is going.

    Our local post master is telling all the gullible twats that the money collected from the big polluters will be paid straight to the UN!!!!!!

    “$600m/annum will be paid straight to the UN!”, he cried.

    I nearly fell over when he made that announcement and there was no convincing him he was wrong. so I will have to provide the evidence in the form of government announcements, I guess.

    Even then, I doubt he’ll be convinced. I don’t know who filled his head with that idea, but it will have to be scotched. Where do these people get these ideas???? Has he been channeling Neil, do you think? And has anyone else heard this story?

  22. Pip at 6.12
    So reflexive, isn’t he. Apparently Abbott’s favourite actor is John Wayne, who once said of himself that he “wasn’t an actor but a reactor”. Maybe that’s a clue.
    P.S. the swipe about other countries being obliged to buy our rocks to make us rich through taxes, I think that very idea’s Abbott’s only hope for funding his promises.

  23. Well $599 million over 3 years, paid out of the foreign aid budget is the same thing as “$600m/annum of the carbon tax receipts” isn’t it jane?

    I hadn’t thought of that, Bacchus. Silly me, just because the maths are wrong…. Oh wait, we’re dealing with a dingbat. 😉

    However, as he is a dingbat, perhaps it’s a case of any old smear will do when your favourite Liar is in a decline.

    Pip @6.09pm, that thought had crossed my mind, but surely someone at the Café would have sniffed it out, you’d think.

    I will tackle him again, though. You can’t let people get away with that. He was adamant that none of the tax collected will remain in the country and rejected out of hand that there was to be a compensation package.

  24. Google “carbon tax un” jane – you’ll soon see where all the misinformation is coming from – our own tea parties equivalent 🙄

  25. Pip, weird, isn’t he? One day complaining about Gillard risking the Chinese trade relationship and the next inviting full scale Chinese hostility with a strategic US base here! Does he ever stop to think anything through?

  26. No thanks Migs – I don’t do dishes 😛

    Actually just returned from the Brisbane Lions club – stuffed to the gills!

  27. patricia,
    he is so obsessed with how the awful ‘illegitimate’ minority government
    dudded him by bribing those stupid Independents.
    With every breath he takes he stews about the unfairness of it all.

    Foreign Minister Rudd did express his disgust on 7.30 this evening at Tony Abbott’s crass domestic point scoring in such a setting with a visiting foreign dignitary.
    How Abbott ever became a Rhodes scholar is a mystery to me.

  28. “How Abbott ever became a Rhodes scholar is a mystery to me.”

    I believe you have to be a good scholar and have good references.

    Maybe his mate, the Cardinal helped him.

    He is either making out he is stupid to gain the workers vote or his qualifications do not pass muster.

    It is the latter I feel.

    Maybe he suffered brain damage during his Oxford boxing days.

  29. Maybe he suffered brain damage during his Oxford boxing days.

    Cu, I do believe you might be on to something there. He took one punch too many, I think.

  30. Bacchus re your comment from last night. No thanks Migs – I don’t do dishes. Actually just returned from the Brisbane Lions club – stuffed to the gills!

    I meant to reply to this one earlier… as coincidence would have it I’m a member of Lions Club of Terranora Lakes. Youngest Erin who on occasions posts to the Café was in the Miss Personality Quest a number of years back, the one that was a fundraiser for the Princess Alexandra Hospital.

  31. In this case Min, we’re not talking about the worthwhile and charitable Lions clubs – ’twas the Brisbane Lions, you know, those tall guys who play that strange game of aerial ping-pong 🙂

  32. Ahh, that explains it. I had better twist your arm to convince you to join the other mob, you could equally return home stuffed to the gills.

    Bacchus, born within a drop punt of the Glenferrie oval..however born the wrong side of Glenferrie road plus working class family followed Collingwood.

    My cousin was John ‘Jerka’ Jenkins who played for Richmond and North Melbourne.

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