Having A Bad Day?

“Everyone has a bad day”, at least that’s what Barry O’Farrell tells us, and for once I find myself agreeing with him. After all, NSW had a particularly bad day March 26 2011.

Only problem is, some people have more of them than others. Some have bad weeks, even months.

Those that are even unluckier have bad years, and then there ‘s Robyn Parker bad…

Robyn Parker is the NSW Environment Minister for the new Liberal Government we have in NSW.

Robyn is the one who decided not to tell the public about the deadly Hexavalent Chromium leak at the Orica plant in Stockton. Well, needless to say she is in trouble yet again…as is her boss Barry O’Farrell.

Have a look at these videos of classic Robyn moments, and ask yourself if you think she is capable of running a chook raffle, let alone a ministerial portfolio.

This is her recent handling of yet another leak at Orica, this time ammonia. After being missing in action all day, she fronted the media armed with nothing but the sound of crickets in her head.

Or this ripper where she tells everyone that logging is great for koala’s…

But wait, there’s more… Notice the dates on these video’s also, these are all distinctly separate events.

People are not calling for Robyn Parker to be sacked, they are absolutely screaming for it, even within the Liberal Party.

So, why won’t Barry O’Farrell do what needs to be done and sack her? After all, he said from the start he didn’t want any embarrassing moments in his term.

I think I know why….

Despite being totally inept, and an utter embarrassment to the job, Barry has nobody better to replace her.

This can be easily seen by looking at who he has available…

If we look at the electorate where I’m from, we have Ray Williams. You may remember me mentioning him in previous posts, he is the busdriver who was accused of  bribing a church pastor. Here’s a link to his website:


The home page of his website is dedicated to slagging off the Commonwealth Bank for not giving a school money. No mention that the school had not been paying its staff, who still 2 years later have not been fully paid. No mention that in the application the school neglected to tell the bank they were trading insolvent. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that it is now going to become an Islamic School…

According to Ray’s own website, and his newsletter that keeps the public up to date with what he has been doing, Ray has been flat out doing absolutely nothing since August 2009. Since the Coalition took Government, absolutely nothing has been done to warrant mentioning on his website. He certainly hasn’t done enough to warrant a newsletter. While we, the taxpayer, fund his office, and his staff, according to his website he has been on a 2 year holiday.

In my neighbouring electorates, we have David Elliot, and Kevin Connolly.

David made a bit of a splash lately for blowing the whistle on a colleague for some rather dodgy inner city behaviour that we will get to in a bit. This made him look even more foolish than usual, due to Barry O’Farrell voicing his disappointment  in David to the media. To top it off David was then humiliated by Shock Jock Ray Hadley over the matter. When you are a Liberal politician and even the most right wing of shock jocks wants to rip into you, you know you are out of your depth in a major way.

Kevin meanwhile, with nothing better to do, continues to shadow Federal Labor MP Michelle Rowland around the public schools in his area.

Before the election, Kevin thought that the BER funding to schools was a disgrace, a shocking waste of money. Now, with nothing better to do, Kevin can be seen loitering around in the background, like the Ghost Of Christmas Past, at all of the openings of classrooms, halls, and libraries that Michelle attends the opening of, desperate to try and get some of the glory for someone else’s hard work.

Here’s a picture of Kevin at work, leaning over to try and be part of things as Michelle chats to some schoolchildren in a new classroom that Kevin thought was a waste of money.

Another neighbouring electorate of mine has Bart Bassett as its Liberal member, his picture is even on Ray William’s website.

Now, unlike the others, Bart has done something of note since being in State Parliament.

Bart has been busted drink driving. Reported in the Telegraph June 16 2011, Bart was caught drink driving on the Cahill Expressway, arguably Sydney’s busiest road, after getting on the turps at a dinner with friends after parliament. What a shining example for the community. How much money does the government spend trying to stop drink driving again???

Bart Bassett is a disgrace and should be sacked.

Speaking of criminal acts, Barry could have appointed National Steve Cansdell to the Robyn’s job, the National Party were keen to have more ministers. Alas, Steve had to resign though, after he admitted to falsifying a statutory declaration, to avoid disqualification from driving. A criminal act.

With principals like that, maybe Barry O’Farrell should have made Steve Cansdell the Parliamentary Secretary to the Police Minister… Actually he did, I’m not joking either. Now Steve is awaiting arrest, for his actions, the delay in his arrest apparently due to other allegations of misuse of funds for his parliamentary staff, public money, being investigated.

Barry O’Farrell’s Liberal government must have a commitment to crime, because when we compare Robyn’s performance with other ministers, the first one was also arrested.

In fact, I can’t recall another government that has seen 3 of its members arrested in its first 6 months.

The first minister I wanted to mention can’t be named for legal reasons. He is a 62 year old married minister who was arrested for lewd conduct in the inner city one night. Barry found out about this through David Elliott.

The arrest was made after witnesses reported seeing a man performing lewd acts with another man in public. After finding out that this man was a minister in Barry O’Farrell’s government, the witnesses dropped the complaint and no charges were laid.

There are of course other ministers to compare Robyn Parkers performance with.

Pru Goward for example, telling the ABC’s 7 30 that Labor had left a terrible legacy in her portfolio, that involved more troubled children receiving help, for less cost to the taxpayer. Great logic Pru.

Treasurer Mike Baird should also be congratulated for his competence. Mike has achieved what for years people thought impossible, he can see what doesn’t exist. Mikes imaginary black hole he accused Labor of leaving behind is the thing of legend. Unseen by previous treasurers, the State Treasury Dept, and a long list of independent firms brought in to look at the states books.

Mike managed to see this imaginary black hole as he delivered the state’s first budget deficit in years. Mike is currently looking for his unicorn, which he last saw being ridden by Elvis.

Health Minister Jillian Skinner seems to think she is the Minister for demolition. She has demolished funding for hospitals such as Blacktown, Tamworth, and Robyn Parker’s electorate where $20 Million for Maitland hospital was promised and only $200K delivered.

Here’s a link to how well she has been performing for those in the Illawarra…


Remember the fan-fare and carry on when Barry O’Farrell and Roads Minister Duncan Gay removed 38 Speed Camera’s from service, never to return. Well, Minister Duncan Gay, has been a bit slack and has only put 32 of these back in use so far, as he said they wouldn’t. Expect the other 6 soon. So does that make Duncan a liar, or just intentionally highly deceptive?


Never have I heard of a Government that is so inept. I understand that the Liberals are still on their L Plates, but seriously, the state would be better run by a bunch of chimps.

So Barry, I guess I’m actually sticking up for you here.

Robyn Parker should not be sacked. Barry has no one better to offer. We will just have to put up with what is the best of a hideously bad bunch.


77 comments on “Having A Bad Day?

  1. Blimey! is this what we’ve got to look forward to in SA? Thank God they’ve made a start on the new RAH, otherwise we could look forward to a crap refurbishment under the Liars if they get in.

    Pip, do you have the lowdown on Redmond’s mob? They’re flying well under the radar atm. She’s well up Liealot’s backside as far as I can see, but the way things seem to be going, that may not be the place to be shortly.

    She hasn’t impressed me at all so far.

    Hold onto your hat wixxy, there’s an election coming up in SA. There could be a competition going on.

    Great post, btw. I’ve started battening down the hatches.

  2. wixxy I went to your own blogsite and read this post, well done and I am amazed at the utter incompetence of Robyn Parker. Coming from NSW I have an interest in what happens down there.

    The O’Farrell government should just not have an environment minister. Leave the position vacant because who is occupying the position at the moment is simply a ideological development supporter, nothing more nothing less. Put her in the development area and stop the hypocrisy.

  3. I hope things don’t get too crazy in SA.
    It’s not just NSW either BTW, Victoria has it tough also.
    Thanks Jane, batten them down hard and start hoarding tinned food 🙂

  4. Thanks Shane, I see it as a sign of just how much Barry cares for the environment… This is a Premier who won’t protect the Hunter Valley Vineyards from Coal Seam Gas Mining….

  5. youre welcome wixxy

    I am glad you also post your comments here as I find it difficult to keep up with all the sites and stories and comments so I make CW my main blogsite.

    I am a very strong supporter of the environment and fail to understand our inability to take the very thing that provides our existence into account when proposing development.

  6. Shane, we are indeed privileged that wixxie posts his blogs here at the Café as well as his own site. The more people that can read his great articles – the better.

  7. I’m the same, so many blogsites to keep up with…
    I would not have thought protecting the Hunter Valley was anything to debate about. Not only is it great for wine, there are some big Australian business’s based there Tyrell’s, De Bertoli…. but it is great for employment, bring Millions into the economy, and is fantastic for the tourism dollars, which unlike CSG, doesn’t run out…

  8. Two things are needed to protect the environment from overdevelopment, a strong local Council and a sympathic State government. For example, Victoria developers would regularly take Lilydale Shire Council to the Land & Environment court to request variations in town planning regulations. Council at the time was supported by the Labor State government and so the developers soon learnt to not bother. I wouldn’t like local councils’ chances these days though.

  9. Tony Burke told me a funny story about the Vic govt and their environmental policies a while back.
    The Federal govt was trying to prevent farmers from allowing their cattle to graze in the Alpine National Parks in Victoria, as it was damaging the National Parks. However they could not do it because of some state based red tape, and the Vic state govt was keen for the cattle to continue destroying the park.
    The official line from the Baillieu govt was that the older and wiser cows would train the younger ones on where to graze to cause the least damage to the park. This is absolutely true.
    With environmental knowledge like that. Victoria ain’t looking too green…

  10. Jane, Labor in NSW were considered toxic among the electorate and the media. How is Labor viewed in SA? The rest of the country thought the Rann Government were OK.

  11. Wixxy and fortunately Tony Burke took action to the protect heritage-listed Alpine National Park. It’s not just eating grass that caused the damage, it is the pollution of streams and waterways.

  12. Tony Burke is a good man indeed Min.
    On the other hand Ted Baillieu either has a low opinion of National Parks, or an extremely high impression of Victorian cows…

  13. wixxy

    National Parks are for layabouts and greenies and dole bludgers and stifle development, what we need is profit driven businesses that decimate nature and build concrete accommodation blocks over water views while destroying the natural habitat and charging a fortune 🙄

  14. Shane, I can tell..you’ve been to northern NSW recently..let’s destroy the last remnant piece of koala habitat so that investors in rental properties can advertise that their property has uninterrupted water views.

  15. Jane Wixxy & Roswell
    I don’t see Labor as being well regarded here in S.A. I think it’s a combination of having been in a long time & the media’s obvious intention to get Labor out.
    The media’s treatment of Rann prior to & during the last State election was a prelude to the sort of stuff Gillard copped federally & he has been heavily criticised since. His replacement didn’t really get a honeymoon. The Liberals’ Redmond is a bit of an Abbott wannabe, in Rann’s last week as Premier she launched a pretty vicious attack on him Abbott style. Though I get the impression Labor’s not as disliked as it was in N.S.W.
    The Liberals are not so much flying under the radar as benefiting from having the radar deliberately aimed somewhere else, no scrutiny of them at all. They get a fair bit of feelgood publicity.
    As for the new central hospital, for some reason the Liberals have managed to make a lot of ground by simply opposing it & suggesting an upgrade of the existing rabbit warren would suffice. One (only one) commentator said Adelaide must be the only city on the planet that doesn’t want a nice new hospital.

  16. Min

    I went to boarding school in Lismore many years ago. Byron Bay and Ballina were popular trips on the few free weekends provided by the school.

    We even had a trip to Nimbin which was being touted at the time as peace and love and alternative lifestyle.

    We were very quickly rounded up and put back on the buses when the horrified priests saw the drugs and nudity. LOL so funny.

    Needless to say Nimbim was removed from the holiday road map.

  17. BSA Bob, didn’t the media thrash the story prior to the last election that Mike Rann was humping a waitress in every nook and cranny in the house?

    Whatever happened to that, btw?

    More importantly, is she still available? :mrgreen:

  18. Bob, that is sad… I hope something is achieved by this media enquiry, they seem to all have an axe to grind….
    I hope Labor stays in there, we knew it was coming in NSW, although we didn’t know just how bad it would be….

  19. Miglo
    Ah yes, the Chantelois affair. In a well advertised, well crafted program designed to wound, Mark Riley introduced this woman who claimed to have had a tempestuous relationship with Rann over hill & dale & desk. It was her husband who attacked Rann with a newspaper previously, sort of kicking the whole media thing off. This was what the media needed to turn the State election into a similar farce to what Gillard had to cope with. Major Labor policy launches were gazumped with distractions along the lines that the lady had announced her intention to visit the local shop at midday to buy a Cornetto, & would be pleased to speak at length on what a bastard Mike Rann was.
    The Liberals sailed serenely through all this with nary an inquisitive glance in their direction.
    As to whether the lady is still available, I’m not sure but I do know she’s no longer wanted. A week or so after the Election, it was “Michelle who?”. She may perhaps be willing to serve again.

  20. Ah, the Peter Principle at work again. Best we can hope for is a lateral arabesque to…maybe the ministry for silly looks.

  21. WIN local news South Coast NSW had a story about the O’Farrell closing down or cancelling Labor infrastructure and social programs, some like a railway extension and station to a rapidly growing area had already begun construction.

    So the O’Farrell government is taking credit for Labor programs and funding that have completed and are popular but is slashing other vital programs that these same people when in opposition said State Labor had to fund and build, sometimes badgering the government with the aid of the MSM in instigating these programs, often running beatups and local bash government campaigns.

    Now apparently all Labor programs, even ones that O’Farrell wanted when in opposition, are to be scrapped so the O’Farrell government can pork barrel elsewhere and try to get back their budget position they screwed in the first time out.

    Stupid thing is the very excuse O’Farrell used to go into deficit was the correct way to go and a legitimate reason for deficits, that is to fund run down infrastructure. Now like all idiotic Liberal governments the pursuit of the surplus grail is to overtake all common sense and common good, and many NSW people have to suffer, correction…. many NSW people in Labor seats and less well off have to suffer so O’Farrell can have bragging rights and pork barrell to pay back all the favours his rich mates did for him to get him the Premiers job.

  22. Also a small favour please.

    Can we have a “…continued over” for these very long posts. Makes browsing blogs and reading topics so much better, especially on mobile devices.

  23. None of that surprises me unfortunately
    What is funny is that all the reasons Barry used for going into deficit, are the same reasons he said Gillard shouldn’t have used when Labor announced it’s stimulus….
    A wee bit hypocritical I think

  24. BSA Bob has summed it up very nicely. Ms Chantelois claimed to have had this very steamy affair with Rann and the husband blamed him for breaking up their “idyllic” marriage.

    And am I mistaken in thinking the ex is tangled up with the Liars Party? I’ve tried to research, but no joy. It’s been nearly 30 minutes and still won’t load.

    Unfortunately, Migs, you’re not famous enough and the ex has run out of magazines! lol

    Up till then, although Rann wasn’t quite as popular as before, he was still quite well regarded, but this really crippled him, along with the msm campaign against him. Familiar ring to it?

    As for the new central hospital, for some reason the Liberals have managed to make a lot of ground by simply opposing it & suggesting an upgrade of the existing rabbit warren would suffice. One (only one) commentator said Adelaide must be the only city on the planet that doesn’t want a nice new hospital.

    Also sound familiar? New hospital! Waste of money! For a million billion trillion gazillion more dollars we can refurbish it and have a hideously expensive rabbit warren which will be as impenetrable as the current one and which nursing staff will hate as much as they do the current rabbit warren.

    The staff want the new hospital; they’re fed up with the crap hole the RAH has become and despite the sheeples the new one is under construction.

  25. I’ve just sat down and watched those videos and only one thing satisfied me: the reporting that started off with “The oppositions says”.

    For once it’s good to hear those words.

    Jokes aside, I didn’t have any idea who Robyn Parker was, but if I were to watch those videos without knowing her portfolio I would have been gobmacked to later learn it. It really is quite unbelieveable.

  26. Bill Gummage has a book out which offers a new perspective of life before the European invasion.

    ‘Early Europeans commented again and again that the land looked like a park. With extensive grassy patches and pathways, open woodlands and abundant wildlife, it evoked a country estate in England.

    ‘Bill Gammage has discovered this was because Aboriginal people managed the land in a far more systematic and scientific fashion than we have ever realised.’

  27. Here’s another tale of Barry’s back pedalling.

    Ethics? Not here

    Ethics classes were introduced by Nathan Rees and Education Minister Verity Firth and later supported by Kristina Keneally.

    All three listened to, though resisted the lobbying of the churches.

    And so it seems had Barry O’Farrell. The Coalition had made what is known in the business as an election promise.

    But it appears that Barry O’Farrell is getting ready to break the promise in an act of well, unethical expedience.

    P.S. I thought it only fair to have a Labor commentator when Peter Reith’s had so much free publicity lately.

  28. BSA Bob @ 4.48pm, the Chantelois Phillips double act with ltd news came to a sudden end when this news became public.

    Phillips-Chantelois son faces assault, weapons charges

    The teenage son of Rick Phillips and Michelle Chantelois has appeared in an Adelaide court on assault and weapons charges.

    Anton Phillips-Chantelois, 19, is alleged to have attacked another male last December, while armed with a knife, hammer, spear and baseball bat.

    It was about two months after his father hit South Australian Premier Mike Rann with a rolled-up magazine at a public function.

    Outside court, Mr Phillips blamed the breakdown of his marriage for his son’s alleged behaviour.

    Or was it ‘monkey see, monkey do’ ?

    Michael Owen, The Australian, wrote countless repeats of the same Chantelois story for months….and months…

    The two Perry Mason wannabes on Adelaide ABC Local Mornings assisted with the constant smearing of Premier Rann for months, in fact they kept it up till he stepped down as Premier.

    Now they’ve found new targets within the SA government to keep themselves amused, as has Michael Owen.

  29. Pip, the airtime Peter Reith is getting lately leaves me a little bemused. Do you think his role in the Patrick affair made him the first port of call for the media during the Qantas debacle?

  30. Absolutely I do Roswell, after all he had the experience and ‘gravitas’ required for the ‘national crisis’.

    Balakava Inc. 😀

  31. I’d be very surprised if it isn’t a one-term government we have here in NSW. It’s difficult to find anybody who’s actually satisfied with them in the time they’ve been in office. The honeymoon is over.

  32. I’m fairly distant from NSW, but it reads as if o’Farrell has wasted no time in breaking his promises.
    I think it’s Sue who keeps us in the picture about his activities, or else another of Miglo’s followers.

  33. Möbius has been good in exposing a number of O’Farrell’s broken promises. He’s a good source.

    Funnily, state politics has never really filled me with any excitement. Too much happens at the federal level. It’s like Shield cricket: who cares when there are test matches to watch.

  34. Pip at 10.19
    Ah yes, I remember it well. Even David Bloody Penberthy criticised the “Rann made him do it” defence that Mr Phillips tried on.
    Michael Owen as you say hammered this. He’s the Oz’ local bitcher on the spot.
    As for Matt & Dave, I gave up on them a long time back. Examples of how far the ABC’s gone.

  35. Of course, Mobius. I should have remembered him.

    State politics here is presented to the public through a hostile pair on early morning ABC Local radio, followed by a not quite so slick but equally biased morning presenter, and that’s as well as a very pro Liberal commercial media.
    then there’s Fran and Michelle on Radio National !

    Every topic is a reason to find fault with the Labor governement, their ‘spin cycle’ segment is journalist spin doctors condemning government spin and so it goes, week after week.

    Federal poitics reporting is the same dogs, same leg action, really.
    Sorry, but they annoy me intensely.
    Nobody writes about policies unless it’s through the prism of ‘the opposition says’. :mrgreen:

    Thank goodness we can find links here to the real stories 🙂

  36. BSA bob, a couple of years ago there was a discussion between a journalist and ? can’t remember the radio program, but it might have been an overnight show, and the gist of the conversation went like this.

    This is only hearsay.

    Matt Abraham allegedly had a serious falling out with Mike Rann over a decade ago maybe closer to two decades, and has been gunning for him ever since. The attitude never changes and his co-host David Bevan is equally aggressive about any thing to do with the Labor government.

    The other story is of Michael Owen, said to have been refused a ‘doorstop’ by Mike Rann who was entering a building on his way to an important business meeting.
    The gist of that was that Mr. Owen was highly offended.
    As I said, it’s hearsay, but the story does fit with the
    constant negativity of these journalists.

    MO hasn’t written one positive word about Rann that I can find.

  37. Jane its called The Biggest Estate on Earth, by historian Bill Gammage and it ‘explodes the myth that pre-settlement Australia was an untamed wilderness revealing the complex, country-wide systems of land management used by Aboriginal people.’

  38. Barry can’t be blamed for high electricity costs, but he would like to blame some one else. After all, he inherited this mess.

    ‘AN INCREASING number of households have had their electricity disconnected due to their inability to pay their bills, with the state government under pressure to boost assistance to avoid further disconnections.’

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/environment/energy-smart/power-cutoffs-soar-as-families-struggle-with-bills-20111115-1nh5o.html#ixzz1doHNRfpT

  39. along with the msm campaign against him

    The most rabid of all of the msm attacks against Rann and anything Labor has been, to my mind, from the TT program. They were always very anti-Labor, but after they released the story about the alleged affair, and declared a few titbits to be accurate, Rann took them to court and won. Their unhinging ever since has been a sight to behold. Luckily, nobody takes that program seriously…Do they?

  40. Speaking of whom FORMER federal immigration minister Amanda Vanstone wants a foundation to be established to save the Adelaide Zoo from its debt.

    Amanda’s retirement plan??

  41. NSW gubmint is going to do something on infrastructure, but…

    ‘In his speech yesterday, Mr Greiner said: ”The north-west rail line is going to happen.

    ”It is clearly, unequivocally, without doubt, going to happen.

    ”It’s not the highest benefit-cost ratio in NSW, everyone knows that. The reason for it is partly what you might call social equity,” he said, citing congestion on Windsor Road.

    Read more: http://www.smh.com.au/nsw/greiner-push-for-rail-link-planning-to-go-private-20111115-1nha8.html#ixzz1dp7ZKiNz

  42. I wonder what sort of day Robyn Parker is having.

    I’m pretty sure that for someone who thinks that chopping down trees is somehow good for Koala’s, everyday is a good day, no matter what happens.

  43. I’ve seen a good critique on Gummage’s thesis (The Biggest Estate on Earth) and poses the question did the aborigines manage nature instead of it managing them?

    Never forget the original inhabitants killed off the mega fauna and wiped out most of the rainforest through their practice of burning. The gum trees only became a dominant species after they arrived.

    They made an impression on nature up to the limit of their technology.

  44. Thanks for that el gordo. I still have a browse through The Broken Years, so will be very happy to get a copy of The Biggest Estate On Earth.

    Mike Rann is a Port Adelaide supporter. That makes him a God among politicians.

    As was Kevin Foley, Migs I’ve always had a soft spot for Amanda Vanstone. 😀 And our new Premier patronises the hallowed premises of the Alberton Hotel; he is a fine upstanding man and I won’t hear a word said against him! 😀

    Ah yes, Tom R. TT It should be re-badged Liars Party Crapaganda Machine

    Min, the Adelaide Zoo is a private zoo, which I only learned recently. I thought zoos were government funded, so I was surprised to learn ours is not. They have upgraded and revamped the old dear in the last few years and are always on the lookout for donations and animal adoptions.

    I hadn’t been to the zoo since my kids were little, but got the opportunity last year after the transmission on my car shat itself. They’ve done an impressive job, but are short of funds.

    I did miss out on Popeye and lunch on the banks of the Torrens, but there’s still time for another trip down memory lane. I think if you live in North Adelaide, you can still hear the lions roaring at night.

    I suppose Vanstone will want something to sink her fangs into when she gets back home and organising a foundation for our dear old zoo will be an ideal project for her.

  45. Does anybody else here from NSW think this’ll be a one-term government?

    The dead giveaway is the media scrutiny they are finally receiving.

  46. ” Mr Greiner said: ”The north-west rail line is going to happen.”

    The real Premier is now putting his head above the parapet.

  47. Greiner was another disaster. It stinks that he walked away a half a million richer in consultancy fees for BO’F.

  48. He shouldn’t have been given another chance. He failed as a premier yet they bring him in as a consultant. BO’F thinks he can do whatever he likes. Maybe after the next election he’ll have a lot of time on his hands to take up some hobbies.

  49. Pip at 12.15 a.m.
    Sorry, I missed this. What you say certainly has a ring of truth to it, Rann must’ve trodden on their toes or something. They’re a precious lot, Matt & Dave can get quite shirty when someone gets under their guard.

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