Struggle street

This morning’s Daily Telegraph produced a most disturbing story.

Under the headline of Carbon casualties – three million families will suffer it was revealed that the semi-destitute Samuelson family, on a mere ‘more than’ $150,000 per annum will be reduced to sending their three children to work as chimney-sweeps, or at least might have to send the kiddies off to do a paper round.

Said Mrs Samuelson: “When I look at bills I think what we pay now is more than enough…”

Mrs Samuelson clearly needs some helpful hints on how to cut down on expenses, as after all the carbon tax is going to cost her approximately $13.00pw. I am certain that we here are at the Café, being the frugal souls that we are might be able to come up with some suggestions for Mr and Mrs Samuelson:

  • sell 4 of their 6 computers
  • halve the number channels subscribed to on pay television
  • send the kiddies to (gasp) public schools
  • shop at St Vinnies
  • change to generic brand loo paper
  • seek out the latest supermarket bargains.

With the 12 cents saved on the price of a chicken, Mrs Samuelson would be able to purchase a few additional lettuce leaves and maybe half a carrot. 

Here is a budgeting tip from 1915.  This one reminds me of my mother ‘turning’ the collars on my father’s shirts.

Making Over Worn Nightgowns:

When a nightgown becomes worn at the neck and sleeves, cut the top off under the arms, sew on a band of beading, buy one yard of muslin, cut out neck and sleeves in one piece, sew under arm seams and join to the beading. The neck may be cut round or square and the result is a nightgown which will wear some time.