Open forum: could Abbott deliver?

Tony Abbott keeps telling everybody, probably even the Queen, the British PM and Alan Joyce that we’re a whisper away from a federal election, the result of which will see him take up residence in The Lodge, his rightful home.

He could be right.

But he is only focusing on getting his hands on the keys to the door.  God knows what he plans to do after that.

He hasn’t told us!

Well, he sort of has.  We know he’s going to stop the boats, rip up the NBN, tear down public departments, return a surplus by within the hour, scrap the carbon tax and save us from the fires of hell, but for a man who’s going to be Prime Minister by Christmas I’d say he’s fairly well under-prepared for the job.  Is he that convinced the electorate will punish Labor that he only need to rely on this?  I believe he does.  Why else would he have nothing to offer?

Imagine starting a new job and when you turned up on your first day you simply sat on your bum and did absolutely nothing.  We’ve seen that in New South Wales.  The job’s too hard for the new kids on the block.  They knew they’d win the election so took nothing of substance to it.  Abbott mirrors this.  The man has absolutely no idea what he’s going to do.

Neither do we.

He’s a bit like the pub with no beer.

It’s a bit of a worry than a man a whisper away from an election has shown us nothing that he stands for.  I imagine it’d be easy to deliver nothing when you stand for nothing.

What do you think?

Oh, and here’s the picture of that donkey again.  Appropriate, hey?

Three weeks old Equus asinus in Kadzidłowo, Po...

157 comments on “Open forum: could Abbott deliver?

  1. Migs, I’m told Sloppy spilled his guts to Leigh Sales on 7.30. If that is so, i don’t think it’ll matter too much whether Liealot’s prepared or not.

  2. Senator Faulkner said today, during censure debate, I think, Mr. Abbott has the problem of his seventy million black hole.

    This hole, the Senator added will be mostly be the cost of all the things that Mr. Abbott is going to rescind, tear up or demolish.

  3. Amazing.

    All this speculation, about Abbott.

    When the fact is that Qantas has out manoeuvred militant unions, one of which is affiliated with the ALP, and likely to provide the next president.

    …and you lot suggest that I do the “look over there”.

    What a joke.

    No doubt Miglo will take editorial control here and alter my comment.

  4. The Parliament of Australia is used to political bastardry amoungst its members. After all politicians drive the notions of what it means to be normal by constant reference to those around them. When those polictans are moral bankrupts like Sophie Mirabella, Cory Bernardi, Eric Abetz, Julie Bishop, Christopher Pyne etc etc the spiral can only wiggle downwards.

    In normal society Abbott would be considered more unglued than a used stamp in a downpour. Because of powerful vested business players he is being held up as a viable leader for this country – no way is this guy good for Australia.

  5. Yeah, brilliant.

    Anything to ensure you ignore that Tony Sheldon, now a failed union hack, who is likely to run the ALP, is not discussed.

    Anything to make sure you don’t have to admit that unions put the handbrake on Qantas while agreeing to provide Virgin with the flexibility that Qantas can only dream of.

    Just keep talking about Abbott -”look over there”

    please alter intent of this post, or delete at your editorial whim

  6. It’s great to encourage speculation about Abbott, while Julia remains in the doldrums.

    …and the ALP has to figure out what to do with a failed hack who wants to run the party that runs the government.

    Meanwhile the champion of free speech, edits the intent of comments.

    It’s hilarious here, mindless too.

  7. Of course, all this is intended in only the nicest, most helpful, constructive and positive way

    It’s hilarious here.

  8. Trouble is they do not leave, they just go to another post.

    Every one is entitled to their views, I suppose.

    Miglo, I looked in to see how things are going.

    Nothing worth replying to.

    I am not that interested in unionist at this time. For once they have not caused the crisis. It is Mr. Abbott that I am afraid of.

    I will come back later.

    Have a good night.

    It is not niced being stalked, Miglo.

  9. ToM. I don’t have to edit your posts. You’re doing that for me. You have the makings of a good blog master. You should try it. You might even be able to chose a topic.

    And I’m not going to delete your posts. They are there for all to see what your intentions are. People will make up their own minds and I can’t see it being favorable to you.

    If I did delete them you’d no doubt go running back to the gutter sobbing how that terrible bully Miglo had denied you of free speech. As it is you’ll run there anyway to muck us for wanting to talk about Abbott and how we didn’t answer your questions. We’re not interested in your questions, actually.

    I’m guessing that you only posted tonight to test whether you had been put in moderation. I must confess that it entered my mind. It’s still there.

    And I wonder how long it’ll be before you start bringing up subjects to encourage the reinforcements.

  10. Cu, I think the best option for me is to ban ToM. This will be a move highly welcomed by all here.

    Past experience has shown that if you ban him he comes in as a sock puppet. There are ways around that too.

    ToM, given the choice of having Cu as a contributor here, or you, the former wins. If your presence here deters other posters then I will not have you here.

  11. Collusion??? Why did he not take it up with the government. Did anyone ask Mr. Hockey if he believe they would act or did
    he think it was talk.

    “…………Senior opposition frontbencher Joe Hockey says Qantas told him in a private meeting that it was considering grounding its fleet, well before the airline took the drastic action on the weekend.

    Prime Minister Julia Gillard pursued Tony Abbott on Tuesday over whether he was forewarned of the flying kangaroo’s possible decision after the opposition leader refused to answer questions on the issue.

    Now Mr Hockey has confirmed Qantas told him a grounding of the fleet was on the cards.

    Advertisement: Story continues below He was asked on ABC TV when he had first heard from Qantas that it was considering grounding its fleet or locking out …….

    ,,,,However, asked if he’d heard it personally in a meeting from a Qantas representative he confirmed, “Yeah sure, as did others…

  12. Miglo, I only meant to back you up, not disappear. We are ignoring him on Blogging can be fun.

    No one frightens me away. I am a glutton for punishment.

    This is a good post.

  13. Hmm, a post about what Mr Abbott might bring to the role of PM, should he ever get there, and the usual suspect comes in ranting about Qantas and accuses everyone else of a “look over there” WTF??

    Genuinely unhinged 🙄

  14. Migs, small minded trolls can troll away, but we can ignore their every word. Whatever a troll says about this site is unimportant-like we care. The troll’s opinion is not worth reading and if the troll keeps on trolling, deleting his comments is the appropriate course of action.

    Of course, the troll will go back to his cesspit to snivel to the other trolls, but who cares what trolls think or say? Trolls are bullies who sook off to their mum if you call their bluff.

  15. Cu, I could tolerate him no longer and there are many people who feel the same.

    We knew what would happen next. He’d say we’re homophobic over here and get reb involved as well.

    No doubt there’s a comment in the spam folder from him demanding a right of reply.

    And I know you like a good fight and can take it up to him. I’d back you any day.

  16. Bacchus, especially since the PM did the right thing, I have heard some tonight do the clever thing.

    Time is running out and there is desperation in the air. That interview with Mr. Hockey says that all is not well in the Liberal camp.

    It was also said that Mr. Swan’s banking reforms is the reason that the banks have made decisions so quick. The banks are not willing to let people get use to changing banks at will.

    There was a bill passed today with the Opposition’s assent. That has to be a red letter day. Something to do with boat smugglers.

    It is no longer possible for a minister to override state laws. It can only be done by both houses of Parliament.

    Not bad for a PM who is a total failure. I wonder what Mr. Abbott is.

  17. True Jane, he can be ignored but he’ll always be denigrating someone here and I won’t accept that.

    I’ll only let him back in if ten bloggers here say they want him back.

    You’re right about the mob at the cesspit, too. By lunchtime tomorrow there’ll be hundreds of comments from the usual suspects screaming for blood.

  18. Besides, reb can’t tell me that he doesn’t have people banned from his blog. I can think of Nasking, scaper and Iain Hall. It’s a blog master’s right.

  19. Migs, I must rather make comments and see what others think.

    Do the likes of TomM get paid by the Menzies House of like place.

    Stalkers have to be stopped.

    I wonder if Mr. Albanese got any transcripts of what has been said at the meetings.

  20. Banned? Bugger, not until he knows I’ve called him a troll, Migs! lol

    Let him snivel his head off at GT-he belongs there with low lifes like Klan Girl, James and King Rat.

    Even if the cretin sends his fellow trolls over here, refusing to engage with them on any level will cause them more heartburn than it will us.

    Don’t get upset, Migs, because that’s what they want. They thrive on attention and hate being ignored.

    The duck rules, OK.

  21. Yes, Miglo, Reb will once again put up an excellent post.

    The thread of post will not go anywhere.

    It is a shame but that is Reb’s business. This site is your business, not TomM.

  22. Thanks Jane but I’m far from upset. Why should I be upset anyway? I’ve just banned a bullying, sniping troll.

    Tomorrow at the gutter they’ll be jumping to his defense and express horror that he’s been called a troll.

    They idolize him over there.

  23. The answer to your question as whether Abbott can deliver.

    No he cannot.

    He has not the ablity.

    I believe his front bench also has no ability after watching Mr. Hockey being interviewed on 7.30 ABC.

    The second reason is that he will be dumped by his party be then.

    His role of head kicker will no longer be needed.

  24. One final thing. I wouldn’t say James (Sancty) is all that bad. He can be a bit vulgar and at times seem unreasonable, but he does have value. Tony is a rude one though. El gordo, while like able, is odd. King Rat is pure scum and I’d suggest there is only one person on the whole blogosphere that likes him, and that is himself.

    Why am I saying all this? Just getting in first. I’m going to be attacked from all sides tomorrow anyway. Nothing surer.

  25. Exciting prospect.

    “……With the prospect of Tony Abbott becoming prime minister by November 2013 at the latest growing stronger, the fight is on for the heart and soul of the Abbott government.

    So what sort of government would Tony Abbott lead?

    The central uncertainty over an Abbott government stems from the nature of the leader. He is a man made up of islands of intense conviction set in seas of policy indifference. According to those who worked with him he is as hard to engage on issues that don’t interest him as he is to move away from those that do…….”

  26. CU, just as I thought. The weak link has broken the chain, just like Grech. After this, even the Murdochracy will have to think twice about what “Tony Abbott says…….”, because it will be too risky in the future.

    The first thing the government will use is the Qantas affair. Gillard will have his teeth for cufflinks.

    I wonder what Mr. Abbott is.

    Done like a dinner, CU? Finished? The subject of leadership rumours? Too stupid to breath on his own? ToM’s hare brained, half wit hero? A mouth breather? Bwwahahahaha!!!

    Migs, I think you’ve made the right decision. ToM only came here to derail every thread and wreck the blog, just like his wrecker hero Liealot. CU called him a stalker and Bacchus said he’s unhinged. They are both right.

    As for the rabid and frenzied storm troopers at GT, let them smash the furniture over there, we’ll continue our discussions as we always do, with good humour and good manners, two things so lacking in ToM.

    It’s a pity, He used to be fun and quite sensible, but now he’s just another mindless cheerleader like Dolt and Anal. Let the clown say what he likes, everyone who counts knows the truth.

    And if reb believes ToM’s lies about you, then reb is not your friend.

    Enough of that bloody derailer; he’s banned and he’s still derailing the thread!

    Any odds on whether there will be leadership rumbles in the Liars Party? And whose got what money on whom?

  27. A miracle. Two positives in one day. I thought this was one they planned to opposed.

    Supprt for the bill on people smugglers would be hard, even for Abbott to opposed.

    “..The Federal Opposition has confirmed it will not oppose the Government’s renewable energy agency.

    The Australian Renewable Energy Agency (ARENA) is part of the Government’s $10 billion carbon tax package, which the Coalition has promised to rescind if it wins office.

    But the Opposition’s energy spokesman Ian Macfarlane has confirmed the Coalition will not oppose legislation for the renewable agency.

    ARENA will have an independent…”

  28. Jane, Migs made the only decision he could . He had no choice.

    I know this has been hard for Migs to do.

  29. They idolize him over there.

    Says it all really, Migs. And you’ll only be attacked from one side. It is a badge of honour.

  30. Now I’ve got the stutters! Bugger!

    CU, @12.53am, well, well. Looks like Liealot has been brought to his knees. Wonders will never cease. I wonder who booted his bum? And I wonder whether the Victorian and NSW Premiers will pull their heads in, as it seems they were in it up to their necks?

  31. No Abbott is safe until the polls change.. For all the so called popularity of the Coalition, Mr. Abbott does not poll high.

    I have believed for a long time, people are not listening to the PM or Labor.

    It has just hit me, watching the TV, they are not listening to the Coalition either.

    They cannot be, or they would be running as fast as they can the other way.

    Hockey, no confidence in the economy. Whose fault is that. We have an Opposition that continually talks down the economy and undermines everything the government does.

  32. Miglo, your blog is streets ahead of Troll Trash and their sock puppets will be ignored.

    I’ll only let him back in if ten bloggers here say they want him back.

    That’s not going to happen in this lifetime!

  33. CU, with so many of the Liars Party involved in this scam on a state and federal level Liealot may find he has put a big dent in Liars Party fortunes.

  34. Qantas told me of possible action: Hockey

    Pressed on when he first heard it himself, Mr Hockey said: “I can’t recall”.

    However, asked if he’d heard it personally in a meeting from a Qantas representative he confirmed, “Yeah sure, as did others.

    Qantas chief executive Alan Joyce has said he warned government ministers about the possibility that flights would be grounded.

    Mr. Joyce did not say ALL flights would be grounded, at least not to government Ministers

  35. Jane
    The first thing the government will use is the Qantas affair. Gillard will have his teeth for cufflinks.

    I wonder what Mr. Abbott is.

    You don’t really want an answer do you 🙄

  36. What have I missed tonight ladies ?

    TONY ABBOTT will unveil a discussion paper on gambling reform today, reaffirming that while the Coalition opposes mandatory pre-commitment technology on poker machines, it is prepared to take other measures to try to stop problem gambling.

    and no surprises here

    Today’s policy document will not impress Mr Wilkie and make his threat to abandon Labor less credible, given Labor is trying to implement mandatory pre-commitment in a move to tackle problem gambling.

    The powerful clubs and hotels lobby opposes mandatory pre-commitment in which a gambler must nominate in advance how much they are prepared to lose over a fixed period.

    The lobby supports voluntary pre-commitment and is likely to back the Coalition policy today.

  37. Something I sent to Ash today.
    Gillard’s problem is she didn’t get enough seats to govern at the last election. The deals she had to cut to secure a minority government have steadily come back to haunt her. Each deal has cut labor support and added to Coalition support. The Carbon Tax was enough on its own for Gillard to lose a few seats. The deal with Wilkie will lose her probably 3 – 5 seats in NSW, maybe 1 or 2 in Queensland. The Independents abandoned their voter base and joined Gillard simply to keep their seats and super payouts. Oakshott and Windsor are gone at the next election. Are you getting the drift guys? At each policy point Gillard is losing support when what she needs is to gain support. The polls have been around the 45 / 55 TPP since she folded to the Greens and gave them the Carbon Tax. The middle voters are now just calmly waiting to beat the crap out of her and labor whenever the poll is called. As far as maintaining the rage Ash, Bligh is going to the polls in December they reckon. With that defeat comes all the post mortems of what Federal policies contributed to her thrashing. Abbott is like a short order cook just flippin Gillard’s burgers….. move them to the front burner…. move them to the back burner … flip em to cook the other side.
    ….. remember when the Craig Thomson prostitute expose was a really bad week for Gillard . Craig gets moved to the front burner in a months time. Border Protection will be on the back burner until the end of the monsoon season or maybe one last flip before?? ..and then the front burner. Getting the picture Ash? Abbott has more burgers than hot plate at the moment.

  38. Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian August 20, 2010 12:00AM

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.
    It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

  39. Memo…

    Peter Reith …Chris Corrigan…..waterfront… balaklavas…
    dogs…ex-SAS heavies …

    Godwin Grech, ex-Treasury mole…..Malcolm Turnbull…. Eric Abetz

    Children overboard…Peter Reith …again…

    John Howard….Tampa.

  40. Memo….

    Tony Abbott …..Peter Coleman, [husband of Prue Goward]…..Sharples
    Pauline Hanson….

    Abbott faces questions over Hanson slush fund
    Reporter: Heather Ewart

    A political furore has erupted over revelations that one of the Howard government’s most senior ministers, Tony Abbott, set up a slush fund to pay for legal challenges to Pauline Hanson and her party, One Nation.

    Despite repeated denials back in 1998, Mr. Abbott last night acknowledged
    to the ‘Sydney Morning Herald’ newspaper he’d raised almost $100,000
    in an atttempt to fund actions against One Nation.

    One Nation took 1 million votes from the Coalition.

  41. And this is how abbott would handle matters

    Mr Abbott said that instead of referring the dispute to Fair Work Australia, the government should have issued an order under section 431 of the Fair Work Act that would have terminated the dispute without a hearing. Qantas said yesterday if this option had been used, planes would not have been grounded. Ms Gillard said she did not use this option because the termination would be subject to court challenge and could drag on for months.

    Read more:

    How amazing both Abbott and Qantas agree that section 431 of FWA should have been used and the planes would fly. and this was all part of your plan hey Abbott, the Unions take legal action, held up, wait for courts to convene, no planes country in lock down , perfect opportunity for NEW ELECTION.

    Well Mr Abbott, Mr Joyce, PM Gillard has got the planes flying, the country is in good hands. Abbott/Liberal Party colluding with a Company to stop a nation, bring down a government, what gob smacking audacity or plane (plain) stupidity.
    As to what kind of PM Abbott could be I’ll leave that to Mr Abbott and his dreams.

  42. This should be fun for Tony abbott (the former pm contender) to watch

    THE chief executive of Qantas, Alan Joyce, will face his first grilling at the hands of federal politicians since his shock decision to ground the airline when he turns up in Canberra for a Senate inquiry on Friday.

    As Ms Gillard renewed her attacks on Qantas, its government relations boss, Olivia Wirth, made a flying visit to Canberra in an effort to repair a relationship which insiders now describe as toxic

    Read more:

    Yesterday on that flying visit did Miss Wirth give Hockey some of those “notes” that everyone reads from? As he obviously got a bit caught up in the script last night.

    Will they televise the senate inquiry on Friday? and who will be there from Labor

  43. Migs re: “It’s a bit of a worry than a man a whisper away from an election has shown us nothing that he stands for. I imagine it’d be easy to deliver nothing when you stand for nothing.” My thoughts precisely.

    However in the name of research I ventured over to the Liberal Party website and here is what is writ large and bold.

    Hypocrisy, Waste, Mismanagement, Secret Propaganda Units, Sleeping Classes, Chair Slippage, and Camel Flatulence
    “The overwhelming theme emerging from this week’s Supplementary Budget Estimates is how Labor’s gross mismanagement has now… read more
    Losses keep mounting on home insulation Greens Hypocrisy Exposed – ‘There will be no scrutiny of any Government we lead’ $4.1bn in new waste revealed

    Ummm pardon..sleeping classes, chair slippage and camel flatulence. 😯

    I can only but assume that somehow the subtleties have escaped me, but isn’t this a somewhat odd thing for the Liberals’ website.

  44. My two cents worth on the Troll What’s his name?

    Miglo all blogs need pest control.

    Let What’s his name claim “special victim” status elsewhere.

    Don’t go away mad What ever your name is too late methinks just go away.

    The guy is amusing in the same way that a fart in a crowded lift can be considered funny, on the other hand no one is amused when it turns to shit, (unless of course you have a health problem, in which case it’s good to get professional help)

  45. lunalava@7.11

    so true because we all know that Workchoices is alive and kicking in the Liberals. In no way would they ever throw away a Howard policy. After all Howard himself could not throw away Howard policy, who can ever forget Howard’s never ever GST.

    Abbott PM, it was ever only a dream.

  46. I note that ltdnews appears to be unaware that hockey blabbed last night.

    Must be frantically working an angle 😉

  47. I have just listened to Michelle Grattan on radio national, she still has not got it. She and Fran were in agreement that Qantas was generally telling both sides of politics that a lockout was on , so Labor is just trying to play the blame game. Fran and Michelle think it is just conspiracy theory, yet these two notables of journalism have been banging on for over the last year about Julia the lie and carbon tax. Oh dear, they quickly had to move on, to whether the PM would be as good as Rudd at the G20. Stick to themes they are well rehearsed at and forget about doing some investigative journalism.

    Abbott who was he

  48. Tom R and MIn

    Headlines on fairfax paper refugees drown

    Headlines on murdoch paper we are all winners, interest rate cut

    as you said tom some things just do not happen in murdoch world

  49. Yes, even the link for hockey is gone from theirabc. I don’t think this will go away that easily. I know most comments I have read are people just saying it is Labor throwing mud, but, if the libs were aware of this prior (as hockey has stated) it reveals collusion on a pretty major level.

    Also, it reveals that the libs were quite happy to see tens of thousands stranded world wide to further their political ambitions.

    Also heard that the guy who first wrote the false article about joyce fore-warning the government has gone very quiet, and he is usually quite active in the twitter-verse.

  50. News 24 had a very sympathetic interview for Hockey, trioli was helping him set the record, blah, blah, blah general warning if unions escalated then lockout.

    Yes the opening was there for Triolin she could have asked

    but Joe Hockey industrial action had ceased and Qantas still went ahead with grounding the planes and dumping on ,passengers, staff and shareholders. so why Joe hockey did they go ahead with the action?

    but no Trioli did not take on Hockey at all, everything went to script.

    Abbott the back bencher?

  51. Lol Luna, pest control. I gave the place a complete fumigation. 🙂

    I’m glad he turned up, in a way, as he made a complete goose of himself and it’s all there for the record.

    It’d be very hard to voice support for him.

  52. Soo, from the SMH we have…

    Senior opposition frontbencher Joe Hockey says Qantas told him in a private meeting that it was considering grounding its fleet, well before the airline took the drastic action on the weekend.


    He was asked on ABC TV when he had first heard from Qantas that it was considering grounding its fleet or locking out workers.

    “(Qantas has) been saying it around parliament house for the last few weeks,” Mr Hockey replied.

    “They’ve been saying it privately and publicly around parliament house for weeks.”

    Pressed on when he first heard it himself, Mr Hockey said: “I can’t recall”.

    But now the Libs and their supporters are attempting to twist it around stating that as this was common knowledge around parliament house, therefore that Julia should have known (in spite of being at CHOGM) and therefore should have taken action sooner. I think that this is basically the gist of it.

  53. Migs, I cannot think of one single solitary person here on this blog who would not support you 100%…t’other place is a different matter entirely no doubt 🙄

  54. It appears that Greece will go to the people with a referendum on the next round of austerity measures that have been imposed on the people without a mandate in an election.

    I wonder if the rightwing conservative screamers that are hysterically demanding an election in Australia (because apparently our government is not to their liking) support the referendum in Greece ?

    I doubt it, because the austerity measures have always been designed to bail out business and attack the worker by increased taxes and older retirement age. There was never a balanced approach to the measures where all sides paid their fair share.

    Greeces economy since the first round of measures has gone into freefall. Avid extreme capitalists seem to forget that when you take too much from the people, and avoid paying taxes through deductions and manipulation and outright deception,they can no longer afford to purchase what businesses provide. Further extreme measures see an election revolution in which (sadly) extremists are elected to government by a fedup slient majority.

  55. So Hockey and the right wingers are saying everybody knew. Abbott is saying he didn’t know.

    So much crap comes out of their mouths.

  56. One correction to my previous comment. The fedup silent majority in Greece are actually the minority because most are in the streets protesting.

  57. Migs, exactly. Logical isn’t it..Hockey is saying that everyone knew and that the PM should therefore have known. Abbott on the other hand knew nothing..probably a fair-enough assessment. Doubtless Abbott was far too too busy adjusting his budgie smugglers to worry about any gos’ happening around parliament house.

  58. Shane, have a look at the different approaches by ours and the US governments to stimulate the economies during the GFC. The US bailed out the big boys and look at the mess they’re in now. Look what we did. Look where we are. I can smell the roses.

  59. Hehe, that just reminded me..remember when the Café was accused of being against our valiant Surf Lifesavers due to our budgie smuggler quips. 😀

  60. shaneinqld

    Yes the referendum will be posed

    1. Do you want the IMF to extend your credit card

    2. Do you want a new credit card that is never paid back
    And we will continue with fakelaki

    It means “little envelope” but is also used in Greek popular culture as a jargon term referring to the bribery of public servants and private companies by Greek citizens in order to “expedite” service.[1] According to this practice, sums of money are stuffed in the files and passed across the desk to secure appointments, documents approval and permits.[2]i

  61. There are many CEO and business suppoters of Alan Joyce and claim he has been a wonderful asset to QANTAS and is remunerated on that basis.

    If this is the case here are the facts.

    1) Qantas share when he joined in 2000 $3.36
    2) When he becmae CEO of Jetstar 2003 $3.61 up 7.44%
    3) When he bacme Qantas CEO 2008 $2.32 down 35.73%
    4) Now $1.61 down 73.70%

    Overall share loss $1.75 or 52% since he joined Qantas.

    Now how does that compare to his exhorbitant salary increases since 2000 and just how has he been this stunning beacon of good for the company or the shareholders as proposed by the business community or the board.

    If an employee caused their sector to lose 50% of its value and the total shutdown of its segment they would have been sacked, terminated and possibly sued as well.

    But Alan Joyce is fully supported by the ideologically and politically motived and union hating board and media as some shinging becaon of management.

  62. Excellent article by Laura Tingle, newly released from behind her paywall

    Let’s set aside the fact that Qantas was repeatedly caught out in the Fair Work Australia hearing – and today in its claims about its dealings with the government – not telling the truth and having cabinet ministers repeatedly and aggressively documenting these.

    I for one would love to hear more about those claims they were caught out in.

  63. Tom, excellent indeed…and from your link, one of my favorites..factual information.

    It (s431) can be triggered only once an issue threatens “to cause significant damage to the Australian economy or an important part of it”.

    That condition was not met until the Qantas grounding announcement.

  64. She goes further Min

    The section would have been open to legal review. The result would have been that if such a declaration had been made, it would have immediately gone into the courts, meaning a roadblock in the way of getting a termination to the industrial action.

    Yet the remainder of the msm go on as if this was a valid choice that the Governmennt has somehow overlooked.

    And they wonder why I hold them in such low regard?

  65. Tom, which is the ‘why’ for FWA. Abbott states that the PM should have taken action sooner..what! Based on rumors floating around parliament house that Joyce was considering action? Clearly, rumours floating around are nowhere near sufficient for the PM to have taken any such action.

    Four hours after the PM was officially advised of the action she called for the convening of FWA. And the problem with this is….

  66. Mr.Abbott has is delivering what amounts to an election speech at Food and Grocery Conference at Parliament House.

    He has covered everything, including talking the economy down. Pity it was also full of lies and mis-truth.
    The biggest lie was he assertion that there is nothing good in the economy, everything is worse than when Labor came to power.

    His assertion that the Clean Energy Bill is the going to caused massive rises in food.The Clean Energy Bill and nothing else.

    He is asserting that he has an alternative to CE and is better. Shame that no expert agrees with him.

    He is still asserting that the PM if she cared and I assumed walked out of CHOPGM, could have prevented Qantas from grounding their planes.










  67. Tom re the Bolt blog and “Second, witnesses such as broadcaster Steve Price were with Abbott when he received the news of the grounding at 4.45pm on Saturday..”

    Tony doesn’t own a mobile phone? Or is this too logical…

  68. Could Abbott deliver? Now that’s a very teaing question. With his current team and with his current platform I’d say a definite NO.

    Coud the Liberals deliver? With a changing of the guard there might be a good chance they could. They’ll need to completely shed the Howard brigade and come to the realisation the country needs to move forward.

  69. Roswell, in other words if the Liberals got rid of Tony Abbott and his entire team and found replacements (somewhere) then there might be a chance of delivering. I would be going with your opinion of a definite NO.

  70. Or is this too logical…

    What isn’t logical is the way he says it doesn’t matter, and then goes on at length to try and prove that he didn’t know, as if it did matter.

    Meanwhile, hockey is spilling his guts for all to see (but for none to report)

  71. Can someone tell me, if it was known by all that Qantas was going to ground the planes, why was it mention in the media.

    Why did not Mr. Abbott or the Opposition raised their concerns in parliament.

    Surely the matter was serious enough.

    I suggest the media was not aware of what amounts to a threat.

    I suggest that the Opposition were rubbing their hands in glee to what was going to happen to the PM.

    I suggest that this is the big stunt that the Opposition thought they had in the bag of tricks.

    t was a wonderful plan that fulfilled three of the Opposition and Qantas aim.

    First was to destroy the PM and enable an new election.

    The second was to destroy the union movement.

    The third was to create the environment that allow Qantas to do as they wish.

    There was no concern for the economy, that passengers, workers or the fabric of society.

    The question I would like to see asked of the PM, why did she leave the part of the act, the part that Mr. Abbott insist she use from a previous act.

    I have a suspicion that the reason being, it had never been used and kept the bosses happy.

    The problem for Mr. Abbott and Qantas, the PM did not follow their script.

  72. I noticed that Scott Morrison was waffling on about the Opposition’s asylum seeker plan this morning. The policy is:

    Turn back the boats when safe to do so
    Offshore processing (goodness know where, given that the High Court knocked that one on the head)
    The return of TPVs for all of those intercepted offshore…I should imagine aka ‘boat people’.

  73. “The problem for Mr. Abbott and Qantas, the PM did not follow their script.”

    And there it is in a nutshell. He was gazumped. There is egg dripping from his face over this.

  74. Can we please bring on an election so that more people don’t drown. There will be no boats under Abbott as people won’t want to come here. He won’t need to turn them around.

  75. and Sue, the PM is free to go overseas to do her duty, on behalf of Australia.

    That interview last night was wonderful.

    I wonder how Mr. Hockey felt when it was played back to him. I imagine, a little sick in the stomach.

    It is hard to give sensible answers when you are ordered to stick to script and use designated slogans for your answers.

    As we have been saying all along, all the media has to do, is ask some simple questions..

  76. What amazes me is the continual claims that Qantas cannot compete with government owned airlines.

    Usually business claims that government run enterprises are inefficient and business can do it better. In this instance are they claiming the reverse. ?

    So then why did we remove Qantas from government ownership when other government owned airlines have a number of motives of which one is to bring tourists to their country and spend money. Our so called national airline leaves tourists stranded all around the world as it shuts its doors with 3 hours notice to the detriment of the whole nation. The spirit of Australia, Not.

  77. “Headlines on Murdoch paper we are all winners, interest rate cut”

    The headlines are wrong according to Mr. Hockey.

    The rates were lowered because of the harm that Mr. Swan has done to the economy.

    According to Mr. Hockey, and Mr. Abbott this morning, the economy, thanks to Labor has never been worse.

  78. “Steve Price were with Abbott when he received the news of the grounding at 4.45pm on Saturday..”

    That is interesting. On the 7.30 reort last night, the same man with a smirk on his face

    That I assume was the killer knockout.

  79. Line of the day from Bill Shorten in QT…

    “Australians know that we’re living longer than ever before – the evidence sits opposite me…” 😆 😆

  80. Min, I seen a graph covering the Howard years, up to now. It was consistent that the rated were lower than under Howard. This was true whether rates were high or low.

    Mr. Abbott has failed on his first question. He asked the acting PM about those who drown yesterday.

    Mr. Swan before answering, gave his condolence to those who drowned. Not a word of sympathy from the Opposition leader.

    Mr. Shorten has made announcement on Super. Cries from he other side was that Labor has stolen their policies. Mr. Shorten come back with then vote for it.

    The Opposition Leaders been given a delicate warning from the speaker.

  81. Bacchus, I love that too. I notice the Opposition is not having a good day.

    I assume they thought the government without the PM would be a push over.

    They cannot even address their questions to the right person.

  82. OK, who was it? Someone here mentioned Peter Reith. You’ve been sprung by the blog police and have been sentenced to 14 monotonous days of condemnation. See elsewhere for details.

  83. Miglo, I believe the man is big enough to defend himself.

    I am not to sure if Mr. Abbott has as much love for the man as those on the other site.

    Migs, it is kind of them to advertise your site. Maybe we will get new visitors. Some way I find this hard to believe.

  84. LOL – Roxon’s in on the fun now too. Following an interjection from Peter Dutton (Shadow Minister for Health and Aging), she came back with the fact that he hadn’t asked her a question for “over 800 days” 😆 He did look a little sheepish after that!

    I should have QT on in the background more often 😆

  85. Mr. Pyne is red in the face again.

    As I said yesterday, it makes him look more like a poodle.

    I do hope he does not have a heart attack.

    Speaker is now having a go at Pyne. Not a good day for the Opposition.

  86. Abbott is early today. Things must be going to bad for them. So much of standing etc.

    Abbott is demanding that the government bring on immediately bring on the Migration Legislation.

    Now tell me, how will this fix the problem?

    The only way that can happen is for the Oposition to support the bill.

    It does not get the Nauru option into place.

  87. The Opposition is sneering at the solution of onshore processing.

    I wonder how those who support this solution feels.

    I hope the government is ready. It is time to tear Abbott apart.

    Still have not heard Mr. Abbott gives his condolence for the drownings.

    There are only two options.

    What we have now and Malaysia.

    It would be funny if Malaysia has secretly agreed to sign the convention, as was hinted at on the ABC this morning.

  88. Min, but why. I though it was impossible to shut the lady up.

    Mr. Abbott is now in full flight. A government that should have dies of shame.

  89. The Opposition has swallowed the thesaurus.

    We demand a election.

    They sound a little like a certain gentleman and are also becoming boring.

  90. The speaker has warned all on his right. He has threatened to throw them all out, or words to that effect. He told them they will miss the vote.

  91. The Opposition has chosen the wrong action to take. It leaves Mr. Albanese the space to say as he wishes.

  92. And Albo was terrific, he cut straight to the cr@p, the Opposition had to close down QT to protect Hockey.

    And that was just the beginning albo stuck it to them. One after another of opposition mps tried to stop albo, but they didn’t know the rules and on and on it went. there is more to be found out.
    as to the “letters” that were with the couriers , if this is so why of why can’t a journalist investigate that or are we asking too much?

  93. That cold/manflu or what, must be contagious. Mr. Albanese is also inflicted.

    I bet those on the other side which that Mr. Hockey had a dose of it last night.

  94. This is where Abbott is eventually going to come down in a screaming heap..he cannot be in all places at once, everything to everyone, no matter how he and his ego thinks that he can.

    Eventually and closer the election people will decide which team will best serve Australia. Ok, so I’m an optimist..

  95. On anther site, a lady said her husband received his letter on Saturday.

    He said the carrier, who was delivering the letters personally to each worker, who happened to be a mate, that was quick. The mate replied, not so, they have been sitting at the depot since Thursday.

    Letter, typed, in envelopes and delivered to the depot on Thursday.

    Now the lady could be lying. Why would this be so.

    What is true, no media has taken up the challenge.

  96. Miglo, I think you know know the answer to that.

    God, this Opposition is like some we know. Surely they have something new to say, or at least the nous to say it another way.

    Are they saving money on speech writers by recycling speeches.


    And who do we have to thank for this ?. The “Levy For Everything Government” which halted Compulsory Super at 9% during one of our most prosperous decades. Good on you Liberals and Nationals thanks for the miserable future for the millions of workers on basic super contributions.

    As I have pointed out before, if the “Levy for Everything Government” left the bloody super alone these workers would now have 40% more in their super accounts, even with the GFC.

  98. Watching Laurie Ferguson, MP if any one knows how the refugee system works, he does. You cannot be a member in the Granville area and not know other wise.

    He raised what many others should, it is nothing to do about protecting our borders. That is nonsense.

  99. Rabbott, couldn’t deliver because the dickhead, wouldn’t know a policy if it bit him in the ass. He’s a typical Fiberal all for reviving Work choices, and cutting the crap out of Education, hospitals education the bloody lot. He and his fat mate Joe Hockey, the fool that blew out the $ 11 Billion Dollar blow out. Hockley, is out of his league and do his Abbott. This moron is only interested in one thing sliding his bare arse in to the lodge. I’m for the Carbon Tax, as it is good for the Economy, and it will create jobs. Ppl earning under $ 21, 000 will pay no income tax at all. This is something we will never ever see under the Fiberals, they don’t care about workers or ppl on low incomes. It is in there DNA, to look after there rich mates, like Palmer, and that wanker Forrest, Big Tax cuts for these Rich Pricks. What gave Rabbott the right to waltz, in to workplaces like Factories making out he cares when the whole time he wants to screw them with Work choices. It was disgraceful that he flew all over the Country making out he was in Election mode with his Camera, crew on the expense of Taxpayers. Hypocrisy at it’s best.

  100. ……

    $4.1bn in new waste revealed

    I assume they’re referring to a further $4.1bn blowout in the cost of Liealot’s DAP, Min?

    And it’s a very honest summary of the Liars Party, don’t you think? lol

    lunalava @6.53am, The Derailer must have been offered Louie’s spot on the Mortein ads.

    Abbott PM, it was ever only a dream.

    But a nightmare for the country, Sue.


    …….t’other place is a different matter entirely no doubt

    And irrelevant to we at the Café, Min as we aren’t a shrill, trolling rabble.

    Did you hear that last week at CHOGM, Rudd had a sore throat and a British Foreign secretary W Hague gave him some goose fat

    Further evidence that Kevin Rudd will launch a leadership challenge before Parliament rises, Sue. Pssst, pass it on to Shamaham and Nikki Sava, they might have missed this one.

    And they wonder why I hold them in such low regard?

    You and the rest of us, Tom R.

    I’m still wondering why the words camel flatulence figure so prominently on the Liberal Party website.

    You need to ask, Min? rofl.

    Sounds like the Speaker is cranked up.

  101. Jenny, welcome to the Café. Those on Facebook will recognise Jenny from Australians for an Honest Media plus a good number of other sites.

  102. Laurie Oakes has had a good look at what Tony Abbott stands for in this piece.

    Oakes: Abbott’s mauling habit

    AUSTRALIA’S IMF contributions has always been bipartisan – until now, writes Laurie Oakes.

    IT WAS an extraordinary complaint from Tony Abbott. “It’s very difficult to have a sensible debate,” he said, “when you are confronted with a feral government.”

    Politicians don’t come any more ferocious and brutal than Mr Abbott. He reverted to the wild the moment he got his paws on the Liberal leadership.

    Finally Mr. Abbott’s credentials are being scrutinised.

    Oakes writes about Abbott’s attitude to the mining tax, and his apparent ignorance of Australia’s contributions to the IMF.

    Within hours of Mr Hockey advocating their feral version of economic isolationism, British PM David Cameron left them egg-faced by calling for a boost in IMF funding at the G-20 Summit in France.

    Australia has a vital interest in global financial security. That is why support for Australia’s IMF contributions has always been bipartisan – until now.

    The Business Council, normally sympathetic to the Coalition, did not hide its disapproval. Australia, it said, should act as a good global citizen and be prepared to support the IMF as it did in the 1990s during the Asian financial crisis.

    John Howard and Peter Costello would have recoiled in horror at Mr Abbott and Mr Hockey going feral over the IMF.

  103. Pip, we really need this man to represent us.

    Lateline is a laugh tonight.

    Still sticking to Abbott and Hockey boo boo yesterday.

    Mr. Abbott said today hockey was quoting the Chancellor. It is a shame he tool one sentence out of a paragraph.

    Liberal idiot on Lateline is still saying we should not be supporting the IMF.

    Do not they read the papers.

    Maybe not,, Hockey was still demanding that Swan pull the banks into line, long after they had announced they were dropping rates.

  104. But Abbott is sticking to his decision that he will abolish the tax – and all the benefits it will pay for – as soon as he becomes prime minister.

    That means he will repeal tax cuts for business, big and small.

    He will slash proposed infrastructure spending.

    And he will take back superannuation increases for workers. And why?

  105. This slimy shithead is going to abolish the Mining Tax, because his rich mates will have to pay more tax. He will take away pension increases, and the increase to workers Superannuation. What a stinking turd. Not only that he will bring Back Work choices, and rip the guts out of every worker.

  106. ‘This slimy shithead is going to abolish the Mining Tax, because his rich mates will have to pay more tax.’

    The miners have been talking to Yabbott’s team and Julia, the problem is the world economic situation and a possible deep recession.

    We could price ourselves out of a lucrative market, supplying China with raw materials. The Chinese are aggressively seeking out new resources anywhere in the world which they can legitimately tap.

    Don’t mention fracking.

  107. As you know I’m fascinated by women and everyday I find something new to wonder at. In this example they show determination and true grit for the sake of the children.

    ‘Marriage exit strategies or ”five-year plans” were increasingly common for older women who were not satisfied and had delayed separation for the sake of their children’s upbringing or education, said the director of clinical services at Relationships Australia, Pam Lewis.

    ”[If they are] in a relationship that is unstable or stifling them, they make a long-term plan for their children to gain more independence before looking at taking up options for their lives,” Ms Lewis said.’

    Read more:

  108. el gordo, you can only answer that question if you have been there.

    Every woman who has left such a relationship asks why in the hell did I stay so long.

    Some even go onto to higher education to find out.

    There is no simple answer, except it is a gradual down slide to the hell one finds themselves in.

    In the meantime, your attention, focus and time has been involved in having children.

    One lives in the belief that tomorrow will be better. One then says you are staying for the kids sake.

    Oh, an it use to be ingrained in woman that you were responsible for making the marriage work.

    Being told and worse believing, you made your bed, now lie in it does not help.

    Somewhere along the line it becomes a love/hate relationship.

    The real reason is that you are too tired. You reached a stage that one cannot make as decision. When one reaches this stage, it is nearly always a disaster that brings the hell to an end.

  109. I’ll let the headline speak for itself, and from the OO no less..

    Opposition not set to govern

    The second challenge for Abbott is to develop policies that have credibility. The “direct action” climate change policy lacks support among business, economists and environmentalists. The Coalition says it will cost $3.2 billion. The Grattan Institute says it could cost $100bn…..

    Economic policy is another weak point. Shadow Treasurer Joe Hockey’s credibility was damaged when Treasury found an $11bn shortfall in the Coalition’s election policy savings. Now Hockey is looking for $70bn in savings….

    The Coalition’s policy on refugees won’t work. Immigration Department secretary Andrew Metcalfe told a Senate estimates hearing Howard-era policies, such as offshore processing on Nauru, “could not be repeated with success”. Under the Howard government, 95 per cent of refugees resettled from Nauru ended up in Australia or New Zealand. The Nauru option also lacks legislative backing.

    Navy vice-admiral Ray Griggs said turning back boats was “risky” and endangered lives. Indonesia’s foreign minister called this policy “a backward step”.

  110. Min

    The oo must be after brownie points, the author of your piece Troy Bramston is a former adviser and speech writer to Kevin Rudd. True oo readers will know the difference.

  111. Sue, exactly that the OO would publish such a piece..scrutiny of Abbott’s policies (the few that he has), well I’m astounded.

  112. MIn
    but who will read it? us lefties don’t go behind the paywall and the far right will quickly pass by the article. The far right will know in their hearts how unbiased the oo is in publishing such lefty rubbish.

  113. Sounds like someone is a liar in abbott’s team, just the usual backflip or a review after an election will mean the budget they inherit cannot afford it. You take your pick

    “shadow assistant treasurer, Mathias Cormann, had told a group of superannuation executives a Coalition government would unwind any increases to the super guarantee it inherited.”

    “Tony Abbott, and his senior shadow ministers held a phone hook-up on Friday and decided not just to rescind the $240 million super increase it may inherit if elected but to honour the legislation in full and allow the rate to progress to 12 per cent.”

    Read more:

  114. Min, what is new, we all know that. They re slow catching up.

    Wonder what Mr. Abbott will do today, to undermine the PM visit to Afghanistan.

  115. From the article above

    “However, the decision is likely to place even greater pressure on Mr Hockey, who is trying to fund Coalition promises.”

    This could be Abbott’s get even measure with Hockey for his gaff over Qantas.

    So apart from the $11Billion black hole, election 2010, there is the $70 billion to be found, spoken of in 2011, there is now an additional $12.6 billion for 2013-2020 .

  116. For Miglo as Miglo wrote this thread, from today’s paper

    “Last year, in a lunchtime address to the Minerals Council of Australia, he vowed to fight to his last political breath to stop the tax. Metaphorically, Abbott is prepared to die to protect the profits of Big Dirt.”

    Read more:

    I though you may like this line in particular:

    “Abbott is prepared to die to protect the profits of Big Dirt.”

  117. ““Abbott is prepared to die to protect the profits of Big Dirt.”

    Is that after he makes his blood oath or as it is better known, his pact with the devil.

  118. CU

    that is a really tough question, but as in all those vampire movies, the bad guy just keeps coming back to life.

  119. For those who might have missed it, the way to get behind the OO’s paywall is to copy and paste the URL into Google Search.

  120. Pingback: We’ve been saying that all along | Café Whispers

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