Tony Abbott demands..and demands..and demands

Source: The Courier Mail

Tony Abbott pushes his call for an election states the media reporter adding: “If as Tony Abbott says we are but a heart-beat away from an election then Tony Abbott’s policies need to be scrutinised a lot more”. Oh really??? Who would have thunk it.

27th August 2010: Tony Abbott is hedging his bets for another election. The Opposition Leader is an uber-competitor – not the type to baulk at the finish line.

27th September 2010: Just after Rob Oakeshott and Tony Windsor decided to back Labor, a relieved minister observed that, throughout the election campaign, Tony Abbott had reminded him of the Terminator, the Hollywood-created cyborg that made Arnold Schwarzenegger a star.

The seemingly indestructible cyborg assassin travelled back in time from 2029 to 1984 Los Angeles, programmed to kill its target, Sarah Connor.

In the kill-or-be-killed game of politics, the minister was paying Abbott a compliment with the analogy to the cold-blooded and emotionless killing machine.

”Abbott was like the bloody Terminator,” he said. ”It didn’t matter what we did, shoot him, blow him up, run him over with a truck. He’d get up, repair himself and keep coming after us. We got him in the end but we had to dump him in a pit of molten metal.”

The molten metal moment, the minister opined, was when the independents sided with Labor. That is where the analogy ends. In the sequel to The Terminator, the cyborg came back but had changed sides.

In the election sequel, Abbott returned as hell-bent as ever on exterminating the Gillard government.

10th October 2010: Tony Windsor has revealed for the first time why Tony Abbott is not prime minister today.

Remarkably it was because in the crucial early days of negotiations over the formation of a minority government Abbott didn’t want the job.

26th February 2011: Tony Abbott calls for election on carbon tax.

23rd March 2011: Opposition Leader Tony Abbott has called for a fresh election to test the federal government’s plan for a carbon tax.

Mr Abbott today addressed an anti-carbon tax rally outside Parliament House in Canberra, which organisers say attracted 3000 protesters.

12th May 2011: TONY Abbott has demanded Julia Gillard call an early election as soon as she finalises details of her carbon tax, declaring in his budget reply that her government lacked legitimacy and integrity.

23rd May 2011: Julia Gillard and Bob Brown reject Tony Abbott’s calls for an early election..Last night Opposition Leader Abbott used his formal reply to Tuesday night’s Budget to demand the Government quickly present its plans for putting a price on carbon pollution, and then call an election.

30th June 2011: TONY Abbott today demanded an immediate election to end “the experiment that failed” in minority government. However, the Opposition Leader did not want to discuss the workplace relations policy he would take to the election were it called.

16th August 2011: Tony Abbott got a rock star welcome from several thousand protesters at a boisterous anti-carbon tax rally outside Parliament House, though he was plainly wary about some of them.

The chant of “Tony, Tony, Tony” rose to a crescendo as the Opposition Leader repeated his mantra “no tax collection before an election”.

3rd September 2011: From Tony Abbott. “This is a government which has no right to ram through the parliament a carbon tax that it has no mandate for. The leadership of our country should be determined by the people at an election, not by the faceless men plotting behind the scenes.”

Tony, have you ever considered that just because you demand something it does not mean that you are going to get it. I do realize that Matthew 7:7 states Ask and ye shall receive, however there is also an old Proverb:

So be careful what you wish for
Because you just might get it
And if you get it then you just might not know
What to do with it, because it might just
Come back on you ten-fold.

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  1. ….ding dong the wicked witch …..
    You are a Champion Tony Abbott. Windsor and Oakshott have joined the long list of Abbott political road kill.
    .. anyone running a book on when a certain Independent is going to change camps to force an election?
    It is comforting that this lunatic paradigm experiment, we loosely call a government, is coming to an end.

  2. Min, I am sure that Mr Abbott has not given any thought to what he would do if he got the job he so desires.

    Min, this is because he has shown he can only do one thing at once. The other is his lack of ability to look ahead.

    It is my suspicion that his party do know what they want and are looking into the future to ensure the plans they have are put in place.

    It is my guess that Mr. Abbott will not play a role in those plans.

    Mr. Abbott’s job is to get the election anyway he can.That is all that his party expects of him.

    Mr. Abbott has changed the way that Oppositions carry out their role.

    Mr. Abbott or the Liberal Party can no longer expect assistance or bi-partisanship in any way. Those days are gone.

    My concern is how our democracy will survive, if the role of an Opposition is only to oppose and destroy an elected government

    If Mr. Abbott succeeds, it will be the second time the Liberals have gone down this path and won.

    After the Whitlam disaster, Mr Fraser took steps to ensure our parliament was not put in the same situation again.

    This time I would not expect Labor to be so accommodating.

    I would expect Min’s proverb to come into play.

    “So be careful what you wish for
    Because you just might get it
    And if you get it then you just might not know
    What to do with it, because it might just
    Come back on you ten-fold.’

    Also Mr. Abbott will not have the advantage of having a DLP party or as Mr. Howard had, a Treacherous Democrats.

    The pendulum has swung in regard to smaller parties. Today it is the Greens who have little sympathy with the Coalition.

    Yes, if Mr. Abbott did succeed, there will be a sting in the tail, I fear it will be for the people.

    Mr Abbott offers little but uncertainty and settling old scores.


  3. Hi poh
    i note you have been talking with margie. 2 appearances with tony in 1 week, the smiles and holding hands walking off in to the sunset was a good photo op.

  4. Poh, once again, polls are only about popularity. Being popular is not what it is all about.

    It is about your elected member doing the right thing for those who elected them.

    The funny thing is both men campaigned for a price on carbon. They are not going back on their election promises. If you are correct, they are being punished for keeping their word.

    As the Opposition has conducted extensive and expensive campaigns in those seats, I would expect some backlash against the independents.

    There is no imminent election.

    It is not over until the fat lady sings. That is a long time off. Poh, Mr. Abbott knows this. He is becoming more desperate and more shrill.

    Time is not on Mr. Abbott’s side.

    Polls can and do come down as well as up This was proven in how record high polls for Rudd over long period of time swung suddenly the other way.

    Yes, Poh, gloat while you have the chance.

  5. CU
    fancy gloating over a newspoll poll.
    she must be hanging around with the same mob that sophie supports as she starts her pieces with that wicked w stuff. the xmas bingo games will be in full force soon, so her time will be fully occupied.

  6. “It is comforting that this lunatic paradigm experiment, we loosely call a government, is coming to an end.”

    This thing that you loosely call a government, is a legit government that has been given a mandate by the people according to the Constitution.

    While this so called experiment has the numbers on the floor of the lower house, it continues to have a mandate to govern.

    This is an inconvenient fact that one has to ignore to rave on as you and the Opposition do.

    This legit government has the right to govern for it’s full term as per the Constitution.

    If you do not like it, I suggest that you and the Opposition work to change the Constitution, otherwise stop spreading lies and shut up.

  7. Poh..I know that this is going to come as a huge shock, but Tony Abbott lost the election. And why did he lose the election? Because the Independents gauged that he was unable to do so things: run an entire term and to keep his promises.

  8. “That simply underlines how politically clever Abbott has been”

    Are Australians that stupid that they will not lay the blame for any rise in unemployment and electricity at the feet of Mr. Abbott.

    Are we to believe that businesses in this country are going to lie low, while Mr. Abbott further trashes the economy.

    What does Mr. Abbott offer? Maybe only chaos. Definitely not hope.

    “………Certain statistics underpin every federal election. Typically, the most important relate to the economy.

    The unemployment figure, the inflation rate and the level of interest rates are always significant.

    But you can add a couple from left field to the next contest, whenever it is held – the number of boats that arrive carrying asylum seekers, and the price of electricity.

    And as it happens, Tony Abbott is engineering an increase in both numbers from Opposition, a remarkable achievement…….

    ……….Now any number of experts and business representatives are saying that power bills will go up even more than they otherwise would have because of the uncertainty created. Much of the energy industry will hesitate before investing and the practice of buying future-dated carbon purchases to second guess fluctuations down the track, will not be as popular. All that will come at a cost to the industry, and they will pass on the costs to consumers.

    Of course, the Opposition will deny responsibility in both cases, and given its track record, the Government will be hard pressed to make the argument stick.

    That simply underlines how politically clever Abbott has been…..”

  9. Min, thanks for the chronology. I note that the series of rallies outside Parliament House has got smaller and smaller and at the same time more and more extreme.
    After the last stunt, Mirabelle had to sign a few crazies into question time to disrupt the proceedings.
    I like the way ordinary Australians shun political extremists. The polls will soon start to track the same trajectory as those ridiculous stunts.

  10. Luna, one crazy is so ashamed of himself that her has made an public apology.

    I wonder what she uses to stir them up?

  11. Laurie Oakes said something along the line of Public Relations experts are replacing journalism in his Andrew Olle Media Speech.

    He in dictated that journalist no longer have the time or opportunity to do their job any more.

    Maybe then, we can no longer trust the news media for gathering information.

    Everything has become all about PR. Politics, business and media.

    In other words,I would replace PR with the word “con”. That is what it is all about.

    It is no longer about making them honest, it is about getting the truth.

  12. Luna, thank you. I sauntered past the tellie when a Sky News commentator repeated the famous words: Tony Abbott demands…

    It suddenly came to me that Tony Abbott has been doing one heck of a lot demanding over a fairly substantial period of time while offering nothing in exchange for his ‘demanding’.

  13. “Mr. Abbott has changed the way that Oppositions carry out their role.”

    It would be interesting to know how much legislation Abbott has tried to block.

    I do not recall Labor in Opposition supporting any major Coalition policies. Labor continued to oppose the GST even after Howard took it to an election.

    It is not surprising the Abbott opposed the Malaysian policy. Who really wants to get involved in trading human beings?? Only rusted on Labor supporters who would support anything Gillard does..

    And what happens after 800 arrive?? The smugglers have Gillard worked out already.

    Most Australians do not support the Carbon Tax. I suspect that Abbott has supported most other things but I could be wrong.

  14. “Tony Abbott demands”

    And what has he achieved. I do not believe he has achieved any of his demands. I do not believe he will be able to do so in the future.

  15. Neil, it might surprise you but Labor has support much of Mr. Howard’s legalisation, as Mr. Howard did as Opposition leader.

    There were many issues that were considered bi-partisan. In fact it is the only way a democratic government can function. Yes, there are things that governments will never agree on.

    This is the first Opposition that has opposed everything, including things he supported in the past.

    That is what this post is about, I believe. Mr. Abbott is always demanding things he has no hope of achieving.

  16. Maybe you are correct, maybe Mr. Abbott has supported something.

    He did make a joke of the PM when she first announced the Presidents visit. I do admit when he woke up to what he did, he attempted to make amends.

    Neil, please enlighten me to what he has supported in this parliament.

  17. CU, exactly. That is how politics has changed under Tony Abbott. Once it would be on the news: In an amendment put forward by the Opposition…

    Abbott has only one goal, it’s his style Mr Marathon Man. But what happens after the race is run? What are his plans?

    I was somewhat amused by the Sky News commentator’s statement that Tony Abbott should be explaining his policies. But doesn’t Abbott firstly have to come up with some of these (policies).

  18. Well Min, we do know that they all will have to fit in three word slogans.

    That is all he is capable of communicating.

    It is wonderful watching him trying to answer in depth questioning with slogans.

    The pity is that this does not happen often.

  19. Neil re “And what happens after 800 arrive??” They go to Malaysia for processing and in exchange we take 4,000 already processed refugees. Well that was the general idea of it. But that’s all in the past now with the High Court having put the kybosh on not only the Malaysia deal but also Tony Abbott’s Nauru deal.

  20. Neil, what happens after Mr. Abbott sends unidentified numbers to Nauru.

    What happens when the small island can hold no more.

  21. Min- I said after 800 arrive.

    The first 800 get sent overseas. What about the next 800.

    The people smugglers could even pay the first 800 to get on a boat. Good for business because they can charge $10,000 for the next 800 as they will get asylum in Australia.

    And I do not think the ALP was bi-partisian in Opposition

  22. Min shakes her head in disbelief. This is the queue which you Liberals have been going on and on about all these years. Australia takes the refugees who have already been processed and the non-processed people go to the back of the queue. Thereby sending a clear message to people smugglers.

  23. MIn

    We only send 800 back.

    What happens if 4,000 boat people arrive?? We send the first 800 back and the other 3,200 get to stay.

    All the smugglers have to do if pay 800 people $1,000 to get on an asylum boat to Australia and then anything over 800 gets to stay.

  24. Neil, sorry..there are no ‘what happens ifs’. The High Court decided that neither the Malaysia deal nor the Nauru deal were lawful.

    There is therefore no point in speculating about what happens if..because it isn’t (going to happen) that is.

  25. Well you were saying Abbott was opposing everything and i have not seen how many bills he has opposed.

    I made this statement

    “It is not surprising the Abbott opposed the Malaysian policy. Who really wants to get involved in trading human beings?? Only rusted on Labor supporters who would support anything Gillard does..”

    Why would anyone want to support trading in human beings???

    Abbott does not have to support that.

  26. Min, the operative word in Matthew 7:7 is ask, not shrilly demand, throw a tantrum, and trash your country. Not once has this caricature of a person asked politely in the spirit of cooperation and constructive negotiation for the support of the Independents or any other party.

    Instead, like the ignorant, arrogant, mendacious, destructive clown he is, he has imperiously demanded that they fall at his feet like vassals.

    Well, Liealot, they’ve got news for you; you aren’t Caesar, not even a pale imitation of Caesar, nor are you Pharaoh or Emperor of China or other potentate. You are a megalomaniac, hellbent on power at any cost.

    But now that Emperor Rupert’s influence is on the wane, and sycophants in the msm are starting to wake up to the hollow destructive vessel he is, there will be a lot more scrutiny of his lack of any remotely coherent or sensible policy, the economic illiteracy of the entire Liars Party, and their determination to destroy the future of this country in their lust for power.

    They’ll start to see a lot more scrutiny of Liealot and the Liars Party and they’ll hate it, but it’s inevitable that there will be more and more chipping away at the flimsy papier mache facade that is the Liars Party’s credibility.

    Poh, carry on believing your hollow vessel will force an election or bully the Independents into abandoning their electorates and this country to the destructive mercies of this talentless, power hungry policy vacuum.

    They actually care about this country and its welfare, unlike your hero who is only interested in his own aggrandisement. No doubt a characteristic you share with him. Make the most of the walking off into the sunset of irrelevance.

    Min, CU it’s pointless trying to discuss these matters with Neil or any other cheerleader. Even when irrefutable evidence is put before them from many different sources, they refuse to acknowledge it, because they are incapable of doing so.

    Accepting any evidence contrary to their world view would cause catastrophic crumbling of their mental landscape and the shattering of long held illusions.

    That’s why they are able to discount any positive information about this government from impartial, external sources and shriek that these people are too stupid to see how right the Liars Party is and how wrong they are.

    The fact that the comments come from people and institutions which are highly regarded everywhere else in the known world is of no consequence to them.

    Also, the fact that Wayne Swan and PJK both were given World’s Greatest Treasurer gongs by an international panel and Tip was ignored is eating away at their guts. And like the spiteful, mean spirited midgets they are, they have no recourse but to rubbish the award, the recipient and the judges.

    But it makes no difference at whatever. Swan’s been recognised as good at what he does and their mob has only received a curled lip.

    In two years’ time, Julia Gillard will lead the Labor party to another election victory as people realise that a vote for the Liars Party is a vote for a disastrous economic future for the country and for their children and grandchildren.

    of course, there will be a fair amount of immediate self interest as they realise that a vote for the Liars Party will also mean that Sloppy Joe’s pudgy paw will be extracting cash from their wallets on an epic scale to hand out to the Liars Party’s polluting mates.

  27. in human beings? Liberal Party cr*p. It’s the queue that you Liberals have been demanding for..well for ever.

    Or it was ‘the queue’ that you Liberals have been demanding. It of course no longer exists because your fearless leader Tony Abbott decided that he wanted onshore processing.

  28. Jane re “the operative word in Matthew 7:7 is ask, not shrilly demand, throw a tantrum, and trash your country”.

    I likewise suspect that there is a difference between making a reasoned argument and chucking a tantie…

  29. “t of course no longer exists because your fearless leader Tony Abbott decided that he wanted onshore processing.”

    Not true. We have a Coalition govt (ALP/Greens).

    All Gillard has to do is convince Bob Brown to vote for offshore processing.

    Bob Brown voted against it. If her own govt don’t believe in it why should Abbott??

  30. For nil for starters

    “The Gillard government has secured passage of its controversial carbon tax through the lower house of federal parliament with the support of key crossbench MPs.

    Labor won the vote on the 18 carbon tax bills 74 to 72.

    The lower house also passed the government’s $300 million steel transformation plan bill.

    That vote was won 75 to 71 with Queensland independent Bob Katter joining fellow independents Rob Oakeshott, Tony Windsor and Andrew Wilkie, and Greens MP Adam Bandt, in backing Labor.

    Government ministers embraced and clapped following the vote.
    Prime Minister Julia Gillard applauded the result as opposition MPs jeered.”

    I hope he told the Queen he rejected support for the Qld flood victims, in fact he jeered the passage of the legislation. Yeah we play tough politics in Australia!

  31. “The Federal Government’s $1.8 billion flood levy legislation has passed the Senate with the support of the Greens, Family First Senator Steve Fielding and independent Senator Nick Xenophon.”

    Previous post was wrong but this one will do for starters!

  32. “Labor won the vote on the 18 carbon tax bills 74 to 72.”

    Exactly. She can get anything she wants through the House if the current Coalition govt (ALP/Greens) votes for it.

    But Bob Brown is her problem not Abbott

    “Or it was ‘the queue’ that you Liberals have been demanding.”

    Who was demanding a queue?? We were told it did not exist until Gillard magically found one. It was hiding for all these years until Gillard found a queue to be used for political purposes.

  33. Well technically Neil(s), the current government is not a coalition, it’s a minority government, supported on specific motions (confidence & supply) by Independents and one Green. There is no agreement to support everything the Labor party proposes, unlike the Nationals who’ve sold their soul (and their constituents) for the chance at Ministerial leather…

  34. “Neil, Howard did not take the GST to an election. He won an election then sprung then sprung the GST on us.”

    Are you trying to be funny??

    If not, you must have been in a coma during the 1998 election. Everybody thought Howard campaigning on the GST was mad. No-one is going to vote for a new tax they said.

    “There is no agreement to support everything the Labor party proposes,”

    O.K. but all Gillard needs is Bob Browns support for off-shore processing and it passes both Houses.

    I would think most Australians would be against the Malaysian solution except for the rusted ons who will always vote ALP.

    I think most Australians would be against the Carbon tax also. So Abbott has the peoples support.

  35. Thank you Migs. Nor did Howard take WorkChoices to an election. He brought in the changes after he won control of the Senate.

  36. “Thank you Migs.”

    ?????? Miglo wrote this.

    “Neil, Howard did not take the GST to an election. He won an election then sprung then sprung the GST on us.”

    That is a lie. The 1998 election was fought on the GST. It was one of the main issues. I remember cartoons saying that Howard was mad to try and bring in a new tax and no-one would vote for it.

  37. Neil and the queue..from 2001 and the Guardian: The Immigration Minister referred to of course being Philip Ruddock.

    Australia’s immigration minister also likes to portray asylum seekers as “queue-jumpers”, a label now firmly etched in the public mind. He has reduced the number of refugees Australia takes from UN programmes from 12,000 to 8,000 this year, claiming that this is because of the growing number of asylum seekers skipping the UN’s camps and turning up in Australia.

  38. Here you go Neil…from the SMH Archives

    John Howard told a lie on May 2, 1995. Then he told more lies to reinforce the first lie. To protect himself from what he judged a serious threat to his last chance to be prime minister, Howard lied and went on lying. Now, three years later, he is telling still more lies to hide that first lie.”

    That was the lead to an article published on Saturday, May 30, 1998. I wrote it to show why Howard was a serial liar when it suited his political interests….

    In May 1995, eight months before the general election in March 1996 that made him prime minister, what Howard lied about was his commitment to a goods and services tax (GST). That was his infamous “never ever” pledge.

  39. Canny, nice to see you, old friend.

    It could also be said of Abbott that he’s a couple of stubbies short of a six pack. Or maybe even a few cents short of a dollar.

  40. An interesting read
    “At a time when there is seemingly unending mainstream media criticism of the PM and her government, not one but five senior political reporters appeared to significantly escalate their scrutiny of Tony Abbott’s tactics and policies.”

  41. I think that Mr. Howard did take the GST to an election. The silly voters were misled in the belief that the Democrats would block the GST in the Senate.

    The problem is that the Democrats sold their supporters out. Their action led to the demise of the party.

    Mr. Howard did not take Work Choices or mention anything about changing the IR laws. There was good reason for this, as he knew the voter would not buy such a policy. He was right in this regard.

    The unexpected happen in the senate, allowing Mr. Howard to introduce anything he liked. The result was Work Choices that led to his demise as occurred to the Democrats with the GST.

    There will few voters that would be willing to give Mr. Abbott such power. Yes, Mr. Abbott and his supporters do believe this will happen again, with a landslide result.

    I believe that at least two state Liberal governments are already on the nose after landslide wins.

    Yes Jane, as I said, Liberal supporters have to dump many inconvenient truths in their desire to support Mr. Abbott.

    Anthony, I think that high pitched voice is coming from Mr. Abbott’s frustration and anger of not getting his own way. He is a little hysterical that’s all..

    We do not see much of the bike now, or him in the surf for that matter.

    More evidence that he can only do one thing at a time. He cannot pull stunts and go bike riding at the same time/ One thing at a time. Tony.

  42. Sue, absolutely and duly noted here at the Café. That is, run a number of negative articles and then run a Poll on the very same question asking: Do you believe that…

    Bob’s yer uncle, 67% of old farts who have landlines and who were home on a Friday evening and who weren’t busy having sex on a Saturday morning believe the following….

  43. The other interesting thing about the 1998 election was the fact that more electors voted against the government than for it, (216,978 more 2PP) and the Democrats gained upper house seats on the promise to stop the GST (unless all food was exempt). That to me was an overwhelming vote against the GST, which Howard not only ignored, but claimed he had a mandate to implement the GST…

  44. The Opposition Rules! Okay?

    Tony Abbott knows he has authority.
    To give commands, to turn the tide of history,
    He can ignore advice, needn’t wait for votes.
    Of course he will turn back the boats!

    He has a sacred pledge or covenant
    With God. He knows that government
    Is rightly his….or soon will be. It must.
    His blood oath on that requires our trust.

    For non-believers like Julia Gillard
    And godless men of the old Red Guard,
    With claims of democratic rights to rule,
    He has only contempt and ridicule.

    Businessmen must now make plans ahead
    Based on all this visionary has said.
    Ignore those laws about a carbon price!
    He’s warned them once! He will not say it twice!

    Climate crap’s all hypothetical.
    Believing it is now heretical.
    Pretending to he once himself risked hell
    Until shriven by good Cardinal Pell.

    Now Australia can see he’s pure of soul
    And that he has a mandate from Newspoll
    He demands again an immediate election!
    Gillard must obey, with appropriate genuflection.

  45. Patricia…spot on.

    He’s pure of soul, he has a mandate from Newspoll.

    I’m just waiting for the next verse which rhymes with election. 😀

  46. Short off the top of the head history of the GST.

    Mr. Keating sought and was given three, I think. options for reform of the economy.

    One option was the GST but he quickly learnt that the political climate made the GST impossible. Mr. Keating then settle for another option that would bring similar reforms to the economy.

    This made the GST less needed and I think it was dropped even by Mr. Howard at the first election he won.

    By the time the second election came about, Mr. Howard was in trouble and desperate. He reintroduced the GST which he had ridiculed Mr. Keating for.

    The last ditch effort paid off.

    What was got into legalisation, was a watered version of the GST.

    The GST has replaced wholesale taxes but not many others it was mooted to replace. (wholesale taxes were highest on luxury goods)

    It definitely has not destroyed the cash economy. The tax is easy to evade.

    The GST for the first time bought in a tax on services.

    It is not the growth tax it was seen to be for the states. The growth has stopped and states are going backwards in the income they receive.

    The GST is a regressive tax, that falls hardest on the lower income earner.

    It is time for this tax to be reviewed.

    In my opinion the GST was a con that transferred wealth from the lower income earners to the high income bracket.

  47. I suppose that I should be serious..just for once in a while.

    Has anyone yet worked out that this person Tony Abbott is very likely to be Australia’s next Prime Minister.

    For the life of me I cannot fathom one single redeeming feature about the man. He has no discernible intellect. He has no personality except for a confected Action Man personna, and he doesn’t even bother to pursue that one these days.

    And yet according to the Newspolls Tony Abbott is hugely successful. I cannot help but think that he is the lazy journalists answer to Toddlers & Tiaras.

  48. Bacchus

    You are totally correct, while Howard went to the election with the GST, the democrats were the fallback for the GST not being implemented. I am one of the voters who voted for Howard but then voted for the democrats to block the GST which was the one policy I detested of the Howard government at the time.

    Howard had absolutely no mandate to introduce a GST. The democrats had a mandate to stop it and then their leader negotiated behind the voters back and we have a GST and no democrats.

    What I do find interesting is that the negotiations with the democrats at the time were proudly proclaimed as a Howard government negotiating successfully with another party to have legislation implmented.

    When the current government negotiates with the independents or the greens the opposition and media claim them as being gutless and the other party ruling the government.

    As a result of these disgraceful displays of hostility I believe the coalition have lost any credibility to be able to negotiate with any other party in any other parliament of the future and all independents and other parties should remember this for many years to come.

  49. shaneinqld

    before abbott gets to election mode he will need to NEGOTIATE with the party backers, big business and those pesky carbon permits, they will purchase.

    and who do you think will hold the upper hand in the true liberal tradition of
    money v abbott

  50. “yeah we play tough politics in Australia!”

    The sad part is that he believes that bullying is being tough. It is not, bullies are cowards.

    I heard Mr. Oakes say in relation to the PM, that the PM is made of sterner stuff.

    There is no sign of the PM wilting before Mr. Abbott’s onslaught There is no sign of the PM taking one backward step in or outside parliament..

    Even with the migration bill, the PM and her minister was putting in place the extension of onshore processing while pressing ahead with the off shore processing bill. It will now sit in the parliament in the hope it can be further in the future.

    Very few governments has ever got all its their legalisation through parliament. I do not believe many have been as successful as this one.

    I believe Mr. Abbott will learn indeed that we play tough politics in this country.

    I wonder who the Queen was thinking of when she said that minority governments can be hard. It was said immediately after her meeting with Mr. Abbott it is said to talk only about politics.

  51. Shane, might you have a link to that. That Howard went to the election with the gold plated promise of a GST.

    From my link at 2.46pm.

    In May 1995, eight months before the general election in March 1996 that made him prime minister, what Howard lied about was his commitment to a goods and services tax (GST). That was his infamous “never ever” pledge.

  52. Here’s another one on the GST..

    John Howard: “No, there’s no way that a GSTwill ever be part of our policy.”

    Journalist: “Never ever?”

    John Howard: “Never ever. It’s dead. It was killed by the voters in the last election”. – John Howard, interview, Tweed Heads Civic Centre, 2 May 1995.

  53. Min @ 4.46pm, I thought this tweet matched your Toddlers and Tiaras man causing sensible people to feel a little depressed…

    ,i>hi_Richard_hi hi Richard hi by now__voyager

    “Before you diagnose yourself with depression or low self-esteem, first make sure that you are not, in fact, just surrounded by arseholes” ~

    😀 😀

  54. Min, he did make that pledge before the election he came to power. He reneged on that pledge at the next election.

    This is where the confusion comes about.

    The Democrats went to the election with pledge they would opposed the GST in the senate.

    They sold the voters out.

    This led to the demised of the Democrats.

    I suppose if we judge Mr. Howard by the standard set for the PM, Mr. Howard lied in 1995.

    I believe we can be assured if Mr Howard had the numbers, he would have bought in the GST during his first term.

    Maybe he was to busy drawing back land rights, so that the Aboriginals could not take over our backyards.

  55. Min @ 5.19pm, John Howard: “Never ever. It’s dead. It was killed by the voters in the last election”. – John Howard, interview, Tweed Heads Civic Centre, 2 May 1995.

    Is that the equivalent of dead buried and cremated ??

  56. Pip, spot on. We have less reason less reasons to trust Mr. Abbott.

    We had Mr Howard’s solemn promise that he found easy to ditch at the next election.

  57. CU et al, I find it amazing.

    Neil @2.36pm is very quick to call Migs out as a liar. I do hope given the links to specific statements that Neil will be just as quick to offer an apology to Migs. I for one will be looking forward to reading Neil’s apology.

    On the other hand we have the MSM calling the PM a liar in spite of (blessings to Pip for the link) the PM stating specificially that if Labor won the election that she would consider this a mandate.

    Let’s hear it again…

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price..

  58. The media and Abbott share the same song book. Everything starts with “Tony about says” or “Tony Abbott demands”.

    OMG it’s monotonous.

  59. So much for newspoll, ltd news, and Abbott banging on about the Independents !

    Seems that Mr. Windsor and Mr. Oakeshott actually went to the elction with the very policy on climate change and the carbon policy that has just passed in the Lower House …

    Independent MPs defend policy stance

    Mr Oakeshott said the coalition and Labor had held inconsistent positions on carbon pricing, but he had made it known at the 2007 and 2010 polls he supported the policy.

    “Unlike many others, I won’t change my mind on what the experts say is the lowest-cost, lowest-risk insurance policy against the risk of climate change,” Mr Oakeshott said.

    “We should demand results, consistency and resolve from our political representatives.”

    He said voters would swing around to carbon pricing once they became aware of the household and industry assistance.

    Mr Windsor puts the loss of support down to anti-carbon tax sentiment whipped up by the coalition.

    “I guess that is because of the fear campaign that was run,” he told ABC radio.

    “It’s obvious they don’t know the detail – the detail hasn’t been well marketed.”

  60. “That to me was an overwhelming vote against the GST, which Howard not only ignored, but claimed he had a mandate to implement the GST…”

    Under our system he won the election. At least he took the GST to the people.

    If Gillard had said she will bring in a carbon tax she would have lost the election.

    “I for one will be looking forward to reading Neil’s apology.”

    What for??? Miglo said this “Neil, Howard did not take the GST to an election”

    He did take it to an election in 1998. We all got to vote on it.

  61. From Twitter

    mikestuchbery Mike Stuchbery

    Sudanese family walking down Footscray Street, eating coffee from Italian place & Banh Mi from Vietnamese bakery. I love this country.

    Me too 🙂

    This is not ltd news Stutchbury.

  62. Neil has a comprehension problem.

    This has been explained to him/them many times and he/they just don’t want to know the truth ….

  63. Pip, absolutely which is why Windsor and Oakeshott chose to support a Gillard government..her policies were far closer to their own, the NBN for example.

    I think no matter the polls, but that when push comes to shove and that people are faced with the real prospect of Tony Abbott, Prime Minister then a lot of people are going to have to stop playing games.

  64. Neil @6.01pm..are you blind. See self at 5.50pm and the link, Gillard took the carbon tax to the election. Or maybe you think that The Australian newspaper tells lies..

    whoops..hand on a mo’, that could happen…

  65. Pip @5.29
    Here is the possible Tony Abbott Work Choices come back (resurrection) for dead, buried, cremated

    “In summary, then, the Church permits cremation, provided that it does not demonstrate a denial of faith in the resurrection of the body. (Catechism of the Catholic Church, 2301).”

    I don’t think I will look up the answer to blood oaths

  66. Until the opinion polls turn, and I’m sure they will, Abbott will be demanding an election at every turn. He’ll only shut up once he slips out of favour.

    I don’t recall the Labor Opposition demanding an election after Howard sprung Workchoices on the electorate after his 2004 victory. He took interest rates to the election, nothing else. His claim that he had a mandate for Workchoices was absolute crap.

    Same crap after the 2001 election where his campaign platform was boat people. Turned around afterwards and said that he was voted in because of his economic credentials. More bullshit. Until 9/11 he was facing annihilation.

  67. Min

    The election I am referring to is the 1998 election where Howard did include the GST when he called an early election.

    This link shows thw results and it also shows that Howard lost 19 seats since the previous election win, which in my opoinion is no so called mandate for the GST either. IN addition Howard was elected with less than 50% of the 2PP vote so not a mandate either.

  68. Shane, I’ve never been quite sure about this thing called ‘a mandate’.

    To me it’s something which people can loudly proclaim that they have without ever having prove it. If you think that you have one then you’re never ever called upon to prove if – if others accuse you of not having one then you have to prove that you do have one. In this way a mandate is a bit like having a penis.

    I could stand on a soapbox at the roundabout at Tweed Heads tomorrow and declare that I have one. But it counts for nothing. Having one or not having one doesn’t count for much, it’s what you do with it which is important.

  69. ‘See self at 5.50pm and the link, Gillard took the carbon tax to the election. Or maybe you think that The Australian newspaper tells lies..’

    i read your link and it said this

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    Sounds like to me Gillard ruled out a carbon tax. I guess you will say we are not getting a carbon tax.

  70. Min

    I will concede a mandate to any party under the following conditions.

    1) The party wins the election with a majority
    2) The party wins a double dissolution majority in the senate thereby ensuring those in the senate were elected on the proposed policy platform.
    3) The party wins over 50% of the 2PP vote.

    Only then could you consider a government having a mandate.

  71. “Or maybe you think that The Australian newspaper tells lies..”

    I Sure DO.

    When a newspaper has to print apologies and retract accusations it obviously does not tell the truth all of the time

  72. Unless Neil owns one of the top big polluting companies he will not be taxed on his carbon emissions….or any other hot air…

    Coalition MPs buy up resources shares

    Labor MP Jason Clare has followed the money …
    and checked the politicians declarations of pecuniary interest for share acquisitions in energy or coal companies since the $23 a tonne carbon price was announced.
    “Follow the money if you want to find out the truth”, he said in a lower house debate on the impact of the carbon tax on industry.

    What he discovered is that “one in six members of the Opposition
    have bought shares in resource companies”.

    They can’t be too worried about the carbon pricing and emissions trading scheme after all !!

  73. Shane,
    there is a legitimate provision for a Minority government, quite legitimate, which means that the government can get on with the job of governing…the operative word is government.
    Minority governments are common in other countries, and Sth. Australia and N.S.W. have both had them in the recent past.
    Ask Tony Windsor MP; he’s been a part of a N.S.W. Minority government and it didn’t seem to bother him.

  74. Min, I believe a mandate has little to do with promises.

    A mandate is the power people give to form a government by their vote..

    The mandate is tested on the floor of the lower house.

  75. I just hope whoever ultimately replaces Gillard as PM is spared all of the same hatred, confusion and vilification.

    Unless she is replaced by someone to the right of bolt, it will never happen 😦

  76. Cu, thank you for this:-

    A mandate is the power people give to form a government by their vote..

    The mandate is tested on the floor of the lower house.

    Perfect. 🙂

  77. Tom R,
    I think the “hatred, confusion and vilification” will continue unabated until the Coalition are in power.

  78. PS I am not saying it is OK for parties to lie. I should not have to say this, but from past experiences, that is what I will be accused of.

    Yes, Neil, we do not have a carbon tax.

    We do have what the PM did not particularly want. A fixed price on carbon emission for three to five years. This will evolve over that time into a Emission Trading Scheme. That is not a carbon tax. It is not a carbon levy. It is not a fee.

    Most economist agree it is not a tax.

    Neil, before the last election there was great debate on the pros and cons of both a carbon tax and a emission trading scheme.

    When Mr. Rudd attempted to get his cap and trade scheme through, (Cannot remember the actual name) Mr. Abbott asked why they were not proposing a carbon tax, his preference being a straight out carbon tax.

    Neil, I do not wonder that so many are confused as there has too much deliberate misinformation and twisting of facts in the community.

    Neil, I do believe it is time for the matter to be settled. The serious debate has been going on for over a decade.

    This is the cheapest way of dealing with the matter.

    There is world wide agreement to address the matter. Sadly there is not agreement to a common method. There is agreement to the amount to be original amount.

    Whatever Mr. Abbott manages to do or stop, there will be a scheme.

    Business realises this. Quantas is already facing big costs in other countries through our lack of a scheme.

    Most other countries have or are moving to a similar scheme.

    There is nothing to be gained by putting the issue off any longer. The opposite is true.

    With the ETS out of the way, government can get on with addressing other important problems.

    Yes, we need to move ahead.

  79. Tom R.

    If you look at our Blogroll you’ll see I’ve added a link to News DeLimited.

    You’ll realise this now means you’re famous.

  80. Pip

    I have no problem with a minority government at all and am happy the current one contains independents. I was simply pointing out when I would be prepared to concede a mandate on a policy at an election, nothing more.

  81. “I don’t think I will look up the answer to blood oaths”

    Sue I think you will find, any oath is to be taken seriously. I also believe you will find they should never be given likely.

    I am not sure a blood oath might is. It would help if we had an explanation of what Mr. Abbott means.

    I can think of explanations that the church would not support.

    As I have said before, who or what blood.

  82. It’s not really a mandate on a policy, but a promise.

    Promises are made during an election campaign and if elected, the policies are then written.

  83. The problem of course being that all parties make many promises which attract different voters. To claim a “mandate” on any one particular promise is merely political spin to discredit any opposition to policies a government brings forward after an election, forgetting the promises they’ve “shelved”.

    I like CU’s definition at 8:41 pm…

  84. Poor old Poh! Wistfully imagining that the Gillard government will obligingly fall over for Sir Liealot and the Liars Party. If Liealot ever gets his grubby paws on government he will drive this country into the ground in less than a term.

    This is the moron who is going out of his way to offend our major trading partner. That should make him popular with the miners.

    I reckon by the time he’s finished wrecking that relationship, the miners will have decamped to a country where the head of government is sane.

    Neil, Labor opposed the GST legislation because it’s a shit policy. I can’t say it any more succinctly. Unfortunately, it’s too difficult to get rid of and despite the shite Liealot keeps dribbling, the carbon price legislation will prove to be just as difficult to remove because it will be too well entrenched before he can hope to get his grubby paws on it.

    Of course Liealot and the Liars Party haven’t considered that their cheerleaders might be more than a little reluctant for Sloppy to ferret around in their wallets to find the cash to hand over to their wealthy polluting mates.

    Because Liealot plans to introduce a carbon tax and guess who will be paying it? Not the polluters.

    If Liealot gets the nod in 2013, I will find having my wallet felt infinitely more bearable knowing that the cheerleaders will not only lose their compensation, but will have to live with the knowledge that they were stupid enough to buy the Harbour Bridge from a mendacious, arrogant obvious con man!

    The squeals of outrage at their betrayal and wallet vandalism from the likes of poh, rasa, Neil and their fellow cheerleaders will be the sweetest music of all.

    CU @5.09pm, I feel the PM decided to put the Malaysia solution to the House when she did to eliminate uncertainty and to avoid wasting time in implementing onshore processing. She’s not a person who likes to sit on her hands if there’s a problem to be solved.

    Pip, I not only want an election in 2013, I demand an election in 2013 IMMEDIATELY!!!!!!!

    CU, you have nailed the definition of a mandate perfectly.

    Tom R and Pip, the hatred, confusion and vilification of the PM will take a nose dive when the msm finally starts to report Liealot truthfully.

  85. CU, Bacchus and Jane. That’s it, and it’s well worth repeating:

    From CU: A mandate is the power people give to form a government by their vote..

    The mandate is tested on the floor of the lower house.

    I can just imagine Tony Abbott’s rant when he attempts to repeal the carbon tax. How dare Labor and the Greens vote against it in the Senate, I have a mandate he will declare. But any claim of a mandate isn’t worth thruppence unless you have the numbers.

  86. You’ll realise this now means you’re famous.

    You mean I wasn’t already 😯

    Thanks for the visit too, much appreciated.

    As I said, I want to keep the commenting happening here and GT, the site is more a place just to keep a track of items of interest to me for temporary perpetuity. I am simply leaving the comments on there for now so people can leave a note or whatever. Time will tell if I turn them off or not, but I would like to get peoples feedback, good or bad.

  87. Tom R and Pip, the hatred, confusion and vilification of the PM will take a nose dive when the msm finally starts to report Liealot truthfully.

    Sorry jane, that isn’t going to happen. They have nailed their flag to the libs mast, and the unhinging will not stop until Labor is out of office. More reason for Labor to win the next election, to keep out meeja in a state of apoplexy

    Good to see Labors figures steadily increasing in hte polls, while the meeja deliberately looks elsewhere, or highlights any bad polling.

  88. When the idea for this topic came to me and I started looking for the links one thing that really struck home was how the media could repeat the same slogans over and over and over with zilch scrutiny. Obviously the links above are but the tip of the iceberg.

    Honestly, how many times can Tony Abbott say the same thing over and over before someone stops him in his tracks and says: Wait a minute. You first said this in August ’10, and it’s never happened.

  89. From behind the paywall..with thanks to Bushfire Bill and Patricia (see the Murdoch II topic). Today’s Newspoll..

    COALITION support has dropped since the carbon tax passed the House of Representatives and the Malaysian option for offshore processing was blocked, but the Greens, not Labor, have picked up the electoral slack.

    In the past two weeks, the Coalition’s primary vote has slumped four points to 45 per cent, the lowest since May this year; the ALP’s vote remained unchanged on 29 per cent while the Greens’ primary vote rose three points to an equal record of 15 per cent.

  90. Min
    The world didn’t end in May, it didn’t end last week.
    The end of the world parson from the USA has been on the job since 1988, so that is 23 years.
    So as to how many times Abbott can say the same things, expect the MSM wake up and question Abbott in 2033.

  91. Sue, if you have Google try what Patricia suggests. I was somewhat stunned to discover that it actually works. I think that we had better be quick though because obviously the word is going to get out about how easy it is to get behind the Australian’s paywall.

  92. Thanks Min
    but news ltd/newspoll leave them behind a paywall. the story will only headline if news ltd has “shock” value for labor. the abc buys the news ltd shock headlines and runs with them all day, like yesterday with the independents. if there is no “shock” by a Poll, the abc will leave it alone.

    i just want all murdoch newspapers behind paywalls, leave them in their own swill.

    an eg. apparently the tele is going on about an employee( who is on holiday by the way) of bandt’s helping at the “Occupy” rally. bloody hypocrites the tele did not give equal bagging to the liberal staffers,not on leave, who helped all the “anti carbon” ralliers. Where are the yells of disgrace about aiding and abetting the appalling scenes in Parliament house.

  93. the only thing of interest is that it is not being reported by ABC online.

    And all you can see before the paywall comes up at the oo is all bad news for Labor.

    I think that will be the norm of things to come.

    However, all movement is positive for Labor, which indicates they have hit their trough, and are beginning a long climb back.

  94. “They have nailed their flag to the libs mast, and the unhinging will not stop until Labor is out of office.”

    Well the media wanted Howard out of office in 2007. Rudd looked just so much more sexy. I didn’t see you complain then. Bias is in the eye of the beholder.

    Just a little thing from 2007. I am sure everybody remembers Abbott turned up 30 minutes late when he had that debate with Roxon. It is reported everywhere.

    How many people know that Gillard turned up late for her debate with Costello??

    It wasn’t reported much in the media because they didn’t want their team to lose the election.

  95. There was no bias back then, just not as much rampart partisanship on behalf og the oo

    They had seen the writing on the wall, and had stopped their cheering. But to say they were biased to Labor


    (although, it appears that you do acknowledge that the media are playing an active role in regime change)

    I am sure everybody remembers Abbott turned up 30 minutes late when he had that debate with Roxon

    Perhaps if he hadn’t abused her, it might not have had the legs it did?

  96. Neil, did your brain go missing during the 2007 election campaign?

    From the moment Rudd gave his Fork in the Road speech the Murdoch media mocked him at every turn. They hammered him from pillar to post and were delighted to keep the public informed about every piece of dirt that Howard raked up on him.

    I will say though, that the ABC was quite favorable to Rudd back in 2007, but I doubt you’d be an ABC viewer/reader. You seem too Murdochy for me.

  97. “There was no bias back then,”

    I think the media is much more Labor friendly.

    It is just that the current govt is so bad even their journalist friends find it hard to support them.

    Turning a $20B surplus into a $50B deficit during the biggest mining boom in Australian history takes some doing. The drought has also broken and farmers are now getting good yields. We have the best terms of trade for 100 years.

    Labor will just do what it has always done. Just increase the debt levels getting us into trouble. It is in their DNA.

  98. Please, please someone put up the image of Abbott at the press club with Roxon.

    It is a classic, Abbott could not take the jibe from Roxon, and as the body language people would say, his actions spoke loud.

    Abbott was the reason the msm loved the Roxon/Abbott show. Since then Abbott has stepped up his attacks but the msm must be bored by his bully boy shenanigans because they are not hitting the mark.

  99. The ’07 election..Scores and earwax, and they went on and on and on about it. Months and months of Scores and earwax stories under the title of KRudd, no media bias..not much.

    One thing that amuses me is that Kevin now goes under the title of KRudd..which goes to show he has a much better sense of humor than does the media.

  100. “Scores and earwax, and they went on and on and on about it.”

    So they shouldn’t report something like that???

    We now have 6,000 boat people in detention with a record number of children in detention. I remember that Howard was called inhumane because there were some children in detention which he put into community accommodation anyway..

    Bob Browns govt now has the record. If Howard was in power with 6,000 people in detention, the media would be going beserk. Heartless, cruel they would proclaim.

    Protesters would be chaining themselves to the fences of the detention centers.

    Strangely they have all gone silent.

  101. Neil, the threatment of asylum seekers has a lot to be desired but it’s still a vast improvement on the desert camps of Howard’s day. For example, Woomera. Due to the appalling conditions there miners are generally on 3×1 fly in fly out, yet women and children were interred there for months, years.

    The opening of Woomera detention centre, the third such desert prison, coincided with an increase in asylum seekers arriving on Australia’s shores from the war-torn and ravaged countries of Iraq and Afghanistan.

  102. “earwax. Seriously”

    They should not report his trip to Scores?? He was not a young kid but a senior govt Opposition minister on a taxpayer funded trip.

    And he goes and visits a strip club/brothel. And apparently was thrown out for inappropriate behaviour.

    And the media and the Greens are very quiet on the large numbers of people locked up for a long time in immigration detention. If Howard was in power Hanson-Young would be going beserk. Heartless and cruel she would say.

    There were 6 people in detention in 2007 when Howard lost office. Christmas Island was called a white elephant.

  103. Neil, and the event occurred 4 years before it was reported. It of course only became newsworthy when the media was doing their best to ‘kill’ the perceived image of the Milky Bar Kid.

    The owner of New York strip club Scores says Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd did not even stay long enough to finish his beer and urged his companions to leave during a brief boozy visit four years ago.

  104. Precisely Min. Only dredge up irrelevant facts if you can use them as a smear

    Meanwhile, the oo continues to prove why it belongs behind a wall.

    Posted Tuesday, October 25, 2011 at 6:16 am | Permalink

    I notice Dennis cannot bring himself to reveal the 54-46 figure in either of his two paywalled scribbles

    Mention everything, except that which you fear the most 😉

  105. “The owner of New York strip club Scores says Opposition Leader Kevin Rudd did not even stay long enough to finish his beer and urged his companions to leave during a brief boozy visit four years ago.”

    Min- use your common sense , if you have any. Owners of these sorts of places never report on who turns otherwise no-one would go. Why did the owner of the club make a statement?? Very strange. Also the owner of the club is listed in your link. I would advise you not to do a google search on him.

    And where is the media about the 6,000 people in detention??? Where are the protesters chaining themselves to fences as they would be if Howard was in power??? Where is the outrage???

    More kids in detention than ever and Bob Brown now holds the record. I remember Howard was called heartless. Well he did something about it and stopped the smugglers and we had 6 people in detention in 2007.

  106. Tom, did you read Patricia’s comment about how to get behind the paywall. It’s on the Murdoch II topic.

    A very umm ‘professional’ effort from the OO if a lowly blogger can work out how to get behind it in only 24hrs.

  107. Neil, did your brain go missing during the 2007 election campaign?

    Just for the 2007 campaign, Migs? Of course, I’m not counting all the times Neil, poh rasa and the rest have to report to Liars Party HQ to have their brains removed and steeped in Liars Party crapaganda.

    Tom R, to give old Denis some credit, he did slap Liealot with a fresh lettuce leaf the other day. I haven’t got the link to hand, but will post it later.

    Now, I have to do some work. Bleah!

  108. Neil, do you honestly believe the owner of that strip club would come out with his statement without being encouraged or coaxed? It seems too incredible for me.

  109. Migs, no doubt the gentleman’s club owner was bribed to say this. I mean to do these sort of things don’t they, they go to strip clubs. Not that I would know 🙄

  110. Tom, did you read Patricia’s comment about how to get behind the paywall.

    No I haven’t Min. thanks for the heads up.

    All totally legal I’ll assume 😉

  111. Tom R

    “All totally legal I’ll assume”


    And you are worried after all you have read about Murdoch and News.

    There is only one rogue hacker pollbludger

  112. For once in a blue moon I will have to disagree with Mungo..

    Abbott’s immediate task is to win the election, and as long as he does that, there won’t be too many arguments about how he does it.

    Mungo no doubt is being pragmatic and knows that there will be very little media scrutiny of how Abbott ‘does it’…however winning isn’t everything is it, it’s the process that is important, and from where I’m sitting the process that Abbott is utilizing could not be worse.

  113. “Mungo no doubt is being pragmatic and knows that there will be very little media scrutiny of how Abbott ‘does it’…”

    Too bad there was no scrunity of Rudd in 2007.

    He promised a broadband network that would only cost $4.7B. Sounded like a good idea.

    When he got in he declared it useless and then came up with the NBN idea on a plane flight. Only going to cost 10 times more if it is ever built.

  114. Neil, so you don’t want Australia to have the NBN and left far far far behind in information technology. Pity that your Liberal compatriots don’t feel the same..they’re all falling over themselves to get it in their electorates.

  115. Min

    My understanding is that the rural areas of Australia would have had broadband by now if Howard was elected.

    Trouble is you ALP supporters are too trusting of the ALP. All the ALP has to do is make an announcement and you people start to behave like giggling schoolgirls.

    Everyone wants broadband but do we need to bankrupt the country???

  116. Hey ladies..we’re now giggling schoolgirls (the gentlemen are no doubt exempt from this description). For some reason this appeals to me. 😀

  117. No Neil, rural areas would have had the third rate garbage peddled by OPEL to a clueless government instead of broadband 🙄

  118. Neil, there is broadband in rural areas and has been for some time. Re electing the Rodent would have had no bearing on the issue. What the government is offering exponentially surpasses what’s on offer atm.

    NBN will transmit information at the speed of light and in enormous quantities, something our aging and decaying copper network cannot achieve. This has enormous potential for business, health and education, to mention just three areas.

    Forget all the shite spruiked by the Liars about wireless; it’s limited and costly and bloody slow if there’s more than 2 men and a dog on the net at a time. Like ADSL, really.

    Unfortunately, I won’t have access to it because I live off the beaten track, but it will come to the two closest towns.

    Bankrupting the country? How big do you think our economy is? It’s in the trillions so if we can’t afford a paltry $36bn for infrastructure crucial to this country’s future needs, there’s something seriously wrong.

    However, you don’t have to connect to NBN if you don’t want to. What do we care if you keep driving a horse and buggy? I’ll make a bet your ancestors were against that new fangled telephone stuff, as well.

  119. Jane, I am certain that this will be a revelation..that rural areas have had broadband for some time. Mind you my friend D* only 20kms out of Geraldton received this only a couple of years ago.

    Daughter E* on the other hand (actually now almost Doctor E*) (molecular bioscience) has had super fast broadband at UQ for the past 2 years, this being an absolute necessity for communication with Europe and America. The wealthy universities invested in superfast broadband some years ago..the rest of us are just catching up.

  120. Would this be the politics that Mr. Abbott discussed with the Queen.

    “………Section 59 of the Constitution provides

    The Queen may disallow any law within one year from the Governor‑General’s assent, and such disallowance on being made known by the Governor‑General by speech or message to each of the Houses of the Parliament, or by Proclamation, shall annul the law from the day when the disallowance is so made known.
    Although this provision has never yet been used, presumably an Abbott Government could, within 12 months of the Governor-General’s assent to the carbon tax legislation, recommend to Her Majesty that she disallow the law. Could this be one way in which Tony Abbott could effect the repeal of the legislation (apart from a referendum or double dissolution and joint sitting)?……………

    A comment: The Constitution really is a good document. Section 59 foresaw precisely the circumstances that might justify such an action. The case of the carbon dioxide tax is very well-suited to the provision. Democracy suspended by a morally corrupt government in collusion with malicious ‘independents,’ law passed after lies during an election campaign, matter of the law tax-related and therefore especially sensitive to legitimacy of mandate, Senate blocked by party contemptuous of the public will etc.

    However just as Abbott could ask her to set it aside, could a future Alliance government ask her to out it back?
    No, because Section 59 simply renders the law defunct by proclamation. As this is not effected by a repeal law (which could itself by gubernatorially voided), Labor would have to write and pass a new carbon dioxide tax.

    I can’t see how Abbott is prime minister within a year from now, though……..”

    It would have to be proved, I imagine that the government was morally corrupt.
    What does that mean?
    Is government morally corrupt because it ignores calls from the Opposition leader for an election?
    Is a government morally corrupt if it ignores polls?
    Is a government corrupt because some do not like the leader?
    What would happen if Mr. Abbott appointed a GG who was willing to do his bidding?

  121. CU
    after meeting Abbott the Q may have already formed the opinion that he is morally corrupt.

    He did suggest in a speech to the Q that there be an opening for Catholics to become monarchs.

    King Tony

  122. “And he goes and visits a strip club/brothel. And apparently was thrown out for inappropriate behaviour”

    Neil not true but at least he did not lose his pants.

  123. CU, you’ll have to forgive Neil atm. he’s just been to Liars HQ to have his brain washed and he’s always a bit groggy afterwards.

  124. Polls and Pretenders…

    They sound like news. But they are opinions. We like Tony best. We like Tony best. We like Tony best. And that’s an opinion that doesn’t matter a whole heap this far out from an election….

    So how did Tony Abbott become a compulsory part of every bulletin? These aren’t rhetorical questions. I actually have the answer. Here it is: it was when the conservatives decided Julia Gillard had stolen power with a lie, and that Tony was the true king.

    So the carbon tax isn’t a result of a lie, nor is Gillard’s victory. The carbon tax is a result of that other political manoeuvre, the sell-out. And Tony was in there trying to sell out, too. He just couldn’t quite make the sale. Holding up “Juliar” signs is missing the point. Both major parties were selling themselves at a silent auction and Julia closed the deal…..

    The under-bidder can cry foul all he wants, but only because the auction was silent. If all bids were laid on the table, that is, if you could see exactly what percentage of his arse and ideology Tony offered to sell to those who held the balance of power, then his Never-Ending-Flouro-Vest-Tour of Holier-Than-Thou-isms would rank alongside Meatloaf as the dodgiest act of the year.

    Happily for Tony, in Opposition the promises you promised to break never see the light of day.

  125. The race tomorrow is not a sprint, it is long distance, endurance race.

    Mr. Abbott is dast learning he is not in a sprint, he is in a distance race.

    Sprinters to not win Melbourne Cups.

    “……It’s clear that more would strongly support Tony Abbott’s strategy than oppose it. After all, the government is a dud and he’s winning isn’t he?

    However an emerging problem for the Opposition Leader is much like that facing a jockey in tomorrow’s Melbourne Cup.

    Do I really want to be six lengths in front at the end of the straight in full glare, with a whole lap still to grind out? Has enough detailed work been put into our preparation? Have we properly planned? Can we maintain this frenetic pace for the entire distance?

    The pressure will mount on Tony Abbott next year. It will be about substance, not style. He will expect it, and may well handle it without a blink.

    But it’s turned out not a sprint – as he wished and sought. It’s a long distance endurance test, based on painstaking, detailed and intelligent preparation away from the public glare. In the meantime, events – foreseen and unforeseen – have started to re-shape the political ground….”………………

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