Where is God?

I recently listened to a very interesting podcast about American soldiers still being held in Vietnamese and Cambodian prison camps some 40 years after the end of the Vietnam war.  It was riveting.  The argument as to why these soldiers are being ignored by the American Government was powerful.  To pursue the release of these prisoners would be a confession that the Americans were engaged in activities in areas they have denied involvement.  And this is where those prisoners are still being held.

Then the discussion became unraveling.

The lawyer who has spent the last 10 years investigating the rumours coming out of Vietnam, after presenting the evidence he has gathered, claimed that further evidence could be found in the Bible.  He had kicked the winning goal.  Through what is known as the Bible Code he was able to demonstrate that the Bible revealed, through hidden messages, that these aging American soldiers where being held captive.  The Bible Code, as defined in the link provided, is:

a method described as a “hidden code” of selecting letters from within the Hebrew Bible that form words and phrases supposedly demonstrating foreknowledge and prophecy.

What a fabulous tool.  Soon he’ll be using it to work out who really assassinated JFK.  All the world’s crimes will be solved, for the Bible Code assumes there is a reference to every living and deceased person contained somewhere in the Bible.

If you think that’s the biggest load of rubbish you’ve ever heard in your life then I suggest you brace yourself.  It gets more breathtaking.  Not convinced that the physical evidence of these prisoners is enough that he has to resort to the Bible Code, God had stepped in Himself to produce one more speck of undisputable evidence.

The bird flu.

The bird flu was first spotted in Vietnam and the economic damage to Vietnam was monumental. Every chicken had to be killed.  The link?  It was God’s punishment for still holding the prisoners.

Yes, it does get worse.

After rattling on that every living creature is one of God’s children, it was asked of him why He would allow one man to inflict misery on another.  Do you want to know why?  Well again, brace yourself.  God lets His children make choices, and if they make the wrong choices He punishes them.  That is why He punished Vietnam.  They are holding prisoners some 40 years after the war.

It would have been nice if one of the Bible soaked Americans in the discussion asked a simple question like “what were we doing there in the first place – like bombing Cambodia – and what should our punishment be?”

The belief in God is very strong in America.  They excuse him for the misery and killing that goes on in this world.  He clearly condones it, yet they don’t condone the people who commit it, as neither they should.

I confess to being an atheist.  I cannot comprehend that a creator would ‘allow’ the taking of children through murder or illness.  Or ordain the death of every chicken in Vietnam because it was holding prisoners who may have even caused the deaths of children themselves.

You can’t convince me that God nods his head in approval that over half the people in the world live in poverty.  Maybe it’s OK by Him as those people made some bad choices.

I don’t believe it.  If there is a God, looking over this world of suffering and turmoil, where is He to the people who need Him?  Who believe in Him.

In my opinion, religion is simply a concoction that allows control over the masses.

Over to you.

19 comments on “Where is God?

  1. Is it possible to be in anymore pain?

    I have a mouth ulcer. Terrible little beast. I also have a cold sore on the end of my nose, which wouldn’t be so bad if I didn’t have a cold to boot. Each blow of the nose is punished with excruciating agony, an event running close to 5000 episodes a day. Pain by the bucket loads.

    Then over dinner I bit my tongue. Just about brought tears to my eyes.

    Everything on or in my face hurts. Why is God letting this happen to me? I need to get hold of the Bible Code and get to the bottom of this.

  2. Miglo, tweeter doesn’t buy the Bible Code

    livefromgaza Lina Al-Sharif

    I don’t think when #rapture will happen, it will be trending. I mean shouldn’t ppl be busy with something else?! #nonsense

  3. Miglo, I’m an agnostic. My long ago husband was an atheist who hated God! I listened for hours on end to all his reasons for doing so, not unlike those you have given above.

    I could understand where he was coming from but at the same time I knew many fine people who drew inspiration and comfort from their religion. It gave a dimension to their lives which they seemed to need.

    I’ve decided that religion like many facets of human life has its pros and its cons. I don’t feel the need for it in my own life but I can’t bring myself to sneer at those who do.

    Particularly when I think of how religion has inspired so much human creativity in art and music. Nigel Westlake comes immediately to mind – a fine composer whose latest work is religious, a memorial for his dead son. “Missa Solis – Requiem for Eli”.

  4. The story of religion is steeped in blood.

    As far as I’m concerned it’s a form of mental illness.

    There are some benign forms, but they arrogantly assume monopoly rights to our innate altruism…you know, those traits we share with the rest of mammalia.

    Having said that, my heartfelt condolences to Fred Nile on the loss of his soulmate.

  5. Funny, as we gain more control over our own lives and poverty disappears, as in Australia, the need for religion seems to disappear.

    As the standard of living rises, church attendants decreases.

    As a child, I seem to recall that most attended on a Sunday. I do not know anyone personally that goes to church every Sunday..

  6. I saw a Facebook post recently that said,,,

    “Religion had it’s chance to run the world: It’s called the Dark Ages”

    Sums it up for me….

  7. The Rig Veda states:

    Who really knows?
    Who will here proclaim it?
    Whence was it produced? Whence is this creation?
    The gods came afterwards, with the creation of this universe.
    Who then knows whence it has arisen?

  8. I agree Wixxy – the Dark Ages, and later still with wars of religion in the 17th century and later as Protestantism questioned the authority of the Catholic Church. And how about the persecution of the Jews in more recent times. And nowadays? Jews and Christians seem to be finding common cause against Islamists. Oddly all three of those religions have much in common through the their shared holy text, the Old Testament. When the real causes of hostility and fear between these peoples are examined it is more about land and resources, like oil.

    But Min has put her finger on it. The gods and religion came after creation. In fact they came with man and human nature. My own sense from my limited understanding of history is that religious differences provide just another excuse for suspicion, hostility and fear of ‘the other’ and for the envy and coveting of what other peoples have.

    Going to war is never about religion alone. It’s usually about territory and wealth and power. Henry of Navarre in the 16th century was willing to foreswear his Protestant faith to win a war. His “Paris is worth a Mass” decision won him the French throne! There are plenty of other examples of pretensions to religious faith disguising political ambitions.

    I think religion is not the cause, but one of many excuses for war and the inhumanity of man again man. Mind you, I think it would all be quite different if women were running the show! New thread anyone?

  9. Patricia,

    To my way of thinking religion started off as people’s way of explaining the unexplainable – the change of seasons, the spirit guides, why a crop failed.

    God has also been used as an excuse for people to go to war, as an excuse that one people of one color or race chooses to subjugate the people of a differing color or race. God has been blamed for war, famine, pestilence.

    Hey God that thing called penicillin why didn’t you invent it sooner?
    God: Hey wanker seek and ye shall find.

    If I was God, I would say Stuff the Lot of You.

  10. But Patricia, we sadly go to war in the name of religion or god.

    As most sides have god on their side, I wonder how he chooses. It appears to be the one that have the biggest weapons.

  11. It stuns me that people can deny that Aboriginal children were stolen from their families because of what they say is a lack of evidence yet many of these people are devout Christians and believe in God.

    Of whose existence there is no evidence whatsoever.

    Zero. Zilch. Nil. None.

  12. Reb, I was talking about how Bing Crosby in his very much younger days was hauled across the coals for singing ‘black music’. The music history especially that of black American music and the advent of jazz is a particular interest of mine.

    Reb, not clips..singular as in me posting one clip. If you’re not interested don’t watch it.

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