Gillard Has Guts!

One paper tells the truth today
No matter what the others have to say.
You know, about the PM being dead,
Politically I mean.  How often has that been said!

But here she is alive and well,
And with plenty of good news to tell.
This picture says it all dear reader.
We couldn’t have a better leader.

While leakers and gossip writers go to town,
Character assassins bring her down,
And Abbott does his stunts and struts,
She keeps smiling.  Yes!  Gillard has guts!


I’m hoping this particular three word slogan takes off in a big way!  What do you think?       

13 comments on “Gillard Has Guts!

  1. It is a sad story. Julia Gillard now has an asylum-seeker policy she admits will mean more boat people arrivals, and Tony Abbott has a “stop the boats” policy that the Immigration Department openly says cannot work.

    Announcing her humiliating back down last Thursday, Gillard said: “I do want to say this: we are at a real risk of seeing more boats, and I understand this will cause community anxiety.” Her conclusion is right on both counts, and condemns her own policy.

    Gillard has now reached a stage of permanent humiliation. She stands for a policy she cannot implement, and she warns that the policy she has been forced to adopt is doomed to fail. This is a recipe for political and policy disaster. The Prime Minister wears her humiliation like a badge. Labor’s asylum-seeker policy is untenable.

    Have no doubt, however, that Gillard does not accept her defeat. This is clear from her public comments. The tenacity Gillard displayed on carbon pricing will be repeated on asylum-seekers.
    ……………………………………….Thursday. At the outset, Gillard declared her government remained committed to the Malaysian deal, saying she believed “it is the best policy”, that it maximised deterrence, that it was born of a proper regional process under the Bali Framework, that she still wanted it implemented and that her government would keep pressing the opposition to pass the bill.

    These are hardly the words of a Prime Minister marching meekly to defeat. If the Left thinks it has won the internal Labor Party battle, it needs to think again. Gillard, along with Immigration Minister Chris Bowen, believes the executive needs the power to make such offshore arrangements. This is the core principle at stake, and Gillard is right. She is likely to insist on this principle as tantamount to Labor’s identity. The risk is apparent. The implicit split within Labor between border protectionists and humanitarian acceptionists is now explicit, more emotional and more dangerous than ever. It is reflected in the “two strands” policy that Labor is now stuck with.

    In effect, Gillard now has dual policies — the policy in which she believes that cannot be legislated, and the policy imposed on her by a parliament she does not control. When Bowen proposed in cabinet a compromise package involving processing on Nauru, he wasn’t running up the white flag. Bowen’s fallback was to allow asylum-seekers to be sent to both Nauru and Papua New Guinea in return for getting the legislation passed, knowing this would allow the Malaysian deal as well……………..

    ………………Both Labor and the Coalition support offshoring processing. It is sanctioned under regional arrangements. There are various regional governments prepared to enter such agreements with Australia. But because of an unwise High Court judgment, the parliament was required to legislate to re-empower the executive to enter such agreements. This it has failed to do.

    By its rejection, this parliament has betrayed the national interest, dismissed public opinion and shown contempt for the legitimate expectation of the Australian public that its government will protect their borders. Ultimately, any Australian government that fails this test will fall……….

    Yes, the lady has guts. Maybe some will see her as stubborn. Others sticking to what is the right thing to do.

    The truth is that there is no easy answer. The problem is complex, not black and white.

    There are pros and cons in all the options presented.

  2. I have no doubt that the strength of her resolve will one day see her fondly and admirably referred to as Australia’s Iron Lady.

    It has a better ring to it than Howard’s Man of Steel.

  3. And now that she’s asking for a vote on gay marriages the comments on are filled with claims it’s a backflip, a pandering to the Greens, or that gays shouldn’t have marriage rights.

    Regardless what those idiots say, it’s a move in the right direction. Personally I would have preferred her to have a bit more guts and just go ahead with it, however I’m confident that it’ll get the thumbs up.

  4. On the subject of Gillard has guts, I was thinking (with apologies), more of a rolly polly tum tum and and an impressive bosom.

  5. It is not much of a back flip. She always said she would stand by what the federal conference decides.

    The problem is that the PM has so much on her plate that is negative, it is prudent not to add to the number if possible.

    The PM gets criticise now for pushing ahead with issues. It could be that the PM like many does not have an opinion either way.

    Yes, a conscience vote is not good enough.

    Pressure needs to be kept on those who count at the conference.

    The PM does not give any indication that she would oppose.

  6. Min, that was once called a matronly figure, which most viewed with respect.

    Why do we not ridicule some of the beer guts that many men wear with pride.

    One leading mining magnate comes immediately to mind.

  7. And Gina has a fat head to boot.

    Many years ago it was complimentary to refer to such people as stout. These days we’re not so complimentary.

  8. CU, I always thought that the PM’s figure was very womanly…but we will have to ask Migs for his impression as he has been somewhat nearer (as in proximity) than we have..

  9. Her figure is what it is for a woman of fifty who has a biggish bum and a bosomy bust. We all know that however you try to trim down and however fit you may be female figures just won’t behave the way men’s can and do.

    However the PM’s face is fantastic, full of character and warmth when she smiles and appropriate gravity when she’s sad.

    Which has prompted me to insert another picture to illustrate that smile of hers which has been there through all the rubbish that Abbott and Co. have dished out.

    And I’ve changed my last line. What do you think?

  10. A smile that always looks genuine. I love the way the PM smiles when she is pleased.

    We do have a PM who like many of us, is not comfortable at sad events like funerals and disasters.

    This is unlike a previous PM who was in his glory at the same events.

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