Bringing The Sexist Back…

Last week in NSW an odd thing happened in state politics.

The Liberal Premier, Barry O’Farrell showed a side of himself many had not seen before, his misogynistic side.

Last week, Boys Club Barry changed the rules for entitlements for Premiers when they leave office.

Until now Premiers had access to an office, a small number of staff, air travel, and a state car when they were no longer in office. This has now been amended. The amendment Boys Club Barry has put in place, is that a Premier must be in office for 5 years before being eligible for these entitlements.

I personally have no issue with this at all, however, this should not be backdated to affect previous Premiers.

You cannot take it upon yourself to change someone’s entitlements after they are no longer in a job, that’s one hell of a precedent to set. Boys Club Barry is not only making the rules up as he goes along, he is trying to change past rules also. Barry seems to think his government vehicle is a Tardis, and he can travel back in time and change rules on a whim…as he showed those with a State Government guaranteed solar rebate shortly after taking office.

This 5 year rule means that out of the last 10 Premiers in NSW, 8 of them would have their entitlements stripped. The two that would be the only Premiers to retain their entitlements under Barry’s new rule, are Bob Carr, and Neville Wran, both from the Labor Party.

Barry, however, can’t even follow his own rules it seems…

There is only one Premier that has had their entitlements cut.

One out of the eight that the change affects.

The only woman.

Kristina Keneally attends many charity events and fundraisers using the state car that  is a part of these entitlements. Kristina has long been a tireless worker for charity groups, such as The Stillbirth Foundation, helping to raise desperately needed donations.

A spokesman for O’Farrell said that it was regrettable that this may impact Kristina’s  charity work, but special circumstances were hard to design the entitlements around.

They have however allowed for special circumstances for the other males who served as Premier for less than 5 years, and designed the entitlements around them to suit. But just the males.

Why has Barry O’Farrell chosen to single out the only female as fitting for his new  rules to apply to?

Yesterday I wrote about the O’Farrell governments cowardly slashing of allowances for Foster Carers who adopt a foster child from $16,000 a year, to $1,500 a year. What is even more disgusting than that, is the fact that if he applied his new rule to the Premiers who are male, he would have saved enough money to leave their allowances alone.

Nick Greiner, a former Liberal Premier, cost the NSW taxpayer over half a million dollars last year in entitlements. Nick served less than Barry’s magic 5 years. He was also appointed as the head honcho at Infrastructure NSW by O’Farrell. Jobs for the boys…

Barry O’Farrell should either change his sexist attitudes, and apologise to the women of NSW for treating them as a lesser sex, or resign.

This is the 21st Century, there is no place for sexism in politics.

In other news, The Queen is visiting Australia this month. The Queen And Prince Phillip will visit Canberra, Brisbane, Melbourne, and Perth, but do not plan to visit Sydney or NSW.

Intrigued as to why the Queen would not come to Sydney, I contacted Buckingham Palace last night to ascertain if it had anything to do with having a sexist Premier.

A Palace spokesperson stated that The Queen does not approve of any form of discrimination. However when I asked if O’Farrell’s sexist treatment of a former leader was the reason for the royal snub, the palace would not comment.

I don’t blame them, I was speechless when I first heard the news too…

23 comments on “Bringing The Sexist Back…

  1. I understand the British are considering changes to the rules concerning line of succession to the throne and have proposed ending male preference primogeniture (ie the boys get the job first).

    As part of the proposal, the colonies (us) are being asked what we think. who gives a rat’s arse This is an important question that should be put to Tony Abbott as he believes he has a divine right to choose leaders.

    Tony might think the girls can get the job, but only if they are virgins, as virginity is a womans most precious gift to the country (remember Elizabeth I)

    Men on the other hand must prove their virility by going on long bike rides, showing their hairy chest and falling off Camilla horses.

  2. Wixxy
    Carney in fairfax has a story on the polls that
    “Men say no to PM in droves”
    Carney points out that as Abbott stepped up his attack on the PM, her approval rating with male voters dropped
    “Mr Abbott’s portrayal of her as a liar became more sustained. The pay-off in the March Nielsen poll was immediate, especially among males, who gave her a negative approval rating of 6 points.”

    So if by attacking the PM, Abbott’s support among males increased.

    So rather than
    “Barry O’Farrell should either change his sexist attitudes, and apologise to the women of NSW for treating them as a lesser sex, or resign.”

    O’Farrell attacking Keneally may expect to see an increase in support by males at the next polls.

  3. By the sounds of it, Mr O’Farrell may find he will be a victim of his own rules. I haven’t read or seen one positive report about him or his government. i shouldn’t think his mean sprirted attack on foster carers would win him any favours.

    As to the dumb males who let Liealot influence them against the PM, mpre fool them. Shows that they are easily lead and very poor judges of character and ability.

    She runs rings around Liealot and when the Murdochracy crashes and burns, perhaps even the drongos will have to reconsider as the msm once again makes up their minds for them.

  4. “This is an important question that should be put to Tony Abbott as he believes he has a divine right to choose leaders.

    Tony might think the girls can get the job, but only if they are virgins, as virginity is a woman’s most precious gift to the country (remember Elizabeth ”

    Well the newest princess would not get the job under Mr. Abbott.

    The lady lived with her prince for many years before they married recently.

    Virginity does no longer appear an issue even in the British Royalty.

  5. CU..I never quite got that one about virginity being a precious gift. Although I must admit that there were a number who wanted it wrapped up in pretty pink bows….

  6. Can someone tell me why the accepted community standard for redundancy is 8 weeks maximum after serving at least 4 years, whereas politcians will have 26 weeks after serving 4 years.

    This type of double standards and expectation of the worker to be treated to a completely different set of expectations has simply gotten out of hand.

    If they want payrises then there have to be productivity trade offs just like in business. Productivity trade offs is simply another name for job losses. So for every 2 redundancy payments made I demand they reduce the number of parliamentarians by 1. Then lets see if they vote for it.

    I have no doubt the two major parties will jump into bed together like nymphomaniacs to vote this legislation through as soon as it is recommended.

  7. Snout in the trough Shane. I didn’t know about the 26 weeks after four years. Nice work if you can get it !

    I have no doubt the two major parties will jump into bed together like nymphomaniacs


    on another page they’re talking about men in lycra….I’m going to listen to some music!!

  8. Min, neither have I. Maybe some men are so lacking in confidence that they need someone who has no knowledge to make them look good. I really do not know.

    Now, regarding Snakes question, I believe I do know something.
    We all know how Mr. Abbott finds it so hard to manage economically in Opposition.

    When one needs to remortgage your home for, was $700.000 or more, you have big problems.

    Maybe Mr. Abbott should ask CentreLink to manage his money for him. He obviously needs help. Maybe he should ask minister Macklin for advice.

    Yes Shane, politicians are on three year contract with a possibility of a further three years. There are conditions to the renewal of the contact, they have to get reelected. Yes, they should be treated the same as other contract workers.

    As for sexist remarks, they have never disappeared. Men always see women as fair game for abuse. It is just that they are regaining the guts to say so in public. Women still have along way to go, before attitudes change.

    It is up to the men to change these attitudes.

  9. Geez Sue I hope not…
    I’m hoping he trips over his own arrogance and hits his head so hard he goes into a coma, only to awaken 3 days short of his 5 years to find he has been replaced and will get no entitlements….. not that I’m bitter or anything…

  10. Jane, if you are holding your breath waiting for a positive report about O’Farrell, you will end up with a red face and a headache…

  11. “I have no doubt the two major parties will jump into bed together like nymphomaniacs”
    Tell me your not talking about Bronwyn Bishop….. please…

  12. Migs..I thought that you were offering all the ladies on your blog 10 minutes of fun, why should you exclude Queen Liz? And it wouldn’t cost you $2.95, in fact you’re worth at least that much.

  13. Migs,you don’t know a good opportunity when you see one, HM could possibly be persuaded to mow down a certain lycra clad cyclist in the Queenmobile.

  14. Come on Migs, you will be the first out the front with your little flag. We all know you are a monarchist.

  15. I do like Christina’s extensions. How long before the real hair catches up with the extensions?
    Paul Murray is talking about Pollie remunerations. INot many are underpaid. Most are way overpaid. The scotsman Doug Cameron is way overpaid.

  16. Surely Christina Kenneally can appeal this? Retrospective alteration to one’s entitlements hardly seems legal. Was no warning given pre-election? Does O’Farrell have a mandate for this?

    I’m not a huge fan for the perks of office extending indefinitely into the future, but this does seem a very pointed assault on one ex-premier.

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