Living On A Prayer?

We’ve all seen them, noses in the air, looking down on us mere mortals.

They spend their lives living in their harbour side mansions, on their yachts or cruise boats, flying to France for the weekend in their private jet, or being chauffeured around town. When we see them, we don’t know whether to hate them or envy them, so we end up doing a little of both.

Some call them “fat cats”, some snobs, but we all know what they really are, Foster Parents who adopt needy children.

Luckily, we now have a Liberal government in NSW, and an expert like Pru Goward in the minister’s chair, and finally we will see an end to these parasites bleeding the government and taxpayer dry.

Those greedy individuals with the blackest of hearts, think that adopting a child that has often been sexually, physically or emotionally abused means they can live like aboslute royalty on around $16,000 a year. What a lark… 16 Grand, just for taking on one of the hardest jobs imaginable, 24hrs a day. 16 Grand, just for saving the taxpayer around double that figure by relieving the Dept Of Community Services. 16 Grand, how greedy are they, and what type of mugs do they take us for?

Thank god, Barry O’Farrell and Pru Goward have wised up, and are now going to pay them a far more realistic figure to adopt and take responsibility for a troubled child.

$1,500 a year, that’s far more like it. That’s what the Liberals will be paying from 1st January 2012. $4.11 a day is plenty the Liberals say.

Anyone who can’t raise a troubled child for $4.11 a day is a fool, is what Pru and Barry seem to be telling us.

$4.11 they think, is more than enough for 3 meals a day, clothing, educational needs, medicinal needs, in fact, all a growing child needs. That will get them a tin of baked beans, or some pot noodles, that can be easily stretched into 3 meals, with change left over. What more could they want?

I am hoping that Pru and Barry were taking some strong hallucinogenic drugs when this decision was made, and will soon come back to reality, the only other option is unthinkable.

I can’t say I’m surprised though really. After Pru’s chat on the ABC’s 7 30, where she tried to explain that DOCS seeing more needy children under the previous Labor govt, for less cost to the taxpayer, was somehow a bad thing… I guess logic isn’t Pru’s strong point.

These absolute saints (and I don’t use the term lightly) who look after troubled children need all our support, and the governments support. None of them do it for the money, as the $16,000 they were getting under the Keneally government, the one with a conscience, hardly covered the cost of raising a child, and certainly doesn’t compensate for the heartache that often comes with the role.

But these people don’t do it for the money, they do it because they have a heart of gold.

This Liberal government we have in NSW has so far shown itself to be the worst government in Australia’s history, with the possible exception of the current Bailliue Liberal government in Victoria.

I guess that’s why Sydney saw the largest political protest in this country since last century, a few weeks ago. More than 6 times the size of the Canberra anti-science rallies…

Barry O’Farrell  has shown himself to be happy to attack the most vulnerable, and to lie openly about Federal issues which are above his pay grade, such as pricing Carbon.

Now with this latest slap in the face of decency, devised by Pru Goward, they have shown that they will find the most kind hearted and charitable amongst us, then use them, before kicking them in the teeth.

If any of you reading this are Foster Carers, please take note, as it’s the only reason I can sleep at night….

I know I did not vote for these mongrels…

61 comments on “Living On A Prayer?

  1. wixxy, where did you find that photo – Ms Goward won’t be pleased 😀

    This is another example of the NSW Liberals lack of honesty and compassion for the most vulnerable and the most caring of their constituents.

    No surprises, they’ve always been that way.

    $2.74 a day. Unconscionable.

  2. Wixxy, reminds me of a family I knew when I was living in Melbourne..he was actually my mum’s boss. Over the years he and his wife adopted 4 children while having 3 of their own and fostered over 40 children, some short term some for several years. People who do things such as this are absolutely amazing.

  3. Wixxy

    Did you read about this in the Tele? How about a post on Punch!
    Send a copy to Bernardi he could have it front page on one of his blogs, sure is the kind of “family” friendly proposals that could spread to Vic, and WA.

  4. I doubt this would make New Ltd press Sue LOL 🙂
    Bernadi is actually quite “pro family”… as long as that family is white and christian…
    I can’t believe the Liberals would continue to support him, after he was going to sponsor the tour in Australia of a White Supremicist, and has made so many racist remarks…
    Bernadi is the Liberal Party at it’s worst… with the possible exception of Sophie Mirabella

  5. Liberal governments laugh at your social conscience. What next? Well they will slash the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme (PBS).
    After all, providing a subsidy on medications only means those old people live longer and therefore cost more in pensions, hospitals, nursing homes etc.
    The big international drug companies will increase their profits, after all they deserve a return on the money they spend buying political influence.
    All this of course means we can slash income taxes on the wealthy after all they did just that in the US, Greece and Ireland.

  6. Luna, plus wasn’t Howard talking about privatising Australia Post just before the ’07 election…imagine that one, $3.00 to post a birthday card from Upper Whoop Whoop north.

  7. Min @9.39am, obviously someone has been telling terrible porkies. Bloody Liberals, they’ve got it in for blood nuts. Just wait till my great, great etc grandparents Mr & Mrs Eric the Red and their eldest son Harald the Berserker get an earful of this! Heads and other bits will roll!

    lunalava, there was talk of slashing or removing altogether the PBS when the Rodentochracy was, for lack of a better word, negotiating the FTA with the US, under pressure from Big Pharma and I think there have been a couple of other attempts.

    I guess the NSW government will learn that slashing the foster carer’s allowance to pre-industrial revolution levels won’t save them a penny, when people on modest incomes can no longer afford to offer their services. The cost of providing accommodation and staff to care for children will far outweigh the pittance currently being paid.

    Just goes to show what big hearted bastards the Liars Party are! I don’t live in NSW, but it sounds like it’s as much fun as having your toenails removed with a pair of rusty pliers.

    I wonder if this will have an impact at the federal level. I hope so. Goward deserves special punishment

  8. I feel the same way about men who do whatever it takes to avoid their child support obligations.

    I know a lady whose ex-husband refused to work just to spite her. And because he was unemployed he only had to pay $20 a month maintenance.

    Sad fellow.

  9. Jane, unfortunately the wider public aren’t hearing about all these things as the media by and large appear to be ignoring it…
    We have to rely on people such as yourself with a social conscience…

  10. It looks like they won’t have the problem of an aging population in the US within a couple of generations.

    It is predicted that the average life expectancy of it’s citizens will start to drop by then. Obesity and lifestyle being the factors.

    Americans are fat. Damn fat.

  11. wixxy, Pru needs to recover her memory and start living up to what she used to say over the last couple of decades.

    This lady over the years has considered herself an expert on Doc’s. This lady has been one of the strongest criticisers of Docs.

    Now that she has the job, she is finding out that she has little to offer.

    The dream of these children care taking over by trhe NGO agencies is that , just a dream.

    The taxpayers cannot the fees they charge.

    The government cannot afford to let the NGO cherry pick the best, and leave the majority of the difficult children to those wonderful carers who are in the Doc’s system.

    Last century when I was still a DO, I used to leave case conference very angry. The ones where the NGO agencies, money was no object. For the poor chidren in the Doc system none was available.

    I fear that little has changed.

    A government will once again wreck the system, making cuts where they cannot be made.

    It will be the children and front line staff that will suffer. It will be the front line staff that gets the blame.

    Yes wixxy, you have my full support and sympathy.

  12. wixxy

    Great post and just shows what is happening to those least likely to be able to protest. Where are the all the charities is their protests about this slashing and buring of this type of funding. I presume these funds were slotted for the additional tax cuts to those oh so broke clubs and their poker machines.

  13. Jane, it was indeed with some trepidation that I mentioned the dreaded words..a red head.

    My grandmother Jenkins passed a week short of her 103rd birthday was likewise a blood nut. Blood nuts do not go anywhere until they’re good and ready.

  14. Min, I agree with you completely. I have a eight year old grand daughter who is a calm, wonderful caring person, but believe me, you do not expect anything from her until she is ready.

    I have never seen the temper in her that you often see from a carrot head. I have never seen her back down either.

    As I said a wonderful caring and strong young lady that does not take shit from anyone.

    PS. She is not my favourite. I should not say, that as I should not have favourites.

  15. CU
    “Pru needs to recover her memory and start living up to what she used to say over the last couple of decades”
    Isn’t it amazing what you can say to get a Ministry. Now you have the job it is back to Liberal principles, cut the cost to welfare.
    Pru was also an advocate for women, yet we hear that O’Farrell is putting the knife into Keneally, by his new rules on entitlements. Single out the woman, let the men still get the freebies. I hope the women in his cabinet feel proud.
    Keep poor kids poor and attack the woman, nice one NSW.

  16. Shane, that is absolutely true. What can these foster parents do by way of protest. Answer: absolutely nothing.

    The O’Farrell government is likely to also find itself faced with the situation where previously reliable/can be called upon at a moment’s notice Foster Families will no longer be available..simply because they can no longer afford to be able to foster children.

  17. I also see that dumping uramium waste in the western suburbs is now acceptable.

    Funny it was not so when Labor suggested it.

    What happened to the promise not to do so.

    Maybe it should be left in the leafy suburb where it is now.

  18. I would like to add, I have never known one foster carer that did the job for the money.

    I did see many that did the job in spite of the pressure it put on their own children.

    I have seen women keep on fostering, when they could have been out earning a good income.

    I seen women keep on fostering, even when their bodies was telling them enough is enough.

    I seen grandparents who did not have the money or health step into the void. Often to care for three or more young children.

    I did see other relations, burden by big families and little money also step up to the mark.

    I do know there was never money to make their task easier.

    The taxpayer owe a small number of women and their families much.

  19. PS, I have seen these woman abuse verbally and physically by the children they take in. They keep coming back for more.

    These are damaged children. Damage children hit out, in ways many could not imagined.

    It is sad that there are a very minute number that have their own agenda, whose aim is further abuse of their own. They are found but not until further damage is done. This means that foster carers also have to cope with being treated as a suspects by the department. This is not fair or nice, but children have to be protected. Who would be a carer? I would not, the price carers pay very high.

    These people are hard to detect and darken the name of good carers.

  20. Really, I hadn’t seen that, do you happen to have a link to a news article?
    Any info on that I would love majorly… my local member is Parliamentary Secretary for the Western Suburbs

  21. Indeed any money they have ever recieved goes nowhere near covering their costs….
    Luckilly for the kids, these saints dont care about costs…

  22. Min

    So true. I see the government trying to cut costs ending up with having massive cost blowouts becuase they cannot locate suitable carers. Just a penny pinching exercise which will backfire.

    Funny how a carer should not get $16,000 per annum to foster care for a child but a politician apparently deserves a 100% increase in their pays.

  23. Sorry wixxy, I seen it on one of the news broadcast. That is the uranium story I mean.

    Should have taken more noticed.

  24. Min, my opinion maybe a little bias and definitely out of date.

    I never found a new governmnet made things better. It just started the process all over again. Lookingfor ways to do more with less. It cannot be done.

    What I fear is that little has changed.

  25. wixxy, does that 16.000 still only cover the expense of looking after the child. It is not a wage is it.

  26. Jane, from your link I see that Anal Jones has half a million listeners a day. All that hate and mistruths being spewed onto those poor souls.

    A half a million mindless zombies.

  27. Wixxy is this the money paid to Dept foster carers or to all, including NGO such as the church carers.

    It is important that this money is not seen as a wage. It is not. The carer pays for food and all other day to day expenses of the child.

    The child used to receive pocket money on top of this. I do not know if this still occurs.

    How much do those with children think they spend on their children each day. Do you believe this allowance would cover the amount.

  28. The only good things about Anal Jones are his regular appearances on ABC’s Media Watch. He gets caught out telling lie after lie. He gets exposed as a bully. He gets exposed as a hypocrite. He gets exposed as totally anal.

    And the bloke is considered Sydney’s most influential person. But but but, he’s a liar.

  29. “I would like to add, I have never known one foster carer that did the job for the money. “

    I agree. And I’d add that often those who do provide foster homes are those who are least financially capable of doing so. They’re the salt of the bloody earth.

  30. Mind you, I’m what some might call “comfortably middle class” yet the option of adopting a needy child is denied me…

    Go figure…

  31. Or when he goes to Canberra and calls a police escort a police blockade….
    Maybe he was loitering in the toilets when informed and got confused…

  32. “the bloke is considered Sydney’s most influential person”

    Only by a legion of taxi drivers Migs, everyone else thinks he’s a c**t.

  33. My greatest fear in this disgusting cost cutting exercise is that there will inevitably be shortages of decent carers and an increase in the other kind.
    Slashing resources always ends up punishing the victims.

  34. And do you know why O’Farrell needs to cut social services, slash funding to those who do the most good and cut the wages and conditions of the public service?

    Because he is going to slash the pokie tax so the clubs can get richer on causing misery. After all some of his senior ministers had direct links to pokies and clubs and it was his fight in opposition to support the clubs against the Labor government that in large part got him elected. So now he must pay the piper and it’s with the suffering of NSW children so the pokie venues can wring every last cent out of their mugs and spend millions in marketing to recruit more mugs.

    Where goes O’Farrell will go Abbott. Mark my words on that.

    And it is only because of a media who states its job is to keep government’s honest by being dishonest themselves that allows the likes of O’Farrell, Baillieu and Barnett to get away with being bad governments. And you can add Queensland to that with the news of the immoral underhanded tactics being played by the opposition there. A great indication of how bad they will be in government.

  35. Oh and with all that is going on what is Baillieu’s most pressing policy enactment?

    To make it illegal to abuse a minister.

    There was not problem with him, his shadow ministers or any number of media announcers abusing ministers when Labor was in power.

    What a precious and hypocritical lot the Liberals and their supporters are.

  36. Möbius I hope the electorate is taking note of what’s happening in NSW and Vic. They got what they asked for with those mobs.

    Naturally Abbott will distance himself from the states if the matter is raised during the next campaign. Either that or harp on how they’re the best state governments in living memory.

    Or both. Flip flop.

  37. Me, Migs, let’s hope that by the time the next federal election rolls around, the voters in those states will have had a gutsful and reflect their love of the Libs at the polling booths.

  38. I have 3 teenage girls long term and do respite for a girl of 12 every week-ed plus emergency care as well, I have been fostering for 15 years, so God help us if they slash the *allowance* how can I care for my girls then??? Let them try to survive as we have, and by the way the government gives me a HUGE $90 for clothing if the children are in my care for 5 days, Emergency children who come to me in the middle of the night rarely have anything except what they are wearing so I have to go and buy them clothes and I refuse to go the second-hand stores, these children need some dignity.

  39. Colleen, apologies for missing on replying to you. This story is now featuring in today’s SMH. The NSW government sadly has it’s priorities completely wrong. 16 and 17yr old children who are in foster care often have some of the worst problems including drug addiction and abuse – and now the NSW government is going to provide $214 per fortnight less. Even though the child will be able to claim the Federal government’s Youth Allowance, it is not a good idea to provide money to children who are homeless and especially who are likely to be ‘at risk’.

    FOSTER carers have been shocked to learn their payments will be cut from January 1 if their charges are age 16 or 17.

    The NSW Department of Family and Community Services sent letters to carers of 1100 teenagers this week, as well as to the young people, to inform them of the new payment rates, which will leave households $214 a fortnight worse off.

  40. Many of the children in care have been abused and suffer behavioural problems as a result.

    What the NSW government has done by taking the money from foster parents, leaving the children to rely on Commonwealth benefits is lessen the influence the Department and the foster carers have over th children.

    There is no justification for the NSW government to relinquish it’s responsibility. The Commonwealth money is given to help with education, not the primary care of the 16-18 year old.

    it is suppose to be a top up.

  41. Hi Colleen, you have my deepest appreciation and admiration for taking on the care of the most vulnerable children.
    Shame on the government.

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