The Devil You Say

When the country needs to exorcise the demon Carbon Tax who are you gonna call?

Help me, oh be the one, you are our last hope.

Father Abbott (Cardinal Pell’s representative here on Earth) mans up in our time of need.

38 comments on “The Devil You Say

  1. With his sermon yesterday to business ‘if they shalt buy a carbon permit, thou permit is worthless and thus can not pass into the heaven of a tony government’, the congregation of the money makers was probably truly spooked.

  2. Tony’s chief head-kicker made it into the papers today :mrgreen:

    Time of the signs

    OUR great surprise of the week was opposition frontbencher Sophie Mirabella, of all people, leaping to the defence of the Occupy Wall Street protesters and their local emulators. Here’s the member for Indi (who, like disbelief, is occasionally suspended) letting rip in the Punch: “This week the right to peaceful public assembly got a bit of a battering. And those wielding the sticks were none other than freedom-of-speech-loving journalists . . . The determination to find an offensive placard, to photograph someone looking unhinged, to find fault with the tone of the event should be a little concerning for those who champion free speech and peaceful public assembly as tenets of democracy.” Oh, beg pardon — that was from August when she was defending the anti-carbon tax rally. Let’s try again. Here’s Mirabella this week on Occupy Wall Street: “They boldly claim ‘we are the 99 per cent’ . . . So they’ll be speaking for you when they wave their glib and nebulous placards declaring ‘people not profits’ and ‘be the solution’ . . . The truth is this organic protest movement seems to be a magnet for every disaffected, anti-capitalist, left-wing professional protester on the planet.” That’s more like it. And whatever else you may have said about those “ditch the witch” placards, they weren’t nebulous.

  3. Mr. Shanahan is at it again, but he does change tack now and then, it might be a different story at some future date..

    Push for Stephen Smith to head off Kevin Rudd in leadership battle
    by: Dennis Shanahan and Matthew Franklin From: The Australian October 15, 2011

    Some senior ministers

    Government sources

    Mr. Smith has emerged

    Senior sources within Labor’s right again

    Another cabinet minister said

    the minister said

    Here’s the interesting part 😀

    Conducting the same exercise for the Coalition, Online Opinion found former opposition leader Malcolm Turnbull outpolled Tony Abbott by a margin of 59 per cent to 41 per cent.

  4. Good old Slagabella always on the side of truth, justice and wealthy elderly lawyers with Alzheimers. Her motto: have potting shed, will stick you in it.

    Correction, Min. Almost interesting. lol

  5. Sue’s comment about Tony’s commandment to business reminds me that last night she inspired me to think about updating this. Any suggestions about where to go from here on what is clearly Tony’s sense of divine calling to serve Australia as PM?

    Bloody Oath!

    Tony Abbott, politician,
    Leader of the Coalition,
    Once an upright man of God
    Has now become a lightning rod
    For unfair and cruel criticism
    About whom there’s too much cynicism.

    He once confessed to telling lies,
    Which self-disclosure has given rise
    To friends and foes alike inviting
    Him to put his promises in writing.
    Fearing that for truth his name’s now mud,
    He swears he’ll sign to some in his own blood.

    Today he’s offered even more –
    To clarify which policies are gore and which non-gore.

  6. “yesterday to business ‘if they shalt buy a carbon permit, thou permit is worthless and thus ”

    The better one is the commandment that :-

    “Labor will dare not vote against our wishes”.

  7. “He swears he’ll sign to some in his own blood.”

    Sorry to point out, he did not say whose blood, He did not even say what type of blood. Maybe the poor pet is in trouble.

  8. Pip, just in case you don’t see have been quoted on the Tony Abbott Will Never Be Prime Minister facebook group.

  9. ‘A pledge in blood is dripping with irony ‘
    “Abbott himself has form on the broken promise front. What’s more, senior Liberals admit privately that their leader has made more promises than he can keep.

    He has made promises that are unaffordable.
    To quote Abbott again after the broken 2004 election promise: “There are many important values here. One is keeping commitments. Another is economic responsibility.”

    Telling the truth did not seem to figure prominently in the equation.

    The bottom line is that neither the current prime minister nor the bloke seen as the PM-in-waiting is more trustworthy than the other.”
    “He should not be able to get away with arguing that something as important as border protection is the government’s problem and he has no responsibility.

    And he should not be let off the hook over how he would roll back something as big and complex as the carbon-price scheme. It is an easy promise to make but hugely difficult to keep without great upheaval”

  10. is, in fact, a political campaign orchestrated by a Liberal Party

    Shades of the convoy of no consequence, which was organised by a liberal party member (who quickly dropped out of running for a seat when he noticed the way that looked).

    Grass root my arse.

    Does anybody know if anything came of those in the public gallery who were slagging off the PM? Or is forgotten and moved on with now? Just the stench remains.

  11. At last the general population are starting to get out onto the streets to protest against the greed of the elite’s, the CEO’s of the world, and our self serving politicians, so come on Australia don’t be satisfied with a few hundred people protesting, lets multiply it by the thousands and show these tyrants that a enough is enough.

  12. Tom R
    the demonstrations in the gallery of the parliament, i think were going to be investigated by the speaker because although some of the shouting was from the areas where the visitors were signed in by an mp.

    Excerpts from the House of Representatives Hansard on Wednesday 12 October 2011 between 14:19 and 16:30 concerning the actions of certain people sitting in the public gallery:

    An incident having occurred in the gallery—
    An incident having occurred in the gallery—
    An incident having occurred in the gallery—
    An incident having occurred in the gallery—
    An incident having occurred in the gallery—

    The SPEAKER (15:25): Order! Everybody will sit down. I was not going to respond to the Leader of the House’s question but, encouraged by everybody who has to have a comment, if you want me to investigate this morning, I will investigate this morning—but have the decency to get up and put your name to that question. And remember that the gallery where that occurred this morning is the public gallery. The difference is that the gallery where it occurred this afternoon is a gallery where people get allocated tickets that have been asked for by members. I would hope that some people would adopt some care about raising these issues without understanding what has happened both today, possibly, and previously. There is a responsibility on members who sign guests into this place, and from time to time members are reminded of those responsibilities. Quite correctly, not much public attention is given to that, so please tread carefully. All I am saying is that there is a responsibility on those who sign people in for their behaviour.

  13. TomM, I have no issue with the comments you make.

    I feel one has to right to say what they believe, even if they have to insult others to form an argument.

    What I find a little to my distaste is when one screams foul, when one replies to their insults.

    TomM, if you feel the need to dish it out, you must expect the same back in return.

    What I find disgusting is that some hold grudges for no good reason. It is not wrong for some to disagree with one. This is what debate is about.

    The way I see it, these sites are a opportunity to put forwarded ideas and have then challenge. That means you that you expect others to disagree.

    I also find it a little annoying that some have pet themes (obsession)that have been debated to death. Nothing is gained by going over the same topic forever. This applies to Neil’s obsession with Labor debt, and his inability to give credit where credit is due.

    No one’s view is is below respect. No one knows all the answers. No one is always correct.

    There is always more than one way to do something. Some ways may be better than others.

  14. Sue, do not forget, the Speaker’s last comment was that he recommended that those in the house have the ability to stop the disruptions should do so.

    He was looking at the left side of the chamber when he said this.

    This indicated to me that the Speaker was not too happy about the incidents, especially those that occurred in the gallery behind him.

    Mr. Abbott should be strongly censured for his involvement in such a disgraceful behaviour.

    Mr. Abbott used the so called rebellion in the galleries as a lead into his censure motion. It was one stunt that should never be repeated.

    Insiders this morning was not the best I have seem. Mr. Ackerman and Mr. Uhlman. At least Mr. Piers was challenged.

  15. Sue, let’s hope the Speaker investigates those disgraceful incidents and the party/ies responsible get a good bollocking.

    And Liealot should be censured for his part in it.

  16. It will be interesting if the Coalition repeats the stunt when the Carbon Tax bills pass in the Senate. Will the President of the Senate allow such behaviour?

  17. It won’t matter if it’s close or not, Jane, the opposition will scream and screech up until the last minute. They love wasting their time, if that’s the case.

  18. Maybe they will have time to get a decent crowd by then.

    The government now has the information to challenge Mr. Abbott’s outrageous claims.

    The PM began in the last QT. Offering to work with a Liberal questioner , so that a concerned business he was complaining about got the correct information so they could stop worrying.

    Mr. Abbott jumped to his feet with a supplementary question to the PM.

    He asked if she knew more that the business man about his own business.

    She sweetly said that was not the case but she wanted to ensure that the business man was informed of all the assistance available.

    Things have changed.

  19. Oh dear oh dear, how much longer do we have to put up with Tony Abbott? In my opinion he is one of the ugly Australians, Bolt and Alan Jones being the others.

  20. Miglo, you must have the flu or you are dreaming.

    I just had a thought, Mr. Abbott, history will have very little to write about Mr. Abbott, except for his ability for stunts.

    He has done very little to write up, except for his party being high in the polls. His rating was is not as good.

    There is a slight, very slight improvement in te polls for Labor.

    Nielsen: 57-43 to Coalition; Galaxy 58-42

  21. CU at 12.44 pm:

    I also find it a little annoying that some have pet themes (obsession)that have been debated to death. Nothing is gained by going over the same topic forever.

    Have to disagree with you on this point. Liberal supporters know that they must keep on repeating one or two propaganda speaking points to maintain the confected media outrage. They have very little else to offer in reply to good government policy.
    Repeat a lie often enough and it resonates with the shallow end of the gene pool. At the very least it annoys Labor supporters.

    What I don’t get is how journalists keep on repeating this same rubbish. Either they are lazy, politically biased, or too gutless to go stand up to the boss.

  22. Luna, once again I have posted the details of the PMs speech about
    wanting to put a price on carbon, which she made before the election,
    It will be interesting to see whether Fairfax correct their lie.
    News Ltd. have not.

    This was before the last election

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian August 20, 2010 12:00AM

  23. Migs pointed out the other day that we had as topics What’s For Sale and I’m Not Buying It.

    We now have The Devil You Say and Living on a Prayer 😀

  24. Gosh, since coming back home I’m having constant attacks of Abbottphobia. I was free of the curse while overseas. What we need to do is start reading European or American papers, where the comments about Australia are positive and Tony Abbott is a nobody.

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