Julia and Kev…

There are just some times when one must savor the moment. Words cannot express, but a picture speaks a thousand words.

And then we also have…

Apart from which, I believe that the Carbon Tax went through today. Labor knows that they have numbers in the Senate, so where to now for poor old Tony.

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  1. After watching Mr. Abbott’s Censure motion, it is surely a wonderful day. To get an reaction so raw from the Opposition Leader, something unbelievable must have occurred.

    Maybe that is what happens when you put all your eggs in one basket. When you drop the basket, all the eggs get broken.

    All is left is the great lie. I am sure that will be easily addressed now with the legalisation out of the way.

  2. Thank you Sue, not me. I wish that I knew who the author of the photo shopped pic was so that I could give him/her credit.

    Sometimes less is more 😀

  3. Hasn’t Liealot sworn that he will pledge in blood that he will overturn the clean energy bill when he surfs to triumph in 2013?

    It’s particularly amusing that he was down a vote because Slagabella got chucked out of the chamber for 24 hours. Perhaps she spotted a dottery wealthy lawyer going begging and she’s got a spare shed now.

    Now for the offshore processing bill. Let’s hope little Mincy Pynne and Sloppy incur the speaker’s wrath. Can you imagine the apoplexy?

  4. Seen on another site that he has sold his arse now he is using his blood as ink. What does he propose to do when this does not work.

  5. Now Sophie had an important job to do. She improved her strategy on the last time she stacked the galleries.

    She had to ensure there were three different locations. One mob in each of galleries with a backup in the Speakers gallery.

    Then they took turn to cause disruption.

    Ms. Mirabella and her leader truly respects the people’s house.

    The Speaker was force to call on those within the house to stop the interruption if they were able. I assume his request was aimed at the Opposition. That was where he was looking when he made the request.

    Sadly the mob was not made up of unruly teenagers but staid middle age people.

    People I believe really believed that Mr. Abbott had the power to stop the bills. If they are that stupid, I cannot feel sorry for them.

    They need to be ridiculed along with the man they admire so much.

    Some have come to their senses in a way, saying that Mr. Abbott let them down, that he did not try enough. They are still hiding their heads in the sand by denying to themselves, he had no power to do anything..

    That is what happens when you make promises, when you know you do not have the power to succeed. People lose faith in you.

  6. CU, about on a par with the umm, less than intelligent people who believed that Tony Abbott could ‘demand’ another election.

    Agreed, if you promise the moon and the stars then you are going to come a cropper somewhere along the line.

    Nineteen Bills passed today..so much for the bleats…

  7. Just seen Barnaby being interviewed. He is disgusted at the Labor scare campaign.

    He was asked how the PM lied. Denied that she told the truth. At least they are getting challenged on the lie.

    That is all they have left.

  8. Sue, this time I have seen no eveidence that she arrange this lot.

    Someone did.

    She was involved last time in the house and outside Mr. Albanese office.

  9. Don’t you just love the way that the media call it..a rare political victory.

    Shizzer I would have thought that those other 190+ pieces of legislation passed might have counted for something…

  10. Seen on another site that he has sold his arse now he is using his blood as ink. What does he propose to do when this does not work.

    CU, that is gold! And a promise as likely to be honoured as all his other promises.

    Sophie Mirabella should apologise to the House

    She should apologise to the universe, imo, whether she arranged the Confluence of Idiots or not. She should concentrate on hocking her fat @rse to, and fleecing, elderly lawyers with Alzheimers. She seems to do that very well.

    The morons in the galleries obviously have no understanding of the way our democracy or Parliament works. Thanks to their gullibility and stupidity, and the dishonesty and lack of principles of the Liars Party, the public could be banned from the galleries!

    However, the culpability for this latest fiasco lies completely with the opposition, imo. Hopefully the scales may have fallen from the eyes of the less hare brained and unprincipled of the msm after this disgraceful performance. Perhaps they can start talking about the fiasco that is the Liars party.

    Min & CU, I feel no sympathy at all for Liealot’s dupes. If they had even one functioning brain cell among them, they would know that neither Liealot nor the Liars Party could force another election by organising childish stunts. Nor can they stop the passing of bills without the numbers.

    Further, why has none of them had the wit to question why Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie did not give their support to Liealot? That’s the question I put to all cheerleaders when they start abusing the Independents. They never have an answer.

    BTW, I didn’t see QT. Why was there a censure motion against our girl?

    CU, what was the scare campaign Barnyard referred to? As far as I’m aware, the only scare campaigns have been authored by the Liars and their cheerleaders.

    Speaking of cheerleaders, I wonder if Anal has had a stroke spraying venom?

  11. As I mentioned at the Gutter…

    Irrespective of whether one is in favour of the carbon tax or against it, this is a great day for Australia, and a fantastic example of our democracy at work.

    After years of uncertainty, Australian businesses now have a clear direction forward.

    They will now be able to plan effectively, and do so with certainty.

    I for one, am very pleased.. 🙂

  12. Could not agree more Reb.

    That is the message that seems to be coming from some businesses.

    I know Blue Steel for one, has for years built into any new projects what is needed to lower emissions.

    I am sure most others are doing this. It is good practice regardless of whether there is a price on carbon or not.

    This is the new and cheapest technology for the future.

    I fail to see how the Opposition can continue with the myth that the means of production and engineering is static. It is not. It is and should be updated and modernise all the time.

    After all we have moved along way from the telegraph wires and the horse and buggy.

  13. Min, I know we are bias, or I am, but is Mr. Abbott and his supporters coming across as deranged today?

  14. Meanwhile in the Senate..

    MathiasCormann Mathias Cormann

    Labor government in a panic about their unpopular carbon tax moves yet another gag on debate and is about to shut down Senate an hour early.

    Sorry Matt., but they don’t appear to be panicking at all, what they’re doing is what John Howard did 116 times…applying the guillotine 😀

    DanJCass Dan Cass

    Now in yr Senate: Sen Ludwig moved that the question (that these bills may proceed without formalities) be now put (division in progress

  15. A tweet from the Prime Minister

    JuliaGillard Julia Gillard

    Today the #CleanEnergyFuture Bills passed in the House of Reps. After decades of #climatechange debate, this is an historic day for Aust. JG

  16. Listening to Drum It is said that Mr. Abbott only promise to undo the tax. it is open to him to go straight to the end target, which is not seen as a tax. My own words. Pru Goward seems to believe the man is god, or at least a wonderful politician.

  17. I am disgusted with Pru Goward since she has entered parliament. In the distant past, she has shown a good understanding of child abuse and I thought could offer some real solutions.

    Since ending parliament, she has done a 180 degree turn on her views.

    Therefore the lady has no values worth considering.

  18. Cu, I noticed that today..he doesn’t do the comb-over, rather a comb forward 😀

    Confession, heard Goward was on the drum and didn’t watch.

  19. Menzies House wouldn’t know a genuine embrace from the kiss of death! That’s their fate.

    I have so wanted to find a way to praise Julia Gillard for her heroic courage in the face of overwhelming criticism from so many quarters outside her own party. Could any of us have held firm or continued to work as determinedly with others as she has done?

    Amazingly Labor, the Greens and the Independents have stayed with her. No one has broken ranks, for all the suggestions of commentators claiming to be in the know about dissension within the party. Doesn’t that say something about her and the esteem in which she’s held on a personal level?

    I have no doubt that her embrace of Rudd after the vote was as sincere as any she offered her other ministers and that his response was as spontaneous as he knew how. They are both basically decent people and both would have been thrilled to have the Clean Energy bill through, given how much it has cost both of them to date. They have worked well together in the past trying to achieve this. I’ve no doubt they will work well in future to achieve even more worthwhile Labor goals..

  20. CU
    I thought Pru only had eyes for Howard, but then as Howard loves Abbott, she is probably still following his lead.

  21. I agree. Labor’s fate for many years was sealed today. 27% primary is going to look good after the next NewsPoll …. relatively speaking.
    What a drongo government ….

  22. Tony hasn’t said where the blood for his oath is coming from, he might not want to provide it himself. Perhaps some of the fuckwits who got thrown out of the Gallery today could contribute.

  23. Geoff. The group photo of the Freak Show says it all. Brown and his cronies, Milne, Gillard, Combet and Swan. Oakshott and Windsor had the sense to stay out of the frame.
    I still think they will replace Gillard with Crean instead of Rudd.
    Labor will need a bland leader to rise out of this debacle.
    …. maybe in time or generational change voters will forget
    A DD will be Tony’s first priority after the next election.

  24. i was wondering what had happened to Poh, today, probably has just got over the shock of the absolute inadequacy of tony and his no campaign. now where are the others or are they drowning their sorrows?

  25. Sue.
    I swear I saw a bit of tongue between Julia and Rudd. I think I may need an induced coma for a week to get over that image ……shudder.

  26. Geoff
    you should have kept watching kisses all around, even kisses for tony, windsor that is.
    the other tony was upset because waiting outside for him was sophie and the oldies, i hope they kept their teeth in.

  27. I agree Geoff/Poh/Rasa..maybe you would like to stick to the same identity so that we would know who we are talking with…

  28. Geoff/Poh/Rasa, I don’t suppose you were in the Press Gallery today…

    From Twitter

    @KateEllisMP: So have any Opposition members condemned the appalling attitudes of the protesters they signed in today? “Scrag” “skank” & “bitch” really?

    Would the Coalition MP who signed these rude, ignorant drop-kicks in to the Press Gallery please stand up !

  29. vtron1962 Jamie Mason

    @KateEllisMP it was disgraceful .. I noticed most were not likely to be around by 2020

    Anal Jones fans perhaps ?

  30. “hope they kept their teeth in.”

    Well they did not keep their hate in. Lovely sexist language from one old bloke with a lovely head of white hair.

    Calling the PM slag..slagger and other names does not add to the debate. I can imagine what his wife gets, that is if he has one.

    They are a credit to society. I am ashamed that most seem to be of my age group or maybe baby boomers.

  31. Patricia, I am sure the hug was genuine. The PM comes across as genuine person when it comes to people.

    I would look to her mother’s assessment of her. She said what Julia wants, Julia gets.

    I think she meant whatever she aspires to, she achieves.

    I do not understand why the call her a cold person. I only see her as some one who is warm and cares.

    She is able to dish it out, but I never felt that she liked doing so.

    At least not until the last couple of days. I got the feeling she enjoyed rubbing it into day to Mr. Abbott.

    I believe he has his day coming. The PM has not started with him or Ms Bishop for that matter yet.

    The PM said that she does not get flustered. The PM is willing to put in the work to get what she wants. The PM works with people to achieve what she wants.

    The PM does not appear to use people. I am sure that Mr. Rudd and the PM can back to the working relationship they had in the past. What a great team they will make.

    I believed that the PM had wasted herself when she was talked into the job too early.

    I believe now that her best days are ahead of her.

  32. Pip, they would only need one bus this time.

    The noted truck driver was there. The one that walked in last time. Did not I hear he got the sack for that effort.

  33. ………..is Mr. Abbott and his supporters coming across as deranged today?

    Isn’t that his default position, CU?

    Sue @8.15pm, the Zimmer Frame Set will only slobber on his neck, but Vampirella Slagabella might sink her fangs in.

    CU, I’d like to see the PM toying with Liealot and Eyes, taunting them with their failure.

    Even his most diehard cheerleaders will have to admit that all the stunts have resulted in defeat and failure. The Gillard government has beaten them time and again. It’s a deliciously bitter pill and they have to swallow it.

    When history judges Liealot and the Liars Party, the conclusion will be that he is the most ineffectual, unprincipled and dishonest LOTO in the history of this nation.

  34. Read this link. Not so much the article but the comments.


  35. Yes, Cu, it’s great to read all those comments in praise of the Prime Minister and her courage along with support for the Clean Energy reforms. Interesting too that none of the anti-reform comments were couched in reasonable and objective terms. They were all insulting invective and reflect the style of the Leader of the Opposition and the negativity of the Coalition in general.

    Just as it was good to see the likes of Tony Windsor and Rob Oakeshott along with the Greens and those on the government benches applauding the passage of those bills today all enjoying the fruits of all their hard work for the benefit of the counry and its future.. What a contrast to the bitterness and sour grapes of Abbott and Co on the other side, along with all that raucous ignorance protesting in the gallery. For what? The big polluters? For Tony Abbott’s personal gain?

  36. Patricia, I was watching something on the TV tonight. They were talking about the negativism in USA politics.

    The Americam said the difference between our negativism and the USA was that we are negative about the policies, in the USA they are negative about the person. They attack the person, not the policy.

    I think he maybe wrong. I believe that Mr. Abbott has taken the step from being negative about policy and is now beginning to attack the PM perrsonally, in a negative way.

    Today he attacked the PM personally. What we seen from those who disrupted QT and outside the parliament, was a full on personal attack on the PM.

    I do hope I am wrong, as we are in for a nasty time if I am correct.

    I hope I have made sense.

  37. On the Hampster wheel last night there was a piece on the “body language expert” and true to from the Nasty news has gone with the expert of experts that analysed the kiss as

    “IT was almost like she was kissing a blow-up doll, a body language expert declared of yesterday’s kiss between Julia Gillard and Kevin Rudd.

    Allan Pease, who co-wrote the Definitive Book Of Body Language,”

    Read more: http://www.news.com.au/national/cold-comfort-in-gillard-rudd-kiss/story-e6frfkvr-1226165379256#ixzz1abKLCqVa

    Me thinks Mr Pease must have experience with “blow-up dolls”.
    And as for nasty news sooooo predictable.

  38. Allan Pease is the phony “expert” they drag out to “verbal” Labor politicians and invent comments (always derogatory).
    Where is this guy when Abbott refuses to answer questions and storms off in anger?

  39. Amazing! Not one single mention on Sky News about the Carbon Tax..one would be suspicious that Sky doesn’t want to report on any of Julia’s successes….

  40. From your link Sue

    “If you’re with some bird and you’re trying to impress her and she’s got the expression Julia Gillard’s got, you kind of know you’re bombing out.”

    Yea, it’s a good thing we don’t get personal here in little ‘ol Oz 😉

    And the ltdnews has already begun their attack


    rorts by the dozen, and don’t forget the obligatory ‘carbon tax lie’ meme thrown in for good measure

  41. Migs @8.55am..It seems that we now know exactly which adjective the MSM are going to use.

    Insulation = debacle
    BER = rorts
    and now we have Carbon Tax = unpopular.

  42. Forget rogue reporters we now have a name rogue corporation
    “The affair will add weight to the fears of shareholders in Murdoch’s parent company, NewsCorp, that the business has become a ‘rogue corporation'”

  43. A friend wrote on Facebook:

    so today Abbott’s upped the ante by specifically and directly advocating violence aganist the PM…. bussing in ugly snarling ill informed mannerless goons to disrupt question time and abuse the PM was not enough… now he’s soliciting for a gunman…. he needs to be stopped as this has gotten well out of hand… the sneering media and the lying shock jocks were all just warm ups it would seem…

    Does anybody have any knowledge of the ‘gunman’ threat?

  44. Absolutely gobsmacking, Tom R. About as low down as you can get and reminds me of the comments on the Lib’s site before the last election that refugee boats be blasted out of the ocean.

    The new 3 word motto should be “Kill, kill, kill”.

  45. Migs, I can’t locate anything about a gunman..but it wouldn’t surprise me if one of the rabble did make that threat. It must have a been a god-damn awful bunch for even the OO to report it as below.

    Yesterday’s protesters — most of whom had booked tickets for a seat in the public gallery — are from the same group responsible for the “Ditch the Witch” and “Ju-Liar” protests outside Parliament House in March and August.


  46. I think the body language expert would have been better employed in assessing Mr. Abbott’s body language during his bid for a censure motion.

    Come to think of it, it does not take an expert to read his body language. It was one of a man that was so full of rage, he lost the plot. So full of hate for his opponent, that coomonsense was thrown out of the window, making a speech when he should have shut up.

    Sorry about link Min. It worked when I tried it.

    I heard the paper headlines this morning. Not one positve one. Most about Mr. Blood oath or as they say vow. Many ignored the matter altogether. The Telegraph was the death kiss.

    Nothing about Mr. Abbott arranging for a few to enter the gallery to perform a introduction to his censure motion attempt.

  47. Cu, I noticed that the author is the same twerp who felt the need to “out” Grogs Gamut.
    In this article he gives a partial quote from the Speaker
    Speaker Harry Jenkins said he would not close the galleries “but if anyone else wants to get something off their chest, do it now”.

    Mr. Massola omitted the most relevent part…”then, leave.”

    Their whole argument is based on the lie about “the PM lied”, which
    is dutifully repeated for the Coalition, by the journalists of all stripes.

    Are we allowed to say “wankers!”

  48. “the Opposition says”….. from ltd news

    Labor to ‘scurry and run’ over asylum vote, says Opposition

    Why on earth would the Liberals be worried about raising money for an election which Alexarnder Darner is doing in readiness for an early election.

  49. Pip, it’s actually going to be the only one that the government has lost…at least I think so, but I’ll stand corrected.

    Adelaide, beautiful name. 🙂 Congratulations to the Thomsons.

  50. Adelaide is clearly a Labor politician for the future, it seems that she very conveniently arrived AFTER the vote on the Carbon Tax.

  51. The work of Dennis Shanahan, a senior journalist at The Australian….

    That was then…

    Julia Gillard’s carbon price promise
    by: Paul Kelly and Dennis Shanahan From: The Australian August 20, 2010 12:00AM

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.

    This is now…

    Win right for Julia Gillard, but anger growing
    by: Dennis Shanahan, Political editor From: The Australian October 13, 2011 12:00AM

    But Labor’s defiant declaration that the tax could not be repealed may prove as toxic as Gillard’s initial decision to break the promise there would be no carbon tax under a government she led.

  52. Mr. Shanahan also wrote this morning
    The decision to introduce a carbon tax despite Gillard’s pre-election undertakings is the most damaging she has taken since becoming Prime Minister almost 16 months ago. Large sections of the public feel betrayed and are expressing bitter anger towards Gillard and Labor.

    Pre-election undertakings ?? That would be when the PM said she
    was prepared to legislate a price on carbon in the next term

    Prime Minister Gillard when asked what she wanted, by a journalist at the National Press Club, answered:-

    “Don’t write crap. Can’t be that hard”

  53. Twitter

    GrogsGamut Greg Jericho

    Odd that parliament is still sitting and voting on things given we’re in a post-democratic world now. They must not have got the memo yet

  54. Well, isn’t it encouraging to see teh media getting to grips with one of the most important events to occur in our lifetime? Such in-depth analysis, backed up by experts in the field.

    Just a pity that these cretins couldn’t be bothered to discuss the implications for all of us now that the government’s Carbon Pricing and Clean Energy bills have been passed in the Lower house and will almost certainly be passed in the Upper House and come into force on 1 July next year.

    Why the hell would we want to know anything about that? The PM’s body language when she gave Kevin Rudd a peck on the cheek is obviously far more important for the future of the nation than landmark legislation!

    The msm can milk this for a whole lot more. They can ask important, earth shattering questions of international importance like:

    “Why didn’t she shake his hand?
    “And if she did, what would her body language be?
    “What would his body language be?
    “Would she go for the two handed grip?
    “If not, why would she go the single handed grip?
    “Would he go the single handed grip?
    “If he did go the single handed grip, why would he?
    “Would he go the double handed grip?
    “Would it make him seem aggressive a la Mark Latham?
    “Would it make him/her look wimpy if s/he didn’t go the double handed grip?
    “What would The First bloke make of it?
    “What would Therese Rein make of it?
    “Are Tim and Therese having an affair?
    “What is their body language?
    “What will Alan Pease say?
    “Have we got an opinion from Vampirella Slagabella?
    “What’s her body language?

    And so on……..

    You see far more interesting and important than some stupid piece of legislation!

  55. Jane, they’re a bunch of scribes prostituting themselves at the feet of Big Business and to hell with the average punters, but I enjoyed reading your list 😀

    Will this file get a run in the ‘news’ at the next election

    brisbanetimes Brisbane Times

    LNP dirt sheet detailing a minister’s epilepsy and childhood adoption ‘belong in the 1950s’, Bligh says http://bit.ly/q0ZK0Y

  56. Another tweet

    chrismurphys chris murphy by zombiemao

    Irritating Chris Smith2GB rants PM is a ‘liar’.Who is he to judge?A

    criminal convicted of lying,forgery.A sex predator,flasher.Go away

  57. There’s not a lot of focus on the benefits of the carbon tax, with the media still running with the circus that the country will be ruined according to the average (elderly) punter.

    What’s going to be the talking point when the sky doesn’t fall in?

  58. Migs..very interesting…as mentioned this morning Sky is doing everything possible to avoid any mention whatsoever of this success of the Gillard government. Macklin is currently bringing up the point that all pensioners will be fully compensated.

  59. Migs @2.31pm, we’re already rooned! Bits of sky are plummeting to the earth as I write this! There! A bit just fell in my cuppa! Ooh, look my tea’s got clouds in it!

    Sky News is pounding on the door…… Liealot’s trying to break in….Elderly cretins with stupid placards are milling around the street. Bloody hell! Anal’s just arrived!! My God, but he’s ugly!

    I have to go. we’ve sandbagged all the vulnerable spots and got the shotgun out. The first one to lay a glove on the front door gets it in the placard!

  60. This fits very nicely with Jane’s report…

    Devious mastermind Mr Rabbit celebrates carbon tax victory


    Predicting that the government’s carbon pricing plan would lead not just to price rises, but to a rain of poison toads, dogs and cats coupling openly together, and constant incursions into the lives of voters by ruthless ninja-like state-sponsored wet work teams, Mr Rabbit also claimed that the carbon tax would have the unforeseen consequence of guaranteeing him so many seats in the next Parliament that he could do whatever he damn well pleased when he was king, especially if he wrote it down in a little secret promise to himself.

  61. Where are the headlines condemning this behaviour?

    “…..But to stoop to gutter language, abuse and thinly veiled threats of rioting and civil unrest has no place in the Australian political discourse.
    Then there was this from someone who goes by the name of Protein Woldnomish, again with some of more extreme language deleted.
    We’ve always had lunatics commenting on political issues.
    The difference this time is this shows every sign of being orchestrated and funded by wealthy third parties with powerful connections………….”



    I would like to add, I think it was the Financial Review had an article saying that there is 40 million dollars available for advertising against the propose poker machine legislation. Mr. Packer is among those backing the opposition.

    This also needs to be emphasise by the media.

  62. Min, I did not get it off the original site. It could been removed but it is alive on the web.

    What I have not seen or heard, people from the Liberal condemning such outcries. I have not heard one word of condemnation.

    The Opposite is true. Mr. Abbott has referred to the so called anger of these people to support his case.

  63. Reb, it appears the PM is coming a little your way.

    It is rumoured that there is to be a conscience vote on same gender marriage.

    It is a move in the right direction but you need to keep the pressure on for a positive vote by the government.

  64. CU, I believe that this is confirmed that the PM will allow a conscience vote but as per my Same Sex topic, that Abbott has decided to disallow this. Clearly unless Tony Abbott also allows a conscience vote then any it will be defeated.

  65. I am aware of that. Do not forget this PM plans ahead. Maybe she is laying the groundwork to change her mind. Maybe pressure will be put on Abbott to do the same. Who knows, but it is a little step forward/ It is up to those who want the change to put the pressure on.

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