Friday on my mind: the importance of electricity edition

Isn’t it amazing that when the power goes off that all of a sudden a number of tasks seem very important but strangely, that all of these involve electricity.  One doesn’t normally think of these jobs-to-do but once the power goes off that these, and without reason suddenly and mysteriously appear at the top of the priority list. 
There are the carpets which require vac’ing, there are the shirts which need ironing..and all involve electricity.  Might this be a natural human reaction?  A subliminal suggestion that minus electricity that one must automatically do those things which require the aforementioned electricity?
And of course these days once cannot even make a phone call.  Call Country Energy to advise them of the aforementioned lack of electricity?  This of course is not a possibility due to the lack of the same aforementioned electricity.  Use one’s mobile phone?  Again not a possibility because naturally the mobile needs to be recharged.  Again no electricity.
Then night time comes and one hopes; surely there must be someone else in the neighborhood who has noticed the aforementioned lack of electricity plus has their mobile phone fully charged.  Sadly, this always seems to not be the case.  An eerie silence descends upon the neighborhood. 
Given the above scenario I rapidly discovered that I was manually incapable of rubbing two sticks together and so opted for the scented tea candles sent to me last Christmas.
Glad tidings, no doubt brought upon by the karma-induced benevolence brought upon by the aforementioned Christmas tea candles the electricity resumed service after 4 hours and I once again entered the 21st Century. 
Oh yes, as an aside I thought to cook dinner on the barbeque…it was out of gas.
As we haven’t had a music topic for quite some time, here is a challenge..songs about electricity or things pertaining to, or in fact anything remotely connected.
Please also consider this an open topic for the weekend. 

28 comments on “Friday on my mind: the importance of electricity edition

  1. We had a blackout in my inner-Sydney unit block a few years ago. I took the acoustic guitar out onto the balcony & played “Here Comes The Sun”. One person applauded.

  2. Our reliance on electricity is greater than we’d bother to imagine.

    I was listening to a couple of young scientists on the radio of the consequences of being without it. They considered the scenario of such a catastrophe of say a solar flare wiping out all the satellites and electricity grids. Which, they suggest, could take up to two years to replace.

    In that time we’d be without major forms of transportation, communication and refrigeration. We wouldn’t have running mains water, either, which would also cripple our sewers. We’d rely on horses for transport and candles for lighting. Unless we had a wood stove, our own water supply and a horse we’d be living like primitives.

  3. That was my feeling too Migs. Human beings, at least we in 1st world countries have lost all survival skills. If we couldn’t go to the supermarket, couldn’t turn on the hotplates then we would be out on the street yelling blue murder – someone come and help, because I can’t survive without these ‘basics’.

  4. Our network went down at work the other day.

    What was usually a hive of activity suddenly came to a crashing halt when the phones, internet and email all crashed.

    It was weird. A bit like a pack of meercats all peeping above our workstations and walking around in a stunned daze.

    Very surreal.

    Of course, as soon as it came back up it was business as usual…

  5. “You’re not a public servant. You probably did real work”

    Correct. That’s what separates “real people” from so called “public servants”.

    For one thing, we’re familiar with what’s commonly known as “multi-tasking” as well as other alien concepts to public servants – “results” and “deadlines”.

    Meanwhile back in the public service, it’s pencils down for morning tea at 10.00am sharp, then back to work to continue staring out the window.

    It’s no coincidence that people who gravitate towards the public service tend to be those with a poor aptitude for anything beyond a primary school routine.

    It’s sad in a way, but at least they have somewhere where they can all feel a self of “worth” otherwise they’d be slaughtered in the dog eat dog world of the WCP private sector.

    But is it worth the sacrifice of giving up tailor made suits to join the cardigan club? I think not.

  6. There is a bit of saying going around at the moment: Ten years ago we had Steve Jobs, Bob Hope and Johnny we have no Jobs, No Hope and No Cash

    I said no, but we can have Joaquin Phoenix. :))

    My answer is: there will never be a time when you can say, Job done. Some might say I’ve got the Cash and so who cares about Hope.

  7. To save electricity I have converted my salt water pool to chlorine. I just buy liquid chlorine which is added automatically.
    Does that make me “Green”?

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