Come Monday: “Light at the end of the tunnel” edition

Last night I listened to an interview with Paul Hellyer, former Canadian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence.  I was impressed with how insightful, astute and knowledgable the man was as he talked about his recent book, The Light at the End of the Tunnel.

Hellyer raises subjects that people and governments just don’t want to talk about.  For example, he is the first G8 senior minister to confess he has the knowledge and evidence that UFOs are as real as the planes that daily fly overhead.  And they are not from this planet.  He also has the knowledge that these visitors are in communication with the US Government, and have been since the 1940s.

He is also convinced that the human race is hell-bent for extinction unless we change our attitudes and actions with an urgency appropriate to impending disaster, suggesting that we have about 10 years to wean ourselves from the oil economy and he profoundly regrets that the Copenhagen Conference reflected little progress in that direction.  The whole atmosphere was one that reminded him of Emperor Nero fiddling while Rome burned.  World leaders simply have to do better! His book outlines the three monumental changes required to accommodate the miracle.

First, he claims that exotic energy sources already exist.  They have been developed by the U.S. “shadow government” at the massive underground “black operation” installations in Nevada and Arizona using technology borrowed from visitors from other planets.  Yet they remain secret for the alleged benefit of the privileged few.

Second, the money has to be found to subsidize poor nations and facilitate major changes. This can be accomplished by a fundamental re-working of the monetary and banking system.  Bank leverages must be dramatically reduced and the percentage of virtual money they create as debt strictly limited so that governments can gain the financial flexibility to finance the transition to sustainability.

Finally it will be necessary for all countries, races, faiths and colors to drop their antagonisms and work together in common purpose to save the heritage they have in common.

Light At the End of the Tunnel is the synthesis of Hellyer’s wisdom, experience and observations about domestic and international politics, economics, social justice, UFOs, Alien contact and technology, and the conflict in the Middle East. Hellyer cannot be dismissed as some conspiracy theorist. He is a serious global statesman with deeply Christian and conservative values, and his words resonate with truth and integrity.  He is often outspoken, and at the age of 88, he continues to speak out fearlessly about the issues of the day like the outrageous heist of the economies of the world by private organizations like the Federal Reserve and the big banks, abetted by the military-industrial complex that Pres. Eisenhower warned about.

Hellyer talked candidly about UFOs and alien technologies based on information he received first hand from top-level people around the world, and his book cites chapter and verse, giving names, dates, actions taken, and backs them up with extensive references.

He shows how we are so close to the tipping point for the planet that without massive systemic change and deployment of zero point energy sources, chaos and catastrophe are inevitable.

Hellyer argues that we have the power to mitigate and even reverse the slide within ten years, if we adopt a range of actions.  Some steps are urgent and essential, mostly on the economic and geopolitical front.  Some are highly desirable, like reorganizing the UN and NATO; and some, like universal health insurance, will go a long way towards assuring domestic. tranquility. Interestingly, one of his recommendations is a total amnesty for those involved in what most of us would consider criminal exploitation and pollution, so that we could move forward with the unity and speed necessary to save our planet.

There’s something wrong with our planet, but unless we can replace fossil fuels as our major source of power, do something about global warming and overhaul the corrupt banking systems – the light at the end of the tunnel will certainly extinguish.

62 comments on “Come Monday: “Light at the end of the tunnel” edition

  1. The “military industrial complex”….would that include the Carlyle Group which has made the select few very wealthy ?

  2. Why just the other day a serious government spokesman pointed out that Barnaby Joyce could be a human/ alien “love child”.
    I confess that I am worried by the alien predilection for anal probes, however
    there are much more interesting questions to be answered right here on earth.
    For example, “Why does the Liberal Party’s Phillip Ruddock wear an Amnesty International badge given his involvement in locking up Haneef?”

  3. The Hellyer/Hawking argument was an interesting one. Yes I do realize that Stephen Hawking is one of the most, if not the most intelligent person currently on the face of this planet..but why would he consider that extraterrestrials were always going to set out to conquer and take our resources. Surely if this had been their aim they would have done this a very long time ago for example when there was a lot more of it and Earth dwellers more ‘primitive’.

  4. I thought that the UFO material would appeal to you, El gordo. What Hellyer revealed was quite astonishing. He is now urging other governments to come clean on what they know. Or rather, on what they’re hiding.

    The US Government has acquired the knowledge of clean energy but there are powerful groups that want to see the reliance on fossil fuel maintained. It is in their financial interests.

  5. The Chinese Government were prevented from disclosing what they know by the US Government. The US want ownership of all information relating to UFOs.

    Hellyer cited an incident about a UFO crashing in Canada while he was Minister of Defense. By the time the Canadians reached the craft they found it surrounded by armed US soldiers. After much negotiations between the two governments the Canadians reluctantly allowed the yanks to take it away.

    This information has been provided by the Minister of Defense himself. He is not to be taken lightly.

    The thing that bothers me, is what have the yanks exchanged the technical secrets for?

    Humans, perhaps?

  6. The Chinese know more than that…think Mongolia.

    I believe that the Chinese know what is coming hence their huge huge investment into alternative energies. Why would the Chinese who are perfectly able to buy anything they want care to invest so heavily into alternative energy sources.

    I’ve mentioned this before but China is now the world leader in research into alternative energy having overtaken the USA about 5 years ago. The Chinese never do anything for no reason.

  7. “The US Government has acquired the knowledge of clean energy but there are powerful groups that want to see the reliance on fossil fuel maintained. It is in their financial interests”

    Migs, you know as well as I do, that the fossil fuels are controlled by a few powerful men, sorry, and fewer women.

    Why would they lie down and let their industry die. Even if it would be the best thing for the planet.

    Most of the alternatives are more likely to be met by a more diverse number of industries and people. We will not be beholden to others for our economic security as we are now. We will not be held hostage to world prices for our energy needs.

    Because of the power and might of those who supplies oil, this method won out in the end. It is said it was not because one method was superior over another. There has been through the decades alternative fuels investigated but never allowed to be developed.

    I suspect our reliance on coal is caused by a similar powerful elite.

    Even without the threat of climate change, there are many reasons that our reliance on coal and oil should come to an end.

    This is more important in a large and sparsely country as Australia. Imagine town and inland cities that can be powered by renewals close to the populations that wish to use there output.

    No more millions of kilometers of overhead power wires and cables to transfer the energy from one end of the country to the other.

    Now Migs, I do not know much about UFO’s, maybe they do exist, but if they do, I wonder what their game is.

  8. Min, maybe the Chinese know that they cannot grow their industries while relying on coal. Maybe they are not willing to kill their populations with the smoke and pollution that coal producers.

    Maybe the Chinese know that it is safer and cheaper in the long run to go down the road of renewals, that in the long run will deliver the future they want. A power economy and a clean environment.

  9. I don’t see that China is very interested in protecting the health and well-being of its population, nor in controlling pollution..the Yangtze River being probably the most polluted waterway in the world.

    My other thought about the Chinese is that they intensely dislike (as history has shown ever since the Opium Wars and centuries prior, but this being the one that comes to mind) being reliant on Westerners. Therefore if they invest in alternative energy sources Goodbye Western Nations, we don’t need you any more.

    Marco Polo had to sneak gunpowder out of China as the Chinese refused even in those days to allow other nations to have access to their secrets. The Chinese have a very very long history and haven’t changed one single bit.

  10. ‘…the hole is a sign that chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs) are still damaging the stratosphere, even though their production stopped 15 years ago.’

    Ozone depletion is a natural process and has nothing to do with CFCs.

    ‘…which one is ‘wrong’ and which one is right….’

    They are here but not to warn us about global warming.

    Half the Chinese proletariat believe aliens are already walking amongst us, but I think that highly unlikely.

  11. El gorgo no insult intended but did you do only Yr 8 science?

    So with the ozone depletion we’re all a’gon’a’die so there is no point in doing anything about anything. Is that the theory?

    So..what are ‘the others’ here to warn us about. I can tell you being a channel for the ascended masters. I double dare you to say it.

  12. I suggest that el gordo listen to the whole story as it was told.

    It is dangerous to take headlines as a basis for argument. Especially today when headlines often have nothing to do with the story below them.

    I only caught a little but it had something to do with temperatures this year. It also said that the peak has been reached in the damage done and it will take to about 2060 for he problem to be solved.

    I heard nothing that suggested that the science was wrong.

  13. El Gordo walks into a trap but is not afrayd.

    Let’s not quibble over the ozone and talk about other matters.

    Just imagine what it must have been like for the local Sydney people when they saw a fleet of large ships entering their waterway.

    It was truely weird and shocking.

    They are here for commercial exploitation and let’s hope they are more enlightened than Phillip and his not so merry men.

  14. El gordo..yep…t’was truly weird and shocking.

    I suspect that if there are aliens amongst us and I know of few them myself (not naming names), why could they want coal…

  15. “……………Levels of ozone over the polar regions drop every winter as the intense cold turns man-made chemical emissions in the stratosphere into a type of chlorine which destroys ozone.

    The Arctic is not as cold as the Antarctic, and it does not usually get cold enough there for the ozone layer to develop a hole.

    But Ms Manney said the last northern winter was abnormally cold.

    “Usually in the Arctic in the northern hemisphere there is only just a little bit of ozone loss, because it isn’t that cold for that long,” she said.

    “This year it was cold for longer than usual and so the chlorine was in forms that could destroy ozone, and so much more ozone was destroyed than in previous winters that we’ve observed.”

    The production of ozone-destroying chlorofluorocarbons was phased out by 1996, but a senior research scientist with the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Andrew Klekociuk, says it will take decades for CFCs to disappear entirely from the stratosphere.

    “They take 20 or 30 years to break down and we’re still seeing, I guess, the delayed effects of the controls on those gases,” he said.

    The researchers measured an 80 per cent drop in ozone levels over the Arctic, leading to a hole which grew as big as five times the size of California.

    That is smaller than this year’s Antarctic hole, but Dr Klekociuk says it is likely the hole will increase harmful UV radiation in the northern hemisphere. …”

  16. I confess that I am worried by the alien predilection for anal probes,…..

    Hence the revolting Anal Jones, I presume, lunalava.

    However, I remain unconvinced about the presence or existence of aliens.

  17. There is also the fact that one of the most brilliant minds Stephen Hawking chose to debate Hellyer on the issue, then a conclusion must be that there is something in it.

  18. The alien/ UFO discussion reminds me of an interview with Korean cult leader Rev Moon who claimed he had been visited by Jesus Christ.
    When asked how he knew it was Jesus Christ, the Rev. said he recognised him from his photographs.

  19. ‘Jane, you may well remain unconvinced about UFOs . . . Until you see one.’

    That’s true Migs and the wonderful egalitarian aspect to this is that people from all walks of life, race, creed etc. have seen them.

    I once saw (along with a large number of other Australians) 7 or 8 flying in formation at great height and speed, traveling north-west to south-east. The authorities had no explanation.

    We are primitives.

  20. Sorry el gordo, i don’t share your faith in aliens flitting around the place. There have been numerous “sightings” over the years, all of which have been debunked.

    I prefer to believe the scientific community and SETI, which still hasn’t found any evidence for extraterrestrial life.

  21. Jane, they haven’t all been debunked. There are 90,000 reported sighting world wide each year. Five per cent of them remain unexplained, that is, they are unidentified.

    SETI is a big joke, in my opinion, sitting on their bums listening for sound waves.

  22. Umm.. they don’t listen for sound waves, in space no one can hear you scream for a very good reason.

    Also sound travels at approximately 750kph at sea level, so even if it could travel through a vacuum it would take longer than the existence of the Earth to get here from even the closest discovered solar systems.

  23. That’s about right, Mobius. By the time it reached Earth the sender could have died out a billion years ago. SETI is a waste of time. Why search the stars? They’re already here.

  24. Interesting topic Migs, is there other life forms in our universe and do they have the capability to travel? hmm, having worked at the Observatory at the ANU and talked to Astronomers about it, I am of the conclusion that statistically speaking if we exist then there is the strong possibility there are other life forms in other galaxy’s if not our own, it’s a big ass sky out there. Whether they have the techical capability to travel I just don’t know, and as humans beings are blessed with a vivid imagination we can only draw our own conclusions, everything is possible until we can catagrorically discount it.

  25. ‘…there is the strong possibility there are other life forms in other galaxy’s if not our own,’

    The Drake equation suggests there are around 361 civilizations in the Milky Way, but I obviously can’t confirm this.

  26. Hi Augustus. If there’s nobody else out there then I’d say it’s an awful waste of space.

    How much space? If you count every star in the Milky Way galaxy at one a second it will take 12,300 years to count them all. And that’s just our galaxy. There are an estimated 100 billion galaxies in the universe.

    All these possibilities. Is life common in the universe? Is life teeming in the universe? Is life rare in the universe? Is there other life at all?

    We’ll probably know in the next five years. Spectrometers are being built that can identify in a distant planet’s atmosphere if there is evidence of life on that planet. A new telescope being built even has the capability of seeing life on distant planets. Wow!

    When I say “we’ll probably know” I was refering to the scientific community.

  27. El gordo, the Drake Equation is outdated. It was formulated at a time when the number of known planets outside our solar system was patchy. We now know there are hundreds ‘nearby’, a quarter of which are considered earth-like.

  28. Just for you el gordo Carl Sagan on the Drake Equation

    Miglo, I suspect we will never know if there are other intelligent life forms in our galaxy in our life times, but it would be nice to know if we have neighbours. As for the Drake Equation, it itself isn’t out dated it just that the data we put into it changes with more advanced techniques of measurement.

  29. The “anal probe” is not to be scoffed at.

    As for “abductees” who claim to have been “subjected to such anal torture,” I suspect there may be a degree of supressed “wishful thinking.”

    ‘Specially amongst those types from the southern states of the USA where
    brain cells are few and far apart……….

    Just sayin’……..

  30. Specially amongst those types from the southern states of the USA where
    brain cells are few and far apart……….

    Or on a time share basis, reb?

    CU @9.25pm. Chortle!

  31. I might have this wrong, but I seem to have out the back of my memory somewhere that there is something especially unusual about the Wandjina..something which sets them apart from other Aboriginal spirit paintings.

  32. I’m trying to think of the quite famous one..Aztec?? I know that it was a stone carving of a person in what appeared to be a spaceship.

  33. Not sure about Hellyer’s conspiracy theories, but this vid is interesting.

    It’s supposed to be in Italy and a couple of jets are escorting what appears to be an unusual craft.

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