We are what we read

I was chuffed at the number of comments I received while overseas that complimented the economic stability of Australia.  Here is a sample:

  • Australia has always had strong leaders
  • The Australian dollar is very stable and healthy
  • The economy is going gangbusters over there
  • It’s great how you guys held firm during the GFC.

And this one:

  • We appreciate the lead Australia is taking against global warming.

Not one of these people had ever visited Australia.  They only know about us from what they read in the media.

Oh how refreshing it was to be confronted by this media inspired positive portrayal.  And it was all true.  Our dollar is strong, as is our economy and economic rating.  We did avoid a recession and the Western world acknowledges this and is envious of it.  Everywhere I went, people were giving Australia a pat on the back.

But not so my fellow travellers or Australian I met overseas.  At every opportunity they were condemning our lucky and prosperous country.  In discussions with them it was apparent that all their political knowledge and opinions were formed from what they read or heard in the media.

Before I am attacked with the suggestion that I’m blaming the media for this or that or whatever – I am not – I am only suggesting that people believe what the media tells them.

The fellow Australian travellers knew that Julia Gillard encourages refugee boats, that the Carbon Tax was going to ruin everyone in Australia with an annual income under $150,000, that the mining industry was at the crossroads because of the resource tax, that new taxes will be introduced on a monthly basis, that the GST will increase and worst of all, we will inevitably be a Muslim country and Julia Gillard’s contribution to this inevitable outcome cannot be ignored.  They knew all this of course, because they read it in the papers.

These very same people had Tony Abbott ‘nodding head moments’ when I mentioned that there will be a carbon tax no matter who is in power, or that to fund Abbott’s maternity leave plan the mining industry would be hit even harder than they would be with the resource tax, or that Abbott’s present carbon reduction policy would hurt the family budget more than Gillard’s proposal, or that the number of boat people entering Australia is a drop in the ocean (excuse the pun) when compared to the number of plane arrivals.  I was puzzled, in particular, that nobody knew anything about Tony Abbott.  Then it hit me: apart from his negativity, nothing about the man or his policies are published in the media.

The average person in the street can only rely on what the media tells them.  It was the same overseas.  If the overseas papers were filled with negativity about Australia then I’m sure I would have heard about it.  Instead, all I heard was praise, for that is what is being published around the world: praise for Australia.

We are what we read.  We will believe what the papers tell us.  One lot of papers are saying that Australia is economically and politically strong while another lot are telling us the country is in a mess and is poorly governed.  The latter are also telling us everything they want us to know about Julia Gillard but nothing about Tony Abbott.  It is comical that those vociferous in their condemnation of Julia Gillard have not a skerrick of knowledge about Tony Abbott.  It is also comical that those vociferous in their criticism of this great country have no idea how economically strong we really are.  It’s a pity that if you want to find out how strong and healthy this country is . . . then you’ll have to find out by reading an American or European newspaper.

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  1. Miglo
    I liked this a lot. I’m quite happy to blame the media, however, for most of what you describe. The level of disinformation is so omniprescent that it can’t be anything other than a conspiracy, at least by default. Agreed, Min about your comment re the expansion of alternative media. Plus your reply, Miglo that the power is with those who “produce” the knowledge. It’s this last point, I fear, that’ll keep an Abbott prime ministership viable. The selective reporting will continue, current manufactured issues & crises can be unmanufactured, we’ll suddenly discover through the media that we aren’t doing so bad after all & the fact that it rained/ didn’t rain yesterday is of course Labor’s fault.

  2. I believe to continuing to blame the media for the misconceptions that abound in the community about the Labor Government is a wasteful exercise.

    Yes, the media is not working in the best interest of Labor and Australia that is nothing new.

    The big question we need to ask, is why there disconnect between the Labor government and its performance.

    Why do we feel so bad, when the facts tell us otherwise?

    This is a very efficient and successful government. It failures are no more, and often less than any previous government. Most are small and in the scheme of things do not matter much.

    Why do we continue to concentrate on failure rates of 2or 3 per cent, while ignoring the 90 per cent rate success rates.

    Why have we become the nation of we will all be rooned? One thing is true, if we allow ourselves to accept, and be influenced by negativity, not having belief in country, or ourselves there are indeed bad days ahead.

    Why do we every day, no matter where in the country, do we have a press conference shown by mostly inefficient broadband of the Opposition leader repeating the same negative three words, mostly inaccurate slogans. The Opposition leader calls this being an effective Opposition government. Efficient at what, spreading gloom and doom?

    The Opposition leader claims he is presenting the Opposition as an alternative government. Please tell, what the Opposition is offering if he gained power.

    What is going on, that most have lost interest in what is occurring politically, why there is such disinterest, dislike and even hate against the present PM. This phenomenon has been going on since Mr. Howard was thrown out by the people.

    Is Mr. Howard’s gift after long reign, a more spiteful and intolerant nation, a nation that each puts their own needs first. Have we become so selfish that we can only put our own needs first, but we cannot see the needs of others?

    The question all need to ask themselves. What is Mr. Abbott offering?

    I suggest the only interest Mr. Abbott has is gaining the office of PM. I am equally sure he has not given much thought to what he will do if he achieved his obsessive ambition.

    The other question that needs to be asked of oneself. What has this PM done that is so bad?

    Thanks Miglo for an outsiders view. What you write is very important. It is time we looked for answers; something new is going on in Australia, which on the surface does not make much sense.

  3. My thoughts, agreed the media has always been against Labor but has it ever been this bad?

    Currently we have the MSM not in the slightest bit interested in scrutinising anything pertaining to Tony Abbott and his policies (or rather lack thereof).

    Also notable is the lack of gravitas in the way the MSM is treating politics, issues and politicians. Politics and her people are treated more akin to a Circus Sideshow. And Tony Abbott is taking full benefit of this via his Circus-type rallies and hard-hat publicity.

    To my way of thinking, Gillard has no option but to ‘join the circus’ because nothing that she nor her government are are doing is receiving publicity for opinions and policies. One can be aloof, superior and look at Tony Abbott and his Circus and tut tut about the deterioration of valid debate but this isn’t going to win the election. Basically Labor is currently looking at being decimated and it’s time for Labor to reassess how they’re playing the game, that there is a new game in town and like it or lump it, it’s a Circus.

  4. Just thinking..yes again 🙂 But what a change. Once Australia almost had tickets on itself…we knew that we were the best country on Earth and yet now it seems a completely reverse situation where everyone else knows how good we are but we can’t for some reason see this.

  5. CU, I agree with Min on the level of media negativity, now. i don’t think the media has ever been so negative and mendacious as it currently is. It’s appalling that with a few very isolated cases, the media in this country is a disgrace!

    I stopped reading the papers months ago. Like most Australians, the only source of print media in my state is owned and controlled by Ltd News.

    And what an indictment of the media in this country when you have to source accurate and impartial news from Europe and the US.

    Migs, i know what you mean when you get the Liealot nodding as you refute the lies broadcast in the media. They nod, but they have the glazed look of the indoctrinated and as soon as you finish talking they robotically parrot the Liars Party talking points again.

    It must gall these idiots to have the Liars Party bullsh!t challenged wherever they go. I hope their noses are rubbed in the truth constantly.

  6. Goodnight all. The first day back at work after a long break has knocked the sox off this little black duck. 😦

    Off to push up some overdue ZZZs.

  7. ‘Night, ‘night! Sleep tight.
    Don’t let the bed bugs bite.
    See you tomorrow, nice and bright,
    Ready to out the world to rights.

    Nice to have you back, Miglo!

  8. I’m laying in bed trying to get to sleep but I made the mistake of opening Facebook. There are two people chatting to me. I had an inkling you’d know about one of them and the subsequent discussion so I responded accordingly.

    Thanks for the welcome, Patricia.

  9. Migs, I just received an email from Debra S*. K*y doesn’t know me from a bar of soap. There are some very upset girls out there.

  10. Hi guys, greetings from Tweed Heads hospital…I chopped off the top of one toe this afternoon..just get to show what happens when you try gardening. Ah well it was extra to needs. Joni would laugh, equivalent to me having to go swimming for my glasses in the bottom of the pool or losing them in the lemon tree.

  11. Bloody hell, Min! Was it another goggles incident? Good grief woman you must stay away from those tetanus toe traps. I suggest some firm young flesh to do the heavy lifting as you lie alluringly on a lilo lifting a long luscious lemonade to your lips.

    I suppose you realise that any aspirations you may have had to a toe sucking career have now been permanently dashed? Just when I had the paparazzi teed up, too.

    Hope you’re not in too much pain and you recover quickly.

  12. Thank you Jane and Migs..shows what you get for doing something as silly as gardening! I’m sticking to the old weed spray bottle in the future. I haven’t looked at it yet, not game to 😦

  13. Min, I thought you were going to stick to the weed spray. Hope it is not as bad as it sounds.

    Looks like we are going to have the important issue, that is to some people, of polls discussed for days.

    Surprising how excited it makes some people.

    We are a third of the way through this present government’s term.

    Geoff, I suggest you wait until the fat lady sings.

    Geoff, some questions I would like to ask.

    Why is Mr. Abbott so desperate to have an election now?

    Why no wait, if this government is as bad as he says.

    What’s the hurry?

    Why is this government so bad? (I am not joking)

    What is the middle ground you are talking about?

  14. CU, Rob Oakeshott seems to believe that the government is doing well.

    The member for Lyne on the NSW mid-north coast said the parliament had remained stable since the power agreement between Labor, the Greens and the independents.

    “The prime minister (Julia Gillard) is delivering on the agreements reached, the executive is still in place, not one minister has fallen and the parliament itself is stable as far as the issues,” Mr Oakeshott said.

    He said it was “so far, so good” for the parliament.


    ps..no wonder my mother used to call me awkward Annie!

  15. That story in the Oz about women losing faith in the PM is anoher confirmation of Miglo’s theme here. We’re two years away from an election but Newspoll keeps asking people how they’re going to vote and hammering into the nation’s psyche the message the idea that this government is a dud one because in two years time they are going to lose an election!

    Meantime as Rob Oakeshott and others keep telling the media the government and Parliament are working very well – largely because our Prime Minister is very good at holding it all together. It was interesting last night on Q&A that he didn’t get resounding applause for saying the same thing again, but certainly not the negative response to Helen Coonan’s take on the carbon tax/we’ll all be rooned/, comment.

  16. Patricia, plus it’s always the loaded questions.

    Given that the government is hopeless: Do you support it.

    But what if the question was: Wayne Swan recently received international acclaim for his handling of the economy. Do you believe that Labor is doing a good job with the economy?

  17. patriciawa, I thought Rob Oakeshott was very good last night on QandA, but black marks for Albrechtson and Coonan for loudly talking over the top of him when he was trying to talk about the carbon price and big fat black mark for Trioli for not shutting them up.

    I thought Mark Butler acquitted himself very well, too. He was articulate and was obviously very familiar with his portfolio. Of course his choice of footy team has a lot to do with it and I think Migs would agree with me on that.

    Albrechtson wasn’t as bad as I thought she’d be. She actually made some quite sensible comments, but blotted her copy book when she had to slag off the BER etc.

    Then Coonan also launched into Liars Party bullshit about how the carbon price will roon us all. Black mark for Trioli as above.

    The more I see of this man, the more I admire his honesty and integrity.

    Geoff, as CU says, we’re a third of the way through the life of this Parliament and I have the feeling that there’s going to be a lot more to the Mirabella scandal than meets the eye. Which I think the opposition will find it difficult to cover up. And I think there’s more to come wrt their relationship with the Murdochracy.

    CU, the Liars Party determination to have an election NOW, certainly smacks of desperation. Their demands are becoming more and more shrill. Makes you wonder what sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads.

    I sincerely hope government archeologists are digging for the bodies. I sense there’s something very whiffy they don’t want to come out before the next election. If they were able to force an election now, it could either be covered up or glossed over, like the Rodent government scandals.

  18. Jane, the only thing that I can think of re Abbott’s “I want an election and I want it now” is as you say, maybe Smuggles has something to hide and he knows that Gillard has a few trump cards on him personally OR that Abbott has the concentration span of a gnat and really can’t wait ’til we get there’. Or maybe it’s both 🙄

  19. jane, yes, I was sorry to see that Mirabella seems to have dropped out of the news. yesterday. Didn’t get a mention on the ABC at all, as far as I can tell. If I’m wrong please post a link here. I had wanted to do a few verses on her but held back, thinking it might be ruled of the public arena and went with the fun of that adultery rumor. I think started in an airport lounge where someone from here overhead two Coaltion staffers having a drink. That someone (ahem!!) couldn’t wait to spill the beans, could they! Knowing Abbott I couldn’t see him having an affair, but I could see serious young Catholic staffers worrying about his immortal soul even if he wasn’t.

    Funnily enough, though, lyn at TPS linked to that pome, but headlined it with my one reference to La Mirabella in my notes when I described her as “one of the most aggressively slanderous politicians in Canberra.”.. Obviously she’d honed in on what should have been my real target, so now I’d have to find some pictures to spice up my fairly tame pome about Abbott and justify that more saucy story about Sophie or I’d have pulled in readers on false pretences!

    So I’ve been looking for pictures of the lovely pair! Found one at Sophie’s wedding. If anyone can direct me to more I’d love to see them. .

  20. Patricia, I popped a link to Polliepomes up on Migs’ Australians for an Honest Media Facebook site…just thought to let you know that there are a few comments there.

  21. With thanks to a contributor at Migs’ Australians for an Honest Media Facebook group…who suggests Wall Street is Occupied and the Media Aren’t report-ing (edit) it. Why?

  22. “Makes you wonder what sword of Damocles is hanging over their heads.”

    Could it be the old saying, which over time has proven to be very true.

    …………..you cannot fool all the people all the time.

    Mr. Abbott could not be so stupid or arrogant to know he has built his house of straw on sand.

    It will not take much of a storm to wash it away.

    Sorry, I could not help myself.

    How else can one reply to three words slogans, especially when there only two or three that are said over and over.

    As for the polls, once again they only record popularity. They do not show why one is popular or unpopular. They do not show whether one is correct or wrong.

    At the most, they only record what one will do on the day they are polled.

    If we remember how the polls treated Mr. Rudd, they collapsed overnight, at the wrong time, approaching an election.

    The one thing they do not tell is why Mr. Rudd appears to be popular at the time. Maybe it is time the pollsters ask why.

    Could it be the following that Mr. Rudd has on FaceBook?

    Why would one believe he would be better the second time around.

  23. A thought has just occurred to me; cheerleaders keep saying the government’s incompetent, but they never provide any evidence of this alleged incompetence.

    Occasionally they whine that the government hasn’t passed any legislation, but when it’s countered by telling them how much has been passed, they quickly reply that it’s bad legislation.

    And when you ask them to specify just what bills are so bad they either retort all of them or walk away, because they actually have no idea what the legislative program has been. All they can do is parrot Liars Party talking points.

    The same goes for the criticism of the PM-she’s ineffective, she doesn’t know what she’s doing, she’s incompetent, she’s rooning the country. But not one of these clowns can give you an example of this incompetence and ineptitude.

    Because we can shoot them down with mere fact that she managed to get the Independents on side and has kept them on side. Whereas their hero Liealot is no closer to getting Independent support than he was from day one.

    The only reason that can possibly be the case is that Liealot is a total incompetent; after all the Independents naturally favour the conservative side of politics.

    Why haven’t they sprinted to the Liars Party? Because the LOTO is an incompetent lying wrecker and what apologies for policies the Liars Party have scribbled on the back of a pub coaster are so poorly designed and full of financial holes that they would wreak havoc on our economy.

    That’s why the Independents continue to eschew the Liars Party-they know that letting them loose on the countrywould in fact ruin this country.

  24. Jane, you’d agree with me here.

    Adelaide has two AFL teams but if you relied on the MSM for all your news you’d think there was only one team. The Adelaide Crows.

    Crow’s losses are brave, yet Port’s wins are lucky.

    Hope you’re getting over your cold, btw.

  25. Jane re “cheerleaders keep saying the government’s incompetent, but they never provide any evidence of this alleged incompetence.”

    Funny that.. you know how the government has ‘wasted’ all this money but how Wayne Swan was made THE 2ND GREATEST AUSTRALIAN TREASURER..FOR EVER..FOR ALL TIME..THE 2ND GREATEST.

    Whoops..I wouldn’t want to gloat or nuffin’…. 😀

  26. I was just about to write something, but I think that I should steer clear of the subject of football given that the Pies are in the Grand Final and given that Dane Swan polled the highest number of votes ever to win the Brownlow. Far safer to stick to the subject of politics or global warming…

  27. Jane, I often ask why the PM and the government is so bad.

    Once, in the past, you got a couple of words like BER with no explanation.

    Now they do not answer. They generally disappear for a few hours.

    If people say someone or something is bad, the least they can do when asked is explain why?

    The other question that gets no answer, is why will Nauru work now. That it worked in the past is not an explanation, as things have changed since those days.

    My guess is that they do not know the answer. Mainly because I believe the perceptions people have are not based on fact or reality for that matter.

    I must be in my second childhood, because every time someone says something, I get the urge of a toddler to ask “why?’.

    Like many toddlers, my requests are being ignored.

    I am getting close to act as a toddler does, stamp my feet when the so called adult walks away.

  28. CU, I believe you have it. Was it only a couple of months ago that the easy answer was the BER ‘debacle’ or was it ‘rorts’. Quick and easy answers with the objective being some sort of smugness from the know-it-alls.

    Of course it meant that the rest of us would go helterskelter to dig up links and facts & figures which would promptly be completely ignored. Who cares about factual information when a quick smug repy about debacles and rorts will suffice.

    And yet it is all strangely quiet now. Or maybe it’s not? Maybe the new strategy is to forget about policies completely and to attack ‘the person’. Gillard and Rudd.

  29. patriciawa
    “Knowing Abbott I couldn’t see him having an affair”
    I could, he is so testy, he is never at home, the chat up of the barmaid in WA story was quickly covered up, he is only photographed with the wife when a daughter is present, I repeat he is never at home. Since returning from the Europe thing, he and the wife attended the Liberal meeting in WA, they both then went their separate journeys. He has had 2 sittings of parliament but between sittings has been on the move. Remember the briefings with the public servants one in Brisbane the next in Melbourne, always moving. Since last Thursday, Melbourne, Tasmania, today Port Macquarie, tomorrow….Why the need to continually campaign? Is the campaign trail just a convenient truth?

  30. What annoyed me over the weekend, the suggestion that the PM should give the Opposition leader what he wants an go with Nauru.

    Somehow according to the so called political experts, this would take the heat out of the situations. If the boats keep coming, it will be Mr. Abbott’s problem.

    The PM, would be politically smart by doing the wrong thing.

    Sorry, I must have missed something along the way. Doing what is correct for the country is no longer the thing to do.

    No recognition is given to the PM’s very clear statement, that this action would cost up to a billion dollars and will not stop the boats.

    This is the expert advice of all those in the field.

    There are only two choices.

    The first is onshore processing, that will leave us with the boat trade. This decision is likely to increase the trade.

    The second is to create a regional assessment centre, where all those that come by boat are assessed and protected. They will take their place at the end of a queue. Many have been in Malaysia for up to a decade.

    Malaysia should only be seen as the beginning of the regional processing. There is scope for extension. This solution, if it worked, would be ongoing.

    Like most hard decisions we are faced with in life, there are no easy answers. There is often only the one that does the less harm.

  31. I missed his daily PC. So he has left Tassie and headed north.

    I would love his flyer points. Pity the taxpayer has to pick up the bill for his unnecessary travel.

    The taxpayer is generous in supporting political campaigns during the election period.

    I fail to see why they have to pay for three years as well.

  32. Today in Port Macquarie for an invitation only address. Some of the voters in the seat of Lyne were wondering why it was invitation only, as Oakshott, when he holds forums has them open to all the electorate.
    It is being reported as “Despite being labelled a community forum, the event, which is expected to attract more than 100 people, is invitation-only.”
    The photo opportunity community function is hosted by Bill Heffernan. Isn’t Bill along way from home?

  33. Thanks, Sue! Well you’ve got me thinking! Also I was watching “The Prime Minister Is Missing!” again today. Zara Holt was in that film saying that Harold had numerous affairs, which were never made public. “He was a very dangerous man to know,” she said. What a delightful old lady she became.

    I guess if Harold Holt could do it, and John Gorton (remember Ainslie Gotto?)
    I guess Mr. Rabbit could to, but I don’t think he’s got the balls for it. Still it’s a fun idea to play with – I have a particularly suitable lady in mind for his dalliance.

  34. Has anyone else read this by Barry Cohen in which he says about Rudd’s so called assassination by Julia Gillard we’ve read so much about

    Bit by bit he estranged almost the entire caucus. They became fed up with his insufferable behaviour. In a column in July last year I recounted how shocked I was, when dining with three senior Labor MPs, to learn how much he was loathed. Another told me: “He was an out-of-control dictator. Everywhere he went there was death and destruction.” Rudd committed political suicide.

    Throughout all this Gillard remained his loyal deputy. Of the many MPs and senators I spoke to not one suggested she had any part in a conspiracy to dethrone Rudd. He had survived for one reason: polls showed he would romp home at the next election. All that changed after a series of mishaps including the pink batts fiasco, the mining tax and, after Copenhagen, his loss of interest in climate change. Overnight Labor’s support collapsed and the reason for keeping Rudd disappeared. His replacement was obvious. The faction leaders went to his deputy and told her to run. When she refused, declaring loyalty to Rudd, she was told, “If you don’t run we’ll find someone who will.”

    The rest is history.

    There may be a number of reasons to vote against Gillard, but a conspiracy involving her in the “assassination” of Rudd and the usurping of the role of caucus is not among them.


  35. Sorry folks but I have to be a party pooper again and settle for an early night. I obviously found globe trotting less tiresome and demanding as work. 🙂

  36. Miglo, all you are experiencing is the let down. Give it a week or too and you will forget you have been away.

    Sad, is it not.

    Have a good sleep.

  37. PS, I found when I was away from work in the PS, the work was still there when you got back.

    One then had to work twice as hard to catch up.

    To make things worse, everything was due yesterday.

    Oh yes and everything became urgent in one’s absent or at the least blew up.

  38. Yes boss and Good night sweet prince, And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest!

    or is it:

    I do not think so: since he went into France, (he has) been in continual practise: 😯

  39. Migs @1.32pm, couldn’t agree more.

    Min, the old waste meme. Although Brad Orgill could only identify a minimal amount of waste due to the haste in which the program was rolled out, due to the GFC. BTW, how’s the toe?

    I was surprised that Albrechtson even admitted there was a GFC last night on QandA, so she gets a tick for that.

    I noticed she and Coonan seemed to have forgotten about Swannie’s gong. I sent him an email of congratulations. And avoided bagging the Liars Party, although I was itching to.

    CU @1.51pm, they scuttle off without answering your questions because the only answer they have is “just because”. They have no facts to support their statements; all they’ve got from the Liars Party are slogans.

    Sue, who would have so little taste as to have an affair with him? Then I think about cheerleaders.

    CU @2.04pm, these pundits keep telling the PM she has to defer to Liealot because they won’t accept that she is the PM, not Liealot. simple sexism, imo.

    patriciawa, are you sure even Liealot is ghastly enough to have that harridan wished on him. Hmm, yes it’s a fitting punishment for both of them. Although if he’s wise he shouldn’t accept any invitations to stay at her place. lol

    John Gorton- Ainslee Gotto, Geraldine Willisee and countless others no doubt. His poor wife, she seemed so nice.

    Julia Gillard’s loyalty to people has never had a question mark for me. I never believed she knifed Rudd, it’s not her style. A style I like a great deal.

  40. We are what we read! said Miglo.

    So true, and some people refuse to read anything which makes them question who they are..

    Reb, it’s pretty clear that you haven’t read recent comments on this thread before your knee jerk reaction to jane’s comment!

  41. Reb, it’s clearly a case of the knifee or the knifer. Ok reb..what are your facts, not just what you have gleened from the media, but the absolute positive facts.

    My facts are that Kevin Rudd immediately said that he would serve in a Gillard government. Gillard made Kevin our Foreign Minister and he has served in this capacity with distinction.

    It’s not Rudd who has the problem. It’s not Gillard who has the problem.

    As I used to say when a disability advocate/educational psychologist: Identify the ‘ownership’ of the problem.

  42. Patricia re: Reb, it’s pretty clear that you haven’t read recent comments on this thread before your knee jerk reaction to jane’s comment!

    Shh!!! The poor fella might not be able to take the harrassment…

  43. “it’s clearly a case of the knifee or the knifer”

    WTF Are you suggesting that Kevin wanted to be knifed..?

    What a strange little parallel universe thing you have going on here…

  44. ‘Kevin Rudd immediately said that he would serve in a Gillard government.’

    And you know what, he had little choice. The caucus hate him.

  45. Reb, it’s just Practical Magic…

    Sigh..come and sit on muma’s knee. You see it’s like this lots of naughty people didn’t like Rudd and so one day someone knocked on Julia’s door and said, Julia, we’re going to roll Kevin..do you want the leadership or are you going to let the Labor Party sit there leaderless like a pack of drongos.

    In hindsight Julia should have let them sit there like a pack of drongos

    But no she didn’t do the knifing but she does have X amount of complicity in it in that if she hadn’t accepted the offer then maybe the knifing wouldn’t have happened..but on the other hand maybe it would have..and we would now have Fred Nerks as PM.

  46. So in other words, she was complicit in the knifing. Thanks. Why couldn’t you just come out and say it in the first place FFS. 🙄

    That’s the problem with you pensioners…the mental faculties go after a while…

    But don’t worry you’ve got reb to steer you through the difficult territory… 🙂

  47. Bill Shorten ‘was desperate for a position on the front bench in the Rudd government but was only elevated to parliamentary secretary for Disabilities and Children’s Services, and later, added parliamentary secretary for Victorian Bushfire Reconstruction.

    ‘However, he was one of a group of factional leaders who urged Julia Gillard to challenge Rudd for the leadership, and was rewarded after the 2010 election with the positions of Assistant Treasurer and Minister for Financial Services and Superannuation.’

    Naked ambition all round.

  48. Reb @7.10pm

    Either Julia was a conspirator in Kevin Rudd’s downfall, or she was a hapless pawn installed unwillingly.

    Which is it?

    Indeed, which is it?

    Perhaps we’ll have to wait for the book to come out or the mini-series.

  49. “Indeed, which is it? Perhaps we’ll have to wait for the book to come out or the mini-series.”

    Ah no, the prevailing “wisdom” here is that she had nothing to do with it. Apparently “it’s not her style.”

    I suggest she had everything to do with it.

    So how about some proof that she didn’t in response…?

    Or is just sarcastic, sanctimonious self-serving platitudes all that you dish up here?

  50. El gordo, don’t be stupid..all first term parliamentarians are made parliamentary secretaries or similar, it’s the way that people learn the job.

  51. Reb, obviously one were you are uncomfortable.

    She was not a hapless pawn but there is no evidence that the PM conspired to bring about the situation.

    What is clear that there was no one willing to stick their neck out and support Mr. Rudd. That is very unusual in circumstances like this.

    Why should this be so. I suggest they must have felt they had no choice.

    Why this is so, we still do not know.

    It had to be more than bad polls. No one has put the knife into Mr. Rudd since. No one has attempted to destroy his reputation.

    Reb, what you do not see, is that this PM is slowly gaining respect. The PM has not taken a step back, nor has the PM taken the easy way out.

    The PM has not lost her cool, she has kept on doing her job, no matter the shit thrown at her.

    Those who work closely with her have nothing but respect for her.

    This must mean something.

    I still do not understand why those who claim to support Labor would continue to assist Mr. Abbott in destroying the party.

    Sorry, I cannot see where this makes sense.

    Oh Reb, age can also bring wisdom, or at least the knowledge that nothing is new.

    It brings the knowledge after living through the Whitlam years, that the Coalition is capable of anything to get what they want.

    It brings the knowledge that much that is made a fuss of disappears in history as being of little importance.

  52. Reb..can you provide a link to that?

    It is your opinion that Gillard was working deviously behind the scenes to knife Rudd and wanted to do it before the election. So, there is some logic there, not much but some..

    Yes, that could have happened. Yes, absolutely that could have happened. Yep agree there, it could have happened.

    Now prove it….

    Of course it could have happened, but it’s just speculation and media talk until some factual evidence is provided..you know, a leaked email or similar..in fact anything would be a starting point for some real debate instead of just repetition of Andrew Bolt’s talking points.

  53. ME, you will be glad to hear the Premier being accused of spruiking new police powers. Channel 10 news.

    They pointed out that the police did not agree. A Coalition leader spruiking, that could not be true.

    Only our PM does that.

    No respect after six short months.

  54. Well Reb, I am sure of one thing, you will do all in your power to ensure the PM does not gain respect.

    The thing I ask, is why. Do you really believe we will be better off with Mr. Abbott.

  55. Well we might be old aged pensioners but we sure find it easy to get under Reb’s skin.

    Maybe we are not so clever and he is just thin skinned.

  56. Reb, you do know that leaders are replaced. It happens all the time in politics.

    In all parties for that matter.

    When the leader loses the confidence of the caucus, they are generally voted out and replaced.

    That is how the system works in this country.

    It is a shame the Liberals did not have the guts to do the same to Mr. Howard when he reached his used by date.

    Mr. Rudd lost the confidence of the elected members of Labor.

    Now we can say that many senior Labor politicians are so weak, they allowed themselves to be pushed around by a couple of union lightweights outside the party.

    What universe do you reside in.

    Mr. Abbott manipulated the same scene to gain power.

    One has to dump much reality to reach the conclusions you do.

  57. patriciawa @5.15
    one thought to keep in mind. they complain that rudd was kevin 747, but when at home he was often sought out by them, for a sunday interview. where,at the church , accompanied by his wife and family. arm in arm husband and wife, smiling.
    now consider the pretender, always travelling, with the minders, the lone campaigner, the forced smile, the grueling exhausting pace of the morning exercise, alone.

  58. Sue, he would have to go to mass alone. His daughters refuses to accompany him. Now that would not make a good happy families shot.

  59. How can I sleep with all this racket?

    Now that I’m half awake I might as well mutter a few words.

    I’m aided by a bit of insider knowledge here, but I’ll stick my neck out anyway. Julia Gillard did not knife Kevin Rudd. Rudd was knifed by a faction within the party and Gillard was ‘encouraged’ to take his place as she was seen as the best person to be Labor’s saviour. Gillard, herself, was very loyal to Rudd. Others weren’t.

    Was she loyal to Rudd? Yes. She was loyal despite being his chosen replacement. It was only when the knife was poised she accepted he was a goner. He was being replaced and she accepted that she was the prefered leader as far as the party was concerned.

    Does someone have to be popular to be respected? Not entirely. Even while winning elections was Howard popular? I don’t think so. Was he respected? I believe he was. As far as Gillard is concerned I believe she will win respect long before she gains any popularity, if she does.

    What does she need to do to gain respect? Probably by sticking to her convictions and riding out the storm might be a good start. Also, if her policies – popular or not – are shown to work then the kudos have a good chance of following her.

    Now, how about a nightcap?

  60. Thank you Migs..and it’s nyah to reb…

    Exactly what I’ve been saying, Julia was told take the leadership or else. Once she assumed the PMship who did she ‘reward’..if you will pardon the expression ladies and gentlemen fkn nobody.

    Such a strange knifing isn’t it..nobody was rewarded..how weird, how strange. Or maybe it’s all too obtuse for those who receive their talkikng points from Andrew Bolt.

    Gillard will need talking about in years to come I think…she was popular she was the feisty redhead and how the media chewed her up for no reasonable reason, other than that were smug enough to know that they could.

    Excellent idea CU about going back to sleep and I’m going too.

  61. Toe update: they reattached the semi chopped off bit, about a day 10 day wait until I find out whether or not it takes. Ewww yucky poo!!!

  62. Goodnight, Miglo. Your insider’s account fits exactly with what Barry Cohen says all government MPs tell him. Gillard was loyal to the last posssible moment. .


    Fits my take on it too, watching it unfold on TV and wondering what was being said in those hours of conversation between the two of them while outside the power brokers were getting on with the job. Whatever Rudd and Gillard had said to each other, or decided to announce to the world, when they came out it made no difference at all. The spill was on. It was all over red rover..

  63. I like the idea of a leaked email, Min. So Liars Party and as we know the path to Liealot’s bloodless coup.

    reb, from what Barry Cohen wrote, the plotters tapped Gillard on the shoulder and gave her an ultimatum. She was not a party to the plot, but was given the task to tap Rudd on the shoulder.

    And frankly, Barry Cohen is a far more reliable and believable source of information about the fall of Kevin Rudd than some Ltd News hack or Liars Party apparatchik.

    Migs @9.03pm, thanks for clearing that up. FWIW, I like, admire and respect the PM, something I could never feel about Howard and certainly could never under any circumstances, feel about Liealot. Both grubby mendacious political opportunists, both with plenty of blood on their hands.

    Min, fingers crossed for the toe.

  64. I hope this doesn’t mean, Min, that you are any less of a toey lady now?

    Miglo, thanks for that lovely clip of Emmanuel singing “Imagine” which I’ve just copied to TPS where it’s relevant to FS’s thread on the troubles that religion can bring to the world.

  65. And Min if the toe does not work, then how get a tattoo in the spot that reads
    “and this little piggy”

    (as pictured in an article on the best tattoos)

  66. “Such a strange knifing isn’t it..nobody was rewarded..how weird, how strange.”\

    Riiiight , no one was rewarded…..

    Except for Mark Arbib, Bill Shorten, Greg Combet and Paul Howes…

    Nah no one was rewarded…. 🙄

    Maybe it’s all too obtuse for those who receive their talking points from Lyn’s Daily Links .

  67. In the long term, reb, nobody benefited. Look where Labor are in the polls.

    As much as I want it to happen, I don’t think Labor will turn their fortunes around before the next election. Unless there’s a miracle.

  68. “In the long term, reb, nobody benefited”

    Well certainly the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    But at the time, Shorten, Combet and Arbib were all rewarded handsomely by Gillard for knifing Rudd, and of course Julia herself was elevated to the top job…

    But I guess she must’ve took it on reluctantly eh? 🙄

  69. “what you do not see, is that this PM is slowly gaining respect”

    Comedy gold…

    Maybe …somewhere in a parallel universe…..perhaps….

  70. Then why did Rudd immediately agree to serve in a Gillard government in which ever capacity she decided. It’s not the action of someone who has been knifed..but maybe Rudd doesn’t harbor grudges as some do.

  71. I don’t know much about Shorten or Combet, reb, but I worked with Arbib. How, pray tell, was he rewarded handsomely?

    Can’t say I saw any major promotions for the bloke or any other benefits. I’d like to think the portfolio he had at the time of the leadership change was far more prestigious and rewarding than the one he has now.

  72. “In the long term, reb, nobody benefited”

    Well certainly the benefit of hindsight is a wonderful thing.

    I think that what is happening here is a clash of perspectives. Some people like to judge or measure events based on their ‘point in time’ impact whereas others – like myself – like to judge/measure their impact ‘over time’.

    I’m one of those ‘let’s wait and see what happens’ type of guys.

  73. My take on it on the very day has only changed to the extent that with hindsight I now understand better the part that Rudd himself played. So perhaps I should re-write this as still a mercy killing but after a bungled masochistic self immolation before a sadistic Abbott; witnessed, encouraged and applauded by mainstream media. I still see Labor, and Julia Gillard, in the same light as then and it’s good to have that confirmed by reports like that of Barry Cohen and Miglo here about what Caucus members and Labor insiders know.

    Mutatis Mutandis –
    ‘Necesssary Changes Have Been Made’

    We held our leader in high regard,
    Watched helpless as he was daily mauled
    By media and an opposition fighting hard
    And dirty, with no holds barred.
    And finally when he lay bleeding,
    Victim of press gallery canard,
    Yes, we killed him because we knew
    He was near dead, so battle scarred
    And bruised he could never rise again.
    So much his reputation marred,
    Our cause, also dear to him, looked lost.
    No choice but for the old praetorian guard
    To take control and end a tragic farce.
    This was no assassination.
    It was an end to suffering; a ‘coup de grace.’

  74. reb, as I said before, Barry Cohen is so much more believable as to the events leading up to Kevin Rudd’s removal than the Liars Party or the msm, whose spin you want to believe. And Migs has pretty much confirmed Cohen’s take on events.

    Neither the Liars Party nor the msm would have been privy to what transpired, because nobody in the ALP would entrust either of those parties with what supermarket they use, let alone that information.

    I know you’re desperate to push the Liars Party and the msm version of events, but they have as much credence as Sloppy’s credentials as Treasurer.

    Nice try, but no cigar.

    Like the pome, patricia.

  75. Rudd was knifed. Julia was shoved (and agreed). Voters are Angry. Anger is not subsiding. Faceless hacks have destroyed the ALP credibility and it is going to take Heaven and Earth to win it back again.

    I doubt this can happen before the next election at this stage, but there is still 2 years to go which is a saving grace for Julia.

    Faceless hacks should be removed and lanced like boils from the festering sore they have created.

    I think Anna in QLD is gone as there is not the time to rebuild the voter base.

    I will vote Independent as I cannot bring myself to vote for Tony Abbott.

  76. Mr. Rudd lost the confidence of caucus and was dumped. When Mr. Rudd rang around, he had no support.

    Whether they were right or not is another question.

    This is our system works.

    Mr. Abbott manipulated a vote within the Liberal Party elected members.
    He was able to win by one vote. No pairs were allowed for two members who were ill.

    The leaders of both the Liberal and Labor know they are there as long as they have the confidence of the elected members.

    I know this is not as exciting as been stabbed in the back or assassinated but it is the truth.

    Yes, the likes of Mr. Abbott or a handful of disinfected members in a fraction can start things off. They cannot depose of anyone on their own. They need the support of the rest of the elected members.

    This is how the system has worked for over a century.

    Boring, is it not.

    Yes the PM can call a spill and take her chances. Sadly this would not fix the problem. It would only weaken her more.

    It is now being suggested that the PM, for the good of the party do the right thing and resign. The media have said that she should do this as she is useless and has no chance of winning,

    I wonder what the next weeks media and Opposition strategy will be.

    Mr. Abbott has already alleged that she is suffering from psychological illness within parliament last week

    What has happened to the Mirabella story?

  77. CU
    The PM is at work being the PM. She sees that work continuing, hence the launch of the White paper today. When parliament returns there is the Carbon Tax legislation to be voted on in the house, there is the migration Act amendments to be voted on, there is the MRRT plenty of legislation on this governments agenda. So calls by Abbott and his msm friends are just that, calls, desperate calls by a desperate opposition.

  78. Sue, and aren’t we all silly duffers. The Carbon Tax legislation will shortly go through and what do the MSM do? Hey it’s gotta be yet another conspiracy theory with Rudd to resume control any tick of the clock. Mind you Kev is somewhere overseas and I’m yet to see even one source quoted except for some Liberal Senator who barged into another Senator’s office and thought that he could hear something that the other Senator said.

    The aforementioned is of course hugely reliable..something that someone said, after barging into an office and thought that the person was speaking with Rudd and the number 8 was mentioned. Maybe the Senator was providing her number for the office Lotto?

  79. Stand by for photos of the Prime Minister to appear in the Queensland State Election Campaign.
    Queenslanders are so politically astute they were influenced by photos of Anna Bligh at the last federal election.
    If you can’t even grasp who is and is not standing in an election campaign you deserve the government you get.

  80. “Maybe the Senator was providing her number for the office Lotto?”

    I think they were talking about a local football team.

  81. Min we all know what thought thought. Maybe every time some Labor wag sees this idiot they should hiss “Six!” or “Ten!” or some other number. That should keep the Liars Party chasing their tails for a good while. lol

  82. Min, CU, Jane

    The Sophie story was about to break. Look over here Canberra Insiders! And didn’t they take the bait. Rather than own up to their own ineptitude they kept chasing the “Rudd numbers.”

    As for Sophie we will have to watch out for the pettiness as she flops onto her front bench seat. There will be a few MPs watching the performance and then there will be the government MPs as well.

  83. The problem for the lovely Sophie is that she has a will that she cannot present for probate. As soon as she does, she is in trouble.

  84. @9.35pm, just read the link to the Rise and Fall of Down Under. Needless to say he blotted his copy book by regurgitating Liars Party and Murdochracy lies and talking points. I felt obliged to tell him so.

  85. Pingback: Nothing’s changed: we still believe what we read in the papers | Café Whispers

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