Kevin Rudd and other rumors

Such is an anomaly:

One moment there are accusations that Australia’s Foreign Minister is spending far too many taxpayers dollars on overseas travel in his capacity of Foreign Minister and is hardly ever in Australia, yet the next he is supposed to be working deviously behind the scenes gathering the numbers.

I personally always found Kevin Rudd a very fascinating person, clearly highly intelligent, with unusual interests and a dedication to things that he believes in.

One does not become fluent in Chinese Mandarin without some sort of driving force. And yet at other times he could be somewhat naive such as refusing to cull Liberal supporters from the senior PS, perhaps believing that this generosity of spirit would be appreciated.

Along the way Rudd has been subjected to many many smear campaigns, that the Kevin I’m Here to Help was too good to be true, that he should be the same as all lesser mortals.

From Peter Hartcher

Rudd is not organising a challenge. The speculation is a measure of the government’s rising panic and the febrile atmosphere in the Parliament. The Foreign Affairs Minister may be in New York at the UN, but his shadow is behind every parliamentary pot plant. He would not be human if he was not dwelling on the possibility of a comeback.

Perhaps Kevin Rudd isn’t human. Human, at least according to the media would have been for Rudd to sit and sulk on the back bench, but he didn’t he immediately volunteered to serve a Gillard government in whatsoever capacity Julia Gillard saw fit. I doubt that anyone could question Kevin Rudd’s putting every possible effort into the job.

However, even during the Brisbane floods, pants rolled to his knees Rudd has had to bat away leadership speculations – Why, the media questioned would someone such as Kevin Rudd go and help during the Brisbane floods unless he was trying to position himself for a leadership challenge?

This opinion of course goes against the grain of what everyone expects, but just maybe Kevin Rudd is one of those people where the media are not going to get what they expect.