Abbott wins what?

It was exactly one week ago that I wrote Gillard wins what?

JULIA GILLARD’S hopes of reviving the Malaysia plan are hanging by a thread with the opposition agreeing to consider her plea to support legislation to overrule the High Court ruling but threatening ultimately to reject it.

Sentiment in the Coalition remains firmly against doing anything that would help the beleaguered government and it will leave it hanging for another week before responding. ”We’re likely to oppose it,” a senior Coalition source said last night.

Tony Abbott has now refused to support any changes to the Migration Act even though the government has assured that any alterations would include improved safeguards for the protection of Human Rights.

I must admit to still having severe misgivings to any amendment which is designed to get around the High Court ruling which scuttled the Malaysia asylum seeker proposal. However as the meeting that Gillard arranged with Tony Abbott lasted approximately 15 minutes, I cannot see how Abbott could have possibly given the government’s proposals anything resembling reasonable fair scrutiny and consideration.

Abbott will:

Turn back the boats – yet Abbott ignores it when the Indonesians they say yet again that they won’t accept his returns. Abbott also refuses to admit that more deaths would be probable under his policy.

No onshore processing whatsoever and with an offshore processing center based in Nauru – The Opposition’s own draft amendments put forward that asylum seekers could only be sent to countries which have signed the United Nations Refugee Convention.

This on the surface of it would appear to be the far more humanitarian approach, however we have a problem – the only feasible country which is a UN signatory is Nauru, apart from New Zealand that is.

As Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen has pointed out, Abbott is being hypocritical because he want to turn boats around, but Indonesia is likewise not a signatory to the UN refugee convention.

I think that we have this, Abbott will not support the Malaysia deal because it is not a signatory to the UN Convention but he will turn the boats back to Indonesia which is likewise not a signatory. Indonesia good: Malaysia bad.

The return of TPV’s – more women, children and unaccompanied minors on leaky boats which is precisely what happened the last time.

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  1. From Mobius on the Open Thread II topic: Many have been saying that Abbott had wedged Gillard over this but methinks it’s the other way round.

    I agree. It’s been a double wedge. Gillard couldn’t lose, either Malaysia plan would go ahead or it will have to be onshore processing. She wins either whichway.

    Abbott on the other hand has nothing left to offer..his 5 minutes of fame as a ‘humanitarian’ lasted just that.

  2. So when in government Nauru not being a signatory wasn’t a problem, in fact it was tantamount to Howard’s policy, which was to park the refugees out of site away from the media and NGOs, then whip up horror about Nauru as a deterrent so as to appear tough for an election.

    Now Abbott is saying Nauru is humane and kind, a signatory and far more preferable to Malaysia or any other country that is not, which is the opposite message they wanted to convey when last in government.

    Abbott has issued an open invitation for the boats to come here and for the people smugglers to ramp up their business, especially in shipping unaccompanied minors.

    The only part of his policy that he’s relying on to stem the boats is TPVs, which are illegal at the moment and even if he did get the law changed to make them legal again, highly unlikely given the multitude of challenges that would ensue, as stated it would be an open invitation for the smugglers to load the boats with women and children plus it was a highly dubious claim they stemmed the boats in any case.

    All this seems to be leading to the one outcome I believe most of us want, onshore processing, and who knows it maybe what Gillard has been angling for all along.

  3. And how long will he stick with the plan, as the polls move and Labor points out that each boat arrival is due to Abbott? Particularly as even the Australian is writing about the hypocrisy of Abbott’s position.
    Will Abbott’s amendments be another NZ apple bill? Will we get the bookies odds on this? Wednesday should be fun, watching the pressure mount on Abbott.

  4. Mobius, it would be a classic catch by Gillard – catering to the right via offshore processing – the whole deal caving in due to Tony Abbott = onshore processing. Surely the government has realized how it’s been bleeding from the Left due to the asylum seeker issue.

  5. Sue, and of the 39% who voted guess that there would be 35% with their fingers crossed behind their backs. The remaining 4% have problems which we shouldn’t be discussing. 🙄

  6. Only last week Tony used the appalling phrase “the longest suicide note”, it may be that his own monogram appears on the it.

  7. El gordo, I agree. It’s not going to stop the boats, but it is by far the more humanitarian approach given current circumstances which include two High Court rulings.

  8. I have a feeling that the PM KNEW that Abbott would never agree to Malaysia. Abbott thought that he was doing a wedge, but it’s Gillard who has achieved the wedge. We now have onshore processing. Gillard could never have achieved this without Abbott’s “help”.

  9. Gillard has pulled off the double wedge. Liealot thought he was so clever knocking back the amended amendments, but unfortunately for him he was lured onto the well camouflaged path over the bottomless pit of sliding polls.

    I believe the PM dug the pit and laid the camouflage with her own hands. She wanted sharpened stakes at the bottom, but PJK intervened and told her that roasting the bugger over a slow fire would be far more satisfactory.

    Sue, that’s the second online poll which confirms that Liealot isn’t fooling the majority of voters with his crocodile tears and faux concern for people.

    That a large section of the community were disgusted at his lack of concern for pregnant Zoe Thomson must have sent a few ripples through the Liars Party

    This latest poll, which shows that an equal or greater number of people think he is dishonest about his “concern” for the safety of asylum seekers, must have ratcheted up the concern about how he is perceived.

    They should start realising that a one dimensional store dummy will work for a while, particularly when the media deliberately ignores the fact, but eventually people (with the exception of some very determined cheeerleaders) want something more than a windup doll staggering around saying NO.

    el gordo, absolutely. This could be a win/win for everybody. Fingers crossed.

    AntonyG, i agree 100%.

    Min, he can say stuff like that because he’s a stone cold liar.

  10. Jane, re Zoe Thomson..scrupulously avoided by the Libs with the exception of Hockey.

    Funny the things that do it for you, for me Hockey lost it when he refused to attend Rudd’s daughter’s wedding at Howard’s instruction..some things are most important than politics. Karma there for Hockey.

    However, Hockey’s support of Zoe Thomson went a small way in the process of vindicating himself. Small, not complete..Hockey has still some way to go.

    Jane, I suspect that Julia laid the trap for Abbott knowing that Abbott would never agree to anything which ‘the she’ proposed. If you look at the way that Julia went about it, it’s quite amazing. How to put Abbott in a lose/lose situation.

  11. And to think some people, mostly the RWDB’s and right wing MSM are saying Abbott has been the clever one in this.

    All he did is all he ever does, which makes him so utterly predicable, he said NO.

    Anyone who thought that he would have done anything different has their head in the clouds, and Gillard has had Abbott’s measure from the very early days of the Howard government, so for me it’s unbelievable that she thought Abbott for once in his entire political career would say YES to anyone else than Howard or his puppet masters.

    This was borne out by the fact the meeting with Gillard, made on his terms, only took 10 to 15 minutes. That short negotiation on a major policy that did not only effect government policy but Abbott’s as well, and Gillard is known and lauded for her negotiating ability. Abbott was always going to say NO to the government’s amendments no matter what was negotiated or offered, and that was being telegraphed for days before the meeting.

  12. Min @ 11.11am, yes I had it sussed when Poh started rabbitting on about Liealot’s brilliant wedge and the thought suddenly struck me. Lielot isn’t anywhere near smart enough to engineer anything so subtle and delicate.

    He’s never had an independent thought-he’s a follower, not a leader and I’d say has been manipulated by his puppet masters the Rodent and (possibly) Reith.all the way along.

    Their plan is no doubt to slit his throat if he delivers the prize and install some other brain dead Liars Party aparatchick, they can easily manipulate. And let’s face it what else have they got?

    Of course, what the Rodent and Reith haven’t taken into account is that Gillard is far smarter than both of them put together. And she’s done it! They’ll all be pulling splinters out of their backsides for years and it couldn’t have happened to nicer blokes.

    My only regret is the Sophie Mirabella hasn’t copped a wedge, yet, but hopefully the PM has the slag in her sights.

  13. Jane, indeed..Abbott very superficial, someone who believes what he hears from the shock jocks.

    Yep..and a surprise to very many and myself included, the girl has done it. Gillard has pulled off the double wedge.


    Far be it for me to criticise Abbott because we all know the tactics from the right wing Abbott supporters, add to the criticism of Gillard at your will but don’t dare criticise Tony Abbott because that would be ‘unbalanced’.

  14. Something that really troubles me is that few seem concerned that the failure of the Malaysian solution means that lives will continue to be lost at sea.

    And I don’t mean the highly publicised events of last December: I mean the (possibly) dozens of boats that have disappeared without trace, and now look likely to continue doing so. We will never know how many.

    The preoccupation with offshore/onshore processing and who wedged whom leaves me quite puzzled and despondent. The incentive to set sail in leaky sieves is, for me, the issue. And it only now occurred to me how sickenly appropriate the SIEV acronym was.

    Short of rounding up every refugee spotted gazing wistfully southward from known departure points in South East Asia and flying them by chartered aircraft to Darwin, the Malaysian Solution was the only plan with any chance of saving asylum seekers from themselves.

    Those who engineered its scuttling will have blood on their hands.

  15. MJ, I think we can be forgiven some gloating at Liealot’s wedging, but our concern for the safety of asylum seekers arriving on unsafe vessels is also on record (Min particularly).

    Until a compromise can be reached, off shore processing is out of reach.

  16. Mangrove, the only way that lives will not be at risk at sea is if Indonesia stops the boats at the point of departure.

    A SIEV is a Navy term for a suspected illegal entry vessel and in the vast majority these are Indonesian fish poachers. Mind you, there are also recreational catamarans which have gone off course and these are also SIEVs.

    The incentive to “to set sail in leaky sieves” is indeed the choice. To claim asylum in Australia or to languish for years in Indonesia.

  17. ToM, absolutely. Gillard presented Abbott with TWO alternatives, Malaysia or onshore processing. Either clearly is preferable to the ultra expensive option of Nauru.

    Abbott has opted for onshore processing….

  18. Yes Min, and the big benefit, as so many here point out, is that in addition to being mean spirited to asylum seekers, we get to “double wedge” Abbott!!

    The unaccompanied minors must feel chuffed at the beneficial role they’re playing in this political activity!

  19. MJ
    The SIEVX memorial in Weston Park, is a reminder that the plight of refugees should never be forgotten. Weston Park is a well used family park in Canberra and the memorial is a very moving tribute.Each pole in the memorial is a symbol of a person lost and the design is a community effort. Although Howard did not want the memorial as part of the National capital, Jon Stanhope of the ACT government, ensured the spot in the park by Lake Burley Griffin, Yarralumla.

    As for a solution to not getting on the boats I believe that PM Gillard is not finished with this issue.

  20. ToM, nope…Abbott wedged himself.

    The unaccompanied minors, you mean the children that Abbott was going to send back to Indonesia via his ‘turn the boats around’…


  21. ToM, Abbott was presented with the alternatives: a Regional Processing Center or onshore.

    Tony has chosen onshore. So you’re now going to agree with Tony that onshore processing, which mind is a policy of the Greens is the superior?

  22. Min, I think it shows true character of some contributors here to bask in the glory of Abbott being “double wedged”, or even singly.

    Only a special type of mean spiritedness towards asylum seekers engages in that level of political gloating.

  23. Min
    looks like the abbott supporters think they are now backing a loser. it has taken a while for them to see the true abbott.

  24. I bask in the glory of Abbott being wedged as he has basked in the glory of negativity and mean spirited political antics for over 12 months now. The hatred and bile form the right has been nothing short of hystrical fear mongering. Abbotts deserves nothing less than a good wedging for the gutter and fear mongering politcis he has introduced by stealth into our parliamentary process since he became leader of the opposition.

    When respected scientists in their chosen field receive threats to themselves and their families it is time for a major shakeup.

  25. I watched Four Corners and the carbon fine story. I noticed the hysteria of the rabid deniers and the bile and hate eminating from the mouths and grandstanding, as opposed to the pro carbon rally of bike riders who calmly cycled around the capital and met at Old Parliament House. The contrast was startling.

  26. Yeah, never mind that Julia has proposed that asylum seekers be denied natural justice, or that she seeks to send unaccompanied minors to Malaysia.

    Let’s all just gloat that she’s played the political “double wedge”.

    That’s nice.

  27. I used to think onshore processing was the answerm however compelling arguments against onshore processing have convinced me otherwise.

    While I am unable to decide where offshore processing would be best suited, (given my limited knowledge of our surrounding countries in the fields of human rights and services) it does appear the best way to deter people smugglers.

  28. “never mind that Julia has proposed that asylum seekers be denied natural justice”

    That’s the thing that has the legal fraternity up in arms!

    Those lawyers who have been involved in the protection of asylum seekers’ rights in the past are now concerned that Gillard and Bowen are dispensing with those protections and rights.

    But, I guess as long as Abbott has been “double wedged” (whatever that means), that’s all that matters… 🙄

  29. Reb re Who are the “Abbott supporters?” The Blot, the MSM who do not ask Abbott any hard questions.

    It took until yesterday and Chris Bowen to point out the hypocrisy – that while Malaysia is not a signatory to the UN Convention, that another non-signatory country Indonesia is where Abbott would somehow return the boats.

    Mind you, in amongst all of this Indonesia is none too thrilled about Abbottt’s plan.

  30. Reb, yes spot on. As per my topic, refer to Gillard wins what?

    It’s gone, finished, kaput. Abbott refused the Malaysia plan and so we now have onshore processing.

  31. Shane @2.28pm. As per my previous comments and there are a lot of them..onshore processing is the lesser of the evils.

    Hey if I wanted my ‘rathers, I would like Indonesia to stop the people smuggling trade (for all reasons, refugees, sex workers) – I would like Indonesia to sign the UN Convention.

  32. “The Blot, the MSM who do not ask Abbott any hard questions.”

    Why should they? Abbott isn’t in government.

    He’s not the one in power proposing to change the law that would strip away protections currently afforded to asylum seekers under the existing Act.

    He’s not the one who’s proposing to remove any onus of accountability or responsibility on the part of the Immigration Minister as is currently the case under the existing Act.

    He’s not the one proposing to change the Act from “in the public interest” to “the national interest” so that Gillard and Bowen can avoid having their crafty little scheme encounter the wrath of the Courts as it did a couple of weeks ago.

    For those that claim to be concerned about the rights of asylum seekers you sure seem to spend an indordinate amount of time slamming Tony Abbott’s conduct rather than focusing on what the government is actually proposing with its legislative changes..

    But, I suppose as long as Abbott has been “double-wedged” that’s all that matters… 🙄

  33. Reb..speak to me..what was that..

    “The Blot, the MSM who do not ask Abbott any hard questions. Why should they? Abbott isn’t in government.”

    Sh*t no, Abbott is only mega ahead in the polls but he should never be asked the hard questions. He should immediately be wrapped up in cotton wool and fed marshmallows for din-dins.

  34. Then why was Rudd asked all the hard questions from the moment he got the opposition leadership and the reasoning by the MSM and the Howard government was that he had to be held to account as the alternative government?

    Why is Abbott given free reign and what happens if he does get his wish of an election in a few months? He has not been held to anything and all of a sudden he’s running the place.

    An just like the Liberal State governments, I bet he will not be held to anywhere near the same account as this Labor government if he is in power.

    There is a huge double standard being run in this country.

  35. Antony, perhaps if you read the rest of my comment, you might gain some insight into why Gillard is suffering so badly in the polls, rather than just joining the chorus that blame the media for Gillard’s woes….

  36. Why are you lot ignoring what Gillard is attempting to do?

    The PM of this country wants to change the law that will rip away the rights and protections afforded to lawful asylum seekers seeking refuge, and instead have them shipped offshore – anywhere – without fear of recourse or recrimination over the welfare of those asylum seekers.

    It’s like WorkChoices for asylum seekers, yet the Gillard cheer squad think it’s great and all “clever politics”.

    Honestly, if this were a Howard or Abbott government proposing these changes you lot would be apoplectic with outrage…

    The hypocrisy is astounding, but not surprising…

  37. Only a special type of mean spiritedness towards asylum seekers engages in that level of political gloating.

    TomM’s hypocrisy on display yet again.

    Across the intertubes the right are gloating how Abbott has wedged Gillard over the Malaysia solution but not one protest or criticism from TomM anywhere in their blogs and forums. But dare we mention that it had been the intention to steer towards onshore processing, something most have stated is their preference, and we are “gloating”.

    Twisted and bitter towards Gillard and this blog as it won’t continuously and stridently lambaste her doesn’t even begin to describe TomM.

  38. The only hard questions Tony cannot handle are at his OWN press “stunt” conferences. Tony walks away or turns his back or hides behind his staffers. It is so weird to watch but funny it would be good to see a collage of such on youtube.

  39. Reb re “Why are you lot ignoring what Gillard is attempting to do?”.

    Have you read my Gillard Wins What topic?

    And on this current topic, I wrote “I must admit to still having severe misgivings to any amendment which is designed to get around the High Court ruling which scuttled the Malaysia asylum seeker proposal.”

  40. As is the hypocrisy on the other side Reb but you don’t pick it up in your blog as stridently as you do here. You have deemed it your job to come here and rip this place apart because you have a weed on with it and some of its contributors.

    So be it, but also call a spade a spade in your own backyard.

    And just what is it with you and TomM deeming that a blog that shows Gillard in some positive light and Abbott in a negative one is to be condemned at every opportunity? I know TomM wouldn’t be happy if this blog had every post condemning Gillard in the most negative terms, but you are normally fairer and above that type of trashing.

  41. Reb

    I have never said it was great regarding asylum seekers at all.

    I am also not the ALP cheer squad, however I do recognise bias when I see, hear or read it.

    I am just happy that Tony Abbott has been wedged for a change. The man holds media conferences which are aired on ABC 24 throughout the day and a soon as they ask a question that is seeks some actual relevance or is a bit difficult he shuts up his little shop and walks away while the media continue to ask, yet that is always forgotten. If Julia walks away there are huge headlines about her failure to answer a question.

    If Tony Abbott is the alternative PM as he is so regularly referred to these days by the shock jocks including Alan Jones, then they should be asking him the hard questions as well and seeking answers.

    I simply request the media to ask the same questions of both of them and treat them with the same level of respect, nothing more and nothing less and this is not happening.

  42. “You have deemed it your job to come here and rip this place apart”

    No not really. I just come here and make observations and comments like anyone else here.

    I’d hardly call that “ripping the place apart”.

    In fact, the fact that you think that’s what it is, highlights the view that the prevailing sentiment here shouldn’t be challenged.

    I also find it odd that I’m now classed as an “Abbott supporter.”

    Nothing could be further from the truth.

    But getting back to the subject, do you agree with Gillard’s proposed changes to the Migration Act, or don’t you?

  43. Shane @ 3.16pm

    Totally agree!

    I think however, media bias is well and clearly established here in Oz, and it’s unlikely that anything will change anytime soon…

    However, one thing I also believe is that people tend to gravitate towards media that agrees with their pre-existing views.

    In that sense, I think the influence of shock jocks and Bolt etc isn’t as far and wide as some people might think…

  44. reb – here’s a challenge for you. Lower your standards (by a country mile) & watch channel 7 or 9 news tonight. That’s the “news most of the plebs ordinary voters are getting every day. Bolt, Jones or even the Australian may not have that great a direct influence on these voters’ views, but the recycled pap sourced from these places every night certainly does…

  45. I don’t call you an Abbott supporter.

    As to your last question, if you had read my posts you know I don’t and have always advocated onshore processing, and that view goes back to my early days in the Navy when we picked up Vietnamese boat people.

    In this case if she had deliberately set out to put through an amendment to her policy then I would have condemned it. You do know that the policy doesn’t abrogate human rights or allow for abuse of asylum seekers in the offshore country of selection as the Minister sending them to an offshore processing centre must ensure they will be treated humanely? I guess that’s the part Abbott was against as it applied equally if he used Nauru under that policy. What he wants is a return to the Howard secret them away out of site so the suffering and harsh treatment cannot be seen or reported on.

    If onshore processing is what comes of this and Gillard is still condemned and loses office then it’s a sacrifice that’s worth it. Just as all the good policies she has been continuously implementing are worth it, but you won’t hear much about them of course except in little blogs like this, as only condemnation of her failures are allowed it seems.

    If the Malaysia policy as originally tabled had gone ahead with the UNHCR and other independent oversight as stated had gone ahead it would have been the third worst option, much better than Ministerial carte blanche with humanitarian provisions, which is probably only marginally better than Abbott running the asylum seeker policy.

  46. To put it another way, Bolt Jones & ltd News are setting the agenda – the commercial broadcast media is taking the easy way and following that narrative – hence the pervasive nature of RWDB views…

  47. As usual, ToM, a vague generalisation without anything to back it up. How about examples of the way Gillard and Bowen have denied asylum seekers natural justice? Links to Liars Party HQ will not be acceptable.

    As it happens, 1220 asylum seekers have been processed onshore and are living in the community while their applications for asylum are being processed and a further 1880 will soon be processed.

    For you cheerleaders to suddenly express concern for the rights of asylum seekers is a bit rich.

    And perhaps waiting to find out how and where processing will occur wouldn’t be a bad idea.

    In the meantime, Liealot’s been caught with his pants down and it couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke. He’s failed again and so have you. Nice try but no cigar again.

    shane, it’s a vexed question. Like you, I thought onshore processing was the best option, but it involves a dangerous sea crossing to get here and we don’t know how many people have actually perished trying to get here.

    But for people who have fled from circumstances in their own countries that we can’t even imagine, taking that risk is probably worthwhile. And until people are safe in their own countries, we can expect them to flee looking for a safe place to live.

    The idea of a regional approach to asylum seekers has its merits as long as people can be processed and safely resettled quickly. Nobody’s got all the answers and it maybe that we have to allow for both approaches and a way to make sea voyages safer.

    Min, I wonder how many dingbats have suddenly developed a deep concern for the welfare of asylum seekers?

  48. “Lower your standards (by a country mile) & watch channel 7 or 9 news tonight”

    You want me to do what…???!!!

    I’d rather rub hot coals into my eyes..

    But, yes I take your point….

  49. “For you cheerleaders to suddenly express concern for the rights of asylum seekers is a bit rich.”

    Suddenly? Clearly you don’t know my history…

  50. Reb

    While you say that you don’t think the media bias will change anytime soon, and I tend to agree, it does not stop me from pointing out the hypocrisy.

    Just like I can see the hypocrisy in giving a CEO a 71% payrise while sacking 100 staff, but most right wing cheer leaders remain blinkered to the one outcome, wealth of the shareholder.

    I remain livil over the removal of Kevin Rudd and have stated so a number of times lately, however I could never vote for Tony Abbott becuase the only thing we have in common is the sharing of a religion by name only, not by actions.

    No offence to GT but I tend to gravitate where the snide and at times bitter comments are a little bit more subdued, rather than where the media agrees with my pre existing views.

    I have disagreed here many times but also respect most on this blogsite for not resorting to name calling. I said most not all.

    I don’t visit most of the other sites for the same reason whether they are left or right leaning. When I read the comments I can analyse the tone of the place, and choose to leave rather than hang around and comment.

  51. “You do know that the policy doesn’t abrogate human rights or allow for abuse of asylum seekers in the offshore country of selection as the Minister sending them to an offshore processing centre must ensure they will be treated humanely?”

    Mobius, my understanding that the amendments will absolve the government of this responsibility – although yesterday’s amendments are different from Friday’s in that the Minister must have some sort of “assurance” that the offshore country won’t mistreat the asylum seekers.

    This is what the HC originally objected to. An “assurance” is not a guarantee.

    But by now attempting to remove the pesky inconvience of the judiciary poking there nose in, Gillard has effectively removed this obstacle too (or intends to).

    In other words – “ensure” is not the same as “assure” and neither amount to a guarantee.

  52. Jane – ”a vague generalisation without anything to back it up

    Only your very own words Jane – “Gillard has pulled off the double wedge.”

    Revolting and hypocritical advocacy of the race to the bottom.

    Congratulations, your turning into a troll, with Sue.

  53. ToM, 80% for effort but sadly only 5% for logic. The remaining 15% is for picking up papers during little lunch.

    Ok Reb/ToM what is the solution..come one guys, what is the solution.

  54. Min, I’m only pointing out that Jane & Sue are condemned for advocating a political race to the bottom, where Our Julia considers that good public policy is to deny asylum seekers natural justice.

    Adrian, on the other hand would prefer not to have his preconceived political preferences challenged.

    Apparently making contrary and provocative posts here is justification for calling someone a troll. I would therefore imagine that Jane and Sue qualify.

  55. I think it would be fair to say that both parties have attempted to play hardball on this issue, and in a race to the bottom, they have both lost face.

    But Gillard is the one wanting to remove protections that currently exist.

  56. ” …we’ve said we need a regional approach but that the regional processing centre would need to be, for the sake of decency, at a country which is a signatory to the Refugee Convention. Nauru is not currently a signatory to the Refugee Convention. That is why we’ve focused our discussions with East Timor and we’ll continue to explore that regional approach.

    – Chris Bowen, July 2010″

    ” “Being a signatory to the refugee convention is important but it is not the be-all and end-all,”

    – Chris Bowen, today.”

  57. Reb

    I agree.

    However I certainly would not jump into any bipartisan agreement on any policy with an opposition led by Tony Abbott. His complete negativity on anything and everything along with his weathervain type decisions which suddenly change on public opinion ( eg pairing) demonstrate his ability to shaft any agreement in 5 seconds flat if it would benefit his rise to the lodge.

  58. ToM.. can you provide a link to that.

    Not at all, Adrian said that he would form his opinion about a Malaysian regional processing centre once he was appraised of the details.

    Ok ToM, in the future nobody will call you a troll..what exactly is it that you want people to call you?

    The boss is in transit at the moment, Noooo Jane I am NOT going to repeat your suggestion to him that he should offload weight in order to make the flight easier.. Come on guys, he has a cute little duck tummy.

  59. Reb @4.29pm. You are certainly right there, Australia is a signatory to the UN convention but his didn’t stop Ruddock from saying that children sewing their lips together was just ‘a fashion statement’.

    Australia is often holier than thou…

  60. But Gillard is the one wanting to remove protections that currently exist.

    What protections are being removed in Malaysia, Reb? Substantial evidence exists which tends to suggest that protections prospectively are to be enhanced over base-line; that’s maybe why the HCA explicitly avoided looking at the substance of the agreement and concentrated on the form; and why the government is proposing the removal of the HCA’s abilities to sustain its extant myopic interpretation and/or pursue the Zeno paradox of zero-risk to entrench a bifocal inversion’s asymptote.

  61. Meta’, I will endorse that statment. The HCA was also looking at contract law as pertains to minors, duty of care.

    Nauru fails the same tests as does Malaysia.

    Mind you 35% of you’beaut Aussie tell us that we should send ’em home. But where is home?

  62. Correspondence here asking why Abbott should have to answer hard questions as he isn’t running the joint. ANYONE who reckons they know how to run the country should be prepared to answer hard questions as to how they’d do it. As for turning the boats back, apart from telegraphing your punch, I’m impressed by the way Indonesia is meant to allow itself to be roped into this internal dispute-“send us as many as you like, we’ll take ’em all because that’s our function, to save you people the hard work of dealing with your own problems.”

  63. BSA, in my opinion Abbott should be asked even harder questions because he has to explain why he is the best person for the job, so as to toss out an incumbent.

    Say, if you are fronting up for a job interview – you need to explain WHY you are the best person for the job – you cannot just sit there on your haunches until the other bloke gets the sack.

  64. Min @4.37pm, I was only suggesting that he should ditch the noddy dolls he’s brought back a souvenirs. I would never suggest Migs should diet. Pots and kettles.

    ToM, methinks you doth protest too much. I have never accused you of being a troll, but if the cap fits….. I have accused you of being a Liars Party cheerleader, though.

    Contrary and provocative comments are fine, It’s when they are utter bullshit, I take exception. And if you are just making contrary and provocative comments for the sake of it, you might run into some problems with billy goats gruff!

    I’ve also said that you constantly make biased, unsupported attacks on the government and in particular, the PM, taken straight from the Liars Party handbook. Give us evidence, not innuendo, supposition and gossip.

    It makes good political sense to wedge your opponent. So stop your faux squeamishness. And Liealot richly deserves it, he’s been trying to do the same thing, but as usual you choose to ignore facts you don’t like.

    Gillard is a superior political opponent against the cardboard cutout Liealot.She chewed him up and spat him out. Your bully boy hero has been vanquished.

    shane @4.30pm, spot on. You’d need all the antiseptic cremes you could find to get in close proximity with Liealot. And an iron clad agreement signed and witnessed by Jesus himself.

    Min @4.42pm, one of the inconvenient facts, ToM is prone to overlook.

  65. Mobius, I take your point, thanks.

    And I take yours reb, and you do have a point, like pointing out Bowen’s hypocrisy, but that also lies with Morrison, where before Gillard’s regional solution, being a signatory was to be a avoided and is now mandatory.

    What the opposition are not saying is that their changes to the immigration act have all but made the raison d’être for their refugee policy defunct. All the reasons they gave for Nauru working under Howard are now gone and the opposite is the case. They are saying to the refugees please take our policy because we will provide you with a humane and safe place over where you are now, so come on over.

    We cannot stop your boats as we now cannot send you back.

    We cannot stop your unaccompanied minors from being sent offshore as it’s now illegal to do so.

    We must provide a safe and humane environment for you with independent and UNHCR oversight along with direct access to legal representation.

    So come on Down Under.

    Only problem for Abbott is that’s not what he wants at all but what he’s been forced into if he sticks with Nauru, and even then there will be legal challenges with a good chance he’ll end up having to implement onshore processing or a regional solution. With the boats coming under Abbott’s policy it will be his political death nell and probably that of the Liberals as well.

    By the way the news bulletins are saying that onshore processing is probably now inevitable. I hope so.

  66.’ve got help me here. DISCLAIMER: I have never ever suggested that Migs should lose weight. In fact I have complimented him on his cute duck tummy.

    I’m not sure what sort of dolls he has packed in his luggage, but I suspect that they’re deflatable.

  67. “if you are fronting up for a job interview – you need to explain WHY you are the best person for the job – you cannot just sit there on your haunches until the other bloke gets the sack.”

    Good analogy Min (seriously), although while the incumbent is in the job, they have a responsibility to be accountable for their actions.

    Gillard has opted for a quick political fix, for nothing other than political expediency, rather than a genuine attempt to diffuse and resolve the situation by opting for onshore processing. Pity really. She had the opportunity, or should that be “obbordunidy” 😉

  68. “By the way the news bulletins are saying that onshore processing is probably now inevitable. I hope so.”

    Me too Adrian.

    This is all going to backfire on Abbott big time. Aswell as Gillard for that matter.

    Gillard should’ve never have played that dirty politics game, but I guess that just reflects how desperate things have become….

    And as for Scott Morrison he is a vile, vile piece of work.

  69. “What protections are being removed in Malaysia, Reb? Substantial evidence exists which tends to suggest that protections prospectively are to be enhanced over base-line”

    There aren’t any protections in Malaysia Meta, that was the point of the HC determination…

  70. BTW, I’m currently watching Today Tonight as challenged by Bacchus…

    All sensation no substance so far… 😉

    Something about teenagers getting drunk… Who Knew!!!

  71. Reb re: Good analogy Min (seriously), although while the incumbent is in the job, they have a responsibility to be accountable for their actions.

    Absolutely, but the pretender to the throne has to prove why he superior to the task.

  72. Too late Bacchus – I’m now captivated by some 40 year old who’s an X Factor contendor…

    I never realised that I was missing out on so little.. that apparently means so much…


  73. Oh no, coming up – “a weight loss story”

    Let me guess – this hasn’t been done before….???!!

    Time to switch …

    “channels” that is, not “teams” 😉

  74. “but the pretender to the throne has to prove why he superior to the task.”

    I respectfully disagree.

    Elections are lost by the incumbent.

    Not won by the Opposition.

  75. Reb @6.37pm yes exactly. But on the other hand how would you justify Abbott’s policies such as turning the boats back to Indonesia.

    I don’t think that you would ever justify these, but if Malaysia isn’t the solution and onshore isn’t the solution because it encourages the people smuggling trade from Indonesia (for all reasons) – then what is the solution. For the life of me, I do not know what the solution is to the People Smuggling Trade in Indonesia. Anyone care to have a stab at this one?

  76. Shane, I worked it out eons ago..just talk sex and reb is putty in one’s to speak, well not precisely putty…

    Reb re: a weight loss story, not yet but you will be the first one that we ask.

  77. It’s worth getting emails from and about the UNHCR, which I do.

    worldwide, there are 35 million refugees, some internally displaced, others fleeing their country in fear for their lives, for various reason.

    Of those 35 million, a few thousand make it to….Christmas Island.
    the countries they pass through to reach our shores, [almost], are not able to care for their own people in many cases, let alone others in need of help.

    This story caught my attention….

    Tanzania: Protracted Refugee Situation Addressed in Part by StrategicUse of Resettlement

    Elizabeth Campbell’s blog
    Last month the Government of Tanzania announced it would grant citizenship to 162,000 refugees, completing a
    naturalization process that began two years ago. Up to 500,000 Burundian refugees sought asylum in Tanzania following the
    1972 civil war. The local integration of some of these refugees helped to address one of the world’s most protracted refugee

    Our leaders think we have a problem with ‘boat people’.

    I disagree.

  78. Pip, precisely. We do not have a refugee problem but what we do have in Australia is a human rights problem – where asylum seekers are demonised, where gay marriage is denied.

    One of the wealthiest contries on the face of this planet and yet we cannot find space for a few thousand more. One of the supposedly most egalitarian countries on the face of this planet yet we deny people the right to marry.

    I shall now stand down from the soapbox.

  79. Abbott on 7.30
    So Abbott has decided that the responsibility of turning the Boats Around will be the Navy Commander. Imagine that if the boat is turned around and sinks lives lost than it will be ‘cannot blame me, Abbott, it is the navy’s fault’. If on the other hand no boats are turned around than Abbott can blame the navy for not following his policy.
    2minutes by Uhlmann on refugees, now for some thing else, lots and lots of easy questions. kiss kiss hug hug. last question was a biggie what do you think about the abc comedy program? uhlmann must be after a walkley

  80. An allegory for Tom Of Melbourne. Here is Grieg’s “In the Hall of the Mountain King”.

    The Music tells the story of the happy-go-lucky young rascal Peer Gynt.

    Tom of Melbourne Peer is too lazy to help his widowed mother with the chores and work around the farm. He much prefers to spend his days dreaming of becoming the “emperor of the world” and telling tales of daring deeds and imaginary adventures. People try to avoid him, since his whopping stories and his bragging get him in trouble.

    To cut a long story short, he “hooks up with” a Troll princess, he visits her father’s palace and the father decides Peer might be a good husband for his daughter (who looks like the ABC’s Lyndal Curtis). There is a falling out and Peer decides to leg it.

    The music tells the story of Peer’s escape (with Trolls hot on his trail) .

  81. Sue, well that’s not going to happen because the rule is, preservation of life at sea. And not anyone is going to change that. This is giving due regard to the fact that our armed forces due to the Separation of Powers doctrine are not beholding to to any one policitical party – and this is as it should be and this is where it will stay.

    Abbott cannot give orders to a Navy Commander. Abbott is a civilian. The chief is the Governor General..the only time in my life that I said Hallelujah, we’re NOT a Republic.

    Don’t even think about it..son is a Leading Seaman on the Patrol Boats and prior to that TWO tours of the Gulf on HMAS Tobruk (the small arms expert) plus shore patrol with the Feds in East Timor, prior to being posted to the ‘easy job’, the Patrol boats out of Cairns and Darwin.

  82. Luna, love it, gotcha…the trolls. Being a bit of a romantic I’ve always loved Vivaldi..winter has come and gone, but I love this one.

  83. Hi Min
    i thought you might be impressed with what abbott had to say on responsibility for turning boats around. and abbott wants desperately to play at being the PM.

  84. Sue, I missed it..what the heck did Abbott say this time – last time was that HE would have direct communication to Patrol Boats, that turning the boats around would be all his responsibility. When asked HOW, Abbott replied that he would have something akin to the BatPhone. I won’t give you my (Navy) son’s exact response but it resembled something about waiting for someone to get off the dunny.

  85. Noddy dolls, Min. You know the ones people put on the parcel shelf. That was the weight I was referring to. And certainly no inflatable dolls, although they could add buoyancy

    And you are guilty of admiring his duck tummy.

  86. From the what I’ve read not having heard Abbott’s latest brain fart that should be pulled apart by the media but won’t be, is that he has put the whole onus of towing the boats back to Indonesian waters onto the Skipper of whatever navy vessel intercepts them.

    It’s a great cop out and yet another example of why Abbott is not fit to lead anything let alone a country.

    If the Captain decides to tow the boat back and it is sabotaged or later sinks then it’s the Captain’s fault. On the other hand if boats make it through to Ashmore or Christmas then it’s the Captain’s fault.

    You see what a great leader this man is, nothing can ever be his fault.

  87. Jane if you asked political spin doctors about Abbott they might say “Tony Abbott is an exciting and innovative new style elected representative who is not constrained by having to be consistent or truthful”

    To anyone with a room temperature IQ (Farenheit or Celcius) he is someone you would trust as far as you could comfortably spit a dead rat.

    He will say or do ANYTHING in the name of personal ambition. History has shown that this is a very dangerous type of person to put into power.

  88. lunalava @6.27am, roflmao. I particularly like the dead rat.

    I’ve come to the conclusion that Liealot and certain of his cheerleaders are very much like Count Munchausen-braying big noters of so little consequence they must lie on a grandiose scale to get anyone to listen to them.

    Mix that with sociopathic tendencies and you have the Liars party and the cheerleaders.

    Simple really.

  89. There’s more to life than slinging off at Abbott.”

    What, slinging off about Swan.

    At least Mr. Howard was gracious enough to congratulate Mr. Keating. Oh, how standards and manners have fallen.

    We have the Opposition that slags all experts they do not agree with.

    The scientist are wrong. Economy experts are wrong. Now overseas financial bodies are wrong. The immigration people are wrong. The Solicitor General is wrong. The Malaysian President is wrong, it is Labor’s fault that the Opposition is throwing dirt at his country.

    All knowledge lies with Mr. Abbott. Everyone else is incompetent and stupid.

    Now. el gordo, I have praised Mr. Abbott, given him the credit he believes he is entitled to. Does that make you happy. I even give him credit for successfully talking the economy down. I give him credit for being a outstanding wrecker.

  90. “The opposition has repeatedly questioned Malaysia’s human rights credentials, highlighting the fact that nearly 30,000 foreigners had been caned for immigration offences there between 2005 and 2010”
    Abbott says cannot send refugees to Malaysia.

    “Indonesian officials are planning to deport an Australian human rights researcher who has been detained on Madura island, north of Java.”
    Abbott says can turn boats, carrying refugees, back to Indonesia

    Abbott winning arguments for sound reasoning on destination for refugees.

  91. Is Mr. Abbott’s whole life as a politician a lie. Why does a man with his education back ground create the perception of being illiterate and a jackass.

    Maybe he was damaged in getting his boxing blue.

    How can one trust a man who portrays himself as a bumbling idiot that cannot put more than three words together in one sentence.

    A man whose lack of creativity leads him to saying the same thing repeatedly.

    A man who treats the public and experts as stupid.

    Maybe the man is just pure arrogance of the highest order.

    “…………..Even though Abbott was a Rhodes Scholar; has three degrees in economics, law and philosophy; was educated at four elite institutions, St Aloysius, Riverview, Sydney University and Oxford University; is highly articulate; has written three books and raised three daughters who are all pursuing tertiary studies, Abbott does have a streak of bogan in his essence………

    Read more:

  92. CU, from your link.. Writer Paul Sheehan just has to be kidding. Abbott “an island of humanity in a sea of spin.” I would have thought it the other way around, that Abbott is a sea of spin…

    So when an inner-city Green voter like my friend scorns Abbott as a bogan, he is not merely indulging in cheap snobbery but referring to the cut-through quality that makes Abbott appear an island of humanity in a sea of spin.

  93. el gordo

    Australias temperatures have been 14 degrees above average over the last week.

    Does that negate your simple links claiming cooling rather than warming ?

  94. When the Migration Act amenmends fail will Abbott win the headline in the Murdoch press of
    Abbott finally says Yes , to Onshore processing

  95. el gordo, read the comments on your link. Your expert’s weights are well and truly put up. Please provide a more credible “expert”. How many times-weather is not climate. Once again, nice try, but no cigar.

    CU, yes. Tony the Omnipotent, the Omniscient. Perhaps he’s God? He certainly seems to have delusions of godlike status.

    As another example; Liealot tells miners in the Bowen Basin mine closures will be unprecedented, they’ll be thrown on the scrap heap and all be rooned if the government’s carbon pricing scheme goes ahead!!

    Which is directly contradicted by authorities in the Bowen Basin, who not only deny that any mine will be closed, but that there are plans for a further 25+ mines to be opened. Their major concern is having the bodies to staff the mines.

    You do have to wonder about the gullibility of the voters-not a job lost but they’re all snivelling about how they’ve lost their jobs.

    “But aren’t you working?” we ask.

    “Well, yes, but we’ve lost our jobs! Our mine’s closed!” they shriek.

    “But aren’t you just starting your shift?” we ask.

    “Well, yeeess,” they reply “But the mine’s closed and we’ve been thrown out of work!”

    “In that case, have you applied for the dole?” we ask.

    “Well yeess, we tried but the Dole office is never open when I’m working my shift and the bastards told my wife it’s pointless applying because I’m working full time and so is she!” they thunder, full of righteous anger

    “I mean they give it to all those dole bludgers who haven’ work, but deny us just because we’re working full time. And I mean, we’ve lost our jobs and the mine’s closed.” they roar.

    “How do you reckon that?” we ask, full of curiosity.

    “Because Tony told us we’ve lost our jobs and he’d never lie to us, would he?” they say.

    “Well, hooroo. My shift’s started and you get docked if you’re late.” they say as they shuffle off to work. “See ya!”

  96. Is a DD bill being set up.

    The PM is correct, this matter needs to go before the parliament.

    Mr. Abbott needs to be forced to put his views and vote on what he believes the asylum policy to be.

  97. CU, re a DD. I think not because one could put endless amendments before parliament. Gillard will let any bill before parliament lapse rather than let it go to a DD.

    Abbott will not put his views forward, because he doesn’t have to. We would like him to, but he doesn’t have to.

  98. Bacchus, thank you Mr Clever Socks. Of course, if it’s rejected by the lower house there is no DD because a DD trigger only exists in the upper house.

  99. But there is a filibuster in progress.after the coalition whining about not getting to vote on the bill, the govt listed it for today. the coalition is now filibustering.
    reason? is it doing an instant poll to find out what the punters think? is it going to change its mind for the “good ” of the nation? what ?

  100. Sue, good luck on “the good of the nation” as a consideration from Liealot. He couldn’t give a toss.He’s done nothing but trash the nation to satisfy his ambition since he backstabbed his way to LOTO.

    Frankly, I don’t think any of these idiots can see any further than the next Newspoll.

    I posted a comment on the link to Paul Sheehan’s craven a*rse licking article, in which I accused him of blatant hypocrisy regarding Liealot’s trashing of Treasury, the CSIRO and other institutions and the sudden insincere concern for asylum seekers.

    It’s pointless, of course, Sheehan’s head is so far up Liealot’s a*se, he can’t see any further than Liealot’s colon.

  101. LATTE?? Isn’t travel supposed to broaden the mind, not frazzle it? 😆

    Now if you’re talking a long black with a wee dram of Chivas Regal – that’d be more like it. 🙂

    Welcome back Migs – when did you say you were leaving again 😛

  102. Too tired to go anywhere at the moment, Bacchus. Might even postpone my trip to Albury that was planned for next week.

    When I eventually do wake up I might tackle my duty free Jim Beam Black Label. Until then I’ll stick to the lattes.

    Care to join me? 😛

  103. Aww, more ducky sleepy byes needed. Your bevy of beauties on your blog will come and tuck you in..and Bacchus might help too, although I’m not too certain about Mobius, TomR and Luna.

  104. Tee hee, Min. Whatever we’re called, Min, we’re a match for any troll or cheerleader who thinks they can infest this place.

  105. Abbott wins ignominy as the Independent Rob Oakshott shows what co-operation rather than conflict can achieve.

    “Mr Oakeshott’s amendment would put into law consultation through what is known as the Bali Process, which in 2002 created a conference on people smuggling, trafficking in persons and related transnational crime’’.

    “By supporting this regional process, the focus on short-term political opportunism that is framing the current debate is removed, without limiting Australia’s opportunity to coordinate an approach that current or future governments consider necessary,” he said in a statement.

    “It would allow for consideration of a range of measures including, but not limited to, offshore processing, onshore processing or community detention.”

    Read more:

  106. Well spotted Sue I reckon Abbott has been setup. This is what happens when you become predictable; his ego has been writing cheques his ability can’t cash.

  107. No censure motions this week. Very weak MPI’s. One day without one. Very sad looking Mr. Abbott. Mr. Pyne getting no opportunity to whine.

    The PM coming across well.

    Gee, for a PM on her death bed, she has a lot of life.

  108. Sue, Oakeshott shows how it should be done. I like the Indepedents more every day.

    Well spotted Sue I reckon Abbott has been setup

    Oh dear, how terrible. The poor fellow.

    his ego has been writing cheques his ability can’t cash.

    Brilliant, lunalava! An absolute gem.

  109. Miglo, I do not think this lady will crack. Mr. Abbott does not look a happy little vegemite, sorry he is of english back ground, I should say marmite.

  110. “We support offshore processing, we invented it, we’ve got the patent on it, but it’s got to be the right offshore processing, not the wrong one,” Mr Abbott told Channel 9.

    Yes indeed they did, with a country which was not a signatory to the UN Convention. Just going from memory, I think that it was Amnesty who requested access to the asylum seekers in Nauru but the Howard government continuously refused permission.

    So why is Nauru to ‘right’ now but Malaysia so wrong? Not that we’re ever going to receive a logical explanation from Tony Abbott.


    Under the Malaysia deal Labor wants to send 800 asylum seekers to Malaysia in exchange for 4000 processed refugees.

    But isn’t this the ‘queue’ that people have been going on and on about for a numbr of years?

  111. Yep AntonyG, that’s it exactly.

    When the high court challenge happened and the government’s original plan was put in limbo a number of boats arrived for which the opposition blamed Gillard’s failed Malaysia policy, one that had not even been implemented yet.

    Now each boat arrival can been blamed squarely on Abbott for stymieing the regional solution.

  112. Mr. Abbott does not look a happy little vegemite, sorry he is of english back ground, I should say marmite.

    Lol, CU. The evidence is there: fake spread, fake person.

    Min, Min, Min! You just don’t gedid, do you? There’s only a queue when it suits Sir Liealot.

    You’ve been using earplugs at Crapaganda Camp, haven’t you?

  113. Maybe the Coalition should let Howard go.

    By the way, Sophie is a wonderful person. She is also a person that cannot deal with anything negative about her. Whether she has done anything illegal is of no importance. I raised questions of her judgement. This is lady that feels free to throw filth at everyone else.

    “Let me outline the character of the government I hope to lead. Sixteen members of my front bench were ministers in the Howard government. People can be confident that the Coalition will provide a competent government because we’ve been one before. The government I lead will be experienced, consultative and decisive. People can know what I will be like in government because I’ve been in government before. As the people who worked with me then can attest, I listen, I learn, and I decide. And if I make a mistake, I’m not too proud to admit it, apologise, and do better next time…”

  114. A failed minister in every portfolio and he’s using that as a reference for his CV to be PM.

    And harking back to the members of the old guard whose party the people well and truly threw out for good reason.

    No wonder he’s desperately attempting to manufacture an early election, if he keeps this type of crap up he’s committing slow political suicide in talking himself out of a shot at being PM.

  115. ME, when you take a look at Liealot’s “achievements, they have FAIL stamped all over them. With an even halfway decent msm which scrutinised both parties equally, the LIars Party would be struggling to get out osd the cellasr, which, frankly is where they belong.

  116. …. so what will Julia do now. Wedged on the right by Labor anti onshore processing faction. Wedged on the left by Tony and his anti Malaysia stand (but pro offshore processing). Double wedged by the Greens on the further left who don’t know what day it is….
    Don’t forget your first heard of the wedge here a month ago.
    Anyone here hasn’t got it yet? I’ll draw a diagram.
    …… and Tony is setting up the groundwork for his first piece of DD legislation….
    …and now the brains trust at Labor Central is batting for Wilkie against the footy codes…… maybe I’m missing something in their strategy? I don’t think so.
    Wooo hooo. Ding Dong The Wicked Witch …the Wicked Witch is Dead…Hi Ho …
    ..been offshore sailing the aqua waters of Whitsundays.

  117. Julia will keep doing what she has always been doing, put out policy after policy and get 99.99% through because of a dysfunctional and inept opposition that can only operate because of the support of the right wing media, big businesses, who they will be in massive indebtedness to when in government, and by being constantly negative.

    Where are all these wedges you talk about and as pointed out on Insiders it is Abbott who is wedged on the asylum seeker issue? Julia has onshore as an option now but Abbott only has one egg in one Nauru basket and the first boat that arrives under his watch will see his egg crack and his leadership gone.

    Abbott is doing an O’Farrell and like O’Farrell he will come a cropper when in government, which will most likely be the worst government this country has ever seen going on his current brain farts. By constantly being negative and not offering any positive policy alternatives Abbott is setting himself up to fail, just as O’Farrell is now failing badly, and in only six months.

    But of course this doesn’t worry Abbott, he only wants one thing and that’s a PM’s payout and pension. The country and its people can go to shit for all he cares.

  118. Wedge, double wedge, triple wedge, DD in your dreams, Poh.
    The sky is falling, the sky is falling, chicken little stuff. The trouble is chicken little was sincere, PoH just like goosey woosey was just “special”.

  119. ME, they have a policy, but it’s got a great big $70bn hole in it. Let’s hope they haven’t got too many policies or they’ll rack up a debt to rival Greece’s. Hmm. do you think Sloppy will get an International gong for World’s Worst Treasurer?

    I’ve got a riddle for you Poh.

    Q: Why did the Independents cross the road to Julia Gillard?

    A: Because they know Liealot lies a lot.

    Or how about this one?

    Q: Where is there a bigger black hole than the one in the centre of the Milky Way?

    A: The $70bn black hole in Liealot’s DAP.

    Tell all your friends, they should find it very funny.

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