Abbott wins what?

It was exactly one week ago that I wrote Gillard wins what?

JULIA GILLARD’S hopes of reviving the Malaysia plan are hanging by a thread with the opposition agreeing to consider her plea to support legislation to overrule the High Court ruling but threatening ultimately to reject it.

Sentiment in the Coalition remains firmly against doing anything that would help the beleaguered government and it will leave it hanging for another week before responding. ”We’re likely to oppose it,” a senior Coalition source said last night.

Tony Abbott has now refused to support any changes to the Migration Act even though the government has assured that any alterations would include improved safeguards for the protection of Human Rights.

I must admit to still having severe misgivings to any amendment which is designed to get around the High Court ruling which scuttled the Malaysia asylum seeker proposal. However as the meeting that Gillard arranged with Tony Abbott lasted approximately 15 minutes, I cannot see how Abbott could have possibly given the government’s proposals anything resembling reasonable fair scrutiny and consideration.

Abbott will:

Turn back the boats – yet Abbott ignores it when the Indonesians they say yet again that they won’t accept his returns. Abbott also refuses to admit that more deaths would be probable under his policy.

No onshore processing whatsoever and with an offshore processing center based in Nauru – The Opposition’s own draft amendments put forward that asylum seekers could only be sent to countries which have signed the United Nations Refugee Convention.

This on the surface of it would appear to be the far more humanitarian approach, however we have a problem – the only feasible country which is a UN signatory is Nauru, apart from New Zealand that is.

As Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Chris Bowen has pointed out, Abbott is being hypocritical because he want to turn boats around, but Indonesia is likewise not a signatory to the UN refugee convention.

I think that we have this, Abbott will not support the Malaysia deal because it is not a signatory to the UN Convention but he will turn the boats back to Indonesia which is likewise not a signatory. Indonesia good: Malaysia bad.

The return of TPV’s – more women, children and unaccompanied minors on leaky boats which is precisely what happened the last time.