In the spin cycle

The Daily Telegraph

Ah yes let’s look at this one, the Daily Telegraph always on the ball for in depth of course finds the worst possible photo that they can find of the PM. According to the Daily Julia Gillard has enlisted the help of an image consultant and media training guru to sharpen up her public performances.

The Sunday Telegraph can reveal…so says the article. Well that’s going to get the blood racing…

Ms Gillard, who has struggled to translate her feisty parliamentary performances into convincing interviews and speeches, took the crash course

Despite Mr Macnamara’s expertise in “media interview technique and stand and deliver presentation skills”, Ms Gillard’s televised address received mixed reviews, with some labelling it wooden and overly scripted. So, it’s not what you say, but that it’s how you say it. Well, that’s excludes me and other hearing impaired persons out of ever bothering to try because I sure as heck will never ever be able to speak the same as a hearing abled person.

Observers have noted that Ms Gillard, who has battled critics mocking her broad accent.. Do tell, I cannot recall that Gillard ever had her broad Aussie accent criticised until the Murdoch media chose to draw people’s attention to this. How strange. I would have thought that a broad Aussie accent would be an asset, think Chips Rafferty.

Or should we all go back to the days when anything Australian was hugely frowned upon and news commentators such as Brian Henderson had to speak with an American drawl. Or perhaps to the early days of the ABC when everyone spoke with rounded English tones. Anything except Australian.

A Labor MP said there has long been concern that Ms Gillard’s true personality often doesn’t show in public performances. Again it’s not what you say but how you say it. Spin, spin.

After training former Tasmanian premier David Bartlett, the guru said “the most common areas for individually tailored sessions are on media interview technique and stand and deliver presentation skills for those presenting from a podium on a regular basis”.

So says “the guru”…it’s the spin cycle. It’s all so easy when you want to spin and spin.