Gillard: from words to deeds

In response to today’s Carbon Tax announcement, I thought to run up a (very) quick post on this topic.

Specifics include:

. $23-a-tonne price on carbon pollution from mid-2012

. About 500 polluters will pay carbon tax

. Emissions trading scheme with a floating price from 2015

. Aim to reduce emissions by 5 per cent on 2000 levels by 2020

. Those earning between $16,000 and $20,500 a year will pay no tax

. An emissions trading scheme with a floating price will begin three years later

. There will be compensation for most households and big business to help them adjust

. A separate piece of legislation will support steel workers through a $300 million transformation plan

Prime Minister Gillard: “Today we move from words to deeds,” she told Parliament

Via the Sydney Morning Herald

Ms Gillard said politicians would be judged by Australians now and in the future.

The final test was not whether you were on the right side of the short-term politics or polls, she said.

“The final test is this: are you on the right side of history?

“And in my experience the judgment of history has a way of speaking sooner than we expect.”

She finished by harking back to the “It’s time” election campaign of former Labor great Gough Whitlam.

“It’s time to deliver the action on climate change we need,” she said.

“To do what is best for Australian families, what is best for future generations, what is best for this country.

“I know we can get there.”

Meanwhile, Tony Abbott is encouraging “the others” to cross the floor and most definitely will not be supporting “her” or was that “she”.

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  1. Why should have to pay carbon tax one minute this Government wants us to use less carbon
    Yet This Government is letting the Biggest polluter of all in the most pristine parst of the world the Kimberley James price Point home of the dugongs bilbies turtles Subfin dolphins and also has the largest breeding hub of Humpack Whales on earth
    So why are the going to allow Woodside to build the largest LNG processing hub in the world
    Why can’t they process it offshore like Shell is doing it uses less green house gases and cheaper to run

  2. No, it is mainly “she”, the cat’s mother I assume. I do not know what the cat’s mother has to do with anything.

  3. Kerry, welcome to the Café. I know of your passion for the issue of the preservation of the Kimberly and the hard work that you are doing.

  4. No, it is mainly “she”, the cat’s mother I assume. I do not know what the cat’s mother has to do with anything.

    Wouldn’t it be the cat’s aunty? On account of the hussey hasn’t got any children and refuses to get married, which has upset poor Sloppy and Barnyard no end.

    Kerry is it the Federal or State government which is allowing it to happen? Would we be able to get it declared a World Heritage Site, which it seems it could be? We are a greedy, selfish species, ready to sacrifice the natural heritage of our only home for short term gain. I doubt that our descendents will thank us for this.

  5. Min, believe me, it is a curse. Got pulled up on the use of “she”, as a child, that it automatically comes to mind. I am sure many of my age suffer the same way.

    We have Ms J Bishop, whining, wasting her time with history, as the PM said today, , it is not about the past, it is about what is on the table now.

    I wish the Opposition would move out of the past. It simply boring.

    Even on these blogs most have moved on from history,Neil, excluded to what is now being proposed.

    That is both on the climate change bills and refugees.

  6. good to see the mad “no carbon ” yelling crowd were ‘outed’ by the government as guests of the opposition.
    is it against the rules of the chamber to invite demonstrators to disrupt proceedings? the member for ‘indi’ mirabella was outed by albanese for using a tax payer funded flight to attend the demonstration in his electorate. mirabella was also not in the house when the demonstrators were ordered out by the speaker

  7. It’s become a habit..listen to the journo it’s all ‘she’ ‘she’ ‘she’. When was Howard ever called he.

    She and Her. When it shoud be The Prime Minister, or Prime Minister Gillard.

    For example, if one’s boss is a female would you call her She or Her…

  8. CU @4.17pm, they won’t move out of the past because that’s where they’re stuck. It’s like they’re in a time warp, reliving the Rodentochracy and wishing they could take us back to the mind numbing fifties.

    That’s why they can’t accept NBN and carbon pricing, it means they’ll have to acknowledge we’re in the 21st century, not mid 20th century.

  9. Abbort still thinks the electorate is sleep walking since 2007 no less, no wonder he shouts he is trying to wake them up.

  10. The deputy speaker just sat down the minister for Sturt. Told him he wanted to hear what is being said. I am not too sure it was not Slipper.

    Work Choices which no one heard of before being put before the house was given 8 days.

  11. Bilko, try the days of Santa Maria and Baume. That was when we first had TV about the time of the Melbourne Olympics. The days of the DLP.

  12. Will someone remind Mr Hunt that the GST stood on the books because Mr. Howard did not have the power to do anything else.

    The Democrats where in charge in the senate.

    The Howard government did not respect the parliament did not respect the parliament. This was proved when Howard gained control of the Senate and 8 days were allowed for Work Choice.

    Hunt once again pulled up by deputy Speaker.

    I feel the Opposition might rue the day they upset Slipper.

  13. Sugar..I went to hang up the washing and we’re..I won’t say what, let’s just say we’re almost at the all time record re Hits.

    Well done and congratulations to one and all. Be assured I’ll let Migs know how..he will be very pleased and proud.

  14. CU @6.16pm, that goes without saying. Lol!

    Wow , Slipper is not going to take shit, by the sounds. Perhaps Liealot will have to do a spot of grovelling! Couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke.

  15. Sue at 4.25
    Interesting points you make, these weren’t reported in my part of the world.
    Perhaps Sophie was put on this earth to make Gina look good.

  16. BSA Bob
    That gave me the thought for Mirabella’s defense as why she needed to fly to Sydney and why she gave out food vouchers in the dining room , she could claim she is the “grey nomads” carer, as appointed by their “guardian”.

    Yes and if she was called before the speaker, to explain the outburst yesterday. Her explanation, the guardian had left her with too many old folk for 1 carer.

  17. Tony Wright has an article in the Age on the 2 “stunts” at parliament house yesterday.
    Yes to Carbon= kids in the courtyard having a picnic
    No to Carbon= pensioners yelling in the public gallery

    Although Wright actually states the obvious “Such are the days of what passes for history in Canberra”
    Read more:

    I would suggest to Wright that the 2 stunts are an analogy of the debate
    1 side looking to the future the other clinging onto the past.

  18. I am glad that el gordo will be able to tell the grandkids that he voted for the Carbon tax legislation.
    Thank you Gran

  19. Did I mention that I voted for Julia.

    Yes you did but considering your constant bagging, anti-Left, pro-Abbott, pro-RWDB and Liberal rhetoric nobody believed you.

  20. I would suggest to Wright that the 2 stunts are an analogy of the debate
    1 side looking to the future the other clinging onto the past.


    …. one group easily led … and too young to understand all the implications for their future …

    … one group with a lifetime of watching politicians stuff their lives up with poor decision making … greed, ignorance and personal aggrandisement …

    From egg’s, Youtube contribution I get a sense of a politician wanting to be remembered for historic moments … she will be but not in positive way – whatever she now attempts …

    … the horse has bolted … and if the ALP continues to leave the gate open they will lose the whole herd …

  21. From words to deeds

    Medicare,Superannuation = action for Australians

    Vietnam War, Invasion of Iraq= lies to Australians

  22. Medicare = virtually dismantled by Howards Mob – not re-visited by Gillard’s Mob

    Superannuation = simply put – Australian abandoned by governments ALL to fend for themselves in a marketplace full of thieves … no change here by either mob is there …

    Vietnam – I agree but Australians kept putting the Liberal/CP Coalition back into power between 1962 and 1972 … (McMahon – Liberal announced withdrawal of troops in late ’71) THEN Whitlam came to power …

    Iraq – none of us had a choice did we, nor for, Afghanistan (left out by you deliberately, methinks) … BOTH sides of politics are the same ….

    The ALP is dead … the Liberals died decades ago … welcome to the political graveyard …

  23. Do a search for the Abbott YouTube stuff and see the gold that comes up, makes Gillard look positively leader like in comparison.

    The same or worse can be said for the LNP TB. Abbott has utterly trashed the brand that was already diminished by Howard. The ALP will lose the herd as it rushes to stampede over the LNP.

    Problem for both is that they are rapidly becoming the same brand which is why Abbott has resorted to base negativity and simple mindedness to differentiate his herd. Trouble with that is it is a lazy way to do business and ingrains second rate simple minded politicians whilst trashing the brand.

    Whichever way you look at it, it doesn’t look good for future politics in this country. What I do see is that there is more hope for coherency and reasonable policy outcomes under Labor than there ever will be under an Abbott branded and shaped LNP.

  24. It’s all built on the “Gillard is a liar” lie. And, as Farr points out, not only is what Gillard did not a “lie”, it’s not even a broken promise.

    But who’s listening now? And where were the national media when the lie about lying was being established?

    As Farr says, too little, too late. And he is one who is partly responsible, so he gets no kudos from me for putting this in a blog.

  25. Alan seems nice.

    My money is now on Smith/Gray to lead the party when Julia falls on her sword.

    Gary Gray is a good Yorkshire man and has spent useful time with Woodside.

  26. I am wondering about the effect of the Greens in the Senate. In this regard we have a leftist influence which will make Labor think about how far to the right it wants to head..far too far already in my opinion.

    And as far as the leadership speculation, this is based purely on Gillard’s popularity – Gillard of course is being given the exact same “treatment” as Rudd was. One thing to keep in mind is that Gillard is successfully running a minority government with dozens of bills passing both houses of parliament. She is also successfully negotiating, something that Rudd struggled with.

  27. … if tha’ want’s owt fer nowt tha’ mu’ do it fer theesel’ …

    Min, I notice a little faltering … as I’m sure you’ve guessed … “our” ALP no longer exists …

    … I never retreat (always advance to the rear) but I can’t find a way to man the ramparts … better a strategic withdrawal …

  28. TB, my reasoning is as per my other topic Gillard wins what? I’ll give credit where credit is due and I also appreciate the doing-over that Gillard has received via the MSM. However, as per my wins what topic I’m not a happy little vegemite as far as Labor changing the Migration Act. If it means any watering down of the protection of unaccompanied children, then they have lost me on this issue.

    However, the thought of Abbott as PM fills me with foreboding about what will happen to Australia especially the inevitable ‘coming down hard on’..who knows who Abbott will come down hard on, gays, anyone on welfare benefits, public schools and hospitals..the list is truly not one you would not want to look at. This guy is a fundamentalist Catholic…

  29. Just in case anyone wants to keep repeating Abbott’s lie that Gillard ‘lied’ about a price on carbon..

    JULIA Gillard says she is prepared to legislate a carbon price in the next term.

    It will be part of a bold series of reforms that include school funding, education and health.

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

  30. Min, I don’t want an Abbott government – imagine the Smurfs running a country!

    But my lot (ALP) are like a gang of Neil(s) of Sydney let loose in a lollyshop!

  31. Min, also from your link:-

    While any carbon price would not be triggered until after the 2013 election, Ms Gillard would have two potential legislative partners next term – the Coalition or the Greens. She would legislate the carbon price next term if sufficient consensus existed.

    I remember when the CPRS was deferred the dates mentioned were 2012/2013.

    The squealing and squawking from the MSM can only get louder, to drown out their lies !

  32. Min – can you not see the mixed messages this sends … (from your link)

    In an election-eve interview with The Australian, the Prime Minister revealed she would view victory tomorrow as a mandate for a carbon price, provided the community was ready for this step.

    “I don’t rule out the possibility of legislating a Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme, a market-based mechanism,” she said of the next parliament. “I rule out a carbon tax.”

    Carbon price …

    Provided the community was ready …

    I don’t rule out … a market-based mechanism … (ie speculators can make money on pollution just as they do on the money or futures markets at our expense {prices for power go up – value of CPRS notes goes up – no reduction of pollution just Robber Barons cashing in with a guffaw or two) …

    I rule out a carbon tax … and yet the government USES the term …


  33. TB, you’re a factual person. Have a look at the number of bills which Gillard has successfully got through BOTH Houses of Parliament. It’s bums on seats..not bad for a so-called ‘disfunctional’ government. Howard would be proud.

    The MSM rhetoric courtesy of the Liberal Party think tanks is not borne out by the facts. If I see one more copy and paste job from a Liberal Party Press Release I think that I shall scream..and loudly.

    A price on carbon, the NBN and next comes the Mega Miners Tax..these are not small ticket items.

  34. we both know, when would ‘the community’ ever be ready for A BIG NEW TAX especially with an anti campaign running full bore in the Murdoch media.

    Just wait until the poker machine legislation is ‘the issue’..the MSM will be running again full bore about ‘freedom’, the poor old pensioners etc etc.

    The point is that Abbott has been allowed to run his lie that Gillard never mentioned a price on carbon prior to the last election. This link clearly proves otherwise. Surely even the hacks at the OO could have looked into their own archives.

  35. From Twitter

    AshGhebranious AshGhebranious

    Morrison and Turnbull will be signing cost benefit analysis papers outside the house after 5.30pm this afternoon. Thank you. #qt #

  36. The people spoke at the last election and we have what is referred to as a Minority government.
    What we have is the chance for more diversity in the government ranks and that’s a good thing IMHO.

  37. From Twitter….what to make of this from the millionaires’ spruiker.

    thetodayshow The Today Show

    ‘Beauty might get you in the door, but if you don’t deliver the goods, you’re not going to get anywhere’ – @ItaButtrose on erotic capital

  38. A lot of the reason for that policy success Min has been because of the opposition, the most dysfunctional and worst performing this country has seen but yet one that can swing the polls their way it seems.

    If we had a functioning opposition as most have been previous to Abbott then every one of those bills would have been thoroughly scrutinised, the bad pieces and errors corrected and positive amendments proffered. If this is done in a constructive way then the Indies will side with the opposition.

    As it stands out of sheer distaste for Abbott and the way he operates, and the fact they know he will do everything he can to get rid of them, I believe the Indies side with Gillard to spite Abbott and not necessarily to paste good legislation.

    Blame Gillard and Labor all you like but the current problems nearly all fall at the feet of Abbott and his dysfunctional opposition. Howard had nearly every one of his bills amended or significantly changed after implementation because of the flaws found in them. Nobody is telling me that 188 bills were perfect and didn’t need amending and corrections, but here we are with every single one passed through with only a little tinkering in some by the Indies, who swamped with major and complex legislation don’t have the resources to fine tooth comb them.

    Abbott is bad for this country in opposition and would be worse for it in government.

  39. Further to Min’s comment @ 3.09pm, about the working govenment

    SteveGibbons MP Steve Gibbons

    191 pieces of legislation passed in 12 months by the Gillard Gov. So much for Abbott’s “unworkable Parliament”.

  40. Sue will appreciate this tweet….. I’m guessing it was POO Pyne 😀

    AshGhebranious AshGhebranious

    Again the coalition have a head roam across the camera as the PM speaks. Farking small minded wankers #qt #auspol

  41. If we had a functioning opposition as most have been previous to Abbott

    Does this demonstrate as I have posted many times before that the Wetminster system is actually dysfunctional in modern society!

    Passing legislation on numbers is fine … does not mean that the legislation is!

    As Adrian points out it demonstrates a lazy, inept, opposition … imagine how they would perform in government …

    For the final time … I AM NOT A LIBERAL SUPPORTER …

    … I am expressing my disappointment with my chosen party … who have now REALLY LOST THEIR WAY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

  42. Again Pip my contention is that parliament is not completely workable and 191 pieces of legislation passed with barely a cursory glance or suggested amendment, apart from some tinkering by the Greens/Indies, does not make it a workable parliament.

    Yes an opposition’s job is to scrutinise the government and keep it honest but this opposition is doing neither. Whilst being totally dishonest themselves (aided and abetted by the MSM) they are not scrutinising anything and believe the government is so honest and trustworthy they must dredge up old accusations to fulminate a beat up against a former unionist.

    And the terrible thing is that this is working to the opposition’s favour and winning them voter support.

    That is not a workable parliament.

  43. Mobius, if only the Abbott-opposing-everything wasn’t just a Great Big No and would take a leaf out of Don Chipp’s book: To Keep the Bastards Honest.

    Agreed, a government could be considered to be only as strong as the Opposition. Abbott has bailed out by his refusal to put forward any amendments..Hockey especially will be chafing at the bit.

    TB, the day you vote for Tony Abbott we should all pack our bags and go home.

  44. And the terrible thing is that this is working to the opposition’s favour and winning them voter support.

    That is not a workable parliament.

    But is the GOVERNMENT’S job to make it such … or visit the Governor General … (shudder) …

    …as a Republican this erks me the most – it should be taken to the PEOPLE!

    … a rusted on (literally) monarchy in the 21st Century is an anachronism that we should all despise as an egalitarian society (another anachronism I guess) … a “fair go” will never exist in reality until all people are really EQUAL …

  45. Mobius, I get what you mean about it not being ‘a workable parliament’..that is, in spite of Bills being passed by both Houses of Parliament, that minus any credible Opposition – an Opposition that refuses to enter into any sort of reasonable debate – an Opposition that refuses to put forward amendments, that the Australian people are being poorly served.

  46. Mobious, 191 pieces of legislation passed with barely a cursory glance or suggested amendment, apart from some tinkering by the Greens/Indies, does not make it a workable parliament.

    What makes you so sure it was barely a cursory glance?
    i don’t know that….you don’t know that.

  47. Pip, plus I should imagine that the Independents gave the 191 pieces of legislation more than a cursory glance..and after all it’s the Independents who the government have had to get on board.

  48. Pip
    yes i do appreciate the tweet. were there any about ms mirabella,
    miss huff and puffabella. i tell you if my girls had stomped about like that i would have burst out laughing and told them how pathetic that attempt at outrage looked, then asked them to try a bit harder.

  49. Min, thank you 🙂 that’s what I was trying to say !
    after all it’s the Independents who the government have had to get on board.

  50. Just because the Coalition is not doing the job it is paid to do does not mean that the government and the independents and the greens are actually not a workable parliament.
    This minority government is delivering a WORKABLE parliament. Unfortunately the press gallery chooses not to report on this. Gillard meets regularly with the other minority members of parliament. In fact Windsor and Oakshott are impressed and when given the opportunity will tell everyone how well the parliament is working and how they know the correct decision has been made.

    As for voter support it gets back to the ” News” polls . Polls as news, we have bookie odds as news.,shock jock crap as news, but facts as news, no.

    So lets get back to the subject, Gillard is putting her words into deeds, then in 2 years time it will be up to the electorate.

  51. Pip, well T’bull would say that wouldn’t he. What a woose. He crossed the floor to vote for a carbon tax but now Mr Cowardly Custard has refused to speak on it.

  52. I see that the media is trying to wriggle and squirm out of Abbott’s ‘off’ statement that Gillard had written ‘a suicide note’, now saying that it’s ‘political suicide’.

  53. Sue @ 4.41pm, some tweets are too delicate for the eyes of Cafe patrons 🙄 #npc is the hash tag for the National Press Club which I didn’t watch !!

    BrigadierSlog Brigadier Slog

    Did I miss the bit where Sophie Mirabella talked about manufacturing offshoring under 12 years of Coalition rule? #npc

    mansillo Luke Mansillo

    Sophie Mirabella is at the press gallery ; prepare for the lies

    timwattsau timwattsau

    Actually wait, Sophie Mirabella’s Press Club address was about Anti-Dumping Measures? Freedom is at risk – Fly IPA, Fly!

  54. ‘So lets get back to the subject, Gillard is putting her words into deeds, then in 2 years time it will be up to the electorate.’

    She’ll be thrown out on her ear and take some good ALP members with her.

    Sad and so unnecessary.

  55. If it means any watering down of the protection of unaccompanied children, then they have lost me on this issue.

    You’ve almost lost me on this issue, rhetorically-speaking. Who is/isn’t protecting unaccompanied minors on their irregular migratory flows now? Is the Government proposing to just de-protect children, by dropping them back into that same situation or worse? And, how does protection of the total stock of children, and improving the quantity and quality of protection available to children generally, say, under a regional framework, perhaps both differ and differ not at all from protection of any one innominate child, whether here, there, and/or drifting on the oceans of fate.

    Or, while the deontological(?) argument on behalf of the child is assuredly a strong one, I’m still not sure that the utilitarian(?) argument on behalf of the children is unable to be tenable on its own, and able to feed forward into an iterative deontology at another layer of view. Perhaps.

  56. el gordo’s cracked crystal ball, and he’s wrong so often but still makes emphatic statements. You’d think he’d realise the crystal is flawed.

  57. Pip. As much as we might despise the two party system it is only the two major parties that have the resources to scrutinise all bills down to each word. The Greens (and indeed the Democrats at their height) had to select which policies to concentrate on whilst letting others go through. The government floods legislation and gives short debating times for a reason, because they know their bills are flawed or they want to sneak something through they know won’t be palatable.

    In a normal government/opposition parliament most bills do get amended and most flaws are highlighted. We have had 191 bills yet I have not heard of any major changes, amendments or rewrites.

    As a good example, WorkChoices had a major rewrite within two weeks of it being implemented when the opposition found a legal hole you could drive a truck through, and that was well before the safety net kerfuffle, yet again bought in because of the opposition and Labor state governments pointing out the flaws in the legislation.

    As I said before nobody is going to tell me that 191 pieces of legislation are so perfect that they don’t need any amendments or improvements.

    But is the GOVERNMENT’S job to make it such …

    TB can you please tell me what the government is supposed to do exactly? There is no laws or rules of parliament that state an opposition must behave like one and actually do its job. Otherwise Abbott would have been out on his ears yonks ago.

  58. Actually TB I’ll go further and say the government is making parliament workable by doing exactly what it’s supposed to do. Table bills and implement reforms, 191 bills and several major reforms prove this. They, as Rudd did, are just getting on with it. It’s the opposition that is failing miserably and not making parliament workable.

  59. Mobious, somewhere today [probably listening to the Senate, silly me] I heard it said that there were eight days allowed to debate Workchoices,
    I can’t remember, can you ?

  60. GST had numerous committees and went for months. Not thanks to Mr. Howard. We can thank the hostile Senate with the Greens and Democrats wielding the power.

    When Mr. Howard had control of both houses, WorkChoices I believe went through in 8 days.

    Will someone tell Mr. Abbott to get off his bike. He is wasting time as the debate and voting is to be found in the lower and upper houses, not out on the road or in workplaces.

    I suppose if the heat is too hot in the houses, one might find it cooler on the road.

    Please just keep going. You are not needed to get the bills through. There is nothing you can do to stop them.

  61. If one was of a suspicious mind one might consider that Abbott’s team is unable to act as an opposition, put forward amendments etc due to a dearth of talent resulting in an inability to put forward any reasonable ideas. Great cover-up, just say NO to everything….

  62. You hit it MIn. This is a bereft of talent opposition and one that is extremely lazy, bad hangover from Howard/Costello I guess, so it falls back to an otiose way of doing things, but the sad thing is that it’s working for them in the polls so they continue to do it. Past oppositions were held to account and judged as an alternate government, none more so than when Rudd led the opposition, so they could never get away with being this indolent, but Abbott and his opposition are not only being allowed to be solely a negative polity with little substance, they are rewarded and lauded in the media for it.

    An example was in this morning’s commercial breakfast news where one channel was lambasting Gillard for not revealing to them if she had a Plan B if the opposition did not support her amendment to the migration act. Not one mention as to whether Abbott has a Plan B if the amendment fails to be implemented as he will no longer have his option of Nauru available. And apart from that why should any government or party detail their Plan B or any alternatives to the media just because the media demands it.

  63. Mobius, Howard’s refusal to promote talent is legendary of course because to Howard securing his own position was paramount, above the welfare of the country and way above the welfare of even his own party.

    Agreed, a sad indictment of the general dumbing down of the media. When it’s Toddlers & Tiaras which garnish all the viewers the ‘clever’ media has to likewise dumb down to meet the market.

    Running around from one Abbott stunt to the next Abbott stunt sure beats having to do something such as research.

    We currently have:

    COALITION senators will defy Tony Abbott’s hardline order not to grant Labor pairs when it comes to votes on the carbon tax.

    Mr Abbott issued the edict to his party room a fortnight ago, saying everything possible must be done to stop the passage of the legislation now before the Parliament.

    So even when Abbott is faced with adverse publicity, the wording is framed in a fairly benign way. Where are the screaming headlines about REVOLT, ABBOTT DEFIED, LEADERSHIP UNDER PRESSURE.

  64. By the end of the interview on 7.30, the PM looked as if she had had enough of Uhlmann’s and his “style” of questions. U is stuck with trying for the “gotcha”.
    Time 7.30 employed a journalist with the intelligence to be able to ask some relevant questions,
    Legislation introduced this week that will have changes for the nation and what does U want to know? What will you do if Tony says no to the changes in the migration act?.
    Here is a hint U, Tony will be briefed on Friday evening in Melbourne (Tony’s choice of location), the amendments will be introduced next week, so U that is a question for next week. This week is for Climate. And U you should know by now trying to figure out what Tony will think and say next week as compared to what he is saying today is just stupid. But U you never challenge Tony in this way.

    So U i suggest you sit in Parliament and watch the Bills pass, you will be watching history and then one day you can read all about it.

    (as for Tony being briefed in Melb, he is in Canberra this week AND next week, why has the Public got to pay travel costs for Public Servants to travel to Melb, accommodation overnight and flights back to Canberra. There is a story for U, the Coalition likes stories about wasting the battlers money.)

  65. Min, I believe you have hit on the Opposition’s problem.

    It was great watching Mr. Hunt attacking a policy which he once supported and wrote a major university paper on.

    Mr Howard and his hero, Mr. Menzies had one thing in common. They did not encourage talent and left behind a vacuum that took many years to correct itself.

  66. “option of Nauru available. And apart from that why should any government or party detail their Plan B or any alternatives to the media just because the media demands it.”

    The PM strikes me as a person that not only has a plan “b” but “c” “d” “e” etc.

    The PM thinking is likely to be, we do this and if he responds this way, we will do that and so on.

    The PM will not have to waste much time, wondering what his response will be. The Opposition leader is ridiculously easy to read.

  67. Sue, Mr Abbott should be told that time has been set aside tomorrow at nine in Canberra. If he does not want to forgo his cycling or factory stop, that is his problem.

    Sue, it is time that we demand he stops wasting taxpayers money with his stunts and starts fulfilling his role as Opposition leader.

  68. TONY ABBOTT has described the carbon tax as ”the longest political suicide note in Australian history” and a ”completely pointless exercise” because it would allow Australian companies to buy some greenhouse gas emission reductions overseas.

    But the Australian Industry Greenhouse Network – which represents mining and manufacturing industries – said it agreed with the federal Treasury that Mr Abbott’s plan of achieving 5 per cent emission reductions domestically would at least double the cost, whether done with a carbon price or through his proposed ”direct action”.

  69. Abbott was pulled up on exactly that and has changed it to “political suicide note”.

    But it is an illustration of how he brain farts and of his insensitivity, which more than indicates he is not suitable for PM. If in power people would be cringing in anticipation of an inappropriate brain fart every time he made public appearances or went overseas on diplomatic missions.

    You know the moment he’s put under pressure he will either freeze or blow it and his minders will have to come rushing in to clean up the fall out.

  70. Mobius, I noticed that yesterday on Sky News too. Abbott’s statement had been even further waterdown to plain “political suicide”. Isn’t it wonderful to have a media so willing and eager to cover up one’s crassness….

  71. ME

    So true Tony under pressue has a freeze or flee mentality these days. Freeze in the hope one of the minders will jump in to take control. Flee if the question has merit and his blood pressure is building at the anger of the question being asked.

  72. It is not that Mr. Abbott walks away with a smirk when the questions become hard. The problem is that he stops answering when the questions moved from what he is focusing on.

    I wonder how much longer the media is going to allow him to treat them with contempt.

    Why does not the media ask the questions they want first?

    The alternative government has spoken. It is Nauru, temporary visas and stop the boats. He who knows all, has spoken.

  73. CU, I doubt that Abbott can hold more than one thought in his head at any one time hence the reason he can’t answer questions but has to revert to trite phrases.

  74. Sue, over the last few months I’ve had a look at many different writings and it seems to me that the “Right” may have been given the tip by their think tanks, to never place the words Prime Minister and Gillard in the same sentence.

  75. Surely even the hacks at the OO could have looked into their own archives.

    They don’t need to, Min. They know what she said-they published her election eve speech. The Liars Party knows as well as the msm. They both choose lies above the truth.

    TB, the community was ready for action on climate change in 2009, but Rudd piked. And polls still say the “community” wants action, despite the best efforts of the Liars Party and their cheerleaders, the msm.

    ME @3.29pm 14 September, I agree with every word in your comment. If the opposition had done their job, instead of grandstanding and playing childish tricks, the government’s legislation could have been tweaked and made better.

    So if people want to whine about the legislation, they have only to look in Liealot’s and the Liars Party’s direction.

    The government should push this for all it’s worth. Constantly, mind numbingly, with every statement. Their own effective slogan.

    Min @4.22pm 14 September, great precis of the mockery the current opposition is making of our parliamentary system, which while not perfect, is the best we’ve got and works pretty well if both government and opposition parties do their job.

    Unfortunately, the current opposition has no interest in doing its job, because they are unwilling to accept they are entitled to government because they are the Liars Party.

    TB, the government can’t visit the GG unless there is a trigger, or it’s time for an election. There’s still 12 months to go and no trigger. And i can’t see the government going the election option atm.

    Huff and Puffabella, Species Blowhardus Ignoramus, Lol, Sue.

    El gordo @5.47pm 14 September, chickens and hatching, my good man. Two weeks is a long time in politics, two years an eternity. We all look forward to the implosion of teh Liealot led Liars Party.

    I have just watched The Brain of Morbius, who bears a strong resemblance physically and mentally to the leader of the opposition.

    Min @6.48am, as usual, a few choice words nails it.

    ME @7.32am, not a word asking if Liealot even has a Plan A

    CU @8.13am, this is a problem which has bedevilled the Liars Party for decades, starting with that bitter old man Menzies, who never forgave the electorate for slinging him out during the war and culminating in that equally bitter old man Howard. Neither was concerned about the welfare of the Liars Party or the country, just their own self aggrandisement and lust for power.

    Min, shane & Sue that about characterises Liealot, too gutless to justify his abuse even with the compliant msm constantly giving him free runs. Roll on the media enquiry.

  76. The mining companies will have plenty of spare cash to contribute to their anti mining tax advertising allowance….

    Resource, energy exports hit record highs
    Posted September 15, 2011 12:32:01

    The value of Australia’s resource and energy exports rose to a record $175 billion in the year to June.

    Figures from the Bureau of Resources and Energy show exports jumped 27 per cent compared to the previous year.

    The rise in exports reflected the higher prices that miners were getting for commodities including coal, iron ore, crude oil, liquid natural gas and gold.

    On average, commodity prices were a third higher than they were a year before, and that helped to partially offset the rise in the Australian dollar.

    Iron ore saw the greatest rise in export earnings, up 56 per cent to $54 billion.

  77. No wonder Abbott is so desperate to engineer an early election, he is doomed if he hangs in too much longer and knows it. Just look at the members of a group who have stated that Abbott’s plan would double the carbon cost to them.

    AIGN Members

    The Australian Industry Greenhouse Network is comprised of a broad cross-section of Australian businesses and industry associations.
    Industry Association Members

    Australian Aluminium Council
    Australian Coal Association
    Australian Food and Grocery Council
    Australian Industry Group
    Australian Institute of Petroleum
    Australian Petroleum Production and Exploration Association
    Australian Forest Products Association
    Cement Industry Federation
    Federal Chamber of Automotive Industries
    Minerals Council of Australia
    National Generator’s Forum
    Plastics and Chemicals Industries Association

    Individual Business Members

    Adelaide Brighton Ltd
    Alcoa World Alumina – Australia
    BlueScope Steel Limited
    BP Australia Limited
    Caltex Australia
    Cement Australia Pty Ltd
    Chevron Australia Pty Ltd
    CSR Limited
    ExxonMobil Australia Limited
    Hydro Aluminium Kurri Kurri Pty Ltd
    Incitec Pivot Limited
    Inpex Browse Ltd
    Leighton Holdings Ltd
    Origin Energy Limited
    Qenos Pty Ltd
    Rio Tinto Australia Limited
    Santos Limited
    Shell Australia Limited
    Tarong Energy Corporation Limited
    Thiess Pty Ltd
    Tomago Aluminum Company Pty Ltd
    Wesfarmers Limited
    Woodside Petroleum Limited
    Xstrata Coal Australia Pty Ltd

    Source :

  78. It’s simple Pip. Abbott has wedged himself between a rock and a hard place over his attacks on Gillard’s well thought out and detailed carbon abatement plan that culminates in an ETS whilst advocating his brain fart with minimal details plan of trees in deserts and a Green army and promising the policy details well before the next election.

    If there is an election on schedule, even at the earliest possible date, he will need to give details he hasn’t got or has a hope of coming up with, and the sad thing is that goes for all the small handful of policies he’s alluded to so far. Just as he and the opposition are terrible in debating in parliament and get trounced every time so have to resort to churlish and childish games, they are just as bad at debating their policies, and indeed in even forming frameworks for them.

    Abbott needs orchestrate an election quickly so he can run a policy free campaign and one that is purely negative and based on a multitude of lies. The longer he has to run around conducting stunts, the more he is found wanting and the more the negative reporting of him increases. It will soon come time as has happened before the last election where they will have to hide him away for long periods and only wheel him out for very well rehearsed set pieces. Watch his not so impressive ratings in the polls go down when that happens.

  79. Abbott on this issue reminds me of a terrier chewing at the heels of one’s slippers trying to make himself look important.

    Absolutely..Abbott needs to orchestrate an election quickly.

    Come on, give the girl a guernsey Gillard ain’t stoopid she knows what game Abbott is playing.

  80. Mobious,
    It will soon come time as has happened before the last election where they will have to hide him away for long periods and only wheel him out for very well rehearsed set pieces. Watch his not so impressive ratings in the polls go down when that happens.

    Tony needn’t worry, he’ll have his trusty mentor come ironing lady,
    “Nick the taxi driver” who bobbed up on Australia Talks a couple of days ago….

    Sometimes he’s “Nicholas” but this week he’s “been driving taxis for ten years”.

    A laugh a minute with comedian “Nicholas”

  81. Gillard today in parliament. Abbott questioned whether she (the PM) had consulted with Bob Brown over the Migration Act amendments.
    The PM replied that Bob Browns views on off shore processing were well known.
    She then said to Abbott the decision for Mr Abbott was whether he would be voting with Bob Brown.

    Abbott’s words could lead to a deed he doesn’t really want.

  82. From an article in today’s Oz by Henry Ergas shows Julia has generosity of spirit with our tax money.

    ‘Where then do all those low-cost emissions reductions come from? According to Treasury, well over half will come from the former Soviet Union and from “Other Asia”.

    ‘But many of these countries lack any ability to monitor carbon abatement, with corruption so pervasive they are at the top of Transparency International’s list of offenders.

    ‘To assume they will provide a credible source of abatement is wildly optimistic; to think they will do so absent a comprehensive international framework is fanciful.’

  83. Mr.Turnbull said it all last night.Mr Abbott’s scheme is only temporary, planned to last until 2020.

    In other words a quick fix.

    He went onto say that the Gillard scheme is designed to go onto 2050 and beyond.

    Mr. Turnbull said as a shadow cabinet minister he will vote for the Opposition. He said he does not and will be talking in support of it.

    So the choice is for a scheme that addresses the problem for once and all or a quick fix.

    Like all quick fixes, it would be the most expensive way to go. What sense is there in delaying the solution for another eight or so years.

    I do not relish still hearing about for another decade when the matter can be put to bed, freeing the government to get on with more pressing matters.

  84. Sue, thanks. I left “against” out. Have corrected my massive nistake. I will be glad when I get home to my big screen.

    Thanks again.

  85. Shane re: Many animals sex is determined by a simple 1 degree change in temperature.

    That explains a lot..t’was the humidity in the air what done it….

  86. And giant red crabs wiping out species in the Antarctic because they can now invade waters there that are now warmer.

    Giant red crabs invade the Antarctic abyss

    And here was the Antarctic as the great hope of the opponents as it isn’t receding and thinning like it’s northern counterpart.

    Of all the indicators of global warming the mass changes and movements of flora and fauna across the globe is the one that is the hardest for the opponents to warming to ignore or fob off.

  87. el gordo

    I know you are a total disbeliever, but maybe as the truth is revealed, some could have a change of heart, or at least agree that to act now is better then to simply look on.

  88. Mobious, SA has some problems too….

    Fur seals threaten breeding cuttlefish
    Updated September 16, 2011 11:58:03

    Fur seals have been spotted in upper Spencer Gulf at the breeding ground of the giant cuttlefish.

    Whyalla fisherman Alan Hall says dozens of seals have been feeding on snapper at Point Lowly.

    The South Australian Environment Department says it is unusual for the seals to be seen in the area.

    The fur seals aren’t the only threat. BHP wants to build a desalination plant there which really will wipe out the cuttlefish.

  89. ‘…at least agree that to act now is better then to simply look on.’

    Nothing unusual is happening with climate, it has been warm because the sun was very active at the end of last century.

    From my perspective, the present cool sun will cool the oceans and the fish will migrate south as they have done long before Eve.

  90. Thinking outside the boxes
    Russell Skelton
    September 16, 2011

    The Gillard government has been quietly increasing the number of asylum seekers in community detention. Is this the way of the future? Russell Skelton reports.

    IT’S a fact seldom referred to in the bitter debate over refugee policy, but some 1200 men, women and children – more than 25 per cent of all the nation’s asylum seekers – live in the community as they wait for their claims for refugee status to be processed. And that number is likely to jump substantially: Immigration Minister Chris Bowen has approved 1880 detainees for community detention since the scheme was reintroduced 18 months ago.

    Australia does not have an asylum seeker problem.
    the UN Refugee Agency – 60 Years

  91. Gillard: from words to deeds….

    South Australia’s first NBN site goes live in Willunga

    “The residents of Willunga have clearly recognised the benefits of high speed broadband, with the highest take up rate of any first release site on the mainland. More than 90 per cent of residents have signed up for a free fibre connection.

    “This is an impressive result and shows just how high demand is across Australia communities for enhanced broadband.”

  92. Min says, “Come on, give the girl a guernsey Gillard ain’t stoopid she knows what game Abbott is playing.”

    Yes! A Fair Go For Julia Gillard!”

    Different tack – Min, what do mean by saying you are leaving CW until you hear from Migs? Did you intend to say you’re leaving CW as is until you hear from him?

  93. That link at 12.52 from Min is a pretty damning indictment on the oo’s reporting, and blows a massive hole in their pathetic defense of any sort of ‘balance’ they pretend to have.

  94. Sorry, Min! I assumed your ‘yep’ was an agreement with my second assumption! I’m not relieved at all at the thought of you leaving!

  95. Migs, your connection is bloody perfect and if you can message “AM” on Monday then you are dead bloody meat….

  96. Mobius my comments are based on science and what we can expect, knowing what has come before.

    Global warming caused by humans is pseudo science and to be honest its just plain hubris.

    We can argue until we are blue in the face, let’s not ruin a lovely spring day.

  97. Miglo, you must be imaging that the service is poor. Did not know that private enterprise does it better. We can be thankful we have a government ensuring we have a decent service, now and well into the future.

    ME, one NSW government gone in six months. Not a bad effort.

  98. Apologies, the Cafe it seems has been subjected to a hacker and so we have had comments deleted. I have done my best to reinstate these. Apologies for those inconvenienced.

  99. Given that Migs is yet to get back to me, then that’s ‘it’ obviously. I’ll be still posting and commenting because I made a promise that I would keep the Cafe open. And I never go back on my promises.

  100. Will this be enough for the creative writing teams to stop making stuff up ?

    Rudd says ‘no’ to Labor leadership

    The question was a double-barrelled one at the end of Mr Rudd’s speech to the Asia Foundation, asking: “Do you foresee yourself stepping back into the role of Prime Minister and will the Wallabies win the World Cup?”

    He replied: “Let me take those in the reverse order: Yes and no.”

    The 53-year-old was in San Francisco with Defence Minister Stephen Smith for talks with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton and US Defense Secretary Leon Panetta.

    Not a word about Mr. Rudd’s speech to the Asia Foundation.

  101. I should add that I had some of my own comments deleted, plus put into moderation clearly a hiccup in the system..

    I’ve written to Migs and I’m sure that he will get back to me ASAP.

  102. Tom, I love you all to pieces of course but unless you know who comes up with the goods then it’s best that I leave. I’ll know as soon as he gets back to me. In the meanwhile let’s play music…arggghhh, I’m a pirate…

  103. Tom, you will always be a Wizard to me. I’m not quite gone..that decision is up to others. I of course would like to stay but am being shoved out the door….

  104. Speculation is rife and at least one reporter from Trash Headquarters has come down to investigate.

    A short black would be nice.

  105. “Speculation is rife and at least one reporter from Trash Headquarters has come down to investigate.”

    Are you from the Murdoch Press, they love speculation and inuendo ?

  106. I of course would like to stay but am being shoved out the door….

    I certainly hope not Min, cos I have loved it while you have been here directing traffic. I hope it all gets sorted out, else ……

  107. Like Shane, Tom and others I feel something’s going on which either shouldn’t be on a public thread, or should have full disclosure so that we can all understand the ins and outs of it. Can’t it be kept private until the second option is possible? I hate having half a story to follow!


  108. LOL @ Patricia!

    Since when have you wanted “full disclosure…?”

    You simply delete comments that aren’t to your liking, and openly admit to doing so…!

    This place is fkn hillarious!!

  109. I’m in agreeance with Patricia. I’m also somewhat baffled myself. Apparently I’ve been deleting comments and putting people in moderation. Not so.

  110. “Apparently I’ve been deleting comments and putting people in moderation. Not so.”

    Nah mate, I haven’t seen anyone accusing you of that..

    Catching Up, Patricia and “the hacker” on the other hand, well, let’s just say they have a lot of explaining tio do…… 😉

  111. Nope, not me. I have never deleted another person’s comment in my entire blog-life. This is giving due regard to the fact that I was moderater for Tim Dunlop then moderator for The Blogocrats. It was only until Miglo convinced me to write that I was other than a moderator.

  112. Reb, this isn’t a ‘look over there’ to distract you from your enjoyment….

    Do you remember a conversation a long time ago about Yorkshire pudding and if you do, do you still want the recipe. 🙂

    I’d been surfing different blogs and couldn’t remember which one wanted the recipe, but your name keeps popping up when I think about it….which isn’t very often…

  113. Reb I will say it once and once only. I do not believe in deleting comments. I have never deleted any.

    If I do not like the comment, I will tell you or anyone else in clear public terms what I think.

    Why in the hell would you believe I do.

    You are suppose to be Min’s and Miglo’s friend. If this is the way you act with a friend, what do you do to enemies?

  114. CU, thank you. I have during my time on this blog never deleted anyone’s comment except my own, nor on Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy nor as moderator on The Blogocrats.

    But yes I was put into Moderation Mode.

  115. This of course might have been an accident of some kind, and I’ve written to the blogmaster but he is yet to get back to me.

    I arrived home from seeing youngest off to the Brisbane Airport for the flight to Dublin to meet R*s parents for the first discover all this mega thingys in spam.

    I apologise, I am not technologically minded and if people want to blame me for these ‘mistakes’ then go for it.

  116. Any of the Admin..but as stated there was a huge meltdown of this blog. I don’t know I’m not a technological person. One thing that I do know is that WordPress have not had any site stats up for about 5 days now. I didn’t want to bother Migs with this which didn’t seem all that important, but maybe it’s connected.

    I’m sorry, I don’t know I do not have a clue about all this technological stuff.

  117. Min, it sounds very likely that no one has deleted any comments over recent times.

    An apology from a certain person will not go amiss.

    Something has got out of sync and is probably easily fixed.

    Maybe there is another expert on the site that has some idea.

    That is more likely the answer than the throwing around of accusations by some.

  118. CU, it was clearly a hiccup in the system. Let’s move on shall we…

    I think that Miglo will be back in a few days time. I’m not certain though because he hasn’t told me. It’s been a huge experience for me..having the entire blog landed in my lap with not even 5 minutes notice.

    I hope to stay on, but that will be up to Miglo.

  119. ‘It sounds very likely that no one has deleted any comments over recent times.’

    It does appear so, but a word from Pat would be worthwhile ‘so that we can all understand the ins and outs of it.’

  120. Aww Migs, you know that we at the Cafe love you to pieces. It was just an admin thing. I do apologise, I arrived back from Brisbane to discover strange and peculiar.

  121. el gordo, do us all a favour and give it a rest.

    Why take the opportunity to have a dig at Patricia when it is clear that she has nothing to do with the matter.

    Leave old gripes in the past, where they belong. We are suppose to be adults.

  122. It’s hilarious!

    Selected comments have clearly been deleted, but somehow we’re expected to believe that this is some technical glitch.

    To clarify – the comments were published and then subsequently deleted – not placed into moderation mode.

    Then Min declares that she’s left this place, but is in fact still here!

    What a strange little parallel universe you lot inhabit here. Devoid of any connection with facts and reality…

    It is very entertaining though…! 🙂

  123. ‘el gordo, do us all a favour and give it a rest.’

    If Pat has access to admin and the snipping started happening on her watch, then its a serious breach of libertarian values and likely to happen again.

  124. Windsor talks about Abbott and his nutters disrupting and attempting to destroy institutions. the same style of nutters are trying to destroy the positive arguments on this site, it will not work.

  125. “the same style of nutters are trying to destroy the positive arguments on this site”

    Actually, all we’re asking for is a little honesty and transparency…

    Instead, valid comments are deleted at the whim of several administrators here if they don’t like certain individuals or their points of view.

    The recent “hacking” defence has to be the lamest excuse ever.

    And I thought Min had resigned? She declared that she had yesterday, but instead it looks like Migs has quit his own blog instead.

    And for your information Sue, I’ve been around these parts a lot longer than you. There is history here that you’re not aware of, so spare me the nonsense about “positive arguments”.

  126. “If Pat has access to admin and the snipping started happening on her watch, then its a serious breach of libertarian values and likely to happen again.”

    Egg, Pat has form in deleting comments that she doesn’t agree with or people she doesn’t like.

    She was gloating about it here the other day. Apparantly she supposedly quit when warned not to do it anymore by Min, but here she is again…

  127. Reb, if you would like to email me I’ll provide you with my user name and password and you will be able to go out the back of the blog and you will see that our Site Stats are also down. Plus I’ve been receiving error messages this morning.

  128. I know more than you, you say, big deal.
    as for libertarian views, it sounds like the ABC needs balance and look what has happened there. destroy from within by yelling even louder.
    boo hoo

  129. There are times when you choke on your WheatBix, my time was this morning hearing that Abbott says that he will not be supporting any changes to the migration act because of human rights. When did Abbott nor any of his ilk ever care about human rights when they were in government.

  130. AntonyG better not listen to Anal on Monday because he will no doubt support Abbott on the “human right” of asylum seekers.

    (I apologise to you in advance AntonyG for suggesting you would listen to Anal, I was trying to be funny)

  131. Min,

    I’m not dissapointed at all. I have a lot of respect for what Migs has done on the blogosphere. He has always had the best of intentions.

    However I do have concerns when relative newcomers attempt to destroy what he has created by simply deleting the comments of others that they either don’t agree with or don’t like.

    I don’t think that’s what Migs would’ve wanted. And I will continue to speak out that those people are wrong in doing so..

    When people like Sue and Patricia criticise me for doing so, it just highlights their blinding hypocisry.

  132. Reb, we’re fine. We’re still friends. I have had the privilege to call Migs my friend for some 4 years. Yes I know the problem and yes I’ve told Migs about it but there is nothing that he can do about it at the moment. Give him the time that he asked for. He said that he’ll be back in October and health issues willing and we’re all keeping our fingers crossed for him in this regard, he will be.

  133. Blinding hypocrisy is in sites like The Punch, but it is part of News Ltd, so that is what to expect, especially when the nasty attacks get prominence.
    Reb what is just annoying is that you keep going on and on and on even when offers of explanation are made.
    Then you go for the utter Guilt Statement with the rider of that the I am superior and will look to uphold true principles.
    “I don’t think that’s what Migs would’ve wanted. And I will continue to speak out that those people are wrong in doing so….”
    What BS

  134. shane, paytv subscribers have been bombarded with a stream of, to put it kindly, very misleading adverts about the carbon price for the last 2-3 months, by some mob called The Australian Industry Alliance based in Canberra. Some shill called Mark Love writes and authorises the ads and each ad is even more misleading and downright untruthful than the last.

    I’ve been a bit slack, because I haven’t researched this crowd and their affiliates. When I throw off this lurgie, I’ll do it.

    Rudd says ‘no’ to Labor leadership


    Abbott says that he will not be supporting any changes to the migration act because of human rights.

    Obviously this is part of a stand-up routine Liealot is developing as a post political career, AntonyG.

  135. Has the way government operates changed since the late 1990’s?

    Is our democracy being served by the actions of our politicians?

    “………Why is politics so nasty and crappy at the moment? Why does it feel so rootless and shallow? Why did Canberra this week feel like a grudge match between the Visigoths and the Zombies? What the hell is going on with the people we elected to the 150 seats of the House of Representatives a year-and-a-bit ago?…….

    ………..Debate on the carbon tax is no longer anything to do with whether climate change is real, and what we should do about it. The debate is about whether Julia Gillard is a filthy liar, and whether Tony Abbott is just a grubby opportunistic hypocrite.

    The immigration issue, meanwhile, is no longer really about the matter at hand – the nightmarish moral balancing act between maintaining authoritative Australian borders, helping the most needy and discouraging the desperate from putting themselves and their children in danger. It’s about whether Julia Gillard is a hopeless incompetent, and whether Tony Abbott should rescue her……………….

    ………….And that is the grim secret of this particular policy issue. They actually don’t disagree that much. Both parties want to do as much as they can to wiggle out of Australia’s formal commitment through the refugee convention, which is to protect people who come here if they have a valid case for protection. They wiggle out of it by redrawing Australia’s boundaries – they’ve both done that. They wiggle out of it by trying to exclude asylum seekers from the Australian legal system – they’ve both done that. They wiggle out of it by trying to avoid having asylum seekers set foot on Australian soil, and by processing them in other countries. They’ve both done that……..

    ………..And this is the tragedy of Australian politics – not just this year, but for a long time now. The great weakness of our political system is not the hung parliament, (although that does tend to make everybody act like they’re on ice the whole time, which is certainly tiring).

    The great weakness of the Australian political system is that it is incapable of reaching agreement, even where agreement essentially exists. It wears itself out on fights that aren’t really fights. We might think of our great old political parties as prize-fighters, but they never even get to the ring; they’re too busy punching each other to death over who gets the dressing room with the comfy couch. No wonder the crowd’s restive……

    ……….Never have the 1980s, a decade in which governments and oppositions did unpopular things together in the national interest, seemed so distant and foreign. And that’s because the concept of agreement has changed somehow, from being something noble to being something weak. It’s a scary development. I completely agree, by the way, that the media plays a role in this. We fetishise conflict over consensus in a way that certainly encourages the invention of differences, even where none exists. I accept that. But it can’t be the whole reason – can it? Is it because after the end of the Cold War, the field of real structural and philosophical issues over which domestic politicians can fight is contracting? And if that’s the case, then why do we spend the money on having a parliament?

    Or maybe it’s just been a bad week. What do you think?

    Annabel Crabb is the ABC’s chief online political writer.

  136. Bit late for our Annabelle to start mourning the state of political discourse in this country. If she, and most of the 4th estate hadn’t been so busy fellating Liealot since he snatched the leadership, we might have had some honest scrutiny of both parties.

    Then it wouldn’t have mattered that Liealot is a brain dead, lying exhibitionist who hasn’t sold his principles, because he never had any; he would have been exposed for what he is, a brain dead lying exhibitionist, whom you wouldn’t trust to sell raffle tickets for a rotting chook!

    Unfortunately, as it stands, the Liars Party is a talent-free zone, but if Liealot was properly scrutinised, less dingbats would be singing his and their praises and would be demanding better candidates to represent them.

    Who would put up decent policies for the public to consider and maybe, just maybe we’d get fantastic negotiated policies and we would see that we had an opposition who were worthy of government.

    No hope of that with the msm we currently have.

  137. Agreed, jane. It looks like AC has decided that she really can’t go on pretending that she’s not seeing desruction all around her. But she’s not prepared to admit her own role in causing that, particularly not her responsibility for reporting how only one party was intent on wrecking the joint. She’s still happy to pretend that both major parties have caused this mess and implicit in this is the idea that Gillard and Abbott are as bad as each other in their motives and tactics.

  138. Hi, patriciawa, if AC concentrated more on the facts and less on her comedic talents and her perceived way with words, we’d all be better off !

  139. Jane @11.01pm It seems that when we of the left see even a snippet of balance such as that from Crabb we grab it with both hands, Oh wow somebody is finally writing something with balance – but as stated by yourself, where were these journalists before?

    I wonder if this has anything to do with the forthcoming media enquiry…oh whoopsie, look at the stats..nothing resembling fair and balance we had better write something other than fawning at Tony Abbott’s feet.

  140. The interesting part of the AC article is not so much her article where she attempts to blame both houses but the comments that follow.

    There are many that are now finding support for the PM. Little praising Mr. Abbott.

    Has the media created an under dog.

  141. Nothing sticks. Is the teflon starting to wear thin?

    “……But part of Abbott’s success as an opposition leader is that he simply shrugs off the expectation for consistency. He is adept and swift at rationalising shifts in position. And, let’s face it, he is not often held to sustained account to explain such anomalies.

    Abbott also has an easy embrace of conflict. Perhaps it’s the boxer in him. Previous opposition leaders such as Brendan Nelson on the Liberal side and Labor’s Kim Beazley could be politically constrained by compassion or convention – or both. Abbott’s instincts are to pursue a fight rather than be nice or do what is expected.

    This trait is at the heart of the underestimation of Abbott. His opponents seethe about his character, his tactics and his short-term politics of advantage, but he glides on unfazed. It’s as if by simply ignoring the criticism, it can’t hurt him…….

    ……….Gillard recently accused him of trying to ”wish away the facts” on the High Court judgment. He’s gone one better, wishing away expectations altogether.”

    Read more:

  142. CU, re ‘creating an underdog’ I suspect so. I also suspect that Gillard should use her natural assets a lot more than her advisers are saying. She’s a female, she needs to emphasise this a lot more. This isn’t trying to play any feminist card but rather that she should do what every politician does, use their own personal attributes to define themselves. Abbott certainly makes the most of his ‘action man’ personna so why should it be somehow forbidden for Gillard to emphasise the fact that she is a female….

  143. CU, Liealot’s instinct to punch his opponent rather than negotiate is also the reason for his complete and utter failure to make any sort of impact on the legislative landscape.

    Gillard is right when she accuses him of trying to “wish away the facts” on anything, to be frank. It’s the Goebbels principle-tell a lie often enough and soon people will swallow it whole.

    Unluckily for him, even feather heads like Crabbe are taking their first tentative steps to relatively unbiased scrutiny of Liealot. I think the media enquiry will hurry things along in the bias and balance department.

    In the final analysis of Liealot’s time as opposition leader, he will be assessed as an abject failure in every endeavour he has undertaken; the greatest of all being his failure to convince the Independents to back him.

    His sole success isn’t down to him though. He owes it all to the repetition of lies, distortions and obfuscations by the msm, who have thrown in their lot with Emperor Rupert and his corrupt minions.

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