Hard Labor For the Innocent?

Tony Abbott thought he had a winning card
With rules for pairs both clear and hard,
But, challenging the ALP, rattling his sabre.
He forgot there was another kind of ‘labor.’

Straw polls told him that he’d be a fool
Persisting with a policy voters thought too cruel.
Besides,  it drew attention to a woman
He’d not thought of, not treated like a fellow human.

Confined at home and left to suffer,
She’d heard how he’d made life much tougher.
Already sick at heart to depths unknown,
Now she’d have to bear her child alone.

Then Abbott decides he will, after all,  be kind.
Voters should be pleased he’s changed his mind.
But other circumstances haven’t changed.
He’s still bent on power like a man deranged.

There’s been no softening, no generosity.
He continues his attack with mad ferocity.
A man proven not guilty is once again accused,
So a mother and her unborn child, already punished, are even more abused.

NOTE:  This is not a story about the Craig Thomson saga of which there are many versions on the net.  There is a nice objective account of it all in  Wiki.    Anyone who knows my rusted on Labor nature can guess my political views on all of that.  Obviously I have been indignant about the injustice of his trial by media with no presumption of innocence and the scandalous things said about him by the Opposition under privilege in Parliament.  

Throughout it all I have been haunted by thoughts of his wife at home,  often alone because of Parliamentary sittings and in very considerable emotional pain.    It’s hard to know the level of stress being felt by the somewhat impassive Craig Thomson,  but it’s easy to imagine something of her more extreme distress.    Does one have to have been a mother to fear the impact of all this on their unborn child?    

I am astonished that no one seems to have considered that.   Has any woman in the Coalition party room raised it with Tony Abbott?   Has anyone in the government?  I’ve noticed that journalists often add as a sort of footnote that the wife of the beleaguered Member for Dobell is heavily pregnant.  Have I missed an opinion piece or editorial on this?  And why hasn’t the Leader of the Opposition,  himself a family man,  father of three young women,  spared a thought for that tiny, soon to be born,  human being?

57 comments on “Hard Labor For the Innocent?

  1. Patricia, it must be unbearable for that poor girl. Liealot’s lip service to the value of family, has been exposed for the hollow sham it really is. Common decency alone….oh hang on, he doesn’t have a shred of decency. No wonder Ltd News loves him-he has the corrupt and malevolent attitudes of its owner.

    I wonder if he has, for even the briefest moment, felt any empathy for Mrs Thomson. After all he has three daughters of his own, would he like any of them to be monstered at any time let alone at one of the most vulnerable times of a woman’s life.

    I have no doubt wing nuts everywhere are cheering him on-he expresses their lack of principles and decency. Their attitude will be that she deserves what is happening to her family, because she married Craig Thomson.

    I can only hope that Brandis’s AMAZING NEW EVIDENCE gets flung back in his face quickly with a warning not to keep wasting police time. It would be hilarious if they threatened to arrest him.

    It would be nice if Craig Thomson could sue Brandis and Liealot for a very handsome sum.

  2. Patricia I’m only surprised that Abbott didn’t demand that Mr. Thomson’s wife have a caesarean when he announced that he would allow a ‘pair’ for a brief time !

  3. Patricia
    What a beautiful way you have of expressing, such a miserable time .
    And to think this change of heartlessness has only occurred because of a poll describing the decision as “nasty” was running at 68%, his best ever result.

  4. Maybe if Thomson had thought about his wife at home when he was paying for a leg over or two with the union credit card the opposition might have been more compassionate in the first instance, but as it stands he will be granted a pair and the government has learnt that in this parliament that they can’t take pairing for granted which sounds about right to me.

  5. Isn’t it amazing how the holier than thou’s have resurfaced. It is exactly the same as when Rudd went to a strip club with people not giving a damn about whether or not Thomson used the services of an escort service, nor that Rudd went to a strip club – it being all politically motivated.

  6. Just a point – the allegations against Thomson refer to an incident in 2008. Zoe Arnold gave birth to their first child in 2009 and they married in January 2011.

  7. Min
    There is one of the 25% who reckon that what Abbott did the “excellent” thing.
    Now if i remember 32406 people took part,I cannot confirm this as the poll appears to have disappeared from the SMH, so expect another 7999 emails like the one by Iain Hall.

    Can other Cafe visitors see if the “Nasty” poll has disappeared?

    Here is the original article and poll
    Here is the result of a search at SMH, it appears the views of 32000 are not to be kept.

  8. Sue, it would seem that those 25% are those who believe that it’s fair means of foul in order to oust a duly elected government. But of course another is that even IF the police had found that Thomson had a case to answer it would be highly unlikely that there would have been a court case prior to the next election – and then it’s IF a court had found Thomson guilty. But that’s all just speculation now.

  9. I heard it was on the instigation of Craig’s wife that Abbott refused pairing. She would rather he be in Canberra than in the maternity ward. Can’t verify. Just what I got on twitter

  10. Thanks, Min. Obviously, Iain Hall, can’t read or hasn’t bothered to read the ‘pome’. Odd sense of justice he has, anyway. Yes, I do remember when a News Corp man tried to entrap poor Kevin Rudd by luring him into a New York night club.

  11. Patricia, the most accurate story is that Kevin had a few too many, worked out where he was and left. Tut-tut, naughty man. 😉

  12. Poh, that seems an odd story..If Abbott had refused pairing at the instigation of Zoe Thomson then why didn’t Abbott say so. It seems to me rather that Zoe Thomson told Craig that he should stay in Canberra rather than give in to Tony Abbott.

  13. Only problem with not taking pairing for granted is that Abbott guaranteed it. In other words it was a set promise by him.

    But then we all know that Abbott is an entrenched liar and cannot be trusted, even by his own admission.

  14. Poh, that sounds like a bitchy bit of Twitter commentary. If it were true can you imagine Abbott not bruiting it around like mad?

    You heard but you Can’t verify!

  15. ‘One union member recalled the astonishment in the head office in Melbourne years ago when Mr Thomson excitedly showed his new black American Express card. ”It even came in a special presentation box,” the unionist said.

    ‘The card, made from titanium, is the most exclusive of all credit cards and is offered by invitation only to those who spend more than $25,000 a month. The holder pays $4000 a year for having a titanium card.’

    From today’s SMH,

  16. Mr. Abbott spent all yesterday morning on many media outlets saying he would deny a pair.

    He kept this up until towards the end of his daily press conference. Then he miserly agree that he would be given brief leave.

    Mr. Thomson has not asked for a pair. I wonder if he has other plans in place.

  17. Ah the unnamed source from Ltd News yet again.

    No evidence, no proof, no documentation, no anything but the word of an anonymous person.

    And isn’t it strange that all these anonymous insiders Ltd News always seems to drag up seem so prepared to damage or destroy the organisation they belong to or work for and seem to be so willing to spill it all to a media organisation that is openly against them.

  18. el gordo, if it is as alleged that these insinuations have been in the public arena years ago, why where they not sent to the police earlier.

    I suggest that there is no proof but only rumours. It could be that many more than Mr. Thomson will be burnt.

    These allegations are taking part within a nasty fractional brawl that has been going on for years.

  19. “Mr Thomson excitedly showed his new black American Express card. ”It even came in a special presentation box,” the unionist said.

    If the story is true, how did the member know Mr. Thomson was excited, that he was not amazed.

    How does the member know he did not send it back.

    It seems unlikely that a man doing something illegal would show the card to the world, especially in an union office.

    If the sorry is true, it appears that Mr. Thomson was surprised that the card appeared.

    That is the problem with allegations based on rumour and innuendos , it is hard to separate the grain from the chaff.

    It is impossible to know where the truth lays.

  20. ME, did I hear that the power in NSW is being sold off, or is in danger of being sold. Would that be another broken promise.

    ME, it appears that much of the costing being used by O’Farrell to dump Labor programmes is greatly bloated to give excuse for the actions they are taking. Up to ten times the actual cost.

  21. Yes, try as I might it is difficult to ignore the mindless apologising for misuse of union funds, and for the compulsive (and in this case hopelessly wrong) inclination to blame News Ltd.

  22. It’s innocent until proven guilty with the rest being pure speculation. And it is of course a tried and true journo trick, to provide a description so as to enhance the desired impression. Therefore instead of a bland ‘he showed’ it becomes ‘he excitedly showed’.

  23. Hang on, there is a look over there happening, the original post was a beautiful poem. So let them discuss the issue about why Abbott so grudgingly changed his mind after banging on about not giving a pair so that a man can attend the birth of his child. Straw polls, Sunrise whatever, the Mr Family man, the one who was willing to use his daughters for the odd photo during the election, was shown up as a nasty person.

  24. Exactly Sue. Criticising Labor and especially Labor governments is a must even if using criticisms that are not based on fact or are distortions. Criticise the Liberals and especially Abbott, even when they well and truly deserve it, and in comes the Abbott posse to head you off back onto the bash Labor trail.

  25. Sue, yes indeed I believe that the issue is whether or not Tony Abbott can be trusted to keep any of his promises whatsoever. If it’s not something straightforward such as his agreement to provide pairs under ‘extraordinary circumstances’, then I don’t hold much hope for any other promise such as not bringing back WorkChoices.

    If Tony Abbott doesn’t consider a death and an impending birth as an extraordinary circumstance, then I don’t know what he would agree to.

  26. ““how did the member know Mr. Thomson was excited, that he was not amazed. How does the member know he did not send it back.”

    Why should my scenario be any more unlikely than yours.

    Reb, all you are doing is putting forwarded your view.

    Were you in the office at the time.

    Is the wife that gave the information reliable.

  27. TomM, no one is apologizing for Mr. Thomson. They are also not apologizing for the actions of the present union officials and Mr. Brandis as some are doing.

    One is only saying one is innocence until proven guilty.

    That is what our justice system is based on and is important to some.

    If you do not like this system, I suggest you move to France.

  28. “much hope for any other promise such as not bringing back WorkChoices”

    and removing the father’s right to parental leave would have to be on the cards.

  29. Good one CU, in France obviously not a Common Law country it is guilty until proven innocent. The French on the other hand believe that their system is the superior because the expectation is one of innocence rather than of guilt..yes I’m waffling 🙂

  30. I like to retain the Amex Centurion master-card as a source of snobby social cache and as a little private joke on suitably suggestible swooning peons, while sending associate-minions out on business errands with account-attached platinum cards, and gold cards below those. Really, it’s not that hard to clock up 250K pa playing off cardsharks at Kendalls, Slaters, Printkraftverks, and Gordo’s gin-rummy!

    Allthough, the opportunity that it affords to mention Chinese Whisperestaurants, again, on Goulburn Street this time, not the saucy one at Surrey Hills, is almost as priceless as mentioning the no-limit credit that the master-and-slaves-card provides countless thousands of SME Mafia Bosses across Australia, for when the business platinum’s limited utility becomes exceeded by aggregate profligacies, usually on a monthly basis. But, those sorts of post-prandial hiccups are probably just peculiarities of accounting, what with everyman and his watchdog apparently able to scoff down more than their fair share of whine-drenched raw-prawn crackers and to just issue themselves and others a few credit cards here and there, even in latest, msg-laced scandal.

  31. What Mr. Brandis is doing, is directing the NSW Police Commissioner to follow up allegations that are in a paper.

    He is also telling the Police Commissioner what crimes have been committed.

    What from an newspaper article!!!!

    I thought the man had some alleged evidence.

  32. Min, from that magic pudding he must have or maybe he will perform the miracle of the loaves and fishes.

    Any other answer is beyond belief.

  33. patricia, the ‘nightclub scandal’ was, according to news reports, arranged by one of the old foreigner’s boozy editors.

    Catching up, this is yesterday’s poll 😀


    How would you rate a refusal by Tony Abbott to grant Craig Thomson a pairing arrangement for the carbon tax vote to attend the birth of his child?

    Poll form
    Please select an answer. Excellent decision
    Who cares
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    View results

    Excellent decision
    Who cares
    Nasty decision
    Total votes: 32047.

    Would you like to vote?
    You will need Cookies enabled to use our Voting Feature.

    Poll closed 10 Sep, 2011

  34. Poh# are you there I just got some more malicious gossip from Twitter. Apparently Margie is happy that Tony is away campaigning and when you think that the election was a year ago and when you see how little time he has been at home, well Twitter says, she is very happy indeed.

  35. Well said, Sue. Our friends have drawn us away from the issue yet again. The real question is why has Abbott

    so grudgingly changed his mind after banging on about not giving a pair so that a man can attend the birth of his child?

    You’ve pointed to the answer too. Those straw polls. He doesn’t care a hoot about a mother-to-be and her child, for all those billions of dollars he’s promised! in paid maternity leave, which Min has reminded us of.

  36. ‘Could I interest you in a game of bridge, playing for a Nigerian uranium min(e)d, perhaps, CU?”

    I do not believe in games of chance, not to mkae money anyway.

    I am not saying anyone is innocence. I am not saying anyone is guilty. I am saying I do not know. I am saying that unless you were involved, you do not know.

    I am saying that the police said there was no crime. The police gave reasons why there was no crime.

    I am saying up to this time, Fair Work Australia are willing to say they know.

    Now if you are capable of taking what the media says as fact, I would have concerns if you joined in that game.

    Oh, by the way I have less trust in what Mr.Abbott and Co have to say. Afraid I do not trust them at all.

    Now you might be correct and I am gullible. I do wonder if you also are as well.

  37. Poh, may as well give up. No one is listening. Jokes, bad jokes at that on twitter mean nothing.

    Poh’s Friend, yours is more likely to be on the mark. Watching the TV show on their lives, I wonder if she even misses him.

  38. The opposition’s Nauru solution is not cost effective according to the Department of Immigration.

    Costing just released shows that resetting up Nauru for asylum seeker detention will cost $1 billion over four years.

    I guess that now makes it $71 billion Abbott must find.

    Broadband policy a mess and not cost effective.
    Paid parental leave a mess and expensive.
    Carbon abatement very expensive for little gain.
    Immigration policy very expensive and not cost effective.

    I demand that the opposition produce business plans for all their policies.

  39. It’s nice (nay astounding) to see the OO come up with…exactly as yours truly suggested. Min takes a bow. 🙂

    IN rejecting legislative change to allow the Gillard government to revive its Malaysia deal for asylum-seekers, Tony Abbott is making the biggest policy mistake of his life…

    Abbott is giving the government an alibi and allowing it to create a myth that the Malaysia Solution would have been an effective deterrent, whereas its entire deterrent value would have expired once the 800 people had been sent.


  40. What about Sophie Mirabella and Belinda Neal. When Sophie Mirabella was heavily preganant, Ms Mirabella went running to the press about a comment from Ms Neal.

    How the TA and George Brandis and the rest of the Liberals are just going hell for leather in the Parliament.

    What is it with the opinion polls? How is it that with the crap that TA is spouting, he seems s popular and almost a soo in for PM? Is it being rigged?

  41. Hi Monica, and welcome to the Café. We’re had a few discussions about ‘the polls’ here and whether they are accurately assessing public opinion. They may indeed be, however there has been a complete revolution in very recent times viz technology with fewer and fewer of the under 35s demographic now owning landlines, and I believe that this ought to be taken into consideration.

    The rhetoric of course has all been anti-Gillard with very little written in the same tone about TA. People might be anti-Gillard but who can honestly say that Abbott is the best person available to lead Australia.

  42. Hi Monica and welcome from me too 🙂

    I remember the argy bargy between Mirabella and Neal, there weren’t very many Members in the House at the time, and Mirabella gave as good as she got… it just didn’t make it into the news….nothing new there ….
    Don’t ask me why I watch the Parliamentary circus……I don’t know why 😮

  43. Gotta love Morrison saying the figures were overblown, yet again dissing a government department.

    Rasa stated it cost $400,000 per year, don’t know where he got that figure.

    The Nauru detention centre cost $2 million a month to run and will be considerably more than that now. That cost didn’t include transport and medical, and now the cost of oversight and onsite legal access has to be added.

    Also remember that unaccompanied minors cannot be detained on Nauru unless considerable upgraded infrastructure and support that meets the standards imposed on the government is put in place for them. The cost of that would be considerable.

    The detention centre on Nauru also has to be built from scratch and we don’t know how much the Nauru government is paid to have the detention centre in their country.

    Onshore processing is estimated to be 96% cheaper.

  44. MonicatheGee, I do not believe the polls are being manipulated but I do query how some of the questions are being formed.

    I do believe the perception of this government is being formed by dubious and misleading reports of our media.

  45. Jane, many of the women in the Coalition are worse than the men.

    Are they women, CU?

    Tom, I haven’t apologised for anyone who has misused Union or other funds. We know Peter Reith misused a government phone card. All there is against Craig Thomson is innuendo, gossip and distortion as far as I can see. Not evidence or proof anywhere except Stalinist Russia.

    Irritatingly for cheerleaders like you, the law requires verifiable evidence as proof of a crime committed. Lies, innuendo, gossip, speculation and unidentified “anonymous sources” fail to impress the legal system in this country.

    So until solid evidence is provided that Craig Thomson did indeed embezzle HUS funds, I’m afraid you’re wasting your dog whistling. Why don’t you do something useful like teasing orphans or some other fun thing cheerleaders like to do. I’m sure Iain Hall would join in.

    I thought the man had some alleged evidence.

    But he did, CU.

    It’s just that the idiot reporter from the SMH, couldn’t rustle up a decent “anonymous source” and had to go grovelling to Miranda Devine and Janet Albrechtson for one of their regulars.

    Those two cows must have had it in for the SMH reporter; this f*cker was so drunk or stoned or both that he couldn’t cobble a coherent sentence together, much like Liealot, really. What a shemozzle! Bloody anonymous sources!

    Anyway, by the time George actually got his paws on the bloody thing, it was too late to include with the first pack of lies set of documents.

    So now he just had to print the new sh!t and bully NSW plod again, and everything would be right. Thomson would definitely be stitched up this time as long as plod did what it was told.

    He was elated; Tony had promised him AG and if he played his cards right with this “bombshell” on the Thomson thing, he might be able to elbow Sloppy out of the role of Treasurer. He rather fancied himself as Treasurer; he had a new Trev’s Bargains calculator and a vague idea of what a spread sheet was. How hard could it be? Costello managed and he was a thick as pig sh!t!

    But he’d forgotten where he saved it on the computer and had to get a three year old to find it for him. More f*ckin’ angst! Anyway, he’d just got it printed and put together and that f*cking mongrel dog his wife had to have, ate the thing! If he’d had a 22 there at the time……..

    No worries, he printed it again and left it on the desk while he went to the kitchen for a cup of coffee and a snack. But when he got back, that sodding kid had stuffed the bloody thing down the back of the couch and it was smeared and covered in dog hair.

    He still had 30 minutes up his sleeve, so he decided to print it for a third time, that’s lucky, isn’t it (after that mongrel three-year-old located the file again)? But the f*cking printer had run out of f*cking ink and the closest Cartridge World was an hour away!!!!!The smeared copy would have to do.

    The f*cking sergeant at the cop shop just looked at him and curled his lip as he gingerly took it between his thumb and forefinger. “F*cking cops!” thought George and vowed to make the sergeant pay for dissing the next Federal Treasurer.

    Back at the office he started to worry. The rumour mill was working overtime and the name Godwin Grech was being bandied around in a mocking and knowing way. Surely that loony wasn’t back working in Treasury? Had that mongrel Swan turned the little turd? And that bastard Rudd was looking far too cheerful.

    And now everyone was saying that bitch Gillard and Bob Brown had invested in an organic free range egg farm………!

    That was the last thing he remembered before waking up in a strait jacket in a padded cell.

    Rasa stated it cost $400,000 per year, don’t know where he got that figure.

    Same orifice he pulls all his other stuff from, ME.


  46. I do wonder if you also are as well.

    I suspect I am, CU. And, for my next piece of gullible’s travels (thus, narrowly avoiding the unreality of exploring the biological/evolutionary determinants of (un)necessary male (in)attendance at parturition events; socio-cultural determinants, and their global variabilities, for roles surrounding parturition events; and any scientific treatment or testing of ideal(ised) roles, from participants’ plural perspectives, for parturition and other life-course-related events, in favour of considerable local social mores and straw polls)…

    We know that Maddas Sonthom has Explanations. We know that he has not cooperated with the Inspectors of Explanations, and has hidden his Explanations Program from the World. We know that Sonthom has previously used his Explanations on his own People. We know Sonthom has ties with Unionquaeda and its associates. If Maddas Sonthom were serious about assuring the World that he had relinquished Evil, he would would wheel those Explanations, all of them, out into a parking lot and self-destruct them, there, in front of the whole World.

    And I say to you, my fellow Merkins, our Allies in the Coalition of the Wall-Writing, if Maddas Sonthom does not wheel those explanations out into the parking lot and self-destruct them, he remains our Nation’s and the World’s greatest priority, as its greatest threat to Peace and to Prosperity.

    No, the time for cooperation with Inspectors of Explanations has passed. Sonthom does not cooperate; he has had weeks and years to self-destruct or to produce the Explanations for inspection. And he has not. The time, now, is for Regime Change. And We say to Sonthom, leave Canberraq before week’s end or be removed by Force.

    Those who have the Will to make this World a better place, a place of Freedom, a place free from Evil, will tolerate delay no more. It is Sonthom’s choice whether that Regime Change be Peaceful or not.

  47. @1.11pm, the short answer is innuendo and gossip aren’t evidence. When you’ve got more than Liars Party bullsh!t to spread, we’ll be eager to hear it.

  48. Hi everyone, I’m going to ask Min to close comments here. Not because there’s anything offensive being said, but a lot of it is irrelevant to what I really wanted to discuss. I can understand that when so much else is going on out there. So I have up-dated the post and taken it to http://polliepomes.wordpress.com/2011/09/09/hard-labor-for-the-innocent/ and copied the relevant comments pro and con.

    Now that the discussion is going along the lines I wanted without my having to nag (or censor!) I’ve linked to our friends at TPS and to Crikey. There’s been some very interesting information posted in response there and I’ve copied that too. If you are interested in the potential impact of scandalous speculation on embryos and neo-nates have a read. It should give pause to us all.

  49. It’s your call Patricia. I am certain that everyone thoroughly enjoyed reading your post and I know that there were a number of very positive comments via Australians for an Honest Media as well.


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