The Facts:

The 9/11 attacks were a series of four coordinated suicide attacks against targets in New York and Washington, D.C. On the morning of 9/11 2001, 19 suspected al-Qaeda terrorists hijacked four passenger jets. The hijackers subsequently and with intent crashed two of the planes into the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center in New York City. Both of these towers collapsed within two hours. Hijackers then crashed a 3rd place into The Pentagon. When passengers attempted to take control of the 4th plane Flight 93, it crashed into a field near the town of Shanksville, Pennsylvania, preventing it from reaching. The action of the passengers prevented the plan from reaching its intended target in Washington, D.C. Nearly 3,000 died in the attacks.

Suspicion quickly fell on Islamist militant group, al-Qaeda. In 2004, Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden who had initially denied involvement, then claimed responsibility, citing US support of Israel, the presence of US troops in Saudi Arabia, and sanctions against Iraq as motives for the attacks. President George Bush responded to the attacks by launching the War on Terror and invaded Afghanistan to depose the Taliban who were suspected of harboring al-Qaeda members.

Conspiracy Theories:

9/11 is a highly emotional subject and would rate alongside the other Where Were You events: the assassination of JFK, man landing on the moon and the death of Lady Dianne.

Is it reasonable to think that 19 Arabs, under the direction of “a crazed lunatic” living in a cave in the Middle East used box cutters and guile to thwart a multi-trillion dollar defence organisation?

Is it reasonable that the passports of the terrorists somehow managed to survive the explosion? In the aftermath of the attacks, passports and identification were found as evidence and many skeptics question how identification made out of paper survived an explosion, which destroyed buildings.

Is it reasonable that 4,000 Jewish employees took the day off work on 9/11? Well yes, maybe it is given that it is unknown how many Jewish employees usually take the day off work in a city the size of NYC – or does that number refer to all of the US?

It is without a doubt normal human behaviour to speculate, just as there was similar speculation as to whether a lone gunman could have killed Presidennt JFK or that Princess Diana could die in a car crash or was it that the US flag on the moon was waving in the breeze or whether a dingo could have stolen a baby.

9/11: Fact or fiction, a rallying cry and an excuse to go to war?

Writer and producer of the 90’s US television series The X-Files, Frank Spotnitz, offers an explanation: that we live in an age of anxiety, where we do not know who to trust and what to believe in. Conspiracy theories, Spotnitz says, offer “a magic key that fits all the pieces together” and makes sense of our uncertain world.

9 comments on “9/11

  1. I tend to agree with Cameron here..my only query is the use of the word “some” when refering to moral authority, I would have thought “a lot”.

    Britain and the United States lost some of their moral authority through some of the measures they put in place after the September 11 attacks…

    As he spoke, fresh allegations were emerging about the complicity of British intelligence agents in the illegal transfer of terror suspects after following 9/11 to countries where they faced torture.


  2. New Docs Detail How Feds Downplayed Ground Zero Health Risks

    This story was co-published [1] with the Guardian.

    In the dark and uncertain days after Sept. 11, 2001, the sight of thousands of shaken New Yorkers returning to their apartments, offices and schools in Lower Manhattan seemed to signal a larger return to normalcy.

    Document Dive
    Search Feds’ Email and Correspondence on Ground-Zero Dust
    Now new documents have emerged showing that federal officials in Washington and New York went further than was previously known to downplay concerns about health risks, misrepresenting or concealing information that ultimately might have protected thousands of people from the contaminated air at ground zero.

    In one instance, a warning that people should not report to work on a busy thoroughfare in the financial district—Water Street—was rewritten and workers instead were urged to return to their offices [2] as soon as the financial district opened on Sept. 17. In another, federal officials declared that testing showed the area was safe when sampling of the air and dust—which ultimately found very high levels of toxic chemicals—had barely begun.

    This is a truly nightmarish scenarion now and for the future of the many thousands of New Yorkers regardless of any more attacks .

  3. I wonder how many non-Jews took the day off on that fateful day? Conspiracy theorists, like wing nuts and climate change denialists prefer to cherry pick their “facts”.

    The cover up of the health risks people faced by returning to their homes too soon baffles me. Why would they do that? It’s just not logical. Do the US authorities do that every time there’s a disaster?

    I suppose some of the things they’ve done to their citizens in the past, should give fair warning that the welfare of their population isn’t always a top priority. The clandestine LSD experiments by the CIA, spring to mind, as do the military’s spraying viruses on the good folk of San Francisco during the Cold War.

    Then there’s the syphilis experiment, where without the the knowledge of the subjects, they infected black men with syphilis and didn’t treat it to watch the progress of the disease. There is a suspicion that it was under consideration as a form of population control (for African Americans only, of course).

    And the deliberate irradiation of unsuspecting pregnant women, to study the effects of radiation on the foetus and mother.

    No doubt that’s just the tip of the iceberg, but it does explain why conspiracy theorists abound in the US. It also makes you wonder how seriously we should take the “greatest democracy in the world” claims.

    No wonder Emperor Rupert took US citizenship; it must have suited him down to the ground.

  4. At my age have seen, read, heard all the conspicy theories, even the Holocaust DID NOT HAPPEN~tell that to what rellies I have left. People with boring narrow lives will get excited over these c…y theries. TWA 800 exploded over New York – it was a meteorite, its was a bazooka left by Adolf (living in Argentina)~it was maybe a firing squad from another planet? Get real. These things happened & should not have. TWA 800 was investigated thoroughly (a USA airforce plane 1000 k’s away was the suspect of firing on it) It eventually came down to extreme heat on the runway etc. which I totally believe. Even if 1% we are wrong-what can we achieve without Bruce Willis to save us????

  5. Jane Hang on the Doctor let the Daleks live so I cannot see him nipping back in time to prevent the “happening”

  6. But he slowed them down and gave them the coup in his penultimate incarnation, Bilko. One zap of the sonic screwdriver and that’s the end of the section.

    The Sci Fi channel is showing the Tom Baker years atm, the Rise of the Daleks has been shown. Seeing them again, shows how terrible the special effects were. The BBC obviously didn’t go all out with funds, but I remember being uncritically impressed when they first appeared.

    Nothing with The Master, yet.

  7. A view of ‘us’ by one of ‘us’ who is now viewed as ‘other’ …..

    by Ashghebranious who happens to be an Australian Copt.

    10 Years on.

    I stayed up. Couldn’t sleep. I called my sister. Not sure if she was awake. She was. We talked. My brother was in Singapore. Our parents were in Egypt visiting family.

    The next day I went to work. I had my brief case with me. The one I had for months before on the same train to the same workplace. But this time, I got to sit in my own seat. People actually avoided sitting next to me. The would look at the case and walk back a step.

    Why? Well apparently the next terrorist attack will be a brief case sized nuke. And I of course had the first sign of a terrorist. I was not white.

    So ten years on. I take the briefcase with me sometimes to see reactions. I still get stares. And I still get a seat. What have we learnt over the last ten years? No I am not talking about the ‘enemy’. I am talking about us.

    Ash., goes on to write about Australia’s treatment of the asylum seekers who arrive by boat. Very timely !!

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