Friday on my mind: what was that edition

A few weeks back contributor Shane mentioned that perhaps Tony Abbott could do with a bit of help regarding public speaking. Now we do realize that Tony is the current Umm Err champion but perhaps the good folk at the Café could give him a helping hand, just to extend his vocabulary a little.

Therefore here is the challenge: to provide a 2 sentence ‘script’ for Tony.

Could it be that Tony Abbott’s “surging wave of discontent” is nothing more than “absolute crap”, and if you’re homeless “it’s your choice”… But then on the other hand if you happen to be a virgin then “it’s a gift”..or maybe it was the other way around, that homelessness is “a gift” and virginity is “crap”.

All suggestions will be duly emailed to Tony for him to practice in the mirror.

In the meanwhile, here are Tony clips that I enjoyed.


Please also consider this an Open Topic for anything which might come to mind.