All dredged up

Guest Post by: Jane

Media Watch was an absolute mine of information last night. It appears that a goodly portion of the “article” was a pack of lies. Also the claim that the PM threatened an enquiry into the media.

There’s also the claim that the PM lived with Wilson in a house he bought with embezzled funds and that he has been convicted of embezzling union funds.

In fact, she never lived with him at that house, nor was he ever charged with any crime, let alone have a conviction or gaol term recorded against him.

The stat dec Dolt referred to and that the shock jock (Smith, I think) had read out on air is known to be false. The shock jock kept calling on the PM to explain herself even after he was publicly told the “article” is possibly actionable and the stat dec is a lie from start to finish.

The idiot was also calling on the PM to reveal information about the work she did for the AWU including the purpose of the bank account she set up and how the funds were used, when she worked for Slater & Gordon.

Anybody with a functioning brain cell would know she cannot spruik that sort of stuff to all and sundry and she more than likely wouldn’t have known those details, because it was none of her business.

And it’s not like this is breaking news; it’s been dredged up several times since 1995 and gone over with a fine tooth comb, and time and time again been found to be a damp squib.

Pity she hasn’t commenced an action to sue their arses off and then have a media enquiry.

Another example of media bias, lies, innuendo, gossip and distortion of truth against the Labor Party and the PM, which according to reb and ToM is a figment of our fevered imaginations.

Perhaps in the interest of balance they could link examples of the same sort of smear campaign against Liealot and the Liars Party,

Didn’t think so.

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  1. Yabbot’s a good catlick and clean as a whistle, but I agree about the gossip and innuendo.

    I blame the internet.

  2. Jane, the corrections here on MW won’t be aired anywhere else which proves what we already know. The journalists involved in this are never to be trusted to tell the truth. Ever, they have form when it comes to “untrue” articles.

    THE AUSTRALIAN published today an opinion piece by Glenn Milne which includes assertions about the conduct of the Prime Minister.

    The Australian acknowledges these assertions are untrue …

    — The Australian online, 29th August, 2011

    Much of the story behind The Australian’s abject apology is detailed in a long article in the Weekend Australian.

    Yep, acknowledge that it’s untrue then repeat the ‘untrue’ details in the weekend edition!

    Inside Story
    Ewin Hannan

    — The Weekend Australian, 3-4th September, 2011

    and so it went on:-

    What the lawyers would not allow to be reported was the fact that Gillard shared a home in Fitzroy bought by Wilson using the embezzled funds.

    — The Australian, 29th August, 2011

    Well, the lawyers wouldn’t allow Milne to report that in 2007 because it wasn’t true.

    Julia Gillard has strenuously denied that she shared a home with Wilson; and there’s no evidence that she did. And yet according to the editor-in-chief of The Australian, Chris Mitchell, that claim, and indeed the entire column,

    … was not sent to lawyers before publication. He said the column should have been legalled …

    — The Weekend Australian, 3-4th September, 2011

    That’s the understatement of the year so far. And who was responsible for not getting it legalled?
    The Australian’s Opinion editor, Rebecca Weisser, that’s who.

    And she also let through several other glaring errors.
    For example, Milne claimed Bruce Wilson was convicted of fraud. He was never even charged.

    It’s amazing that Ms Weisser is still in her job.

    There’s much more but you get the idea !

  3. Excellent research Pip!! Yes indeed I read that one several times about how Gillard shared a house with Wilson..guess what, it was a lie.

  4. Sue, from your link:

    He said it was a simple decision to investigate whether the material in Smith’s interview with Kernohan had evidence to support it.

    “It may mean we never broadcast the material,” Mott said.

    So what Mott is saying is that there may be no evidence to support the does not make allegations minus proof, however Mott concludes that (assumed) lack of proof that the material may never be aired.

  5. Min
    And smith has had a week of attack against the PM. If the station decides not to go to air with the interview, will the station make smith spend the next week apologising to the PM or spend a week apologising and suspend smith.

  6. IMHO, Smith will lie low for about five minutes, then come back and do a Bolt, with a distorted go at the PM for being thin-skinned or whatever.
    Both Milne and Smith have been reported as having a ‘problem’ with alcohol, yet they are still employed to repeat their fiction.

    Interesting to see what radio station owners are up to, and the connection to the political agenda of clubs, pubs, or whatever else takes their fancy.

    Singo hits the jackpot with pro-pokies punting licence campaign

  7. “I blame the internet.”

    el gordo, think a little harder. It is the Internet that is challenging these lies. It is there blogs that are exposing them.

    Has anyone noticed how all the headlines today in the media, including the ABC are screaming that the PM was set-up. It is possible the same is true of Mr. Thomson.

    I suggest when something has been around for donkey’s years and bought up at intervals, denied regularly and no new evidence, except from someone who has their own barrow to push, is likely not to be true.

    I suggest that those involved in the conspiracy, knew this and did not care. It is definitely a conspiracy. It would have been better if they could have got the story mentioned in the coward’s castle. That did not occur. Why?

    Mr. Milne has been stopped from using the story since 2007. He is a experience journalist who should know the legal eagles show be obeyed.

    Why would the papers legal team pull the story unless there was no evidence to back it. It is interesting that something that had been rejected by previous legal team

    Where are the headlines. Where are the leading stories.

    The crime is that they have conspired together to destroy the reputation of a PM. That is not rough and tough politics.

  8. Sue, exactly the tried and true tactics..the accusations writ LARGE and the retraction hidden away on page 5.

    I think that Smith has been called out on this one because Mott has said specifically that there needs to be proof of the allegations..or else it’s lawyers at 10 paces.

  9. Pip
    In your link there were some good comments, on Singletons advertisement. apparently you are not able to vote “yes” for the licence to punt but the following advice was left :

    ‘If you go to the “contact your MP” section, you can alter the spiel they’ve written in the text box. Change it to say that you do support the government helping problem gamblers. I’ll give that a spin tonight. My MP is Tony Crook who’s said he’ll vote against it.’

    Isn’t it great that there may be a way to do exactly the opposite of what the clubs want to achieve. And it won’t cost Wilkie $20million.

  10. As I have said before the licence to punt is for the machines where the punter can lose $1200 per hour. The aim is to limit this to $120 per hour, machines with lesser amounts are not affected. How about some truth in advertising?

  11. Precisely Sue, why is it so important that the gambling industry wants people to be able to lose so much money..I mean it’s just a ‘social outing’ isn’t it (sarcasm alert).

  12. Testing the sensitivity of the offensive meter!

    Look, I realise this is a nice site, and there’s been a lovers tiff.

    Apparently I’ve fallen out with N*****g! It’s over. N*****g claims that he was young and naive!

    I know people here won’t believe it, but it’s true.
    But really, I’ve only pointed out some facts that are on the public record about Julia and Bruce.

    Though they are very entertaining facts.

  13. I think you’ll find CU that my comments about Julia and Bruce have not entirely repeated the most contentious of Milne’s.

    My comments may be annoying – but they’re consistent with the material on the public record.

    Not that the public record should be the cause of a lovers tiff.

  14. Jane, rather than continue a conversation at the repulsive TPS, I’ll bring it here.

    This site is oddly more inviting, some of the (unrebuked) comments posted at TPS would not be tolerated at CW.

    However, I am interested to note that you’re a redhead, and a curly one at that. Perhaps I need to take a little more notice of your attributes!

  15. ToM, I think you should stick to hot brunettes,

    We blood nuts may have too much berserker for you. I should also warn you that I have a large battle axe and there are those with suicidal tendencies who claim I am a battle axe. 🙂

  16. Look at this opening sentence to this article about smith being taken off the air

    THEY may be old, tired and comprehensively denied, but recycled claims about unproven actions by the Prime Minister’s former boyfriend have hurt a third media identity determined to air them over the objections of defamation lawyers.

    Read more:

    The ffffing media identity is HURT, …..WTF

    Lets try and bring down a PM that is OK, but the naughty lawyers have hurt yet another paragon of the media!

  17. Precisely Sue, throw mud and know that a certain portion of it will stick..but diddums for the shock-jock.

    I can relate, when I was running (as an Independent) a story about me appeared in the paper stating that I had been sighted in a spa with Wandin North footballers. Spot on, my girlfriend walked into the spa after aerobics class to discover that it was men’s night..whoops!!

  18. So Min what you are saying is that for your election campaign the media found that a group of men in a spa was OK, but add 1 independent woman and it hit the headlines.

  19. Sue, no it was spread over the newspapers and meant to cast doubt on me as a suitable candidate. I was standing against a Liberal backed bloke who tut-tutted about naughty me. Obviously one of the blokes in the spa saw my girlfriend and I walk in and recognised me and ran (most likely) the other candidate who promptly ran to the newpapers.

    My girlfriend and I did walk out again very quickly tho’ given that the blokes were all nekkid. We didn’t linger for all that long. All that happened is that N* and I walked in through the wrong door..well it was the right door, it was to the spa but we didn’t see the sign that it was men’s night. 😀

  20. There are ample reasons for the legitimate criticism of the performance of government. To suggest that the media is the significant driver of public antipathy towards the government is to ignore reality.

    For a change, just trace some actual history.

    Rudd talked up climate change and Australia’s role in participating in an international solution. He over talked and oversold the issue for political opportunism.

    He lost his credibility and political authority when he backed down from his commitments. Copenhagen was the cause of this, not the media. The media reported his back down, the public lost confidence in him.

    Then the ALP hacks and warlords knifed him. The move against Rudd wasn’t even known to, or organised by, to the caucus.

    It was a particularly bad look, and the media didn’t cause the hacks to behave in this duplicitous manner.

    Gillard committed to “no carbon tax” at a critical stage of the election campaign. She made this commitment for political expediency; the issue was electoral dead weight.

    She then agreed to a carbon tax, also for political expediency. The public recognises duplicity when it sees it, an antipathy followed. The media didn’t cause this breach of commitment; it was the Prime Minister’s choice.

    For some additional background… (and I realise this annoys some contributors, so briefly)…

    The stimulus spending was predicated on unemployment reaching 10%, it was intended to take 2% off this. The spending continued unabated long after it became clear that unemployment was going nowhere near the forecast. Spending continued for political, rather than economic, reasons.

    The poor allocation of this spending has limited the ability of future governments to respond to economic down turns, both politically and financially.

    The BER replaced some run down facilities in public schools. That’s acknowledged.

    But around a $billion was spent in wealthy private schools. In my suburb alone Trinity and Xavier (sitting right next to each other, on the same block) both got performing arts centres, so did Carey. Scotch has a “mini amphitheatre” among other facilities; Genazzano and MLC got various new sporting facilities. There are tens, if of millions (not near a hundred) spend just around the corner here, all public funds, wasted on schools that charge about $20,000 a year in fees!

    The media hasn’t even bothered to highlight this waste!

    The HIP was a debacle. Any Occupational Health & Safety expert will advise that if you bring to an industry a huge influx of inexperienced subcontractors, you’ll get safety problems. Overlay this with some avaricious subbies eager to get their hands on public money, the outcome could have been predicted (and some did).

    But the government continued to spend after the safety problems were highlighted.

    The media reported problems. Should they have ignored them?

    East Timor and Malaysia announcements have been precipitous. The outcomes did not follow the government policy. The LAP participated in the grubby deionisation of asylum seekers. The media didn’t cause Julia to say – “another boat, another policy failure”. She did that willingly, for political expedience.

    ALP barrackers choose to ignore the legitimate criticisms of the government, it is so much easier to “blame the media”

  21. TomM chooses to ignore legitimate criticisms of the Abbott opposition and goes with the beat up of both the opposition and their MSM mouthpieces.

    He wants to solely focus on first the Rudd government and now the Gillard government. And will he be as scathing of an Abbott government? The answer to that is obvious.

    And I again iterate why should blogs solely bash this government? What rule is there TomM that says a blog has to do this? If you are so concerned about bias then why aen’t you jumping into the right wing blogs and making the same criticism of their one sideness?

    Or that of Ltd News? Why aren’t you constantly criticising them and their obvious failures to accurately report on the government?

    How come your concern of bias and favouritism almost solely goes to positive things being commented on about Labor governments?

    What rule anywhere says that government should only receiving bashings and their successes, like 188 unamended and implemented policies in one year, should not be written about?

    What rule says that the failure of an opposition, the worst this country has seen and on that has not ammended or had input into a single policy, and one that has failed scrutiny in every policy it has put up, cannot be held to account and held up as the alternate government of this country?

    And what rule says that you tell blogs how they should be run? Who gave you that power and if you are so concerned that you believe blogs aren’t doing their job on bashing this government, well then start your own one and bash away to your hearts content, make the rules to your liking and jump on anyone who comes in to praise Gillard and/or bash Abbott?

  22. Lol, Min @9.11.09am. It’s the uncertainty of the horned helmet and the battle axe! And as soon as I tell them my father had red hair and was called Eric, they kind of go a funny colour; I hardly dare tell them my mother’s name was Brunhilde.

    Sue @9.05am, he should just toughen the f*ck up, shouldn’t he? Maybe Annabel Crabbe could advise him, I understand she offered some very helpful advice to Rob Oakeshott after he received death threats to his family. Mr Smith should find it very helpful.

    Meanwhile, let’s not visit whether the PM has suffered after being smeared by this brave individual. If only this could happen to Anal and Ray Hadley. I’d just cry a river and I’d cry even more if they lost their jobs.

    Min, all that firm young flesh and you couldn’t even touch! Bugger!

    ToM you’re at it again. When Copenhagen collapsed Rudd was crucified in the press, which implied that by some mysterious force it was his fault. Fail, ToM.

    Gillard committed to no carbon tax and went on to say that she wanted a carbon price transitioning to an ETS. The sentences are officially on the record. No broken promise, only lies from the msm, the LIars Party and their cheerleaders. Fail again, ToM

    The stimulus action was to prevent unemployment reaching 10%. Another fail.

    The BER was designed to prevent the collapse of the building industry, which was in a parlous state. I doubt that tradies cared whether they were working at a public or private school. And of course there’s all that physical infrastructure at schools whicjh has been brought up to scratch. Our school got itself a brand new library and you still can’t wipe the smiles off the faces of the users and staff.

    There was some waste which is to be expected on a project of this size and scale, however a 97% satisfaction rate is pretty bloody good. And the BER has been judged a success.

    I find it interesting that you’re carping about swift action which prevented the collapse of the building industry. Just because the private school near you charges $20,000/year for fees doesn’t mean they had sufficient money for the new facilities they now have.

    And I shouldn’t think the tradies who were employed to do the work gave a toss. I dare say the choice of working or going on the dole queue quelled their inner class warrior. Fail again,

    HIP has been a huge success and I’m sure you’re sorry that as problems were brought to Garrett’s attention, they were dealt with. The previously unregulated industry is now regulated and has OH&S regulations in place.

    Sadly, 4 young men died; the last case has been before the courts. the employer was exonerated because the young man used metal staples, despite the specific instructions of the employer, who had supplied plastic staples as required.

    His workmate said they routinely ignored the boss’s instructions to use the plastic staples supplied and bought and used metal staples. Sadly, they hadn’t turned off the power, despite knowing they should and the lad who died nailed a metal staple through a live wire,.

    Having said all that, 1.1 million houses were insulated in 6 months, as opposed to 67,000/annum prior to HIP. And terrible as it was, accidents and deaths were a fraction of the number of accidents and deaths prior to HIP.

    The media didn’t report the problems until after they had been brought to Garrett’s attention and dealt with.

    Perhaps instead of trying to score points against the government, you should ask why the media didn’t jump on the bandwagon until well after the problems they were trumpetting about had been dealt with and the industry was regulated at government behest. Fail again.

    ToM, you keep blindly repeating the lies, innuendo and gossip propagated by the media and the Liars Party as truth, when in fact it’s fabricated nonsense.

    I rather suspect you would prefer to believe the lies than admit your own bias and that the Murdoch media has an agenda to remove the current government and replace it with its bed mates whose lazy incompetent leader and executive would be a complete disaster for this country.

    Further, in their blind obsession to destroy Labor, the media in this country has failed absolutely to scrutinise the Liberal Party and inform the public of their lies, incompetence and utter dereliction of their duty to represent their constituents.

    The fact that the opposition seems to hold their supporters in contempt is borne out by their Parliamentary performance which consists solely of stunts, grand standing and attempts to derail parliament.

    Instead of properly debating legislation, they wave it through. They make absolutely NO attempt to put amendments to the Parliament. If they were even a halfway decent opposition, they should at least try to convince the Independents that they would make a competent, responsible government.

    Yet, for all the cheerleading, death threats and threats of electoral annihiation, the Independents haven’t given their support to the Abbott led Liberal Party. Has any cheerleader once had the wit to ask why that is so?

    Of course not, because that would require more than superficial cheerleading and abuse; they would have to admit what they can’t bear to face: that Windsor, Oakeshott and Wilkie have weighed the merits of both sides and found the opposition and in particular its leader wanting in the extreme.

    They have weighed the honesty, integrity, competence and decency of both leaders and made their decision to support the leader who embodies these qualities, along with a sincere desire to govern wisely and well now and to leave this country in better shape than they found it and to lay the groundwork for a strong, successful future.

    Contrast that to the stated wrecking crew mentality of the morally bankrupt
    opposition. No contest.

  23. Jane, you may indeed rant. My Welsh grandmother died a week short of her 103rd mother always said that the old ***** was too stubborn to die. I take after my grandmother.

  24. Abbott is restating that he will turn the boats back ‘when safe to do so’. Who is going to decide when it’s safe to do so? And obviously people smugglers are going to ensure that it isn’t safe to do so..blind freddy…

  25. I hope those whingers who invaded Marrickville last week have enough bile left in their system to share with Barry O’farrell.

    “disability and carer pensioners will face higher rents in public housing and some foster carers will lose payments”.

    Read more:

    I can give them a chant just for Barry

    When do we WANT a rent rise , When do we want it….. NOW

    Won’t have to wait long – 2 rises October and April

  26. Don’t worry, if any of those Barry backers have a disability it is OK because Barry will look after the bosses, looks like the savings for the bosses are balanced by your rent increases.

    the government will provide $2 million a year for payroll tax rebates for employers who hire a new employee with a disability. Businesses will be eligible for a rebate of up to $4000.

    Read more:

  27. Sue,
    Let’s hear some loud raspberries for Barry to go along with your chant. The public housing issue in Australia is a disgrace to this nation and Barry is only going to make it worse.

  28. The Minister for Family and Community Services, Pru Goward, said the well-being of children and young people ultimately depended on the department being financially viable.

    ”Protecting frontline workers so they can continue to support our most vulnerable is paramount,” she said.

    Read more:

    Good one Pru, glad you are thinking of the well-being of children as your boss has also decided

    “some foster carers will lose payments” No doubt the shock jocks will be applauding.

  29. Sue..after all foster carers are only in it for the money…sigh…and it’s the fault of the single mums anyway.

  30. Min
    Silly me, hitting pensioners is good politics, i know this because the Tele hasn’t one negative headline on Barry and his budget. Meanwhile those same pensioners are riled up about the PM and them asylum seekers.

  31. You know what I do not care about balance. All I want is for the facts to be broadcasted. Not much to ask.

  32. I’m a little pressed for time at the moment, but that’s a fair reply Jane.

    Rudd did talk up the urgency around climate change and the language used by the government during the election campaign (by Julia) was far more restrained.

    Rudd sought a role for himself at Copenhagen. He lost political authority when the government proposals and plans all fell apart. He was knifed by the hacks.

    Julia made a range of commitments during the election to offload the carbon dead weight. Some were demonstrably stupid.

    She chose this path; she then chose another path to retain government. This wasn’t the media’s fault. This was her choice, and she has also suffered a reduction in her credibility and political authority.

    Spending a billion on very wealth private schools may have created employment, but it can hardly be called prudent expenditure of our funds.

    We’ll disagree on the HIP. I’ve always considered this an outrageous “one size fits all” program designed for a “green” oriented press release. The home insulation industry has been pushing this program to government for many years.

    Jane, do you seriously think I’ve formed my political opinions on the basis of the information I read in the News Ltd press. Now that is a bizarre view!

    I could go on, but won’t – I’m off shortly for the evening.
    Adrian, interesting “look over there response”. But that’s all it is.

    If you want to familiarise yourself with some of my comments that are critical of the opposition, you should get out of the insulated, cloistered blogs that you inhabit these days.

    Pop into Guttertrash again, and you might expand your familiarity with the breadth of issues I comment on.

    I only participate here from time to time to provide some balance.

  33. TomM refuses to acknowledge the truth, that Prime Minister Gillard did say BEFORE THE LAST ELECTION, that she favoured putting a price on carbon, followed by an ETS.

    Speech: Julia Gillard,
    “Moving forward together on Climate Change”

    Julia Gillard posted Friday, 23 July 2010

    Note the date….one month BEFORE THE ELECTION–julia-gillard,–moving-forward-together-on/

    read on Tom, or maybe you can’t handle the truth !

  34. Tom of Melbourne,
    That’s an interesting comment you have made about Labor spending millions on wealthy schools. Which government brought in the wank of a system that we’re still now suffering from however I believe that’s all going to change as Garrett has commissioned a review, just watch Scotch and St Kevin’s scream blue murder then.

  35. Spending a billion on very wealth private schools may have created employment, but it can hardly be called prudent expenditure of our funds.

    Nice try ToM, but no cigar. Normally I’d agree about spending our hard earned on wealthy private schools, but the expenditure was to keep the building industry afloat during the GFC.

    If the government had let it go belly up, it would have cost a bloody sight more than $1bn and would still be costing us.

    As for your political views, I don’t see how i could come to a different conclusion when what you say is pretty much a word-for-word regurgitation of Ltd News or Liars Party talking points.

    I’m off shortly for the evening

    Scraped up enough for a a Vavoom quin?

  36. ToM has gone out for the evening, Pip. I suspect he has an assignation with one of the VaVoom quins. It may put him in better frame of mind.

  37. ‘Note the date….one month BEFORE THE ELECTION…’

    That’s the problem, because on the day before the election she went back on that commitment on national television.

  38. el gordo, you do understand; let’s go over this with once more.

    Average Australians will not be taxed, in fact, they will be compensated for the very small amount [.07% of .1cent in the dollar ] in extra charges on goods.
    Pensioners will be getting around 9 or 10 dollars extra p.w. and taxpayers will be recompensed through the tax system.
    So, unless you happen to own a great big coal mine or whatever you have nothing to complain about.

    This means that the PM was not telling a lie at all given she was referring to ordinary Australians.

  39. This is quite pleasing. I do hope that Mr Abbott and Sen Brandis will apologise publicly to Mr Thomson

    Min,you little beauty!!!!!! Suck it up,Brandis!!!! Bwwaaahahahahahahaha!!!!!
    ROFLMAO! Bwwaahahahahahahahahaha!! Suck it up you bastards!!!!

    Do you think there’s any chance Brandis, Liealot and all the other Deputy Dawgs will apologise to him, Min?

    reb, ToM??? Bunnies in bags, anyone?

    el gordo, the link I provided was from the statement the PM made on the eve of the election. I think it should put to bed the broken promise bullshit.

  40. Jane
    Talk about double standards, last night Robb was on about how so many parliamentarians suffer from depression (add 2 more to that list Abbott and Brandis)
    then said poor Mary Jo suffers from depression. This about a woman who is before the courts. I would like to suggest to Robb that poor MJ had the opportunity to plead guilty but claim depression, made me do it, sir

  41. Sue, do you think a spot of tarring and feathering, might help out the good Senator and his boss? I’m sure we could rustle up a few willing hands.

  42. An afterthought, Sue. What about poor bloody Thomson and his family? This shite could destroy his marriage. I feel so sorry for his pregnant wife, This is not the sort of stress you need when you’re heavily pregnant.

    I bet those f*ckers don’t utter a word of apology!

  43. apology? like the one they did for the PM. the type of apology where you can rehash all the allegations, maybe highlight how the “poor wife” told her friends on facebook she was having a horrible week. no doubt the tele will now find a friend to tell the real agony she has felt during the pregnancy.
    yes and of course the tele will want to announce the birth and rehash the story again.

  44. Maybe Mr. Brandis will now refrain from telling the police how to do their job. Maybe he will apologize to the Wyong Police for going over their heads when they said the same thing.

    Maybe Mr. Brandis will just shut up.

    The shock jocks should follow the same advice. According to them, nothing has changed.

    Mr. Thomson is not making additions to his home. Another lie put to bed.

    It appears he lodged the development application to increase the value of his home, to obtain a loan to pay people back.

    Question who told the media about the application. Friends in the council. There are just too many private details in the media and the hands of the Opposition.

  45. Senator Brandis was given two opportunities to use “alleged” in an interview on ABC this morning and wouldn’t have a bar of it.

    What a prat, and a Special Counsel at that.

  46. Maybe Brandis will not be Shadow attorney general, maybe he is on Tony’s reshuffle list.
    Brandis has already stated he won’t shut up.

  47. Jane we all feel sad for Thomson’s pregnat wife, being an innocent bystander.

    On the other issue about the tax, you’re wasting your time talking to me about all this Pip as global warming stopped a decade ago… so there is no need for a tax.

    Another freezing cold winter in Europe will be one more nail in the coffin.of AGW.

  48. Jane I note a certain amount of GLEE in your comment… Dunno, just me using my innate psychic ability to ascertain this fact.

  49. Jane, I would suggest that Brandis and cronies watch their p’s and q’s or they could easily find themselves fronting the court themselves…on slander charges.

  50. It’s really nice that Craig will now be able to make a detailed statement to parliament about the issue, without claiming the police investigation prevents him from speaking!

    It should be really interesting to listen to his statement, now that he has no excuse not to make one!!

    I’m sure he can’t wait to clear the air.

  51. ToM, why should he. The police have completed a thorough investigation and have decided that he has no case to answer. That’s the end of the matter.

  52. ToM,echoing Min, here. Detailed statement about what issue? There is no issue. It’s as silly as saying Tony Abbott should make a detailed statement about what he had for lunch.

    The air is clear, whether you like it or not. The cops have cleared it. No evidence of wrong doing by Thomson.

    But perhaps you should clear the air about your wife beating. A robbery has been committed somewhere; I think you should clear the air. Detailed statements, please.

  53. Tom, it is not up to anyone to prove their innocence. It is up to others to prove guilt.

    This has not happened. The police have said there is no evidence. The police have said that the Victorian police are likely to agree.

    After three years the Fair Work inquiry still has found nothing.

    I believe there will be more important matters to deal with next week. I believe the Opposition will be in the mood for the incident to disappear.

    Maybe TomM, you should do the same.

    TomM, you being a old union man would realise that when it comes to unions, things are never as they seem.

  54. Naughty Jane, you know allegations made against TomM hurts his fragile ego.

    It is a shame he cannot get the point of what we are saying, a shame for TomM, that is.

  55. ……the tele will want to announce the birth and rehash the story again.


    No worries, Sue, phone hacking organised.

    CU, little chance of Brandis and his echo chambers (yes, ToM, I’m looking at you) shutting up.

    Sue, perhaps Mr Thomson should have a fair dinkum go at suing the arse off Brandis. A big fat slander or defamation suit might close his lying gob. Actually, it would be jolly nice to see Brandis go belly up.

    Pip, the only thing special about that slug is his ignorance and stupidity.

    Min, you are indeed psychic reading glee into my very restrained comment. Lol

    I think I’ll email a message of support to Thomson. I reckon he could do with one.

    el gordo @10.47am, evidence please. Once again you’re using weather, not climate. Anal isn’t a very good source of factual information. This is a much more reliable source of information.than Anal’s rants or stunts by the Murdochracy.

  56. CU, I fear you’re right. Should we invest in some fragile ego repair creme? He could use a hefty dollop next time he ventures over here. I do suspect, though that he secretly loves the female attention, even pointing and laughing!

    Looks like we’ve still got what it takes. 🙂

  57. I’m with Swanny on this one..from the link to the ABC,

    “There’s a whole tactic here from Mr Abbott and the Liberals. It’s to wreck everything, it’s to talk the economy down, and it’s to go out there and throw mud at individuals.

  58. Min, Mr. Thomson still doesn’t really need to make a speech…..unless he wants to.

    I think I mentioned this before, but the HSU bank statements showed payments to a brothel when the actual costs were for a restaurant [apparently owned by the brothel].

    My bank account often throws up a debit to a Holdings company which I’ve never heard of, and it is really my Chemart.

  59. Pip, absolutely. Thomson says that he’s going to anyway. That of course makes sense, many organisations run things such as restaurants, escort services, photography and the like simultaneously.

  60. Pip
    after a trip to SA, my hubbies bank statement had a charge for a place called “we luv shu” hmmm he thought his card had been charged incorrectly but no it was actually for a shoe store.

  61. I think Mr. Thomson should show his nemesis the middle digit and leave it at that.
    The less one engages wth trolls the sooner their ego deflates 🙄

  62. From Twitter….Immingration….Sandi Logan….re Abbott’s account of briefing re riots

    SandiHLogan Sandi Logan @

    I wasn’t at briefing, but I have reservations about what was reported.
    @sunili @manthatcooks

    and SandiHLogan
    Sandi Logan

    It’s around 50 000 overstayers currently, slightly up on 2009-2010’s stats.
    @SpaceKidette @Colvinius

  63. Pip
    I wonder if the public servants can release a copy of the brief, otherwise we have to rely on “tony abbott says”…..

  64. Pip @12.50pm good one. I am wondering if this is more accurate..

    The officials, led by Immigration Department secretary Andrew Metcalfe, warned Mr Abbott that only the ”Malaysian solution” could be the ”game changer” to stop the boats. They said his proposed ”Pacific solution” would not be much more of a deterrent than processing people on Christmas Island.

    That is, the number quoted is what is the current number and if there is another Pacific solution ie Abbott’s Nauru – his one and only plan – that immigration do not anticipate that there will be any reduction in the number of boats. I guess that we’ll have to wait and see if there is any clarification on that one.

  65. Bob Brown has been quick off the mark…

    Describing the bureaucrats as “turkeys”, Senator Brown said it was a mistake “when some of them were kept on from the Howard era”.

    Senator Brown, who believes all asylum seekers should be processed on Australian soil, said the officials should be sacked.

    “As far as the bureaucrats, these turkeys, out of the bureaucracy in Canberra who are prognosticating somehow or other about Australia becoming Paris or London burning – they should be out on their ears,” Senator Brown told journalists.

  66. Jane, I’ve just popped into the rabid nutcases club, otherwise known as “The Political Sword”, you’ve addressed a comment to me, which is oddly misdirected – ToM, HSU have been looking for the past several years, but still haven’t found any evidence that Thomson was on the fiddle.”

    Am I involved in that discussion at TPS?

    However as i pointed out able point out at – – I am able to provide an advance copy of the Craig Thomson’s emphatic statement –

    “I didn’t do it.
    It wasn’t me.
    It was someone else.
    I’m a happily married man.
    This has made my wife miserable.
    I blame Abbott.
    I didn’t do it.
    It wasn’t me.
    It was someone else.
    I’m a happily married man.
    This has made my wife miserable.
    I blame Abbott.
    I didn’t do it.
    It wasn’t me.
    It was someone else.
    I’m a happily married man.
    This has made my wife miserable.
    I blame Abbott.

    I’m not taking questions at this time.”

  67. Min
    I read in that article that Abbott claims this is the most important vote, so no pair. If it is so important why did no coalition mp sit on the committee?

    In the article there was a poll
    Abbott = nasty 64%

  68. Sue, precisely as my scientist daughter is inclined to say: If you can’t be part of the solution then you’re part of the precipitate (the dregs).

  69. Erin has promised a topic as soon as she graduates with her PhD, but at the moment her opinions on alternative energies are copyright of the Uni.

  70. Pip, over at trash headquarters the only one to call me a troll was TomR, but here and at TPS it’s standard practice to isolate those with a different point of view and call them egocentric trolls.


    Long after Julia has given up the ghost, she will be comforted in knowing there are still small pockets of watermelons thriving. Your faith is strong, yet misguided.

  71. So much for any promise made by Tony Abbott. First of all he refused a pair for Simon Crean to attend a funeral and now he’s refused an MP the right to be there for the birth of his child. How low can you get.

  72. ToM, if the cap fits. Not only didn’t Thomson do it, the cops reckon he didn’t.

    ToM to Plod: “I know there’s no evidence, ergo that means he lied.”

    Plod to ToM: “No, it means there is no evidence, ergo he didn’t do it or lie.”

    ToM to Plod: “But not having any evidence clearly means he lied and he did it.”

    Plod to ToM ” Only in Soviet Russia, sir. I suggest you try your luck there. Meanwhile, would you please stop wasting police time. There’s a bloke called Carl Williams on the loose.”

    I believe Liealot claims to be a happily married man, a father, a sportsman (although he knows bugger all about sportsmanlike behaviour), a volunteer, a Christian (although I’d dispute that claim, he doesn’t seem to follow Christ’s teachings) etc, etc. So what, he’s still an unprincipled liar.

  73. ToM, got any thoughts on Mal Brough’s preselection for Slipper’s seat. I only ask on account of good ol’ Mal’s proven record of embezzling funds. Is this the sort of character, a proven embezzler who should be standing for election unquestioned? Where’s Deputy Dawg.

    I smell bias and a certain lack of principles.

    I understand the Liars Party is pretty fond of embezzlers, they’ve got Honest Peter Reith working for them too. You remember him don’t you? He’s the Rodent Minister who embezzled $50,000 of taxpayers money, protected by the PM himself. And rewarded with a $250,00/year tax free snout in the trough job courtesy of the Rodent.

    Why is it that you are completely unconcerned with these and other examples of corruption in the Rodent in which the current leader of the opposition leader was a Minister as well as most of the Shadow Ministry? No cause for concern, then?.

  74. Jane, do you know what happened there? One moment I read that Slipper was going to the cross-benches if Mal Brough was chosen ahead of him, then the issue seemed to disappear.

  75. Mr. Abbott has shown how vindictive and nasty he is .

    He goes to the man’s home town to do it.

    Maybe we on the Central Coast are not so inured of the great man. It could just backfire.

    Craig hire a mid-wife and take your wife to work with you. The premises are big enough.

    Mr. Abbott I do hope that your wife or children do not become sick during this debate.

    “…Labor MP Craig Thomson cannot be guaranteed a parliamentary “pair” to attend the birth of his child if it occurs during the period of the carbon tax debate.

    “We have made it crystal clear that only in the most extraordinary circumstances will pairs be offered for the carbon tax vote,” Mr Abbott told reporters during a visit to Tumbi Umbi in Mr Thomson’s NSW central coast electorate of Dobell.

    “This is by far the most important vote that the Australian Parliament will take in the current term of Parliament and the first duty of members of Parliament is to be in the Parliament when critical votes are taken.”…..”

    “…….”No request for a pair has come from the government in relation to Mr Thomson and Mr Abbott has not made any statement specific to the Member for Dobell.

    “The coalition will not discuss decisions for pairs based on hypothetical scenarios weeks away from a potential vote.”….”

    Read more:–for-thomson-if-wife-gives-birth-20110908-1jz5l.html#ixzz1XL9ytWMe

  76. “ToM, for the sake of accuracy did the formerly alleged offences occur while Thomson was married?”

    I assume not, this is his second wife. Does TomM believe if you married a cad, you deserve no sympathy.

    I would say the lady married him, knowing about the allegations. They do have another toddler. I assume she believes him to be innocent.

    We are back were we started with this issue, that is no matter what Mr. Thomson or others say, as far as they are concerned, the man is guilty. Nothing is going to change their mind. I say why bother trying. If TomM wants to be stubborn, that is his right.

  77. ’ is sloganeering”

    Sorry el gordo, I must, along with Min, refrain from using slogans.

    I did not know that the right to sloganeering belongs to Mr. Abbott and his ilk.

    I do wonder how he would manage without his slogans and one liners that he slings together with little meaning.

    I know he is so short of words that he has to say them in triplicate.

    I do know that he is becoming very boring and does need some new one liners and slogans.

    Problem is that he is so busy performing stunts, that he has little time to learn new lines.

  78. Thank you Bacchus. That was the part that I hadn’t seen, that Slipper had changed his mind about working with Brough.

  79. CU, I wonder what Tony Abbott’s definition of ‘extraordinary circumstances’ might be. Normally it would be considered that a death and a birth are indeed ‘extraordinary circumstances’ least it’s not something that one does on a weekly or even on monthly basis. 🙄

  80. Bacchus, I thought I’d read that Brough was preselected, I read wrong.Thanks for that.

    However, the question still stands and if I were the local Liars branch, I’d still make sure ol’ Lightfingers didn’t get his hands on the password to the bank a/c or the keys to the safe.

    Mind you, hasn’t Slipper pulled a few swifties vis a vis travel expenses?

    CU @4.50pm, says everything about what sort of person he really is. Lacking principles, morals and integrity.

    You’re right, CU and I’ve been giving the bugger oxygen and disrupting the site by responding. It’s exactly the same as trying to have an intelligent discussion with Neil.

    I apologise, Min. I’ll be treating ToM with ignore from now on.

  81. Jane, I haven’t spotted Neil for ages..perhaps we’ve scared ’em all off. 😀 You’re a redhead, you’re excused. So am I too.

  82. As I mentioned elsewhere (no not a many might not find it)..but in response to some confusion regarding police prosecutions:

    The police prosecutors avail themselves of all factual information and decide whether or not there is a case to answer. This is step one in any prosecution and is a system to avoid people make spurious claims not based on factual information.

  83. When police decide not to charge a person I believe the reason is that there is insufficient evidence for a suitable charge to be laid. So there was insufficient evidence to charge Thompson. It doesn’t mean he is innocent. There was insufficient evidence for the AWB scandal either, but I have no doubt the top down knew exactly what was going on.

    As I have stated before if honesty was a factor in our parliment then 56 MPs would not be there. They would be sacked as in private enterprise for incorrectly claiming expenses which were of a personal nature and not a legitimate claim.

    Both sides of politics are a disgrace in this regard in my opinion and I find both sides quite hypocritical in these matters. The two big parties always side with each other when it comes to their snouts in the benefit troughs of the taxpayers funds.

    It seems people on many blog sides have taken a political viewpoint on dishonesty rather than the factual viewpoint. I support the ALP so all the other side are crims or I support the Colaition and all the other side are crims.

    Sensible reasoning by those in the middle such as myself can see the hypocrisy eminating from the left and the right.

    Until politcians are made subject to the same employment standards as the rest of us the rorts and so called inadvertant claims for excess allowances and benefits will continue.

    IMO there was one honest politician and his name was Peter Andren. He was against the horrendous retirement benefits and free flights. He was against the unbelievably generous superannuation for politicians. He was against the allowances which are paid as cash rather than remibursed on a cost basis.

    There are no degrees of honesty. If you steal $1 or $1,000,000 as a bank employee you will be sacked. There should be no degrees of honesty in politics either.

  84. No the police have said there is no evidence to warrant investigation.

    The so called evidence did not even get to the investigation stage.

    That is probably why Mr. Thomson was not interviewed.

    Police cannot lob up to someones door without enough evidence to suspect a crime.

    The police were given so called evidence by the union and Brandis.

    Evidence that did not get passed first base.

    Many are trying to push the not sufficient evidence which has a different meaning. It means yes there could be something in the allegations but there is a lack of evidence to go further.

  85. Shane, absolutely. If the police decide not to proceed due to insufficient evidence, it does not necessarily follow that the person is innocent but means just that..insufficient evidence.

    However nor does it mean that the person is guilty.

    As no one except the police have all the evidence in front of them, then the rest is pure speculation.

    Peter Andren, now there is a name that I haven’t heard for a long time. Another good bloke is Don Page (Nationals, North Coast). I had a lot to do with Don when I was a disability advocate, the sort of person who you could always count on and who didn’t hesitate but pick up phone if he had any information that he thought might be useful.

  86. CU, the usual would be that the police would first peruse the factual data then if they thought that it was sufficient then they would interview the accused. As they chose not to interview Thomson then I would suspect that the factual information was so weak as to not warrant this. Irrespective of what Tony Abbott and the newspapers might claim…

  87. CU if there was not enough evidence to warrant investigation why di the police investigate the matter ?

    I am not trying to push the not sufficient evidence to have an ulterior motive. I am stating that there are many guilty people who are not charged and there is plenty of mud slung at innocent people as well in name of political point scoring.

    The problem I have is that when a person in the real world is found guilty of their fingers in the employer pockets they are sacked. When politicians are found to have their fingers in our pockets they are simply claimed to have had an oversight and are requested to pay it back and they continue along in their highly paid coocooned world of parliament.


    Peter was the most genuine politcian I ever had the privilege to mee,t an independent with his electorate and the average australian at heart. He was not beholden to Unions, Big Business, wealthy media moguls or mining magnates.

  88. Shane, because once the matter was referred to the police then the police are under an obligation to do so. It’s standard procedure.

    Don is the same, has gone in equally to bat for ‘green’ issues..the benefit of the his electorate was always the priority.

  89. I cannot say whether or not Thomson is or is not guilty but go by the opinion of the police who say that there is insufficient evidence. If people have an issue that they consider that Thomson is guilty..then it’s the police who they should take their complaints to.

  90. Shane, the police agreed after Mr. Brandis, through the NSW police minister, presented them with his so called case to lay charges.

    The police agreed to look at what Mr. Brandis provided plus what the union was pressure to provide.

    The police at this stage were only assessing if there was evidence that suggested a crime committed. The evidence provided obviously was suspect, not Mr. Thomson.

    The police had already rejected similar alleged evidence at Wyong Police Station,. The so called evidence was looked at by senior police.

  91. “The problem I have is that when a person in the real world is found guilty of their fingers in the employer pockets they are sacked”

    Where is the evidence that occurred. The police have looked at the allegations and found NO evidence of a crime.

    We are back to rumours and allegations, not evidence or facts.

    Because a politician says something, it does not make it fact.

  92. I understand the evidence was insufficient to proceed to a charge but that does not signify a persons innocence, even though under our law a person is innocent until proven guilty.

    I have no doubt that all of us know of things people have done and they have not suffered the consequences simply because the evidence was not strong enough to warrant a charge even though we know in our hearts or from personal knowledge that the person did in fact commit the offence.

  93. CU

    That was my reference to politicians in the current parliament of which 56 were found to have ( supposedly) inadvertantly claimed expenses which were personal and not business and ordered to pay it back.

    Try doing that in the real world and see what your boss does. Ignorance is not an excuse. If you don’t lose you job the first time try doing it again and see what happens.

  94. Hello Jane, I commented earlier that I was not participating in the discussion at “Nutcases R Us” TPS. I suggested that you were confused, and I did this in a particularly friendly manner, for which I’m renowned.

    However you appear to have neglected to take the hint.

    This is a serious error.

    One Eyed Hitman appears very articulate, restrained and independently minded, so it is understandable Jane that you would suffer this confusion. He might even have more success in reasoning with those great f**kwits.

    However, I’ll have to insist on an apology and retraction, here, and at ”Nutcases are Us” TPS, otherwise I will be forced to commence calling you – Catching Up error laden or another f**kwit mistaken, or something equally disparaging.

    I’ll also adopt an outraged and slighted persona, and that’s unpleasant.

    Thank you in advance.

  95. ‘I’ll also adopt an outraged and slighted persona, and that’s unpleasant.’

    Uh oh…blog war heats up says Wupet Murdock.

  96. Shane not lack of evidence. No evidence.

    TomM, I believe that is a very good post at TPS. It attempts to explain what is going on in the community.

    There is a disconnect between the public hate for the PM and liking what she has done. In depth polls are bringing this to life.

    Do you find that interesting?

    Guess not, it is easier to hate blindly. Why I find it hard to understand.

  97. TomM, in your case, I take being a **knit with pride. While you are in your present mood I would be ashamed to agree with you. You are very erratic.

  98. “Uh oh…blog war heats up says Rupert Murdock.”

    el gordo, there is no war that I know of. There has to be two sides for a war.

    There are some that are unhappy with us, that is not war.

    We cannot be responsible for how others see us.

  99. Min, are you keeping a eye on the bar. You are not being too generous with what you are serving. Maybe smaller nips would not go amiss.

  100. Shane @7.41pm exactly, as in Australia as in all Common Law countries there is the presumption of innocence and as the NSW police prosecutors have concluded after appraising themselves of the facts of the case that there is “insufficient evidence”, then it is to be assumed that Thomson is innocent.

    Mind you he “might be” guilty, but that’s just speculation and according to the NSW police prosecutors unprovable. I rest my case. 😉

  101. Just on Sky..that Joe Hockey said that Craig Thomson would be allowed a pair so that he could attend the birth of his child. This of course contradicts the statement of Tony Abbott who said that no pair would be allowed.

  102. There’s most likely been a backlash on Abbott’s statement so as is normal another of his shadows must step in to fix up his brain fart.

  103. “‘We cannot be responsible for how others see us.’”

    el gordo, if people choose to dislike us, that is their choice. There is little one can do.

  104. I’ll also adopt an outraged and slighted persona, and that’s unpleasant.

    So situation normal then, Tom. You do confected outrage very well; all that brainwashing at Liars Party Indoctrination Camp has paid off. Did you get a high distinction for confected outrage? If you didn’t, you were robbed.

    One Eyed Hitman does indeed show all the reason and logic that you show yourself. But I insist that s/he be washed, the reek is palpable.

    BTW, being mistaken for CU or any of my fellow contributors on this site would indeed be an honour, naturally with the exception of the usual dingbat posters and their sockpuppets.

    ME @10.21am, that mean spirited, spitefulness must have taken some people aback and offered a glimpse of the “real” Tony Abbott; not a pretty sight I must say Sloppy is a pretty substantial “shadow”.

    But what you say is true; his brain farts and increasingly erratic behaviour must be a concern to the rest of the Liars Party who have to clean up after him. I know it’s a huge concern to me; fancy that loony on the international stage.

  105. Thanks Jane, but I see it as a compliment to be trashed by TomM.

    We now have Mr. Abbott being generous in allowing Mr. Thomson a brief time to witness the birth of his baby.

    Will it be Mr. Abbott that decides what is a reasonable lenght of time.

    I hope Mr. Thomson has someone to care for 2 year old toddler.

    All this outcry, to allow Mr. Abbott to give the impression that he has the power to prevent the acts going forwarded.

  106. Mr. Abbott is asking why the PM went to NZ without raising the matter with the president of Nauru. Is the only important matter that is facing this country, the Pacific and the PM is Nauru?

    I suggest that there are more important matters that also need to be addressed.

    I am thankful that the PM is capable of dealing with more than one matter at a time, unlike Mr. Abbott.

    Why does Mr. Abbott keep harping on the fact that at the time, the governments policy dealing with asylum seekers is in flux. The PM has stated very clearly that this so. Mr. Bowen has said all options are on the table. Of course there is no settled policy at the moment.

    Mr. Abbott is sticking to a policy that was invented as he says, by Mr. Howard and was applicable in another age, that of a decade ago. A policy that was legally dubious at the best. A policy that High Court decisions make it unlikely to be effective today, ten years later.

    It would be nice to see Mr. Abbott come up with a policy that is applicable to today and is of his own making. If Mr. Abbott was elected to be PM, is he going to give rebirth to all of Mr. Howard’s policies or is he going to think up some of his own. That is aside from big hand outs to wealthy mothers, who I hope are entitled to have the father by their sides. Never know with the rebirth of WorkChoices. Whether that right would remain.

    PS The question I ask of Mr. Abbott why is he continuing to roam the country at great expense to the taxpayer, still electioneering.

    The election is over.

    Labor won the numbers and is in government.

    There is plenty of time to mount an election campaign down the track, nearer to the election.

    It is time for Mr. Abbott to accept he is an Opposition leader, not the PM on waiting. It is time for him to carry out some of the duties of an Opposition leader. Those duties entail more than saying “no” to everything. It entails more than talking down the economy. It entails mope than pulling stunts. It entails more than attempting to disrupt parliament. It entails more than behaving in a vindictive and spiteful manner.

    More is expected of an Opposition leader.

  107. Beware. Inconvenient facts.

    “…It may also be true of Chris Bowen’s Malaysian solution -assuming it can be revived somehow. It is the worst possible answer to the asylum seeker problem, except for any others anyone can think of.

    I know. I know. Calling a people-swap arrangement “good’’ policy is a stretch. Very few voters would agree right now and for a government that goes backwards even when spruiking a tax cut, the task of selling something so inelegant and counter-intuitive is clearly a bridge too far.

    Yet it is also a bridge which must be crossed and a few facts in this incendiary debate would go along way………..

    ……..Critics say this ignores the fact that it was the resolution of troubles in Afghanistan – namely the defeat of the Taliban – which was the biggest factor.

    Whatever the truth, the Government’s immigration and border security experts are now advising that these policies will no longer work. Indeed, they say that one of the most critical deterrent factors of the post Tampa 2001 drop-off in boats was the single element of the policy that is no longer available – towing boats back to the edge of Indonesia’s territorial waters.

    It worked spectacularly well then but would not work now. It was done without Indonesia’s formal authority and would certainly not receive that nod now. More importantly, asylum seekers and their people-smuggler agents woke up to it and began scuttling and sabotaging boats rather than allowing themselves to be towed. We saw the tragic results of that as recently as 2009 when the occupants of SIEV XXXVI set fire to their vessel fearing tow-back………

    “……….The Opposition, who hate unions, are crying crocodile tears for the members whom this Labor filth appear to have ripped off. I can imagine next there will be demands for a royal commission into union corruption. The last one into the painters and dockers union found corruption alright – it nailed boss after boss. So maybe the Opposition will be a little careful.

    Hit the comment button to have your say or see what others are saying. …”

  108. Cu, @ 10.37am, thanks for the link.

    No surprise that Faifax are still gunning for Mr. Thomson.
    They have more money in the kitty for legal bills than he did !!
    On the other hand their botton line isn’t too healthy, so could be they’re doing a ltd news trick….there’s money in muck.

  109. In his new letter he is telling the police how to do their job.

    And it looks like it worked as the NSW Police have setup a strikeforce to investigate HSU finances.

    By hook or by crook and mostly by crook, the Liberals will always crawl as low down in the gutter as they can get to put shit on those they oppose. No lie, deceit or underhandedness is out of bounds.

  110. Poor Tony they are pushing up his hopes for a “snap” election, then “she” announces that challenge on a change to the Migration laws.

    “Following the Herald/Nielsen poll yesterday that showed Mr Rudd at the helm would restore Labor to an election-winning lead, the Deputy Opposition Leader, Julie Bishop, told a meeting of the shadow ministry that the Coalition must be ready for such a move.”

    Read more:

    What are they doing to Tony, he can see the keys to the Lodge in his hand than ‘she’ has a “solution” that he may have to take some action. It just isn’t fair!

  111. Sue, poor old Tony he still can’t call the PM by her name. I noticed this during an interview it was “she”..everyone guessed who the “she” was he was referring to, but not once did he say the she’s name.

    I think that the polls would likewise provide that Turnbull is far more popular than Abbott, but it doesn’t follow that there will be leadership challenge there either.

  112. And as far as the polls “indicate”, a neat bit of guesswork on behalf of the MSM. Of course if there was a “knifing” then Rudd’s popularity could likewise plummet. Just more speculation by the MSM.

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