All dredged up

Guest Post by: Jane

Media Watch was an absolute mine of information last night. It appears that a goodly portion of the “article” was a pack of lies. Also the claim that the PM threatened an enquiry into the media.

There’s also the claim that the PM lived with Wilson in a house he bought with embezzled funds and that he has been convicted of embezzling union funds.

In fact, she never lived with him at that house, nor was he ever charged with any crime, let alone have a conviction or gaol term recorded against him.

The stat dec Dolt referred to and that the shock jock (Smith, I think) had read out on air is known to be false. The shock jock kept calling on the PM to explain herself even after he was publicly told the “article” is possibly actionable and the stat dec is a lie from start to finish.

The idiot was also calling on the PM to reveal information about the work she did for the AWU including the purpose of the bank account she set up and how the funds were used, when she worked for Slater & Gordon.

Anybody with a functioning brain cell would know she cannot spruik that sort of stuff to all and sundry and she more than likely wouldn’t have known those details, because it was none of her business.

And it’s not like this is breaking news; it’s been dredged up several times since 1995 and gone over with a fine tooth comb, and time and time again been found to be a damp squib.

Pity she hasn’t commenced an action to sue their arses off and then have a media enquiry.

Another example of media bias, lies, innuendo, gossip and distortion of truth against the Labor Party and the PM, which according to reb and ToM is a figment of our fevered imaginations.

Perhaps in the interest of balance they could link examples of the same sort of smear campaign against Liealot and the Liars Party,

Didn’t think so.