Is it time for Labor to take it’s eyes off the next election?

It is said and is possible true that Labor cannot win the next election. Is this what politics in this country should be focus on.

Does anyone really believe that replacing the PM is the best and only option facing Labor. Is the replacement of the PM, wishful thinking on the Opposition’s sides.

Would politics in this country be improved by the replacement of the PM or for that matter the Labor government.

If you believe so, why. What has Mr. Abbott got to offer that is better than the present government?

What policies do you believe Labor should change or rescind?

Labor has got through parliament 188 bills. What bills do you not agree with? What bills do you believe should be dumped?

I do not believe the government or the country would be better off if the PM was changed.

I have the feeling that the PM was sacrificed by some party heavies in getting rid of PM Rudd.

I also believe that the PM knew she was taking on a poison chalice. I believe that the party had good reason’s for deposing Mr. Rudd, which the party is not aware.

I believe the PM has done a good job.

I agree with most of her policies that she has endeavoured to put in place.

I believe that it does not matter about the next election. This government needs to turn a deaf ear to the shrill and noise coming from media, Mr. Abbott and his ilk.

The PM needs to have the courage to do what is right for the country, regardless of what the next election brings.

It is time for the PM to continue with the courage she has shown with the carbon pricing legalisation and other issues.

I had concerns about the Malaysian Solution, but accepted it, as it has a chance of success. The political climate made any other action near impossible. Mr. Bowen depended on the Howard legislation to form this policy. The legalisation obviously does not do what Mr. Howard intended.

Thanks to the High Court actions yesterday, the political climate has changed. It is possible, I believe believe for that political game be put aside and do what is right, for the refugees and the country.

There are many other ways to deal with the boat people, than punishing those who come by boat.

The money, time and resources saved by better and processing of these people, can be used to focus on stopping the boats.

If the PM ignores the political implications of what is done for refugees, she will come up with the right answers.

I believe the PM and Labor do have strong principals and policies. They need to lay them out very clearly, along with what they intend to do to uphold them. Any political fallout out should not indicate what they intend to do.

The PM needs to quickly announce that all previous procedures in dealing with refugees have been suspended. Because of the High Court decision, off shore and extended detention is no longer an option. The people will we process as quickly as possible and settled in the community.

  • We are doing this because we have a moral and legal obligation to do so. We are doing this because it causes the people less harm and allows them to get on with their lives, in becoming worthwhile and productive citizens.
  • We are doing this because it will save hundred’s of millions of dollars.
  • We intend to focus on preventing the boat trade by working closely within the regional body we have put in place.
  • We intend to take the pressure off desperate people getting on leaky boats by taking a greater number of our refugee intake from this region.
  • Our policy on refugees will be based on fairness and justice.

The government has shown courage on the NBN. That needs to proceed.

The other big ticket items are legalisation to address climate change and the mining tax. Both are due to be being introduced.

We have a review coming up for the IR laws. This should continued as planned. The PM should also continue as she is doing with other issued that need to be address to improve productivity, the one that Mr. Stevens addressed on his speech to the Financial Committee but has not been mentioned by Mr. Abbott or the media. The ones were we strive to improve education, training, and infrastructure.

The PM should follow through with action as she says she intends to do with the restructuring of the manufacturing industry because of the high dollar cause by the boom in the minerals industries.

Enquiries can still occur, but they should not impede the government from taking the action they have identified as necessary. The industry and unions do have a responsibility to put their case and convince the government of their argument.

The PM should continue to ensure that the health and education policies that have been put in place continue and flourish.

The PM should remain on the front foot, as she has in the last few weeks, and take the fight up to the Opposition. The PM has nothing to lose by being courageous and up front. The PM might not have much to gain but the country will.

The PM needs to get the mainly unimportant but pesky matters out of the way as quickly as possible, but not with band aid solutions. One of those pesky issues is the behaviour of the media, If you follow what is occurring in the UK, it is not the spying on emails that is the most concern. It is the media interference in government that worries the MP’s most.

Maybe a independent enquiry focus narrowly on whether the media is meeting Australia’s need is warranted. Revisiting recommendations of earlier enquiries would not go amiss.

The PM could address parliament, denouncing the allegations that have been made against her. Mr. Thomson could stand up and deny the allegations but say, he would have to say, because of legal enquiries, I cannot say more. I am confused at how this would clean the air, as both have strenuously denied that have done any wrong over a number of years.

The PM needs to clear the desk, so she can focus on the most important issues facing this country.

That is the economy and issues facing our industries, and the restructuring that needs to occur.