Friday on my mind: silly season

Greetings and welcome to our Friday on my mind topic. This particular topic is all to do with rhyme and reason, that is while there might be a good deal of rhyme there is very little reason.

During the week eldest kindly sent me this link. It’s a list of phobias. Do you often get the impression that when people send you links such as Better Sex or Old F*rts that they might be trying to tell you something….

But of course because it’s a friend or a rellie then one feels duly obliged to click onto whatever they’ve forward to you. And so I dutifully complied to discover a number of interesting descriptions.

Alliumphobia– Fear of garlic.

Allodoxaphobia– Fear of opinions.

Hexakosioihexekontahexaphobia– Fear of the number 666..and I double dare anyone to have a go at pronouncing that one. Do let me know if anyone might be successful and I will organise a special prize, one of Migs’ mouse pads home delivered by either a bevy of nubile maidens or equally nubile pool boys (according to the preference of the recipient).

Pteronophobia- Fear of being tickled by feathers.

Walloonphobia– Fear of the Walloons. The Walloons are apparently a French speaking people who reside in Belgium. Why they rate their own phobia I’m not very certain.

Blennophobia– Fear of slime.

Omphalophobia– Fear of belly buttons.

I can honestly and without fear of contradiction state that I have none of the above phobias, in fact I’m quite keen on belly buttons..however I can own up to the following:

Dentophobia– Fear of dentists and Acrophobia- Fear of heights.

Consider this an open thread for anything which might come to mind.

12 comments on “Friday on my mind: silly season

  1. Love the 666 phobia, Min. It looks like a Welsh place name. I have pronounced it, but it is not a name that will lightly trip off the tongue. lol

  2. Early in July there was a Very Important Announcement from “publishing doyen” Ita Buttrose, demanding that PM Gillard call an election immediately.

    The reason,

    The Herald Sun approached prominent Australian women for their opinions on how the country’s first female leader should turnaround her disastrous approval rating, which dropped to a record low of 28 per cent last month.

    Buttrose said Ms Gillard needed to be bold and go to the polls, following similar calls this week by businessmen John Symond, Gerry Harvey and John Singleton.

    Ms Buttrose appeared on my TV screen seated in an oversized yellow armchair, and wearing a very yellow suit designed for the corporate woman; she was a visual metaphor of all that is fake about the advertising world.

    She had thith to thay:-
    “Australians are looking for strong leadership and because we have a minority Government with Labor continually having to capitulate to the wishes of the Greens and the independents, we are not getting it,” Buttrose said.<

    "A true leader would take a risk; would be prepared to put her leadership on the line. I think the PM should tell the Greens and the
    independents the party's over and then call an election."

    Ms B. is not a stupid woman, but if not stupidity, then what is the reason for her lining up with three of the wealthiest men in the country to bring the government down ?

  3. In answer to my own question, could it have been part of a publicity campaign ahead of this announcement?

    Ita Buttrose may run for Sydney mayor

    “All I can tell you is that it has been suggested … but I haven’t made up my mind,” Ms Buttrose told the Seven Network on Friday.

    “I’m always interested in opportunities and Sydney is my city.”

    It is understood Ms Buttrose is backed by a business heavyweight from Sydney’s eastern suburbs and not a political party.

    But she would not reveal the backer’s identity.

    “Ah, that’s for me to know and you to find out,” she said.

  4. Pip
    Blennophobia subset TomofMophobia is the smear and slime emanating from the said subset.
    And talking of smear and slime and News ltd you may be interested in my post on MediaIX

  5. Further speculation on a change of leader..

    As regards the choice of alternative, my natural inclination is for Rudd, but it seems clear that his colleagues won’t go that way, and he is doing a good job as Foreign Minister. Wayne Swan has been a good Treasurer, but he is too closely tied to the coup against Rudd and the dumping of the CPRS. Greg Combet would be my preferred choice, but Stephen Smith would also be good.

    Given a change of leader, and if they aren’t forced to an election early, I think Labor still has a good chance. Abbott is incredibly unpopular, considering the circumstances, and the hostility towards Labor is very much focused on Gillard personally. If the government can survive long enough to see the carbon price in place, Abbott’s scare campaigns will collapse completely.

    Sadly Abbott is focussed almost entirely on his campaign to ‘get Gillard’ a change of leader might indeed increase Labor’s chances.

  6. Min, I don’t think Gillard should be replaced. It would be disastrous and would only give oxygen to the Smuggles Set. The government has to do everything in its power to get their message out at every opportunity.

    The hostility towards her is all manufactured by the Smuggles Set and their cheerleaders in the msm. But there are a few cracks appearing in the msm, possibly because even they are beginning to comprehend the appalling cost to the country of a Smuggles Set government.

    Only a completely blind and deaf cheerleader could possibly say that would be a step forward.

    The government should proceed asap with an enquiry into the media in this country. I was emailed by Avaaz asking me to ring Kate Ellis, Tanya Plibersik, Albo and my local member (the useless @rselicker Patrick Secker) asking the 3 former to use their influence with the PM to get a media enquiry up and running and to tell Secker I want one.

    The avaaz campaign must have some momentum, because the Minister’s offices all said they’d had a huge number of calls requesting an enquiry.

    Secker’s office tried to tell me there’s nothing wrong with the msm, but I cut them off.

    The comments on Quiggin’s site (thanks for the link) were also overwhelmingly positive about the government and Gillard.

    A few were negative, including one very angry Canberra resident who claimed he had to sleep in his car 3 nights a week because he has to save on petrol money. One wonders why he doesn’t catch the bus to work. Canberra’s public transport system doesn’t seem too bad, but I stand to be corrected on that.

    He earns $500/week and moaned that he would only get $6/week in compensation and also whinged about the increase in the tax free threshold, because the tax rate on the remainder will increase. I did a quick calculation and he’ll still have more cash in his pocket. I wonder if he’s the victim of a relationship breakup.

  7. Jane, I think that Julia has to forget the gravitas bit which has obviously been imposed upon her by ‘whoever’ who consider that a woman cannot be taken seriously unless they appear suitably Prime Ministerial.

    The Julia we like is the one who giggled when she slipped and fell on her bum prior to a doorstop interview.

    We know that she is competant, we know that she is intelligent – she needs to regain the Julia with personality.

  8. Min @2.56pm, yes I think we’d like to see the return of that Julia. Apparently, people who have dealt with her 1:1 say she’s lovely, very warm and quite giggly.

    We need to see more of that. I think she should give whoever is currently advising her the flick and find someone who will help bring her natural charm to the fore.

  9. I have had 2 separate students in my 25 years as a teacher be deathly afraid of buttons! yes i said buttons.One was a child the other was an adult. They both would rip the buttons off our painting rags and smocks and toss them across the room like they were evil. It is called koumpounophobia…so strange to watch when someone has this.

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