Friday on my mind: stand up for Jedi rights!

On Tuesday August 9th Australia is having a Census and it is expected that around 30 per cent of us will complete the Census online, this being up from 10 per cent in 2006. Advice regarding the census provides:

And while it may be funny to enter Jedi or even Pastafarian as your faith if you’re not particularly religious, you should know that your vote won’t count.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics advise that they simply encourage you to “answer truthfully” – which would seem to contradict the fact that one cannot count oneself as a Jedi Knight or a Pastafarian.

Sadly Jedi is not holding it’s own: the 2001 Census provided that approximately 70,000 Australians counted themselves as being Jedi or Jedi Knight, however by the time of the 2006 Census this had been reduced to 55,000 Jedis.

Addendum: for those interested in becoming a Pastafarian, please visit the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster

Please count this as our regular weekend Open thread.

26 comments on “Friday on my mind: stand up for Jedi rights!

  1. Having been researching my Family Tree for the last 25 years I have found so much information from Census Records & this would not have been possible if my ancestors had not answered truthfully. I feel that in about 100 or so years if my future generations are looking for information on Census Records it will appear to be just a little bit silly if I answer some strange unknown religion or to any other question that I , at the time, do not like, so as I see the humour in these rather strange answers , I will be answering truthfully despite the fact that I would love to be a Jedi Knight or a Pastafarian 🙂

  2. Hi Noelene, there are another two family historians here…Pip and myself. I have all the BD&Ms indexes for Victoria if any of your research takes you there.

    There are worse porkies told such as place and year of birth which sends we family historians scuttling off in all sorts of wrong directions.

  3. Min, Senator Bernardi would definitely not see your humour.

    SA SENATOR Cory Bernardi has hit out at a Muslim leader over his comments on the Norwegian massacre.

    Farooq Murad, the secretary-general of the Muslim Council of Britain, in a letter to the editor published in The Advertiser yesterday mourned the loss of life in the massacre.

    “In Islam even the loss of a single life can never be justified, let alone so many young lives who had everything to live for,” he said.

    Mr Murad called for people to “stand up for what we believe in humanity, democracy and equality” in order to “repudiate the horrors of Norway”.

    But Senator Bernardi claims Mr Murad’s comments are disingenuous as he has been involved in charities linked to Hamas, the militant Islamic movement that controls Gaza and has been linked to terrorist acts in the region.

  4. Pip, given the status of my day..anyone who does not want to appreciate nor understand my sense of humor can take a flying leap.

    I think that I’ll play some music.

  5. Tim Dunlop sure hasn’t lost it

    But Orwell was right, hate is forever, and it is sustained by the ongoing use of language that dehumanises its subjects. So it is particularly important for those who have the public’s ear – politicians, journalists, columnists and civic and religious leaders – to find a language of debate worthy of our democratic ideals.

    How much better to have a prime minister, like Jens Stoltenberg in Norway, who in response to terrorism of one of his citizens called for more openness and more democracy, than one like John Howard who characterised peaceful protesters against a war as giving comfort to a dictator.

  6. Tom, it always amazed me how Tim could always hold so much factual information in his mind, be able to sift through and form logical conclusions as a result. The only other person that has ever come close, just my opinion is our own Miggsy.

  7. Min, I agree,
    both Tim Dunlop and our very own boss Miglo cut skilfully through to the detail where some others of us, 😳
    just do our best…. I’m looking in the mirror as I write 🙄

    Tim wrote of former PM, John Howard,

    As it happens, Mr Howard provides a textbook example of the sort of rhetorical line that I think we should run a mile from if we want to keep debate within the bounds of decency. Yes, Paul Keating could be brutal, but no-one spoke to the lesser angels of our democratic souls more relentlessly than Mr Howard. In fact, I doubt any politician has been more destructive of a civil public sphere than John Howard, and a look through is record is therefore instructive.

    Ironically, our former PM was not above playing the guilt-by-association card himself, so let’s begin there.

    When large numbers of his fellow citizens marched against the war in Iraq, Mr Howard was quick to accuse them of helping Saddam Hussein. He said, “People who demonstrate and who give comfort to Saddam Hussein must understand that and must realise that it’s a factor in making it that much more difficult to get united world opinion on this issue, which in the end is the best guarantee there is of finding a peaceful solution.”

    It is hard to think of a more vile smear on citizens by a prime minister, certainly in my lifetime, and it is exactly the sort of rhetoric that shatters the possibility of respectful debate.

    Nor was it the only time Mr Howard plumbed these depths. Towards the end of his tenure in public life, he made a similar comment about then-Senator, Barack Obama. Senator Obama had been calling for US troops to leave Iraq, to which Mr Howard responded: “If I was running al-Qaeda in Iraq, I would put a circle around March 2008, and pray, as many times as possible, for a victory not only for Obama, but also for the Democrats.”

    It’s an extraordinary thing for an Australian PM to say about US politician, potentially damaging to the relationship between the two nations (had Mr Howard won the 2007 election) and again, it uses language that punches a fist through the rice-paper thin divide between civility and barbarity.

  8. Yes that’s Tim alright..and Migs.

    Tim is clearly of a mind to remind people just what an a*hole JWH was. To my mind Howard has got off minimally since the ’07 election…if anyone starts calling the b*stard a statesman I will start throwing things.

  9. But Senator Bernardi claims Mr Murad’s comments are disingenuous as he has been involved in charities linked to Hamas, the militant Islamic movement that controls Gaza and has been linked to terrorist acts in the region.

    Be that as it may, they distribute aid to Gaza families who are in dire need. Senator Bernardi needs to get his head out of his backside.

    Pip, @5.37pm, 29 July. Tim has hit the nail on the head in regard to the Rodent, who is the first politician, let alone PM, who has been called a lying Rodent.

    And is the first Australian PM, or politician of any stripe, that I can recall who has labelled the citizens of his own country in such a way. This is what you expect from dictators such as Mubarak, Mugabe and the like and why I he raises such revulsion in me.

    Unfortunately, his corrosive influence still dominates the Liberal party today, with the current and equally mendacious, spiteful and mean spirited Rodent banner-waver.

    …if anyone starts calling the b*stard a statesman I will start throwing things.

    Yes Min, like a decent hand grenade with the pin out! I would be proud to be one of the ilk Tom R is referring to; a noble breed, highly desirable in all gene pools! 😆

    Hmmm, we had a white bunny just like that…….

  10. Jane, and Abbott is following right in the rodent’s footsteps but in my opinion worse – even JW Howard would not have stood in front of Ditch the Witch signs. Abbott would use Howard’s tactics but take it down to the lowest common denominator.

    Aww thank you Jane. You are likewise equivalent to a white bunny in society. 🙂

  11. Well, what a morning it has been. The subject Telstra. My mum is 87yrs old and lives alone in Hawthorn. After learning that mum’s phone had been disconnected I did the only thing possible and phoned the police.

    The Hawthorn police then gave my mother their mobile so that she could talk to me.

    Guess what..Telstra decided to disconnect my mother’s phone because 3+ years since dad passed away my mother decided that the bill should be in her name.

    Telstra’s advice was that she should phone them, which of course she cannot because they have disconnected her phone….

  12. and Jane the “lying rodent” call came from his own side of parliament (attributed to Sen. George Brandis) who later denied it, but there is video footage.

  13. Min, that must have been an unwanted fright for you on a Sunday morning !
    Ring the Tele., Ombudsman in the morning. Where an in-place service is changing hands there is no need to disconnect.
    The final meter reading has to be done for the outgoing subscriber and the meter reading for the new sub., is noted for the new account.

  14. Pip, apparently it is that hard. I did ask to be transferred and hence spoke with Supervisor name Gareth who refused to provide his surname.

    Yep, Ombudsman next stop.

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