Tea Party Al

Alan Jones is the worst kind of public figure spreading malice and spite and worst of all, hate from his little studio kingdom.


He says his critics are small-minded losers. I beg to differ. The placards his followers carry at their anti carbon tax rallies would suggest that they are the small-minded losers, for being led by the most vicious, malicious, bigoted little man on radio.

The current state of play in the USA is the direct result of the kind of tactics employed by Mr. Jones.
Wealthy corporations provide financial backing to partisan groups for political campaigning and the sad part is that the mugs carrying the placards will be the biggest losers

43 comments on “Tea Party Al

  1. How true Pip..a ‘studio kingdom’. I wonder what the profile of a ‘typical’ Alan Jones listener might be….

  2. Peter Garrett faces the angry masses


    Kingsford Smith MP Mr Garrett was the target of abuse from disillusioned lifelong Labor voters at Sydney’s first Save Our Clubs rally held at The Juniors in Kingsford last night.

    The 29 local clubs came together to speak out against the Federal Government’s proposed mandatory pre-commitment system for pokie machines.

    “29 clubs” came together to give the government the message
    via MP Peter Garrett.

    The Mining Council also gave the government the message last year, and continue to do so.

    Big tobacco gives financial donations to the Liberal Party.

    Bell Financial Group spruiking from the Conservative’s handbook:-

    Bell Financial Group’s newly acquired oracle, Charlie Aitken, appears to have found a kindred spirit in the Labor government-bashing talkback radio host Alan Jones.

    Aitken in his daily newsletter has long warned of the dire consequences of having a socialist Labor government in power. And he now really seems to have struck a chord with Jones.

    ”After 18 years of promoting investment in Australia I’ve never come across a more cynical and negative attitude towards Australian equities,” said Aitken to the clear delight of Jones on his breakfast program yesterday morning.

    Andrew Bolt is a part of this ‘club’, but I won’t be linking to anything he writes.

    If anyone would like to join in and add to the list of lobbyists you are most welcome

  3. Under the heading of Oh Really…Peter Garrett..was the target of abuse from disillusioned lifelong Labor voters at Sydney’s first Save Our Clubs.

    And what pray tell has a betting limit on poker machines got to do with jobs? I would have thought that machines which punch out collection slips rather than coins would have far more to do with job losses than betting limits.

  4. What was that again Mobius? We’re the Climatariat bashing the hate media..sounds reasonable…

  5. But what the hell is a “Climatariat” and who the hell are the “hate media” and what has one to do with the other?

  6. Mobious, astro turfing is a thriving industry in fact the newspapers are full of it….[so to speak}.

  7. That is what that article also states.

    Again if the non Climatariat has right and the facts are on their side why do they engage in these tactics of scaremongering, misinformation and deceptive campaigns like astroturfing?

    For mine nothing indicates more that they are in the wrong and they know the facts are not on their side than their engagement in all these covert dishonest and underhanded undertakings.

  8. wonder what the profile of a ‘typical’ Alan Jones listener might be

    Here’s your answer

    The typical Jones listener is an older Australian – 68 per cent are over 50 compared to 37 per cent of the entire population over 14. By income his listeners tend to be concentrated in two groups – pensioners and others with incomes around the average.The typical Jones listener is also substantially more likely to be religious than other Australians. Only 10 per cent of Jones listeners say they have no religious affiliation compared to 26 per cent of other Australians. In their attitudes, Jones’ listeners are much more conservative than other Australians. For example, 77 per cent of his listeners believe that the fundamental values of ‘our society’ are under threat compared to 66 per cent of all Australians. They are also less likely to believe that Aboriginal culture is an essential component of Australian society.

    Much more here.http://www.clivehamilton.net.au/cms/media/documents/articles/Who_Listens_to_Alan_Jones.pdf

  9. N’5..very nice to see you here. Yet another ‘old’ Blogocrat. Anyone who utters those words ‘fundamental values’ instantly relegates themselves to ranks of ..care to think about it..what does this actually mean..

  10. My email to mr jone’s.
    Alan, It’s time you were taken off air, for some reason your criminal history has been covered up by the Australian media and it’s in the interests of everyone that your conviction on 2 charges of sexually innappropriate behaviour in a Nth London toilet block be made known.
    You are not a fit and proper person to make judgements on anyone and I can’t wait for the inquiry in to the Media to find out who and why you have been protected.
    You will be happy to note that large numbers of pages are appearing on FB telling your dirty little secret.
    You should be on the SEX OFFENDERS LIST and as such not allowed to broadcast ! Have a nice day.

  11. Michael A., FB has been busy …and there is this information.



    Chris Masters: Book critics silent about Jones’s many scandals

    IN the past week I have been called homophobic, a champion of the Left and very brave. I am none of these things. It is more that a history in investigative journalism encourages me to pursue difficult and important subjects.

    The subject here is power and abuse of power. It is what I have been taught to confront. Why should it be different because Alan Jones works in my industry?

    The counter proposition, that the focus of the book is about outing a gay man is false. On radio and in print, well before this publication there has been open discussion of Jones’s sexuality. Further, I cannot see how you can “out” someone who, to many people, is already out.

    It is a fact that Jones was asked to leave The King’s School (in western Sydney). It is a fact that a compelling reason was his closeness to some of the students and his divisiveness. It is a fact that identical behaviour was observed when he coached the Wallabies. When Jones courted young men it happened in public for many to see.

  12. ABC24 covered the NT story about the not so Honourable cake baker, Nigel Scullion’s crocodile/the PM cake, and told it as a humourous story.

    Back to straight reporting ABC, and I would think the same way if it had been Julie Bishop adorning the cake.

    Where is the respect for the Office of Prime Minister or the Parliament.

    That question was asked on The Drum this evening and a ‘former Liberal adviser’ scoffed about ‘respect’, referring to the PM.
    I’m sure he would have been complaing if it had been about a Liberal woman MP.

    It does give another example of the thoughts of the conservatives and the obvious sense of entitlement to denigrate their opponents in such a crass way.

    The followers are encouraged by the shock jocks and the media in general which leaves our country looking like one big Tea party, and leading the way is the Leader of the Opposition.

  13. Was just given a challenge…can an environmentalist such as myself also be funny.

    Fair enough criticisim I thought..environmentalism and humor do not often go hand in hand. In fact I cannot think of one good environmentalist joke.

  14. Min, speaking of budgie smugglers, I just spotted a headline about a p-e-n-i-s museum in Iceland, but decided not to provide a link on this highly respected site 🙄

    Mice to whales, they’re alll there….ok I did read it….

    [It’s on the Herald Sun.]

    I’m leaving now that I’ve disgraced myself….

  15. Pip, @9.42pm, I think the Office of PM has been degraded by the Howard regime. His was such an offensive, divisive corrupt Prime Ministry with the shameless lies, obfuscations and naked power grabs that now people feel little respect for it. And if Smuggles gets his grimy paws on it, it will fall even further into disrepute.

  16. Nature 5, @ 3.23pm, thanks for the link.

    From the description of Jones’ followers it looks like ‘One Nation’ is still alive and kicking [on to carbon tax rallies].

  17. Jane, I most definitely agree with you. Howard degraded the office of PM – an example being how he used military personnel as political tools all the while showing them little respect. One instance that comes to mind was a ship leaving with troops headed for the Gulf. The farewell ceremony was to be held in Darwin, and so many families travelled to Darwin especially for this. Howard made the families wait an additional TWO days..at their own expense of course – just so he could arrive for his photo opportunity.

  18. Has anyone noticed that the present PM is not in competiton with the GG and allows her to carry out her role.

    Not like a previous PM who seen himself as Head of State and hogged all photo opportunities at every chance he could get.

  19. Dissecting Alan

    A good short dissection of Alan Jone’s utter hypocrisy and projection, both ingrained traits of the right, for which Jones is such a fine example.

  20. ‘In fact I cannot think of one good environmentalist joke.’

    Ooh, Min, I have one

    How many Greenies does it take to change a light bulb?



    Actually, you are right, environmentalism and comedy just don’t mix 😦

  21. Are Mr. Jones listeners on the far right.

    I differ to agree, they belong to an extreme party of their own.

    One that sees only their own needs as important.

    One that appears to have no empathy for anyone outside their group.

  22. It hasn’t taken them long

    Far right English Defence League protesting last year. Photo: Reuters

    THE leader of a far-right British group linked to Norway’s Anders Breivik has called the attacks a sign of ”growing anger” in Europe against Muslim immigrants.

    The worst part is this piece

    Stephen Lennon, leader of the English Defence League (EDL), said he did not condone Breivik’s rampage, but the fact that so many people were scared – ”people have to listen to that”.

    The real statement at the end should be the question “Why is that?”

    I have to say, in the aftermath of the tragedy, watching certain keyboard warriors using this to further their ideologies has been a new low in a political debate that has already plumbed the depths. It also appears to me that by doing this, they are giving him just what he wants.

  23. Not like a previous PM who seen himself as Head of State and hogged all photo opportunities at every chance he could get.

    And the current opposition leader, CU. Slavishly following his political sire.

    Min, making families of serviceman wait two whole days so he could bignote is so typical of him. He was a disgrace then and he is now.

    Digressing slightly, we have just spent a couple of days with friends in country Victoria who are red hot Liberal voters, and hate the PM with a passion. However, they are very lukewarm about an Abbott prime ministership; one of them would be more than happy with Stephen Smith as PM!!! Go figure.

    Well, well. Dolt a disingenuous liar. Who woulda thunk it?

  24. Jane why exactly do people ‘hate the PM with a passion’ – has she sent anyone off to die in an illegal war..what exactly is it that stirs up this kind of ‘hatred’. I honestly do not get it.

  25. Min, I am sure if you ask these people, they would not be able to answer.

    The only answer that they seem to give, she lied, I do not buy,

    I think many in this country are having trouble with the number of women who have risen to the top in the last few years. Not only risen to the top, but are doing a good job.

    There does not appear to be many areas that they have not crashed through the glass ceiling. There are not many who cannot return the shit that is aimed to them.

    I remember years ago, the snide remarks that were made by many in the police force against two policewomen who where on the way up. Such as they were bitches and that they sleep their way to the top. Looking at these two women, I find that hard to believe. These women must have been aware of the accusations, as the men where not very subtle. None at the time would have ever imagined that they would have went to the top. They left a lot of jealous men behind that believed they were diddled out of what they perceived as their rightful positions.

    I do not blame one of these woman, saying enough is enough and speaking out no matter the cost. I find some thing wrong when one is advise not to speak out because of the backlash they will get. I find some thing amiss, when the person uses her freedom of speech and then is blamed for the abuse she gets from very powerful bodies.

    The PM has done nothing that I can see, that should give rise to the hate that is directed against her. It appears the more the PM succeeds, the more the hate will grow.

    With the PM, the perception is that she deposed Mr. Rudd illegally and is not a legit PM.

    Both perceptions are wrong.

    The PM has become the one woman they feel free to whip. They are not game to come out against any of the others except MS. Nixon.

    It saddens me that many older women side with their menfolk.

  26. Min @4.25pm. She’s a woman, she’s tough, she “stabbed Kevin Rudd in the back” (which we know isn’t true), she “lied” about carbon pricing (also untrue), she’s rooning the country (untrue) and to paraphrase CU, the perception that she has the Prime Ministership illegally.

    They all conveniently forget how many “Honest” John Howard stabbed in the back just to be opposition leader. Andrew Peacock is still having transfusions, not to mention John Hewson who was no doubt being ruthlessly white-anted by the Rodent from the start.

    And I wouldn’t be surprised if he wasn’t the architect behind Smuggles’ bid for power. Turnbull and Nelson wouldn’t have suited the Rodent at all-he wouldn’t be able to pull their strings. Smuggles certainly doesn’t have the smarts to hatch this convoluted plan. And if Smuggles does get the nod, we know whose clammy hand will be up his back.

  27. I am sure Mr. Howard was involved up to his armpits with his divide and rule politics.

    Mr. Abbott and Mr. Hockey both visited Mr. Howard before the vote was taken.

    I suspect that Mr. Hockey, if he has any brains will be careful who he seeks advice from in the future.

    I believe that Mr. Abbott said it was the inundation of emails that led him to take the action he did. By the way Corey was behind the emails.

    Yes, it appears that Mr. Abbott with his old mate engineered Mr. Turnbull’s downfall. Maybe it is only supposition but I believe it has much more fact and truth than the stories spread about the PM.

  28. el gordo,, it has been mention during the week. I cannot recall but I imagine if you Google, you will find it.

    As I said my comment might just be supposition as what the majority is that is alleged about the PM.

    So get off your high horse when you demand links. Prove me wrong.

  29. Jane, Turnbull only suited the rodent when the rodent was able to use him to point the rude finger to Costello.

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