Australian Media Leaders: Have a Say

Please excuse this promo but it’s too good to pass up.

Our Say (Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport) has a challenge:

Senior executives from media organisations will answer the most voted question at the 2011 New News Conference on Saturday 27th of August.
Not only that, the person who asks the question voted most popular will be invited to join the media leaders on the panel (click here for details). Ask and vote for questions, you want answered by the people who run our media organisations.
You could be sitting with Mark Scott (Managing Director of ABC), Greg Hywood (CEO of Fairfax Media) and Sophie Black (Editor of Crikey) to discuss issues with media, journalism and the coverage of politics in news. This is a unique opportunity for you to keep Australian media leaders to account.

My question: ‘What skills will be essential for journalists in the newsroom of 2050?’

You could vote for it here or post your own question. What a hoot if we could get someone from the Café on the panel!

54 comments on “Australian Media Leaders: Have a Say

  1. The last question I asked Mark Scott in a public forum was about the ABC’s woeful coverage of the Afghanistan war before the last election.

    As they used to say in the Richmond ALP: Vote early! Vote often!

  2. In light of the recent revelations about the Murdochracy, I’d want to know whether the msm can or should ever be trusted to a) self regulate and b) report news truthfully and accurately?

  3. Jane as far as the Murdochracy is concerned the short answer is never.
    Ltd. News head honcho, Mr. Hartigan insists that they are doing nothing wrong and they have no agenda to bring down the government. That’s disingenuous and dishonest.

    Kevin’s question: what skills will be essential for journalists in the newsroom in 2050?

    Before I can think about that I have to clear my head of all the junk they are pumping out now !

  4. Nice link Min, having hte debate that ltdnews should be having

    Although, I would love to see their version

    ltdnews: What is your definition of quality journalism?

    hack: Whatever Rupert says!

  5. And would even be able to gather up enough informed journalists to be able to commence a debate!

  6. Well, they do have have George M

    Perhaps they can just get different people asking him the questions on a weekly basis? 😉

  7. The first skill probably has something to do with personal integrity. The second might have to do with a passion for the truth. The only difference from 1950 could be tech savviness.

    Apparently if you register with Our Say you have 7 votes that you can use on one question.

    A pity there’s no one from News Ltd as they had last year.

  8. Police assess calls for violence as tax debate gets nasty

    THE Australian Federal Police is looking at statements by members of the public calling for the assassination of the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, and members of her government but has yet to determine whether any warrant investigation.

    T he police confirmed developments were being assessing amid a rising concern about the increasingly spiteful nature of the public discourse that surrounds politics.

    This concern extended yesterday to reports that the Northern Territory senator and Coalition shadow minister Nigel Scullion had won a local celebrity cake-baking competition with a cake shaped as a
    crocodile eating Ms Gillard.

  9. Interesting that 6 out of the past 7 threads here have largely been about the media.

    Is this site becoming obsessive with the subject?

    (though any (unnamed) editor is welcome to delete this comment)

  10. ToM..yes. 🙂 T’is moi at the moment.

    I suspect that this happened because the big news has been the Murdoch scandal.

  11. Interesting that 6 out of the last 7 topics by TomM have been to come here and point out what here is doing.

    Is the utterly obsessive TomM who for a very long time almost posted exclusively about one organisation now telling others they should not be obsessive? And this laugh a post commenter infers others are hypocritical.

    So now why is your current obsession with what topics are on this blog or not TomM?

  12. Nah, all you have to do is criticise Abbott and he’ll come riding in on his white charger for a “look over there at Labor”. Even better just post a topic on how great unions are for this country and the fantastic things they have done for workers.

  13. Will this one do?

    The $36 billion national broadband network also boosted the value of definite projects in the pipeline, after it received extensive funding in the budget.

    A partner at Deloitte Access Economics, David Rumbens, said the nation’s investment outlook had ”rarely looked better”, thanks to the resources bonanza.

    ”Despite the global fears, we’ve still got commodity prices at quite elevated levels and there’s still very strong growth in China and other parts of Asia,” Mr Rumbens said. ”In terms of resources projects, it’s full steam ahead.”

  14. “msn can or should ever be trusted ”

    Jane, I might be naive as some, no many say, but I have never trusted the media.

    This is not because I am a natural cynic but because I believe they all have their own agenda.

    It pays to analyse all that is said.

    When 70% of the media is controlled by one person, how can it be trusted.

    I say that them convince me they are saying is in my interest.

  15. Interesting that 6 out of the past 7 threads here have largely been about the media.

    Is this site becoming obsessive with the subject?

    Actually that is much much less than your Anti Union obsession.

  16. You will get ToM back quicker if you were to praise that superior treasurer by the name Wayne Swan.

  17. I am no great lover of Christine Nixon. Even early in her career, she did not have great support among men. I never heard any say she was corrupt or incompetent. I heard many say she was more like a man than a woman. It was not meant to be complementary. Ms. Nixon is not responsible for the immature comments of men.

    Ms. Nixon was responsible for creating the team that responded to the fires. She was responsible for providing resources. She was responsible for ensuring the resources where available.

    She was NOT responsible for the minute to minute running of the fight against the bush fires.

    This responsibility belonged to those appointed to this role.

    She would have been amiss if she had attempted to interfere in what those whose responsibility to carry out the actual fire fighting.

    Ms. Nixon had spent many hours carrying out her responsibility before the left the fire centre.

    Ms. Nixon would have been accessible by phone if any emergency arose.

    Ms, Nixon’s action did not lead to any further disasters.

    Ms. Nixon carried out her role.

  18. I believ in allowing freedom of speech and opinion from all sides of politcis, however when the opinion becomes laced with anger, bitterness and yelling it turns from voicing an opion to an anger strategy to force a point.

    There is a saying ” Monkey see Monkey do”. There are many adults in our society who literally take bile spewed comments seriously. There are also many who lack the ability to separate an actor from the character they portray. This is why it is very dangerous for any so called Media Shock Jock who has an opinion to start whipping up hysteria in their own voices and tones. It leads to ramifications (that they no doubt did not intend) with tragic consequences.

    A true mature adult with an opinon can provide that opinion without hysteria, name calling or dramatic emition and venom to support it.

    The media are notorious for inflaming a situation to get a headline. the problem is that in todays world the headline quite often ends up a tragic sentence of violence or loss of life. Then of course it is not the medias fault for manipulation, it is the individuals fault for acting out the venom and bile spat out on the airwaves.

  19. Do not worry TomM, I am sure you will get the opportunity to get us back onto your topics. Of course you are not obsessive about them.

    Though nice to have a rest from them.

  20. CU

    Not only are they abusing the government they are abusing their privilege to operate as so called reporters of news and truth.

    They should be made to call their newspapers, “opinion papers” and the newspapers be given to others to provide facts not fiction.

    Afterall, while News Corp owns 70% of our media, that media also contains 70% of so called “Opinion Writers” and not true unbiased journalists.

  21. Min

    Once again abuse and violence from Alan Jones simply because someone has had the audacity to complain about something he has said. Aggression, anger, abuse, he is displaying his wonderful collection of the best tools of humanity.

    I actually used to listen to him many years ago while in Sydney, however these days he really seems to have moved so far to the right that he has a permanent lean.

    I find that GetUp supports policies and outcomes, not any specific political party. I find Alan Jones a far more one sided supporter of politics than GetUp.

  22. Shane,
    I would hazard a guess that a goodly number of Alan Jones’ listeners are already slightly unhinged – if a person didn’t start out that way then years of Alan Jones is not going to make any improvement.

    The step to the far right and the lowering of broadcasting standards has to my mind meant that shock jocks such as Jones must now go to extremes keep themselves in a job.

  23. I agree out GetUp – they are just as likely to come down hard on government policies for example the Malaysian solution, as they are to come down hard on any policy that the right might espouse.

  24. I have just heard the most ridiculous claim ever

    yabot reckons the Government is responsible for stiring up anger against the Carbon Price by not repealing, it in defense of death threats to the PM 😯

  25. Tom, so according to Mr Creepy Australian’s PM ‘deserves’ death threats because she hasn’t done what he told her to do….

    Most definitely 😯

  26. The PM is being criticise for not being out today. Maybe the PM has other matters to deal with. Making photo stops all over the nation is a little boring and time wasting.

    Yesterday we had Mr. Abbott in a paddock, smelling a handful of dirt. He seemed amazed that it smelt like earth. Not too sure what he was on about. More sure that he did not either. Today we have him in a shearing shed. Hope he does not have to dump his shoes and clothes, If I remember rightly the smell is not the best and long lasting.

    Please can anyone tell me how much his travels are costing the taxpayer.

    It is shocking that the PM trusted Mr. Combet to release the carbon pricing legislation.

    The PM does not have the luxury of the Opposition in being able to deal with one task at a time. I wonder how he will cope when he has to deal with many issues?

  27. I have a gripe, that many probably do not agree with.

    On this morning’s news there was a beat up of how generous the Senior Card is and how it is extending what they can claim reductions for.

    I believe this card is an disgrace. I cannot understand why they should pay less for everything just because they reach a certain age, regardless of what they earn.

    Now before I go on, I know I can apply for one. I went as far as filling in the forms, but decided I did not want something I disagree with.

    My gripe is that the same businesses will not give the same benefits to my Pension Card. The excuse is that single mothers also have pension cards. That really get me upset as I do not look young enough to have a child. I do look like an aged pensioner.

    They then look at you with a blank look, that many of those with the Seniors card probably earn more that them. I point out, to get a Pension Card, you have to pass a income test.

    I also point out that many single mothers deserve a fair go. I know this, as I had to rely on this pension with four young children, after my marriage broke up. It was not my choice to live that way.

    I make a point of avoiding business that honour the Seniors Card. Before the card was introduced, most businesses honoured the pension card.

    My gripe is not so much the Seniors Card, which I think allows many people deductions that they really do not need.

    My gripe is that they no longer treat the Pension Card in the same manner. A card that proves you do not have much money.

    I have heard couple who are still working, one a teacher the other a nurse claiming on the Seniors Card.

    Please tell me I am wrong about this being greed.

    I am sure that all deductions made are made up by all paying more. I cannot see businesses letting it lower their profits.

  28. You are not alone in this CU. My wife railed against this many times while I was unemplyed at the beginning of the GFC.

    Luckily for us, we found a supermarket that honoured the Pension card (even though their policy only mentioned the Seniors)

    We haven’t left them since 😉

    It is a valid complaint, although I don’t think it reflects at all on the Seniors who use it, but more the business that doesn’t. Yes, it is about Greed. The other Supermarkets didn’t care if we stayted or not. But I did

  29. I do not mean to reflect on all the seniors that use the card. I only question the need to have a non means test card because you reach a certain age.

    Many retired people are entitled to a health card. It would be simpler to use that card.

    I do not see why a discount card that is not means tested is needed at all.

    I do not understand why the pension card is not recognised. After all the scheme was only Mr. Howard’s way of keeping onside those not entitled to a pension.

    Now why is there not a card for those with two or three kids earning say fifty thousand, would not they be more worthier.

    I would like to add, even where I could have asked for a discount I generally do not bother, except for things like electricity and council rates.

  30. Other skills for journos:

    Ability to tell the difference between fact and opinion, evidence and hearsay.

    Knowledge, and hopefully some understanding, of modern history and politics.

    Not blindly following the media pack.

    Being able to distinguish between sensationalism and the public interest.

    Ability to recognise a cliché and avoid it where possible.

  31. From The Failed Estate commenting on Bolt’s latest:

    ‘For a busted mainstream media, this get-your-prejudices-confirmed-here approach delivers page impressions, no doubt. It’s successful, to be sure; if, of course, your idea of success is twisting and distorting real-world events to fit an agenda that panders to ignorance, bigotry and xenophobia. There’s ALWAYS been a market for that. I’m not sure I would call it journalism, though. Not in my book.’

    Q to media leaders: How do we stop this?

  32. Kevin re: Ability to tell the difference between fact and opinion, evidence and hearsay.

    ~ and the gumption to tell their readers/audience which is which.

  33. Making photo stops all over the nation is

    Smuggles’ mission in life, CU. Don’t see the PM disporting herself in lycra chasing down anyone who may have a camera!

    CU, I don’t know much about the Seniors Card, including at what age you’re entitled to one. From the meagre information I have, it’s a waste of purse space, particularly for country people. Cheap movie seats are neither use nor ornament if you have to spend a couple of hundred to actually get to the movie theatre.

    To date, I haven’t heard of anything which would be of any use to me, although someone in a Launceston bakery offered to give me a discount on a bun if I had a Seniors card. I think I would have saved 10 cents. My parents had Seniors cards, but I don’t think there was much value in it for them.

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