The Murdoch Deposit Box

I’m on a graduated return to work program so I might as well engage in a graduated return to living as well.

This isn’t actually a blog post, but more of a deposit box.  I spend torturous hours roaming around the national and international news sites, blog sites, Facebook and other forms of social media to get the latest on Murdoch so I thought to myself: “Why can’t we have all the news in the one place?”  Hence, the Murdoch Deposit Box.

Dear friends, if any of you happen to find any interesting articles or developments perhaps you would be kind enough to share the link with us on this exclusive thread.

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  1. Welcome back Miglo !

    Just to start the ball rolling, a little snippet from Jemima Khan on Twitter…….no more “render unto Rupert”.

    Jemima_Khan Jemima Khan

    I’m told, Murdoch and Rebekah Wade were refused a table at The River Cafe last night when they tried to book…Inconceivable a month ago

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  2. Over more than three decades, no one dared question the perversion of politics by and for Rupert MurdochAfter last week’s events, things can never be the same again for the corrosive Murdoch media empire

    The king is dead – long live democracy. With the immolation of the News of the World last week, we saw the end of the pre-eminent political influence of the last three decades in Britain. Rupert Murdoch’s pass to Number 10 has been withdrawn; the access code for his editors and senior executives has expired. All the unseen deal-making, fixing, manipulation and bullying, as well as that princely sense of entitlement emanating from News International headquarters at Wapping, have gone.

    These are very big gains from the events ignited by the revelation that Milly Dowler’s phone messages were hacked and deleted by the private inquiry agents working for the News of the World, as she lay dead. Faced with that singularly disgusting act, the nation drew a line: this is not who we are; we won’t support those responsible by buying their product; nor will we advertise in that newspaper or tolerate those who do.

    It was a lightning revolt with a whiff of the Arab Spring about it, in that the anger was directed at the power of an elderly dynast and his closest associates. There is a feeling of liberation at the end of this highly charged week and we can say that our society seems better off: our political system is freer and, I would suggest, a little bit cleaner; relations between the media, politicians and the public have changed for the good.

    The door has shut on Murdoch. Party leaders and backbenchers, from Nicholas Soames to Alan Johnson, won’t have him back.

  3. I have read that Rebekah is seen as a member of the family. I nastily wonder how real of a family member she is, in relation of an alleged comment of Mr Murdoch that he was going to the UK to save her, I get the impression that saving her is more important than saving his son.

  4. “I get the impression that saving her is more important than saving his son.”

    I get the impression that she’s got some dirt on him, either that or they’re shagging. Or both…

  5. I did hear on the radio this morning that apparently Fox News, Mr Murdochs very right wing television news network, has only mentioned the scandal 14 times since it happened unlike the rest of the media who have mentioned it in the hundreds if not thousands.

    If that doesn’t show media manipulation by ownership then I don’t know what does.

  6. reb

    I agree, I think she must have something over him, otherwise he would have lanced her like a boil in 1 second flat.

    Or alternatively there is so much more that he cannot afford to set her adrift, lest it all come out.

  7. Unfortunately I like the look of that unruly mop of auburn, flaming hair.
    My attraction to the look has always ended in trouble. Rupert should have stayed clear!

  8. Ninemsn is running the following poll.

    Should there be an enquiry into media ethics in Australia ?

    39,440 yes
    8,700 no

    Wonder if the 8,700 are News Corp Employees ?

  9. Well he’d better fly back east….we’re going to gang up on you Migs. Your choice, pants jokes or haircut jokes (Min…mutter mutter to Pip, CU, Jane, Sue…)

  10. It’s obvious the bogans over at don’t bother with the important world events, which incidentally, aren’t covered by Nobody wants to hear about Murdoch so why bother publishing a story about him. Meanwhile, these are the 10 most popular stories of the day on

    1. Court forced to choose little girl’s name
    2. ‘Goddess’ rates Sheen in the bedroom
    3. Man ‘kicked girl away from life jacket’
    4. Man held own head on in chainsaw accident
    5. I get I’ve disappointed you, PM admits
    6. Triple terror blasts rock city of Mumbai
    7. Woman charged over State of Origin pee
    8. Jesus – who does this guy think he is?
    9. Select VIPs at Gaga concert
    10. ‘Dream run’ over as Hinch suffers setback

    Yes, let’s have an inquiry into the media in Australia. They can start by eliminating the rubbish that is published.

  11. Mobius, do you mean like we have with Media Watch? If so, I’ll set it up

    Yes because this has a long way to run and if it’s not up the top other topics could push it down the list, especially if no one posts to it for a bit so it doesn’t appear in the Recent Comments. Unlike Media it doesn’t have to run in perpetuity only for as long the Murdoch scandal runs, which I suggest will be a long time.

    C’mon an Australian inquiry.

  12. Migs,
    Sad isn’t it, just trivia time. I’m amazed that you had the patience to plough through the morass.

    Sky News is the same, barely a mention about the BIGGEST news story, maybe of this decade about Rupert Murdoch.

  13. Patience not required, Min. They actually publish that list. It’s akin to publicly diplaying penile warts, I would imagine.

  14. Mobius, I have added the new page – it’s up the top next to Media Watch XIII. I haven’t written anything in it yet but at least the page is up.

    I agree that this story is far from finished.

  15. reb @3.42pm, shudder! Wash your keyboard out with soap! The ghastly images that conjures up defies description!

    Let’s hope the fallout doesn’t stop at England and the US! With luck the Smuggles Set will have a bucket of Murdochracy sh!t tipped over them.

    I think as more of the beyond disgusting truth is revealed about the actions of Murdoch’s minions in hacking into and deleting messages on Millie Dowling’s phone, the backlash against the Emperor and his vile, corrupt empire will intensify.

    I think all the victims of that organisation’s criminal activities should take out a class action to sue which culminates in it’s utter destruction and bankruptcy. If I were them, I wouldn’t be happy until the Emperor was reduced to living in a cardboard box in a creek bed prone to flooding.

    Migs, I hope the duck hasn’t flown too far south. There are unscrupulous characters around who are very fond of roast duck.

  16. News Corporation: time to go

    Rarely is a nation faced with a malicious influence which it has the chance to eradicate. Such is Australia’s luck today with Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation, owner of The Australian, Sydney’s Daily Telegraph, Brisbane’s Courier-Mail, Melbourne’s Herald Sun and other ‘news’ outlets.

    The Murdoch network in Australia has moved irretrievably away from being a legitimate news provider. It must go.

    Essential to free enterprise and democracy is access to information free of distortion. Newspapers are free to say what they will in editorials and opinion pieces, of course. But news data must be untainted.

    Scroll down to this, re Piers Akerman’s favourite hobby horse:-

    Most Australian journalists honour the Media Alliance code of ethics. All twelve points are now routinely violated by Murdoch employees.

    Reporters at Brisbane’s Courier-Mail have been dutifully using the news pages to drive a campaign on tracking sex offenders which targets Premier Anna Bligh. In an email from news director Emma Chalmers leaked to Crikey, Chalmers requested ‘the support of the whole newsroom to keep the campaign going’.

    This piece was shown on the news last night:-

    The hapless anchor at Murdoch’s Fox News begins enthusiastically: ‘The story that is really buzzing all around the country and certainly here in New York is that the News of the World, a News Corporation newspaper in Britain, used …’ ‘Ah, I’m not talking about that issue at all today. Sorry,’ Murdoch interrupted.’Okay. No worries, Mr Chairman. That’s fine with me.’

    The message was clear. News bulletins are to advance specific interests, not to inform citizens about issues ‘buzzing all around the country’. And that’s fine with Murdoch’s people.

  17. The End of Rupert Murdoch?
    Ricken Patel –

    Dear friends,

    For decades Murdoch has ruled with impunity — making and breaking governments with his vast media empire. But we’re fighting back, and winning! We played a key role in stopping Murdoch’s grab for media control in the UK. Now we’re taking our red-hot UK campaign global, to roll back the Murdoch menace everywhere with campaigns, investigations and legal action. Click to donate:

    Hacking murdered children’s phones, paying off police, destroying evidence of crimes, threatening politicians — UK leaders say Rupert Murdoch’s empire has “entered the criminal underworld”. For decades, Murdoch has ruled with impunity — making and breaking governments with his vast media holdings and scaring opponents into silence, but we’re fighting back, and winning!

    Through almost 1 million actions, 7 campaigns, 30,000 phone calls, investigations and countless stunts and legal tactics, we’ve played a lead role and stopped Murdoch from buying over 50% of UK commercial media! Now we’re taking our red-hot UK campaign global, to roll back the Murdoch menace everywhere.

    Here’s the plan: together we can a) hire investigators to expose Murdoch’s corrupt tactics beyond the UK b) organize prominent voices to break the cycle of fear and speak out on this issue and c) mobilise people in key countries behind new laws and legal actions that stop Murdoch and clean up our media for good.

    Avaaz members live in every country where Murdoch works, making our movement the only one that can truly take a campaign against his global empire and win. The time is now — If just 20,000 of us donate a small amount each, we can seize this once-in-a-generation chance. Click below to chip in:

    For weeks, nearly daily revelations have uncovered the extent of Murdoch media’s corruption in the UK. His operatives hacked the phones of thousands of people, including grieving widows and soldiers who died in Iraq, stole a Prime Minister’s bank information and harassed him for 10 years, paid huge sums to police officers, and Rupert’s son, James Murdoch, himself authorized hush money to victims.

    But this is the tip of the iceberg — Murdoch is a global problem. He’s famous for dictating editorial positions to his papers. He corrupts and controls democracies by pushing politicians to back his extremist ideas on war, torture and a host of other planetary ills, and destroying the careers of politicians with smear campaigns unless they do his bidding. In the US, he helped elect George W. Bush and has most of the Republican presidential candidates actually on his payroll (see sources below). His Fox News Network spread lies to promote the war in Iraq, pushed resentment of Muslims and immigrants and spawned the right-wing tea party. Maybe worst of all, he has helped block critical global action on climate change.

    Murdoch’s reign of fear is breaking down, and many are on the edge of speaking out against his tactics. The dam is about to break in the US, Australia and elsewhere, but we need to give it an urgent push by investigating Murdoch further, organising high profile opposition, and making sure that our politicians pass laws that will clean up our media for good. Let’s make it happen together:

    Our community kept campaigning on this issue when almost everyone else in the UK gave up hope. Because we’re people-powered, we don’t have the same fear of Murdoch that almost everyone else does. It’s part of the promise that people power has for change in the world. Today, hope is breaking out in the UK — let’s take it global.

    With determination,

    Ricken, Emma, Maria Paz, Giulia, Luis, Alice, Brianna and the rest of the Avaaz team


    Decision on BSkyB takeover could take weeks after surge in online campaigning (Huffington Post)

    BSkyB bid final clearance unlikely to be given before September (The Guardian)
    Culture Secretary Jeremy Hunt will take ‘several weeks’ to review 100,000-plus submissions on News Corp/BSkyB takeover

    Murdoch maimed by social media (The Scotsman)

    Who is Rupert Murdoch? (Center for American Progess)

    The global reach of Murdoch’s News Corp (BBC)

    Rebekah Brooks must go over Milly ‘hacking’ – Miliband (BBC)

    Latest Updates on British Phone Hacking Scandal (New York Times)

    Fox News 2012? Nearly All Potential GOP Presidential Candidates On FNC Payroll (Huffington Post)

    Support the Avaaz community! We’re entirely funded by donations and receive no money from governments or corporations. Our dedicated team ensures even the smallest contributions go a long way — donate here.

  18. Phone hacking:

    Rupert and James Murdoch make Commons U-turn

    Murdochs will join Rebekah Brooks in being questioned by MPs on the Commons culture select committee

    Rupert and James Murdoch have changed their minds and confirmed they will be joining Rebekah Brooks in being questioned by MPs on the Commons culture select committee about the News of the World phone-hacking scandal.

    Earlier on Thursday Rupert Murdoch and his son declined an invitation to appear before the culture, media and sport select committee, saying their were unavailable for next week’s hearing.

    However, after being served with a summons by the Commons deputy sergeant at arms, News Corporation confirmed the Murdochs will attend the hearing along with Brooks on Tuesday, 19 July.

    Brooks, the chief executive of News of the World publisher News International, agreed on Thursday morning to attend and face MPs at the session, though she warned in a letter to the committee that the police investigation into “illegal voicemail interception” meant it would not be appropriate to discuss the details with MPs to avoid prejudicing the inquiry.

  19. Once firm Sky bid up in the air

    Read more:

    Daniel Flitton
    July 14, 2011

    Communications Minister Stephen Conroy.
    THE independent panel set up to judge the $223 million battle on Australia’s overseas TV network gave unanimous backing to Rupert Murdoch’s Sky News over a rival bid by the taxpayer-funded ABC.

    But as the phone hacking scandal engulfing the Murdoch empire in Britain continues to grow, the Gillard government’s late intervention in the tender process to include a new ”national interest” test could scupper the Sky bid

    Read more:

  20. Pip, light unto dark.maybe… The Gillard government was accused of interfering in the tender process in the China deal between the ABC and the part Murdoch-owned Sky News.

    Julia Gillard yesterday defended moves to strip the final decision over who runs the official television service from Foreign Minister Kevin Rudd’s department by citing ”changed international circumstances”.

    So, did the government get wind of the scandal that was about to erupt in the UK?

  21. (‘Inappropriate’ lobbying by ABC bosses, by The Australian’s Dennis Shanahan. One wonders what other ‘contacts’ remain to be revealed, even as the bogies at six o’clock consume Squadron Leader Shanahan’s deductive-attentions about ‘black box’ records.)

  22. Mig, glad to see you back. Returning to living is much more important than work. Let work take care of itself when you are ready, not work.

    The redhead is sure important to Mr. Murdoch.

    Is senator Brown correct when he says that some politics are scared of an enquiry into Murdoch press.

    Mr. Abbott is now promising a quick DD. Looks like we are in for years of elections.

    “So, did the government get wind of the scandal that was about to erupt in the UK?

    I am sure she did. Did anyone note that Mr. Rudd was happy with the PM actions. Many on these sites have been talking about the coming scandal for months.

    I also note that Mr. Abbott is continuing to act with his usual “no” to any enquiry. I am really surprised he can say there is no evidence of wrong doing when there has been no enquiry. I wonder if he will continue to listen to the people when they start yelling for an enquiry.

  23. CU re “Mr. Abbott is now promising a quick DD. Looks like we are in for years of elections.”

    Tony Abbott cannot promise any such thing. A DD is a device written into the Constitution where there is an impasse between the House of Reps and the Senate. A bill has to be refused TWICE by the Senate for it to become a DD trigger.

    What Tony Abbott is promising is:
    1. That he will be elected Prime Minister.
    2. That once in government that he will put forward Bills in the House of Reps which will be refused by the Senate, not just once but TWICE.

    Tony Abbott is a lunatic!

  24. Min, it’s quite likely that the government had an inkling about what was to unfold, but they shouldn’t need too much of a push to stop the takeover of the Australia Network.

    According to the ABC Charter they are obliged to broadcast internationally anyway.

    We’ve been talking about the trashing of the ABC across the board, thanks to Howard and his cronies; it’s time to take back the ABC !

  25. Cu, 😳 I’ve just said what you’ve already pointed out.

    I think that Kevin Rudd would be quite happy for Cabinet to deal with the Aust., Network rather than leaving it to one man.

    Senator Conroy has the ultimate responsibility for the decision but it’s likely to be with the approval of the Cabinet.

  26. cough cough !

    News Corp. chairman and chief executive Rupert Murdoch says his company has handled the phone hacking crisis in Britain “extremely well” and will recover.

    In an interview with the News Corp.-owned Wall Street Journal, Murdoch also said he would set up an independent committee to “investigate every charge of improper conduct” made against News Corp.

    Read more:

  27. Rebekah Brooks-“go out and govern New South Wales.”
    Murdoch will want his Australian assets in good shape, he may just be needing an Ark in the future.

  28. The Wall Street Journal’s Interview With Rupert Murdoch, Decoded
    The Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal ran an interview with its owner. It was fluffier than a down jacket fresh out of the dryer. It’s also, essentially, written in code. I thought I’d decode it for you

    Our boss called us up and said we should run a story about us, and the not so bad things that happened. In case you haven’t been keeping up, things happened. We won’t really mention them. Following those things there was a crisis. (The crisis was that we got

    caught!) But now we’re responding. And we’re doing great!

  29. (On the Australia Network tender imbroglio, Mark Day’s musings in The Australian are, perhaps, parodic in hindsight, and in re-arrangement, for the extended matters now touched on: Australia Network tender process lacks transparency

    It’s a can of worms. Good government is supposed to be about openness and transparency. The reverse is the case in this matter. Public explanations do not stand up to scrutiny….What we have here looks very much like manipulation of a public tender. If such manipulation is proved, the implications for the government are profound and heads must roll….Last year, after pressure from Sky News Australia for a competitive process, the government called for tenders to supply the service for the next 10 years at a total cost of $223m.That’s a large bucket of public money, which will come out of DFAT’s budget. There were two tenderers, the ABC and Sky….the question is: why did the government open a competitive process if it was not willing to abide by its results?…Greens senator Bob Brown could use his new balance-of-power numbers to press a Senate inquiry.)

  30. I am a little unclear why Mark Day thinks the government would fear such an enquiry. It could prove that the government took prudent action in suspending proceedings.

    I am also amaze at the actions of the head of the ABC. The ministers contacted by him quickly rejected his approach and have no problems telling the public, they told him where to go.

    When do we get a new head of the ABC.

  31. Lol, Pip @2.59am. It’s really that I can’t lift a 44 full of the Emperor’s digestive end product, but wouldn’t it be delightful? I do think it would only be fair to have Anal, Dolt, Planet Janet and the rest of those Smuggles Set a*se lickers in the photo. It’d be soooo funny to get them to look up with their mouths open just as the container was emptied.

    Min @6.38am, I’m sure the government was keeping a very sharp eye on events unfolding in the UK and rubbing their hands with unrestrained the situation deteriorated for the Emperor.

    I wouldn’t be surprised if they’ve been looking for a way to nip the tender in the bud and now they have the perfect stiletto to slip between the Emperor’s scrawny ribs.

    CU @12.16pm, I’m sure some politicians will be sh!tting themselves if there’s an enquiry and most of them would belong to the Smuggles Set! Obviously Smuggles has to swear blind that there’s no substance to any allegations of wrong doing, considering the Emperor has his imperial claw up the opposition leader’s backside.

    Pip @1.11pm, well that’s alright then. I’d be terribly upset if they weren’t doing fine. Bwwaahahahahahaha!!!!

    I hope the campaign to unseat the Emperor doesn’t lose momentum, and that governments learn that cosying up to moguls of any sort can only end in grief. I won’t hold my breath on the latter, though.

  32. I think we need to remeber this man will not go down without a fight.

    I expect the pigsty will be be emptied of swill for the next few months.

    They will go on the attack.

    Any editor that does not deliver will pay with their jobs.

    There would hbe mjany politicians world wide that owe Mr. Murdoch.

  33. That’s why we have to keep the pressure on, CU. I don’t think Simon Patel’s mob will give up soon and I don’t think the public will easily forget the hacking and deleting of messages from murder victim Milly Dowling’s phone while she was missing.

    If I were her parents, i’d be at the high powered lawyer’s office right now arranging an enormous lawsuit.

    Because of the multitude of criminal activities, they could they’ll be tied up in law courts for years, particularly as the US looks like getting involved. And I doubt whether they’ll be allowed to conduct business as usual if it does come to that.

  34. This isn’t ‘the latest” on Murdoch, but it does put some meat on the “lunch with Rupert” stories.

    Politicians of all stripes beat a path to Murdoch’s door

    Self-interest appears to have driven Murdoch’s desire for political clout. Within a few months of entertaining Keating, he was supping with new prime minister John Howard, with cross-media regulations on the menu. And then there was Rudd. And now Gillard.

    To Rupert Murdoch, only the names on the menu change.

    Read more:

  35. Pip, I heard that the parents said he apologize over and over. They also said that their lawyer was going ahead with action. I do not think they were impressed, I maybe wrong as usual.

  36. Pip @10.35am. I hope so. The actions of the Murdochracy in regard to Milly Dowling are unforgivable. I hope he and he rest of that mob of monsters are shorn of a heap of money, are never allowed to have any interest in any way, shape or form in any form of media and are given hefty custodial sentences!

    It should be the same treatment that Rome dished out to Carthage.

    Dare we hope that the scent of blood is in the water?

  37. CU, it’s really quite awful. You see what is going to happen is that the parents are going to sue in tort and if Murdoch has already made a public apology then this will be deducted from the $ amount of the claim. It’s nothing about being sincere and genuine, it’s just a lawyer’s ruse.

  38. Min, ji think there has been payments going on for a while to keep the lid on.

    Thankfully some are more are interested in truth and justice than money.

    How anyone can say it is different in Australia is beyond me. Mr. Murdoch top executives seem to move all around the world.

    The one taking over from the redhead has worked in Australia, is from NZ and is presently the head of something in Asia.

    There are not separate companies in each country. They over lap. They are onhe with Mr. Murdoch fully in charge at the top.

  39. People being friendly with media mogels is nothing new. But i do think this sort of behaviour is dangerous

    “PRIME Minister Kevin Rudd stayed with billionaire media mogul Kerry Stokes at his lavish mansion in Broome last weekend.

    Mr Rudd and his wife, Therese Rein, spent the night of October 2 at the Channel Seven owner’s Cable Beach compound as part of a three-day trip to WA”

  40. Neil, that’s nice. October 2 in the year 2009 , I think that I spent the weekend with…nope I was definitely at home, I think that I had the kids home and had a barbeque.

  41. Neil, I think you will find that both sides are being named as not being prudent in becoming close to media moguls.

    I think in this matter, both sides are guilty.

    I will add that PM Gillard visit Mr. Murdoch when she went to America.

    Mr. Keating was caught sneaking out of Mr. Murdoch;s home in Canberra. The home Mr. Murdoch bought close to the Lodge so it was convenient for PMs.

    I am sure that PM Howard also ensured he kept on close terms with Mr. Murdoch, especially after he promised to dump the cross ownership laws that Mr. Murdoch found distasteful and PM should consider re-introducing.

    I have a sneaky feeling that Mr. Murdoch has received a dressing down from his mother. His statement that the recent behaviour of his company does not meet the standards of his father or mother.

    I remember an interview where his mother said she was not happy with him dump his first wife. His mother has made a very clear statement of going against her son and standing up publicly for carbon pricing.

    I do believe the lady does not see her son through rose coloured glasses.

    Mr. Murdoch looks very unhappy tonight. I wonder what else is coming?

  42. It is not a good look when the PM of Australia stays at the house of a media mogel. Very poor decision by Rudd.

    PM’s should not give the impression of evil.

    “I am sure that PM Howard also ensured he kept on close terms with Mr. Murdoch, ”

    I am sure you are correct. However it is interesting that you could list two examples of Labor leaders visiting Murdoch but not one by Howard.

  43. I am sure you are correct. However it is interesting that you could list two examples of Labor leaders visiting Murdoch but not one by Howard.

    Just another example of Labor being upfront and honest as opposed to the sneaky underhanded Libtards. And it seems Howard couldn’t jump into bed with the Emperor fast enough on media cross ownership.

    I don’t think politicians of any description should be chummy with media moguls, but given the Rodent’s predisposition for sly, sneaky underhanded behaviour, I’m sure his head would have been well up the Emperpr’s @rse when it wasn’t up Dubya’s.

  44. Jane

    Most of what you said would be called heresay evidence in a court of law.

    Speaking of getting up the US’s @rse have a look at this

    “You were indispensable in the Cold War and you are indispensable in the new world too,” she said.

    Ms Gillard received six standing ovations and 10 seated rounds of applause. She herself choked back tears as she neared the end of the speech and urged the US to be bold in order to get back on its feet.

    “I firmly believe you are the same people who amazed me when I was a small girl by landing on the moon,” she stammered.”

  45. Catching up @ 4.58pm, there most certainly have been ‘keep your gob shut’ payments, but not everyone benefits…..

    Mary Ellen Field worked for Ms Elle MacPherson, and will be a guest on 7.30 this coming week. Well worth watching.

    Noticeably absent from the settlement offers was the Australian woman who did product branding and intellectual property work for the model and lingerie impresario Elle Macpherson.

    Mary-Ellen Field told the ABC’s Mark Colvin how her career and livelihood were ruined by NoW phone hackers because unusual information about Macpherson, which would have been confined to only a few people, ended up in the tabloid. Ms Field was wrongly blamed for this breach of privacy and was fired.

    Ms Field appeared on the news a couple of days ago and has yet to hear a word from Ms Macpherson!

    Nice !!

  46. I think that speech by Gillard to the US Congress has got to be one of the most sickening things I have read in a long time.

    I am sure she would have been anti-American when she was at Uni. But of course would say anything when in power.

    To top it off she visited Murdoch when she went to the US.

  47. Murdoch’s Political Money Trail

    The media mogul has used cold cash to sway politicians and lobby regulators. Laura Colarusso reports on his efforts to influence U.S. policy.

    For most of his colorful career, Rupert Murdoch has had friends in high places. As the News of the World phone-hacking scandal has made clear, he and his lieutenants hobnob with such high-level British politicians as Prime Minister David Cameron. But Murdoch’s influence reaches far beyond the shores of the United Kingdom—and that influence has come with a steep price tag.

    Over the past decade, Murdoch and his company News Corp. have spent close to $50 million sowing the seeds of goodwill here in America through well-heeled lobbyists, seven-figure political donations, and large charitable contributions to key nonprofit groups. Murdoch’s money trail can be traced deep into the halls of Congress and the powerful federal agencies overseeing the industry that has made him wealthy.

    News Corp. is “well into the upper echelon of entities” trying to influence the federal government, says Dave Levinthal, editor of, a website that catalogues special interests’ spending. Its biggest weapon? Lobbying, by far. The company has dispensed more than $42 million since 2001 trying to curry favor with lawmakers and regulators.

  48. Twitter Reacts To Murdoch Apology With Shakespeare Quotes (TWEETS)


    ***king Liar #shakespeare4murdoch #NOTW #BskyB

    Murdoch, Murdoch, where for art thou Murdoch? Probably awaiting the reactions to his full-page apologies he published in British newspapers such as The Guardian and the Sun and Times recently. This comes in the wake of the shocking resignation of former CEO of News International, Rebekah Brooks.

    While the world waits for Murdoch’s second round of the “I’m sorry” advertisements due to be published soon, the twitterverse sought the advice of a timeless playwright for how they should react.

    Want you brush up on your Shakespeare and read the lastest in the NOTW scandal at the same time? We’ve got you covered.


    ”You are not worth the dust which the rude wind blows in your face.” King Lear Act 4 S2


    John Connor
    One may smile and smile and be a villain #shakespeare4murdoch


    Mary Maguire
    Murdoch most foul #shakespeare4murdoch

  49. Lawyers and PR experts drill Rupert Murdoch before parliamentary grillingNewsCorp chief is spending the weekend preparing for his grilling from a parliamentary select committee on Tuesday

    Rupert Murdoch, facing his first grilling from a parliamentary select committee, was being briefed this weekend by lawyers and a public relations expert who helped salvage the reputation of American chat show host David Letterman when he was blackmailed over a series of affairs with work colleagues.

    The media mogul has drafted in Steven Rubenstein, whose clients also include Hollywood actor Robert De Niro, to offer advice on how best to present himself during the hearing on Tuesday.

    Murdoch is also being briefed by Dan Tench, one of the UK’s leading media lawyers. This week’s parliamentary hearing, taking place in the Boothroyd room, is set to be a moment of high drama watched by millions.

    It is the first time Murdoch, who will appear with his son James and the former News International chief executive Rebekah Brooks, has been confronted by MPs in such a setting.

    Murdoch, who is staying in his apartment in St James’s Place, Westminster, has lost some of the key figures who have led him safely through pitfalls in the UK before, including his longtime News International chief executive Les Hinton and legal manager Tom Crone. Michael Wolff, Murdoch’s biographer, said the media mogul would be seriously worried by what he was about to face. “He is awful at this sort of stuff. He is pretty inarticulate, mumbles all the time and is incredibly defensive.

    He very rarely attends these sorts of things in the US, once in the mid 1990s and once in the 1970s, and that is the reason that when he does do interviews they tend to be to his own papers. There is a good chance he will publicly fall on his face here. It won’t be pretty and he will be taking the preparation very seriously, until he gets tired, that is.”

    The Observer understands there are deep concerns at News Corporation that Murdoch and his son will come across as having secrets to hide on Tuesday.

  50. Doing the right ‘ping’ – paper’s former journalists spill the beans

    Read more:–papers-former-journalists-spill-the-beans-20110712-1hcj6.html#ixzz1SIEGOlyL

    I’ve just been listening to a journalist speaking in the UK, and according to him there are only about 60 people who are authorised to track the wherabouts of mobile phones, ‘pinging’.

    AN INVESTIGATION by The New York Times, which included interviews with two former journalists at News of the World, has revealed the workings of the illicit mobile phone tracking.

    Onetime staff members of the tabloid said it was known in the newsroom as ”pinging”.

    Under British law, the technology is restricted to law enforcement and security officials. It requires case-by-case authorisation and is used mainly for big criminal cases and the like, according to a former senior Scotland Yard official.

  51. Lawyers for royal family members in cover-up inquiry

    Read more:

    THE lawyers for senior members of the royal family face an official inquiry into their role in an alleged cover-up of the News of the World phone hacking scandal.

    Harbottle & Lewis took possession of hundreds of internal emails from NoTW in 2007 after being hired by News International following the jailing of a reporter and a private detective. The firm indicated in a short letter to News International that the emails did not show wider evidence of criminality. This document was relied on by the publisher during parliamentary inquiries in 2009.

    London’s Daily Telegraph believes the emails did show evidence of potentially criminal behaviour and have now been passed to the police.

    Read more:

  52. Neil, no PM is going to give the Congress a serve while on a visit. But I don’t notice Obama having to have Gillard removed from his backside, nor have I noticed Gillard fawning over him in the same way that Howard slobbered over Dubya.

    Just lurve the “real” apology. 😆

  53. Brooks to take legal advice on attending UK hearing

    LONDON, July 17 | Sun Jul 17, 2011 10:50am EDT

    LONDON, July 17 (Reuters) – Former News International chief Rebekah Brooks may not appear at a British parliamentary hearing next week following her arrest on Sunday over phone-hacking allegations, her spokesman said. David Wilson said Brooks would consult lawyers on whether to attend the meeting, at which politicians planned to quiz Brooks and her former employers Rupert Murdoch, owner of News Corp , and James Murdoch, chairman of the conglomerate’s British newspaper arm. “I think there will clearly be some discussions between her lawyers and the select committee on whether it is is still sensible for her to appear,” Wilson told Reuters.

  54. From:

    A cheque for 700,000 pounds was signed by James Murdoch – the media baron’s second son who was recently moved to New York and anointed as Mr Murdoch senior’s successor at News Corporation.

    Apparently James Murdoch didn’t know why his company was forking out such an enormous sum of money to someone whose name didn’t ever appear in The News of the World.

    My bet is that they’re now after James….

  55. News International ‘deliberately’ blocked investigationAll-party home affairs committee report into phone hacking to be published in time for David Cameron’s statement

    • Read the full report

    Vikram Dodd
    The Guardian,
    Wednesday 20 July 2011 deliberately-blocked-investigation?CMP=twt_gu

    Rupert Murdoch’s News International company has been found by a parliamentary committee to have “deliberately” tried to block a Scotland Yard criminal investigation into phone hacking at the News
    of the World.

    The report from MPs on the all-party home affairs committee will be released on Wednesday morning. Its publication has been moved forward in time for a statement on the scandal by the prime minister, David Cameron.

    The report’s central finding comes a day after Rupert and James Murdoch testified before the culture, media and sport committee. The home affairs committee report marks an official damning judgment on News International’s actions.

    It finds the company “deliberately” tried to “thwart” the 2005-2006 Metropolitan police investigation into phone hacking carried out by the News of the World.

    The investigation came at a time when Andy Coulson was editor. Coulson went on to be chosen by Cameron to be his director of communications, before resigning.

    full report from the:-

    House of Commons
    Home Affairs Committee

    Unauthorised tapping into or hacking of mobile communications

    Click to access CRC%20Final%20Report%20Embargoed.pdf

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