The Thing that walked on tiptoe

Well, hasn’t it been a full on week in politics and as I mentioned elsewhere: Why do I have an uncontrollable urge to say the words Shut Up You Idiot whenever Tony Abbott appears on TV.

Anyway this one is just for’s called The Thing that Walked Tiptoe and it’s an elf tale.

It’s also for all those people who are just a little bit different and who don’t always walk with their toes touching the ground.

My Dad read this story to me when I was about 4 years old, so it’s from memory ~~~~

Once upon a time there was a little thing that walked on tiptoe. I don’t quite know what it was, but I can tell you how it came to walk on tiptoe.

You see, it loved humans and it was always saying, “Why can’t I be human? If I always kept my ears covered, couldn’t I be human then?” For its ears and the ears of it’s mother and all their friends and relations were high and pointed and stood up on each side of their heads.

But its mother said “No little thing, for humans always walk with their feet touching the ground, so they would know at once that you weren’t human.” Little Thing and its mother and their friends and relations couldn’t touch their feet to the ground, but walked on air, and the nearest they could get to it was just about three inches above it.

Little Thing sat with a book and looked at the pictures of all the humans standing on the ground, and it felt so envious as it looked down at the earth, three inches below its feet. Presently it stretched its toes down as far as they would go; but though it got nearer to the ground it couldn’t touch it.

The Little Thing put its book down, and set its teeth, and it jumped and practiced standing on its toes; until at last – what do you think? – it just managed to touch the earth with its toes. “Look at me walking on the earth like a human!” And it actually walked a few steps, on its toes like a dancer.

“Well,” said the Little Thing, looking at the book “Now I must have a human hat to cover my ears.”

So it made it a straw hat and put a wreath of flowers around it. “Now,” said Little Thing, shutting the book, “I must find some humans to play with.” And so it said goodbye and went out into the world, walking carefully and proudly on its tiptoes and keeping its hat firmly pulled down over its ears.

Presently it came to a town and all that day Little Thing felt exactly like a human being.

Presently, as the sun began to go down, a little girl said, “I like you. You’re nice to play with. The other children are rough. I don’t like playing with them.” And the Little Thing said “I don’t play with them because they won’t let me, but why do you like playing with me?” And the little girl said, “Because I like you, but you aren’t a real child, are you? You’re only just pretend.”

“How did you know?” said Little Thing, somewhat reluctantly. “Because,” said the little girl, “you don’t stand properly on the ground, and your ears are sticking right up through your hat” – which was perfectly true. “Oh, don’t be sad, Little Thing,” said the little girl, “for I like you Just The Way You Are.”

23 comments on “The Thing that walked on tiptoe

  1. Kevin, thanks for the link ….Frank Capra circa 1958 warning about the human induced pollution.

    Doesn’t this just show the power of the lobbyists, that over half a cenury later the arguments continue.

  2. And while the media are all still contemplating Tony Abbott’s navel..this is what is going mostly unreported..

  3. For friend Bob in California who subscribes to this blog..on the occasion of his 60th Birthday. Squishy hugs Bob 🙂

  4. Thank you very much, Min! This is classic, a piece of music I’ve always enjoyed…and it’s summer here now! 🙂

  5. (While Kevin Rudd sometimes likes to talk about China 2.0, he also likes to talk about Australia 2.01; how does Australia 2.01 reconcile with Australia 1.0? Or, is Australia still awaiting its ‘third way’, and an Australia 3.0 which opens up to ‘closing the gapS’?)

  6. What a lovely story, Min. And the illustration is so perfect. It’s a pity we lose those stories along the way and then have to dredge around in our imperfect memories to pass them along. Was it a story you told your crew at bedtime?

    I had lovely book which was one of my favourites for my bedtime story (my parents knew it by heart), but I can’t remember its title and only remember one poem, and so it hasn’t been passed on to my kids.

    Kevin, BBC Knowledge showed a Horizon program titled “How Many People Live on Earth?”, hosted by David Attenborough. A sobering watch, which explores the implications of unfettered population growth on our ability to feed ourselves and it’s effect on our planet.

    It should be mandatory viewing for AGW sceptics and deniers. And I think they’d have a bit more difficulty effectively rubbishing someone as well known and loved as David Attenborough, than the scientists who have been researching and monitoring AGW and global climate for the last 50+ years.

    After all, what would those sciency guys know? Dolt, the Smuggles Set and Emperor Rupert and his dark minions are a much more reliable source of information on the matter. After all, they can tell if it’s raining. What further qualifications could you possibly need?

  7. Thank you was just for fun. It was a story my dad told me at bedtime when I was 4. As for my crew I think that I can repeat word-perfect Briony’s favorite story The Life Cycle of the Ladybird and that’s word for word. It surprised me not a bit that she later chose to study Applied Science.

  8. Thank you Noelene. I have a stack of them, all in my imagination. It was fun to write and I hope if I stay on this blog that I will do more in the future.

  9. Jane

    When we camped at James Price Point a few years ago we joked about what the other 6 million people were doing. It’s ticked over to 7 Billion since.
    Population is the Indian elephant in the room.

  10. Just for fun..this was my modern dance/duet routine when I was accepted into the Royal Victorian Ballet. I couldn’t do ‘the lift’ nearly as well as this, but this was the routine.

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