Oh The Hypocrisy

Just read an excellent article by Henry Porter at the Guardian:


These paragraphs best sum up my disgust with Murdoch media:

“Things do revert in politics but there will never be a return to normal service for the Murdoch family, which has lectured us over the years about standards and trust but whose employees may be guilty of thousands of criminal acts, now accused of suborning and bribing the police and suspected of a serious obstruction of justice with the alleged deletion of email archives.

It doesn’t get much worse than this, but think of the eye-watering hypocrisy that occurred in September 2009. Just as James Murdoch was signing huge cheques to silence people whose phones had been hacked, he attacked the BBC at the Edinburgh TV festival with a speech entitled “The Absence of Trust” in which he claimed: “The only reliable, durable and perpetual guarantor of independence is profit.””

It would be naive to think that Murdoch and his Federal Liberal Party were not involved in similar activities in Australia.  The smear campaign against Simon Overland by The Australian is a good example.

When the Liberals gain office, we can be sure that we will have the best government money can buy.

44 comments on “Oh The Hypocrisy

  1. Well spotted lunalava.

    The speech by James Murdoch, “The Absence of Trust” was downright scary.


    Mr. J. Murdoch has no time for the BBC, Channel 4 and Ofcom, the British regulator… thank goodness Ofcom is there at present, given the NOW scandal.
    Nor does News Ltd. here have any respect for the ABC.

    The smear campaign against Simon Overland is just one of many.

    There was also Christine Nixon being crucified for having a meal during the dreadful Victorian bushires.

    The relentless ‘reporting’ of the Chantelois ‘scandal’ in Adelaide, which died a very sudden death sfter the SA election when some unsavoury family events made it awkward to continue with the campaign.

    There is also the matter of the campaign against the Greens, with
    The Australian declaring that they would destroy the Greens, but the standout is the way in which every News Ltd outlet has gone about
    belittling the Prime Minister.

    News Ltd. usual suspects write about ‘pink batts’ and the BER, without ever acknowledging that they were not a failure; but why look at the statistics with an unjaundiced eye?

    Journalists who can read would know that the GFC was real and that this Labor government managed to save a couple of hundred thousand jobs with the stimulus package, yet it’s a rare thing to see any of them challenge the Coalition MPs on their statements on the economy. Ever.

    We could discuss the way the media has reported on the carbon tax but that’s another post on it’s own. Let’s just say it’s been a lot like Fox Views; ‘fair and balanced’.

  2. luna lava, how could I forget to mention the treament of Rob Oakeshott particularly by Macquarie News and the Daily Telegraph and The Australian, all experts at ‘framing’ their poison.

  3. Don’t forget the outing of Grog by the murdoch flagship, the salary cap saga in Melb, one could go on all night, why would anyone not suspect they have not followed their UK compadres they all went through the same school for scoun***s. Let us hope they lose theUk BsykB bid and the one here also.

  4. I could not agree more with the above sentiments. Murdoch’s media has at last received some of its own poison. Perhaps the current governement could announce a media ownership review. Each part of the current parliment has been defamed, lied about and just plain nasty comments without basis from News corp. Where would they go to lobby? News corp have burnt every bridge. I say Julia would do well in the polls to make an example of them plus, some favourable overseas support is likely.
    Thankyou to the Guardian.

  5. I have immediately stopped purchasing the Australian. Can no longer bring myself to support this pack of family thugs who are trying for media world domination through whatever means they deem necessary.

    The British Government must immediately ban the concentration of any further media in their country by News Corp or any of its Subsidiaries, Companies, Trusts, Family Members or any other complex structure designed to avoid the revelation of the actual end owners or tax.

  6. Newspapers are the dying reporting medium and television and internet are the growing medium.

    The loss of a newspaper to gain 100% outright ownership of BSkyB makes good sense to a greedy corporate thug.

    The British Government should hang its head in shame if it allows the 100% takeover to porceed.

  7. Bilko @ 8.45am, the Grogs Gamut ‘outing’ was nothing more than a vendetta and a big dummy spit against a man who runs rings around the journalists.

    Anyone who reads his blog can see the effort he puts into sourcing the facts on any subject and sticking to the facts, something badly lacking in the MSM.

  8. Mr. Denmore, your Failed Estate blog is so good I’m putting the link up again 🙂

    Strings Attached


    Business institutions so large and powerful that they distort the democratic process; frightened politicians in the pockets of large monopolistic companies; a corrupted and constricted public debate and an ever increasing separation between the actions of those large institutions and the generally agreed standards of public decency: The grim pathology of the global financial crisis comes to mind when watching the beginning of the end of Rupert Murdoch’s malignant
    global media empire.

    By common consent, Murdoch is the single most powerful media figure in the English-speaking world. From humble beginnings in Adelaide in 1952, he slowly has built a global vertically integrated media and entertainment conglomerate that ritually makes and breaks democratic governments and shapes our public space more than any other single entity.

  9. A picture worth a thousand words !

    Labour vows to fight Murdoch’s bid to take over BSkyB


    LONDON — The $12 billion bid by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation to take over Britain’s most lucrative satellite broadcast company, British Sky Broadcasting, ran into fresh trouble on Sunday when the opposition Labour Party promised to take the battle against the takeover to a vote in the House of Commons — a step that, if successful, could deal a fatal blow to the bid.

  10. From Reuters


    Opposition Labour party leader Ed Miliband said on Sunday that he would force parliament to vote this week if Cameron did not take steps to halt the $14-billion bid by Murdoch’s News Corp for the 61 percent of the profitable pay-TV operator BSkyB that it does not already own.

    A vote in parliament could split the coalition between Cameron’s Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats who, traditionally less favoured by Murdoch’s media, have signalled they could vote with Labour on the issue.

  11. This scandal will not slip quiely away, especially if it grows extra legs in the USA, which I suspect it will. Obama has repeatedly and publicly expressed concern at Murdoch’s Sky News attacks on him; the lies, the innuendo and the propaganda. Here could just be the Obama Administration’s green light to go for Murdoch’s throat. Believe it or not, Americans don’t take too kindly to bribery or corruption.

    Closer to home, many people are asking whether phone tapping could have happened here too. I don’t think it’s an unreasonable question. Maybe when a journalist says “according to a Labor insider” or “according to a Labor backbencher” or “according to sources close to the Prime Minister” they are either making those stories up or they getting the information illegally.

  12. Excellent point Roswell. Phone hacking is explicitly against Australian crime laws, but that’s not to say that it isn’t happening.

  13. http://www.guardian.co.uk/politics/2011/jul/11/evidence-data-checks-gordon-brown

    An unexpected ruling by a judge six years ago effectively covered up the chance to publicly expose evidence of the illegal targeting of Gordon Brown, which had been unearthed by a startled team of provincial detectives.

    Operation Reproof, by Plymouth police, revealed the first of what became many systematic attempts to gain illegal confidential information on the prime minister and his family, but their findings were suppressed.

    The Guardian has now been able to document the facts.

    Files buried in police archives detail the discovery of an extraordinary nationwide network of private investigators, whom a corrupt local police officer was feeding with information filched from the police national computer (PNC).

    To the detectives’ surprise, the targets included the then chancellor of the exchequer, listed by his full name, James Gordon Brown and date of birth, as well as two other Labour politicians.

    They were the chancellor’s close colleague, the agriculture minister Nick Brown, plus the embattled MP for Reading West, Martin Salter, who at the time of the PNC break-in had been publicly put on an “enemies list” by the then News of the World editor, Rebekah Brooks.

  14. Roswell, it’s very clear that ltd news has an enemies list, anything to dow with Labor.

    The phone hacking throws up many questions about what’s happening here.

    As you said, “according to a Labor insider”, “according to a Labor back bencher, “according to sources close to the Prime Minister”.

    I’m still wondering also about the “junior assistant” to PM Gillard at the time of the big leak last year.
    He was formerly an assistant to Alexarnder Darner.

  15. ‘It’s alien speak.’

    That may well soon be rewritten as ‘it’s phone tapped speak’

    Our tapped sources report 😉

  16. Gordon Brown must have felt the Sun was out to destroy himNews that the Sun obtained details of the former prime minister’s son’s illness will confirm his entourage’s worst suspicions


    After the election Brown continued to be concerned by phone hacking, encouraging lines of inquiry, firing off emails and closely following the course of a New York Times investigation into the scandal, that was finally published in September 2010.

    It was around then that Brown wrote privately to the Metropolitan Police to ask whether his phone had been hacked. His suspicion was that his phone had been hacked between 2005 and 2007 when he was chancellor. By January this year, as the fact of his inquiry became
    known, the Met had not replied.

  17. The media is clearly existing in another reality. The media repeats over and over that Julia Gillard has to convince the electorate, but she doesn’t. Julia has the numbers to get this legislation through both the lower house and the Senate but the media are treating one piece of legislation as an election campaign.

  18. Nimue, they media are pushing their own barrow with the regular ‘push’ polls.

    Tony Abbott mentions the election or next election at every opportunity, we’ve even seen Ita Buttrose in a Women’s Weekly style pose, demanding that an election be called immediately.

    Meanwhile the government is passing piles of legislation, the NBN is being rolled out, etc., you could say they’re “Moving Forward” !!

    One could conclude that the Liberal bandwagon is still plotting for a double dissolution next week
    In the words of The Castle’s Darrell Kerrigan,

    “Tell ’em they’re dreamin’.

  19. As Gordon and Sarah Brown learnt of son’s illness, The Sun editor Rebekah Brooks called to say she knew

    Fraser Brown, born four months previously, had been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

    That was not all the couple — whose firstborn child died in infancy in 2002 — had to contend with. They were also dealing with the knowledge that The Sun knew of the boy’s condition, and planned to publish.

    The woman who broke that news to Mr Brown, who was chancellor at the time, was Rebekah Brooks, who was the newspaper’s editor and is now the News International chief executive at the eye of a growing storm that threatens the media company.

    The vulture culture is unbelievable


  20. Maybe Murdoch could close the following publications for outright lies the Telegraph for Pauline Hanson photos and The Australian over the “ute” and the emails by Godwin Grech.
    Any other nominations?

  21. Sue, my nomination would be the Children Overboard pics which the MSM media accepted without hesitation in spite of pleadings from the Dept of Defence that these photos had been misrepresented.

  22. New Matilda lists a few examples:-

    Former British deputy Prime Minister John Prescott — whose own phone was hacked — was on Lateline this week, telling Australian audiences to “watch [Rupert Murdoch] in Australia as well.”

    News Limited in Australia has not been free of scandal, even if nothing that has been uncovered in Australia compares to the extent of the British illegality.

    The Melbourne Storm salary cap breach, for instance, happened while News Limited’s Australian chief executive John Hartigan was directly in charge. News Limited owns the Melbourne Storm and part-owns the NRL, but Hartigan has resolutely pleaded ignorance of the abuses and seems to have suffered no ill effects. Indeed, Hartigan’s excuses — that the fraud was perpetrated by small number of “rats in the ranks” to the ignorance of senior managers — sound a lot like those trotted out by Rebekah Brooks and James Murdoch this week.

    The Simon Artz affair at The Australian also has echoes of the British abuses. Artz, a Victorian policeman, leaked details of a counter-terrorism raid to The Australian’s Cameron Stewart in 2009. As a result, Artz and Stewart were investigated by the Office of Police Integrity, and Artz was later charged. The Australian responded with a vicious campaign against the investigation and then against Police Commissioner Simon Overland in particular. In its 2010 Annual Report, the OPI accused The Australian of mounting a “sustained attack” on its activities which “was intended to be intimidatory”. The case against the newspaper was eventually settled out of court with much secrecy — again, showing similarities with News’ British tactics — but criminal proceedings against Artz continue.

    I guess that explains why Simon Overland copped the Murdoch treatment

  23. Tom R, I particularly enjoyed this bit from the News Ltd. Professional Conduct Policy.

    1. Accuracy
    1.1 Facts must be reported impartially, accurately and with integrity.
    1.2 Clear distinction must be made between fact, conjecture and comment.
    1.3 Try always to tell all sides of the story in any kind of dispute.
    1.4 Do not knowingly withhold or suppress essential facts.
    1.5 Journalists should be reluctant to rely on only one source. Be careful not to recycle an error from one reference source to another. Check and check again.

    and 2. Mistakes
    2.1 Serious factual errors should be admitted and corrected at the first opportunity, subject to legal advice where appropriate. Individuals or organisations that have been criticised in News group
    publications should be given a fair opportunity to respond.

    What a pity the rules are not followed !

  24. Like a dog’s hind leg….


    RPT-COLUMN-It pays to be Murdoch. Just ask US gov’t: DCJohnston

    Tue Jul 12, 2011 3:39pm BST

    David Cay Johnston is a Reuters columnist. The opinions expressed here are his own. (Repeating for wider distribution

    By David Cay Johnston

    July 12 (Reuters) – Rupert Murdoch may not garner as much attention for his financial savvy as he does for his journalistic escapades, which last week led to the shuttering of Britain’s oldest tabloid. But that doesn’t make his money management any less impressive.

    Indeed, when it comes to taxes, instead of rendering unto Caesar, Murdoch has Caesar rendering unto him.

  25. What a pity the rules are not followed!

    No worse than not following their own rule Pip, they deliberately use them as the baseline for what not to do in actuality.

  26. Tom @ 10.03 nothing like a good laugh first thing in the morning, thanks for the link.
    Maybe you could forward it to Barry Cassidy and then he could review a few episodes of Insiders. In that way Barry may understand why we get so annoyed with the News Ltd panelists.

  27. The anti-Gillard dribble on news.com has heated up to disgustingly high levels. The Mother Ships better hurry up and get people safely off the planet before Gillrad destroys it. We have no time to spare. The sky has dropped 20 metres since dawn this morning.

  28. Closer to home, many people are asking whether phone tapping could have happened here too.

    I think it’s a lay down misere that it has, Roswell. LtdNews is just as lacking in scruples here as elsewhere. In fact, the Emperor started down that path when his sole property was “The News” in Adelaide.

    He published a graph favourable to the ALP upside down to indicate the reverse in the lead-up to a state election. The duplicity was exposed by the rival “The Advertiser”, which had published the graph the day before; the Emperor never apologised nor did he correct the lie.

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