Millions of Low Carbon Jobs: Garnaut

Garnaut talk

From my Red Bluff blog:

Professor Ross Garnaut talks about the 2011 Update to his 2008 Climate Change Review. Speaking to an public audience at Melbourne University on 16 June 2011, Ross predicts that millions of low carbon jobs will be created in Australia. They will come from “everywhere’.

Video here: Millions of Low Carbon Jobs

If you missed the Melbourne Say Yes rally there’s a little video there too.

All part of the taxpayer-free information campaign.

63 comments on “Millions of Low Carbon Jobs: Garnaut

  1. Kevin, of course. I suspect that this is why I get a little frustrated at times – youngest is PhD molecular bioscience at UQ and the scientists are really really bored with the climate change media debate. For the scientists it’s very old news.

  2. ‘Ms Arabia, who is launching the ‘Respect the Science’ campaign at Parliament House today, told ABC News Breakfast she had received a fresh death threat only this morning.’

    monkeywrench appears to have been unnervingly accurate 😦

    ‘The last time he published a photograph and named a scientist in this way, it resulted in that scientist receiving death threats. I wonder if his thugs can resist the temptation this time….’

    (not that I am saying it was one of his thugs mind you)

  3. Tom R, thanks for the link…’s good for a much needed laugh.

    Weekly Open Thread, 20-24 June 2011
    June 20, 2011 – 7:38 am, by Jeremy Sear Dave’s still off exploring the farthest reaches of the country, but that doesn’t mean it’s not time for a new Open Thread.

    It’s a week already brimming with silly media stories, from Tony Abbott’s asinine “plebiscite” demands (we need the people to vote again before they see the reality of the carbon price and realise how absolutely deranged our scaremongering has been!) to the devastating news that Kate Middleton WORE THE SAME DRESS TWICE. Labor’s poll numbers remain bad, and their frenemies in the media seem to be suggesting they either knife Gillard or knife Rudd or both at once IN A SUICIDAL ORGY OF GIVING US JUICY HEADLINES. The smart money is that Labor will, this time, have the sense to do neither…

    And there’s only a little more than week before we lose Labor’s Senate accident, Steve Fielding, back to obscurity.


  4. Kevin thank you for keeping us up to date. It’s just a shame that the MSM are not as obliging.

    Tom R, would the promoters of the madness take any responsibility for the death threats to scientists? Probably not

  5. Min, Don’t be at all surprised what our walking mathematical and spelling expert(Fielding) and that other media grabbing tart(Xenophon) do, regarding Abbott’s plebiscite stunt, they are both very unpredictable.

  6. Crowey, it has to be passed by the Lower House first and I’m doubtful that it will…but then life is always full of surprises.

  7. I heard Xenophon say on the radio this morning that he wanted the plebiscite to be worded to say ‘do you want to pursue a price on Carbon’, which, correct me if I’m wrong, is precisley what the Gillard Government took to the last election.

    This is turning into high farce, and even Xenophon is joining in the game.

    I still hope it goes ahead, and I hope it says ‘Tax’

    Bring the lawyers in I say 🙂

  8. ‘…the public will better understand the intense scrutiny the science must undergo in the peer review process, before major decisions can be made.’

    The peer review system has been corrupted, but as the general public is unfamiliar with the system they might take the above comment as legitimate.

    We have no idea how many genuine scientists have been left out of the loop by warmist scientists who run around patting each other on the back and denigrating those who have a different view of reality.

    The idea that increasing CO2 causes warming is only a theory, just like a sun on the blink causes cooling.

    Keep in mind that the peer review system is working very well in every other area of science – just not climate change – because of political and financial interference.

  9. El gordo, you’ve made that statement previously that the peer review system has been corrupted – in what way? And what evidence is there for this.

  10. “The idea that increasing CO2 causes warming is only a theory, just like a sun on the blink causes cooling. ”

    When the sun is on the blink at my place (at night time) it certainly causes cooling cause I can feel it.

  11. ‘but I’ll put this up anyway.’

    Thanks Tony, do you mean THIS Patrick Michaels. I guess I can understand why he hates Peer review, it allows others to actually check his work.

    (psst, you do understand that the accusations in that link you put up how been found to be baseless in regards to the so-called ‘climategate’ episode, don’t you, in several independant investigations)

  12. I particularly like the exasperated look on the face of a young onlooker everytime Patrick Michaels starts talking in that video

    Priceless 🙂

  13. Whoops, I probably should have put this onto this topic…

    BREAKING NEWS: Fielding will not back a plebiscite therefore effectively killing it off. Fielding said that ‘it’s just a stunt’. I take it back..all those things that I ever thought about you..well some of ‘em 😉

  14. ‘all those things that I ever thought about you’

    All those years of running his own stunts, and now….

    Well, better late than never

  15. From:

    Family First senator Stephen Fielding is refusing to back legislation for what he labelled “a glorified opinion poll”.

    Mr Abbott needed the votes of both senators Fielding and his crossbench colleague, Nick Xenophon, to win Upper House backing for his plebiscite.

    “It is a political stunt and I won’t be backing it,” Senator Fielding said today.

    “It is an $80 million glorified opinion poll that isn’t going to be binding.”

    “Seriously, why should we waste $80 million on a glorified opinion poll just because Tony has got a problem?”.

  16. “The peer review system has been corrupted, but as the general public is unfamiliar with the system they might take the above comment as legitimate’

    el gordo, you continually make this claim. Wy has it become corrupt and where is the evidence.

    Could it be that you and many others say this because you do not believe with the results.

    Could it be that the experts that you use to support your claims cannot produce any evidence that has been peer reviewed.

  17. Min, we better not hold our breath. I have been asking the same question of him for months.

    The man cannot truly believe that the whole body of scientist that work in the field of climate change, in many countries across the world are corrupted.

    To my knowledge, scientist are very competitive, and there would always be at least one that wants to make a name for themselves by proving his peers wrong.

    It appears that the numerous enquiries into facts put out by those who oppose climate change, in many countries world wide are also corrupt.

    Even Mr. Abbott is saying it is not about whether climate change is occurring, it is about ow we deal with it. I do not believe Mr. Abbott but this time he might be correct by accident.

    I am of the opinion that Mr. Abbott’s campaign of doom and gloom will do more to harm the economy than any carbon pricing mechanism will.

    We already have a large section of the community with the perception that everything in the economy is bad and are too scared to spend. A politician and his party cannot continue to talk the economy down, without harm being done. We now have this politician trashing our country overseas.

  18. CU, you have it of course – the whole system of peer review is highly scrutinised as one person is a cross-check against the work of the other. To say that the entire peer review system has been tarnished would be a Conspiracy Theory worthy of Roswell.

  19. Mr. Abbott isn’t going to get his plebiscite because he doesn’t have enough support in parliament, how can he then oppose a carbon tax.

  20. Abbot specialises in stunting the political process. He doesn’t have political speechwriters – they’re comedy hacks. Time his standup routine fell over.

    He insists on a vote but won’t accept the result if it goes against him. He shold be a laughing stock.

  21. And Kevin, of course it isn’t going to happen anyway because Fielding has come out and stated specifically that he will not support a plebiscite and Abbott needed the support of both Fielding and Xenophon.

    Abbott is a laughing stock because he didn’t even know whether or not he had the numbers in the first place – a stunt of the worst kind.

  22. CSIRO offers climate change data online
    New website launched to provide 35 years’ data on greenhouse gas level changes

    The CSIRO has launched a new website aimed at providing public access to 35 years’ worth of climate change data collected by the agency and the Bureau of Meteorology.

    The site features the output of some three billion measurements from the Cape Grim Baseline Air Pollution Station in Tasmania on gases such as carbon dioxide, methane, and nitrous oxide.

    According to CSIRO’s Science into Society Group leader, Peta Ashworth, the site’s launch was predicated on demand from the public for more information of climate change.

    “This website is one way, for those who are interested, to provide an opportunity to access information on what is happening to atmospheric levels,” she said. “One of the things our work shows is that people in the community have different preferences for how they’d like to access [climate change] information, so by using the internet and actually putting this up in the way that it has it will be very well received…and help people understand what is happening on a monthly basis.”

    CSIRO Changing Atmosphere research group leader, Dr Paul Fraser, said the timing of the site’s launch was not related to recent criticism of climate change science and scientists in mainstream media.

    Fraser said the site’s data was “world class” and relied upon by a number of international organisations for use in their own climate science and research.

    “We have in CSIRO’s records one of the world’s best records [of climate data] and we have been anxious for some time to share those data with as wide a community as possible,” he said.

    “We have done it in the past, somewhat indirectly through our international obligations on reporting Greenhouse gas concentrations, but we really want to make this data available as soon as possible so the public can access it without necessarily getting an interpretation from a third party. If they have got any questions about the data we are happy to deal with them and interact with them.

    “In my mind it has nothing to do with countering criticisms of climate change. What we are trying to do is put up the factual data on which the conclusions are arrived at which climate change is seen as driven largely by the accumulation of Greenhouse gases.”

    Ashworth said a recent survey of the public carried out by the CSIRO had indicated that around seven percent of 1600 respondents were sceptical of climate change, and that publishing the agency’s climate data would provide further data for their consideration.

    “This website in itself provides another opportunity for evidence that people can go to clarify [doubts about climate change],” she said.

    Now, if the sceptics’ scientists could do the same ….

  23. Min @ 12.41pm, that’s very interesting; I seem to remember Abbott wondering whether the PM actually meant “no’ when she said ‘no’.

  24. ‘For example, in 2003 the reputable journal Climate Research published a paleoclimatological analysis that concluded, in flat contradiction to virtually all existing research, that the 20th century was probably not the warmest of the last millennium. ‘

    ‘Probably’ is not quite accurate, definitely the MWP was warmer by at least 2 C degrees in the NH. Sea level was probably a couple of meters higher than at present.

    Talking of sea level rise over the next century – Australians are not taking it seriously.

  25. Apparently Abbott phoned Fielding at home last night to beg him to change his mind on the plebiscite – the answer being No Way. One thing about Abbott, he’s not too proud to grovel – firstly the Independents and now Fielding.

  26. ‘In his first big speech since his appointment by the Gillard government in April, Professor Chubb rejected accusations that he was partisan because he believed that ”the science is in on climate change”.

    Chubb’s a ‘yes man’.

    Bureaucrats making dumb unsubstantiated comments should be held responsible for those comments – Flannery comes to mind and Chubb will now join him.

    The ‘science is in’ and is found wanting.

  27. ‘and is found wanting’

    We’re still waiting on the ‘wanting’ bit.

    Everything they have put forward leads to one conclusion. You really need to explain how it doesn’t when you put up this drivel

    btw, I hear the lord ‘DON’T CALL ME A DENIER’ has no issue calling Garnaut a Nazi

    hypocritical is how I would call it (considering A Denier is simply a term used to describe someone who, well, denies something)

    The Drum article that leads to is very good too

  28. It cracks me up everytime

    And this from the guy who has no issue labelling everyone who disagrees with him a nazi


  29. It all comes back to the ‘precautionary principle’, otherwise this dumb idea of human induced global warming would never have got up.

    ‘The precautionary principle or precautionary approach states that if an action or policy has a suspected risk of causing harm to the public or to the environment, in the absence of scientific consensus that the action or policy is harmful, the burden of proof that it is not harmful falls on those taking the action.’

    I don’t see why the Denialati has to prove anything, but as global cooling has already commenced it shouldn’t be too hard in the years ahead to prove that AGW is a fraud.

  30. Graham Readfern and I used to have arguments every day when he worked at the Courier Mail and when he went off to debate Monckton I wished him luck.

    Unfortunately, he ended up getting the sack.

    For him, as well as Timmy Lambert, meeting the Lord was a life changing experience.

  31. ‘otherwise this dumb idea of human induced global warming would never have got up.’

    Oh, so it’s not all that pesky scientific stuff then.

    ‘I don’t see why the Denialati has to prove anything’

    How about their claims?

    ‘but as global cooling has already commenced’

    That would be a good place to start with your ‘proof’.

    ‘it shouldn’t be too hard in the years ahead to prove that AGW is a fraud.’

    Then do it. Or are you simply in denial?

  32. ‘For him, as well as Timmy Lambert, meeting the Lord was a life changing experience.’

    In Lamberts case, I would say it gave hima huge confidence boost. The only times monckton ever got a leg up was when he was able to make false claims which Lambert would not refute on hte spot, as he wasn’t certain of the answers. Apart from that, monckton, a seasoned ‘debater’, was taught a lesson on science by a geek. It was great to watch.

  33. So what’s to discuss, except perhaps that the Government looks to be correct in ignoring Nuclear as an option, as even countries who have invested heavily in that resource appear to be

  34. Tom, you’re spot on..France and Germany (I think it was) are ditching nuclear. China is now the leading nation in renewable energies…it used to be the USA who are now falling further and further behind.

  35. Yes Min, and with all of these countries increasing their use of renewables, and targetting their carbon footprint, we still get told we are going it alone

    Although I do note that the latest is ‘no other country has an economy wide Carbon Pricing Scheme’

    Which seems lame to me, as we are not proposing that either. The one on offer is very tagetted.

  36. Min, it would have been more sense for Mr. Abbott to ring the cross benches when he first had the thought bubble.

    They do appear surprised at Fielding’s action.

    Why are we still arguing with el gordo that climate change does not exist

    Mr, Abbott even says the debate is past that.

    Mr. Abbott claims the debate is how to deal with climate change. Of course no one knows what he will be thinking tommorrow including himself.

    Today is the second last day. Wonder what he has in store to gain the TV cameras spotlight.

    Yesterdays effort was one of the worse I can remember. My memory goes back to the dismissal. I was struck in the home with babies and old radio. I miss not having a Mr Daly. At least there was wit in the name calling.

    Today’s effort is just pure nasty. After yesterday, I can understand why the PM has no respect for Ms. Bishop, both of them.

  37. ‘Why are we still arguing with el gordo that climate change does not exist’

    Because debating against actaul arguments with real facts and evidence is hard work, this is just a walk in the park 😉

  38. CU re “They do appear surprised at Fielding’s action.” Should they be..I’ve sat here completely stunned at many of Fielding’s actions…

    Abbott has mucked up Big Time – this was his final stunt.

    Funny that you mention Fred Daly..I’ve just been re-reading From Curtin to Kerr.

  39. Min, I believe he would have made a good comedian as he did as leader of the house.

    It is shame that Mr. Whitlam did not head to him after leaving Kerr. He might have missed his steak dinner, but history might have different. Daly would have had a no confident motion in Fraser passed.

    Maybe the election would have gone ahead but not with Mr Fraser as leader. Maybe the result would have been the same.

    Either way, it politics that should have been left back in the past. Yes, Mr Abbott, it can be done but it is an manipulation of the democratic system.

    Mr. Fraser acknowledged this by changing some laws making it harder to do again. The Liberal Party for decades, gave undertakings that they would not deny supply again.

    Min, enjoy your read.

  40. I think this comment at deltoid sums it up beautifully

    “And Anthony Watts has a kiniption fit anytime someone calls him a “denier.””

    Yeah, but, you see, “denier” can only mean that we’re comparing them to Nazis, whereas using swastikas and the word “Hitler” is really just generic language that is used to describe people that are doing things that one doesn’t really agree with

  41. I must have been channelling my inner-Fielding yesterday (scary thought) – Fielding likewise called Abbott’s latest stunt “a glorified opinion poll”.

    Gawd they’re kind to Abbott, even Michelle Grattan is saying “Abbott didn’t do himself any favours….” referring to Abbott saying that he wouldn’t abide by any result of any plebiscite anyway. Why can’t they just call it was just another of T. Abbott’s brain f*rts!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. The reality is that Watts is not a ‘denier’, more a true blue sceptic. Remember the Denialati believe imminent regional cooling is upon us, the sceptics are not so sure.

  43. You could say that it’s a matter of …wait for it… it’s a matter of degrees… Traaa Daaa! :mrgreen:

  44. Turnbull on Sky News: Monckton is becoming increasingly, more and more like a sick vaudeville character.

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