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Greetings and welcome to our midweek topic. Please consider this a venue to write about the things that you care about, personally.

A few days ago I came across this title: Eating Our Shadows which describes how:

In 2010 filmmakers Sinem Saban and Damien Curtis launched Our Generation, a documentary, and a movement, designed to tell the story of many interventions into the life of Australia’s Indigenous people, focusing in particular on stories of the Yolngu from Galiwin’ku. It tells the story of the paper law from the cities and the bush Law of the Yolngu, and the unending collision between the two.

I cannot say much more about it, but rather I will let the film clip speak for itself.

42 comments on “Midweek Momentum

  1. Watch it and weep with shame.
    There was a website a few years ago called jointhedots, or connectthedots, which linked the mining sites, and maybe Defence sites, with the Intervention I’m not sure now.
    Does anyone know what the blog was called?

  2. We are a part of it. The only choice we have is finding a way to play that part constructively.

  3. Patricia, exactly. We are a part of it. If we, one of the wealthiest nations on earth cannot turn around this situation, then what use are we. While we sit in our comfort, watching our huge screen televisions, shopping for the best foods available..this is happening.

  4. What an appalling creep..what an appalling opportunistic slug…is Tony Abbott.

    Mr Abbott boasted of successful Howard government measures to stop boats, including turning them around.

    He said when asylum seekers on the Tampa were denied entry to Christmas Island in 2001 and sent to Nauru, “people smugglers and their customers got the message and boat arrivals virtually ceased”.

    And a special ‘favorite’ of mine…

    In a statement, Immigration Minister Chris Bowen and Home Affairs Minister Brendan O’Connor slammed the idea of towing boats back to Indonesia.

    “How does he propose to tow back boats without risking the lives of those involved and where will he tow them to, considering Indonesia has said simply returning boats would be ‘a backward step’?” the statement asked.

    Mr Abbott will travel to Nauru this week to publicise his push to reopen the detention centre.

    Towing the boats back to Indonesia Mr Abbott? What with..pray tell do tell me which of our ‘spare’ Navy ships are going to be towing boats back to Indonesia. And don’t you think that just maybe Indonesia might get just a smidgey bit upset about you doing this.


  5. “Towing the boats back to Indonesia Mr Abbott? What with..pray tell do tell me which of our ‘spare’ Navy ships are going to be towing boats back to Indonesia.”

    Interestingly this was an election promise of Kevin Rudd


    “KEVIN Rudd has taken a tough line on border security, warning that a Labor government will turn the boats back and deter asylum-seekers, using the threat of detention and the nation’s close ties with Indonesia. ………………………………….You’d turn them back,” he said of boats approaching Australia, emphasising that Labor believed in an “orderly immigration system” enforced by deterrence.”

    How come you people do not condemn Rudd for saying that labor will turn the boats around???

  6. Hello Neil..about time you got your bum back over here 🙂

    That’s a fairly impressive piece of research..I certainly didn’t have a clue that Rudd said that.

    It sounds as if Abbott has ‘borrowed’ his policy from Kevin Rudd.

    Obviously wrong on all counts. You cannot turn the boats around – you can maybe take them back to international waters, but certainly not take them into Indonesian waters.

    My estimation is that if Australia tried this then Indonesia would dig it’s heels in and say, Don’t try it..

  7. No matter what people say, Howards Pacific Solution worked if you are a believer that people should not come here by boat.

    It wasn’t just Nauru. But TPV’s and perhaps other things as well

    We only had 6 boat people in detention in late 2007. We now have almost 7,000. All due to K. Rudd and the people who voted for him.

  8. Neil, isn’t that a bit odd..it works if you don’t believe that people should come here by boat.

    I don’t think that it much matters, boat plane or butterfly wings. When a person arrives in Australia and seeks asylum then we have an obligation to process their claim in a timely manner.

  9. Mr. Abbott is nothing more that an opportunist politician.

    I do not understand how I read a news announcement during the night that Mr. Abbott was on his way to Nauru and Malaysia. When I woke up this became, that he was going to Nauru and advise the PM to go to Malaysia. How come?

    Who is paying for Mr. Abbott’s continuing electioneering since the last electioneering. Who us paying the air fares, the Liberal party.

    “He wouldn’t budge, not even when one of his inquisitors pointed out that a $6 billion debt – which Abbott says will be Australia’s annual interest payments under continued Labor spending – is about equal on a GDP basis to someone on a wage of $100,000 having a mortgage of only $6000. Abbott himself has a much larger mortgage than this – did it make him a poor financial manager? Well, in short, no.
    When he got that final question, he pointed out that Prime Minister Julia Gillard used to say every boat equalled a policy failure. Every boat, he might just as well have said, meant one fewer question on his economic credentials.
    Tony Wright is Age national affairs editor.

    Read more: http://www.theage.com.au/opinion/this-time-asylum-seekers-float-tonys-boat-20100810-11y8z.html#ixzz1OfJieJAE

  10. Min, it is OK to tow the boats back. The problem is that Indonesia will not tkae them back. I believe Mr. Rudd had this problem when he attempted this action.

    The result was only a embarrassing situation for Australia.

  11. “I don’t think that it much matters, boat plane or butterfly wings.”

    It does matter if we have a quota system. Boat people therefore become queue jumpers because they have $10,000 to pay a smuggler while a refugee with no money stays in some camp.

    Why do you think they come by boat?? Because they have no chance competing for our very tiny 14K places.

    There are people trying to get people from camps into Australia but these people are denied a place when a person comes by boat.

  12. Neil, I think that over the years we’ve had this same conversation a hundred or more times. And so, what is the solution?

  13. Two solutions.

    Allow to migrate all 20 million refugees or have a quota system and somehow stop them coming by boat.

    Howard did stop the boats but Rudd started the boat trade again. Labor is trying to reinvent the wheel. Howard went through all this and tried several things and found a solution.

    You lot said he was playing politics but he was trying to find a solution.

  14. Is Mr. Abbott correct. Asylum seekers are criminals that deserve punishment?
    Is he correct when he says there is no nice way of dealing with them?

    “ ABBOTT: The Labor Party should have appreciated from its own time in government that there is no nice way to deal with people who are determined to exploit Australians goodwill. Instead it was vociferous in its annunciation of the former government as cruel, incompetent and racist.

    McCARTHY: Refugee advocates say the increase in boat arrivals after the Rudd Labor government dismantled the Pacific Solution can be attributed to the so-called push factors, the end of the war in Sri Lanka, the conflict in Afghanistan, unrest in Pakistan and other turmoil in the region.

    In the second half of 2010, the largest group of asylum seekers were Chinese, but because they tend to arrive by air, they receive little public attention. Instead, it’s boat arrivals that dominate the national debate and Tony Abbott says stopping those boats is critical to ensuring broad public support for the migration program.

    ABBOTT: So ladies and gentlemen, a strong border protection policy is perfectly consistent with a sizeable and inclusive immigration program, in fact it’s probably essential if the public is to be convinced that Australia’s immigration policy is run by the government, rather than by people smugglers.

    McCARTHY: He says an Abbott government would end taxpayer funding for refugee appeals and penalise those who destroy their documentation. They’d also be tougher penalties against people smuggling, with repeat offenders facing a mandatory sentence of ten years in jail and he would reopen the detention centre on Nauru, which he plans to visit this week.

    ABBOTT: To establish beyond any shadow of doubt that Nauru remains ready, willing and able to take illegal arrivals from Australia. It’s my intention to inspect the Australian taxpayer funded processing centre there to assure myself that it can swiftly be made suitable to house further arrivals from Australia. I’ll also seek assurances from the president and the foreign minister of Nauru about the treatment that arrivals from Australia would receive. And ladies and gentlemen, the prime minister should by now have made a similar trip to Malaysia if she really thinks that unauthorised arrivals from Australia ought to be sent there and can be looked after in accordance with Australian standards.

  15. CU, the one..well one of the ones that has me very concerned is…

    penalise those who destroy their documentation

    And so..is there going to be a premise of guilt, that those who do not have documentation are going to be presumed to have destroyed these.

    Clearly this would mean that very many genuine refugees who not just now but in the future have had to flee under immediate fear of death will be presumed to be ‘guilty’ because they do not have sufficient documentation.

    And what is going to be ‘documentation’..one’s phone bill, bank card details, electricity bill, birth certificate. Can you imagine it..under fear of death..hang on luv, better grab the phone bill just in case we need documentation….

  16. This came as a reminder from a friend..

    ‎22 more sleeps till the Senate change over…and the end of Nick Minchin. Ah, that will be a happy day 😀 😀 😀

  17. “penalise those who destroy their documentation

    And so..is there going to be a premise of guilt, that those who do not have documentation are going to be presumed to have destroyed these.”

    In these circumstances, identity papers can be dangerous. Maybe this is not true but many fleeing have the perception they are. Very few flee without leaving relatives and friends behind.

    When I was a child back in the 1950’s, my mother adopted my brother as a twelve month old baby.

    My brother’s background was of a mother who had fled eastern Europe. The mother was a member of a family of leading anti-communism resistant fighters in that country.

    My mother showed the adoption papers to a friend that came from the same country, hoping to find out something of my brothers birth mother’s family.

    The friend was horrified, telling my mother it would be dangerous for the baby if anyone found out his origins. He advised my mother to destroy the document or at least keep it well hidden.

    Now I do not know if the friend overacted to the situation, but his fears where genuine.

    I do know that the catholic church was happy to have the child out of Sydney, living in the bush.

  18. el gordo, how would you feel about pulling the plug on some of the huge dams upstream, such as Cubby Station?

  19. I have to agree with John Faulkner…

    Veteran Labor Senator John Faulkner has lashed out at his “anaemic” party, which he warns risks losing a generation of voters unless it overhauls its culture.

    Somewhere along the line it seems to me that Labor lost sight of why the Rudd government was voted in, in the first place – this to me was workers rights, fair and decent treatment of minority groups and the disadvantaged.


  20. Yes Min, he points out that polls and focus groups are important, but not to tell you what to do. He says that the party has become a follower, not a leader.

    Could not be more true.

    I see the importance of polls etc to be, “that is what they are thinking”, what do we do to change their perceptions.

    The focus groups etc. are tools not answers.

  21. And the quotable quote of the morning is awarded to Lenore Taylor…something about seeing the words Tony Abbott and “dumb” in the same sentence 🙂

    TONY ABBOTT was repeating his line yesterday that there was ”a smart way and a dumb way” to reduce carbon emissions. But he neglected to mention the Productivity Commission report he was talking about said pretty clearly that the Coalition’s ”direct action” policy was the dumb way.


  22. CU, I agree completely..as Faulkner mentions, to test out ideas but not to use the group to determine policy…to find out how something can be improved upon but that’s all.

  23. Min, it has taken a long time for journalist to wake up what Mr. Abbott says is dumb. I would go further and say stupid.

  24. Popped in for a quick squiz and see the usual is up to the usual, that is sprouting crap and untruths.

    You are either very gullible el gordo or you are deliberately spreading right wing propaganda. The truth on The Bolt Report, it’s rapidly going backwards.

    Dr Who – 179,000
    Insiders – 177,000
    American Dad – 177,000
    Futurama – 173,000
    Bananas in Pyjamas – 130,000
    Bolt report – 117,000

    Sunday morning audience:
    Week 21: The Bolt Report Ten 174,000
    Week 22: The Bolt Report Ten 136,000
    Week 23: The Bolt Report Encore Ten 178,000 (unclear why his morning slot wasn’t included in this week)
    Week 24 : The Bolt Report Ten 152,000
    Week25 : The Bolt Report Ten 117,000

    What the conservative distorters did is combine his normal slot and repeat slot figures to make out he is beating Insiders. If they did the same for the repeats of Insiders then Insiders would be whopping Bolt by an even greater margin.

    Bolt will be under 100,000 viewers in the next week or two. Woeful under any circumstance.

    Going away for a bit. Might see if I can catch this place on the mobile every now and again.

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