End Homophobia: The Rip and Roll Campaign

A recent safe sex campaign has revealed the depths to which homophobia continues to damage the health, safety and general wellbeing of many ordinary Australians. Straight or gay, we each share a fundamental right to live without prejudice.

For those who may not be aware of this campaign, this advertisement appeared on bus shelters and what followed was that advertising organisation Adshel made the decision to remove these following a tirade of complaints from a ‘concerned public’.

Following is a sample from one of the complaints made:

To promote this lifestyle to our youth is NOT in the interests of HEALTHY COMMUNITIES. The only place this message should be seen would be to practicing homosexuals, NOT to impressionable youth in our general public spaces.

The complainant clearly does not understand that ‘practicing homosexuals’ are a part of our community. The logic or rather lack of it from the complainant appears to be that if you do not advertise condoms then somehow ‘vulnerable youth’ will not be lured to this ‘lifestyle’. I personally have never known the lack of a condom as a preventative to stop young people having sex – gay or straight.

Anyway, the offending advertisements were duly taken down from bus stops. However I am pleased to report – and this comes from youngest daughter in Brisbane – something of a People’s Revolution occurred and people started to print out the advertisements and paste them over the spaces where they had been removed.

And in further good news…


Following ACL Queensland director Wendy Francis’ acknowledgement that the complaints received by Adshel, Brisbane City Council and the Advertising Standards Bureau regarding QAHC’s campaign have been orchestrated by the Australian Christian Lobby, Adshel is reinstating the ‘Rip and Roll’ campaign.

Adshel earlier responded to a series of complaints by removing the campaign from its media panels yesterday. None of the complaints indicated any liaison with the ACL, so Adshel was made to believe that they originated from individual members of the public.

Adshel CEO Steve McCarthy comments: “It has now become clear that Adshel has been the target of a coordinated ACL campaign. This has led us to review our decision to remove the campaign and we will therefore reinstate the campaign with immediate effect.”

58 comments on “End Homophobia: The Rip and Roll Campaign

  1. And they call themselves ‘christians’! What deceitful mob!

    Please to see their ‘covert’ actions exposed.

  2. That’s for certain handyrab. However I don’t think that it exonerates Adshel – whether the comments came from the ACL or from ‘concerned’ members of the public, the fact remains that Adshel did respond to homophobic comments.

  3. Reb, I’m sure that Patricia will speak for herself..but what I thought was particularly heartening was the way that ordinary people rallied – how they knew the injustice and we ended up with young people going around to all the bus stops and replacing the pics that Adshel had taken town.

    I still smell a small rat..Adshel bleat ‘oh we didn’t know it was the ACL’ and so we’ll put ’em back again…hmmm, didn’t know hey….

  4. What is with these people who are gay?

    They always want to get their own way.

    It’s not like it’s normal.

    It’s really quite abominable.

    And it repulses me in every single way.

    I can’t describe my disgust,

    Although I know I really must,

    Otherwise they’ll never go away,

    No matter how much I pray and pray and pray.

    Little children do they hunt,

    Which is why I must be blunt,

    When I say they cause me so much affront,

    Basically it’s because I’m just a bitter old …


  5. Reb, I think that it should be pointed out that it’s you who wrote the above and not Patricia.

    Reb, can you humor for me for a moment…I have absolutely zilch idea what Patricia said that caused offense. Was it something on another blog?

  6. Min,

    It’s a long story but you can read the comment thread here…


    Basically I was attacked at TPS by the prevailing wisdom of the mob, after expressing my disappointment over Julia Gillard’s staunch opposition to gay marriage.

    Apparently over at TPS, Julia Gillard is beyond reproach.

    When I subsequently expressed my disappointment over Gillard’s Malaysia solution, I was once again attacked for holding a dissenting opinion.

    Patricia then accused me of being so “disgruntled” over Julai’s refusal to support gay marriage that this was somehow clouding my political judgement of Labor in other policy areas.

    Tom of Melbourne then attempted to point out the apparent inability of TPS to discuss dissenting opinions, and then Patricia then accused Tom of also being “disgruntled” over Julia’s opposition to gay marriage and by inference that we’re both just a couple of disgruntled homosexuals.

    Quite clearly TPS is not an environment that welcomes or values different perspectives.

    It’s just a self-congratulatory Left wing cheer club where anyone who dares to challenge the prevailing point of view is quickly attacked and undermined by the mob.

    You may be interested in this article at Club Troppo which provides some insight into their modus operandi, and the fairly accurate conclusion that the Political Sword is basically just a rabid left wing equivalent of Andrew Bolt’s Blog.

    I certainly found the article illuminating given my own personal experience at TPS.


  7. Reb, you are most likely right..we’ve been friends for eons and you know that I greatly respect your opinion on gay rights and child abuse issues.

    I was basically sitting here thinking WTF. I’m not hugely keen on one blog using another blog to attack a different blog. Mind you if it’s Bolt and cronies that’s another story.

    The thing about blogs is that if you do not like a particular blog eg TPS then don’t go there. Very very fortunately a blog is not an equivalent to Sky News as in being the only way to receive information. The proviso of course being if you think that by going there and putting in a dissenting opinion that you can change a few minds. It’s always worth a shot 😉

  8. Far be it from me to suggest that TPS link, as evidence of inability(ies) to deal with dissenting opinions, is a superb example of the paradox(es) of (in)tolerance(s). Post-homophobia as a new homophobia, perhaps; a non-issue that is an issue, until it isn’t or until it is; because, maybe, it is and it isn’t an issue simultaneously, from stereo-binocular-type perspectives.

  9. Metatron. It must be the phases of the moon but I can almost understand that.

    That is, if one talks to only the like-minded one becomes insular in one’s opinions. And therefore even though one perceives oneself as liberal (small l), one in fact becomes a conservative, the definition or perceived definition of a conservative being unable to get past the idea that dissenting opinions might have merit.

    Post-homophobia – meaning an equivalent to the Noble Savage.

  10. Or on the other hand, the prevailing wisdom at TPS would conclude that if I lamented the lack of progress that the Gillard government has made in terms of improving the living conditions of indigenous Australians, it therefore follows that I must be aboriginal.

  11. sreb, Min has a good point … (one blog to attack another blog etc) … not good …

    … obsession is not good … for the SOUL!

    Brother we need you to see the light and BELIEVE that we are all EQUAL and NEED each other ALWAYS!


    Say unto me —– I BELIEVE! — I BELIEVE!

  12. Reb, I have absolutely no idea what the prevailing wisdom on another blog might be. I read Ad astra and Feral Skeleton when I have the time, but that’s about it.

    Nope..can guarantee that you’re not an Australian aboriginal, however a Scottish aboriginal is a distinct possibility.

    Ok, I think I have that. If a person whinges about a situation it’s because you’re part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.

  13. “If a person whinges about a situation it’s because you’re part of the problem rather than being part of the solution.”

    No, I think it’s more of a case that if your criticise Julia Gillard or Labor over there in any way at all, you’ll automatically be slammed as an “Abbott lover” as I was, and if you attempt to articulate your point of view in further detail then you’ll get slammed by Patricia as pursuing some personal agenda because you’re a “disgruntled homosexual.”

    As far as bagging out blogs on other blogs, I think it’s perfectly legitimate.

    On of the “contributors” told me to get back to “the gutter where I belonged.”

    So I did, and relayed my experience in that forum.

    Club Troppo has also called out TPS for the radical left-wing love-in that it has become.

    Patricia has commented here as well as at GT in the past, and I note she is an approved author here.

    I can see no fault in highlighting to others, the true bitter and vindictive pyschology that lies beneath the tea cosy exterior.

    However in the interests of putting things to rest, perhaps we should all just put this behind us, and Patricia might like to pen a poem of reconciliation?

  14. Indeed I was TB. I was having a chat with an old mate the other day Gil De Pury..makes a nice wine. Gil has wound down the business. He has promised me a few bottles, some of which I might donate to the Café…suffer guys!!

  15. Reb, if that is what happened to you on another blog then clearly I would most definitely not support this.

    Yes Patricia authors here, well obviously. However what happens on other blogs isn’t my or Migs’ responsibility. Nor are you responsible for what some of your people might say on other blogs.

    Clearly the best course of action is to give’em the flick if this has been your experience.

  16. And just to clarify, Patricia has also posted here that I’m disgruntled with the government because gay rights!

    Most here would recall that my (ir)rationale is a little more deep seated.

    I tend to get annoyed when people misrepresent my sexual orientation and then take it a step further by suggesting that this also determines my political orientation.

    As a consequence Patricia owes me a poem.

  17. ToM, I’ll do my best to convince the very gorgeous Patricia..and watch it guys she is a cute chick…to write a poem just because you’ve asked.

    I suspect that she isn’t hugely happy at the moment, but hopefully she will read this and respond with a poem.

  18. Don’t be such a big poof … YoM!

    PoWA … just write a bloody pome … and be done with it!

    Min, in answer to your haven’t you heard of De Pury wines Nuh! I drink bourbon – remember?


  19. Far be it from me to suggest that I’d almost expect that a full ecology of ‘debate’ would include in-groupish ‘love-ins’ (performing) which might prefer ‘in(tra)-group’ ideas developments over all-time open combats (storming); I’d venture it’s the difference, process-wise and perspective-wise, between eavesdropping on one or another side’s preparations of a debate speech, wanting that debate speech picked apart prematurely by an opposing-side while it’s still being prepared, and wanting those preparations, or interruptions as the situation might or might be perceived to be, to substitute for the actual (public) debate, once those further-developed ideas filter back out into more competitive/conflictual arena(s).

    I’m not sure that calling it out, whatever it is said to be, is actually much of a ‘condemnation’ at all, ‘cept for those who see one thing and want (norming) to see another; Troppo perty much simply notes that it is what is.

    Also, and I’ve said it a few times, in a few places now that absolute invalidation of others’ perspectives, even preceptively wrong-headed ones, along with whatever it is that other persons value, without negotiating the laying of scaffolding to (what’s considered) more ‘righteous’ (and might even be more right; although, blithe ignorance to any and all counter-ratiocinations and counter-arguments makes that indefinite) inevitably leads to personal(ised) attacks and counter-attacks; often unnecessary, and often at the expense of available opportunities to deploy the necessary scaffolding for a meeting of minds, and for exploiting conversational inflection points to generate more mutual understandings (even among those practically begging – read back through that TPS link, particularly 6:09pm May 11 onwards – for more and better exchange of perspectival ‘information’, without the angst, and otherwise now cast aside, barrel and all in it, as bad-apple ‘fruit’ to get ‘fruited’).

  20. You couldn’t have chosen a better day
    To ask me to come and have my say;
    To state my views on homophobia
    Just when dreaded hydrophobia
    Had somehow attacked old friends.
    Let’s see if before this Tuesday ends
    They’ll all calm down and listen here
    While I for once make my position clear.

    Four words; ‘Disgruntled’ ‘Not thinking straight’
    Have been interpreted to equate
    With insults, prejudice and bias?
    That’s llke calling your mates liars
    Just because you misunderstand
    Or they aren’t at once on your wave band.
    But even names like homophobic,
    Or a broader term like xenophobic
    Are nothing really compared to these…..
    For which I ask an apology please.

    June 6, 2011 at 9:22 pm reb…….

    What I meant to say was:

    1. Patricia is a vindictive homophobic bitch who thinks that it’s fine that gay people should be treated as second class citizens.
    2. Patricia thinks that Gillard’s Malaysia Solution is fine cos it’ll teach the parents of those asylum seeker kids “a lesson”.
    3. Patricia thinks that Gutter Trash has been over-run by homosexual activists because as far as Patricia is concerned allowing same sex couples to get married is a “non issue”.

    I think any right minded reader would agree
    Those comments deserve an apology.
    I would make one, had they come from me.

  21. And Min in a moment of deja-vu…. Reb, there’s your lady..

    Having been a disability advocate and counselling for disability rights I have experience in moderating. The rules are: specifics please and give the other person the right of reply.

  22. Making incorrect assumptions about sexuality, than incorrectly attributing that incorrect assumption to make a further incorrect assumption about motivation for holding a political orientation is arrogant and stupid.

    I wouldn’t bother to be looking for too many apologies. Quite the contrary.

  23. No idea whatsoever. I personally think that if Patricia doesn’t believe herself to be homophobic it’s good enough for me. Reasoning being that people who are homophobic agree that they are – then provide justification such as ‘lifestyle choice’ – protection of the young’uns – against religious teachings etc etc.

  24. Hi Min, I thought this video might be relevant to your thread. I belong to that particular political party and I thought this a wonderful chance to promote its policies, maybe even solicit a few new memberships.

  25. “I personally think that if Patricia doesn’t believe herself to be homophobic it’s good enough for me. Reasoning being that people who are homophobic agree that they are – then provide justification such as ‘lifestyle choice’…

    “people who are homophobic agree that they are? really?”

    I don’t think so.

    There are plenty of people who don’t conisder themselves racist, but wouldn’t sit next to a black person on a bus.

    It’s called cognitive dissonance.

    It’s very nice of Patricia to now come out (so to speak) wearing her anti-homophobia credentials on her sleeve, but the fact remains that:

    1. When I orginally criticised Julia Gillard over her opposition to same sex marriage and her pandering to religious groups assuring them of this position at TPS, I was attacked by Patricia and “the mob” for failing to appreciate Julia Gillard’s position.

    2. When I explained that my criticism was based on the fact that gay teens are up to 14 times more likely to commit suicide than their hetrosexual peers, and that Gillard’s opposition to same sex marriage essentially perpetuates discrimination against vulnerable gay youth, I was once again attacked by Patricia and slammed as pushing a personal agenda because I was “disgruntled” over Gillard’s position.

    3. When Tom attempted to explain the importance of addressing the disproportionate levels of suicide amongst same gender attracted teens, he too was slammed as a disgruntled homosexual by Patricia and we were both politely informed that “we can’t think straight”.

    It’s also very self-serving and sanctimonious for Patricia to publish her little poem attempting to portray herself as the innocent party in all of this, and to extend an invitation to Tom and I to provide her with an apology.

    I shall politely decline.

  26. Reb, your choice your decision. You know that I respect you and recognise the work that you have done over many years on the issue of gay rights.

  27. It’s not so much an issue of “gay rights” Min. I don’t really consider myself a “gay activist.”

    I am more concerned about addressing the issue of youth suicide.

    Suicide is now the leading cause of death amongst men aged 35 years and younger, and as I have mentioned same sex attracted young men are 14 times more likely to attempt suicide than their hetrosexual peers.

    Some people, like Patricia, might not give a rat’s arse, in much the same way as she made vile comments about the motivations of unacompanied minors seeking asylum in Australia, however I sincerely hope that some people do care. Over at TPS the prevailing sentiment is that they do not (because it’s not “Our Julia’s” priority).

    Pathetic really.

  28. Reb, you do it in your own way – via your blog, via your passion for this issue.

    Two of daughter Briony’s friends that she went to school with when we lived back in Victoria committed suicide, both were gay.

    One of son Jared’s friends committed suicide age 17yrs. This friend wasn’t gay but the cause of this was this young person’s idea that he had – Failed to live up to expectations.

    I suspect that this is the reason for gay youth suicide, a perception that they have failed to live up to expectations.

  29. Exactly Min!

    So if we can make young people feel that their relationships are just as valid as their hetrosexual peers then surely this will go along way to eliminating the feelings of low self esteem, and basically feeling that society has relegated them to being second calls citizens.

    Same-sex mariage is now legal in many parts of the world including the UK.

    Julia Gillard’s refusal to allow it here is based on nothing other than pure blind prejudice.

  30. Reb, I would accept nothing less than full marriage rights for all people irrespective of gender.

    There is nothing to stop this as Australia has had civil registrations since 1856. The argument that it would impact on religious rights is therefore rubbish…always we’ve had churches refusing to marry this person or that person (notably divorcees and non-Catholics). We have churches today refusing to marry people because they are not-of-the-faith..therefore the religious argument is complete garbage.

    It’s so easy..why do politicians have to make something easy so difficult. Just allow the civil registrations of gay marriage, then leave it to individual churches and celebrants to decide whether or not they want to conduct the ceremonies. What could be easier than that.

  31. Min, that’s a story that really tugs the heart strings.

    The thought of young people marginalised and depressed to the point of suicide because, in part, of the legislative prohibition on them participating in mainstream Australian social institutions such as marriage.

    I was ambivalent about the issue until I started to exchange opinions with people that are passionate and informed about the issue.

    It certainly isn’t a second rate issue, and it’s about time the PM (and others that wear the progressive badge) started to get their collective heads out of the sand.

  32. ToM, I was thinking about this and what came to mind was that these days we expect only perfection.

    The house has to be perfect, the gadgets we own have to be perfect, people have to be perfect. And woe betide anyone who isn’t “perfect”.

    So let’s imagine you are a young gay person, how can you be perfect. If you are a young indigenous person, how can you be perfect.

    As far as the PM goes, I was thinking about this too. The MSM has been extremely biased in it’s promotion of Abbott and it’s running down of all things Labor. Now wait a minute..hear me out on this one. Because of this bias it has meant that Lefies have been reluctant to add to the condemnation of the government – I mean if you’re copping 90% of the criticism it becomes difficult for the lefties to add to it.

    Therefore the media is doing the public a double disservice.

    I find Gillard’s excuse of being from a conservative background with ‘good family values’ completely unbelievable. The numbers crunchers are pulling the strings – either she goes back to her original ideals or she will be gone by the end of 2012.

  33. “So let’s imagine you are a young gay person, how can you be perfect. If you are a young indigenous person, how can you be perfect.”

    Indeed Min, especially when society is constantly reminding you -particularly religious groups – that you are less than perfect, and the govt reminding you that your relationships (and therefore you as an individual) are second rate through legislated inequality.

    Heck, when I was 16 it was still “a crime” to be gay, so imagine how it feels to be a confused, vulnerable teenager growing up thinking that your life is worthless and you really have no legtimate place in society.

    I’ve lost a couple of gay friends to suicide for these very reasons when I was young. Their families rejected them, through them out of the house, as mine did when they discovered their kids were gay.

    Society has a lot to answer for. In a way I feel sorry for the parents, because they were simply acting out the sense of revulsion that had been indocrinated by the law and the church. Oh the shame! What will the neighbours think!!! Best we cut off all ties with that kid and pretend he never existed.

    That was what it was like, without a hint of exageration. I suspect it may still be like that in some regional parts of Australia, where male suicide rates are particularly high.

    I’m not suggesting that’s the only reason that you men kill themselves, but it is a significant factor for many.

    That’s why it shits me to tears when I hear people like Patricia say it’s a non-issue for labor…

  34. Reb, as a hearing impaired Asperger’s I do understand. Hearing impaired..what are you..stupid. How can you be hearing impaired, you just heard what I said. Asperger’s, What kind of excuse is that.

    You a second rate being, and the same for me.

    For young gay people, they cop it doubly. You start with the premise that sex is evil and all teenagers cop this, that something which is obviously a part of the human condition being sexual urges is not only evil for heteros but how is a gay young person going to feel.

    Heteros might cop and rap or two around the knuckles but in coming out a young gay person risks losing their entire family.

    I believe that this is fairly conclusive that gays, males especially have a very high rate of suicide in rural areas.

    This is one place that I used to work with…as a counsellor – The Buttery in Byron Bay


  35. Reb. how much success do you believe PM Gillard would have addressing the issue at this time. Yes I am one asked that the PM’s position be taken into consideration at this time. It is my opinion that the PM along with many others do not have strong opinions either way. It is not good policies to put these people offside.

    The PM has a prudent position in saying the matter will be addressed at the later this year and she will support was ever decision is made. An honest and sensible action. It will be up to to those who support gay marriage to build up public support.

    The danger is that if the PM came out strongly supporting your position, she would lose and the case for gay marriage would be put back years.

    How do think that a Coalition government, especially under Mr. Abbott and his ilk would advance your case. A man who could not even bring himself to allow a drug that made abortion easier and less traumatic, not even for cases when the baby was dead.
    Since Mr. Rudd came to power, most of the injustices against gays have been removed. Gay marriage will be the final major change that is needed.

    We all have our own priorities, usually in line with what we see important. I have a gay daughter and grandson. I am sad about this, not because I am homophobic but because of how some in the community treat them. My daughter was married, a disaster and had three children. She is a grandmother herself. We all respect the relationship she and her partner share at this time. She has everything she had when she was married.

    I do not see that gay marriage is the main thing we should be fighting for at this time. Not because I am homophobic but because I do not see the need for marriage for anyone. I believe strongly, you can have a strong loving, life long commitment without marriage. Most heterosexual couples live together without marriage. Some of these, not all marry when they have children. As for the children, it might surprise some, but parents are parents whether they are married or not. I do not belie that children care. What is important to a child is that the parents love one another.

    It is the commitment that counts, not some civil ceremony where we make promises that need not be kept. The proof of this is the fact that we have divorce laws.

    The laws that Labor have changed, are what was important to do.

  36. CU,

    Thanks for that. But in summary you’re just aplogising for the PM’s lack of action in this area for whatever, blah blah blah bullshit explanation.

    I’m honestly really over people like you and Patricia who continually apologise for Julia Gillard’s lack of conviction in this area.

    Need I remind you that the latest survey has 75% of the population in favour gay marriage.

    But you and the other Gillard apologists continue to trot out the same old tired lines: “oh we’re not ready yet, maybe in a few years time..”

    Gay marriage is no legally recognised in the United Kingdom.

    Can you give me one good reason why it shouldn’t be also be allowed here…?

    Seriously, I’d settle for one good reason….. even a mediocre one…

    I stand by waiting for your response….

  37. “how much success do you believe PM Gillard would have addressing the issue at this time?”

    Going by recent figures, I’d say she’d have about 75 per cent of the population in favour of allowing same-sex couples to get married.

    So why doesn’t she..?

    Is this a tyranny under Gillard or a democracy..?.

  38. ,em>
    “The danger is that if the PM came out strongly supporting your position, she would lose and the case for gay marriage would be put back years.”

    Really? I presume you hav evidence to support that claim…?

  39. The thing is that heteros have a choice – to marry or not marry. How would you feel if you had no choice.

    It’s the same as apartheid and the southern states of America where black couldn’t marry white…cannot marry due to color, cannot marry due to gender..same thing.

  40. “. I have a gay daughter and grandson. I am sad about this, not because I am homophobic but because of how some in the community treat them.”

    Well don’t you see that YOU are part the problem …?

    The “community” is US.

    Honestly it’s like banging your head against a brick wall sometimes…

  41. It is my opinion that if Gillard came out in support of gay marriage that she would regain some credibility.

    She is living in unwedded bliss, yet she has the choice whether or not to marry. How can she say You lot, you people, I am going to deny you the same choice that I have.

    Gay people may choose to marry, and it may well be that a number of gay couples may choose – the same as heteros – to not marry. But at least they should be given that same freedom of choice.

  42. “I am sad about this..”

    Why? Why can’t you celebrate their uniqueness rather than be sad aboiut it..??


    What has to change..?

    Your gay grandaughter and grandson won’t….

    Maybe there’s some onus on YOU to overcome your homophobia and entrenched predujices (which no one can blame you for by the way, that’ just the way you were brought up), and learn that we’re all just vulnerable lkittle people who only want a little bit of respect regardless of of our differences…????

  43. I do see this reb. When people say, But my uncle is gay..it’s a bit like admitting that you have holes in your undies. Something that you can admit to but not something that you’re very proud of.

  44. “Thanks for that. But in summary you’re just aplogising for the PM’s lack of action in this area for whatever, blah blah blah bullshit explanation.

    I’m honestly really over people like you and Patricia who continually apologise for Julia Gillard’s lack of conviction in this area.”

    Reb, that is the answer I expected and feel is the same as you are abusing Patricia for.

    I am not saying it is not time. I am saying it is not possible now. If it was pushed at this time, the back lash that is happening against every thing this government attempts could put back the introduction of same sex marriages many years.

    I do believe a change will come quicker than you believe.

    Now is the time to keep as many supporters on side. It is time to recognise reality.

    I believe that Labor got it wrong when the dropped the ETS. It is true it was impossible to get it passed at the time, but they should have told the public they were only delaying, not dropping the bill.

    With same sex marriages, I believe they are taking the right action by lying low. There is a groundswell that appears to be growing and Labor, I am sure will take an advantage of that when it is time. I would say after the Labor Conference later this year. Reb, you have been around long enough to know sometimes a step back is needed. It will come as it is the wish of many. It will not come for years, if Mr. Abbott and Co gain power.

    We are not “agin” you. We are with you.

  45. “She is living in unwedded bliss, yet she has the choice whether or not to marry. How can she say You lot, you people, I am going to deny you the same choice that I have.”

    The fact she has broken many society’s mores as some see it, makes it harder to take action at this time. If she was married, she would be in a stronger position to take a stand.

    She has not said she will not support gay marriage. She has said she will support whatever the party supports at the Nation Labor Conference. It is said that there is support and it will likely become party policy.

    Maybe PM Gillard believes she has as much on her plate as she can cope with at the moment. Maybe she is gutless. Maybe she is prudent. Maybe it is a mixture of all three. Who knows.

    I strongly believe that Australia should become a republic. I would like to see a new flag and anthem. I have felt this as a small child. There are many others that also feel the same way. Common sense tells us that it is too risky to push at this. Any loss would put back Australia becoming a republic for decades. I also know that Australia will become a republic, because it makes sense,

    The same goes for same sex marriage. It will only be a matter of months, not decades.

    Reb, I do not see myself as part of the problem for my daughter. I cannot change society. All I can do is give support and accept her relationship, regardless of gender.

    This I do. I will and do give support for same sex marriage wherever possible. I take the time to point out that this is nothing to do with religion, that it is a civil matter on many sites as possible.

  46. Reb, you twist everything I say.

    I am not sad about them being gay. I am sad about how society treats people who are gay.

    I had my daughter out of wed lock in 1965. You know what society thought of me at the time. I was the lowest of the lowest, and I was 23, not some young teenager, I should have known better. I was lucky to have the means to keep my child and was protected by a loving family. It took guts to do that at the time.

    The child was still called a bastard at that time. Thanks to time and Mr. Whitlam, that no longer occurs.

    Society has come a long way, but it has much further to go. Government laws do help, but society acceptance leads to the laws changing.

  47. Rebi do not want them to change. Yes I really had to look at my beliefs and feelings. Luckily I was always of the belief that being gay is as natural as being hextrosexual.

    That was not a problem, but I come from a family that is very conventional.

    What worried me was the battle they would have.

    I just wanted what we all want for our children, that they be happy.

    The reality is that they are and do not as far as I know have any problems.

    My daughter had young children when she first set up home with a partner. There were problems with the children that were approaching adolescent. The problems were no more than most families face after the breakup of a marriage that was sometimes drug affected and violent.

    Children have adjustments problems with any new relationship that follow. Gender of the partner plays very little part in the matter.

    The reason I have written so much, is because I am sick of being told how I think about homosexuallity. I am sick of being told, because I do not agree what some say, I am either ashamed or I am homophobic or I do not understand.

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