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It would have been before the ’07 election that I came across this bloke called Miglo on Tim Dunlop’s Blogocracy. I can’t say that I was hugely impressed with him and his WCP (wealth crazed prick) persona but then one day I spotted this one.

To be as Tim, to dream and sail on seas of fire and light,
To calm the tide with with outspread arms and greet the morning bright,
And quell the fears of voices old from far beneath the deep,
Who must return, as all of us, doomed to restless sleep.

Miglo of Ngunnawal, ACT
Fri 26 Sep 08 (11:19am)

Jeezus Miglo!

He’s not f**kin’ dead!

Talk about bringing a tear to a glass eye!
Fri 26 Sep 08 (11:30am)

And I thought there is a lot more to this bloke than what it seems. **Yes you too Reb.

***And Migs will probably hate me for putting this one up, but I love it.

The other one that immediately comes to mind from around that time is the putting-up-the-barbeque episode. I think that this was a 10 day effort, with frequent updates from Migs on his progress.

One thing that you can say about the duck, he always bounces back and we are all of course very hopeful that when his health allows that he may play us a Beatles or Gordon Lightfoot tune or several.

So this one is for you. Ok so you’re not beautiful, but you’re ok for a duck. Friends Rain or Shine.

I didn’t want Migs’ post to get lost on another topic and so I have put it here as well :Min

June 6, 2011 at 10:48 am Miglo
Today is our first birthday as an open blog site (it was a member’s only blog site for four months prior to that), and today we’ll also have our 200,000th hit. We have a habit of reaching milestones on significant days: Our 50,000th hit came the day of the Federal election and the 100,000th hit came on my birthday. You’ve all done us proud.

That’s the good news. Now for the bad.

I’m going to be absent from the Café until early October as I need to focus on a few health issues. The battering I’ve been taking from my lupus over the last couple of weeks tells me that I need to get serious about my treatment of it. This means complete rest (while not at work) and limited exposure to any stress, pressure or demands in all my social environments. Doctor’s orders.

I’ll also be working reduced hours and ironically, will be working on a large project that will demand my full attention while at work for the next few months.

The Café will still stay open as I’m sure the ladies – who have been putting up great topics – may wish to continue to do so. If anyone else would like to try their hand at writing a post please do not hesitate to contact me.

No matter what happens, I’ll be back in October.

Thank you to all.


Min: I should of course make mention of Migs’ incredible passion for Aboriginal issues. Migs speaks fluent Pintinjarra and so as you can imagine, just to learn this language requires the utmost dedication.

27 comments on “The Café

  1. Miglo has lots of friends, because he’s a genuinely nice guy.

    He might be an ALP barracker, but he’s not mindless!

    Best wishes Tom

  2. Thank you ToM. You are one of Migs’ favorite pains in the backside but when it came it Aboriginal issues you and Migs were in it there together. And yes he is a genuinely nice guy.

  3. Migs won’t be far from my thoughts. October can’t come soon enough and hope all the best until then.

  4. Same here Adrian. What were we in those days…Miglo of Canberra, Adrian of Nowra, Min of Billinudgel, Reb of Hobart. That’s when everyone used to have to identify their location when they posted to a blog.

  5. Migs,

    Have a well deserved break. And remember, whenever you’re feeling a little bit down or emotional, here’s something that will make you feel just that little bit worse…

  6. It’s good when you become so well known in your little circle that you can drop the place reference, and even change your moniker, yet still be referred by your first/original name.

  7. Adrian..for some very strange reason you are the ONLY BLOGGER who kept being known by his real name of Adrian.

    TB did however keep calling Reb s’reb..which was stuntreb. That would have to be 4 years and more.

  8. First, I hope the health retreat from blogging has you feeling better soon, Miglo.

    Secondly, thank-you for affording an opportunity, to a sometime reader, to learn from your understandings and through your thoughtful and (thought-)inspiring writings.

    Thirdly, I would like to propose a charging of the (virtual) glasses and a toast to Miglo; to his health, to his handsome writing, and to him.

  9. Metatron…sometime hover over every word 😉

    I’m not certain about charging of the glasses as Migs took the keys, which might mean that Bacchus and Pip could be locked in the cellar that’s a scary thought.

  10. TB, you are such a nuf’ nuf’ at times..Lupus is a condition, one does not get well. Lupus is Latin for ‘the wolf’ and is supposedly a descriptor for the malar rash prevalent on many people with Lupus.

  11. Lupus would be similar to having permanent influenza – the joint aches, the high temperatures and sweat pouring down your face. Then throw into the mix the Lupus fog. And then throw in the joint aches and permanent pain. **this is just what I have been able to ascertain.

  12. Min, I know, (my daughter in law “suffers” Lupus), as I’m sure Miggsy will explain … it can flare (as it obviously has) and then settle … some days are diamonds – some days are – $#!t.

    To explain, GWS meaning, “please improve quickly” …

    … and I’ll admit to, “nuf’ nuf'” … sometimes … 😉

  13. Additionally,

    Lupies have to avoid sunlight because even short exposure may result in symptoms such as migraine, nausea or joint pains.

    Additional to this the course of the disease is unpredictable with periods of illness alternating with remissions.

  14. Thank you TB, you are as always ‘a treasure’..and not ev’n ‘arf way to becom’ tarnished 🙂

    I’m lyrics person and love this one..

  15. Migs took the keys..

    Not a problem Min – I happen to have a good mate who (used to be) Migs’ locksmith. I’ve had a duplicate since Migs changed the lock 😆 Would you like me to get a copy cut for you?

    Seriously Migs – get your health in better order to make a triumphant return in October. There’s lots of positive thoughts pouring towards the ACT from here…

  16. Thanks Bacchus, I could probably do with a bit of help..tryin’ to find something anyway…

  17. Lupies have to avoid sunlight because even short exposure may result in symptoms such as migraine, nausea or joint pains.

    In Migg’s case its ahard to tell because they are the same symptoms for a hang over … and alcohol is a NO NO Miggsy!

  18. You’d be in a better position than me to know TB, but isn’t alcohol intake more related to interaction with drugs prescribed to treat lupus, rather than the disease itself? NSAIDS, anticoagulants and one of the chemotherapy drugs for example, are not compatible with alcohol…

  19. TB, well I suspect that this has been Migs’ way of laughing things fact I very much suspect this.

    For myself I have bilateral conductive hearing loss, no skin on both of my hands, degenerative disc disease, Asperger’s Syndrome…otherwise I’m normal 😉

    I had a short bout of the flu a month or so ago and Migs came to this what it’s like to have Lupus, that you’re like this nearly all of the time.

  20. Time for me to have a hiatus from here and blogging as well.

    Can’t stand the stupidity anymore. You all know from where it comes and it’s about time I started actually doing something instead of typing against it in blogs.

    Maybe see you in October as well, or later.

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