Midweek Meltdown

Today we have an open topic, all ideas, songs, poetry, your latest cooking disaster, just whatever is your fancy is more than welcome.

I was thinking – most people run off in the other direction when I utter these words – but anyway…I was thinking that today’s society has everything arse-around (if you’ll pardon the expression), that things serious are treated in a trivial manner but things trivial are treated seriously. Consider the media attention given to Toddlers and Tiaras coming-to-Australia and yet tomorrow is National Sorry Day. Today Australians are better educated than any previous generation, so why do the media treat us as if our only interests are trivial ones?

Perhaps humor is the best defence and so in this regard I have the following offering – this comes from A List of Insults for Tony Abbott compiled by a friend.

And of course the pic of Tony was just begging for a Caption Competition 🙂

“You Lucifer! You Oedipus! You Zeus! You Eve! You Judas! You Herod! You Salome! You Claudius! You Iago! You Villefort! You Steerpike! You Delilah! You Carker! You Macbeth! You Chichikov! You Stalin! You Hitler! You snake at the breast, you cuckoo in the nest! You ulcer of a sore, you pox of a corpse! You runt of a weakling, y…ou ape in robes! You fug of a fart, you faecal smear! You bastard of a bastard, you fool of a cretin! You parasite of a leech, you ailment of an illness! You butt of a witless joke, you swollen dead woodlouse! You shit-laced shoelace, you slumming Fauntleroy! You mould of the rancid, you mawk of a maggot! You crippler of the lame, you apostate of truth! You slut of whores, you pimp of hustlers! You shard of the shattered, you serf of slaves! You false note, you will o’ the wisp! You trapdoor of a trapdoor, you calumny of a lie! You foot of clay, you lapse of an error!”

My addition comes from Shakespeare’s All’s Well That Ends Well: You are not worth another word, else I’d call you knave.

108 comments on “Midweek Meltdown

  1. Well O’Farrell is turning out to be worse than the previous Labor government.

    He has bought in legislation that makes NSW IR laws worse than WorkChoices. I haven’t read the full legislation so will hold off on fully condemning it just yet, but according to the report this morning the legislation devolves all final IR decisions to the Finance Minister. Not the IR minister or the Premier, but the Finance Minister. The powers given to the Finance Minister are such that they can arbitrarily cut wages and conditions with no recourse for those effected, with the role of the IR Commission being cut back to being a rubber stamp to the decision of the Finance Minister and them having no powers of their own.

    I only caught the tail end of another story and if I heard right it means that local council decisions can at anytime be overridden by O’Farrell and he can impose his decisions onto them.

    On the back of his aborted attempt at retrospective legislation for the solar energy feedback price due to a backlash it appears O’Farrell is attempting to get through as much onerous legislation as possible as early as possible in the hope the repercussions will have died down by the next election. This is very similar to the tactics Kennett used in Victoria.

  2. Can I say, the Member for Indi is a self important b-i-t-c-h.
    She, like the rest of the Opposition need anger management advice. Urgently.
    Question time. Ms Mirabella is invited to withdraw her inaudible comment. She flounces to the microphone and bellows “Yesterday I called him the bagman, today I called him a pathetic liar. Which one do you want me to withdraw?” Flounces back and bounces into her seat. She’s warned and invited to “simply withdraw”, which after more flouncing, she does, in a very theatrical whisper.
    that’s her minute of fame for the day. Hopefully.
    Does anyone know the penalty for calling a fellow member of Parliament a liar? Abbott has been doing it in many different ways and getting away with it and apparently the habit has been adopted by Mirabella.

    The best segment today was to do with another inappropriate interjection from the Coalition while Hockey is standing, paper in hand, ready to be called,
    According to the Speaker, “Luckily for the person who made that interjection, my view was blocked by the member for North Sydney……

  3. O’Farrell an early straight out of the gate first term screw up that’s determined to screw up more than the previous government.

    The latest twist to the O’Farrell government’s mismanagement of the solar industry will anger many households as they have to deal with a welfare management approach to their good-faith investment in solar energy. And this is a Liberal government that was meant to fix things — not make them worse.

  4. Mobius, here are some of the reports.

    Min, all of your titles fit the bill for the right-wing thugs.




    THE O’Farrell government has moved to seize control of the wages and conditions of more than 400,000 public servants in what unions and Labor have described as NSW’s version of Work Choices.

    Under a bill introduced to Parliament last night, the government would be granted the power to not only stipulate wage rises but also other conditions including leave entitlements.

    The Industrial Relations Commission would be stripped of its independent power and forced to abide by any government policy on employment conditions for public servants in a regulation issued by the Finance Minister.

    I’m guessing the good ol’ Barry didn’t mention this before the election.


    THE NSW government’s proposed industrial relations laws hand the government total power over the conditions of public-sector employees, allowing it to dictate terms to the Industrial Relations Commission.

    As part of new laws introduced into the NSW parliament last night relating to public-sector employment conditions, the bill gives the government sweeping powers over leave and other employment entitlements

  5. Nope Pip, no penalty because one can say what one likes on the floor of Parliament. Now this isn’t necessarily a bad thing because to impose restrictions on freedom of speech in Parliament would most definitely be a bad thing.

    And this is where the phrase ‘want to take it outside’ came from..just an historical note.

  6. -and for Barry O’Farrell to just throw the local NSW industry under the bus is a public policy meltdown that most governments take far more than 100 days to achieve.

    Barry looks like he did it in 50 days.

  7. If NSW thought things were bad under the previous Labor government just wait until the PS backlash from O’Farrell’s move on them starts to wind up.

    How O’Farrell could ever think that lording over Public Servants with the threat of taking away their money and conditions is ever going to achieve progress for the state has me gobsmacked. It will do the opposite.

  8. I find this absolutely fascinating..


    A new study suggests the Milky Way doesn’t need a makeover: It’s already just about perfect.

    Astronomers base that assertion on their discovery of a vast section of a spiral, star-forming arm at the Milky Way’s outskirts. The finding suggests that the galaxy is a rare beauty with an uncommon symmetry — one half of the Milky Way is essentially the mirror image of the other half.

  9. Huh, a post disappeared.

    That is until Canis Major spoils the party now Min and Andromeda in a few billion years.

  10. Correction: apologies to you Adrian and Tom..I went out the back and there were several posts sitting in Spam. I have no idea why they went there!!!

  11. Just a thought has that potty mouth man from Sydney (Jones) given O’Farrell a name yet. Afterall he did name our PM JuLiar, and as O’Farrell is breaking rock solid election promises, Jones should man up and go for a name.
    How about Barr’ll of Lies, or o’Fibber O’ Farrell.

    The solar funding broken promise is big in regional NSW. For people in Sydney they may like to think that the Nimby/Green voter is the one yelling loudest. But not on regional radio, their the talkback is by farmers who for example have invested sums such as $200,000 in solar, after taking due diligence on their business investment. One farmer was an irrigation farmer, who likewise had invested heavily. But drive through regional NSW and see the solar arrays, they are of 20+ panels.

  12. Hi all
    Iwould just like to offer an R.I.P to the mining industry after looking at the B.R.W rich list as even i can see how hard the mining industry had it last year due to the mining tax and my heart bleeds because Reinhardt could only double her wealth whilst Forrest and Palmer only managed to increase their wealth by a third,3 in the top 5.10 billion,5 billion and 5 billion respectively.Do Australians still believe the mining companies are doing it hard.if so come out from under your rocks

  13. The story on the Milky Way is very exciting. It will take more than a nano second to comprehend all of this.

  14. Jim, do Australians really believe that the mining companies are bleeding about the mining tax for other reasons – most especially the importation of under-skilled foreign workers. Rudd lopped them off at the socks by changing the rules that foreign workers had to be paid the going rate instead of $14.50ph..and there are currently several claims before Fairwork Australia in this regard.

  15. Mr. O’Farrell is starting to sick up some of Mr. Abbott’s air in the media.

    How to make something look like it is not…..

    The Australian is really honesty trying to help overthrow a government. Innuendoes and out right misleading statements scatter its pages. One such piece reported the goings on in Question Time on Tuesday 24th of May.
    At least it reported to have reported it.
    As usual the headline is all they care for. Get in big letters on on the page.
    Wayne Swan credibility left looking shaky
    ….The PM went through the time line that Hockey referred to in his series of questions as he jumped around from 2011 to 2010. From Aprils to Mays. From last weeks to last years. The PM laid it all out in one easy to follow timeline and Hockey’s attack died a horrible death. And that is where it should have ended. In fact Dennis in his piece describes it thus:
    Julia Gillard, when she got the only Coalition question not directed to Swan, proved her parliamentary superiority and delivered an effective and logical answer to Abbott’s attack.
    As I said. The matter should have ended there. But they had spent the bulk of question time on the issue and had nothing else. They persisted…….
    ………….. There was much guffawing. The coalition slapped each other on the back and Abbott wallowed in the laughter. But he wallowed a little too long.
    As Abbott rose to recite the now common liturgy for a censure, the speaker had already given the call to another minister who had already started their question. Abbott looked like a dill. You see you can’t call for standing orders to be stopped when you have an MP standing and asking a question. He demanded the call but Harry smiled, winked, apologised for stealing his theatrical spotlight as he was a poor director of such events and Abbott had to sit and wait his turn……..

  16. Something similar to what I mentioned elsewhere, but if God created man in his image, how come we don’t all look the same?

  17. Yes Min, bad boy for doing his job. But if he had not travelled and all the world’s dignitaries visited him, the papers would go on that he is not showing people respect by visiting them in their own country and they would ask how much it is costing the Australian taxpayers to entertain all these overseas visitors.

    Whatever he does will be seen as wrong and condemned by the media and their Neanderthalific readers.

  18. So Gina Rinehart is now Australia’s richest person. She is also Australia’s ugliest.

    And most spolied.

    And biggest dummy spitter.

    And biggest robber baron (as TB would say).

  19. One likes to imagine that Rudd’s Moon trajectory might involve many more kilometres than The Tele manages in its moving, multi-stage account; and it’s particularly hard to tell from The Tele if Rudd’s jet-settings bring him under or over a more mundane basis of relative accounting, which might have a Rudd-alike nailed down in Canberra as a suitable instantiation of control, given all the spin.

  20. KIAFL..at least the Rudd Moon trajectory gets somewhere unlike the Abbott version which just spins around and around on the spot.

  21. The O’Farrell government does what most coalition governments do. Never mention actual industrial relations changes they will implement before an election.

    Once elected claim the state is totally broke and do the one theiung they always do. Take it out on the worker and their wages and conditions.

    Never ever have they ever decided that big business or the lurks and perks of politcians need to be curtailed.

    Never ever do they decide obscenely profitable large corporations should contribute more.

    No its just the worker that is always the problem and always the cost.

    Maybe the rural community will wake up to the fact that the coalition doesn’t give a rats arse about them. But I doubt it they vote National no matter what the ramifications.

  22. Office of Police Integrity slams Victoria Police over crime statistics

    And how this sort of thing, even a hint of it and even an enquiry found no malfeasance, used to be slammed and headlined when Labor was in power.

    This was the sort of thing Baillieu, and all the current Liberal Premiers, promised to fix. Apparently these corrupt practices only happened under a Labor government and would never occur if the Liberals won government.

    Across the board State Liberal governments are proving to be no better, and in some areas, worse than the Labor governments they replaced.

    Of course there are some of us who in the face of howlings to the contrary knew this would be the outcome of electing Liberal governments, and if you take the growing failings of the State Liberals you can multiply them by a large factor for Abbott’s failings if he gained power.

  23. A large billboard is being driven around Canberra with an ad sponsored by British Tobacco that plain packaged cigarettes will cost the Australian taxpayers billions of dollars. Two things I’d like to ask:

    1. When has British Tobacco ever been concerned about Australian taxpayers?

    2. Where in hell did they derive the ‘billions of dollars’ from?

  24. Addendum: it’s equivalent to saying that Hardie Trading care about the victims of asbestosis mesothelioma.

  25. Yes, Mobius, and even Andrew Bolt put it front and centre as a Labor failure.

    Bolt still talks about crime though, however he pushes the point that refugees are the blame.

    When Labor were in power he blamed them. Now Liberals are in power he blames the criminals.

  26. Almost entirely overlooked by the media is that today is National Sorry Day. While some might consider this a token gesture, to my way of thinking something is always better than nothing. Here is one for my TSI family…by another Cairns girl.

  27. At least Bolt is preaching to a shrinking number of viewers on TV. Last show 136,000, down 36,000 on the previous show and beaten by Insiders with 207,000.

    Wonder what the cut off is for them to axe the show, 100,000 maybe?

  28. No use of Malcolm Turnbull getting upset, after all he has first hand experience on how upsetting emails can have on Politicians.

  29. A trip to the Moon keeps KRudd in select company, too; usually personages highly-regarded, ‘cept by fringe conspiracists…

    Number Of Living Humans Who Have Walked On Another World

    Still, only a closet Commie could come close to pulling off hiding the rest of the circa $100 million in taxpayers’ money necessarily expended on an almost circumlunar journey, surely…

    Space Adventures Lunar Mission

  30. Meta’..excellent graph, I’m glad that you were able to find one that someone of my mathematical ability would understand 🙂

  31. I think Roxon had fun in QT today. On tobacco she read that British tobacco only donates where they can influence policy. Also last year they made donations to only 3 countries. Canada, an island (name missed ) and Australia. To the first 2 countries 2000 and 1000 pounds and to the Liberal and National parties 111,000 pounds. Yep 97% of their donations to the Coalition.

  32. Sue, Roxon is one feisty lady. Although the media prefer to overlook the ladies, Labor Ladies are a very formidable force.

  33. Heaven help us..the media would prefer to stare at Barnaby Joyce’s navel than look at the work done by women such as Roxon, Ellis….

  34. Cosmonaut Krudd may be interested to hear that his chart is technically right in saying ‘have walked on another world’, but it avoids the numbers of those still on another world.

  35. The government wiped the floor with the opposition even more than they did yesterday and the day before. Not that you will ever know it from anything Ltd News produces for they have it the other way round.

    Talking about other worlds, or more accurately our world in a differently time. Saw some shorts on ABC News this evening of the proceedings and Julia was ripping Abbott a new ahole and he was sitting there pouting whilst his lips were quivering, and for all the world he looked like something out of Planet of the Apes. I’ll leave it to you as to which species.

  36. You gotta smile sometimes..reported by Sky:

    Malcolm Turnbull has been forced to declare his support for Tony Abbott.

    Well yes, I can understand this..one would have to be forced to declare one’s support for Abbott, wouldn’t one….

  37. Min, just a friendly suggestion …

    … don’t ever cross your friend whose insults you quote in the thread leader! Whoa! 😯

    You may have wondered where I’ve been lately (or not!) 😀 … in a word “insurance” … still watching a 12″ Kogan TV three weeks after the burglary and we (hopefully) get our car back tomorrow (the insurance company has had it twice as long as the bloody thieves!)

    Oh! and BTW …



  38. The whole point about the current state of play is that come July which is only a few weeks away then Abbott-has-no-job.

  39. TB..umm, what did I do…

    I couldn’t work it out at first either Min 🙂

    Correct me if I’m wrong TB, but Min, I think he was saying that your friend is very good at insults – it would not be good to be on the receiving end of insults from someone with such talent 😆

    And yes TB:


  40. Min, Bacchus always gets my posts (eventually) – we’re part of a QUEENSLANDER team!

    Actually, Min, so do you! Didn’t mean to confuse you – was meant as a bit of “humour” …

    Thanks Bcc!

    An Aboriginal friend of mine’s nephew played for Queensland. Number 7. Who is he and how did he play

    Migssy! What? You Don’t know who Jonathon Thurston is? He’s an NRL legend!

    He’s “joint captain” (strange and long story) of the NQ Cowboys based in Townsville … as usual he had a cracker of a game – the whole team did and so would NSW have had, if they hadn’t wanted to get into “argy-bargy” all the time (just reflects coaching! – and refereeing too) …

    Thurston, did miss a couple of conversions … but who gives a flying fk we clobbered the cockroaches again! 😆

  41. While I was in Qld I watched the Cowboy’s big comeback against the Eels. Thurstons won the game by himself. My mate reckoned he’s the best player in the world. I didn’t realise HE was number 7.

  42. Bacchus..Ohhh, I get it..I contradicted Reb. I’m sure that Reb will cope, or at least I hope so. Yoo hoo Reb!!

    One for you Reb..

  43. TB, that’s ok I asked youngest Erin a question and she replied with…

    Gamma radiation, also known as gamma rays (denoted as γ), is electromagnetic radiation of high frequency (very short wavelength). They are produced by sub-atomic particle interactions such as electron-positron annihilation, neutral pion decay, fusion, fission or inverse Compton scattering in astrophysical processes. Because gamma rays are a form of ionizing radiation, they pose a health hazard.

    A classical gamma ray source is a type of radioactive decay called gamma decay where an excited nucleus emits a gamma ray almost immediately on formation. However, gamma decay may also describe isomeric transition which involves an inhibited gamma decay with a relatively much longer half life…etc etc.

    Therefore everything else is competely understandable…

  44. Min @5.51

    In case you missed the real story in the ABC, I will begin it for you

    THE OPPOSITION SAYS, …………….. there is no disunity in the Coalition.

    Oh thats right the ABC actually said “Former opposition leader, Malcolm Turnbull has accused”….blah,blah,blah

    Our ABC on this occasion has changed their style of reporting.

  45. Well, with both TB and Bacchus here I guess I better open up the top shelf. Free drinks for Queenslanders. 🙂

  46. By the looks of Abbott above; his eyes, his hands, his expression . . . I would reckon he’s saying: “And, Mr Speaker, it’s just another great big new tax”.

  47. Sue, oh dear. The journos are struggling aren’t they when they cannot start a sentence with ‘the opposition says..’.

  48. Reb, we never close. We might slow down a bit though. Help yourself to a bottle of Wynns Coonawarra Cab Sav and grab Min a Mateus. I’m at the golf club otherwise I’d join you.

    Free drinks for Tasmanians.

  49. I’m here reb. The boss tried to hide the key to the cellar but never fear..I have a spare 😉

  50. I’ve already helped myself. The service is getting shoddy in this place.

    No surprise you’re at the golf club, where else would you be ?

    Do you actually “play golf?”

    Or is it the $10 parma nights that keep you comin’ back.

    Gidday Min, I’m buggered, just got back from work….

  51. I’m chatting with my discreet circle of friends while I listen to them moan about their shots on the fifteenth.


  52. Reb…Migs play golf? Then he must play only in the dark cos he’s only at the club night-time. Now I’m not saying that golf cannot be played in the dark with a torch or maybe with glow in the dark balls..

  53. The ABC, having difficulty in finding something to bash the government on after a string of stories on the opposition’s disunity, and Hockey being a bigger nong than usual as he tried to avoid a question by telling the reporters “Wayne Swan is a slippery fellow” many times, so Aunty threw in a basher about the Malaysian asylum seekers and how they will be caned.

    They crossed to Andrew Green an apparent ABC political reporter and bailed up Rudd to ask him if he would guarantee asylum seekers won’t be caned. Rudd answered in full as Gillard has and as laid out in their policy, all explanations ignored by the opposition as everyone expects, but also by the ABC.

    But as Rudd was answering a chime sounded for an elevator and I kid you not, Green said on air that Rudd had conjured up the timing of the elevator to avoid answering the question.

    I know the media thinks that Rudd is the devil incarnate to be exorcised from Australian politics, but now he’s a demon that can perform magic at will. He knew exactly to the second when an elevator would appear at his floor and knew exactly to the second how long a question being asked by a reporter would be so he could time the elevator to get away.

    Of course Aunty had to launch this attack on the government of avoiding questions on the Malaysian asylum seeker situation, questions by the way they have answered in full, because their previous stories on the opposition showed one after another awkwardly avoiding answering questions. Can’t show the opposition in a bad light without showing the government in a worse one, even if that worse has to be made up or exaggerated.

  54. I have always found Charlie Chaplin a fascinating person. Here is one of the few film clips of Chaplin talking which he did as addendum for The Little Dictator. For this speech he was placed under the scrutiny of J.Edgar Hoover for anti-American sentiments.

  55. Good stuff Migs. A lot of the satire would not be much understood, these days or even in those days.

  56. I (the family) have lots of photos of Larry as he was a friend of my Mum’s. She used to spend a bit of time with him during her visits to the USA.

    I used to read the letters he wrote to Mum and he was quite an articulate fellow, well versed in his nation’s politics and took an interest in world events.

    I also remember the letter he wrote to say that Moe had died.

    God knows where those letters are now.

  57. Migs: Yes. I wonder why the media haven’t tried to cast a Gillard/Rudd angst again. Maybe the media have worked out that these two actually do like each other. It’s an odd situation to be sure, people who can work together with a vision for the Big Picture.

  58. Migs, anyone so well versed in satire must keep up to date with national and international events. People such as the Stooges make it look all so easy, so easy that the background work and research would be easy to take for granted.

  59. Yes. I wonder why the media haven’t tried to cast a Gillard/Rudd angst again.

    It’s obvious what the media are doing and that’s running interference for the opposition and Abbott yet again.

    The moment there are rumblings of discontent within the opposition ranks, leaks of stoushes and tiffs, murmurs of stuff ups and Abbott brain farts as he so often does, then out come the media in a full attack on the government. “Quick look over here, bad Gillard, bad Labor, bad government.”

    With the Turnbull-Abbott stoush, Abbott-Hockey stoush, Abbott-just about everyone else stoushes, opposition economic stuff ups and flawed environmental policy revelations, the opposition immediately went back to boat people and the media obligingly followed to get the story off Abbott and his malcontents. The other part of that tactic is to always bring up Gillard/Rudd antagonism no matter whether it’s true or not whenever there are rumblings of Abbott’s leadership being in trouble.

  60. “Cosmonaut Krudd, regarding “another world” does this include other dimensions.”

    It might; and for that very reason I still don’t place much faith in The Tele’s reckoning, as They Might Be Giants explain in their ‘Destination Moon’…

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