Smile. It’s Friday

Listening to a science podcast last night I was buoyed by the suggestion that people who smile regularly live longer than those who don’t.  The evidence is flimsy, but of hundreds of people photographed 30 years ago, those who wore a smile are still alive today while those who didn’t aren’t.

As buoyed as I was – due to having a permanent smile pasted across my face – I must confess that the claim soon washed straight off of me once I delved into the practicalities of it.  My neighbour, for example, does not know how to smile yet he must be pushing 80.  Then again, maybe he used to smile before I took up residence next door. 

An ex-boss shouldn’t have made it past her teens; the lady who serves me coffee every morning should drop dead any moment now; and our local newsreader should hope that he doesn’t expire between 6:30 and 7:00 on weekdays.  I think he’s a strong candidate though.

Joe Hockey could be well advised to take out a funeral plan and Bronwyn Bishop looks like she’s about to collect on hers.

But old Murdoch himself is a great example that the theory is flawed.  What a sour, miserable old face he carries with him each day.  The lack of smile pleases me; is it evidence that he really is a sour, miserable old man?

I’m certain Gina won’t be smiling today.  From the Canberra Times comes the story that:

The ACT is at risk of losing its standing as the jurisdiction with Australia’s biggest pay packets, thanks to the mining boom.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures published yesterday showed West Australian average weekly earnings are now less than $26 short of the ACT’s nation-leading $1479.60.

That equates to a $76,939.20 annual salary in the nation’s capital, but the 0.6 per cent increase in the February quarter was short of the 1 per cent average, and even further behind West Australia’s 3.2 per cent increase.

She must be beside herself with anger.  All those high wages are eating into her profits and this is an outrage.  It is no wonder she’s trying to run away from the taxman.  These figures also put paid to the claims that the industry is on the edge of ruin.

That’ll wipe the smile off her face.

And hopefully put one on yours.

42 comments on “Smile. It’s Friday

  1. Well Miglo, she will not be happy about the WA Premier ‘s actions. I was under the impression that mining companies were not enamoured of Royalties ans would rather have tax on profit.

  2. That’ll wipe the smile off her face.

    And hopefully put one on yours.

    Miglo and Cu, as Talk Turkey and I have just now been discussing over at TPS you are enjoying other people’s misfortune! My own view on that is

    Oh, What A Feeling!

    Does that means embroider
    The joy of good news
    By further abuse
    Of those whom we beat
    By making them eat
    Not just humble pies,
    But all of their lies,
    Pretend they’re delicious,
    To give us malicious
    You’re right!
    Specially if it
    Means Abbott eats shit.

  3. I’ve just noticed that when I post a comment from my iPhone or iPad ‘Miglo’ (above) doesn’t have a link to it. When I post from my computer it does.

    One of life’s great mysteries.

  4. No Cu it won’t effect the mining companies under the MRT as it alleviates royalties so whatever royalties a state imposes the Feds will have to cover.

    This is a deliberate move by Barnett to screw the Federal government and that yet again the Liberals are underhanded and nasty doesn’t surprise me. It is their very nature.

    It really irks because both Queensland and WA have been propped up for many decades, some even state for as much as a century, by NSW and Victoria in the States’ funding arrangement.

    Now these two States are wealthy in their own right they want to keep it all for themselves and screw the rest of the country, especially if they are ruled by Liberal governments.

    Gillard only has two choices, wear a $1.5 billion hole in her budget and allow WA to pocket $1.5 billion plus extra money from the MRT and the State’s funding arrangement or take $1.5 billion from Barnett, which already has Barnett up in arms and will get more votes for the Liberals in WA.

    It’s more or less a lose/lose for Gillard.

    What she should do I couldn’t hazard a guess but she must at every opportunity harshly condemn the WA government for their greed, or the financial mess Barnett is creating even with record resources revenue. She should also throw it back in Abbott’s face and ask him if he would allow the States to steal Federal revenue in double deals leaving his budgets short by billions.

  5. Abbott has just backed WA, saying Gillard is using and abusing WA.

    If he is ever in government he will send this country to hell in a basket.

    Gillard has stated she will adjust infrastructure funding to WA by the amount of the royalties, she will not let them effect the budget bottom line.

    Barnett said it is a sign of abuse and a government that has lost control, but he was not very convincing. This is also rich after he had told the Federal government to lump it.

    It is Barnett who is losing control and knows it. He needs to prop up his failing and spend big on the major things he promised but has failed to deliver one extra dollar for so far. If he goes to the next election with WA receding as it is the he mightn’t lose but he will take a hit.

  6. Typical Abbott scum. If it was a State Labor Government he’d be bursting blood vessels in anger.

  7. This time I believe it would have been prudent for Mr. Abbott to take some time to think before he opened his mouth.

    He has railed against Labor’s mining tax. claiming the miners cannot afford it. He is now supporting a greater tax on the same people.

    The miners have admitted that a tax on profits is fairer, especially for the small companies. A Royalty is applied before any profits are made.

    PM Gillard is saying because of the WA Premiers action, she will not have the money for the promise infrastructure.

    It will not be the PM that takes GST money away from WA, it will be the other states when they divide up the money.

    So much for Mr. Abbott’s bullying allegations. The truth is that the WA Premier is the one doing the bully. This is proven by his boast that Mr. Swan will not be happy.

    I do not think the taxpayers in the other states will be happy seeing money going to WA. Many think the state has had a free run for too long, riding on the back of the eastern states.

    At the end of the day, this is not going to be a big problem for Labor. There are still problems with health funding to the states. WA managed for years the Divorce Courts separate to the rest of Australia.

    If WA wants to go it alone, so be it. WA needs to be aware they cannot have it both ways. They either opt in or out.

  8. Migs re “Joe Hockey could be well advised to take out a funeral plan..”. That’s what’s different about Hockey these days, he simply no longer smiles..but then with a boss such as Abbott he probably doesn’t have much to smile about. Does Abbott have a sense of humor? If so, he keeps it well hidden.

  9. Pip, from your link to The Age it sounds to have been a very interesting meeting between Turnbull and Abbott and going by the quote below, this would have been the polite interpretation of events. Pointed out? More likely it was pointing the rude finger.

    It is understood that during their conversation on Thursday, after Mr Turnbull’s comments, Mr Turnbull pointed out that he had given more loyalty to Mr Abbott than people had shown him when he was leader.

  10. Min, the fly on the wall might have shaking in his little boots. Mr. Abbott’s high pitched squeals and Mr. Turnbull’s loud and proud voice booming. It could well have been Malcon’s finger doing the pointing.
    If the Coalition go too far with Turnbull, what are the chances of him dumping them and standing as an Independent??

  11. Pip, if Turnbull considers that Abbott is making nothing more than false promises to could happen.

  12. I should have added that I think that Turnbull is the sort who would rather go out in a blaze of glory than hide and sulk in a corner.

  13. Min, I agree Malcolm is no shrinking violet.
    Speaking of shrinking violets I’ve just read Barnaby’s blog about….well, Tim and Julia, will they get married or won’t they. People don’t want to be “shacked up” with a carbon tax. Gee what a subtle little dogwhistle. Very clever.
    “this is what these door to door swindlers are trying to sell us”
    King Canute rated a mention, and also the Ku Klux Klan.

  14. Yassou!

    Off to Paniyiri today. Too much baby octopus, souvlaki, loukoumi, honey puffs and maybe a little wine… YUM YUM.

    Two huge days, 100,000 honey puffs, 4000 high kicks, countless zorbas, 30 fabulous food stalls, 6000 coffees, 950 volunteers, the stars of dance, the doyennes of food, 1 self appointed Greek Goddess and 20 cans of heavy duty hairspray, 500kgs of haloumi, the bouzouki, tarabuka, lira and laouto and more than 50 hours of entertainment … and you are invited! There’s 35 years of celebrating to get through!

  15. Pip @ 9.36am.. you-have-to-be-kidding… “People don’t want to be “shacked up” with a carbon tax.” Wow Barnaby sure is subtle not to mention a man of style 🙄

  16. ““People don’t want to be “shacked up” with a carbon tax.” ”

    Barnaby, you are wrong, people do not want to live in their homes, wilting with the heat from the weather outside. We do not want to live under a carbon polluted sky.

    The real question we should be asking the last couple of days is, what does Mr. Turnbull’s’ words and body language tell us about his opinion of Mr. Abbott.

    I interpret it as him having no respect for the man or his ability to lead this country.

  17. CU it was a fairly crass statement from Barnaby Joyce. What I am getting is that Turnbull has given up on Abbott ever keeping his word…probably more fool him for having believed any of Abbott’s promises in the first place.

  18. Min, I do not believe that Mr. Turnbull has ever had trust in the man.

    I believe that Mr. Turnbull’s pride will no longer let him remain silent.

    Mr. Turnbull, I believe is calling the bluff of the party as well as Mr. Abbott.

    It is being said that Mr. Abbott success is because many believe he has no skills and will not last.

    The same could be said of our PM. Many under estimate the PM.

    I find it hard to know why they do so. In the last government and I think it will be a fact in this government, that she is a doer. The PM achieved everything she set out to do under PM Rudd. The PM in the former government held multi, difficult portfolios.

    I do not believe we under estimate Mr. Abbott. Mr. Abbott has shown the skills to be aggressive and have no problems in using dubious information and facts to support his drive. He has shown great skills to talk down the economy and destroy everything in his path.
    He has not shown any skills, ability or desire to build.

  19. CU, as reported by Mumble (on the Turnbull thread)..

    Turnbull approached Abbott after the budget about replacing Hockey. Abbott told him he respected Turnbull’s skills however, given the state of affairs he did not want to upset the applecart, however, he would keep him in mind if there were to be a reshuffle in the future.

    I have a tendency to believe this one. Turnbull is clearly the shadow Treasurer that the Liberals should have and it must have erked Turnbull a lot to see Hockey fluff around yet again. And of course Turnbull’s NBN portfolio is on the cusp for being null and void.

    As far as Julia goes..the media has done the same ‘make-over’ of her as they did on Rudd – commence with ridicule, continue with put-downs and completely ignore achievements.

  20. I can almost forgive Angry Anderson for his support of the anti carbon tax rallies…this song does make up for it.

  21. Oh my poor belly! Those Greeks sure know how to dish up a decent sized serve! The honey puffs at the end of the day were the straw that broke the camel’s back…

    Highlight of the day for me (apart from eating the delicious baby octupus to start the day) was the octopus cooking demonstration, gatecrashed by Con the Fruiterer – hilarious, but amazingly he was able to perfectly spell out the steps to making the dish after interrupting and disrupting the cook all the way through.

    Of course, he had to tell us about his family – wife Marika, sons Rick & Nick, daughters Roula, Toula, Soula, Voula, Foula and Agape 😆

  22. “What is it with Gillard? No political nous!”

    The PM has been very clear on this issue. SHe will accept whayever is decided at the Federal Conference towards the end of the year.

    Another article that qwells on what is not said. Little mention of what is said

    Same sex mattige is imprtatn and has to be address but their are priorities/ You cannot do everything at once.

    “Instead she continued to sell the federal government’s May budget and press the case for putting a price on carbon.

    In her first address as prime minister to a Labor party conference in her home state, Ms Gillard said Labor was determined to win the fight to price carbon.

    “We are fighting to price carbon to tackle climate change and to build a clean energy economy which is prepared and strong,” she said.

    She criticised Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s stance on the climate change debate.

    “We don’t have time for politicians and shock jocks who deny the scientific conclusions of NASA and the CSIRO,” she said.

    “We don’t have time for made-up figures and shameless fear mongering.

    “We don’t have time to waste on a debate that lacks fact and reason.

    “Our national efforts and energies must be focused … We are a nation determined to do our bit to tackle climate change and urgently need to make a start to build the clean energy economy of the future.”

    Ms Gillard addressed the conference before motions on gay marriage, same-sex adoption and asylum seekers were put to delegates.

    Read more:

  23. I’m very weary Migs, but at $5.50 a small “plastic” for what the Greeks call red wine (at least at a festival like that), I didn’t get into too much of their wine. Coming in 1.5 litre bottles didn’t help either 😉 Perhaps I should pay a return visit to the Greek Club at another time to see if they have more palatable offerings. I’m sure the food alone would be worth the visit.

    What they had to offer today was a fairly “thin” tasting drop – a smidgen more depth than a cheap Rosé. You could probably drink it like water all day until it hit you like a ton of bricks.

  24. The Herald Sun didn’t like the way the PM spoke about their beloved Tones:=

    Julia Gillard hits out below the belt describing Abbott as a Palin Trump love child.

    FACING her greatest political challenge, Julia Gillard played the man, accusing Opposition Leader Tony Abbott of behaving like the political love child of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.

    The PM made her personal crack to at the ALP state conference at Monash University on Sasturday, telling the delegates Mr Abbott was running a hysterical campaign against the carbon tax.

    “Tony Abbott has said of himself that he is John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop’s political love child,” she said.

    “Heaven knows that’s bad enough, but the truth is he is acting more like the love child of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump.”

    Mr Abbott did not respond to the jibe yesterday.

    It’s ok for Abbott to dog-whistle for months on end about the PM being unmarried and childless, but it’s below the belt for the PM to retaliate.
    Hypocrites. I’m talking to Sam Maiden. Her reporting is worthless.

  25. Cu, thanks for the link. The PM said what she needed to say:-
    She criticised Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s stance on the climate change debate.

    “We don’t have time for politicians and shock jocks who deny the scientific conclusions of NASA and the CSIRO,” she said.

    “We don’t have time for made-up figures and shameless fear mongering.

    “We don’t have time to waste on a debate that lacks fact and reason.

    “Our national efforts and energies must be focused … We are a nation determined to do our bit to tackle climate change and urgently need to make a start to build the clean energy economy of the future.”

  26. Well if they don’t like what Julia says about precious little Abbott, then they’re gonna be aghast if they ever hear what I say about him.

  27. “Gillard spruiks carbon tax at Labor conference”

    Why could not the headline have been:-
    Gillard makes spirit defence on carbon tax at Labor conference

    The Prime Minister told the conference that Opposition Leader Tony Abbott’s “campaign of fear” over the carbon tax will be exposed as a sham before the next election…..
    In a Galaxy Poll published in the Courier Mail, 59 per cent of those surveyed believe Kevin Rudd is the best choice for Labor leader, compared to 19 per cent for Ms Gillard…….
    ….”We don’t have time for politicians and shock jocks who deny the scientific conclusions of NASA and the CSIRO,” she said.
    “We don’t have time for made-up figures and shameless fear mongering. We don’t have time to waste on a debate that lacks fact and reason.Our national efforts and energies must be focused. We are a nation determined to do our bit to tackle climate change and urgently need to make a start to build the clean energy economy of the future.”he says Mr Abbott is begging for an early election because he wants to go to the polls before the carbon price comes in next year.
    There is a reason they are begging for an election in 2011 and it is not because they think they can win in 2013. It is because they know that in 2012 this mindlessly negative campaign will be exposed before every Australian,” she said……..
    ….”What really matters in Australia is not the 24-hour news cycle – it’s the jobs numbers.”
    ….”Tony Abbott has said of himself that he is John Howard and Bronwyn Bishop’s political love child. Heaven knows that’s bad enough, but the truth is he is acting more like the love child of Sarah Palin and Donald Trump,” she said…..

    Could not have summed it up better. I still think the PM is closer to the mark, describing the Opposition like the boy with his cap on back the front with the aerosol can in his hand. It is time the man acted liked an adult, not an adolescent bully.

  28. Is Mr. Costello the man for the big job? A man who appears to be underemployed since his government was deposed.

    …………The press release goes on to state that
    The successful candidate for the position of Managing Director will have a distinguished record in economic policymaking at senior levels. He or she will have an outstanding professional background, will have demonstrated the managerial and diplomatic skills needed to lead a global institution, and will be a national of any of the Fund’s members.
    Peter Costello is that person.
    Not only did Costello have 11.5 years experience as a member of the IMF Board of Governors, his experience as Australian Treasurer is second to none in both its quality and his commitment to reform. Costello is above reproach personally too, a true family man who is ethical and does not put on airs and graces. He has a great sense of humour, is a superb speechmaker and is well able to get across a brief and speak with authority without notes. He is thoughtful and has a forensic ability to question policy proposals.
    He would be a terrific appointment. It is time that someone outside Europe led the IMF. Costello has the credibility that few other candidates could match.
    He can be nominated by the Governor (Wayne Swan) or Executive Director (Chris Legg).

  29. Has anybody else noticed that the world wasn’t destroyed today?

    Was it supposed to be destroyed Migs? I thought is was just that all the ‘good’ people were to be taken to the imaginary place in the sky, leaving the heathens and all the pets behind. Total destruction is in September or October?

    I was looking forward to being free of all the ‘holier than thous’ 😉

  30. The Wentworth Group of scientists, have resigned from the Murray Darling Basin Authority process in protest.
    GetUp have started a petition in support of the scientists

    Save the Basin
    Key scientists have walked away from the government’s Murray Darling Basin Authority process in protest.

    Right now the Murray Darling Basin Authority are in the final stages of recommending how to deal with the water crisis and scientists are telling us the Authority is preparing to announce environmental water flows that are so low they won’t save our nation’s food bowl. Even more worryingly, the Authority has cancelled all independent scientific review of the government’s Murray Darling plan in an attempt to cover up their lack of environmental credibility.

    The Wentworth Group of Scientists have just resigned from the process in protest – and they need public support. That’s where we can make a difference. In a few weeks the Basin Authority will announce their plan. Sign the petition to the right now to show your support for them.

  31. Cu, @ 12.05am. Catalaxxy has two Right feet and of course they’ll put in a good word for their man Costello.
    Won’t he make a good impression with his unfunny jokes and his smirk? Not to mention the structural deficit he left behind.

  32. Migs @ 11.49pm Now that you mention it, I do believe that you’re right..the world is still here.

  33. On the subject of “Joe Hockey could be well advised to take out a funeral plan..”

    Furious, he called Mr Abbott to challenge him over his lack of support. It is understood he was angry that he had been ”left swinging in the wind”….

    According to the sources, the conversation descended into a slanging match before ending abruptly without resolution.

    Strange indeed as according to the polls the Libs should be laughing, but they’re not – mostly I think because there are some on Abbott’s team who are not all about ‘me’ and do care about the future.

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