Just another great big new swindle

The General Manager of Ford Australia has announced that the next generation of GMH’s Commodore will cost $125,000 because GMH are likely to increase executives salaries by 1,000%.  Obviously this is an outrageous claim.  Ford Australia have no idea what GMH are going to pay their executives next year.  Of course, this is fictitious and doesn’t happen in a serious world, but it is the style of politics being played by Mr Abbott in his own la la land.

A couple of months ago I posted a thread called Meanwhile in response to this news.com article: Groceries to carry the cost of carbon tax, warn supermarkets.  The article started off the scare campaign with the threat that:

Food prices are set to rise under the Federal Government’s carbon tax, with some of the nation’s largest food retailers expected to be hit with potential carbon bills of millions of dollars a year.

A national survey of 500 food and grocery retailers also revealed 83 per cent intend to pass on the cost of a carbon price in higher prices, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The survey follows the release of the Department of Climate Change and Environment’s national greenhouse reports showing leading companies’ carbon emissions.

Even though a carbon price is yet to be determined, Woolworths could be faced with a potential annual carbon bill of about $10 million a year, based on a carbon price of $26 per tonne, which industry experts and the Opposition are using as a rough guide.

Notice any key words?  Try expected to be hit, even though the carbon price is yet to be determined, could be faced with a potential annual carbon bill of $10 million a year and the Opposition are using as a rough guide.  This small piece from the article . . .

. . . Climate Change Minister Greg Combet said it was too early to speculate on what prices in different sectors might be affected . . .

. . . was of little or no consequence and was hidden within a blistering attack from Tony Abbott.

Fast forward to last weekend when Tony Abbott visited iconic Adelaide bakery Vili’s and made the presumptuous claim that the Carbon Tax would cost Vili’s an extra $100,000 a year in electricity costs, according to his estimation.   One of our bloggers (handyrab) pointed out that the journalist covering the story lost the opportunity of challenging Mr Abbott on how he derived at that figure.  And how could a figure be derived at if the carbon price has not been set, and won’t be announced until July 1?  But it hasn’t stopped Mr Abbott from this great big new prediction:

Now, I say to you in all honesty there are a lot of diverse opinions about climate change and I don’t think this is about climate change. Climate change happens, mankind does make a contribution. It’s important to have an intelligent response, not a stupid one, and an intelligent response to climate change means more trees, better soils and smarter technology. It doesn’t mean a great big new tax that just for starters will drive your power bill up by $300 a year. It will put six and a half cents a litre on the cost of filling up your car. It will put $6,240 on the price of a new home and that is just for starters. It won’t just damage your standard of living, it will damage jobs. In fact, this is Australia’s new export under the carbon tax – it’s your jobs.
There are 126,000 jobs that will go in regional Australia. There’s 10,000 jobs that will go in the coal industry alone and 16 big mines will close. There’s 24,000 jobs that will go in the mining industry more generally. There’s 45,000 jobs that will go in the energy intensive sector and as the boss of BlueScope Steel has made clear again and again this is a tax from a Government which doesn’t want us to make things anymore in this country.
I ask again, how could those figures be derived at if the carbon price has not been set, and won’t be announced until July 1?
And on another one his crusades gloated that:
“I’ve been putting petrol into a lot of people’s cars this morning and I’ve had a chance to remind them that thanks to the carbon tax – that the Prime Minister didn’t tell us about – their petrol will be 6.5 cents a litre more expensive,” he said.
I ask again, how could those figures be derived at if the carbon price has not been set, and won’t be announced until July 1?
But wait, there’s more:
”Obviously, cost of living pressures were very important … and federal Labor is making cost of living pressures worse with their carbon tax,” Mr Abbott said. ”The message that is coming loud and clear from the struggling families of NSW is that the carbon tax is toxic.”
The carbon tax is a deadly threat to the economies of Gladstone, many centres in the Hunter Valley, in the Illawarra, to places like Portland in Victoria and to the Latrobe Valley, to places like Kwinana in Western Australia. There isn’t a state that wouldn’t lose important manufacturing and industrial centres if the carbon tax goes ahead.
And more, and more, and more.  A search on Google found that there has hardly been a day when Tony Abbott hasn’t come up with some speculation on what the Carbon Tax is going to cost families, industries and economies.  Yet the carbon price has not been announced and won’t be until July 1.
I reckon this is just another one of the Liberal’s all too famous great big swindles.

14 comments on “Just another great big new swindle

  1. Ain’t that the truth Mako. And have you noticed that the media never take him to task on those lies?

  2. The media is letting Abbott waffle, waffle and waffle. Who is listening?

    I’m not getting that Abbott is now receiving the same Wow Gasp response as he once did.

  3. Yet the media don’t challenge Abbott on how much his carbon pollution reduction scheme will directly cost tax payers with no offsets to low income earners and no offsets to other jobs like in renewables.

    $720pa. That’s $720 for everyone directly with no offsets or compensation and then here will be the peripheral and indirect costs, all for a scheme that gives billions in tax payers money to polluters with no real obligation on them to seriously reduce their emissions.

    That doesn’t even get into the cost of his Green Army and wilderness tree planting.

    So why are the media asking him about his policy and the costs or about things like this:

    But while speculating the government would run an ad campaign to promote to carbon price policy, he would not out rule doing the same thing himself.

    ‘I don’t say that from time to time all government advertising is necessary,’ he said.

    He will slam government advertising on the carbon tax but refused point blank to rule out if he would or would not advertise his scheme if in power.

    There is your consummate hypocrite that only John Winston Howard could ever match or beat. Gillard doesn’t approach to being a hypocrite in the face of the Liberals blatant show of it all the time on just about everything.

  4. Well the Green Army will create a nice big department to oversee a few people I believe planting trees. Maybe the some nurseries might expand their businesses. Where the land is to be found is another mystery.

    Look how well the Likes of Mrs. Rudd did out of destroying the Government Employment Agency. I have not seen any research that says the result is more efficient or productive.

  5. More from Oscar.

    Some cause happiness wherever they go; others whenever they go.
    Abbott and Bolt might fit the bill 😀

    and from Martin Luther King;
    A genuine leader is not a searcher for consensus but a moulder of consensus.

    We may have all come on different ships but we’re all in the same boat now.

    Rarely do we find men who willingly engage in hard, solid thinking. There is an almost universal quest for easy answers and half-baked solutions. Nothing pains some people more than having to think.

    A nation or civilisation that continues to produces soft-minded men purchases it’s own spiritual death on the installment plan.

    Every man must decide whether he will walk in the light of creative altruism or in the darkness of destructive selfishness.

    and this about the “other”.
    Discrimination is a hell-hound that gnaws at negroes in every waking moment of their lives to remind them that the lie of their inferiority is accepted as truth in the society. dominating them.

    Freedom is never voluntarily given by the oppressor; it must be demanded by the oppressed.

    Human progress is neither automatic nor inevitable…..every step towards the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.

  6. So which is worse, Abbott’s lies or the complicity of the MSM for repeating and promoting the lie.
    Why does the Government not hold an inquiry or at the very least pull the public broadcaster up for this deceit.

  7. Luna_lava, I would say the MSM. The MSM are the enablers – they not only allow the lies to continue but they give these lies credibility.

  8. Migs, re “Fast forward to last weekend when Tony Abbott visited iconic Adelaide bakery Vili’s and made the presumptuous claim that the Carbon Tax would cost Vili’s an extra $100,000 a year in electricity costs, according to his estimation.”

    But wasn’t this one shown up to be a fallacy a month ago? The last time that Abbott pulled this stunt it was a butcher’s in Coffs Harbour.

    ”I was just at Russell’s butchery talking about the impact that the carbon tax will have on everyone’s cost of living. Russell’s electricity bill is something like $22,000 a year. Julia Gillard’s carbon tax will put four or five thousand dollars on that, and that’s just for starters.


    So Abbott now has a butcher’s and a baker’s..what’s next the candlestick makers…

  9. Min. today the bus I caught to get back to my home on the Central Coast from Erina Fair.

    On the journey that went around the world, there was what looked like a small bake house, making mostly pies.

    What caught my notice was about 6or 7 lines of solar panels about 20 or 30 metres long standing at an angle on the very large roof area.

    This is the first time I have seen solar panels on a commercial buolding. I am sure that Mr. Abbott’s pie maker could do the same.

    By the way, I will not be catching that bus again

  10. luna_lava @ 6.03am,
    I had an email a few days ago from Wayne Swan and sent a reply asking him and other MPs to come out swinging and start to defend their BER and the Home Insulation programs as well as the handling of the GFC.

    I wish they would.

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