65 comments on “The ‘Tony gets more exposure’ caption competition

  1. The cropping is funny but I think for captioning the full photo would be better. We can then put captions to the other two as well, it gives more scope and variety.

  2. Mobius Ecko, what cropping? I thought the cameras had caught Tony off guard, because he was rather self absorbed, as you can see from his expression. Though I’m surprised his minders let them get that close.

  3. Isn’t that the expression he always has since he’s always caught off guard, even in all the carefully scripted and controlled stage managed stuff he does.

  4. Migs, that’s ok for you super smart technological types. Patricia, ignore the blokes..these are things only another woman can understand (nyah to blokes!).

  5. It’s not things that only women can understand and men can’t, it’s that if it is something women understand men don’t want to.

  6. ‘It’ll turn the boats around….’


    It’s already working on my stomach 😉

  7. Miglo, did you see my news about David Rodin somewhere here today. He doesn’t have to have a knee recon., just a cartilage clean-up. Very good news even for a Crow supporter. 😀

  8. Pip, David Rodan is one of the more inspirational players in the AFL. A young Fijian lad who sacked by Richmond, given a lifeline by Port when taken as the last pick in the draft, has had a couple of major knee reconstructions yet never gives up on his dream.

    And he plays footy like a man inspired.

  9. The pic is there for Mother’s Day, and I just got a kiss for being such an amazing mother.
    Actually no, just because it’s now Mother’s Day.

  10. I had half of my day yesterday with the girls coming home as Erin has some work to do in the lab today, Jared & Millie have sent a surprise down for me to open today..I’m very very spoilt 😀

  11. First time for eons that Erin hasn’t given me books..I usually rely on her for my reading material, this year a Lithuanian vase that she picked up from an antique shop and Briony gave me a pair of ear-rings that she brought back with her from Venice. I was very good and didn’t open the parcel from Jared and Millie until Mothers Day 🙂

  12. Yes, Happy Mothers day to all those mothers out there. Hope the kids got you coffee at least this morning 😉

  13. Ah well, at least you had yesterday 😉 And I’m sure the kiddies wish they could send up the coffee. Wait until you get the Big New NBN, they’ll be able to cable you any beverage you want then 😉

    I can’t wait until I log in here for my early morning Flat White to go with my morning read 🙂

  14. Tom, youngest who is in her final few months of her PhD at UQ tells me that the uni already has super fast broadband..an absolute necessity for them.

  15. Tony Abbott February ’10: “I think it would be folly to expect that women will ever dominate or even approach equal representation in a large number of areas simply because their aptitudes, abilities and interests are different for physiological reasons”

    And here’s why…

  16. Migs..if you think that is ‘hung like a horse’..I think that I should have a whisper in your shell-like ear…

  17. Min @ 2.12pm, I think he means we are the weaker sex:]]

    Miglo, @ that counts Abbott out then 🙄

  18. Pip re moi @ 2.12pm that’s exactly what I meant. He’s got one and we wimmens t’aint.. 😀

  19. Migs @ 5.50pm..I was thinking that you would be having trouble finding a comeback to self at 5.48pm, but somehow you managed to… (grizzle, groan..and in record time..). Try this one Mr Migs…

    “But what did they do with the left-overs?”

  20. Good grief, I’ve got to do better than that…

    Just scientifically speaking Migs, given your premise that “they fall off the smart ones at birth”, can you give us your explanation of precisely what it is that Abbott is looking at in the caption?

  21. That’s very sad news Migs. I remember when he won the world title against Fighting Harada. I hid my trannie under the covers, pretended I was asleep and when I thought that my parents were asleep I turned it on just so that I could listen to the fight. He is the first Aboriginal sporting hero that I can remember.

  22. Min @ 6.26pm, “precisely what it is that Abbott is looking at in the caption” is looking at”.

    I’m just guessing , but I’d say not much really:wicked:

  23. Pip..it was censored 😀 Pip, you are permitted to be ‘evil’ or ‘twisted’, but sorry you are not allowed to be wicked. WordPress smilies say so.

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