The Consummate Hypocrite

I wonder if Tony Abbott ever stops to think what might be the consequences of his actions or words before he performs or delivers them.  Those little moments when most people pause to consider the ramifications of what they are about to say, are lost on Mr Abbott.  He just opens his mouth and talks, and in doing so, reveals himself again and again to be the consummate hypocrite.  Or two-faced.  Make your own call on yesterday’s example.

A surf lesson turned into a political dialogue when Federal Opposition Leader Tony Abbott took an Afghan refugee for a paddle at Sydney’s Manly beach.

Mr Abbott had donned his infamous budgie smugglers, but they were soon covered by a wetsuit when he gave the organised surf lesson to Riz Wakil.

The lesson was sponsored by advocacy group GetUp! after it raised $16,100 to bid on the surf lesson prize at last year’s Canberra press gallery’s mid-winter charity ball.

Mr Abbott made no bones about the fact Mr Wakil had arrived in Australia by boat in 1999.

“He’s an Australian now,” Mr Abbott told said today. “To my way of thinking he’s no longer an illegal boat person.

“He’s an Australian, and he’s entitled to all the rights and all the courtesies that Australians are entitled to.”

Yes, that right, he said:

“He’s an Australian now. To my way of thinking he’s no longer an illegal boat person.

“He’s an Australian, and he’s entitled to all the rights and all the courtesies that Australians are entitled to.”

Let’s consider those statements.

“He’s an Australian now. To my way of thinking he’s no longer an illegal boat person.

Yes, he’s an Australian, but he has never been an illegal boat person, unless of course he was fishing in restricted waters, which I’m sure he wasn’t.  But to Abbott’s way of thinking he once was an illegal boat person even though legally there is no such thing.  As a lawyer Mr Abbott should have known that, but don’t let the lawful truth get in the way of immoral politics.  To my way of thinking he’s an Australian now, full stop.

“He’s an Australian, and he’s entitled to all the rights and all the courtesies that Australians are entitled to.”

So even though Mr Abbott was quite happy to have the boats turned back, those people who manage to make it here are (eventually) entitled to the same rights as all Australians.  So why consider blowing ships out of the water if they are filled to the decks with future Australians?  But haven’t the opposition been telling us that these boats are packed with undesirables not welcome in this country?

Did you notice the year Mr Wakil arrived by boat in Australia?  Yes, 1999 when Howard was Prime Minister.  Maybe in Abbott’s view it’s OK for those that made it to this country under Howard (the man legendary for stopping the boats).  But from the time he won government in 1996 up until the eve of the 2001 election, 221 boats with refugees were welcomed in this country.  Mr Wakil was on one of them.  Had have he been on boat number 222 he would have later found himself on the Tampa, and from that day on be known as an illegal boat person.

Yes, the leader of the opposition sure is the consummate hypocrite.

72 comments on “The Consummate Hypocrite

  1. Good point. A minor quibble though: isn’t Abbott a journalist rather than a lawyer?

  2. Chris, Abbott is both a bachelor of economics and a bachelor of law but I’m not sure whether these were separate degrees or a joint degree. Abbott didn’t pursue either but turned to journalism firstly with The Bulletin and then (surprise) with The Australian.

  3. This is unbelievable hypocrisy.

    Abbott is saying that he will turn back potential Australian citizens with the only thing between them being Australians or not is if he does or does not manage to turn back a boat.

    In a circuitous way Abbott is saying he will bar entry to people who will make Australia citizens in any other circumstance other than his ability to get our military and/or coastal patrols to send them back.

    And what if they are sent back to Indonesia only to get on the next available boat and then make it? They are illegal in the first instance and Australian citizens in the second, which cannot be as an illegal is not entitled to Australian citizenship.

    Also what Abbott has now stated is that he encourages asylum seekers to Australia because all they have to do is not be turned back and they will be Australian citizens with all our rights. It also means he cannot condone TPVs as these refugees have now made it to Australia and are entitled to all the same rights and courtesies of all Australians, including I guess full welfare?

  4. patricia, that is what the opposition and their obsequious media are misconstruing, the opposition deliberately so and the media probably as well.

    Gillard’s regional solution is nothing like Howard’s politically expedient but very expensive Pacific Solution.

    Gillard has always stated her policy was about setting up regional centres which then take away the people smugglers. Under Howard’s scheme apart from sabotaging boats in Indonesia there was never any incentive for asylum seekers to stop using people smugglers and getting onto boats, except the thought they would be horribly punished by being locked away for years on end on a remote Pacific island. If the people smugglers convinced them they could still make Australia within a reasonable time instead of having to stay for years in squalid Indonesian camps then Howard’s deterrent, apart from being illegal, was not effective.

    Cooperative regional processing centres take away the reason for asylum seekers to get on boats and thus breaks the back of the people smuggler business unless the smugglers can connive the asylum seekers. Word will soon get around that it is no use getting on boats only to be sent back to a regional centre they can go directly to. It is also up to regional governments to get the word out on this.

    I wish the media would stop saying Gillard has back flipped and is taking up Howard’s policy, she is doing no such thing.

  5. Ms Gillard says this arrangement is a genuine arrangement of cooperation in the region and very different to John Howard’s Pacific Solution.

    Ya got that Tony.

  6. By the way Migs, in case you hadn’r heard, David Rodin doesn’t need a knee recon., just a bit of cartilage clean-up.
    Still an ouch, but only out for about six weeks. 🙂

  7. The Abbott-Opposition will NOT like this because it’s An Orderly know the one, the orderly queue that boat people are supposed to join. And Gillard has set herself the task of organising an orderly queue….

  8. Sue, comments are already closed there. I note, ‘commentators’ like him don’t have their comments section open for long. Else, to much light can get shone onto their fabrications.

  9. Tom R, comments do close early with Uhlmann, but you can still “have your say”. The link is at the bottom of the page.

  10. Yes Pip, perhaps I should write an article for publication highlighting ulmans massive failures in his short time. That’ll get a go for sure 😉

  11. El gordo…as per above, Abbott qualified in law and economics but never worked as a lawyer but instead became a journalist for The Bulletin and The Australian.

  12. Pip, thanks for per ‘self at 4.05pm I wasn’t sure whether it was separate degrees or a double degree.

  13. Thanx Min, I will store that bit of knowledge.

    According to wiki, when he was at Oxford he met a devout Jesuit and fellow boxer who wore dead men’s clothes. Needless to say this made an impression on young Abbott.

    I also read somewhere that he played first grade rugby while attending university in the apple isle.

  14. Which of course has very little relevance to after all it’s not all that important what you’ve done in the past it’s what you do in the here and now and what you intend to do in the future which is the mark of a man.

  15. I’d like to see him replaced too. Anything to prevent him from ever leading this country is a worthwhile alternative.

  16. Can’t add to these comments, but thought I’d put in my bit to agree. Abbott’s hypocrisy’s matched by the media lot who let him get away with it. Noticed something on our local 9 coverage I think happens a lot- an implied criticism of Abbott by the now legal immigrant meant that Gillard had to be dragged in too in a lecture to “all parties.”
    If at all possible his support crew deflects criticism.

  17. I noticed that Abbott says: “Julia does too”. Not the Prime Minister or the Government, but Julia. Is it just another attempt to highlight her gender? Why can’t he be a little more respectful?

  18. Hockey will be far more popular, but I think the job is above him. And he’s an incompetent goose. He comes across well, but why lies beneath is totally different. I wouldn’t trust him.

  19. I think that Abbott sees the PM as a bit of a tart, not really worthy of his respect, and he doesn’t really care who knows it. Maybe that’s the tone in his Party room meetings..
    He’s a boor.

    As for Hockey, the man who presented the ridiculous excuse for Budget policy costings, and now seems to think that he’s proved his credentials as a prospective Treasurer, well, I happen to think he’s a dickhead 😀

  20. I wonder how the media is going to cope with the PM solution to the refugee problem.

    Am I the only one that has a sneaky feeling that the PM has set up the MSM and Mr. Abbott? If so, they took the bait hook, line and sinker. Of course, none will admit they have egg over their faces.

    The MSM will have to make changes to what they intend to serve up tomorrow morning. Oh, well 24 hours is a long time in politics.

    The solution that been proposed today is along the line of what I have been pushing for the last twelve months. I suggested that Indonesia as a possible country. The problem with my suggestion is that Indonesia is not a signature to the UN Commission on Refugees.

    I see this as a way of creating the queue that many claim already exists and the mechanism of returning or moving people on.

    It allows for an orderly movement of refugees and ensures that getting on a boat puts you back on the end of the queue. There will be issues raised, one Malaysia’s past treatment of refugees. I am sure it can be managed by the UN Refugee commission oversees the process.

    It also allows the refugees already in Malaysia to move onto a permanent home.

    I hope some similar process can be worked out with Indonesia.

    This process should prove much more humane, cheaper and be a long-term solution.

  21. Catching Up, I’m sure that the Amazing Andrew Blot will explain all on his new show on Sunday morning.
    I think I’ll go to church 🙂

  22. The problem with my suggestion is that Indonesia is not a signature to the UN Commission on Refugees.

    Neither is Malaysia, which is the PM’s problem.

    Abbott is right on this as it is a panicked response to get her regional solution in place, but what Abbott doesn’t iterate is that Howard’s Pacific solution was also a very panicked response in the light of an upcoming election, a panicked response that arguably won him that election.

  23. I note all of the reports this morning are making a big deal about malaysia not being a signatory to the UN convention. They also appear to forget to add in this piece from Gillards statement

    transferees will be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with human rights standards; …

    Australia and Malaysia are working closely with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) and the International Organization for Migration (IOM) to operationalise the arrangement.

    So, while the country itself does not have a deal, this deal implicitly includes the UN in with it. That appears to be a major ommission from those ‘news stories’. I wonder why that might be

    It also doesn’t appear to be quite the ‘knee jerk’ the opposition claim it is (totally unchallenged by our media), as these talks have obviously been progressing for a time. The entire ‘regional processing’ has been discussed with these countries for quite a while now.

  24. Thank you for that Tom. The one that I was concerned about was “transferees will be treated with dignity and respect and in accordance with human rights standards”.

  25. ‘and in accordance with human rights standards’

    A rather signifcant deifferentation from the ‘pacific solution’ I would have thought min, and yet, it appears to have escaped the attention of our ever alert media 😉

  26. Hockey is ‘an incompetent goose’.

    Not sure Migs, but he’s definitely a political light weight.

  27. Thanks Tom, I had forgot about the bit where Gillard had specifically stated the refugees would be processed through the UN and not by Malaysia, which is the big difference between the regional processing policy and Howard’s Pacific solution, which was only to lock asylum seekers out of sight and out of the way of the public, media and NGO groups wanting to regularly check on them.

  28. ‘which is the big difference between the regional processing policy and Howard’s Pacific solution’

    Which, I will say again, blows ulmans recent tripe compltely out of hte water, and makes you wonder why theirabc use such a light weight as their foremost reporter?

    Yes, I am a pedantic SOB, but we should expect more from our tax dollars.

    Why do not the opposition argue against this, instead of their red herrings over the BEr and now the NBN? (yes, it’s kind of a redundant question, I know)

  29. I was sort of wondering where the “Tony’s surfing lesson” story was going, all is now explained, it was a lovely little piece on Mr Bolts Sunday Show (All that RED! MY EYES, MY EYES!!!!!!……….)

  30. Ah ha so that’s what it’s all about. It’s taken Abbott about a year to get around to fulfilling his obligation to GetUp and amazingly he manages to do just that, just in time for Bolt’s show.

  31. “Howard’s Pacific solution, which was only to lock asylum seekers out of sight and out of the way of the public, media and NGO groups wanting to regularly check on them.’

    and most important, deny them access to legal support and the courts.

    This is no longer possible as the High Court has declared such practices as illegal.

    Mr. Howard’s Pacific solution is now no longer possible.

  32. The 800 that are sent to Malaysia will be going to the end of a 90,000 queue.

    This morning current affairs or what ever they are called seems to have problems keeping up with the latest news.

    They appeared to have problems moving on from the non-story of Manus Island to the real announcements that were made late yesterday afternoon.

    They did not appear to be on top of the Malaysian solution that was announced.

    I would say that the PM at last has managed to have one over the MSM and Opposition.

    She gave them enough rope to hang themselves with Manus Island and beat the news cycle with her Malayan announcement.

    I believe we will be seeing more of this, the PM in control and not manipulated by the MSM.

  33. This is something that really annoys me about the press.

    While visiting the Villis pie factory in SA Abbott said that he estimated Villis would have to pay an EXTRA $100,000 in power bills.

    Now, why wouldn’t a reporter request where the figure came from? Maybe ask the manager what he expects .No, report what is said with no challenge.

    BTW if you look at the photo and you subscribe to Crikey
    doesn’t what Abbott’s holding in his hand look like First dog’s previous incarnation of him.

  34. Only $100,000 handyrab? That’s a bit conservative. I would have expected a figure of something like $56,512,994,775. A figure, of course, that Joe Hockey would have come up with.

  35. They make Australia’s best pasties might I add. There is only one place in Canberra where I’ve found them, and as if by some divine intervention it is in the shop next to my work.

  36. Well migs, be prepared to pay more for the pastie, according to Abbott, a LOT more.

    But like a good Cuban, it’s probably worth it.

  37. Indeed, handyrab. The pasties will jump from $3.25 to something like $12,000.

    This Carbon Tax will destroy the pastry industry.

  38. Perhaps you could save up for a packet of those party pies. Impress your friends: Treat yourself to a party pie every two months.

  39. Miglo, Villis are delicious, but what about Balfours and also their kitchener buns?

    I heard Joe Hockey a while ago on the news, declaring that in his Budget policy costings last year he showed that he could save $50 million by cutting 12,000 public service positions, and a lot of pie shops will go out of business.

    Guess that means we’ll be a bit short of public services if he has his way.

    Funny that not one journalist seems to remember that his “costings” weren’t costings at all.

  40. Migs, I must admit that I’m a bit of a pastie connoisseur.. the proof shalt be in the tasting. It has to be real pastry of course.

  41. Miglo, remember the red jelly tarts with the whipped cream around the edge ?

    Min, Villi’s pastries are excellent.

    Speaking of food I’m off to roast a piece of pork………with crackling, and for dessert some apricot crumble.

  42. I do remember them now you’ve mentioned it. Delicious little things they were too. And how about frog cakes?

  43. Frog cakes..from the Rainbow Cake shop in Glenferrie Road Hawthorn. My best friend’s Dad owned the shop and the residence was upstairs. The whole place was a mist of flour with huge steel vats and huge beaters with a dozen men working throwing flour this way and that with another dozen men pulling and pushing trays out of the ovens. Yummm hot cakes taken straight from the oven.

  44. The frog cakes are still available here, and they’re still delicious.

    By the way, the pork crackled beautifully 🙂

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