Stunning beauty Gina Rinehart’s decision to buy into Channel 10 came as a bit of a surprise to many.  Personally, I was surprised that she actually put her hand in her purse.  This $9 billion baby who doesn’t like paying taxes was quite happy to fork out a lazy $150 million for shares in a struggling television station.  On the surface it didn’t look like a good investment.  Until I understood the motive.  Melbourne sage, Andrew Bolt gave me the hint.

I can’t disclose just why I suspect that, but read for yourself a clue in the terse statement put out by Rinehart’s Hancock Prospecting on Monday: “Our company group is interested in making an investment towards the media business given its importance to the nation’s future and has selected Channel 10 for this investment.”

Rinehart is on a mission. Channel 10 is just the vehicle.

Terse, Andrew?  Perhaps it is and a signal that media is only important to a nation’s future if you have the capacity to control that future.  Andrew himself ponders:

I have no idea what Rinehart hopes now to do to Ten, if anything.

Really, Andrew?  Perhaps you should read the rest of your article:

WA loses a third of the GST it’s entitled to for its size because the rest of Australia considers it’s rich enough from mining and other states must have that money instead. And so WA mines pay for services to Greens voters in Sydney and Melbourne.

Now the Gillard Government is hungry for even more, hitting miners with a new Mineral Resources Rent Tax, most of it to be ripped out of the West.


Rinehart this month tried to sound the alarm when opening a new Queensland coal mine in front of an audience that included Resources Minister Martin Ferguson.

“We must never forget, that there is a world of minerals outside Australia, and so we must be cost competitive.”

Indeed, 300 Australian companies were now investing in West Africa:

“This needs to be addressed in the interests of our country and our future.”

Not a single newspaper or television station reported her warning, or checked to see what the problem was.

But now Rinehart may hope that next time one will.

Bingo.  Gina’s media foray, at whatever cost, is purely a vehicle in which to tell the mums and dads that by removing the Labor Government this country will be much better off because she won’t have to pay more tax.  In the last 12 months this struggling waif’s personal wealth increased by $7 billion.  That’s $800,000 a day.  With that sort of money she can buy people.  And she can buy opinion.  And she can buy change.  And she can buy political protection:

As media and business commentator (and Crikey founder) Stephen Mayne tweeted . . . the debate over the resources tax has politicised the mining community, and particularly Rinehart and fellow billionaire Andrew Forrest. Mayne argues that by buying into Ten, Rinehart is getting “political protection.

And who better to provide that political protection than Andrew Bolt.  For $150 million Andrew might be able to save her a little bit of tax.  Either way, I’m confident her personal wealth won’t take much of a battering over the next 12 months.

And for those Café readers who want another glimpse of Gina’s beauty, click here.

59 comments on “Gina

  1. Clearly the ploy is based on the supposition that he or she who controls the media controls the message. The only problem with this theory is who in their right mind would want to spend a lazy Sunday morning watching Andrew Bolt. 🙄

  2. We need to keep up the information on this raid, on yet another part of the media by the big barrons and also report on how the channel has changed, as it is slowly reformed into a mouth piece of the mega wealthy to achieve their own aims.

    It most certainly was not an investment for return on the actual channel, but rather an investment on return of higher income and lower taxes from their current and future investments in other sectors.

    I will be actively watching the programmes I currently view on channel “Mine” to examine if they are being further manipulated in the reporting style by way of change from their current style.

    The financial details of the station in the ensuing 2 years will be interesting indeed. I hope that those on the 7pm project have the guts to tell the public if they are being coerced since the raid by the mage rich.

  3. Migs, from your link to Bolt “And so WA mines pay for services to Greens voters in Sydney and Melbourne.”

    I didn’t realize that one could be so selective to be able to take revenue directly from WA mines and place it directly into the hot little hands of Greens voters..but apparently only in Sydney and Melbourne. Which of course is why yours truly must have missed out…

  4. Oh foolish could I have been so misled into believing that Gina was just a greedy conniving mega magnate. Apparently Gina doesn’t want guest workers because they’re cheap labor and of course it’s nothing to do with wanting to undermine workers’’s because she is a generous soul.

    ”We should, on humanitarian grounds, give more of these people the opportunity of guest labour work in Australia, so that they can feed and clothe their families and pay for medical and other pressing needs.”

  5. Hey Miglo, this wouldn’t be you by any chance.

    THE world’s wealthiest men have a new rival breathing down their necks – and he’s a duck, according to the latest Forbes figures.

  6. Same here Cuppa. I don’t know whether my vent would be as good as Tom’s, but I gave it my best shot 😀

  7. Bolt is Gina’s obvious choice – imagine what Bolt’s topics will be – anti land rights – anti workers rights – anti climate change action – most definitely anti mining tax. Isn’t there some American religious show called Hour of Power. Perhaps Gina and Bolt might like to borrow the name.

  8. CU, @ 10.37am Treasurer, Wayne Swan has announced this morning that the ASX will stay in Australian hands in the national interest, and the pressure on him is coming from all directions:-

    ASX-SGX articles on google news

    ASX veto harms image. The Australian
    Skepticism on Swan’s ASX-SGX decision. Wall Street Journal
    ASX, Singapore need to do the hard sell. etc., etc., etc.,

    Wayne Swan articles on google news.

    Saving Swan from himself. Business Spectator {That’s Alan Kohler the ABC finance specialist]
    After numerous Liberal comments there are a couple of terrible leftie dissenters.

    There are many articles to choose from, and usually I try to pick the different brands to find the differences and similarities. That won’t take so ling now that the ABC has been Murdoched and Fairfax has been Hancocked and channel 10 has been Murdcocked will it?

  9. Re Andrew Bolt and “I have no idea what Rinehart hopes now to do to Ten, if anything.” Then it must have come as such an incredible surprise to Bolt when Ten offered him the Sunday morning stint..ummm…

  10. From today’s Melbourne Age “The Bolt announcement was buried under a pile of bad news from Ten as it reported a slump in half-yearly earnings to investors yesterday.”.

    My bet is that some people will turn on to Sunday Mornings With Andrew for curiousity value, Bolt haters to see what idiocy he can come out with but for the general population it will be back to the usual Sunday morning fare of Wide World of Sports or kid’s cartoons.

  11. I read somewhere that Bolt was of Dutch heritage with some connection to South Africa. I will not enlarge of the rest of the allegation.

    I have discovered that he was the son of Dutch parents. His father was a school principal in rural Tasmania. I have been unable to discover where his parents came from and if they have links with South Africa.

    I am not too sure if it matters.

  12. I know who will be doing the screaming..the teenagers when they discover that Channel 10 has replaced Video Hits with Andrew Bolt.

  13. To Café Whispers – A Formal Complaint.
    Your post on Gina has a sexist taint.
    To list her among Australia’s beauties
    Ignores a weightier issue – Death Duties!
    This lady, clearly of substantial means,
    Would be an easy target for the Greens.
    But recently they’ve gone all pragmatic,
    Dropped that idea with import dramatic
    For mining magnates who inherit wealth.
    Sad that, because it could improve their health.
    This lady with far too much cash to spend
    Could benefit greatly, as could too her friend,
    That Queenslander, what’s’is name, Clive Palmer,
    He could also be another charmer,
    If only government, federal or state,
    Would help! Relieve them of their wealth – and weight!

  14. I’m still wondering how Gina managed to get onto the back of that flat-bed truck at the Millionaires Don’t Want To Pay Up rally.

  15. Crowey @ 9.35am, if he quacks like a duck……:]

    CU, @ 10.37am After all the guff in the papers,
    Stock brokers back ASX takeover rejection

    Min @ 2.37pm, for all the millions who have never watched Insiders or read the Australian, the introduction of a character like Blot on a Sunday morning may just blow up in the lovely Gina’s face because there are family lunches, barbecues, any number of things worth doing rather turning on the tv. There might even be a few who watch the sports programs at that hour rather than watching a pompous windbag, with fascist tendencies and a pseudo intellectual accent resembling the accent of Christopher Payne.

    Sue @ 8.19am, thanks for the link to the Failed Estate, Mr. Denmore is one of my favourite reads.

    Cuppa @ 10.00am thanks for the link to GetUp.

    Shane in Qkl @ 8.17am. here is a piece about channel 10’s finances.

    Miglo, I should have mentioned what a great post this is, but I was distracted by a little duck:]

  16. Migs, I was tempted to do a follow up to your facelift comment..what the heck I’ll do it anyway 😀 Given that Gina wants to save money, a paperbag would be a lot lot cheaper.

  17. Sue @ 8.19am, thanks for the link to the Failed Estate, Mr. Denmore is one of my favourite reads.

    I can see that I’m going to have to lift my standards. :mrgreen:

  18. Min, “a paper bag will do it”. quite right:]

    CU. @ 2.46pm Somewhere in Cafe Whispers there is a link to an interview with Andrew Blot and yes he was born in Holland. Some people have asked is he South African, probably because of his pretentious style of speaking, but he isn’t. I’m not saying the Sth African accent is pretentious, just Blot’s
    I’ll try and find the old link and put it up here.
    From memory it made Min feel a little queasy !!”

    “I’m not sure it matters”..I never thought I’d say this about any immigrant, but in the case of Blot, it’s a pity he didn’t stay in Holland. Lucky Holland.

  19. Oh dear, Miglo, @ 3.53pm,
    “I can see that Ill have to lift my standards”. Present company excluded:]

  20. Pip, well Bolt is not like any Dutch people I have had contact with. I have found them to be straight forwarded and down to earth, very practicable people, unlike Bolt in every way.

  21. I am absolutely certain that the vast majority of people of Dutch heritage would gladly disown Bolt.

  22. I know a lovely Dutch lady who can’t stand, “Mr Bolt” … and she could easily be described as apolitical (ie she doesn’t give a shit hoot) … however she has does have exquisite taste in men … 😉

  23. Speaking of “Mr Bolt” I reckon an appropriate nickname would be “Shot” … as in … his Bolt … 😆

  24. Speaking of greedy mega moguls, courtesy of Facebook group Australian Aboriginal Directory and The Business Spectator:

    Law firm Slater & Gordon will represent the Yindjibarndi Aboriginal Corporation in its native title negotiations with iron ore miner Fortescue Metals Group (FMG).

    Slater & Gordon today asked Fortescue to deliver “fair and just” compensation to the Western Australian community in the negotiations.

    “FMG has been accused of supporting a splinter group to divide the local Yindjibarndi community during negotiations for access to traditional Yinjibarndi land for the planned $8.5 billion Solomon Hub project, in the Pilbara region,” a Slater & Gordon statement said.

    “Those negotiations have so far been unsuccessful.”

    The law firm also said it was questioning the validity of mining leases the WA government granted to Fortescue in December.

  25. The law firm also said it was questioning the validity of mining leases the WA government granted to Fortescue in December.

    I don’t usually have much time for lawyers … usually incompetent, up themselves and expensive …

    … however … a big bouquet to S&G on this occasion

    Over the years, I’ve been privy to respectful mining company discussions with traditional owners both here and in PNG – some can do it professionally – why do I get the impression Gina and Twiggy would be roasted at one of my family BBQs!)


    Quick to Criticise – Quick to Praise!

  26. Agreed TB. S&G don’t exactly have a reputation for philanthropy but I can’t imagine that it’s not a pro bono job for them.

    One of my special love to hate people is good old Twiggy Forrest..presents himself as a friend to the Aboriginal people, hands out a few apprenticeships and accepts with a modest bow the congratulations for this – while at the same time he is trying to fleece the exact same people.

  27. while at the same time he is trying to fleece the exact same people.

    Yes, its that open face with the toothy, boyish grin …


  28. Catching Up, I wasn’t denigrating the Dutch, I have a Dutch friend whom I’ve known since the fifties, and another since the sixties; rather I meant that Holland is lucky not to have to put up with Shot/Shit Blot:]

    Here is the article about him courtesy of the mob at IPA/ the Institute of Public Affairs, the same parrots who seem to be hogging the ABC24 The Drum program. apparently they’re on the show to provide “balance”.

    The Outsider.

    remember, It made Min a bit queasy after reading:]

  29. So Bolt was born in Adelaide. It sends shivers down my spine knowing I might have been living there the same time he did.

  30. I’m repulsed that this fat slob took $7b off Australians last year and now she’s spent $150m to convince those same Australians that she shouldn’t have to pay any back.

  31. Miglo, it’s a shame that we even mention Adelaide and Blot in the same sentence.
    Jedda, how ’bout Great Big Fat Slob:]
    Kevin, that’s a good point, who needs Andrew on Ten when Karl The Apprentice is on Nine.

    Remember the Longest Serving foreign Minister Alexarner Darner?

    Downer Flips on Nuclear Waste

    He’s also suggesting a nuclear power station at Whyalla next to a desal., plant because, if there is a carbon tax, anuclear power station would be cheaper than renewables.
    Some things never change.

  32. Quite simple Min, it’s one of those flat-bed trucks the towies use for heavy haulage.

    That and a substantial forklift, Crowey.

  33. Pip, I must have worded it wrong. I was agreeing with you. I was pointing out that Mr. Bolt does not do his heritage proud.

    Maybe she used the hoist on the truck. I am very over weight myself but I feel better after seeing them two on the TV.

    One said he gained 50 kilos in the last five years. Blamed the pub food while travelling around the world. Obviously must eat all that is on his plate, to ensure he gets value for money.

    You would think he would twig on that it would be prudent for him to push his plate away.

    I imagine we subsidise that food as it would be tax deductible.

  34. “Mr. Bolt does not do his heritage proud”

    Oh I don’t know about that. Being of Dutch heritage myself with mum being pregnant with me when they immigrated in the late 50’s I have a fair idea of Dutch heritage.

    After mum and dad struggled here for a while and then prospered a lot of their family from Holland followed. I have a fair amount of rels here as well as in Holland. I have some uncles right in the Bolt mould and one or two aunts who are worse, though most of the family are nice people.

    The Dutch can be very arrogant, up there with the worst of them, and they can also recourse to lies and deceptions when it suits them.

    Think on this.

    The Dutch discovered Australia before the British but thought it barren and not worth settling. They also discovered South Africa not long before Australia but did settle there over the period the British settled here.

    Though many atrocities were perpetrated on the natives here as a cause of British settlement it is arguable nothing like apartheid was instigated as it was South Africa.

    Imagine if the Dutch had decided to settle here instead of the British.

  35. Good link, Eddie. thank you.

    Migs, I’ve been rather involved in making pickles, relish, chutney etc as I’ve been given heaps of tomatoes. I will be knocking up more sauce tomorrow as well as doing my BAS and hopefully more chutney.

    Also son #2 had a disagreement with a local farmer’s fence, creating a bit of angst.

    And I’ve become enamoured of a game called bubble breaker. Wastes more time than a new baby.

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