Friday on my mind: April Fools Day Edition

It being April Fools Day I was thinking of decisions made or decisions avoided and that if it was possible to turn back time, the politicians who should have or could have done things differently.

Might we have seen a compassionate Howard who would have chosen to argue that boat people were the result of terrible persecution.

Might we have seen Turnbull quitting the Liberals and choosing to run as an Independent.

Might we have seen Kevin Rudd deciding that he could just as easily have played with Tony Abbott’s mind as he did with John Howard’s.

Might we have seen Tony Abbott deciding that negotiating for the benefit of all Australians is the right and honorable thing to do.

**I had to delete the last one as being far too unbelievable.

Now what’s this got to do with April Fools Day? Perhaps the answer is that we all make foolish choices at times.

36 comments on “Friday on my mind: April Fools Day Edition

  1. Tony Abbott joins Australian Navy

    In front of a packed media assembly the leader of the Opposition announced he is quitting politics to join the navy.

    “I am so determined to stop the boats that I wish to be part of our proud navy who perform this wonderful and patriotic duty in turning them around” Mr Abbott said to a thrilled audience.

    “And let this be a demonstration that I place my beliefs way above my own political ambitions”.

  2. So that’s what Abbott meant when he said that he would turn the boats around. I hope that he realizes that there is a psych test…

  3. Me thinks that sometimes journalists should be a bit more careful about they word their headers..courtesy of the ABC we have..wait for it…

    Man discovers rich deposit under outback dunny

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  5. Pet Hate for yesterday. Two attractive young ‘journalists’ on Sky. Footage of a smiling Tony Abbott arriving by bike and as can be expected in the latest fashion lycra. One young thing gushed to the other: Isn’t he just so impressive.

  6. Abbott at factory yesterday to promote his Work for Welfare idea is shown the menial tasks people can do on a production line.

    Supervisor demo:
    1. Put stuff neatly n box.
    2. Close box top flaps.
    3. Push box on conveyor belt through taping machine.
    4. Repeat until you are bored out of your skull.

    1. Throw stuff in box.
    3. Push box on conveyor belt through taping machine.
    5. Jam up taping machine and production line because forgot step 2 which screws up step 4.
    6. Keep trying to shove box through taping machine even with supervisor telling you to stop and box obviously not going to go through with top flaps open.

    Yep Abbott a job any idiot can do except you.

  7. Mobius, this was the ‘top news’ story on Sky. I played about 45 seconds of it, then turned up the music LOUD.

  8. Sorry I stuffed up badly. Instead of “Work for Welfare idea…” that should be:

    “Work for Welfare brain fart…”.

  9. The Government is serious about returning to the promised surplus. After a whole heap of Commonwealth Public Servants were shown the door last year (including close to 600 from my Department), another lot have been targeted; 535 from Centrelink and 300 from my Department that I know of.

    All in the name of budget cuts.

  10. Which of course means that staff will have to work that much harder…longer queues, less efficiency…

  11. Migs at 2.33pm yesterday

    “The Government is serious about returning to the promised surplus.”

    Professor Bill Mitchell commenting on Gillard’s Whitlam Oration:

    “The hard decision – the hard political option – would actually be arguing against the neo-liberal obsession with surpluses and explaining to the Australian people that budget deficits at this time in history are essential for the well-being of families and the creation of jobs.

    She should take the leadership position and explain that surpluses undermine growth and take purchasing power out of the hands of families and destroy it forever. She should say that if private spending is weak and the external sector is making a negative contribution to growth (as is the case now), then deficits are necessary.”

    I’m starting to wonder if Abbott might have a strategy of suckering Gillard into really making this surplus happen.

    If pursued it will certainly drive the economy dangerously close to recession and destroy jobs, making Abbott a shoe-in for the next election.

    That’s the only way any of this makes “sense”.

  12. I’m starting to wonder if Abbott might have a strategy of suckering Gillard into really making this surplus happen.

    Not an opinion to be scoffed at, MJ.

  13. Shaping up to be the recession we didn’t have to have.

    For some head-scratching idiocy read this from the Liberal Party.

    The government is not like a household. Perpetuating this myth is criminal. People’s livelihoods are not pawns in a political pissing contest.

    If the government and the household sector both save at the same time then the economy will fall off a cliff.

  14. Hi MJ. I didn’t have to travel too far in your link before feeling the stomach turn. And I couldn’t help but notice that the article is very similar to something I’d read in the mainstream media. Maybe they have the same writers.

  15. Lathams a lightweight when compared to bolt and his ridiculous fantasies about ‘families’ becoming code for ‘homosexual’.

    What a tosser

  16. Definitely worth watching. This kid’s not bad for a 4 year old. I was much better at that age of course.

    What went wrong? 😦

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